• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Adriane “Addie” Hall murder 10/05/2006 New Orleans, LA *Boyfriend, Zack Bowen, strangled, dismembered, & cannibalized her, then killed himself.

Zack and Addie

Find-A-Grave: Adriane Mathias Hall
A day in the end of a life
Woman’s Head Found In Pot, Limbs In Oven
A Grisly New Orleans Murder Mystery Takes Another Twist
Horror in the French Quarter
Addie Hall and Zackery Bowen as Hurricane Katrina approached
ABC’s ‘Final Witness’ revisits the sad tale of Addie Hall and Zack Bowen

Shake the Devil Off: A True Story of the Murder that Rocked New Orleans

Final Witness: Graveyard Love
Handsome Devils: Evil in My House
I Fell For a Psychopath: The Katrina Cannibal (video, you can watch it here)


135 Responses

  1. […] Crime Library Katrina survival story ends in grisly killing, suicide A day in the end of a li … Posted by bmp1213Really interesting article (at least for my opinion). what do you think on it?Link to original article […]

  2. I have to say that I am shocked by finally learning the details of this murder. I was once a roommate of Addie’s at another apartment around the corner back in 2003. We shared the apartment for 3 months till I moved to so.fl.She was such a GREAT person wtih one of the biggest hearts you could ever find in a person. She would invite you in right off the street if you didnt have any where to go.I WILL MISS HER SO MUCH


  3. I met Zach and Addie a few months following Katrina. They were two of the nicest people i have ever been around. They told their stories of living through Katrina which were so interesting. My partner and I went down to New Orleans to work renovating two bathrooms in our condo in the 1200 block of Chartres. Our friend Jack Jones introduced us to Addie and Zach. The three of them rode out Katrina and the flooding, they all refused to leave the French Quarter .We saw Zach and Addie everyday for over a two month period either at Matassa’s or at the Condo on Chartres. Addie help us clean up the job site and also gave her advice on the work we were doing on Jack’s renovation. She was always a happy girl who was definitely in love with Zach. We knew of Zach’s estranged wife and his children. I know that Addie wanted nothing to do with the wife or his kids. Zach told us he wanted his kids to be with him but Addie disagreed with this totally.I feel that this has alot to do with the murder. Jack told us the kids were at the new apt a few days before the murder. Early this year, the both of them really wanted to start over and leave NOLA, they traveled the gulf coast looking for a new start in a new city, Mobile, Florida coast line, etc. but came back to NOLA, they loved NOLA.

  4. i knew both Addie and Zach well….I met Addie early in 2005 when i started bartending at Hogs…a few months later Zach started working the graveyard there…when i first met her there was a disagreement about who was suppost to be working that night w/ spider…i was told it was me and she said that i was all up in her shift…but she left and we worked together that next night…she told me that she didnt like training new bartenders but she liked me and i was to be the new bar pet…when we first met Zach she would tell me how she didnt like him and that everyone who said that he was cute was obviously blind…i used to joke back with her and say that she knew she liked him…Zach was cool i guess…he sometimes seemed like he wasnt there with you…I loved Addie so much…she was such a special person to me and helped me out so much in life…im really going to miss her

  5. I’m shocked to learn of this ,I have known since we were stationed in Germany together for three years I had Thanksgiving with him and his family me and his wife are very close. Watched eachothers kids hung out at least 3 times or more a week. Walked our kids to school together had BBQ’s, birthday partys they were both my closest friends in Germany.I don’t understand how this happened but I do know that a human can only take so much .War seeing death as something you just have to deal with and still go on keep doing your job .I was the person that helped his wife while induring cemotheapy while the military wouldn’t let him come home to her.So much that he went through,so many questions .Sad,shocked and sickened by his actions but this isn’t the Zach I knew.But who ever really knows whats insides someones mind.I did not know the victim at all,but ghostly enough she looks a bit like his wife.I am sorry for the loss to her family,friends, inside I also think of his wife and children and I’m greatful there were no other victims to what ever made a once kind,funny,gifted, good husband and father go insane because that is what this is insanity.

  6. Dawn,
    I am so sad to see what you’ve written about Zack’s wife and children. Are they ok? Is his wife’s cancer better? What about the children? Who takes care of them when she is in Chemo? How horrendous what has happened and affected these little kids! Please let me know how you are!


  7. I was a very good friend of addie hall. In fact, we were at one point lovers. What a terrible thing to have happen to such a very sweet girl. when I left town on vacation, several times, Addie would watch my differnet homes that over the years I had occupied. At my magazine st. address,the last time we saw her, she gave me my house keys after she and that mother Fucker Zack (boy is that s.o.b. lucky he jumped off the Omni Hotel before I caught up with him) were finished watching and feeding mt animals. She seemed in good spirits. I went to Cali. when Katrina hit and another girlfriend of mine called me with the terrible news. Alot of people did not know she was an instructor of ballroom dancing. If you or anyone who reads this would like, please feel free to contact me, Jonny Carlson, to chat and tell Addie stories. 504-581-5111.Addie Hall will ALWAYS BE lOVED AND REMEMBERED.

    • I would like to talk to you, but do not know if the offer is still open after all these years.. I would feel awkward calling out of the blue and maybe overstepping a boundary – if it is OK, please email and let me know. I would so love to hear from you.

      Elisha B.

  8. Addie was my second cousin, our fathers are cousins. She was missing from our family for years, no one knew where she was living. Addie and I are the same age, I believe she was a year or two older than I am. As children I remember her as being really cool. I always wished that our families were closer so that we could be like sisters. I hadn’t seen or talked to Addie since we were in junior high school…I miss her more now than ever. Thanks to all who wrote the wonerful things about her…it made her seem more real even in this unreal situation. …emily

    • Emily, how is her family doing?

    • Emily,
      You can Google …..Zack and Addie Chronicles….. to see Addie speak 9 days after Katrina.

      Hope it offers comfort in some way.

      • Hi. I know it has been years since this post. However I am looking for the video and cannot seem to find it. If anyone could send me a link I would appreciate it so much. I know it’s a long shot considering this post is quite old. Thank you.

  9. I met Addie through a friend of mine in college in NC back in 1992. She would come and stay with her, always cheery, smart and outgoing. She loved my room since it was filled of pictures form my travels to Europe. When I caught up with our mutual friend years later, I asked about Addie. She was a ballroom instructor in NC. I remember driving to pick her up from the dance studio, hanging out and talking.
    I was shocked to see on AOL headline news and my heart sunk when it was her. I don’t even know if our mutual friend that brought Addie into my life knows and don’t know how to contact her. May she rest in peace.

