• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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This Day in History: Labor Day Massacre: Alexander Pogosyan and Michael Martinez 1998 Aurora, CO

Eddie Morales, 18
Zach Obert, 18
Penny Medla, 37
Greg Medla, 18
Marissa Avalos, 16

I have not been able to find any pictures for the real victims (Michael Martinez was one of the gunmen, so I don’t consider him a real victim here), so if anyone has a photo that they would like to share, please let me know. Thanks!

**Note from blog owner** Michael Martinez was one of the gunmen. Just because he was killed killed by another one of the gunmen does not make him a victim here on my blog. He helped to kill innocent people and will not be considered a victim here. Thank you.

Police struggle to understand killings
Pair slain in Colorado buried here
Suspected murderer of 6 deaths smiles in court
Murderpedia: Alexander Pogosyan
Suspected spree killer gunned down
Pogosyan Case – Aurora CO Murders
Teen-Ager Is Convicted In 5 Deaths in Colorado
Teen convicted of 5 murder counts
Colorado inmates sentenced to life without parole when they were teenagers
Alexander Pogosyan & Michael Martinez (5+) about halfway down
May 26, 1999 – Alexander Pogosyan
‘America’s Most Wanted’ Features Colorado Suspect
AMW: Artur Martirosyan

Michael Martinez       Artur Martirosyan

Alexander Pogosyan – convicted; sentenced to 5 consecutive terms of life without parole
Michael Martinez – found shot to death after the murder (presumably by Alexander Pogosyan)
Artur Martirosyan – fugitive, charged with driving them to the murders


Date of Birth: 10/09/1980
Ethinicity: WHITE
Gender: MALE
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 04″
Weight: 120

DOC Number: 102239
Est. Parole
Eligibility Date: 10/06/3008
Next Parole
Hearing Date:
This offender is scheduled on the Parole Board agenda for the month and year above. Please contact the facility case manager for the exact date.
Est. Mandatory
Release Date: 10/06/3008
Est. Sentence
Discharge Date:
Current Facility


Sentence Date Sentence County Case No.
09/27/1999 Life Without Parole ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 Life Without Parole ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 Life Without Parole ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 Life Without Parole ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 Life Without Parole ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 6Y-6Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 0Y-0Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 0Y-0Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 0Y-0Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 0Y-0Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 0Y-0Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 0Y-0Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367
09/27/1999 0Y-0Y ARAPAHOE 98CR2367


91 Responses

  1. im the son of penny medla

  2. I was friends with Ed Morales, Zach Obert, Micheal Martinez, Greg Medla and Marissa Avalos. Through my years at Overland Highschool, my closest friends were Ed and Zach. I will never forget the day I found out they were gone and I would never be able to see them again. What Mike and Alex did that day was beyond horiffic and leaves me without words everytime I think about it. It impacted, hurt and left a dent in the lives of thier families and close friends who truly knew them and were close to them. I personally will never forget the times I shared with ed and zach and I want to say to the families of the victims that nothing ever done in this world goes unpunished and everyone will be judged by thier actions. I personally hope that atleast Alex, after so many years now, truly does repent for what he did.

  3. I’m the daughter of Penny Bowman and Greg Medla


  5. Adam and Kayla are my best friends and i feel so sorry……

  6. I was friends with all of these wonderful people… but my best friend/sister was Marissa. She is terribly missed but I have comfort in knowing that we will all be united again, in heaven. I have heard that Alex has become a born-again Christian… although at times I feel deep anger towards him and Mike, I’m happy he made peace with God; and I forgive them. My condolences to the Medla’s, I hope you have also received peace from God. if u have stuff of marissa’s email pls… Also if u have that tape they made please email regardless, thank you sooo much. Ed, Snoopy 1 You are terribly missed as well… you’re my double O-7 agent (inside joke);} And Zack, well you know… love you all… and God Bless!!

