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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Brittany Phillips murder 9/30/2004 Tulsa, OK *Still unsolved, 9 years later*


Brittany Phillips Murder
The Unsolved Murder Of Brittany Phillips
Brittany Phillips Memorial Myspace
A Tulsa college student is found murdered inside her apartment
A Tulsa College Student Is Found Murdered Inside Her Apartment
Murder of College Student May Have Been The Work of A Serial Criminal
Mother Continues Fight To Find Her Daughter’s Killer
A Generous Donation From One Grieving Mother To Another
Reward offered in Brittany Phillips murder
Tulsa Cold Cases: Brittany Phillips

Brittany Phillips


44 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I read about the Brittany Phillips murder case. It reminds me of a case we had back in February and again in May/June of 1987 here in Southern Germany, where a U.S. soldier (MP) raped and strangled a young and petite female fellow soldier (February). In May or June of 1987 he stabbed a German female to death. He later (a civilian by then) he told another MP about the two murders and was subsequently apprehended and convicted by the German Court in Stuttgart, Germany (Landgericht Stuttgart), since he was a civilian and therefore fell under German jurisdiction. His name was Carlos Rodriguez, back then he was in his early 20’s and had been a military policeman at Patch Barracks, Stuttgart. However, since he was convicted by German authorities, he is most likely out of prison by now (lots of murderers don’t get a life sentence over here or get parole after 10 years or so. By now he may very well be back in the U.S. He would be in his early 40’s by now. Rodriguez is Hispanic, but he looks Caucasian and was proud of looking Caucasian (one parent was Caucasian, the other Hispanic if I remember correctly). He was/is a psychopath who wrote a really weird diary that was found among his possessions. I am German, but at the time I was working as a translator and investigator for the local U.S. CID office. Rodriguez was a goodlooking but moody guy with dark hair and fair skin, approx. 6 – 6.2 ft tall, slim, slender built. He strangled his first victim in her room at Patch Barracks at night. He stabbed his second victim in some bushes across from the Housing Area where he was staying at the time – again some time at night. He did not know either female well, the second one probably not at all. He had a mental problem about his birthday and killed his second victim on or shortly after his birthday in May or June. He was smart enough to take the bedsheet of his first victim with him (which had traces of him and his shoes on it) and dump the sheet in a dumpster of a German house. His first victim looked a bit like Brittany, but she was a petite pretty Puertorican and not much older (or as old as) than Brittany.
    This is a very far shot, but this killer may very well be back in the States and on the loose again.
    Good luck.

  2. Brittany, I love you and miss you soooo much!

  3. Could you please email me in regards to this page. This is Brittany’s mother. I am interested in talking to you

  4. The above link to your email isn’t working!

  5. Thank you for that tip about germany. I am still trying desparetely to get national coverage. I have written all the major news and talk shows with no response: email, certified, signed for. I still go to the apartment complex and post posters although they have “banned me” from the complex. They are passing the rumor around that it was her fault and that is why they don’t have to tell anyone moving in. We have tried to raise the awrd fund (through a corporation not individuals) to no avail. I don’t want to do the individual donation for the reward fund because it is too hard to keep up with.
    I still work every day but spend the weekends going back to tulsa to pas out flyers, etc. The rest of my life basically needs to be on hold. If I could I would stop work and travel the country talking about ehr murder to see if any detectives in other cities have any information. Yet that is unrealistic. I just try to use what money I can to continue to mail requests, create posters. Some months it seems like I shouldn’t do that but I would rather be in debt than let this go. I have toyed with the idea of selling my house and just starting to travel. Please don’t think I am starving!!!! THat is not why I say this! I just want all to know how desparate I am to get more information. Please spread the word!!!
    With great gratitude
    Maggie ZIngman
    mother of Brittany Phillips

  6. Ooops

  7. I love you Maggie. My heart is with you always

  8. Hi, my name is Brittany Phillips also and i thought it was cool that i was murderd, not cool in that regaurd, but cool that someone how has my name was…hope thats not creepy

  9. Brittany,

    I am sure it happens alot, people having the same name as a murder victim. Just remember that the mother of Brittany Phillips who was murdered does read my blog. I am not saying you were rude or disrespectful or anything like that. I just want to make sure nothing happens here.

    Have a great day!

  10. Yes, i apologize now that i have read it, i realize it sounded rude, especailly if her mother read once again i apologize.

