• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Serial Killer: Patrick Wayne Kearney and probable accomplice David Douglas Hill (the Trash Bag Murders)

Victims: 28+
George [12/1968]
Merle “Hondo” Chance, 8
Ronald Dean Smith, 5
Kenneth Eugene Buchanan, 17
John Demchik, 13
Wilfred L. Faherty, 20
Robert Bennefiel, 18 [1975]
Albert Rivera [April 1975]
Michael McGee, 13 [6/16/1976]
Nicholas Hernandez-Jimenez, 28 [1/24/1977]
John LaMay, 17 [3/13/1977]

A worried mother gave police the first break in ‘trash bag murders’
Trash Bag Murders: Accused Leads Police To Two Burial Locations
Suspects Linked to 43 Murders
Two homosexuals are suspects in 28 deaths
Mass Murder?
Murderer pleads guilty
‘Trash Bag’ Murderer Sentenced
Murderer gets second life sentence
Profile: Patrick Kearney
Murderpedia: Patrick Wayne Kearney
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The Trash Bag Murderer
Wikipedia: Patrick Kearney
Twenty-Eight, and Counting…
The Murdering State
Fighting a killer
Anguish and Anger
17 Murders Charged
Guilty Plea
Victim’s family is haunted by Trash Bag killer’s deeds
UID Victims of Patrick W Kearney – 1965-1977
Victim’s family is haunted by Trash Bag killer’s deeds
Patrick Kearney – The Trashbag Murderer

The Trash Bag Murderer


CDCR Number B88913
Age 78
Admission Date 12/23/1977
Current Location Mule Creek State Prison
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) 02/1984


112 Responses

  1. I’m looking for websites that I can use in my class that gives personal and family information on Patrick Kearney the “Trash Bag Murderer”

  2. I was almost victim number 33, but I am NOT GAY. I never knew Kearney was gay either. . I was at Kearney’s house drinking beer with a serial Killer just months before he turned himself in. He also tried to kill my brother. We lived about a block and a half from his house. I mowed his yard for years. I have an interesting story to tell.

    • seems obvious at least a good portion of his victims were not gay, I mean how would he tell if a hitchhiker was gay? And the ages of his victims, child victims I notice besides a 5 and 8 year old lots of 13 year olds and I am thinking pedophile or pedo necrophile

    • It seems to me that this man Patrick Kearney was a child molester. His victims being mostly in their teens with several being 13 and children ages 5 and 8. Under eighteen is considered stat rape and considering the age difference it sure seems to me that he fits the diagnostic cat for a pedophile.

  3. I knew one of Kearney’s victims, Merle Chance, and have been haunted for years about this. I was never told what happened to my protector, we called him Hondo, and through research, I found out years later. I had a difficult childhood, and this strong, wonderful boy protected me, helped me, strengthened me. As a young girl, we played at the park, and I remember this evil man. In fact, it was Hondo that noticed he was not right. Sickening; the thought of letting him out-ever! Better yet, let him out, and have all of the victims families waiting for him…

    • I don’t know who you are and I don’t know how you say you know Hondo , but I ‘m married to his oldest brother and we have been together since 1975 you say that Hondo noticed that Kearney was never right,in fact he never met Kearney until the day he died so how can you make this statement. If Hondo knew this killer was a bad person he would never have gotten in a car with him.

      • i knew hondo i was his best friend im alan traxler we hung out all the time the detectives searched my house a few times they thought we were hiding him i wish we were insted of what happened ill never forget writing our names in my closet and getting caught by my mom i think about what our friendship would be like today rip hondo

    • I agree it would be good if more about him were online, even the photo of him in his costume they had in the paper or on missing posters. Old newspaper articles could be copied from micro and put online. Some photos would be nice. Keep the memory alive and I am sure some people may not even know the ending to this sad story.

    • Hondo was my cousin. I have lived with his mother for the past 2 years, Bertha Chance, and I never knew that kid with his thumbs up and missing a few teeth was murdered untill last month. I was literally heart broken. I never knew him but I feel a strong connection with him.

  4. Dear Allison,

    Please tell me more about Merle Chance. I have been in contact with families of victims, and I am writing a book dedicated to the victims, friends and family. Pleasec contact me directly at:

    7ony Stewart, author

  5. Hey Tony Stewart ,
    I used to deliver newspapers for the Herald Examiner down on that 2nd street where Trash bag murderer used to live they still owed me money on couple months worth of newspapers. I was serving 8 blocks wide. Someone told me that They purchased thier Butcher knives and trash bags from the store across the street Bobs or S&S Market.
    Are you still in South Bay? Tony Stewart Last time I saw you with a bullet wounds with sitches.

    Mark Wormley

  6. Hello,

    Actually,Kearney lived on Robinson Street, not 2nd street. Did you deliver to him on Robinson st.? Let me know. Yes, I was shot “point blank” in the stomack when I was 21, in 1978.

    I am trying to locate families of Kearney’s victims. If anyone out there knew any of the victims, or you are related to them…PLEASE CONTACT ME.

    I am a writer and I want victims families to tell their story.

    Sincerely Tony Stewart –

  7. Hello,

    Actually,Kearney lived on Robinson Street, not 2nd street. Did you deliver to him on Robinson st.? Let me know. Yes, I was shot “point blank” in the stomach when I was 21, in 1978.

    I am trying to locate families of Kearney’s victims. If anyone out there knew any of the victims, or you are related to them…PLEASE CONTACT ME.