  7. Ed Morales or Junior as we knew him was my best friend. I loved him and the day Martinez and Pogosyan took his life was the day they took a piece of mine, along with all the other friends and loved ones of their victims.

  8. Hello All,
    First let me say how sorry I am to the families. I have some news for the relitives of the young people that where murdered by those two awful nasty boys. My father Glen J. Everett passed away in June of 2005, Well low and behold in 1995, he married a woman named Lilia Pogosyan, who had two very rotten young boys. My father was married to her for less than 9 months in 1995, my father was very Bi polar, I mean very, he was a retired Chief Master Seragnt in the Air Force, and she was working in the hospital that he was at. Well, she married him, and took him for everything that he had, and more, he had to claim bankruptcy. Well he had changed his life insurance policy over to her, from me and my brother. He later in 2003 said that he had changed it back to me and my brother, because the policy had lapsed, so he said when he paid it up that he switched it back to us, and said that he wanted the $50,000. To go to his grandkids, who are now 10 and 12, they where his life, they meant everything to him. Well my dad passed away and well needless to say he hadn’t changed the policy or he thought he had or told them to change it back yet they didn’t, so after a very long fight with Lilia with whom said that she deserved that money, and that my father would want her to have it to use it to help get her son out of jail, and to pay his attorney. My father hated those two boys with a passion, and had kicked them out of his house. I never met the boys I did meet Lilia once. What a gold digger. She told me her son was innocent and that all you people where crazy. I told her she was crazy, so after 2 years of fighting to get that money for my kids, I finally couldn’t take any more, and told the Judge that I would take 5 grand, and Lilia got the rest. Well her lawyer ended up getting more money than me, which is very sad, but she got a big chunk of change almost $40,000. So I was thinking she does not deserve that money, and my father would be turning over in his grave if he knew what had happened. So I was wondering that if anyone wanted to do a civil suit against this family, they do have money. So that is really why I am writting this. I have 4 kids, 12, 10, 2, and 9 months. That money would’ve gone for there college. They are great kids. So this lady felt that her murderer of a son deserves the money more than my 4 children who have a bright future ahead of them, I live in Germany with my husband who in the Air Force. So I feel bad for giving in but the fighting was to much and to hard since we live over here. So I hope this info helps somebody. Thanks
    Carrie Carleton (Everett)

  9. Its been ten years today and my heart still breaks. I think about the five of them almost everyday. I”ll always remember Marissa’s smile, incredible voice and how much she loved Greg. Zach and Eddie were the sweetest guys
    ever. Over the years I have forgiven Mike and Alex. I know that he had a lot of problems and went through horrible things but i never thought that he would be capable of the this. I miss Mike dearly and wish I could have stopped him or helped him in some sort of way. I loved them all and I know
    they are in heaven.

    Unfortunately, my house caught fire back in May and most of my belonging were destroyed,
    Including the pictures I had of Eddie, Marissa and Mike. If anyone has any pictures please send them to me God Bless oxo

  10. A decade later and the tears still don’t stop…LOVE YOU ALL and MISS YOU ALL!!! Rest In Peace…

  11. Alex and Mike were both good friends of mine I am sorry for everyone’s loss but I also lost a friend

  12. why Mike why?

  13. Marissa was my cousin and godsister. She was also an only child to a wonderful mother and; father Sam and Isabelle. There is nothing in this world that describes our family’s loss. I can’t even begin to imagine to world of hurt the others’ families went, and still go through. I was kinda young when it all happened, but i loved her dearly. My cousin had the most beautiful smile i’d ever seen (always with that gum in her mouth). I still will never understand the minds of those two cold-hearted bastards. It hurts to think of the long life she would have fulfilled and lead. Nothing in this world will ever fill her place, or change the fact that she’s gone. Though never forgotten. I hope those two pieces of shit suffer for everything they have done. In loving memory of those who lost their precious lives that awful day in 1998. We love and miss you with all our hearts Marissa. Rest in Peace.

