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This Day in History: Paul Witte murder 9/7/1981 Michigan City, IN

Paul Witte [9/1/1981] shot to death – by 15 year old Eric, under the direction of his mother (he received 5 years in prison and has since been released)
Elaine Witte [Jan. 1984] Paul’s 73 year old mother, shot with a crossbow

I have not been able to find any pictures of either of the victims or the defendants. If you have one you would like to share please let me know. Thanks!

This Day in History
Double Murder: A Family Affair?
Charges Filed Against Eric Witte
Witte pleads guilty n grandother’s death
John Witte sentenced tin crossbow kiling
Witte appears in court to face murder charge
Mother allegedly had sons murder family
Crossbow death suspect appears in shooting case
Witnesses Testify Marie Witte Moved To Avoid Police Scrutiny
Marie Witte convicted of murder, conspiracy
Marie Witte goes on trial again
Accused Woman Testifies In Her Own Defense
Marie Witte convicted of murder for second time in past 30 days (scroll to the right a bit)
Mrs. Witte Convicted Again
Boy sentenced for shooting Dad
Supreme Court rejects appeal in Indiana family slaying
Murderpedia: Hilma Marie Witte
Woman convicted for role in murders seeks early release

Blood Money

Deadly Women: Mommy’s Little Helper
Evil Lives Here: She Made Me Do It

Hilma Marie Witte – convicted, sentenced to 90 years in prison [parole date: 07/15/2028]
John Butch Witte – killed his grandmother by his mother’s direction, received 25 years in prison and has since been released
Eric Witte – killed his father by his mother’s direction, received 20 years in prison and has since been released


DOC Number: 861597
First Name: HILMA
Middle Name: M
Last Name: WITTE
Date of Birth: 4/20/1948
Gender Female
Race White
Facility/Location Indiana Women’s Prison
Earliest Possible Release Date: 07/15/2028


DOC Number 862457
First Name ERIC
Middle Name A
Last Name WITTE
Date of Birth 07/04/1966
Gender Male
Race White
Facility/Location: Discharge
Earliest Possible Release Date: 09/23/1996


DOC Number 950882
First Name JOHN
Middle Name D
Last Name WITTE
Date of Birth 01/13/1962
Gender: Male
Race: White
Facility/Location: Discharge
Earliest Possible Release Date: 05/22/1996

20 Responses

  1. I read a recent newspaper article about Marie Witte trying to get her sentence reduced. It mentioned her son David John Witte (Should have said John David Witte) was deceased. Is that true? … or how can I found out?


  2. Hans Dieter “John David” “Butch” Witte died from complications of diabetes.

    Hilma Marie Witte is still safely incarcerated

    and the book can’t even get the names right much less tell the “real story”.

    history is not written by the victors, its embellished by the poets for a price.


    • Is there a book about these tragic deaths? Eric says that it’s all wrong?


      • Kim,

        Look in the post above. The book is listed.


        • Thanks.
          The reviewers on Amazon also each say some other facts in the book were wrong also so I don’t think I’ll waste the $.
          It’s sad that people write books so incorrect and that readers are not able to give their prayers and thoughts to those in it because they don’t know what’s right or not.


    • I wrote you on the dsy in history page . Will u please go and read it andcontact me please. I wish I could erase your pain.I lost 2 of my daughters in the same yr.you and your brother are precious people who only did what u thought u should for ur mom but she was wrong.I hope you don’t get mad over that and hope we can talk.I can’t imagine how u feel . I do know how it feels to lose children tht are ur entire life.maybe I can listen and we can tlk and mybe help each other.no one cares tht I’m in pain.I want u to know that I care for u.and I have to b strong for my 12 yr old who has a heart condition and hasto be homeschooled by me bc of bullies.


    • I was 16 in 1984 &I can’t imagine my mom doing that to me.u r so strong &a survivor.


  3. are you the eric from the book? what really went on ?


  4. Hey I am sorry to hear about Butch.Look me up on fb so we can talk and catch up.


  5. Eric… I am sorry to here about your brother


  6. Eric, thank you for answering the question about Butch… and if you don’t recognize the name Regina…. I am “Jeannie”…The last time I saw you was July 20th, 1983… My legal name is posted for all to see and I have both facebook and myspace pages…. but I don’t use myspace very often. Feel free to contact me….


  7. Eric, I hope you check this web site again. I have wondered about you over the years… How time flies. I forgot when I said my legal name was listed and to contact me that you may encounter a snag…. it could be listed Regina Dawson Jordan or Jeannie Dawson Jordan as well as Regina Jordan… so that my high school friends could find me… I’d like to hear from you again sometime….


  8. I’m sorry to hear that John passed…. That book seemed to tell a whole different story completely.


  9. i also read that book, and it leaves out a lot of info. my ex was in porter county jail with you, and he told me different things. i was in iwp with your mother, and she was a very ice person! but then again, looks can be decieving!!


  10. I heard that Marie is trying to get her sentence reduced even furhtfurther past the 50 years she already had 50 years taken off.

    So if that is the case, when is her potential release date? 2026? and if she gets even more time off


  11. Eric…You made contact briefly…then nothing… waiting to hear from you.


  12. When did butch die? We used to hang out and stay the night over your house. Before and after the murder. Lived right down the street. Last name is giesler, if you remember


  13. Eric-I’m so terribly sorry that u had these things happen 2 u.No mother should ever do her kids tht way. My 15 yr old passed away on may 25,2008.I then lost my 11 yr old who went on a downward spiral of cutting,drugs &several suicide attempts. I’m blessed 2 have 3 of my 5 children still living & know 1st hand just how precious children are & how short life can be.I wish I could take ur pain away,I honestly would if I could. My e-mail is Jmeeks637@gmail.com if u want to talk about anything & I will never ask u 2 talk about your past unless u need to talk.Bless You !
    Janice Meeks


  14. The date of birth for both boys is incorrect, i went to school with john and he was not born in 62


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