    I am a writer and I want victims families to tell their story.

    Sincerely Tony Stewart –

  8. I tried to contact Tony about Merle Chance, Hondo, because I knew him as a child. I would be willing to speak to you, but have not been able to reach you through your address. My email address is

    Thank you,

  9. Tony,
    I’d really like to talk to you. I’ve been researching this particular case and I’ve reached several dead ends. Please email me at when you have a moment.

  10. I am a student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. I am taking a class that is called Profiling the Serial Killer and I was assigned to do a paper on Patrick Kearney. I was wondering if you had any cites or books you would recomend for my research. Thanks for your time, Tiffany Leslie

  11. If anyone has any questions about Kearney, I can try to answer them. He was a deadly killer.

  12. Allison,
    Hondo was my cousin, if you need to talk to my aunt (Hondo’s mother) you can contact my mom. You can contact me at

  13. I am the niece of Kearney’s victim, Larry Walters whom disappeared Halloween night 1974. I wrote back and forth with Kearney about 4 years ago, to attempt to attain a relationship with him via mail, and then see if I could get any info from him about the location of my uncle’s body. He is definetly and odd one, and it angers me to know there is so little info available out there about him when he killed 32 people, and my uncle’s name was “briefly” meantioned in the book Angel of Darkness. I have not forgotten him….and i still want to know what he did to him and if nothing else where he is. Yes, I know what Kearney did with the bodies so there is like zero chance of recovering anything but its the NOT knowing anything that drives a person insane…

  14. Kim,

    What can you tell me about victim Larry Walters? I’d like to talk, I believe I may be able to help.

    This is author Tony Stewart…Contact me at

  15. Patrick Kearney questions……

    Anyone one that needs to contact me…do not click on my email address on this page. It will not go through to me.
    Use your regular outgoing mail (Use your Internet Service Provider) like AOL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL or whatever to email me.

    You need to highlight and copy my email address
    and then paste it in your regular outgoing mail.

    Thank you,

    Tony Stewart, author/historian


    You can also send me a message through my MYSPACE page at link below.

    Simply copy and page this link:
    into your browser, and hit enter.

    Thank you, Tony Stewart

  17. TO LARRY WALTERS niece. Please contact me at email address listed below, regarding your uncle Larry Walters. Important!

    Either click on email or highlight and copy my email address and paste it in your regular outgoing mail.

    Tony Stewart, author/historian

    I am the niece of Kearney’s victim, Larry Walters whom disappeared Halloween night 1974. I wrote back and forth with Kearney about 4 years ago, to attempt to attain a relationship with him via mail, and then see if I could get any info from him about the location of my uncle’s body. He is definetly and odd one, and it angers me to know there is so little info available out there about him when he killed 32 people, and my uncle’s name was “briefly” meantioned in the book Angel of Darkness. I have not forgotten him….and i still want to know what he did to him and if nothing else where he is. Yes, I know what Kearney did with the bodies so there is like zero chance of recovering anything but its the NOT knowing anything that drives a person insane…

  18. Niece of Kearney’s victim, Larry Walters…I am presently talking with several families of victims and would like to talk with you. We need to keep the names of victims alive.

    You can contact me directly at:

    Sincerely, Tony Stewart, author

  19. Is Patrick Kearney still alive?

  20. David Hill was married to a friend of my sisters in Lubbock. I had heard that he did go to jail but I don;’t know if that is true or what became of him. I had never looked up anything until something was said tonight that got me curious. Whatever happened to David D. Hill?

  21. people to this man were just trash…to be killed and bagged up like curbside garbage…what to say?

  22. He killed for sexual pleasures and curiousity. I knew him personally…he told me he was a doctor. This was a lie.

  23. I still am wondering about what happened to David Hill. I did meet him but he was a teenager and I was much younger. My sisters knew him and the woman her later married as they all went to Lubbock High and we lived close to there. It seems odd to me that he walked out and was never heard from again. Did he take part in the murders do you think?

    • David was in the army a couple of months and got a medical honorable discharge. They never had a child. He never went to prison. He died in Lubbock in 1991.

  24. Regarding David Hill,

    Can you email me directly at:

    7ony Stewart

  25. To D Bell,

    Thanks for contacting directly at my email address, I need your email address to reply back.

    I also have some questions for you and your sisters…can you have them contact me? Thanks,

  26. Last i read he was at the california state prison in Mule creek California.

  27. I got a cold chill down my spine this morning, happening upon this site by chance, having followed a Google search for a recommended Netflix fim regarding serial killers.
    I think I might have almost become a Kearney victim way back in 1974. His photo looked very familiar to me, , except he was clean-shaven, but same bald pattern and glasses, 30-ish and slight build. Does anyone know what make of car Kearney drove in 1974, as I couldn’t find ny mention off it online? My incident involved a man in an orange VW Beetle, just off the 101 Highway in Santa Maria, CA as I was walking home from Catechism class when I was 13 years old. The ma pulled over in his car and asked me where a certain street was. I told him it was a couple of blocks away, pointing in the direction to drive. he then asked where I was headed, and that he’d be happy to give me a ride home. I said no thanks and started to walk away. He pulled up closer to me and asked if I’d ever had a blowjob. I freaked out and started running. He drove alongside me, saying he was kidding, asked again if I needed a ride, but I darted across the street at that point, and he made a U-turn headed back towards the highway onramp. Don’t know if I was his “type” as I was younger (looked my age at the time, 5’9″ or so with wavy longer blonde hair, blue eyes and slender.)