  11. Don’t worry Brittany. I am glad that someone else has her name. Live your life to the fullest. You can even tell me about yourself
    Maggie mother of Brit (murder victim)

  12. I put up a webpage on this murder last year asking questions about why police have never released even a partial criminal profile of this killer and could this have been connected with Brittany’s modeling profile that appeared on a Russian modeling website, etc. I was contacted by one of Brittany’s friends who told me in no uncertain terms, to “butt out” and not be writing about this murder anymore as it could hamper “police efforts” to solve it. I decided to pull the page, rather than keep it up and cause conflict. What this person didn’t get, was that I recieve information via emails from people who read my various pages who don’t neccessarily feel like communicating with authorities, but for some reason, do contact me. I think any publicity on this case is better than no publicity at all. It’s good to see the billboards and flyers are up and around. Hope some day this case will be resolved…and that investigators will see fit to release more detailed specifics on this killer. What was his race? His blood type? What did neighbors hear or see that night? Who in the neighboring buildings had related criminal records in regards to past sex crimes? How did he pick her building? Her building is deep inside the complex surrounded by others that look so similar. Release some useful information on this case. General details are doing nothing but causing this case to grow colder and colder with each passing day.

  13. Maggie–

    I just read the newspaper article with you. I hope it helps in some way. What a great Christmas gift that would be for you.

  14. I was stationed with Carlos in Germany as I was an MP in the same unit he was in, we were shocked to find out that he had murdered that woman who happend to come to germany on TDY.

    To say the least Carlos was really a weird duck if you know what I mean. I remember the day he was arrested. The German police Krepo I believe came to pick him up from the barracks as he was visiting. Carlos had gotten out of the military and come back to Germany because he was dating some woman I believe a french woman that he had fallen in love with.

    Sorry about the loss of your friend.

  15. Eric,

    Your comment is very confusing. Who is Carlos?

  16. The one that stalked talked about in her post.

  17. Can you send me a link to this. I will be creating a website free standing. Also now there are videos on youtube at zpoet

  18. Hi Maggie – this is Andrea, Jim and Debbie’s oldest daughter, and Brittany’s cousin.. I’m really sorry about what happened and I hope the best for you and everything getting solved.. it’s hard to know what to really say.. but I wanted to say something atleast..

  19. So, did you know anyone who may have wanted to kill your daughter? I know your sons believe they do. If I were your youngest son, I’d send death threats to the person I believe is responsible. Do you know of anybody who grew up an alcoholic weed addict, listens to acid rock and/or goth music or looks like Ted Bundy? I would flip off whoever killed your daughter, Miss Brittany Phillips. Her killer should definitely receive the death penalty. Do you think there is a need for the death penalty for the man who killed your daughter? I do.

  20. To Miss Maggie,
    I know what you mean. It’ll be too late to think it was Tim McVeigh. He was already executed for the United States for the Oklahoma City bombing. The bastard you’re looking for is a family friend or a co-worker of yours. This man was between the ages of 24 and 26 at the time of your daughter’s murder, 9-30-04, must be a former family friend, former co-worker of yours, former neighbor, current family friend, current co-worker of yours or current neighbor. From what I understand, the bastard you’re looking for looks a lot like Ted Bundy. I’m glad that son-of-a-bitch got zapped. Your choices are either Shane Doherty, Brett O’Reilly or Kevin McCarty, because they all look like executed serial killers. Doherty runs around naked and once was known to you. Your sons keep leaving death threats on his answering machine. O’Reilly is a convicted child molestor who escaped from prison. He was linked to 22 molestations by DNA, and was sentenced to 787 years, which is a death penalty of its own. McCarty has a streak on him that makes people not like him all that much. Doherty looks like Ted Bundy, O’Reilly looks like Robert Swall and McCarty looks like John Wayne Gacy. Thank God Bundy, the Nice Deceiver, was zapped, Swall, the Long Beach Stabber, was stoned and Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown, was injected.* Carlos Rodriguez did not seem to have a peculiar resemblance to any serial killer. Doherty works like Manuel Bracamontes, O’Reilly works like the Original Night Stalker, who was revealed as Glen Garrick and McCarty works like “Silent” Clark Dawson, Ted Bundy’s accomplice (no! He did not work alone!) Any one of these men wanted your daughter dead. If I were your son, I’d leave death threats on their answering machine too. Brace yourself for a capital case.
    *John Wayne Gacy’s execution was botched. And he came from my state of Illinois.


