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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Randall Piercy aggravated child abuse

stand up for children

Arrest Alert: Randall Warren Piercy: Aggravated child abuse, torture in Jacksonville, FL
Randall Piercy Arrested For Imprisoning His Nine-Year-Old Son
Police: Man Charged After Son Found Locked In Room
Older Son Claims Father Charged With Abuse ‘Did It To Me’
Dad Imprisoned Child For 3 Years, Police Say
Child Imprisoned: Father’s Bond Set at $1 Million
“The most loving person that I know”
Update: Randall Warren Piercy sentenced to 9 years in prison for locking up his son

Warren and Michelle Piercy


59 Responses

  1. First off a man that must keep any child locked up for any rreason should be punished as equally as well.
    learning disabilities or not.

    if he was so disabled why did he cook his own food, nobody that i know could do that if he had the problems he did.

    randy needs to be brought to justice and pay for what he did. does his wife need to be to? you bet. she knew about it as well. intimidation may have played a role, but she has a mouth and could have called the police is she was that concerned for her son.

    as for the cameras why on earth woudl you want to monitor your sons movement unless you were a pervert that got off on it. stuff like this relly pisses me off.

    innocent , sure they are! i heard that video taping of any child especially one sitting in his underware was child porn in the making. against the law you bet.

    well i hope they throw the book at this bastard and his wife. give the people that do love him the opportunity to give him the life he deserves.

    my opinion don’t like it i don’t care, throw the book at him cut off his nuts and send him to prison for what he has been charged in doing.

  2. “Jack said,….”
    Can’t spell, can’t capitalize, English as a second language…really hard to give you even the semblence of credibility.
    If proven guilty, a different story, but your ignorance expressed from sensationalized media reports tell me you are what we refer to as “trailer park computer trash”.
    You are living proof that:
    1. Ignorance and stupidity are genetic.
    2. A low IQ doesn’t prevent you from internet access.
    3. “Jack” is only the first part of your name (a hyphenated “Off” should be there , too.)
    4. If Randal Piercy and Michelle did, in a court of justice, as alleged, punishment is in order. You, my friend, should take your “I am a Sexual Predator” sign out of your yard (Holoween is over and you are released), and go back to your inflatable doll collecting.

  3. Geoff here u are again. man ive been to a few sites and u defend this sick bastard at every one of them… u know something we dont.
    nothing against u Geoff but why r u defending Piercy at every site u go to regarding Piercy?

  4. Okay Geoff,

    lol!!! those that must speak as you do must have better intelligence than i do. let me clear one thing up for you though.

    my name is not jack off it is spade.

    i am not a predator , but you must be defending a man that locked his child away.

    i for one don’t have to worry about that sign you have
    how does it go “i am a sexual predator” that must be a part of your routine.

    i am sorry you are not a big boy and can’t accept the fact that he is deep poop.

    i respected him for a long time and know the man personally. i have been to see him many times.
    you have no idea who i am.

    i don’t have to make stupid comments as you have stated. i was on his side from day one until i found out that he had his child locked away. the way he tortured his kid locking him away, peeing when he said so, bottles of urine in the boys room. come on you do the math. that must be normal for you.

    i don’t believe in that and if you can prove that he didn’t lock his kid up be my guest and tell me he didn’t
    so grow up and get a life.

    here is a fact for you ” they don’t lock you up and put a one million dollar price on your head if you are innocent”

    have a great one

  5. Child’s Living Conditions Compared To Concentration Camp

    Police have confirmed that a child-on-child sex assault did occur at the residence, however the juvenile records are sealed and they were unable to elaborate on those charges. Investigators also refused to comment on whether the courts were aware of the cameras.

    want more i have it for ya.

  6. 1. My last post here (collective cheer, eh?)
    2. Posts elswhere??? Not that I recall…perhaps you could share.
    3. I do not know Piercy or wife.
    4. I am a 30 year career prosecutor who has prosecuted many too many child abuse and homicide cases.
    5. I believe in the Rule of Law and Presumption of Innocence. I disbelieve in sensationalizing media and some idiots who believe everything they read or PR by police agencies, almost always Sheriffs’s Departments,
    who are notorious for “heh, look at me” because it is a political office.
    6. If the evidence is there, in a court of law, which is what I do, and work hard at it, then they deserve jail and your disapprobation.
    7. Remain incedulous of the stupidity of some posters here…want you on my jury….always be sure to say :”No, I haven’t formed an opinion and I will decide this case solely on the evidence.”