  28. I live with the victim Mike Mcghee’s brother if that is any help to anyone.

  29. Can you email me at
    I am a friend of the family.

    Best, Tony

  30. tony stewart,
    david hill is my uncle why do you want info about him?

  31. I knew both David Hill and Patrick Kearney from Redondo Beach. You say Hill is your uncle…who are you?

  32. TONY,
    his niece lol. we were very close. i do not wish to give my name on here. You said you had a story to tell, do you mean you are gathering information to write a book/story? who shot you?
    D BELL,
    david did come back to lubbock and he wasnt heard from again BY ALL THE PEOPLE HE WANTED TO CUT TIES WITH. he was sickened by everything pat had been doing behind his back all those years. wouldnt you want to leave that behind you?

  33. It was a wise decision for Hill to take his attorney advice and move on. Nobody shot me, but I had a very close call.
    I am one of the few survivors of Patrick Kearney.

  34. david came bk and went to school. he became a nurse and passed in 1991 from lung cancer.

  35. I heard Hill has kids and grandkids and lives in Texas now.

  36. Ash…are you sure about him being dead? I know it a bit different.

  37. yes i am very sure he is no longer living. that was my first hard death to go through. he passed b4 his own mother. i was only 8 and he was one of my male role models. he took me everywhere. i lived in the house he passed in for many years. i loved him so….i was too young at the time to know about the things he had been through in his life, my mother filled me in later on. my great grandmother, whom i was also very close with, had 9 kids, david being one of the youngest, and one of the first to pass. hard time for the whole family. he was a good man.
    what did you hear? he never moved anywhere once he was back in lubbock. he never had any kids or grandkids.

  38. Anna if you dont mind me asking, who are you?

  39. When did David die…what was the date, and was it in Lubbock, Texas?

    Contact me directly at my email address

    Best, Tony

  40. I knew Hondo when I worked at the Chevron station next door to the Chance’s home.
    Del was my boss, and Doug worked with me.

  41. yes david died in 1991 in lubbock tx.

  42. Tony, Sorry it took too long for me to respond.
    Re: To clear this up Yes it’s Robinson Street Redondo beach/2nd Street Manhatan Beach they lived right on the border. Some queer lives there wouldn’t answer the fkn door when I tried to collect paper route money back in 1974.
    Wow damn I didn’t know you mowed thier lawn? Ha ha ha! Luckily these bastards didn’t kill you Tony!
    Sorry I don’t know any of these victim families.
    Tell your family I said hello I remember your brother drove Nova and Ron surfed lol!

    Mark Wormley,

    Actually,Kearney lived on Robinson Street, not 2nd street. Did you deliver to him on Robinson st.? Let me know. Yes, I was shot “point blank” in the stomack when I was 21, in 1978.

    I am trying to locate families of Kearney’s victims. If anyone out there knew any of the victims, or you are related to them…PLEASE CONTACT ME.

    I am a writer and I want victims families to tell their story.

    Sincerely Tony Stewart –

    • “Nobody shot me, but I had a very close call.
      I am one of the few survivors of Patrick Kearney.”

      But in the statement above you say you were shot point blank in the “stomack” Btw, it’s “stomach”. So which is it? Were you not shot at all as you said in a post on this very page that you made one month earlier? Or were you shot “point blank” like you just said in the statement above? I have a hard time believing folks who blatantly contradict themselves. You sure you weren’t shot in the head? I think one would be absolutely sure if they were shot or not. I’m just trying to figure out the contradiction from the Sept. 30, 2010 post and the Oct. 30, 2010 post. Please enlighten us. Thank you.

  43. Hello again,

    It has been awhile since I posted on this sight and I was happy to see I had a response from Deborah, Hondo’s cousin. If she or anyone who would like to remember Hondo, not so much Patrick Kearney because he is the one I do NOT like to think of, I would love to hear from you.

    After all of these years, I am still haunted. The loss, the trauma, and the fear stays with you. But, I saw they now have a memorial to my best friend and protector Hondo. That gives me some real peace, because although Hondo is never out of my mind, I get angry that Patrick is the one that most cannot forget…

  44. Yes, it is important that we remember the victims, but it is also important that we don’t forget this killer. If we forget him, society may also forget him, which would allow this killer to be released from jail. Remember, he is eligible for parole every six years. We need to get more peoplecto write the prison and keep him behind bars. Thank you!

  45. The killers last hearing was in 2010, which was denied, I believe the next one is 2016. He should be getting pretty old. I hope he dies behind bars, where he belongs.

    My new book, “The Trash Bag Murderer” will appear on soon. The book is aremembrance to the victims.

  46. Hello Tony,

    Yes, I do agree and to be honest, I was just so frustrated that it took me so very long to find anything about Hondo. I had a tough upbringing, but for years I did not understand what had happened to my best friend, Hondo. I began my research years later, and remembered the face, the face of Patrick Kearney.

    I had a very traumatic life as a child, but losing Hondo has truly been one of the most haunting. A lot of guilt, why I didn’t protect him, or at least recognize the dangers around us. I remember him and another man (don’t know who that was) visiting the park and every so often, he would talk to the boys there. But, he didn’t talk to me, but I do remember him looking… There is the “guilt”.

    Ok, I am rambling, but I do agree we must remember Patrick Kearney, and all of the evil ones like him, that look and act normal. I know we must stay aware and I am always reading of such cases, maybe to make some sense of it all, or to just protect my children now from men like Patrick. So, I am not discounting you at all, and I respect what you do.