  10. Bless you girl…

    Such a spirit! How all the boys chased you in high school, me included. How we used to go to the swimming holes. Durham County! How your dad freaked about the peace sign on my camo boonie hat, and your brother would run me out of the house for being such a hippie. So many adventures we had…. “Muffin Feet” on the golf course, singing Janis Joplin on Mom’s back porch. Cruising Garrett Rd. and laughing at all of it. Listening to CDs in the car, hanging with Summer before she fell to her death at Warren Wilson.

    The pictures Post-Katrina look pretty good. The last time I saw you in Asheville, you were kind of down and out, and although I was able to give some help, I wasn’t able to give enough. It’s good to hear you were still living life to the fullest, up to your last days.

    See you on the other side, when it will all make sense.


    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose”

  11. Addie Hall and I were lovers also in New Orleans in 2003 and although she was murdered, I can tell you that she was looking for a way out of this world. Yes, if you knew her and just found out how she was murdered, it’s difficult, and looks like poor Addie. But at the same time, everyone that knew here can understand why. Addie Hall’s murder is not a shock, the events of how it happened are a little shocking. Perhaps Zack is a closet chief. I don’t know. Maybe Zack was taken over by spirits from the Voodoo shop he lived above, and the guilt he felt from taking her life. But he wrote in her journal that she died quick and painless. Addie Hall died quickly and painlessly, that is more than most of us will die. She was killed by her lover because he was afraid that she was going to kick him to the street. She blamed it on him being unfaithful. Addie Hall was a part time prostitute and had no basis to blame Zack for cheating. I know she took money for sex cause I saw it. Look at him. Sure he might cheat once, but he was no man whore, but Addie had been.

    To be honest, Zack is more the victim here than Addie. I didn’t know Zack well, but I knew Addie Hall well. And I agree with the post here before me. She was a troubled soul, looking for an escape. She was very self destructive and obsessive. She told me she was clearly manic depressive and bi polar as well as being addicted to cocaine and sex. And her reputation was one of being crazy. She would ask me, “am I crazy?”.

    She once told me that she had HIV and could not bare to tell her lovers. She did have HIV as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. I caught genital warts from her and she explained she got it from a lover in North Carolina.

    When I think of Addie Hall, I think of genital warts. I think about how I got them, and passed them on to my future wife. I recall the surgery my wife had to get to remove them from her vagina. . I think about a troubled girl who drank too much, did too many drugs, lived on the street, slept with men for money, and refused to rise above it all. Instead, she chose the easy way out. She played the victim every chance she could. She was not strong enough to rise above the fact that she was sexually raped by her brother.

    We all have crosses to carry around, those that put in the work to rise above it all, will survive. Those who do not, will die. Addie died. It kinda makes sense if you knew her those final years. I actually think she would be happy knowing that she died in such a dramatic way. She did go to the North Carolin School Of the Arts, and knew about showmanship. She would be proud that everyone viewed her as victim. Poor Addie.

    Once, I was Addie Hall’s boyfriend. The girl cheated on me and gave me a sexually transmitted disease. This is what she did to the people who loved her. She was violent when she drank and did way too much cocaine. She also carried a gun.

    Now perhaps the story of Addie’s death has everyone feeling sorry for her. If so, then she has won. But if you really knew her, I mean really knew her in her last few years, her death makes sense and is no surprise. She was a girl on the edge, plowing a path of destruction, wanting to die.

    Zack is the real victim here. And those who knew both, will agree. Zack had problems, but Addie had worse ones. She did love him, and asked him to do what she had wanted done for a long time. To die. She could have never killed herself. She sought out men who could. Zack had killed many men for his country in Iraq. Addie knew that all she had to was to piss him off, and he had the power to do it. And he killed her. Kindly. After that, he went off the deep end with the cooking. But he came to his senses and killed himself. He had been possessed by the demon within Addie Hall. Those of us that have loved her, know what I am talking about.

    Both Addie and Zack are gone now. We miss them. But these were not people working to better themselves, they were people trying to battle their inner demons and they lost. They are examples of how we should fight to rise above our personal demons and dark sides. If we do not, then we might end up being murdered, cooked, or suicide.

    The self destructive tendencies that live within our everyday, should be fought. We have a choice. Some people fight, some people do not. If you fight the demons within, you may live. If you surrender to the dark side within you, the side that makes you do things that hurt the people you love, then you may be murdered. It’s your choice.

    Addie Hall was sometimes nice, sometimes vicious. It is my opinion that she used Zack to end her life, and zack is the true victim here. He had no idea what he was dealing with. Addie instigated it, provoked it, and in the end, was guilty of it herself. They were both on the highway to hell and I think they wanted it that way.

    I can imagine that they are somewhere now, happy of how famous they have become, but I know the truth. Addie was a bitter human, and did her best to disrupt the lives of people she loved. She sought out men who were violent, and then provoked them. She wanted to die, she was unhappy. She was wonderful at times, a true shining star, but the other side was she was a disturbed and troubled soul. You know this is true.

    I see it like this. Addie Hall never got over how her brother raped her and her family thought she was lying. She then sent out on a quest to live life as a victim. She never felt she should be accountable for her crimes. She thought she had a license to hurt everyone in her path. Especially the ones she loved most. Poor Zack. Zack is the real victim here. Or perhaps they were destined to be together.

    I miss Addie as much as anyone else. But I suspect that she is happy to be famous now, and happy to be released from this world and her life. Addie Hall was bi polar. At times, a saint and an angel, other times, a devil in pretty clothes. Addie Hall was not a happy person, a well adjusted soul, or a good girlfriend. She was a difficult and troubled spirit who was never found a home.

    I hope she is home now, but I am also glad that she is far from my home, my wifes home, and my children’s home.

    Thanks for the genital warts Addie.

    • You seem to know (and write) a lot about a girl who you knew for a very short time. You also include a lot of “facts” that are not facts at all. This seems to be nothing but a vindictive rant. I’m glad there are better people in the world….and Addie was one of them.

      • whoever wrote the whole thing about addie and getting disease from her… lol… YOUR THE SICK FUCK who will probably be the jerk killing his wife and puting her in a pot next.. your sick and dillusional. YOU CALLING HER A WHORE BASICALLY MEANS…. YOU LIKED HER AND WANTED HER, AND SHE TURNED YOU DOWN AND LAUGHED AT YOU AND YOU HATED BEING REJECTED…. LOL Face the facts physco…. Now someone needs to find that dude asap bc he sounds as crazy and nuts and “ZACK” the ugly ass physco punk….. and put this dude in jail before he kills his wife too…. SICK ASS

    • Funny how you keep saying over and over again “zack was the victim here” even though you’ve made no mention of when you met him. So after she gave you a vd, you remained friends with her and became close enough to her new boyfriend that you knew all his “problems”? Yeah. Sure. And only a relative that is so unbelievably blinded by his own stupidity he just can’t let his psychotic, murderous brother, son, etc, responsibility for his own evil actions. Zack was evil. And you are almost as evil- perhaps even more so. Keep dreaming, loser.