  7. Lol!!!! i am sure you are. a highly decorated prosecuter knows better than to post in a blog like this. hats off to you my friend. this is like a fun game of who’s right and wrong.

    defend him if you must. i have my opinion and if i remember right we live in america and speech is definitely one of them freedoms.

    tell me this if your are who you say you are. why would so many that resepected this person turn on him in a heartbeat and talk the same smack i am talking to you about? need names i can give ya about 30,000. all respected members of the board.

    so once again here i am posting in this blog. you have a great day mr. walker top gun in the keys i have done a bit of research and have not found you listed in the lawyers or prosecutors list. you know the one that is a national publication to show you if you really are who you say you are.
    anyway have a great day. later

  8. Mr. Walker is not a prosecutor nor will he decide on evidence. All the evidence that was found just justifies why Randy is in jail. Jack Spade you are right. What prosecutor would even post anything on a websight. He would not have the time to post anything if he did he would want to charge a fee for something. Figure that one!

  9. I’m trying to find out if Randall made it on Dr. Phil?

  10. No, Randy has not made it on Dr. Phil show. I doubt they will be showing this any time soon because his court date is for Feb. 28. Randy wants to collect money from the show to pay his bail.

  11. Is there any news from the first day of the trial?

  12. Dear JACK-OFF…
    Of course you won’t find my name. Have had two drive-by shootings…so you must be the stupidest poster on the internet. I think you should post again when your testicles descend.

  13. Oh, wait..
    “Carry the Fairy” wins that award.
    You two should meet in person and form a group…Nerds Anymous.
    Is a “group” of two hairbags a group?

  14. So glad I asked. It seemed like a reasonable enough question. Does anyone have an answer?

  15. If Geo Walker was an attorney, he sure does not talk like one. All that talk about testicles and hairbags shows me he got his education somewhere else besides college. Yes there have been shootings you probably was one of them with that ghetto talk. Another thing Geo, because of the shootings your name would be posted as an attorney.
    Right now you are posted as get a life.

  16. I know everyone thinks I’m stupid, but I don’t even know what a hairbag is. But the drive by shooting part sounds about right.

  17. Hello, Missy, I don’t know what a hairbag is either, I wonder if that a new name for the want a be attorney’s.

  18. Now that makes sense!

  19. Mr. want a be attorney: The DEA has asked for a rehearing which was denied. Now he waived his right to a speedy trial.

  20. Randall Piercy has a pretrial hearing on May 2, and is going to JUV court April 10. This is still ongoing.

  21. It can’t get any worse for yet again Randall Piercy. He now is being charged with sexual battery on a child, aggravated child abuse and child neglect. His next court date is April 24th to JUV court and on May 2nd is another pre trial hearing. There will be a trial for Randall Piercy right now they are taking depositons and that sort of thing for discovery. After that if Randy wants to plea bargain than this won’t go to trial. But so far Randy looks like he will go to trial after all the evidence is in. That is why is bond is $750,000.

  22. I think that randal and his “defending” family are a bunch of psychotic losers that belong in jail….Only god knows why he allows animals such as them, to live on this earth. If you ask me, I think that those who knew about this abuse, should be locked up themselves! How dare they lock up an innocent little boy just for their sick reasons. That poor little boy; I thank god for saving him from the hell he was at. I hope he recovers well and he grows up to be a happy successful young man; a complete opposite from his disgusting father and mother. I hope they both rot in hell.

  23. If you watch the Dr. Phil special on CBS that was on tonight, showed that the Piercy’s are guilty. Randy’s other brother Steven was arrested on Thursday night, May 17, at for abusing his daughter. She wanted to go see her mother and he was drinking. He grabbed her by the arm and shoved her out the door. It was in the middle of a thunderstorm. Randy was arrested and told the police he was upset because he was going through a nasty divorce. Sad If you can watch the Primetime special of Dr. Phil you will see that the Piercy’s are liars and it will show what the boys room looks like. Sad.

