• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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This Day in History: Michele “Missy” Avila murder 10/01/1985 Arleta, CA *Killed by her 2 best friends*

Michelle “Missy” Avila

Find-a-Grave: Michelle Yvette Avila
This Day in History: Michele “Missy” Avila murder 10/01/1985 Arleta, CA *Killed by her best friends, Karen Severson and Laura Doyle*
Missy Avila
Murder victim’s family celebrates signing of Missy’s Law
Family files wrongful death lawsuit against convicted killer who wrote book, had film deal
Two women sentenced in jealousy drowning
Mom determined to keep murderers behind bars parole hearing set in 1985 slaying.
Notorious killer loses parole bid, Severson minimizes role in teen slaying
Karen Severson Swore She’d Find Her Best Friend’s Murderer—Now She Stands Accused of the Crime
Killer’s impending release painful for slain girl’s family
Victim’s family: Release of teen’s killer `slap in face’
Last woman convicted in Missy Avila murder released from prison on Monday
Wikipedia: Michele Avila
killer will not profit from selling story of 17-year-old girl’s murder

Missy’s Murder

A Killer Among Friends
Unusual Suspects: Deadly Forest
Deadly Women: Deadly Delinquents



has since been released

CDCR #: W35829
Age: 43
Admission Date: 04/12/1990
Current Location: Women’s Institution



has since been released

CDCR#: W35830
Age: 43
Admission Date: 04/12/1990
Current Location: Valley State Prison


69 Responses

  1. I would like to know the update on these two killers

  2. I hope they never get out, by the way, hopefully they are denied paroll.

  3. My heart goes out to “missys” family and friends. I can see evil in both sets of eyes of the executioners.

  4. These criminals should never EVER see a day light!!!! They deserve capital punishment!!!!!!

  5. Anyone know current updates on those bitches Karen & Laura?

  6. this is like one year after kirsten costas murders. Its so sad. I hope that these two sluts stay in jail forever unlike kirsten costas murderer who’s now free and married.

  7. Does anyone know where to buy this movie? Please let me know..

  8. I met laura doyle about ten years ago i do know that there is always two sides to every story and one side will always be untold yet i have read the book and seen the movie yet after speaking with laura i do believe her and do believe she is truley sorry for this .

    • Sorry or not…she brutally murdered someone so too bad…she needs to stay in jail. Missy’s family can’t see her anymore…she along with Karen are the one’s responsible for that. You know at a VERY young age that killing is wrong so sorry or not she needs to stay in jail.

  9. I have to disagree with you , leopards can not change there spots, and as for Karen she got a lesser sentence then she deserved. She was not a true friend to Missy, if she was she would never have done the unthinkable to her, i hope each and everyday she is haunted with guilt and nightmares for what she done.
    after following this since 1985, and from news articals from all over Karen was lucky to even have Missy in her life most friends grow apart, and to say she stole her boyfriends ,lol wow first you have to have a boyfriend.
    sick ,cold, still a danger to society not a tear shed,and to even play the loving friend and move in with her family at there time of need ,i would have passed a life sentence for that fact alone . Sure glad i wasn’t on the jury i would have voted death for both. i hope Karen suffers, and Missy haunts her dreams at night.


  10. karen is a sociopath no conscience no suffering laura may be sorry for what she did but she still did it and must pay the price she may sorry she got caught.

  11. Hope they never get out

  12. A taking of a life is never right unless you are protecting your family. I have know Laura for over ten years now. She committed a horrible crime, and she has deep remorse for the crime. Yes, I was a fellow inmate at Valley State Prison where Laura is at. We worked and lived in the same units. There wasn’t a day go by that she didn’t regret her actions. My heart goes out to the family and I am sorry for the loss of their daughter, but I think it’s time to heal and let the hate fade. Weather Laura ever paroles or not, hate can eat a person up. My prayers are with the family and Laura cause my God is a loving God and I asks him for understanding and guidance.

  13. What a horrible story, my heart goes out to the family. I don’t care if karen and laura are 90 they should stay locked up. By commiting a crime so horrific they should have got life no chance of ever seeing the light of day,Michele won’t. Her mother will suffer always and as a mother of 4 with only 1 daughter I know this. And to patricia when two dogs are locked up together they either fight or befriend, too bad you befriended. Why don’t you talk to missy’s mother and ask her if she is ready to let go.Laura is a piece of crap and may god have little mercy for those two scumbags.