  12. Sexual disease Addie

  13. Addie was also a prostitute. Not a lot of people know that. She was troubled girl who was self destructive. Those of us who knew her well, know that her death is not a shock. She was a very unhappy person and never really got over how her brother raped her. A sad ending to a sad story.

  14. uh, hey “coolcat” ….homeboy seasoned her. what do you think with? gumbo file? rosemary and thyme? mrs. dash?

    get a grip. your “she made him do it” spin might hold water…. until the necrophelia and cannibalism claims – from his own note come out.

    nice term paper you wrote on it all tho. in one turn calling her awful names and in others saying you loved her. guess she broke your heart? and even tho she ended up in various pots and pans – you still can’t seem to resist giving her one last kick.

    and thru the always heroic forum of the anonymous internet – you did it. hope ya feel better now you douche.

  15. Good times for a change
    See, the luck Ive had
    Can make a good man
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  16. Yo!

    What do you think about love? >:)

  17. Wow. Talk about a bunch of bitter folks.

    I went to High School with Addie. No one deserves what happened to her.

    We were never good buds but knew each other. Geez folks, have a heart. No one deserves that – no one.

  18. Coolcat, my guess is you wrote at least 3 of the stories trashing this girl. You may as well have killed her yourself since you think it so deserving and want to defame her after her untimely death. You are worse than you say either of them are!
    Anyone who has suffered incest or rape as a young child especially will grow up promiscuous and be so until they get healing. Obviously she never got it, but it looks like many people liked her enough accept you. Anyhow, you look really bad for the posts and kept repeating yourself which got really old. Maybe you can convince yourself by repeating, but you didn’t convince me.
    RIP Addie

  19. Not a fan,
    Any more dirty laundry you’d like to air about a murder victim who is not here to defend herself? Your comments were EXTREMELY insensative.
    Are you perfect? If you are, can you teach all of us how to be? Maybe then we won’t have to worry about these kind of things happening.

    RIP Addie, and Merry Christmas.

  20. ps
    I’m wondering if your the one who gave her the disease you seem to know so much about.

  21. I so agree “Just Guessing”. I got midway to Not A Fan’s 2nd personality, coolcat, when I realized they were one and the same. Actually, I’m thinking that he probably didn’t even know her at all.

    I never knew Addie, but I do know that is a terrible way to leave here. I hope she is at peace now. RIP Addie

  22. What’s the point in even saying your “buddy got an STD from Addie”? First of all, you don’t know that to be a fact and second, let the girl rest in peace. She’s not here to defend herself any longer.

  23. I just went to this site after reading about the story in Maxim. No doubt Addie had a terrible childhood and acted out pretty much for the rest of her life. Many people from Addie’s life should take some responsibilty for Addie’s downward spiral and ultimate death, obviously Zach being right at the top. At the very least this tragedy should be a learning experience for the rest of us who have had the misfortune to be touched by such a troubled, self-destructive and sad person. I feel like I knew Addie because my last girlfriend was almost an exact copy of her, from the early abuse to the drugs to the sex which made her feel wanted. I fell deeply in love and was ultimately hurt just as deeply, with the same cycle happening to her that apparently happened to Addie, save for the brutal end. This story has done more for my healing than the past year. If nothing else I have learned that some people can’t be helped, don’t want to be helped, or a combination of both. Maybe the events of Addie’s tragic life can help some of us become a little more understanding, compassionate, giving and loving to those less fortunate than us. I’m sure Addie is resting in peace now. Unfortunately I’m also sure there are many others who were in and out of her life that are nowhere near peace now.

  24. I read same article Bill did in Maxim. Interesting enough Addie’s story also touched upon my own personal life. I know a girl almost same age as Addie (28), same build and very similar in appearance. In fact her real name begins with an A and she is a bartender. Alisha (not her real name) in no way has the troubles Addie has. However Alisha seems to always be involved in relationships with men that end up badly. I am more a friend/confidante to her then lover. However recently Alisha broke up with her BF and her now ex BF went over to her apartment. They got in argument and I heard that he got rough with her. Pushed her around etc…. A neighbor broke it up. However after reading about Addie. It made me wonder how close was a similar situation possibly happening to Alisha? I’d like to tell her about this tragic story so she may get something from it. From reading comments Addie obviously had alot of issues. If Katrina had never happened would Addie & Zach ever gotten together? Was aftermath of Katrina the high point of Addie & Zach’s life? They became mini-famous from that NY Times story. Hopefully Addie’s life & death may help someone else still living.

  25. Bill & TJ,
    Very, very touching comments from you both. That’s why I love this blog. It has the power to heal.
    Who would’ve thought that a tragic story of a young lady you’ve never met could help you heal??
    Look how this story made TJ wonder about his friend. This is what this blog is all about. God bless you both.

  26. To Emily, Jamie and anyone else who knew (or is related to) Addie:

    I’m writing a book about Zack for Henry Holt, a great publishing house that just published Naomi Klein’s ‘The Shock Doctrine.’ I’ve been researching Zack’s case for over a year and want to get insights, memories, etc from those closest to Addie so the book is as balanced and nuanced as possible.

    You can read about me and my work at my website, My contact info is also posted on my website-would love to hear from any and all of you if you’re interested in talking with me.

    Ethan Brown

  27. I just read the article in Maxim as well, and I have read through most of the blog posts. A lot of people seem to want to play bar-stool psychologists. Some claim to know this or that…I didn’t know anything about any of this until I just got done reading this article…the one thing that seems to be true beyond anything else is that Zack Bowen knowingly and willingly strangled and killed Addie Hall. In my book that makes him an awful human being. Whatever faults Addie Hall had were her own and nobody in this world deserves to be mudered at 30 years old. Life is rarely black and white and fault can often to be traced to both parties, but when one takes anothers life they become something else, more monstrous, less human. I’m sure Zack Bowen wasn’t evil or anything, but what he did was behind defensisble. Putting aside his nefarious post mortem behavoir, simply put, he went to the grave a double murderer…at least.

  28. It amazes me that someone would even begin to say these things about someone that was mutilated like Addie. From what I know about Addie, she was a brilliant poet with a very troubled soul. She lived her life without a mute button. Perhaps we could learn something from her.

