This Day in History: Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins execution 1991 “Meanest Man in America”

remembering the victims

Hazel Brazell (prison inmate) – 1952
17 year old female hitchhiker – Sept. 1969 (North Carolina)
Janice Kirby, 15 – Nov. 1970 (Sumter, South Carolina) [his neice
Patricia Ann “Patty” Alsobrook, 15 – Nov. 1970 (Sumter, South Carolina)
Martha Dicks, 20 (South Carolina)
Doreen Dempsey, 23 and her 2 year old child – 1973 (South Carolina)
Silas Yates, Feb. 12, 1975 (South Carolina) [paid to do this murder]
3 people whose van broke down – 1975 (South Carolina)
Diane Neeley – 1975 (South Carolina)
Avery Howard – 1975 (South Carolina)
Johnny Knight (South Carolina)
Dennis Bellamy (South Carolina)
Kim Ghelkins, 13 – 1975 (South Carolina)
Rudolph Tyner (prison inmate) – 9/12/1982

[Gaskins confessed to the murder of 13-year-old Peggy Cuttino, but the prosecution did not believe him. William Pierce was already convicted and sentenced to life for her murder]

Investigators Dig Anew For Victims
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Final Truth : The Autobiography of a Serial Killer
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 Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins

14 Responses

  1. i am a relative my grandma was viola parrott

    • Hi, I just got done reading The final truth and am just at a loss of words for the horrifficness that took place! I was wondering if you knew what happened to Janice Kirbys mother after she found out it was her brother who killed Janice? Is she still alive? I cant imagine the betrayl she must have felt knowing it was her brother Peewee that killed her daughter! thank you for any iformation-mari

  2. I am so interested in this story. I should not say story! I am interested in what Pee Wee though and how he reacted to his childhood trauma. I feel so sorry for him.

  3. Do you know anything about the growing up of Pee Wee?

  4. i think that he was just acting out what happen to him i feel sorry for em but he had to learn i wish i coulda met him tho

  5. maybe he wentto heaven i am rele interested in his life stories and wat went on in his head

  6. i am his aunts cousin

  7. he also worked for my uncle and they were rele gud friends his name was donny beard

  8. Doreen was my half-sister. She originally lived in Reading, PA
    Her mother was Vivian Barlow.

  9. how can you feel sorry for him?!! reports say that he had a very loving atmosphere growing up, so no excuses for this horrible man!

  10. People who grow up in wonderful, loving homes don’t turn out this way.

    • There have been many serial killers that have come from decent homes and have committed horriffic crimes. People are born like that without a soul! Many people who have come from terrible homes and terrible living conditions have grown to be wonderful human beings! Yes its true that if a family is full of love and caring the chances of a loving stable human being are much more possible but if a person is born evil there is nothing you can do about it!

  11. OOOW POOR,POOR,pee-wee,yip so sad to see these rabid,inhuman, vulchers pass, i mean fry. I wonder audry if you had met your beloved pee-wee, would you have a comment on his sad departure from life?? I wonder if you would have gotten yhe chance to learn of internet access? Its a mind boggler. but due to the FACT pee-pee,killed ahh 20 give or take a few,inocennt lifes i just don’t think it could have been possible. one never realy knows these things.

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