  24. Well, I just watched the Dr. Phil special, and I want to say that I agree whole-heartedly with every poster I read in here, with the exception of, who was that guy, Oh Yea, Mr. Prosecuter… NOT More like Mr. Sick A$$hole if you ask me. ANYONE who could even TRY to defend this Freak-Of-Nature has a whole set of emotional issues all their own. Oh yea, as you can tell, I DO know how to spell etc. cause I DID attend college, unlike YOU… so much for your weak jabs at someone else who was obviously upset about what has happened to an innocent boy, so maybe did not do a spellcheck… And the saddest part, is the fact that not ONLY do you lie so obviously about your wanna-be career, you had the audacity to try and defend Not-So-Dandy-Randy by using United States basic rights and freedoms, which are granted to all of us human beings who are American citizens, and since Randall Piercy is FAR FROM HUMAN he HAS NO RIGHTS… It is a darn lucky thing for him that I am NOT the one in charge of deciding his fate, cause if I were I think I would try out a few of the wonderful challenges seen in the “Saw” movie trilogy, and then IF he survived all of that, I would lock him up for the rest of his miserable life anyway, for general purposes… Oh but wait, that is TOO GOOD for him, just normal life-in-prison, I mean… He would not get ANY of the luxeries you see a LOT of prisoners get, like ANY hot food, or a steel toilet in his cage, or TV time, or Yard/Exercise time etc… I would keep him in a 5 X 5 foot brick cell, lit only by a dim nightlight, there would be NO bunk, or mattress, he could camp out on the concrete floor… I MIGHT give him a drain hole in the floor to pee down, and a coffee can for when he had to cr@p. Then we would pipe in, loudly, whatever music he least enjoys 22 out of 24 hours… and as far as food goes, he could make do with some of that green bologna that they hand out in Maricopa County Jail… There would be no air conditioning or fans, room temperature would be dictated by the weather in general… 90 in the spring/summer months… and 60 in the fall/winter… I would make sure to give him a 15 minute shower once a week, where he would have the company of some big ugly guy named “Bubba” and he would get a change of clothes once a month… Yea… that sounds like it may be good enough for this, what was that term you used ? Oh Yea, This HAIRBAG !!! But I may have to wish every single day that he would live till a ripe old age of 100, and I WOULD GLADLY PAY EVERY CENT of money it would cost to care for him in THIS fashion… Thats MY opinion… Hey Dummy, I mean Mr. Prosecuter, Did you happen to notice that his older son Jacob PASSED his polygraph, and the other son FAILED his ? Whatta Dip$_it !!! Angel

  25. I just think it is so sad that a person such as Randall could have possibably slipped through the cracks. I know for a fact that his mother NANCY did the same thing to his when he was just a child. She should be charged also because she probably abuset the grandkids as well

  26. How do you know Nancy . According to her everyone is a liar.

  27. I use to live next door to them when they lived in Southern CA. back in the mid and late 1960’s. I heard and saw it all. I even called the police on her but the child abuse laws were a lot different then.

  28. if this has anything to do with randall and michelle, someone hasn’t done their math..randall piercy wasn’t born until 1964, he’s 42yrs old, so in the 60’s lots was happening, but as for randy, he was non-exsistant.
    thanks for doing your research…a family friend.

  29. Well, anonymous. If Randy was born in 1964, then he actually DID exist from 1964 through 1969 – the Mid and LATE 60s. This makes Zeeb’s post totally possible.

  30. Oh I know they were different laws then, but Randy and Steve will not go against her. I wonder if she locked them up like animals. I knew she stayed in California but did not know when. Gee, that is sad. When she finds out that you are talking on this blog she will attempt to put out personal information on you. She is this big bully that thinks she can bully people into her way of thinking sad. I thought she had a history of drug abuse and alcohol abuse. How else can she stand herself. How long did she live by you?

  31. Maybe Nancy had other children then, she was trying to hide by locking them up in a room. You never know!!

  32. How long did Nancy live in Southern California? She must have moved around a lot.

  33. Lewinski: I know that you are right, I did my homework on this. Nancy was in Long Beach California in the middle 60’s to late 60’s. Randy was an infant and her other son Steven Piercy was born there in 1970. So Randy was 6 years old when Steven was born. From what I can gather, Nancy moved from there to Bloomington, ILL. from 1984-1988. Steven graduated high school then. Wow!! You don’t have to say any more but thanks for opening a whole new door.