    The universe will take care of those that mock tragedies such as these. My greatest fear is what the universe has planned for those insensitive people who have belittled this girl-regardless of what she may or may not have done. This was someone’s daughter, sister, grandchild. Irrespective of how she lived her life, she did not deserve to die like that. Noone deserves the mockery that some of you have placed in this blog. She was 30 years old. How many out there can say they are proud of the things they said and did before thirty? For the family, my only hope for you is that you never have to see blogs or articles degrading the pretty little girl that you loved ever again. The universe will correct this. Karma is not blind.

  29. Does anyone who knew Addie know if she is the same “Addie” who worked at Amedeo’s in Raleigh?

  30. I personally knew Zach while he was stationed in Germany. There he was a great person, father, friend, and leader. Many Young Soldiers looked up to him and looked for his advice. I hope that all who knew Addie have since been able to let her be at peace. I would never condone Zach’s actions. It is sad to hear what had happened. I just hope that in some way at least one person hears of this story and learns something from it. Whether it is look for the sign in others and help them or maybe with in them selves and they are able to get themselves some help. Both way rest in peace Adriane “Addie” Hall and SGT Zach Bowen. Gone but not forgotten.

  31. I just read the Maxim article and am totally intrigued by the whole story. Enough to come looking for more on it. I think it’s because i can sort of relate to the type of relationship they had. From what I’ve read about Addie, she reminds me so much of a girl I loved almost a decade ago. We were also together for 1 1/2 years, lived a very similar lifestyle and had many terrible fallouts. I can almost understand some of the emotions he must have felt. Her and I visited New Orleans on a couple of occasions and often talked of moving to the French Quarter, as we were both (and I still am) fascinated by it. This story just adds to my fascination, and the similarities (they were even the same age) makes me wonder how easily it could’ve been us.

  32. yeah thats the same addie that worked at amedeos in raleigh. i used to hang with her at sadlacks on hillsborough st.

  33. anyone knew Zack

  34. i was stationed with Zach in the 527th rear detachment(the stay behind part of a unit that is deployed. it is where new soldiers, soldiers that were hurt prior to deployment or get hurt on deployment work while a unit is deployed. he was the most awsome individual i ever knew. I got to germany as a private and he took me under his wing and helped me alot. we would go drinking together and just have good time. even after our unit got back from iraq and and he went back to his platoon and i got put in another platoon when i got in trouble he would pull me aside and explain why what i did was so wrong and how not to do it again and to not let it bother me. He was awsome. as far as an incident down range where he slaughtered a whole family NO FUCKING WAY. i was not on that deployment but i did deploy right after he got out of the army with the same people he was down range with and i heard a lot of fucked up stories and i asked if any one killed ne one that shouldnt have been killed and my best friend that was in zachs team said they rarely fired their weapons. i am not in ne way condoning what zach did but i think the weight of a failed marriage and now another failed relationship, and the stresses of combat and then the storm were just to much for him and he snaped. i hope his wife and kids are ok they are in my thoughts and prayers. as well as addies family. i should mention that i did not know addie

  35. Dear Addie,
    This woman was strong at heart and was real…..she did’nt need alot of material things in life to get by, all she needed was a pen and a pad and a jar of peanut butter…she was a great poet and freind. Nobody or soul living on this earth is perfect and we are not to judge, REST IN PEACE.

  36. I knew Addie in the early ’90s in North Carolina. A friend and I saw her when we went into a restaurant one night, apparently waiting for a ride, and when we finished dinner two hours later, she was still there. She was just a kid at the time – about 16 – very small and (seemingly) fragile, and we offered to give her a ride to her home as the neighborhood was rather sketchy. Ironic to think of that all now, in light of what happened. She thanked us but said no, and we gave her a number to call in case she might need it.

    Two weeks later I received a call. She had been thrown out of where she was living (or had run away, probably a very familiar story for those who knew her) and had no where to go. I took her to my house – she appeared very pale and ill and I asked her if she was hungry. She said yes, and so I cooked her a plate of pasta – she hadn’t eaten in several days and once she began to eat it she passed out onto the table.

    Unfortunately I was about to leave for NYC the next morning, and I didn’t know what to do. I trusted that if I treated her with kindness, that she would not take advantage of the situation. I told her I would be back in a few days and left her keys to the house.

    For some of you who had difficult experiences with her, it might come as a surprise that she was completely respectful of my house and my belongings in my absence. In fact, she ended up staying at my house for almost six months. She had a few teenage moments to be sure, but she coped well and she tried hard to better her life.

    I remember one time in particular when I had given the ground rules of no drugs or guys in the house, and I woke up to find both one night. I told her that the two of them had to find somewhere else for the night, but that she was welcome to return when she wanted to. I drove the two of them to her friend’s house, and she gave me a hug (which was the only physical contact I remember having with her–I was much older than her and felt more like a Dad to her than anything–which of course was probably the last thing she wanted.) Still, I was touched that she realized–or at least I believe she realized–I was trying to look out for her. I don’t know if she ever realized that or not, but I imagine there were others who did the same for her.

    Over the years I heard sad stories about her, while she remained in NC, some of which have been recounted here.
    It’s hard for me to get angry at either of these two, because they both seem to be victims of truly tragic circumstances, living lives that ended tragically. When I first read about Addie and Zach, all I could really think is that the magnitude of their actions, and this pain, and these events, is something that I can’t even understand or fathom. I think that it might be like that for a great number of us. For those of you for whom this is real, and familiar, and who can understand this level of pain, I truly hope that you can find a much better life than they did – and try to feel compassion for two very beloved and extraordinarily flawed individuals.

  37. Still shocked by this so came back to read more comments from people that knew both or one or the other man is there some out of line comments.Knowing nothing about Addie I can’t comment on what people had to say about her but they don’t and shouldn’t have the right to blame her.Two people were in that apt two and only they know the truth of what and why it happened. But what I do know I spent enough time with Zack and his family in Germany to know what kind of man he once was and what happened here is utterly horrific and I hope that who ever decides to write about Zack and Addie’s Life start at the beginning and doesn’t miss one damn hardship because this is what lead to the end ultimately and only then maybe there will be healing for all concerned and maybe a understanding.So until then I’m going to remember Zack and his long legged ass racing me one block up the street so that he knew I made it back safe,and him seating on a picnic table at dust playing a guitar ever so lightly as me and Lana chatted bullshit,and how good a daddy he was…and for Addie I think even her worst enemies should find some good memory in their minds “nobody is perfect ” Ps coolcat two people were there when you decided for yourself not to wear a condom it’s called responsibility for your own actions despite the consequences.And to the men and woman in charge in the military that wouldn’t send Zack home when Lana had to go through treatment I think some serious course of action should be taken when it comes to policy isn’t it supposed to be God first Family second,Country third well in this case and most from experience Country comes first by choice of jail time if you don’t do as your told and I know this was one of the reasons this tragedy happened.