    Just one of those moments (many over the years) that I wanted to express the importance of the victim, missing him, and very angry over the loss of my little hero, Hondo. He really was such a incredible little man, with this strong spirit and I can’t help but feel, with his heart and strength, he would have done incredible things for this world. I know he did for me!


  47. Did you check out my link to the new book? Sadly, many relatives wanted me to add the whole story of what this killer did to them to show what a monster he really was. So the details of the murders can get very bad in the book.

    I interviewed many people in this book, including the lead Homicide Detective, who was over 200 investigators in 5 counties, involved in this case. I was told information that was never even listed in the official police reports by this detective. The reason these facts were not entered into evidence is because, Kearney was sentenced without a trial, as he requested. And the case was declared closed.

    I also interviewed a lot of the relatives, including Hondo’s family. They were all a huge help in putting this all together. If you are not a strong person, I would advise not reading it. Thank you for caring about the relatives. Check out my link.

  48. Just click on my name to view the link. Thank you

  49. Tony,

    I read some information on the link you posted and I will purchase the book. I did not realize you survived the butcher! Thank you for sharing your story. I also did not know your book was a tribute to the victims (you as well).

    It may take me awhile to get through it, but I appreciate you exploring the confusing mind of Kearney in your book. (That takes strength.)

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  50. Thank you.

    Yes, the book is a tribute to the victims, but also explores the brutalness of the killer’s crimes.
    I want the VICTIMS to always be remembered! To view the book, click on my name on right.

    Best, Tony Stewart

  51. Hello everyone,

    I found out an easy way to get copies of my new books that you can check out and read through your local library.

    If you ask your local library if they have The Trash Bag Murderer by Tony Stewart, and they don’t have a copy, you can give them “ISBN numbers” below and they will order copies for their library.

    The Trash Bag Murderer
    ISBN-10: 055790899X
    ISBN-13: 978-0557908998

    Dillinger, The Hidden Truth – RELOADED
    ISBN-10: 0557219272
    ISBN-13: 978-0557219278

    Best, Tony Stewart

  52. I have found some very interesting information on Tony Stewart. He states he wrote this book to honor and remember the victims yet I have found that he is taking part in a convention that showcases artwork and personal items of murderers and items in the “murderabilia” industry. I think this link is very interesting.
    There is no mention of victims nor any info on proceeds. It seems it is a convention to glorify serial killers.

    To Mr. Tony Stewart; Why do you portray yourself as someone who is standing up for victims but you take part in an event in which the sole purpose is to display and showcase items from murderers. You are a typical trash writer who is hiding behind a stance of being on the victims side. All in the name of the all mighty dollar. Isn’t it obvious to begin with though? He has trampled all over this blog with advertisements for his book which in itself is disrespectful to the true victims of Patrick Kearney.

    Where do the profits from your book go? Where are the profits from this “convention” going? Do you dontate to any victims organizations? Where do your proceeds go?

    You are taking advantage of a horrible crime for monetary gain and that my friend is the lowest of the low.

  53. This is Tony Stewart and I wanted to clarify that I am not having no part in any convention who worships killers. In defense of my book, it was written to honor and remember the victims, and to keep this killer behind bars. Websites like the Crime Scene and Serial Killers Ink honor killers who have murdered children. These sites should be shut down. As for the convention this post is referring too, when I found out it represents idolizing killers, my wife and I decided Not to attend, instead we are working to stop such events. Respectfully, Tony Stewart

  54. Tony-
    You WERE going to be a guest at the Crime Scene. You were also doing advertising for your book on Serial Killers Ink and a link to their website was on YOUR website as well. You knew full well what both of those websites had on them. For you to talk poorly of both, being that you’ve been a part of them in any form, is pretty convoluted. From what I understand, the Crime Scene is for parties interested in true crime. The book that you have written fits in the true crime category if I’m not mistaken. They don’t glorify serial killers, but they purchase and read books like yours.
    As for Serial Killers Ink, glorify people who murder children? That’s a crazy thing to say…that would be like being obsessed with John Dillinger—ridiculous, right? Serial Killers Ink is an informational website and store, where is the murdering children thing happening? The groupie aspect that you’re trying to use for both websites does not seem very fitting.
    I’m curious as to why you’ve decided that you no longer wish to work with either of these websites. It seems to me the only reason why is because you’ve been living a lie for 30+ years and these people began to question who exactly you are and what your involvement might be. Obviously there’s more to this story than what has already been said about the case and what you cared to explain in your book. Were you closer to Patrick than you’ve let on? How could you “almost” be a victim of Kearney’s multiple times? Wouldn’t one time be enough for you to stay away? What about your brother? Did you contact Patrick regarding him?
    You can’t expect people to just sit back and watch as you talk poorly about other peoples businesses, businesses that you were once a part of. It raises a red flag, especially with all this new talk that has come up.

  55. Tony Stewart,

    Number one: You are a typical tabloid/sensationalistic writer. You care nothing for the victims. Don’t act as if you do, thats comical to say the least. The content of your posts here have been plainly and methodically placed to hock your book.