  34. “Mr. want a be attorney”
    LOL, Cary Fairy.
    Contrary to your BS, I have been a prosecutor for over 35 years and have tried over a hundred felonies. (and lost only one). I believe if Percey (s) are found guilty, throw the key away; but it’s too easy for you anonymous posters to hide on the web and convict. If the case were mine to prosecute, I would leave no stone unturned to get a conviction.
    That’s what trials are for. those who think otherwise. NOBODY who knows better ever uses their real name on the web and under my real name, I am a member of the National Assn. of District Attorneys, have lectured and tought in several universities, police academies and fed agencies such as DEA and ATF., in-service training for several metropoitan police departments; served as the municipal law director for several cities, and much more.
    If you want to try my legal knowledge, give it your best shot.
    (actually wondered in anyone has an update, but couldn’t let some lowlives disparge me from behind their anominity.

  35. It has been awhile , but i am back. okay geo the internet box rigger. the man who is out of ohio prosecutors office.
    tried to uncap your box and got caught, now tell me i am wrong. want to see the article. lol!!!

    i hadn’t had the time for you as you can see. i am a bigger person than that. my prediction was right. randy is in the clink with no hope for light, hope they cut his nuts off. by the time he gets out his son he abused will whoop his ass.

    i hate to say i told you so, but i did….and you can call me what you want….that still doesn’t change the fact that i spoke the truth from the beginning.

    later geo and say hello to your misses murtzn i won’t use your real names out of respect to you. later

  36. Jack Spade,

    I ccould not find that Randall was in prison. Where is he? I could not find that he or Michelle had been prosecuted yet.

  37. Yep, Spade, was me. Know the outcome? Dismissed, didn’t even rise to a civil contract, much less criminal. You, I think are a Block Brothers lackey, but I have kicked them at every turn…. I hope all will realize that you are a turd, Mr. Spade.
    I win, you lose.

  38. And, turn the “Spade” off . Would like to know how the system has handled the Peircys. Anyone have anything relevant to share? It’s going on several years now, and surely, there must be some closure. Oh, and “cap” this Spade.

  39. geobucks,

    I could not find ANY new news on them and I did alot of digging. They are not in prison that I could find.

  40. was in jail with her and he doent go to trial until the 25th of this month and she still does not have a trial date set. Duval County

  41. Updates: Randy is scheduled to go to trial in December 2008.

  42. Great news today, Randy plead guilty to aggravated child abuse and will be sentenced December 15. Justice is finally served. Now what will his sentence be. Will he get out as time served? I will have another update in December about his sentence.

  43. OMG CARRY THE FAIRY IS POSTING ON THIS BLOG TOO, NO SURPRISE,,,,:) geoff i’m probably the only one with accsess to the truth, if you are still reading this blog, we can find a way to communicate, if you are even slightly interested in the facts. jack spade, if you were a friend to randy, then you should still be, fair weather friends are a dime a dozen. as for the person who claims they lived next door to nancy, what was the street name, and city, FREAKIN’ “LIAR” SHE HAS NEVER BEEN CHARGED WITH CHILD ABUSE…GET A FREAKIN’ LIFE WILL YA??? If you did know him, what was his screen name??? I gotta give you credit CG, you sure get around with your BS….

  44. BTW, I as well as carry the fairy post on the parents behaving badly site, for geoff..FYI
    Maybe we can find a way to communicate, so i have have the opportunity to speak the truth…thanx geoff.

  45. Speak the truth about Randy?? What has been said that is not true? He pleaded GUILTY to aggravated child abuse charges.

    If you mean Michelle Piercy when you say “she”, then you better do some contacting to courts and news sites. Even here:

    It says she has been charged with child abuse.

    Show some concrete evidence to the contrary and I will add it to the new post I will have on this over the weekend.