  38. I just learned that the children of Zachary live down the street from us. His daughter and mine have become good friends. She (Zachary’s daughter) is an intellegent, pretty, and very grown up little girl. She is also very sad and told us how much so yesterday. Please remember when speaking about this tragedy to keep in mind those who loved him and survived him. She at 8 years old feels as though she should have done something. While I am not religious in the traditional sense, PLEASE pray for his surviving children. I cannot ever imagine the pain they are feeling and will for the rest of their lives.

  39. Christy,
    Please email me at andytagonist (at) gmail (dot) com
    i would like to find out about Zack’s children and wife. i knew them pretty well–i was there when they met and knew them right up until and after he was stationed in germany. i can prove it.

  40. […] C and I were talking about this horrible death earlier this morning. We discussed how much effort it would take to disassemble the bones of the cervical spine to decapitate someone. Not to mention dismembering the limbs, and all the blood. WWL quoted NOPD that the murderer cleaned up after himself. He must have been in there for hours doing the deed. Then he snapped and jumped and died. It will be interesting to see who this was once the media release their identities. […]

  41. I live in New Orleans, and I wrote an article about Zak and Addie shortly after they died. I did a lot of investigative journalism in the bars the went to. At the time, I was doing a lot of drugs and drinking and dating a man with the same problems. I can only say that at that time, I could identify with Addie’s psychosis, and I felt they were both extremely disturbed and caught in the sewer of the French Quarter. It took me a few days to write the article, and before I was finished, the guy I was with beat me up. I was in a black out, and I still do not remember what happened, but I had choke marks on my neck, a black eye, a gash on my forehead, and bruises all over my body. I do not know if I started the fight or not. He claims he doesn’t remember either. Someone called the police, they arrested him, and I walked to a bar covered in blood. That experience changed my life, and I joined a recovery group. On August 11, I will have been clean and sober for a year. I went to the Voodoo temple they lived below on the anniversary of Zack’s death, and I was told that they were at peace. I have always prayed for that, and the effect this tragedy had on me may have saved my life. Anyway, the article can be viewed at It’s called The Bad Places.

    • Loved your article! Glad that you are clean now and can live your life without drugs.. You have written a great story and should continue in that line of work. I have been so facinated with the story of Zack and Annie. Again, great article..

      Where is the Voodoo Temple?

    • Read your story about Zack and Addie. It was beautiful. Your writing is excellent.

      RIP Addie and Zack

  42. If anyone out there has heard from Lana or knows perhaps where she may be email me please at I’d like to pass my number on so she can get in contact Miss my friend and want to know she and kids are okay!

  43. What the hell is wrong with people!! how do you cut up a person and cook them. Then save some in the fridge for later. This is sickening. And for those who say she deserved it. How discusting you are. No one deserve that. She never killed anyone. You just make me sick. THis wierdo makes me sick.

  44. It deeply upsets me to read this. Addie was an excellent friend to me for many years when I was going through some very difficult stuff. If she had not been there to protect me from myself I probably would not be here. She like me and many others had her demons, but that does not under any circumstance justify the vile way and manner in which she was murdered before she left us to travel to that temple not made with hands eternal in the heavens.

  45. This murder is just so sad, Does anyone know if a book was ever written on this case?, I remember reading somewhere that someone was doing a book about Addie Hall’s murder etc about a year ago and I’d be interested to know if it was published?.

  46. The book is scheduled to be published on Sep 1. Here is the Amazon page…

    It appears it will be more about Zack and other veterans issues than Addie’s story, which is a shame.

  47. Addie Was a Sweet Heart!
    I Have Never Known a Nicer Person So For The Ones Posting the Bullshit About her carry Your ass To Jackson Square and talk That shit To My face!

  48. My wife and I spoke with Addie briefly when she was working behind the bar at the soptted cat. She was giving a coupe of guys a hard time for leaving a small tip. She seemed really up tight, but then became easier to talk to after f ive miutes or so. In the brief time we were there, she seemed at worst someone who could fly of the handle, and at best probably a lot of fun….Whatever she was really like, be it good or bad, she doesn’t deserved to be trashed by the insensitive fools that did so in the earlier blogs…

  49. I first met Addie pre-Katrina when a friend and I went into Cafe beignet where Addie had worked as a waitress. She had apparently just moved to New Orleans and got into he scene pretty quickly and I’d see her everywhere on Decatur. Sometimes she’d be really bouncy and cheerful and other times really angry or depressed. Quite confusing. Addie had dated two of my friends who both said she was pretty “out there”. Jeff a bartender, said she tried to beat him up and Monaco who called the cops on her for messing with his vespa.

    And she was a nice hearted person, but from what I’ve known of her, she was a fairly dominant female- the type that could push someone like Zach who served in Iraq, over the edge.

  50. I was wondering if any book is or has been written about Addie Hall and Zach Bowen?, I’d like to read more about what they were like as people and what would bring. Seeminly decent man to commit such a crime, God bless you Addie Hall. No-one deserve such a horrible death like that.

  51. The book you are seeking: Shake the Devil Off: a True Story of the Murder that Rocked New Hasn’t been out too long.

  52. I just can’t believe some of the stuff that some of you people wrote. Horrible, just horrible. Whatever she did, whomever she was, she didn’t deserve what happened to her. She was sick and lost and on drugs. She is not even alive to defend herself on this board.

  53. Addie, love, i miss you, i hope to see you one day, zack, old friend, i miss you too, my life seems to be lacking now that the two of you are gone. yall both were kind to me and my son, you never got a chance to meet my other. not a day passes that i dont think of you, not a day passes that i dont cry. i read ethans book hoping that some answers would help ease the pain. it didnt. you both were loved. i had hoped as time wore on that the pain would fade. it hasnt. i hoped that my words to you would help heal me, they havnt. i really miss you guys. yall had your problems. who doesnt. you both were still some of the best people i knew. how i miss yall so. there is a hole in my heart where your memories lie. a hole that will i fear never heal.

