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  1. This was a very tragic event. My heart goes out to the families. Justice will prevail. God Bless You All !!!

  2. Crime, ow do I feel about it. If people kill, assult, rape, rob at gunpoint,or in anyway commit a crime against a person that puts them in danger of death, or gives them the fear that they might die for resistig than i think that the criminal should be either put to death or spend the rest of thier life beind bars…… to bad commit the crime do the time… the family that was killed thier killers should be put to death…no appeals, no pardons give to them what thy did to am innocent family… and if there was anything that the parents did that caused their deths there is no reason for the death of the children period…. death to those that killed these people and thier children..

  3. These people….. They were my family!!! Every day i have to live with the fact that they are not here anymore…. It suck because i had look up to them…

  4. My heart goes out to the family. I have 2 boys the same age and i could only imagine what this family must be going through. I pray for the family lost in this tragic event. May they rest in peace AND MAY THEY LIVE IN THE REALMS OF HEAVEN. I pray that the people responsible for this pay. Children shouldn’t die this way. My heart goes out to the mothers and grandmother of these people. May the lord bless ya’ll and give ya’ll the strength to move forward. In this life or another these people will pay for the harm they have caused. I just want to give my condolences. This story has touched the very soul of my being and i will continue to pray for the innocent lives lost. May GOD Bless ya’ll always. Amen.

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