  14. Im not sure if it is the same person but Greg Medla was my best friend in NJ before he moved sometime in 97 or 98 its been so long…I can’t believe that this crime happened to one of my closest friends..

    Does anyone know if greg lived in New Jersey with his uncle or father ?? before moving to CO ??

  15. yess my brother lived in nj when he was in his earlyy teeens with my dad before he moved to co. and if any one has info on why the fuck mike n alex did what they did i would love to know.. i would also like to know what prison alex is at

  16. i always though Mike was crazy, but never this crazy. Does anyone know if his little brother is still alive? and if i can contact him?

  17. Well, It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here… I was Marissa’s BEST friend-SISTER. I don’t know why they did it. But I know Marissa was very afraid of Mike. She had said that she called the cops on him for stuff he had pulled. I guess he didn’t like that and felt that was the only way to handle it. I also, believed since everyone stopped talking to Mike because he was always bringing guns around and shit, that he felt abandoned..and that and probably drugs warped his mind. I’m not excusing that, though I forgive, but who could do something like this without being messed up??? I also wonder if Brian, Mike’s brother is alive still.. I know he went to prison for stabbing Mike though. And to Jackie Garcia, I can’t really say I remember you, you were probably really young when I used to go over to Sam’s house and kick it with Marissa. But I was just wondering how He and Isabel are doing??? Shoot, how’s everyone doing? Especially Adrianna?? lol we had some good times, her and Marissa. WOW!! I miss Her laugh, and smile, everything!!! Well, I’m gonna go, but fell free to hit me up at my email.. I would love to get some pics. of Mari if anyone has any. I lost them in moves:( and I gave a lot to the police when it happened, they won’t give em back, idiots!! It’s nice to see people still on here:) Peace!

  18. Tonya, could you possibly email me when you get the chance? Mike was my cousin. I was really young when the tragic murders took place and i have no memories of him. I just wanted to know more about him and what happened. And why he was the way he was. My family doesnt talk about it much and we are very small family now so i cant ask many people. If you can let me know everything you know about him i would like that so much.I also want to apologize to the families involved in this senseless crime.

    email me when you get the chance . it would be so greatly appreciated =)

  19. Tonya, could you possibly email me when you get the chance? Mike was my cousin. I was really young when the tragic murders took place and i have no memories of him. I just wanted to know more about him and what happened. And why he was the way he was. My family doesnt talk about it much and we are very small family now so i cant ask many people. If you can let me know everything you know about him i would like that so much.I also want to apologize to the families involved in this senseless crime.

    email me when you get the chance . it would be so greatly appreciated =)

  20. my email

  21. Greg was my best friend. i miss you man…

  22. I was friends with all these people, except Marissa. I had only met her once but come to find out years later that one of my friends was related to her!
    I think about these families all the time, I wonder how they are doing and pray that they get through each day…
    I was scared of Alex sometimes, especially when i found out he had guns in his house but I never saw that with Mike.
    I think Mike was close to all his buddies until Alex showed up in the picture and began being a bad influence. I don’t excuse Mike if he was part of this with Alex but there has to be more to this story that was never investigated or that was never told.
    We will never know WHY this happened and I just want my friends to know that I miss them and always wondered what your lives would have been like?
    Snoopy 1- I wonder about your beautiful niece and if she remembers what a sweet and funny guy you were.
    Greg- you were such a fun guy!
    I love you all!

  23. I was digging through some old stuff, and I found a picture of alex and mike together that I took when they came up to Overland

  24. Tonya…its adri, email me 🙂

  25. 3 more moths and it will be a 11 years. many of you have forgiven those guys but i will never in my life will forgive them!!! my life has change and everyone in my family the loss of my mom and brother is a devistation. I miss them so much!!!!

  26. I used to hang out with Greg, Zack, Sharrod, and Mike back in 1994-1995 at overland high school. i moved away to florida in the middle of our sophmore year. We were close friends. i moved back to denver in 1999. I found out that Greg and Zack, were dead i was wondering if anybody can tell me what happened to them, and why this happened?