  54. i just got finished reading the book about Addie and Zach, even though i did not know them, i felt like i did when i finshed the book, Everyone made Zach out to be this Evil person, he really was not, he just maade some REALLY bad choices in his life, he chose to do drugs!!! which is never a good idea. I recommend that Everyone read the book!, to see what kind of person Zach really was. the book is called “Shake the devil off” by Ethan Brown

  55. Wow….such love and such hate on one blog!!!! Maybe my Addie story will soften some of your hearts and you might understand the sort of kid she was….
    I met Addie Hall in 1987, while living in North Carolina with my husband at the time….she was a little girl, dressed in a white winter coat that was hooded and trimmed in white fur. We had just moved down the street from she and her family and this was our first snow fall. She very matter-of-factly introduced herself and continued by saying, “I understand that you have a daughter. I know what it’s like living in this neighborhood when it snows..we all get snowed in and the kids get bored. So, can your daughter come out and play with me in the snow.” She immediately became a fixture in our home. My daughter thought of Addie as the big sis…she taught her how to shave her legs and do “girly” things. She was a blessed relief to two parents who were wondering if they had made a mistake moving to a remote neighborhood such as this. Our daughter had a friend….we needn’t import school friends for sleepovers now that Addie is here. She was bright, extremely chatty and enthusiastic about life. As a former teacher, I saw the artistic nature in her….her off beat style of dressing…and her artistic abilities… She was a delight to have around, but seemed to be so emotionally needy of adult attention. Over the years, I discovered that she spent alot of time on her own, with her brother. Her relationship with her mother seemed a bit strained. I so remember her wanting to”hang out” at our house. It didn’t take long to realize that there was little or no supervision at the Hall household, so I was reluctant to let my daughter spend a great deal of time there, as she was only 11 years old. After many years, she did admit to me that she learned to “smoke weed” with Addie…and always placed her on a pedastal as one she would like to emulate. I used to tease Addie and call her my little “misplaced hippy Child”, claiming that she was born a generation too late…I felt she would have been better suited to live in the sixties and grow up as I did with the “flower children”. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was a very deeply spiritual individual…and had a magnatism with others, though a bit of an odd ball….She suited me just fine and I always thought of her as the “other daughter” when we lived there. My step son actually dated her for awhile and I am sure she was one of his first serious girlfriends (at the tender age of 15).

    Divorce and time sort of distanced me from Addie and North Carolina…. I remarried to a man from New Orleans and alas, ended up in the NO metro area. I had lived there from the early 1990’s, never knowing that Addie had moved here. How sad that we lost contact. My daughter has always thought of her as one of the most defining people in her childhood…She helped her grow up.

    Addie loved our animals (we raised dogs)…and was always kind and loving and very respectful to all of our family members. It troubles me to hear that she so struggled with her own demons when she moved to New Orleans. I will say that her family in Durham was at best, dysfunctional. Her parents were very distant when I had contact with either of them..and from what I could tell, the mother was cold and demanding of Addie. She seemed to crave my attention when she visited our home. She always appeared to be close with her brother…so it surprises me that in some of the previous blogs there is reference to his having raped her. Again, I didn’t know her family well…she appeared to be the shining light there..

    Whatever happened to her along the way, I have no firsthand knowledge…but always suspected that she was not treated well as a child. She was provided for, but not nurtured. She touched our lives in a special way by being a wonderful, kind, and empathetic friend to my daughter and step son. She was like a little “sprite” that brightened a room when she entered. I am sorry that we never connected in Louisiana….she will always hold a special place in our hearts…what a magnificent shining star of a soul. Be at peace, Addie….you deserve it and we will always love you in our hearts.

    • Sweet and touching story.

      • Thanks, Jasmine…she touched our lives in a very special way and I will always remember the sweet spirit that she was.

      • Jasmine,
        You may want to Google…..Zack and Addie Chronicles, a Youtube video of Addie speaking about Katrina. Sounds like she left a positive effect on your daughter. I only met her for an hour during my 44 minute interview with she and Zack. They both seemed quite affable. Although it’s a short 2 min video, it may offer you a smile since you knew her. All the best to you and yours.

    • I am sorry for your loss. It must have been (and still be) terrible to hear about a child you cared about meeting such a gruesome fate. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into Addie’s childhood. Since None of her family members came forward, it was good to hear from you. So many people are quick to criticize and not all of us are lucky enough to be born into loving, nurturing homes. Addie was a victim of circumstances and I hope she is at peace now. Again, thank you for sharing, Jane.

      • Thank you for your kind words, Jasmine. Addie was to our family, a quirky, enthusiastic, artistic, creative, loving little gal. She deserved better treatment all around from those early years on. I know that she is still the person my grown daughter considers to be one of the most important friends in her life…she WAS the big SIS she never had. It’s almost like Addie’s artistry, poetry, and zest for life were too much for this world.

        What happened to her in between the time she died and the time we knew her makes her life seem much more complicated and difficult that it needed to be. I am sure some of the problems were brought on by poor choices, but I continue to say, she was a kind and loving person with a heart of gold, a quick wit, and a compassionate soul.

  56. is anyone getting this

  57. I went to Junior High with Addie. Later on I was her bouncer for the company she danced for.She was the sweetest girl and it troubles me to read the mean things these clowns have written about her above. Addie is not here to defend herself. So gossip away. I don’t know Zack and it is a good thing he committed suicide because he would have been killed after what he did. Getting back to Addie. She was the sweetest little soul. Sure, she smoked pot, carried a gun and she got paid for stripping. She had a beautiful body and that is what she did. As far as I knew she never sold her body for sex. We are all human and we do things that one day we may look back on and regret and I am sure Addie (as I do to)as all of us do.SO for all you clowns that degrade Addie Hall you can kiss my ass. Come to Durham NC and talk that talk and . . well we don’t play games in Durham. To Addie’s family: Bless her sweet little soul. She was an Angel that came to earth for a short time and taught some of us life is short and to always be careful of the people you fall in love with and trust. Her spirit lives on and I will see her one day in Heaven. I love you Addie. Party on baby.
    Sincerely, Chad. Durham. N.C.

    Addie, Emmy and I used to eat at Kyoto’s Japanese steak house. We had a ball. Those memories will be in my mind until the day I die. To all my friends who knew Addie lets keep her legacy strong and positive. What we cannot do alone, we can conquer together.

    • Funny that you say “we don’t play games in Durham”, since there are many murders there and the surrounding area (Denita Smith, which just had a guilty verdict this week). Durham is NOT on the low end of crime.

  58. In addition:
    No disrespect is considered to Zack and his family. He was obviously a troubled being. It is a shame he took away such a beautiful person. I pray for his family because that is the Christian thing to do.
    I only want it know Addie was the victim, not Zack. This needs to be noted in every aspect.

  59. Perhaps this is an “addie” site. But I just finished the book. This was not a true account of Addie and Zach. It was a jump off of excuses for people that have serviced in the military. My father was at Pearl Harbor and the Pacific. My mother was a bitch. He never tried to kill her!! The bottom line to me is the drugs and alcohol. You just do not mean or remember what you do. Please do not try to pass off this murder was PTSD or whatever. Zack sobered up and could not live with what he had done. According to your book, one might assume that anyone that had been in a war would hack up and dismember a victim because he has PTSD or whatever you call it. That is ludicious. Zach had many problems from the get-go. So did Addie. I feel you took a tragic story and made a profit off of the tragedy.