  14. laura is right where she belongs and so is her buddy karon. Don’t excuse her crime because you connected with her cause you both in prison. Well sure she has turned to god now what the f else does her sorry a have. I hope her death is twice as painful as the death she caused. Laura you are a loser and you will never amount to anything so just keep that in mind on your death bed. Cold blooded killers don’t go to heaven.

  15. I think that is such a horrible crime. It also bothers me that a movie was made about this and did not show the true nature of Karen’s morbid obsession with Missy. That poor girl and what she had to go through the last few minutes of her life. How does Karen and laura sleep at night?

  16. Hi, I’m the niece of Laura Doyle, The woman accused of killing her good friend Missy. My aunt was apart of it yes, but so was the other two! Eva is off living her life with no regret of course, blood is thicker than water, her uncle was a police officer & she got off clean like she was helplessly there watching when it all happened. The other two, my aunt & Karen, yes are serving there sentence, from my aunts side you should know what really happened! That week of Missy’s death my aunt had heard rumors Missy was messing around with her Boy friend , as founded, she was messing with every ones Bf’s, supposedly . So one day Karen & Eva contacted my aunt & was talking about how they would scare Missy so she would change her ways & leave their boyfriends alone, so my aunt who had a car at the time & rarely talked to Missy as much as the other girls, was told by Karen & Eva to tell Missy that they wanted to hang out & so on so forth… They get up to Big T. in Angele’s Forest, where it is Karen & Eva planned to go & they all get out of my aunts car they get up to a river bend & are talking to Missy & then Karen & Eva start accusing Missy & pushing her & my aunt going along with the plan of trying to scare her to leave there boyfriends alone. Soon enough Karen and Eva have Missy by the hair dunking her under water & going on about there boyfriends,Eva then takes her brothers knife & cuts some of Missy hair as Karen repeatedly dunks her under water,At those moments my aunt of course angry also is going alone with the whole charade , then Missy aspirates water what to the girls looks like they had drowned her. Freaked out Karen tells my aunt to go find a log & they place it over Missy to make it look like an accident, my aunt in total shock goes home, doesn’t say anything & is acting weird .Years would go by & my aunt would get constant calls from Eva & Missy telling her if you say anything we’ll hurt your nephew which is my brother Rob who at the time was a new born, my aunt scared for her nephew didn’t say a word. At the time of this my aunt was heavily under the influence of drugs, was an outcast, was an abused child every day by her drunk father along with my mother & grandmother. My aunt was easily influenced by girls who pretended to be her friend knowing how screwed up she was at the time , knowing they could get her to do what they wanted. She had a car,family problems & put her trust in the wrong people, who pretended to like her for her.But really,They liked how assessable she was for getting places. They had a motive & as I see it, was to frame my aunt for the crime they were going to commit. There is a side to Every story & if the jurors knew how crooked some cops are they would have Eva behind bars too. My aunt is an accessory not a murderer Karen will be released sooner than my aunt , while my aunt gets denied parole year after year. It is a sick world we live in & people have to stay open minded to the fact that manipulation can ruin a life in this case 2 lives were lost. my aunt will never be the potential woman she should be while Eva lives the life of no regret & Karen soon enough joins her. In God We Trust.. More like In denial we Live! Thank You For Reading keep my email handy if You truly wanna know what gos on with my aunt & her parole. Please help imprison the true killers & set free a woman who has been imprisoned in her own mind since childhood. Take Care~The Niece Of Laura Ann Doyle~Evelyn Ann Lambert~
    P.s You Can Find Me On Face Book Or Myspace.

  17. & to answer your question my aunt doesn’t sleep at night as well as Eva does. My aunt lives in a 10 by 10 cell with 3 woman last time I heard, she has to squat in front of an officer just to be able to go in & out of her housing block. When other woman get into fights she gets lock down also. on her spear time she writes me, my mother my grand mother who divorce her abusive husband by the way of 40 years, my sister , & my brother . when she doesn’t write she works, she has graduated in prison, she has go a degree in prison and has passed all of the mandatory classes & lots more. She has to see a shrink who has diagnosed her with battered woman’s syndrome, she calls every weekend & cries because she has done everything right & yet they deny her of parole, she has no bad marks, & has been clean for over 20 years. My aunt got 15 to life for a crime she did not commit, how would you feel if you had done 22 years in prison & every year tried to tell the truth & n one would believe you & your mother was getting older, & your niece had twins which you might never get to see grow up like your first nephew? All because of two woman’s revenge over men who never really loved them? Do You know the parole board is only keeping my aunt in their until she confesses to killing Missy,that’s all they wants is for her to say she did & her pride wont let her lie! Think about that. I would rather tell the truth & rot knowing I’m innocent then lie & have to live with being accused of killing someone to hang over my work resume.