    On October 12, 2007 I will begin my drive from Tulsa, Oklahoma to New York City. Although part of this trip is geared towards my licensure, I plan to stop in at least 8 towns and hope to talk to the local media about Brittany’s murder and my trip. It will be three years this Oct 4th since we buried her after her brutal rape and murder (suffocation) that was completed in the middle of the night in her apartment. We have a DNA profile made up pf both blood and semen, yet, with more than 800 local suspects (as of Sept. 15, 2007) ruled out, we can’t seem to catch her killer.
    The fact of over 900 suspects ruled out is enough reason to do this trip. This man could be elsewhere and Brittany’s voice must be heard across the US not only to bring closure but to protect other parents from losing their children in such a torturous manner. Even with the angst or parental loss, the national media will not give us coverage. We are still told “Just having DNA is not enough of a story.” WHAT? Three years 900 suspects ruled out by DNA, a profile developed, a rare type of murder for Tulsa, an apartment complex that is right next to the high school from which she graduated? An apartment manager who wants to ban us from the complex and doesn’t’t tell residents that there was a murder there?
    What if this was your daughter murdered in this way?
    Yes, our search for Brittany’s killer is being hampered by the lack of national coverage. It is not being hampered by the tireless work of Detective Jeff Felton. But other roadblocks threaten our success.
    Current road blocks
    1) Once someone is placed in prison (only with felonies) it takes at least 3 if not 4 years for their DNA to come up in a national register
    2) A number of our suspects have been arrested for rape but plead down to a misdemeanor (to charges such as Outrageous Public Indecency) so their DNA was not filed. We cannot always get a warrant for their DNA 3) that even if someone has received a sentence such as 1st degree rape, it is not classified as a violent offense (Only violent offenses have Mandatory 75% of sentence to be served) the result of lenient sentencing is seen on Tulsa’s Sex Offender page, where you can view someone charged with 1st degree rape, receiving 20 years with 15 on paper (meaning he gets out in 5 years. Add that to 900 lost sex offenders within Oklahoma’s Sexual Offender registration system, there is a great risk this killer may have been caught and released.
    Please send this to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.
    Anyone can go to to get the more complete story. They can also visit and the real Brittany Phillips memorial Website. They can also see our videos at therapoet
    . 204 W 8th St, Chandler, OK 74834-2604
    B. Springfield, MO
    C. Saint Louis, MO
    D. Louisville, KY
    E. Indianapolis, IN
    F. Chicago, IL
    G. Cleveland, OH
    H. Wheeling, WV
    I. Philadelphia, PA
    J. New York, NY 10021

  22. In one of the post around dec 26 last year—–
    KJW Says:
    December 19th, 2006 at 5:53 pm
    I put up a website—–
    yeah he did with alot of false info, questions that had already been answered. He posted wrong info which mislead leads. The police questioned him and he finally took brittany’s story off. Bad stories lead people in the wrong direction. My god of course the enighbors were asked and do you know our detective still goes back there.
    This kjw put up pics of Brit that weren’t authorized, he has no idea about dna we have. He thinks she modeled.
    It is scary how someone can post such info that actually hurts the case

  23. Man I am troubled to find out that this has happened here at the apartment complex I live at. U know the crazy thing is that the lady that used to live right under me was receiving notes from some1 that would leave them on her door while she was gone or in the night. We never saw N E one but u never know where this killer is today!!! She moved out because she thought she was being stalked which I dont blame her. I hope they catch this lame killer one day. Like the saying goes Karma is a B****h and GOD will take care of those who do bad to others in his own way!!!

  24. Rico
    Please contact me at This is Brottany’s mom. This is important info. Since I don’t visit this this often I don’t know when someone shares stuff like this. I really appreciate all these websites up in Brittany’s honor but I wish the moderators would send me or Jeff Felton the detrective the info!!!!!

  25. i’ve been seeing brittney’s billboard on the hway everyday.WHY can’t those idiots in tulsa pd find her killer?

  26. i’ve put her name in unsolved tulsa crimes, nothing.whats the matter tulsa pd,scared. please contact AMERICA’S MOST WANTED

  27. I’ve been doing a lot of personal research on this case since I moved into the area of 61st and Mingo. I can’t help but recall several other cases involving “maintenance men” , and can’t help but wonder if this is also the case in Brittany’s murder. I have lived at several different apartment complexes in Tulsa all since I was a senior in high school until just recently I was harassed by a maintenance man at the apartment complex I reside at now. Maintenance men have keys to every apartment and almost always live in the apartment complex they work for. After doing some research on apartment leasing agents doing background checks on their employees I found that a staggering amount didn’t even do background checks and at one apartment complex in east Tulsa I found out that one of the maintenance men was a sex offender from another state. There is also a case that stands out in my mind of a mother and daughter that was found on their back patio brutally murdered and later through DNA concluded that it was the maintenance man that lived 2 doors down. The police records also show he had been stalking her for months.
    I hate seeing these beautiful ambitious women get brutally murdered because apartment complexes can’t do their job. Maggie you tell GLEN EAGLES TO SHOVE IT!!!! Best wishes!!!