  46. Hello mylifeoncrime…
    there is no way i can compete with the news media, but of course we know they never jump the gun, and only present the truth, just the facts RIGHT!!!! BOGUS BULL, i have yet to be able to tell the truth, randy tried, but it too was edited and just made him look foolish…(dr. phil) or as i like to refer to him as QUICK DRAW MCGRAW, is infamous for telling half truths. Randy and michelle will be redeemed by the blood of JESUS. they had no ill intentions, a rush to judgement descision is not always the best ones to make, but they are guilty of doing just that. their son is and always will be first and foremost and their love will not be moved. if you saw the news the day that randy was arrested then you know the original charges were suspicion of child pornography, UNFOUNDED, do you suppose after these charges were unfounded maybe other charges were added. is it possible the state made a rush to judgement descision. my answer is YES, they did. I know that is what they did. Perhaps a little embarresed by the attention the media gave. As i said, GOD knows the truth, and he will get the glory. As for randy’s admission of guilt, after 2 years of incarceration, it was obvious the charges of child abuse were going to stand, so as an act of compassion, part of randy’s admission of guilt was made based on the facts presented which were at the least over exaggerated. what can they do, their incarcerated, with little or no way to prove or disprove charges against them. would it surprise you that randy wanted to take a polygraph test and was denied the opportunity. all dr. phil said was he refused to take one, A FABRICATION. the state wouldn’t allow him to take one, the cost was not in the budget. go figure, the very thing that may have helped him and his wife has been denied. WHY???? part of randy’s plea was that his wife be released, he said if my son was able to get the help i couldn’t afford, then my time in jail has not been in vain. randy and michelle were against medication, they felt it was a crime to lock up their son’s brain with drugs, due to the fact that randy had a bad reaction to the same drugs he was given as a child, he wasn’t going to put his son through what he considered to make matters worse.
    randy and michelle are very protective parents. SURPRISED…, Yes they made some choices, some bad choices. I assure you their son was loved, and protected, most of the time from himself.
    the lock on the door, certainly not the best decision, but their son was found at 6am in the creek trying to retrieve a ball, the lock was for his protection, i’m not by no means condoning this decision, were they wrong, probably, do they regret some of the decisions they made, YES, can they take it back NO, should they be punished, haven’t they???
    2years of incarceration, what exactly would you suggest happens to them. So many more facts the public knows nothing about, if i was to present all the facts here, i would be a very foolish person. but if you or anyone reading this blog knew to WHOLE TRUTH, maybe your opinion of randy and michelle wouldn’t be as harsh.
    please take the time to pray for this family, even if you feel the same as before, all i ask is that you PRAY diligently, GOD knows where these parents heart was and even if you don’t believe anything i have said, would it really be that hard for you to PRAY. GOD bless all readers, and have a wonderful holiday.

  47. You go on and on, but did not answer exactly what the truth is and you say you can’t. So, just for the record, I do not condone child abuse in ANY form, emotional, sexual, physical, etc. There is NO excuse at all. No matter how much or little. All who abuse their children should be prosecuted, which for some would be including getting some kind of help.

    And please don’t come on here telling people to pray diligently and all this about God. Not everyone in the world believes in prayer or God and it can be offensive to them to have you preach to them like that.

  48. OMG…I have no intention of offering an apology fo my faith in GOD ALMIGHTY, PREACH…no i wasn’t preaching, telling a small potion of the truth was my intent, notice if you will, i said for those who believe and for those who pray, not for those who don’t believe. Contrary to your opinion, not everyone shares your disbelief either, i still wish you a happy holiday, and for whoever you worship to bless you then. Take care now:)

  49. I did not post my beliefs, and I won’t, either way. However, I had several complaints about this, and I believe people forget that not everyone believes in a higher power or whatever. Not all people in the world are Christian. And I did not say everyone shared “my disbelief” because I NEVER stated how or what I believe. Nor have I ever on my blog. That is very personal to me. And it will stay that way.

  50. For God’s Sake: Where do you get off defending this piece of trash Randy. Oh that’s right his mother is supposed to innocent in all of this too. If you watch the prime time special Caged Randy admitted to his quilt. Also Nancy his mother and Randy thought that they could make a little money off of this little boy once again. Randy has no right to ask the court to release Michelle of all charges when she is just as guilty as he is. What do you think that we all are that stupid to really think that Randy could think of other people before himself? You act like Randy is some kind of hero which he is nothing but a child abuser after all he did plead guilty because he is guilty. Has been all along. So now Randy will go to prison where he belongs. The only problem is that Nancy needs to be right along with him for being a part of this and not turning him in sooner. Sad but true, For God’s Sake you need to change your screen name because God won’t even defend this one. That is the truth that Randy and Michelle are guilty. Both will spend more time behind bars and there is nothing more to tell. There is nothing to defend he admitted to his guilt. Both will never have custody of this child again. Even Nancy the child’s grandmother can’t touch him. The truth is Nancy is getting back what she dished out to innocent people. She has hurt a lot of family members. The truth is out. So get over it and move on. Nothing you say can defend this worthless piece of excuse for a human being. He likes to pick on children which makes him a child abuser. Sad but true he will never learn from this because his mother is so stupid by telling him he did the right thing locking up his child for years. God does not protect child abusers but he will protect the children.