    “Have Compassion For All Beings,Rich,Poor Alike; Each Has Their Suffering,Some Suffer Too Much, Others Too Little.” ~Buddha~

  18. The movie & book are falsely written that’s why books are called fiction & movies are made in Hollywood. Not everything you read or hear is true.

    • Wow…I’m sorry and at the same time I hope this isn’t true b/c not only is this not fair to your aunt but it isn’t fair to Missy’s family either that Eva hasn’t been put behind bars for her death. While reading info on this case/story etc I did read something about another girl testifying that Eva was lying and that she was fighting with Missy right before the murders and I do find it weird that Eva sat by the car while all of this was going on and Eva also said the first thing she said to Karen and Laura was “are you sure she’s dead”? That wouldn’t of been my response..I would of said something like..”You did what?? Please tell me that you didn’t kill her” and also I never would of went anywhere to bully someone or scare someone over a guy or silly and stupid and just plain mean. If Eva really did have a part in Missy’s murder than I hope Missy haunts her every single day and night. This story makes me sick…): RIP Missy..I never knew you but saw the movie yrs ago and have often thought of you through the yrs..xo

  19. Murder is Murder she was found Guilty i do not care what her living conditions are like in prison its is not ment to he a Hilton,i have no pitty on those whom take a life and then expect for people to accept what they did , of cours ethey get educations and degrees in prison there is nothing else to do with there time , i am sorry i do not feel guilty for her at all , as for the other 2 just like your aunt they have to live with what they did. as the saying goes you do the crime you do the time

  20. Well if you paid any attention to what I had said you would realize my aunt was a victim of a plot she had no idea of, two: the woman she was with when it happened aren’t getting the same treatment ! Karin gets out soon & Eva never spent a day in prison her whole life! That’s what happened when you have a family member who’s a cop, you get away scott free. My aunt is made out to be as the enforcer in the book that was written falsely & a monster in that stupid ass movie! If you had any common sense you would have read what I wrote, no she doesn’t deserve to get a slap on the hand because she witnessed it & did nothing but was quiet like Eva & Karin told her too or they would of hurt her family but what she really doesn’t deserve is to serve time for the mistake two young dumb girls did & involved her in it! I never said prison was a Hilton, sad to see that was you’re first thought of luxury :/ Have you ever been to one? if your answer is yes you’re opinion means nothing because you wouldn’t know what it feels like to live a normal life with out you’re money, if you have never struggled this conversation is none of you’re concern,you’re wrong about they all live with this because Karin was made for prison, Eva lives a rich girls life & my aunt pays for their Jealousy! Good night.

    • Evelyn,

      Were you there as well? If not, then you do not know for sure what happened. You cannot say that your Aunt did nothing. After the fact, did she go to the authorities? Did she talk to Missy’s family? Did she talk to anyone? It is as if Missy does not matter. But, she is the only one that really matters. And her family and loved ones. All of your comments are about Laura, Karen and Eva. And you wonder why no one cares about your Aunt? It is because they are not the victim(s). Missy is. Please remember that. Have compassion for her and her family and loved ones. If your Aunt had that compassion, she would have done something to help Missy, even after the fact. And I wonder if she has done anything since her incarceration. Has she reached out to Missy’s family? Has she apologized for her part? That would be a beginning to show remorse.

    • I read that she did confess to the murder. So are you saying she was forced to do that, so she could get out of jail?

  21. No i wasn’t there ,but you sure are trying hard to get people to see your aunts side guess what GUILTY. your right none of my business Missy was the victem a person who’s life was stolen from her, taken away because some girls were jealous, real stupid reason to kill a human being , your aunt is lucky she didnt get worse. I am for capital punishment and eye for an eye. evidence will do the convicting remember that , your aunt is guilty , your so eager to defend her, hey get up write missy mom and dad tell them explain to them why your aunt is not guilty . Mssy is the one who cant see her loved ones, who will never have a marriage or family your aunt and her friends took that away from her. once again your aunt is lucky she got the sentence she did , if i was the judge 3 people would be in jail for there entire life or worse.