  28. Maggie… I am truly sorry about the lost of your daughter… A’m 13 years old and even I’m still a child I could just feel the pain in my heart…I love Tulsa I’ve been ther many times… I can’t believe that happend in a place like Tulsa…. I f it isn’t rude may I ask you how old she was?? R.I.P Brittany…

  29. Hello, I was wondering where did Brittany live when she was murdered? I know a girl that I went to school with that was murdered in Tulsa in 1988. Her murderer has never been found. She lived in an apartment and was a student at TU. She worked in the mall. She was around 24 when she was stabbed to death. Her security alarm went off that morning and they could not reach her. So the security people called the apartment manager and he said he would check on her and never did. The next day her work called her mother and she went to tulsa and found her stabbed to death and her apartment ransacked. I wonder if these two murders are related?

  30. Hello. I recently moved to the Tulsa area and I believe I may live in the same apartment complex that this tragedy happened in.
    Could someone email me at with the exact address, apartment name, and apt number. I would like to research this further, and possibly assist finding justice for Britney.


  31. Hi. I just heard about this murder on news in Orlando Florida. I will ask my congregation to pray so that you may find the person who did this.

  32. I knew Brit and ever since I heard the news I still can’t believe it. Brit was such a beautiful person with a huge heart, I never saw her be mean to a single person, she would always make everyone feel special. It happened shortly after I moved away and always hated that I couldn’t go back. Maggie I hope one day we find an answer to who did this. You know she will always be on my mind.

  33. As a mother, my heart goes out to you Maggie. My prayers are with you. It is a sad fact that while in wal-mart with my daughters ages 11 & 13, I observed several older males watching them. As someone who has worked in the criminal justice field, I have dealt with many men who had the mentality that because girls “look alot older now days”, it is ok to overlook their age, or “they were asking for it”. There are alot of sick people out there, and I hope one day you find the answers you are seeking and the killer will be brought to justice

  34. I just read the story on about your efforts to find your daughter’s killer Maggie. I’m so sorry for your loss…I’m sure several years after the fact it still hurts just as much. This is probably nothing, but her murder sounds quite similar to the rape and murder of Briana Denison in Reno, NV back in January. Briana was 19, petite with long hair and was raped and strangled. In her case the murderer came into the home and ended up taking her with him (though police think she was actually killed while still in the home) but that may have been b/c her friend was sleeping in another room of the home. Anyways, I know Reno is quite a distance from Tulsa, but you never know. Unfortunately I’m sure the MO of rape and strangulation of young women is probably pretty common…but my prayers are with the family that they eventually find the scumbag that did this (Brittany’s and Briana’s)

  35. Sorry – an addendum to my above post – Briana was actually believed to be suffocated, not necessarily strangled, and her killer has yet to be found though there is DNA.

  36. hello maggie i was just stoppin by to show lots of love to u an ur family my name is brittany phillips too it was kinda trippy to see two other girlz with my name ur daughter an the other girl on the comment thats besides the point im very sorry for ur lost and i hope everything works out an yall find this stupid person rip brittany much love to the family

  37. hi Maggie,
    im sorry for your lost, my name is also Brittany Phillips. my friend and i were online and we happend to stop by this website and we had gotten more into this story and as we were reading about what was happend we felt teirrable about what had happend to your daughter and just wanted to say that we were sorry for your lost and that we will be praying for u and ur family and that they find her killer.

  38. Maggie,

    I am sorry for your loss! I have seen the billboards around Tulsa, as well as the van and I hope you find the terrible person that has caused you soo much pain. I’ve kept up with Brittany’s case since seeing the van almost 2 years ago.
    We lost my brother Nov. 1, 2008 and they aren’t enough words to describe what our family is going through, not to mention what I feel when I see how my parents are struggling with the fact that my brother is never coming home……So I can only image what you must go through knowing that your daughter’s killer is out on the loose. You are in my prayers everyday, I pray that you get justice served for the person who tore Brittany away from you. I pray that you get your closure….GOOD LUCK!

  39. I am truly sorry for all that you have been through. Ms. Phillips!! I too see the signs all over Tulsa and I never knew what had happened!! Its horrible and sick that someone could just live with themselves after doing that to someone!! I hope you find hope and justice will soon meet up with them!! God Bless!!!

  40. i was very touched by your story. so i posted it on myspace as a bulittian for everyone to forward to help get the word out.

  41. I am truly sorry to hear about this young lady
    and very confused. I was an MP at Patch and gave my friend the order to arrest Carlos Rodriguez. He was friends with Carlos and working the 2nd entry gard shack at the time. He called me and told me Carlos confessed to him that he killed several woman what should he do and I told him to arrest him. I know he told James that he killed several woman and some were in the U.S.. You might want to get with whol ever the dept. is investigating this and have them call the German Police in Stuttgart.

  42. I am sorry I missed the date. I do not think Carlos could have been out of Jail then.

  43. please contact with information at :

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