  27. Thank you to everyone sent me an email. I dont have much contact with my family and I was unable to get Picture of Michael. If anyone has one, can you email to me when you get the chance. It would mean so much to me. Again, i wanted to send my condolences to all the families involved in this tragedy. My family lost too.

    my email again is

  28. Honestly I hate the fact that when I see people on this blog who used to be friends with the people who murdered my mom and brother and say nice things about them it makes me sick! Regardless of how “nice” they might of been they brutly killed my family to the piont where they needed a closed casket. To me mike and alex are horrible people and shouldn’t be talked about on a blog mourning the death of those killed not the people who murdered them!!!!!!

  29. Unfortunately Kayla Micheal died too and has family too that felt the same pain you do, so yes there will be people who say nice things about him because one night does not excuse your lifes past from existence, while empathy is shown for your losses there will be some shown for his as well.

  30. One night does, if it was spent killing people! And I really want to say much more thins but I don’t THAT is my sympathy! Nothing more!

  31. And how dare you say they felt the same pain as I did! I watched my mother killied right in front of me by the person I should have sympathy for? No one will every feel my pain because my pain is forever! You are lucky I don’t say half the stuff I feel! So don’t. You ever compare his death to my mother and brother! They didn’t have a choice micheal did!

  32. Their deaths were both of the same magnitude, all 3 shot to death. Same pain meaning losing a loved one in a tragic and violent manner, whether it is in front of your eyes around the corner or in another state, you still LOVED that person and still miss that person. You do not need sympathy for Micheal however do not bash those who do miss him and say the nice things they say about him. SO how dare you accuse, insult and attempt to dictate how and who others should feel for.

  33. .Their deaths were both of the same magnitude, all 3 shot to death. Same pain meaning losing a loved one in a tragic and violent manner, whether it is in front of your eyes around the corner or in another state, you still LOVED that person and still miss that person. You do not need sympathy for Micheal however do not bash those who do miss him and say the nice things they say about him. SO how dare you accuse, insult and attempt to dictate how and who others should feel for

    • However, that being said, this site is to remember the VICTIMS of the crime, not the perpetrators. I understand that people did love and care for these killers, however, their deaths are due to their own actions. I will not allow more comments that are centered on or glorifying these killers.

      • Thank you very much these words are exactly how I feel! Thank you very much! The words that are completly correct killers and due to their own actions! Thank you very much mylifeofcrime!

        • You are welcome. All people have to do is go to the “front pagee” of my blog and read the top and will know how I feel!

          • Honestly I really apreciate you being on my side and seeing how wrong she was. The things she said and others upset me because they are down playing what horrible things they did. And if she doesn’t think that watching my mother killed right in front of me isn’t significant than I have nothing else to say to her. Thanks for writing what you did!

          • kayla,

            I can’t even imagine how you feel seeing your mother murdered right in front of you. I deal with my mother’s murder everyday, but thankfully, my brothers and sister did not witness it. My heart really goes out to you. I have to ask, are you not tired of hearing about “closure”? There is no such thing, in my opinion. You may or may not get justice or know who killed your loved one, but it is always just there, everyday. Forgiveness is a journey, and not everyone feels the need to do it. It is a very personal choice and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. Kayla, I will keep you and all of the victims of this tragedy in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

  34. I’m sorry. I didn’t come here to start any problems. I’m not trying to “glorify” anyone. “Therighteous” could you email me when you get the chance? My posts aren’t showing up on here. I won’t be on here anymore. Sorry if I hurt anyone.

    • Maria,

      When did you post that never came through? I have not rejected any comments in a while. I will check the spam folder.