  51. For God’s Sake:I am assuming that you are Nancy Randy’s grandmother. Who else would be that stupid. I can’t help but laugh at what you said about Randy and Michelle did not believe in medication that would lock this child’s brain up. So they believed that locking this child up in his room for more than 3 years is better. What a dummy. I can’t help but laugh at your stupid remarks which by the way is insulting to us who have a normal brain to think with. Could it be that your life of drugs has distorted your way of thinking? Dr. Phil would pay for the polygraph test not the state. Randy refused because he knew he was guilty then and is now. You both made money off of this show, by the way Nancy got new teeth, hairdo and a new outfit. So now she is saying that Dr. Phil edited the show? Randy did not one time say he did not put paper on the window, light switch but he told Dr. Phil why he did it. How bright was that? Another thing what really ticked me off is this child having to piss in a 2 liter bottle which Nancy defended as saying he liked to play truck driver. Imagine Nancy on the stand trying to defend that one to the jury. The more Nancy defended Randy the more he looked guilty. Mr. Boswell the child’s grandfather, did the right thing by turning in Randy. Nancy is the only one that I know of that would stand before the people, with one hand on the bible and the other raised and would lie about everything. She has no conscience.

  52. I meant Randy’s mother not grandmother.

  53. The only one that I pray for is that this child will someday lead a normal life. Have friends to play with and be able to overcome this terrible ordeal. I pray that Randy and Michelle get the maximum sentence. I pray that they get 9 years or more for lying about this for 2 years. I pray that the court will not give them 2 years credit because all of this was uncalled for dragging this on for 2 years. The Prime Time Special Caged proved what losers the Piercy family are. Once the judge sees what Randy, Nancy and Joshua said about this innocent child she will throw the book at Randy.

  54. I don’t know about all of that, but Josua is a good guy. Whatever damage was inflicted by his father has been, and continues to be reversed by the loving support of his mother and brothers.

  55. Joshua needs help, he may be a good guy, but a child was abused. There is no excuse, what so ever why Joshua did not help this child. I hope Joshua gets the help he needs and realizes that you don’t lock children up because you can’t deal with them. Jacob knew that, why did Joshua lie for his father unless he really thinks that his father was right? He needs more than his mother and brothers help. He needs a mental professional to help him. I hope he gets it. If he don’t you will have another Randy. I hope he will get the help he needs really he should.

  56. Professional help is not always the answer. Joshua does not lie…he has been taught to believe the things he says. Again, not his fault, just his responsibility. Lots of abused children survive and break the chain. This is true of Joshua and Jacob. They both learned to love from other sources. Please study up on ADHD, then post your crazy comments. All will be well.

  57. I know about ADHD. Please do not make excuses for Joshua. He is a grown man and now since his father plead guilty, Joshua should know that his father is a low life and that he did wrong. I have respect for Jacob because he is the only one that showed remorse for that child. He tried to take up for him, but he was punished instead. Well, Randy stood before the Judge today and was sentenced to 9 years with a 2 year credit. Before Randy was sentenced, witnesses testified before a Judge about what the boy went through. The key witness was Piercy’s wife (Michelle who is also being charged for aggravated abuse) told the judge that the child did indeed live as a prisoner. She said the 9 year old would wake up when a television turned on and this point his father’s voice would come over the intercom and he would be told to go downstairs and make himself breakfast, and sit in a designated chair, where a camera could view the child eating breakfast. From there, Piercy’s wife said, the child was told by intercom to return to his room. Now Piercy’s wife will have a trial in Feb. I think she will plea bargain. Testifing against Randy may be part of it, just my opinion.

  58. Michelle, Randy’s wife testified against him as part of a plea deal. She gets time served and is now a free woman. But she plead guilty to child neglect with no bodily harm. That is still a felony in the 3rd degree. Someone said that Michelle is trying to get her son back. I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

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