  22. Sorry i made a comment that prison is not ment to be a Hilton hotel, i read incorrect sorry

  23. ~Evelyn Ann Lambert~

    I would like to talk to you i tried to find you on face book and my space …. please find me i am on both

    Melinda age 31 in california

  24. Evelyn, I am also very interested in talking with you. Please find me on facebook, or update yours so I can find you. Thank you so much.

  25. Hi Evelyn I knew you when you were born, Your mom and I were best friends Ive been trying to locate her again If you see this please have her contact me at Im proud of you how you defend your aunt I remember it all too well when it first happened and I couldn’t agree with you more
    Debbie Grismer

  26. Evelyn,

    In your comment you mention that Karen will get out before your Aunt. How do you know that? Karen has been denied parole every time she has appeared, even being denied compassionate release (due to her MS). She has not taken responsibility for her actions at all. I do not believe your statement to be true, unless there are some facts I am missing. Your Aunt, Laura, did admit to taking part in the murder during her last parole hearing, so I think she would be granted parole before Karen.

  27. so sad and evril her friends had to do that
    she was very cute why would her friends
    do that to her who cares if boys went to talk
    to her and she didn,t have enought time with
    her friends sometimes things like that happend
    that you do not have time to hang out with your

  28. I knew those girl’s went to high school with them and to be that mean to Missy because of guy’s makes no sense to me. I think they both were jealous of her…I went to grave site for the first time last week and paid my respects to such a wonderful friend and i always think about her. she trully missed.

  29. I personally knew all involved, missy was a true friend to me and I have lots of great memories…Karen and Laura I hope never get out of prison!! The book is accurate in its accounts I read it again about a year ago only to hate them Bitches even more . You will forever be missed and Loved vic

  30. Hey Vic! Send me an email if you see this. It’s mike sheldon

    I was just thinking that it has been time for those two to get out and reading all this stuff. Laura’s niece sounds just as messed up as Laura.

    RIP Missy..

  31. oh my god vic! its me Tammy… please get ahold of me!!! i still think of her everyday… she was my best friend! and i hate that people say karen was… they changed our lives forever… at least laura admits it… karen still a cold nohearted bitch! rip my friend… i love you and think of you everytime i see your name tattooed on my leg… i let the vine grow every 5 years… i miss your smile i know you understand rubber band,,,,

  32. karen and laura and eva should have all been served life… and as far as the fourth person that was in the car? they should have been charged too!!! the unbeleavable things that karen did after the murder…. the families… friends …families of the friends… friends of the families… it was torturing… changed all our lives forever… Vic i hope you are well man! i reamember the first day we met in the park.. hows noe? wow… were are old now! and to mike are you the mike i think you are… email me

    • There was a 4th person in the car? I think Eva should of been charged too…I don’t believe her story. I’m sorry for your loss. RIP Missy

  33. Hey, I don’t remember anybody named Tammy, but I was a little younger than all of you, but vic, Noe and Jimmy were all close to me. I saw vic some years ago and he gave me a tat, but haven’t seen him since. If you hear from him, please email me! Take care.

    Mike Sheldon

  34. Tammy its me vic I hope you see this message send me an e-mail or go to facebook would be great to talk with you!!!Mike sheldon got in touch with me today allways good to hear from old friends….missy was a great friend I visit her often 🙂

    MISSY my friend R.I.P.

    Vic Amaya

  35. Missy’s body was found Oct. 3rd. and she was killed the 1st-her anniversary just passed. I feel so sad for all the hurt Missy’s family is going through and I deeply apologize for Karen and Laura’s vile actions that day on Oct. 1st. It is unfortunate that everyday somone suffers from the hands of another. I read the book and I cried hysterically. The envy demon gets what it wants and Missy’s friends were happy to torment her-(they couldn’t wait), they should of got a sentence of 1st degree. Period. I bet when Missy’s mother heard the sentence she felt a slap in her face from the justice system. Shame on you California.

  36. 1st anniversary just passed??? 25th Anniversary.
    RIP Missy..