    • I emailed you Maria but its the wrong email just email me at

      And Mylifeofcrime I understand what you are trying to say but easily reading my comments you will see that not a word is gloryifying any killer just that Micheal was well liked by everybody he met or came in contact with even by Kayla when before any of this happend, those are the memories alot of people have of him as well as the negative. There is so many things that Mike an Greg have done both very negative an positive that only a few key players will ever know, nobody is fully innocent but the more wrong here are those who did take lives. Hopefully you choose to let these opinions be read.

  35. Hi my name is Dixie. Marissa is my cousin. Just recently she had a birthday. To this day it still kills us that she is gone! I miss her soooo much. She was my role model growing up.
    I agree with Kayla that this blog is to remember the victims not the murderers. Could care less if Michael was also a victim. He had just commited horrible crimes! Its as if saying I feel sympathy for a child rapist because he was murdered. Really.?

  36. Honestly i have no idea why you are still trying to defend yourself when you are COMPLETLY WRONG!!!! also i was 7 turning 8 in a few weeks when this murder rampage happened so, no i never knew him personally i just remember him comming into my house hanging out wit my older brother greg. then the last time i saw him was when he killed my mom.

    This is a paragraph from the New York Post written after the murders. “Another neighbor, Mary Lyle, said Penny Medla’s, 7-year-old daughter, Kayla, had run out of her house screaming, ”Michael shot my Mom!” The police said Mr. Martinez was a family acquaintance.” This was what happened to me that day!

    @mylifeofcrime- actually i was really starting to have my own closure on this, trying to accept what happened because i couldnt change anything about it. until i saw this person talkin the way she did.

    it hurts so much i was crying all last night because it brought back all the horrible feelings i have. it helps knowing people understand what im saying and have my back.

  37. also please keep my brothers name out of your mouth! He never killed anyone!

  38. Both Mike and Alex are peices of shit. I don’t give a damn how nice they were they killed 5 people one right in front o her 5 year old daughter ( Love you Kayla). If you want to talk about how nice he was get your own damn blog. My only hope is Mike suffered before he died and is burning in hell. There kayla you keep being the nice sweet girl and let me be the asshole R.I.P to all the victims especially Greg and Penny Love and miss the both of you

  39. Macho your a peice of shit too, you put Greg into that whack ass Latin King garbage that forever changed his fate, yes its gets deeper if you guys are ready to hear it, and if “macho” knew how to read you would see that nobody said to be nice or show sympathy just that there is people who will say nice things PERIOD. I can go further into details but this is already turning into an unessasary argument. and Alex got his in the showers in arapahoe county -nuff said about that- RIP to any fallen man, woman or child everybody has a family it is up to you on how you are going to keep that memory alive. Micheal was a victim of himself “afraid of nobody breathing except my own self” He shot himself and had them shoot him as well, his death was inevitable, he had already witnessed it, woke up and wrote it down. If you follow what I am saying you will understand a few things. I did not mean to bring any ill fated memorys back into play but the turth must be heard an I do know plenty of things that should have its very own blog however that would mean putting down the injustices done to others by damn near every character that played a part in this dreadful day not towards eachother but to other people. Nobody is wrong in their response, maybe I am for the outlook that I have chosen, pray with faith and love like this day is our final but always awaken every morning and give thanks.

  40. Everyone deals with loss and pain in this lifetime. Excuses are few and irrelevant to the product of action. With this day i history, family was loss and everyone grieved. There is no owner to the words “love, loss, friend, sadness, pain”, in thus, we realize these lines of right and wrong become blurred. Today, he and she is missed, translation is relative and subjected to all. Everyone cries. All have lost. There is no winner. Everyone has lost on this day…Remember who you love and treasure the moments captured and gifted to you while they were hereThe heart sees only love. Hatred is the blindfold. Let those who have died rest peacefully so that you may live with peace and love as well. RIP to all victims. RIP to the Guilty.

  41. Why are you still on here defending Mike? He was nothing more than a scrawny wannabe gangster. I can’t believe anyone was afraid of that little kid.The only victim Mike was, was a victim of the karma and the crackpipe. Even his own brother hated him.