    Number two: Wanting sites like Serial Killers Ink and The Crime Scene shut down? That’s rather bizarre – after all you were using both sites and a convention to publicize your book for monetary gain and increased sales. Don’t tell me you didn’t understand what the site and the convention were about, that would make you sound rather stupid now wouldn’t it? I also find it rather interesting an “author” of true crime would want a true crime website or true crime event shut down. Again, that’s just odd, unless there are reasons you are not making public and masking the real issue? An “author” of true crime wanting to shut down true crime websites, that just doesn’t make sense on surface. Perhaps it goes a bit deeper? These websites sale and are visited by very respected journalists, professors and psychologists to get a better understanding of the criminal mind. These sites produce and offer fact based accounts and artifacts, not sensationalistc trash books such as yours that are aimed at making a buck.

    Number three: Your book is trash-fiction which you are hocking as non-fiction. I happen to know Kearney very well, should I make public some of his letters and post the links here? I really don’t think you want me to dd that. If you continue to publically slander well respected websites and leaders in the true crime genre that’s exactly what will happen.

    Best advise for you? If you start a war be aware that there is some informationreagrding yourself that will be made public. I would advise against that. Stop trying to profit off the pain and making like you are a savoir to the victims when you are certainly NOT.

    • Let me get this right…you are actually calling an author of seven a typical tabloid/sensationalistic writer? The only part you have correct is the word sensational. He is a brilliant crime writer. What do you write, besides letters to killers that you earn money off of. Come on people…get real.

      • I’m sure you read the reviews. His son even gave him a poor review. He isn’t a brilliant anything. This book was “published” by A grade school child has the ability to write their own books on Tony Stewart (not his real name) is a fraud. His wife Kimberly (aka Richard James) apparently is as well.

  56. Why don’t you leave these people alone? They have been through enough pain and suffering and now have to deal with you trying to profit off the case by constantly advertising a book in their face which acts as a reminder. I don’t buy the “for the victims” claim for one red second. Have a little respect please! At least those websites you mentioned don’t spam their items in victms faces. You on the other hand are guilty of what you accuse others of doing and I find it gastly that you would have the nerve to even suggest trying to “shut down” a true crime website or a convention when the only reason you are even at this blog is to try and make money. Shame on you.

    • Andre, please don’t go by what these people say…read the book and you can read all the stories written directly by the relatives of victims, who actually support the book.

  57. RE:Tony Stewart

    I would like to thank all of you for your “nuisance” as it has given us a movie offer, two television news interviews and a big looong chat with law enforcement! (much to YOUR chagrin):-)
    I would also like to say that I have removed my husband from this blog- per the advise of MY attorney and publicist. While I realize that certain functions that were of mention to take place in Indianapolis and “certain” members of this function were here on a TRYING ‘solely to profit’ from my husband,….you will not be given that privilege anymore!
    My husband is a God fearing older gentleman who whole heartedly put his ALL in the Trashbag Murderer book to give the victims commemoration AND by the advise of a counselor as therapy for his close brush with death at the hands of vicious killer Kearney.
    So go… Go now and have peace. We wont be back here to give you YOUR notoriety any more; you will have to gain that on your own. Write a book…. Sometimes it works!!!
    Lastly, it was MY idea to over-ride our managers decision to attend the Indianapolis function on murder, not Tony…bet ya didn’t know that? I can see that I was clearly wrong in my decision.

    Have a healthy life and a prosperous one!

    Kimberly Stewart, Social Worker,
    Crisis Intervention. State of Indiana.

    • Finally someone with some real credentials! These goons seem to be uneducated, all they seem to do is try to knock down the great authors. Usually the uneducated use their jealously to attack others. I wouldn’t worry about them, they were most likely raised this way. If you do happen to ever read my post, please give your husband my best. He doesn’t know me, but I enjoy his books.

  58. Kimberly,
    You do not need to lie and exaggerate in order to stick up for your husband. I’m very proud of all the publicity that you’re supposedly garnering. I’m definitely not buying a single word of it as this is a blog not CNN, but if it’s true, kudos! Have you done a google search for the website your husband was badmouthing? Try it. Serial Killers Ink. There will be a plethora of news organizations mentioning the website. I believe it’s gotten to the point where the owner is just refusing to talk to all forms of media. You two are talking about people you know nothing about. Write a book? The man whom your husband was talking to who is in charge of the Crime Scene IS an author. And his book is rather stellar. The other website has more publicity than your “author” husband could ever dream of having.
    You’re not intimidating anyone with your immature antics of dropping the lawyer bomb. We all have lawyers. I’m not willing to contact mine over people attacking a website and me responding to it on a blog, but to each their own, right? So you’re a social worker and you have a publicist? I know there are a lot of people needing someone to speak for them while in the field of social work….*eyeroll* I find it rather odd that you feel the need to bring up your credentials as it has nothing to do with this conversation, Patrick Kearney or your husband’s lies. Strangely enough, I can’t find anything online to back those credentials of yours. I don’t blame you, I would probably make up a profession if my husband was a D list author with an obsession with Dillinger. I’m sure it is rather embarrassing for you.
    It’s rather comical that you would think anyone would try to gain notoriety from your husband. Your husband could use all the attention he could get. He’s an author who has 0% feedback on Amazon. NO BOOK REVIEWS! How can you even act so pretentious when clearly you both have nothing going for yourselves. The Crime Scene stint could have actually put his name out there because, as we all know (after all, it was YOUR idea for him to go, so obviously you see he’s a nobody as well) nobody knows who Tony Stewart is, aside from the FAMOUS driver. I still can’t get over the empty Amazon page. Has he even sold one book?
    I was really hoping Patrick Kearney was telling a joke when he gave information on your husband. Your husband’s odd behavior in response to Kearney’s comments (trying to cut off all contact with people he was doing dealings with, cancelling the only appearance that will ever benefit him, frantically looking though all of the Kearney items on a website for fear the public will see what Kearney has shared about him, talking down about other websites/people because he is terrified about the information they have acquired, etc) let everyone know that something is very, very wrong here.