  37. It is so sad that Missy had to suffer(die) for being a great person at the hands of these so called “friends”!!!! The facts are as follows, she(Missy) has been murdered and they got what they deserved!!!! To think that it was just because of a rumor about her sleeping with whomever is crazy!!!!! They were jealous of her beauty,humanity, popularity,and most of all the love she both gave to her family & got from her family!!!! As for those who wish to have people feel sorry for the life they these young women led, being poor or treated unfairly or being abused by whomever DOES NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO TAKE A LIFE!!!!!!!! IF THE SITUATION WERE REVERSED WOULD THIS PERSON BE SO WILLING TO HEAR A SOB STORY ABOUT WHY THEIR LOVED ONE’S MURDERER DID WHAT THEY DID AND WHAT HAPPENED IN MURDERER’S CHILDHOOD? IT IS NOT AN EXCUSE!! THEY KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THE WERE DOING!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD NEVER,EVER,EVER,EVER GET OUT!!!!!!! R.I.P MISSY, AND TO HER FAMILY I AM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. I DIDN’T KNOW HER PERSONALLY BUT I UNDERSTAND THAT SHE WAS A WONDERFUL,LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE PERSON WITH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL, SO PLEASE BE PROUD OF THE PERSON SHE WAS AND KNOW THAT YOU ALL DID A WONDERFUL JOB IN TEACHING HER HOW TO LOVE OTHERS!!!!!

    Take care and know that you all are in my prayer’s

    • Shereen,

      Please do not yell at us so much. Your points are valid and relevant, but there is no reason to yell. And it violates my comment policy. (FYI: typing in ALL CAPS is considered yelling and not allowed here)

  38. I would like to say sorry for the victoms of missy and no matter what evelin ur aunt deserves to be where shes at as for eva she should of been locked up too meaning my heart goes out to missys mom and family thats what I meant in the beginning of thiis

  39. People should do some research before commenting.

  40. I remember watching this movie when it first came out in ’92 (I was a huge Tiffany-Amber fan :). At that time I was still very young and naive to the the evils in this world, which is most likely why this movie had such a profound effect on me. I have since then read anything and everything I could about the case and the real life victim, and periodically checked for any updates on her murderer’s. I’m glad to hear they are still both locked up where they belong, and I can only hope they will stay that way for the rest of their days. Such a senseless act for an even more senseless reason. No amount of past abuse or sad story of a difficult life can excuse what these women did to someone they called their ‘friend’. Lots of people experience horrible things in their life and don’t go off killing people. That’s a pathetic excuse. It’s interesting to read all the ‘hearsay’ from friends and relatives, but the fact is they were found guilty in a court of law by evidence and testimony that tells a different story. As for the one girl who eventually came forward, and apparently never served time? I can’t say I think that’s completely fair, but if it wasn’t for her Missy’s murderer’s might have never been brought to justice. Atleast we know she has a conscience, which is more than can be said for the other 2!

    Rest in Peace Missy…God bless your family!

  41. I live in Massachusetts & I remember when I first heard about this case on Phil Donahue’s show. I was horrified then & still am to this day. The movie based on this case is on as I’m typing & out of curiosity I checked to see if Missy’s killers are still in jail & I’m glad they still are. They are damn lucky they didn’t get the death penalty. As for Laura’s niece… well, my dear… your aunt is where she belongs. She knew right from wrong. At least you get to communicate with her. What does Missy’s family have ? As for Eva… if she guilty & didn’t get punished then she will have to answer for her crime when she meets her maker. Both Karen & Laura are despicable human beings. I too have a daughter & God forbid if I was in the same situation as Missy’s mother I would do the same thing. Make damn sure my daughter’s murderers NEVER see the light of day !

  42. I to saw the movie and remeber when this happen my daughter had just been born so, sad so disgusting,,,My father was also murdered by some so called friends in 2006, he was disabled trusted them and the people that were with them .. he let them intohis home and they shot him four times and when he went down to die kicked him in his face and robbed him of his ssi check,,,and some money I had given him for repairs to his home…I could not get ing touchj with him went to the home and found him hal in the house and half out,, the police screwed the case p so bad that only one went to jail for concealing a murder, my life was destroyed as well as my mothers and my daughters, for she found him first

    however vengence is the Lords and sinc this has happen the other 3 involved one died with liver cancer he did not know he had untill it was to late and suffered bad, and the other was hit by a truck and killed some weeks ago..