  42. Stop talking out your ass! you don’t know my cousin macho and obviously you don’t know what happened! the only part that gets dark is on your side, Micheal & Alex were horrible PEOPLE. Micheal was shot to death (Yay!) 11 times so how could he kill himself? did he shoot himself 11 times in his back? Also do you wonder why his “killer” wasn’t found? because the detectives & police didn’t give a SHIT about that low life! The newspapers did even write about Micheal’s death because it wasn’t important! Thats the truth and the reality. every “detail” you think you know is unimportant and probably a lie. so no one cares to read it. so make your own blog and see how many people will write how great micheal was.

  43. Gone but never forgotten!
    Every year this holiday sucks ass…

  44. RIP Mike. Miss you dearly. always thinking of you.

  45. Really, do you NOT understand the concept of this blog? Ignorant people come here to remember the guilty. Please do that on your own blog as we don’t give a rats ass about mike or alex, they are were they deserve to be!!!

  46. I totally agree with you adri, this holiday suxs and will suck forever!!!! And we both know mike and alex are going to get what they deserve, and mike is already experiencing It now! I love my mom and brother and if I ever had the chance with either of them I would do worse to them then they did to my family. Keep in mind we had to have a close casket so I would top that!!!!!

  47. Crackpipe? really Crystal? I bet you didn’t even know Mike. You are just going off of things you have heard and/or read. And how dare you bring up his brother. His family has nothing to do with it and are mourning too.

    I tried emailing you Adrianna to straighten things out. But obviously you don’t want to talk and that’s fine. I wish Righteous would come back on here a speak ACTUAL truths but everytime someone talks on here, you all attack like a bunch of wolves. 

  48. The family in mourning for micheal is mourning the death of a cold blooded murder, so who cares!!!! obviously “righteous” got the point that micheal “death” is unimportant on this blog! no one cares he died and he deserved it! where he is, is because of what he did. Anyone who tries to defend the horrible thing will be attacked worse! just be glad this is on the internet and not in person! For your information this is a blog for the victims not the murderers! so go somewhere else for pity because you wont get it here! Also i will say this time and time again micheal, alex and everyone else involved can rot in the place where micheal is now!!

  49. Kayla, you can just keep your threats to yourself.  I was speaking to crystal. Im not here to defend anyone. I just don’t see how his brother has anything to do with it and calling him names isn’t going to change what happened, I’m sorry. But if it makes you feel better, fine.   

  50. maria what i said was not a threat, it is a promise, for ANYONE who says ANYTHING about the murderers of my mother and brother! Defending my family does make me feel better when horrible people say LIES about my family. Also mike is not R.I.P he is exactly where he deserves to be!!!!

  51. You are really going after the wrong person. Your threats mean nothing to me. I’m not here to defend any killer. I never spoke once of your family but I think you should really have a talk with your cousin “Macho”. I wonder why he hasn’t come back on here since Righteous called him out. The guilty always stay silent.

  52. Listen you dont know my cousin! If you wanna talk shit go ahead tell me what about my cousin? you dont know a damn thing!! Also he has no time for dumb people like yourself. Me, i wont stop till the horrible, inconsiderate, and rude people like you stop writing things about mike and alex! Both were murderers! Like i said i will attack ANYONE who speaks of the murderers, you said “RIP Mike. Miss you dearly. always thinking of you.” which is appalling! this isnt a blog to mourn those murderers! Also the guilty is burning in “we all know where” and in prison being someones girlfriend!!!

  53. I don’t want to know your cousin. I don’t want to know anyone that refers to themselves as “Macho”. Gang activity/affliation had nothing to do with Michael. You can ask your cousin. I don’t have to tell you anything. I just dont appreciate people saying untrue things about Mike or his family-and that is refering to Crystal (not you). I haven’t defended or condoned either one of their actions, that’s why my comments continue to be posted. If I can go back and change what happened I would. Without a doubt Kayla!   