    • brenna,

      I am confused. This blog is not promoting or profiting off of any book, let alone one on this murder. I (the blog owner) have not written a book on this case or Addie or Zach. Who are you directing your comments to?

    • Brenna, how do you know what Zach experienced? Why are you painting him and your father with the same brush – they were not one in the same. PTSD is a recognized illness. The author wrote a book, and people are reading it. That’s what Books are for.

  60. Before ANYONE judges EITHER Zack or Addie;

    ****** please read the book *******

    ” Shake The Devil Off” by Ethan Brown

    It WILL open your eyes and break your heart.

    NEITHER deserves to be bashed. Neither deserves to be gone. Both had “issues”

    I think its pretty sad that some ruthless people can make such comments about people that are gone.

    I hope the families don’t see these comments.

  61. I met Zach when he was 18-he married my best friend Lana-he loved Dreame Theatre,drums,his lil boy and girl.It boggles me yrs later that he did this.Ge was 10 yrs younger than Lana.but he loved those kids and was responsible.If he wrote a confession letter and in also his suicide note mentoined an incident in Iraq involving a child..why did he take it to his grave

  62. Wow– everyone had such amazing responses… I too went to High School with Addie. She was an amazing woman… one that could never be figured out. She may have been troubled, she may have wanted out… but she most certainly did not deserve that. I loved Addie Hall—man she was frickin awesome.

    Peace Addie—-rest in it!!!!

  63. I dont know anything but what i read online about the couple. I came here off of the nola page after someone told me two characters on the hbo show Treme are modeled after these people. I got into the show because the people who made the show made The Wire and me being a baltimorean had to check out the next city abd here i am.

    Its hard to ignore a story like this and want to know more about it. Its really sad to read personal accounts from people who knew the murderer and the victim and it shows you how many lives are touched by a tragedy.

    Suffice to say they dont sound like the most stable people you

  64. Could meet but it doesnt matter. In fact being in New Orlean to visit…. i met alot of unstable people who moved there from different states. The locals seemed cool. But i hate to say this, but it sad they have to deal with nuts from oyher places in the country moving down there into the french quarter…

  65. I reside close to New Orleans during the winter, and was always curious about this crime. NO has a unique culture for an American city (it’s my rural Midwest upbringing speaking here), and the human tragedy and governmental travesty of Katrina had an influence in this couple’s relationship — both positive and negative.

    I think only those closest to Addie Hall and Zack Bowen will ever fully know what dynamic shaped their relationship and finally led their homicide – suicide. I have had friends with abusive upbringings, friends with severe drug addictions — I do feel some people are both accomplices and victims of not only the decisions made against their will but those that they chose to do. Life does not provide a level emotional or social playing field.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t recognize the aspects of their characters that were good and loving, that they didn’t have some significance in people’s lives.

  66. I just finished reading “Shake the Devil Off,” the book about Zach and Addie. The author truly captured both of their personalities and situations so that anyone could understand how this type of co-dependent madness could escalate into such a horrific tragedy. It is such a sad ending to both deeply creative and damaged lives. Thanks for the blog – it’s always interesting to hear the perspectives of those who knew the victims. May they both be at peace.

  67. I just saw the episode of Final Witness that featured the Addie Hall murder. I think that one of Hall’s friends interviewed on the show–Tge same person who posted here–is Margaret Sanchez. Sanchez is currently a “person of interest” in the murder and dismemberment of a NO stripper.

    • You are correct. It is the same person.

      • Hi, do you know if authorities are aware of Margaret commenting on this? Not saying it means anything but its probably up to them to decide that.


        • Baton Rouge local news ran a story saying that authorities were watching the show to see if there were any interesting or pertintent connections. The post Margaret made here is very similar to what she said on the show.

  68. Addie was a great friend. We spent more time running away from school than in it back then. I’ll never forget sneaking out and picking her up at her Mom’s apartment in a terrible part of town really late at night and finding her just chilling on the swing at the playground there. Addie never gave a damn. 🙂

    We always had a lot of fun together and the impact Addie had on my life was huge. I’ve never met such a free spirit. The last time I saw her was at a party out in Rougemont. (94?) She said she had been following Delisoul. I wish we could have spent more time together, not only because she is gone but because she was such a unique person. I’ll never forget our time together Addie.

    I’ve never read where Addie was laid to rest. If anyone knows, please leave details. I would love to visit with her one last time.

    • If you look at the top of this page, the findagrave link will lead you right to the pictures & location of her final resting place…

  69. I am an outsider looking in who did not know Zach or Addie. I just heard about and read about the murder. They started out in life as two pretty amazing, talented people. They needed to further their talents and capabilities with education, realizing their strong points in order to excell in life emotionally, physically and worldly! We all battle with our selves everyday to make healthy choices so life can be better and rewarding. It is a daily sacrifice until you see the benefits it all brings! I know self made people who sacrificed and are now living the dream! I also could have chosen a dangerous freedom but deeply knew better! I am happy with my choices today. These two amazing people took a rough road and must have both known deep within them the tragedy that lay ahead!

  70. Drugs & Alcohol & free Sex……what does anyone expect will happen with 2 souls who carry SO much baggage…sad, very sad all the way around.

  71. I believe that I heard that her brother retrieved her remains. If you know him, you might contact him and see where she is buried. This is for the person that put up the post,, from AddieWillAlwaysbewithme.

    • I have no way to get in touch with him. I was really only involved with Addie when she was my neighbor. A policeman from New Orleans told me that he had claimed the remains. So very sad. Loved that little girl.

  72. She is buried in Gateway Baptist Church cemetery. Her brother is Ben or Benjamin. Maybe you can contact him. Did they have a funeral for her? This is all so very sad.

    • I just saw this story on Final Witness. I was curious so I looked up the names and found this blog. I also just discovered that Addie was buried in my hometown. We are close in age. Any idea what school she attended?

  73. I am glad to see that someone placed flowers on her grave. It is horrible that her remains sat in the morgue for months in NOLA before anybody claimed them. To those who knew her in high school….what was the deal with her mom? Where is her family now? I know her mom and brother are in North Carolina but does anybody see them or has anyone spoken to them? It just seems as if Zack got his side of the story told, but nobody stepped up for Addie. I can understand people wanting their privacy but I get the feeling that nobody cared and that is awful.

    • I was hoping they wanted to preserve her privacy. She wrote poetry, thoughts and songs every day. You know they would have published that for all to hear on the tv show if the family allowed. In hindsight, they could have just been protecting themselves.