    • I applaud you Kimberly,
      Your husband is an excellent author. Looks like you are above the childish remarks. Good for you. I’ve made some posts here in response to these idiots. I won’t be back either, because there is nothing these dumb asses have to say that would be important enough to read. I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing any more of their childish posts. Tell your husband to keep writing. I can’t wait for his next book. Thanks, Rich

  59. As far as movie deals, news stories, etc. I would suggest googling Stewarts name and then my name. I am sure any layman will see the results much in favor of myself. I have been featured in over 30 news stories in the last two years. Two documentaties, various books and other media. Tony Stewart is not even a blip on the true crime genre radar. I have been involved in this business for many years and anyone can see I have made a success of my ventures. So, let’s not get into the whole “pissing contenst” regrding credentials – as you will lose.

    Tony Stewart was called out due to his attempt to make money off the pain and suffering of victims (while masking it as actually caring about the victims). This did not sit well with him so he embarked on a smear campaign against The Crime Scene and Serial Killers Ink. both of which he was using to sell his book.

    Shortly there after we received word that his involvement in the Kearney case is nothing like he portrays in the book, it goes much deeper and it’s a wonder he has never been brought to stand and answer certain questions. The reason why? Kearney has stated that he will never turn over information on Stewart so Stewart is safe from prosecution. HOWEVER, I am turning over several letters from Kearney to the Los Angeles Times regarding Kearney’s claims as one of their investigative reporters is very interested in this story.

    The point here? Mr. Stewart became very nervous when he learned that Kearney was giving me information on him. He immediantly tried to distance himself from Serial Killers Ink and The Crime Scene and started smearing their names in hopes to avert the upcoming negative attenion that he will recieve when the story is released regarding hsi role in the Kearney crimes.

    Tony had two VERY successful and influential true crime websites willing to back him which would have done WONDERS for the sale of his book. …Judging by the amount of (or lack of, actually) reviews and comments left on your books on Amazon, it looks as if you honestly do not make very many sales at all.

    With that I will part as I have an interview with the LA Times to take care of 🙂

    • Eric or whatever your real name is. I have never seen you on any programs or the news. Perhaps you meant in comic books. However, I have seen Mr. Stewart on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, also on the radio and in several books and magazines. I have been featured in over 30 news stories in the last two years. What two documentaties have you appeared in…snow white, and perhaps the three little pigs? Looking at your SerialKillerInk site…you are nothing but a joke who idolizes serial killers and feeds off the victims of these killers. Get a real life.

  60. To the Stewarts,
    You both come across as very defensive, almost like you do in fact have something to hide. The other parties have asked you specific questions as to profit and involvement and both of those issues are not only ignored by the both of you, but you divert the attention of those issues by using negative statement towards others. Oldest trick in the book.

    I have in fact did a google of all parties involved here. I could find virtually nothing on Mr. Stewart except for the Amazon listings.

    In regards to the other websites there is a plethora of information, news stories and books relating to Serial Killers Ink and The Crime Scene. In one specfic news story the owner of Serial Killers Ink even went so far as to turn over letters to law enforcement that were from Elisa Baker that held information on her case that had not been made public. That action was not only the right thing to do but was the action of a true professional. (that story is here: ABC NATIONAL NEWS

    And you say they glofiy child killers? Just the opposite. They helped law enforcement with information that a child killer gave them. How twisted of you to try and turn that around to put them in a negative light.

    Mr Stewart has constantly attempted to sale his book here on this website. That is origianlly what caught my interest. I too am an author and I find it very distasteful the actions of advertising a book on a blog where victims of the crime frequent. Where are your scrupples Mr. Stewart?

    I think Mr. Stewart is hiding something, and while that is just my opinion, his actions as well as his wife’s actions are what has lead me to speculate that he may be attempting to cover up something that he does not want made public.

    I welcome any and all responses and thank you for letting me speak.

    • John, try looking for Mr. Stewart on Discovery Channel, History Channel and National Geographic Channel…or perhaps in Peoples Magazine. Here’s a tip…If you get DSL or Boardband you can search more than just Amazon. Dial up doesn’t get you to the bigger sites as fast. Try it.

    • No need for temper tantrums, most of us grew out of them as babies. AND please look up BIG words like “plethora” and learn the meaning before you use them in your revengeful ignorant posts.

      John, try looking for Mr. Stewart on Discovery Channel, History Channel and National Geographic Channel…or perhaps in Peoples Magazine. Here’s a tip…If you get DSL or Boardband you can search more than just Amazon. Dial up doesn’t get you to the bigger sites as fast. Try it.

  61. It seems Mr. Stewart has stolen portions of scans of our letters from Kearney and has placed them on his amazon page for the book claming them as his own. Not only is this unthetical, its just another unprofessional move on his part. We just got off the phone with amazon and will be back on the phone with them in the morning and will be providing them with proof that the items that Mr. Stewart has stolen and has claimed as his own is in fact our property.

    This guy truly takes the prize. Can you be more crooked? An “author” stealing images claiming them as his own when it is reather easy to prove they belong to Serial Killers Ink. We will be showing the full letters on our website tomorrow.