  54. Of course you dont know him, and it was a nickname! Also like i said I dont want to hear SHIT about Mike “the cold blooded murderer” especially LIES!! Why would i ask my cousin, you just said you didnt know him, how stupid are you to refer to MY FAMILY when you said yourself that other family members shouldnt be involved. i NEVER mentioned mikes family, so dont mention mine again. trust me i dont want to hear anything from you.

    Lastly the only thing that you said that i took personally was when you wrote ““RIP Mike. Miss you dearly. always thinking of you.” He BRUTALLY MURDERED my MOTHER right IN FRONT OF ME and killed my older brother, 2 weeks before my birthday! so you have no idea how much of what you said bothered me! so i wont have any problems if you keep your comments to yourself, or on your own blog! If you have an ounce of decency you will do me a favor and STOP!

  55. For the record you did bring up Mike’s family first when you said that “The family mourning for Mike  is mourning a cold blooded murderer” 

    That’s fine , I understand your anger. You have damn right to be. I’m so sorry for you family’s loss. Sorry for offending you and hurting your feelings.  It was out of line and disrespectful.

      My comment after that however,was not directed at you at all. I hope you can put this arguement behind you and find some healing. Take care Kayla.

  56. nothing personal about the family i said ” he is a cold blooded killer” its about mike but thanks i really appreciate your understanding! you are a good person

  57. nothing personal about the family i said ” he is a cold blooded killer” its about mike but thanks i really appreciate your understanding! you are a good person

    thank you

  58. I Knew it was inapropriate. It was a really bad judgement call and again I really am sorry. Would you be able to email me sometime Kayla? I’ve wanted to talk to you but not on this public thing. It’s okay, if you don’t, I understand. If it’s okay with you, my email is   

  59. Well not related to any of the people involved. I was hanging out with them towards the end. I can say I met Mike he lied right to my face the day before he went on his rampage. I can say a bunch of us had some ill will towards him but we put that past us that night at Ed’s house. I shook mike’s hand smashing all our little issues at that time he tells me he was going to join the
    army and get his stuff together and I’m thinking well this guys not that bad. The next day Ed dies by Mikes hand. I don’t feel bad at all for Mike or Alex just young guys trying to be the alpha it happens every day but these guys took it way to far. I don’t know why they did what they did. Couple years ago I was thinking about that night in detail. I remember Mike had a gym bag over his shoulder. I think we all got a lucky there was a bunch of people in the house having a good time. Because he seemed on a mission when I think back on it. When I think of Ed I remember him sitting on the couch with his girlfriend me across people to the left and right playing cards. Man the smile on his face was major with his arm around his girl. This whole thing for me was a reality check we should have been kids longer teens longer and the realization that the people you know can be so fake.!! I know I’m going on and on but I don’t ever talk about these times.

    • I think the intent of this website was for moments like that to vent or share a memory of the victims! so its ok to go on and on. when friends of my brothers share a memory such as yours its an incite in the life he live and tats good for me to know. i appreciate you sharing this memory!!!

    • Yes, thanks for your post J. It really did give some insight. But I wanna know what you mean by “ill will”? and what “issues”? In not attacking you, I just want to know. 

  60. Therighteous aka Bobby, you really are a piece of work, coming on this blog and antagonizing people. How dare you attack Kayla like that. I’m going to lay it all out in the open now. I don’t care. I spoke to you thru email a couple times. I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and hear his side. I also wanted to know why Mike would do such a thing. To be honest, I had nothing but good memories of the kid (up until that point of course). He was easy to get a long with and hella funny. Alex was another story…

