• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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This Day in History: Culverhouse Family murder 9/7/1988 Ariton, AL *Jason Hunter Culverhouse convicted and sentenced to LWOP*

remembering the victims
Tullie Robert Culverhouse
Nina Jo Culverhouse
Lee Culverhouse

Find-A-Grave: Tullie Robert Culverhouse
Find-A-Grave: Nina Jo Culverhouse
Find-A-Grave: Lee Culverhouse
Movies Based on True Stories Archives: The Morrison Murders
Culverhouse Family murder
Couple, son found slain
3 Members of Culverhouse Family Found Murdered
Leads pursued in triple slaying
Son charged in family slaying
Son accused in deaths of his parents, brother
Alabama Triple-Slaying Suspect Arrested
Alabama Department of Corrections
Second suspect may be named in Culverhouse murders

The Morrison Murders

Note about comments:

Please read my comment policy before commenting. I will not approve any that are in violation of it, including family members (In fact, Jason Culverhouse’s son has a half-brother ( who left a vile, nasty comment and I would not approve it. When I sent him an email explaining the policy, he told me to shut up and called me a faggot. Very mature!). But above all, please remember the victims. Always.



AIS: 00172944
Race: W
Sex: M
Birth Year: 1969
(205) 467-6111
Warden: Carter Davenport
1000 St. Clair Road
Springville, AL 35146
Code: LW (life without parole)


32 Responses

  1. who is the new suspect who knew of and/or helped cover up the crime

  2. I have not been able to find any new news yet. Maybe soon?

  3. probably his wife, that is why he married her two weeks after he murdered his family. hows that for a sweetheart. i understand jason is a father and a husband, but he is a triple murderer first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My daughter was born in 1983 and my son in 1985. My daughter now 28 came and asked me about this after hearing about it within the last few years. I just ordered the movie since we live here in Ozark for them to watch. I knew the family and my sister graduated with Robin. So it’s peaked their interest.

  5. lol the people that comment on stuff about my uncle makes me laugh let him go he had his reasons that no one would understand but him and when it is his judgement day with god it is gods choice and judgement that matters not yours

    • Corrynne,

      Let him go? He killed 3 PEOPLE, who are your family. So you believe he should just be released? That would NOT be justice. He killed your uncle and grandparents (I believe, if he is your uncle). Apparently you don’t care about them. Well, here on my blog, those who were murdered, the victims, are the ones to be thought about and remembered, not the killer. You did not even have kind word to say about those family members who were murdered. Wow.

      • i don’t think her intention was to diminish the actions of her cousin or to offend the memory of her deceased relatives. although, i don’t know either persons mentioned or the author of the original comment, based on her statement, i surmise that she only wanted to somehow quell and or bring the negative statements about her cousin to a close.

        • Becca it wasnt her cousin that murdered them it was her uncle. Mylifeofcrime your facts are so wrong to just like Beccas is, her aunt wasnt murdered it was her other uncle and grandparents. maybe both of you should watch the movie and do your research again

          • deanna,

            I have corrected that mistake I made in a comment. I have no idea why I said that, when I knew better! Blonde moment is all I can think of. I have listed the victims on the post now.

    • Don’t you think anyone who kills others is crazy? This is my family. I was just with them a three wks before this happened. Yes, I’m sure everyone has reasons as to why they do things. Cheating, stealing, lying etc. but it still doesn’t make it right. And if you truly knew these people you would know that while they had their issues (as everyone in the world does) there is never a reason to kill. Especially your brother. That was purely based on jealously. The best thing for Hunter is the idea of him living behind bars for the rest of his life and having to remember why he is there. Violence is never the answer. Only small minded people see this as the answer. Family or not… Small minded…. Your brother never did anything to you. You were just jealous!!!! Your issues were with your parents. Your issues with your brother… Jealousy. Get over yourself. How is it working for you now Hunter???

    • He MURDERED three people. It doesn’t matter that he had a reason. He deserves to sit in jail. And stay until he dies. And when God does judge him, he will be damned to hell because God doesn’t like evil. And evil is what he is.

      • Do not judge and condemn him to hell. That is God’s job. It says in the Bible that if a sinner repents and becomes a new creature through the blood of Christ, ALL sins are blotted out and remember against that one no more. I do not know the state of this man’s soul, but God will know at judgement. If you harbor such in your heart and can not forgive then you are also sinning and stand in danger of condemnation. If Jesus could forgive HIS murderers should we not also forgive? Yes, we still hurt, but God is in control of everything.

  6. I know his ex-wife and son and have always wondered if she knew or had anything to do with this case….where can any other information be found about this? I remember watching the movie back in the 90’s.

  7. Does his son ever see the culverhouse family now?

  8. I wasnt aware that they had another son until i saw there grave site

    RIP to the slain Culverhouse members

  9. Are you sure he wasnt crazy or something i mean come on he went back to his girlfriends house and went back to sleep on the couch as if nothing ever happend then he comes all the way to my home town where they arrest him at a truck stop after he confessed to the murders. I wasnt born when he murdered his mother,father and brother but i was 3 when he was convicted of this heinous crime

  10. Watch the movie and you’ll know the answer why some sick people kill their own flesh and blood! I think money is thicker than blood. Greedy evil people will do everything just to get what they want and no matter what it takes to feed their evil way.

    • Yes…money!!! He thought his Father had cut out Robin from the will so everything would be HIS…without Mother or Lee

  11. My husband and I worked for Robert Culverhouse (Robin) He is a great man with a big heart.Miss all his wild asses too!We have lost touch with him through the years…Would love to say hi…Bless him and his family…Both living and past…..Always remebered

  12. If anyone is interested,the movie is Called The Morrison Murders

  13. Where can you find the movie about this?

  14. He looks psycho

  15. I just watched the movie. My heart goes out to the brother that is left to carry on.

  16. We all have our reasons for what we have done be it good or bad, but how could s person be so cold and heartless you already shot two then look your mom in the eyes and shot her to death omg. I just had the privilege to look at the movie what a sad thing.

  17. what ever happened to Jason? does he keep in touch with his brother? need more info on this interesting story, thanks

    • He is the one that committed the murders. He is locked up for life. Jason was his first name, he just went by Hunter.

  18. Will remember this for the rest of my life. We are supposed to forgive but that doesn’t mean we are supposed to forget or not agree with the punishment. Yes he may have children and I am sure they have suffered because of his actions, but he chose to do what he did and should continue to pay for those actions. Prayers have always been with this family alive and past and will continue to do so. I went to school with Lee and Hunter and it will always be a sad day on the anniversary of not just the murders but also of the date of conviction for Hunter.

  19. This family is related thru my father Grady Carroll Daniels. I have very fond memories of them. This was tragic and a horrible crime. I remember the family and the life they lived, not the criminal that perpetrated the crime. I will always love the memories. .

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