    • Note for Eric Boy…Once you list these letters on your site, it becomes Public Domain. Look it up. If anyone stole anything…you have stolen the dignity of victims by your writing and idolizing these killers.

  62. Tony’s book is the first definitive history of the pyschopathic murderer Patrick W. Kearney, and is an excellent read. I feel honored that he asked me to do the front cover illustration. Everyone should buy Tony’s book! And congrats are in order for the possible movie deal that Kimberly mentioned above! That is fantastic news!

    As for the pinheads who glorify serial killers, and sell memorabilia related to these sorts of sickos, I find that sort of thing very distasteful, and demented.

  63. “W.D. Smith”, aren’t you Tony’s brother or cousin or something? Haha. Tony’s book is not definitive, nor is it an excellent read. Possible movie deal? Please, here Kimberly is going on and on about publicists and lawyers, meanwhile Tony’s FREE website was shut down. He didn’t even have a book publisher. There is no movie deal. There are no publicists. There are no lawyers and there is no honesty amongst the three of you.
    Pinheads who glorify serial killers? Hello black, meet kettle. You guys are making books albeit bad ones and making money of the same criminals that you’re complaining about others for making money off of. You’re all hypocrites. I find THAT distasteful and demented.

    • Don’t know who this Jess is, but IF you would had read W.D. Smith’s you would have noticed he did not say anything about being Mr. Stewart’s brother. He did however correctly mention that Mr. Stewart’s book IS an excellent read. Word of advise…focus in AND read before you comment and you will be able to stick to the point of the post. Teenagers should not be aloud to post here.

      • I think you mean “allowed”, any teenager could tell you that. With you being Tony Stewart’s number 1 fan, I’m not at all surprised that you aren’t capable of forming complete sentences without grammar and spelling mistakes.
        You keep talking about the Dillinger book. I’m not interested in reading it and this blog has nothing to do with it. The only thing worth mentioning in regard to that book is the Amazon page where Tony’s own son wrote a review basically calling his dad a moron. That’s worth checking out. Other than that, I’m not interested in continuing this conversation. It’s clear to me that you’re Kimberly, saying the same old nonsense (“I’M NOT COMING
        BACK HERE TO READ WHAT YOU SAY!!!11!”) You’re so pathetic…commenting on every single post on here. If I weren’t getting annoyed by all of the
        email notifications, I wouldn’t be bothering with this at all.
        Eric’s not doing anything that Tony isn’t trying to do himself. The only difference is Eric is successful and continues to be more and more successful while “Tony
        Stewart” continues to write bad books on, the free publishing website and get his free websites taken down for copyright laws. I really think you and your
        husband have done a stellar job of making fools of yourselves on here so I don’t need to add anything. Keep up the great work trying to build yourselves up when
        google will tell you the only Tony Stewart is the one who drives professionally….an Eric Gein search though–that will give you a PLETHORA of things to read.

      • Thank you, Mr. James. I am in no way related to Tony. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to do the cover illustration for his book, and this is my very first book cover.

  64. Another unethical attempt to sell the book. Doesn’t that get a bit old?

    I have found some really interesting info. Please check out the reviews for one of his prior books on Amazon. The mass of reviews speak volumes on Mr Stewart and his horrid writing.

    There so many one star reviews that I lost count, and one is from his own son! The majority of the reviews state how horrible his spelling and grammar are throughout the book, with a misspelling even spotted on the cover!

    Now on to more important matters. Mr. Stewart is dangerously close to being sued.
    We have consulted with our attorney and our counsel prompty contacted the sites where Mr. Stewart was claiming our property as his own and provided them with our copyright documentation. Those scans have all been removed (Amazon, Flickr and his FREE website). If we spot any further infringements Mr Stewart will see us in a court of law.

    Are you serious? This guy is so sought after by movie producers yet his grammar is horrid and he doesn’t seem to be able to sell a single book – the reviews on the link above point out just how bad his books are. Stop…PLEASE stop with all the lies, movie deals?? I cannot stop laughing.

    Furthmore Mr Stewart has also falsely accused someone of sending him death threats. Why would he do this? This was his failed attempt to stop The Crime Scene convention. Lie and accuse someone of a very serious crime in order to stop an even that you are not welcome at. That is very twisted and it’s a wonder you have not been arrested yet.

    And you are proud to have done the cover art? If you say so.

    Publishers? since when did provide publishers….thats the infamous “do it yourself” book site. You aren’t fooling anyone with all your freebie websites.

    Our logs indicate you are constantly going to our website over the last week, that amounts to cyberstalking, along with your libel as I said before you are close to having a day or two in court. If that is what it takes to stop your harassment, threats and stalking, then that is exactly what will happen

    The letters from Kearney are up on our website and we will continue to publish the letters as they are sent to us.

    • unethical? Try looking up the meaning of these words before using them. You are the one here that is not only unethical, but undignified, arrogant and dumbfounded too. Thanks for the link…Mr. Stewart’s book is excellent! Great research!

      • SKI, Eric,Jess are all the same trying to act like a gang of people. I personally know that as soon as this guy sells a piece of “murderabilia” he goes out and buys drugs as soon as the cash is in his hand. Is that someone you want to support? Not me. Not anymore. He’s a disrespectful little prick and he’s far from being a real “author”. He makes comments like Aileen Wuornos isn’t a “real” serial killer, but idolizes idiots like Charles Manson who never killed anybody. He was such a coward he had to get others to do it for him. And that’s what he and Eric Gein have in common, little men trying to feel big and powerful. He’s from my town and people here hardly know who he is. He’s a scared little boy in a fat nerd’s body who hides in his house all die trying to talk big behind a screen. The guy is a COWARD.