    So, I spoke to “righteous” and this fool tells me that in order for him to tell me “the true story” and what “really happened”, I would have to pay him! 250 dollars to be exact. He thinks that our pain is some kind of a joke. You told me that you are “family”. Obviously, being a good person doesn’t mean much to that family. One brother stabs the brother, almost to death. He lives, just to shoot 5 innocent people and then gets shot to death himself. I dunno if it was because he thought that someone had given him a STD or snitched on him and his homeboys. I don’t know but i wanted too. I’m glad i got to see your true character Bobby. Karma is a boomerang baby. I’m sorry for ranting everyone but i thought this had to be heard. The pain will never go away but it becomes bareble over time. I hope everyone is doing well. Especially the Medla family. If anyone wants to hit me up on hotmail, feel free.

    you can also add me on facebook

    • Thanks for the comment! its ok to rant when you are saying the right things! I appreciate you point of view and your information. I knew from “righteous” first comments that he was out of his mind! also if all he wants is money he probably doesn’t have nothing to say. Just a scam artist with a messed up mind. Anyways i agree ” the pain will never go away it just becomes bearable over time”! couldnt of said it better myself

  61. I was thinking about this idea for quite some time now. But I wanted to run it by everyone here first. I was thinking of creating a facebook page in honour of our friends/family. More people would be aware of the group. We could post photos and share stories. I think it would be be a great way of keeping their memories alive. Let me know what you all think =)

    • hey lindsay,

      I love this idea. I have pics of my brother that i would love to share and would love to see if anyone has any others.

      • Hey Kayla,
        Hope you had a good memorial weekend. I’m gonna make the page today. I will post the link here when i’m done 😉

      • Kayla,

        I have been looking for you and Adam forever it seems! I miss your mom so much still. Your right, the pain never goes away, it just gets bearable.
        I have never found a best friend like Penny – she was the best. Please contact me.
        Sue Krzesinski –
        or find me on Facebook. Tell Adam hello for me!

  62. I think it is a great idea! as long as it stays just for the victims not murderers!

  63. The big three oh, cousin…the big 3..0! Words cannot even explain the pain in my heart today…I love you and miss you sooooo much but I know that we will see each other again. Happy Birthday Marissa!!!

  64. Aww Happy Birthday Marissa. I’ll be thinking about you and your family today Adri. *hugs*

  65. Hey everyone,
    My name is Chelsea. I was a relative to one of the shooters. I’m so sorry for what happened to all of your loved ones. I do know that this is a site to remember the actual victims. I have no intention of coming on here the way “therighteous” did and provoke any of you. I just wanted to know a little more about my family. If anyone is willing to speak about Mike or Alex can you contact me? I’ve been having a hard time.

  66. Here we are, another year later and the reason why we do not celebrate labor day weekend…EVER! 14 years later and it still hurts!!
    R.I.P… will always be in my prayers

  67. Hello everyone! Yes,14 years later, and this case is still alive. There are still many dark areas. I need to know if the name Arsen Pogosyan rings the bell? If anyone knows anything about this individual, please reply. He was also involved in this crime…but his name is nowhere to be mentioned.
    If you read carefully the docs of investigation, it says that Alex killed all 5 people. Then, Kayla says she witnessed a murder of her mom by Michael…How much more we do not know? FBI has done a poor quality job! Sam.

  68. The dude was unpredictable, had mood swings, acted like a psychopath, played with guns. I know there was an investigation, but I guess, FBI did not have enough evidence to get him for Mike’s death.

  69. Are you referring to Alexander, Steve? Were you a friend of the two of them?

  70. I am referring to Arsen Pogosyan. FBI was investigating his involvement in Mike’s death.

  71. I remember all of them sad day for us all. I still have alot of our crazy high school pictures that we would take lol. Good memories over the bad. So much detail about the case are gone. i miss and love you all wish this never happened they would follow Micheal into oblivion that’s how good of friends these guys were. I pray harder this month especially because Snoopy one better known as Eddie was such a sweet heart and Marissa omg I’m falling into memory lane love you guys. Ree brought me here

  72. Hey guys, been a while but i still think about this tragic event plenty. I would love to hear from my brothers friends about who he was or even people who knew my mom. Having them taken frm my life so early i never had the chance to get to know them truly! Find me on fb or email

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