    I feel for the families because I know what it is to loose and hurt , like they are and I am sorry they had to die in such a way but, they lord took care of this his way I will always believe that, and these girls to shall suffer

    the one with the crippling disease is now starting to suffer


  43. this to missy im sorry for your lost and for the other 2 woman that took her life ya got what you deserve wish ya got the death sec how could you go stay with her family and act like you didnt know anything that was sorry as hell im a jealous person my self but i dont kill a person and you trying to lie on a man said he done it i saw the movie and i cry cause i have a daughter and i cant amaizein life without her i hope missy mother sing the paper to keep ya in there see ya can see are write to ya family and say the words i love you but she cant i dont understand how ya can do that and want some feel sorry for ya well i dont aunt are no aunt so i hope the hell they dont let ya out of there she was a pretty and loving person misssy mom you done a good job and the so call friend rote in hell did ya knoe the 10 commit thu should kill ya can see others and she cant ya can have kids which ya dont need i think about that movie all the time and it so sad i agree with some people on here but that one girl say one is her aunt i dont cause she didnt have to go up there with her and the other one should not went either i alway hateie when theres 3 on one so here to missy i know you gone but not for gotten but when got took you he took the best and sorry those 2 bitches took your life that way everybody saw the movie it made us sad and cry we dont even know you missy mother keep up the good work keeping them in the prison hope they still in there ya are in my prayers i know how you feeling same thing happen to me i dont think there was any boyfriend a think they was jeoluse because misssy had a good mother and family that love her and she didnt that why she stay with the family i would done more then slap her in the police station i hope i made some sent in here made god be with ya always and the bitches die in prison

  44. […] This Day in History: Michelle “Missy” Avila murder 10/01/1985Missy Avila; Michelle Avila; MOM DETERMINED TO KEEP MURDERERS BEHIND BARS PAROLE HEARING SET IN 1985 SLAYING.; NOTORIOUS KILLER LOSES PAROLE BID SEVERSON MINIMIZES ROLE IN TEEN SLAYING; Karen Severson Swore She’d Find Her Best Friend’s Murderer—Now She Stands Accused of the Crime; Find-a-Grave: Michelle Yvette Avila… […]

  45. yes this is very sad … i would like to know myself what is going on with the women that murder her ? what women or men dont understand is u cant blame someone for them wanting to sleep around and kill someone i ask the lord to touch the family threw the pain and know that their is people out here who still has her in her prayers may god bless u..

  46. i just think this is all extremely sad. i’m right now at missy’s age and reading her story really makes me watch out for the people i become friends with. my mom tells me everyday “watch who you become friends with.” and i can see why. missy seemed to be loved by many and my prayers go out to her family.


  47. I do think Eva is hiding something, it would be nice to see her pay..idk I just don’t buy that she’s innocent. RIP Missy

  48. RIP Missy. Those B**tches got what they deserved. I hope they stay in jail and suffer. As for the niece. You need to stay out of it and keep your comments to yourself. Hello!!!!!!!!!!You were not there. Like everyone else has been saying, your aunt is not the victim. Missy and her family is. At least she is still alive and breathing. As far as being in jail. What does she think it was going to be treated like a queen? Hell No, like the previous person said “you do the crime. Do the crime.” Anyways God don’t like ugly and they will all get theirs at the end.” I swear jealousy never gets anyone anywhere. In this case it landed these women in jail.

  49. I meant to say you do the crime do the time.

  50. Hi this message is for Irene Avila. You don’t know me, but I am interested in the case. When I first saw the movie, I was enraged by what had happened. I can only imagine your pain. I would love to have your daughter for my girl. I don’t have fo tell you,how lovely she was, you know. Don’t give up on keeping them locked up. I feel they should only be,released after fbey’ve taken their last breath. Hang in there hon. I’m behind you all the way.

  51. Sage Lynn. Does that name mean anything to any who went to school with Missy, Laura, and Karen. I read how Missy, and Missy’s friend Tammy would chase her home, threatened her, her sisters, and even their cat. Am curious to learn what ever happened to Eva Chirumbola / Chirumbolo uncertain of correct spelling.

  52. To anyone who knew the people involved in this case and who may have an answer to this, what happened and who was involved, that the media sources about this case have either gotten wrong or are not disclosing?

  53. Update: Karen will NOT be profiting from her book sales; the distributor is releasing the book for FREE now due to an outpouring of protests.

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