  74. Where is Zack buried?
    Did she sit in the morgue because no one knew she had died, or because they just didn’t claim her? I hope they both rest in peace now. Together in a happier place.

    • Zack was cremated. In the book it says that his wife, Lana, had his ashes but no idea if she still does. As far as why it took so long to get Addie’s remains from the morgue, the book does not explain the reason.

  75. North Carolina

  76. I didn’t know either of them, after watching Final Witness about this crime, it was truly heartbreaking. Seems 2 lost souls, just couldn’t get it together.RIP Addie & Zack

  77. I think its kinda strange how this Margaret Sanchez knew Addie (dismemberd) and shes a “person of interest” in a murder of another person that has been dismemberd) WOW! talk about irony…just sayin

    • I been following the Jaren Lockett story from the time it happen and yes some of my days I will search the web to see what new and I found out that they had two people in custody and it was Sanchez and her boyfriend and what I’m trying to say not that they are but I never knew nothing about this story about Addie until I read that margaret was friends with her so I type in Addie hall name a begin to read about it and I tell you I became very amaze with this story and I also can say the way she died was horrible and sad but I do find it strang that Sanchez was a person interest in a murder like this but only different but I do say this that I will keep up with the Lockett murder to, but you learn so much from the heart of the city you was born in and I will always love New Orleans

  78. Somehow, Bonnie, I am receiving updates of other blogs. How do I change my setting so that I only get the updates for this blog about Addie Hall?

    • Jane,

      You are probably subscribed to my entire blog, not just this post. Or are you getting updates to my personal blog and recipe blog? When you get the emails, there should be instructions on how to unsubscribe. Then you will want to come back and comment again and you should be able to subscribe to this post only. Usually if it says subscribe to the blog, it means my entire blog, not just a single post.

  79. I saw the tv the program written on the subject. While I watch these things all the time trying to understand what drives this kind of violence, this one hurt.
    What, where, why? to me what matters is a man damaged by war and who knows what else and a girl damaged by who all knows what, are dead in the most horrible way.
    I did not sleep for 2 nights and now know I don’t know what bad is. It is a heart breaking story and only 2 people truly know the real truth.

    Sometimes the best people are damaged beyond repair by life. I learned from my mother that judging is best left to the perfect. I am nowhere near that are you?
    The next time you see a person you can help. Do what you can. Start where you are. Or keep your judgemental thoughts to yourself.

    These 2 knew some moments of love, then the kind of tragedy most of us only see on TV.

    I am sad for the 2 lost souls who probably have loved ones who can read your cruel words.

  80. I wonder..Could Margaret have killed Addie and make it look like Zack did it?

  81. i read somewhere, that zack was seen on camera committing suicide, contemplating it, walking back and forth over and over, so the margaret connection to addie wouldnt make sense , i thought the same thing…unless she killed addie, and manipulated zack into killing herslef, which i highly doubt, but who knows, he did have 2000 dollars on him the night he died, which he blew it all but who knows

  82. It seem that you learn so much about the city you was born in, and I just took all that I had in me to hold in tears for people who I didnt even knew it seem that these two was two kind,sweet,and friendly people with a big heart and on the other hand how some people saying about Addie and zack like they both was bad only god can judge them both so may I say R.I.P to both of there soul but I will never say it give anyone the right to kill

  83. Wow. I just read the book “Shake the Devil Off”. I’m shocked that Addie’s mother, father, brother (whomever!) from her family did not cooperate with the author…and I sure haven’t found anything they have said publicly (online) about her death since it occurred (now) six years ago! That to me speaks volumes. About whatever it is they want(ed) to hide and keep secret from public view….Poor Addie sounds like someone who experiened a whole LOT of hell in her childhood and, as a result, truly could NOT shake the devil off her back once and for all.

    • Something was definately not right in her life. I’m glad they can both rest in peace now. I feel for the people that they left behind and the people that saw Zach jump, the police that had to go and get him, and the people who found Addie’s body. They are still living with those memories

  84. After reading all the comments here, first of all i want to say anyone who judges anothers mistakes in life is an idiot.. No one can know what life has been like for someone else. Secondly, in response to comments made by this “coolcat” a-hole..anyone with half a brain can see that you’ve slept around, given your wife warts & are desperately besmirching the reputation of a girl you may have once known, who is now DEAD & unable to defend herself, in a lame attempt to cover your tracks.. Congrats for decidedly being the most “uncool” individual on here. I would also like to say it’s lovely to read so many peoples kind words about both of the unfortunate souls.. I hope they are both at peace.

  85. Could anyone please tell me the name or address of the bar where Addy worked?

  86. Though the darkness speaks to me
    In the rain and through my dreams
    I close myself to quiet you
    You speak to me in pain
    Just be Given
    And now I understand
    What I always thought I did
    A safe haven from the silence
    That hurts more than it should
    Maybe in another time
    When a balance comes between
    You’ll hold me close and comfort me
    In a beautiful place
    I’ve never seen
    Soon comes the dawn
    And with it the vision fades away
    Until only a whisper of shadow
    In the day

  87. I find it interesting, and somewhat disheartening, that people on this comments thread have been so vicious to Coolcat, and others, who have shared negative experiences of their own that they had with Addie Hall. I really do not understand why such people feel that to tell such stories is to dishonour the victim or say that she “deserved” what happened to her when some people say they weren’t surprised to hear of it. It is not the same thing at all. Clearly, those of you making such judgmental remarks have little experience with people who have personality disorders, as I am pretty sure was true of Addie Hall, from what I’ve read. People with PDs, and I know this from my own experience, can be extremely provocative, nasty, verbally and physically abusive and truly will stop at nothing to enrage and trigger extreme emotions in others. I am not a violent person but I have PDs in my family and have sometimes been so frustrated by their cruelty that I have thrown and broken objects as a release. A different kind of person could easily take that same energy and turn the anger into a physical response against their tormentor. It is also true that certain troubled souls DO “commit suicide” by getting someone else to strike the fatal blow. I don’t think it is wrong or insensitive of people to contribute more depth and complexity to the overall picture of this story, by including facts about the personality and character of the victim. I also don’t think it is wrong to look at Zack Bowen as a victim too. There are lots of examples of people who would never have gotten involved in their crimes if it wasn’t for who they became involved with. Even Myra Hyndley, partner of the infamous Ian Brady (Moors murders, UK 1960s) would 100% never have gotten involved in anything so bizarre and macabre had those two not met. Likewise, would Zack Bowen ever have killed and dismembered another person, a person other than Addie Hall? No one can say for sure, but my personal hunch is no, this would never have happened. It was the particular doomed synergy of this pair: they killed her together.

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