        • Everyone,

          PLEASE try to keep on topic, which would be the murders and victims of the Trash Bag Murders. All of these comments about selling stuff from serial killers, etc. has nothing to do with the victims or their loved ones, or even justice. Have some respect for the loved ones of the victims. They do not need to read about this stuff here. Remember the victims, for their lives, that they lived and for those who loved them.

          • Retraction: As stated in an earlier post the above statements about Eric and Serial Killer’s Ink were only made because a third party acquainted with both of us was trying to use manipulation and puppet tactics against myself and Eric to escalate a problem and instigate a physical confrontation between the two of us. It has since been resolved and none of the negative statements regarding Eric and SKI are true or accurate. Please disregard them and hopefully they will be removed soon. Please accept this apology and I would appreciate that my comments be removed. Thank you.

  65. re: W.D. Smith

    Tony Stewart uses a site called this site is a self publish site, you type up something and they will sell it. there is no quality control nor copyright checks. Virtually anything can be sent to and printed into a book. That does not make someone an “author”.

    Tony Stewart’s own posts here showcase his grammar skills “This is Tony Stewart and I wanted to clarify that I am not having no part in any convention who worships killers” That ONE sentence alone raises a red flag regarding the validity and writing skill of this man.

    Frankly I am growing tired of seeing these not-so-well-placed overt attempts to sell this book. You do indeed have a free website from freeservers. What well respecred author cannot afford their own domain and has to use a free website with banner pop ups and advertisements??

    And yet again, there still has been NO MENTION of where the proceeds from this book go. I douubt any have been sold, but in the case that one does actually sell, again….where do the proceeds go? In your pocket I aasume.

    Yet another word of advise to Tony Stewart. Go PR your book somewhere else, shoving a poorly written self published book in the faces of victims family is just down disrespectful. AGAIN, Where are your scrupples? Are you so bent on making a buck you don’t care the quality of the product (judging by the Dillinger book) nor the content regarding not being able to back up your words.

    Someone repeated my opinion to the T on the amazon listing for this book with the words “This book reads like a National Enquirer tabloid magazine”

    • W.D. Smith’s artwork was outstanding on Mr. Stewart’s book cover. And the book you are reffing too had 23 Five-star remarks, and only 10 remarks made by you and your friends. READ THE BOOK BEFORE CRITICIZING IT. .

      • Thank you, Mr. James! I’ve been an illustrator since the 80’s and this was the very first time my work has appeared on the cover of a book, so I was extremely excited!


        W. D. Smith

  66. Hello,

    After reading the posts on this page, I went to Amazon to view Tony Stewart’s book, Dillinger, The Hidden Truth. Thanks for providing the link.

    Wow! After reading the reviews, I don’t know what all the fuss was about. My honest opinion…Not only did this author have several good reviews, but he clearly states that the first edition was unedited and released this way by the publisher, which is actually common. There are even several other big name authors out there who have also published their first edition in an unedited version. This particular book by Mr. Stewart was published by Exlibris book publishing, which is owned by Cumberland Books. As some of you may be aware, Cumberland has been around for years.

    I was very impressed with all Mr. Stewart’s hard work and research throughout the book. Sure there was some grammar problems, but this manuscript was not edited, and the author never tried to hide this fact. However, his next book, Dillinger, The Hidden Truth-Reloaded is the edited version. I’ve read both.

    Any author will tell you that writing a 500-page book is not an easy task. I noticed that Mr. Stewart has several inside connections in this book, which includes the only interview ever given from his great aunt, who is also John Dillinger’s only wife, and his connection with Dillinger Expert Joe Pinkston.

    Okay, out of 36 reviews on Amazon, 23 of them were 5-Stars, which is about 70 percent of the reviews. Not bad at all. There were also one 4-stars, two 3-stars, and 10 one-stars. Overall it seems that most accomplished historians and authors that I spoke to said they sincerely enjoyed Stewart’s book, including People Magazine. I also own a copy and I’m amazed at all good information in this issue. I’ve also listed some of his editorial reviews listed below.

    On the question of Mr. Stewart being an author, the guy has written seven books, which I believe qualifies him as an author, regardless of where the books were published. It actually takes a lot more work to publish a book cover to cover, than have a publisher do all the editing and cover design. I admire Mr. Stewart’s ability to put the whole thing together.

    Whether or not they’d ever admit it, there seems to be a lot of jealous critics here. Honestly, I was actually shocked to see so many who have no logical grounds for attacking this author.

    I’m curious if there are even any real authors on Bonnie’s blog or those who have actually read the book. I don’t mean Website publishing; this doesn’t qualify you as an author.

    If fact, have any of you read any of this authors books? From all your comments sounds like no one read a single page. Also, from the remarks posted here, it appears that the only people doing the talking here are those who write to serial killers and make money off their letters and tapes. Don’t applaud yourselves too highly, these same killers that you idolize have murdered innocent children and this is why they are in prison. Is actually absurd that the only way you can earn money is to feed off serial killers in prison. Anyone heartless person can do this without much effort. Don’t you get it? Every time you sell a murderers letters, you are slapping the victims in the face. Those accusing Mr. Stewart of making money off the victims, this just shows your amateurish lack of knowledge.

    The difference is that Mr. Stewart is praised for writing his new book, The Trash Bag Murderer by the families of victims, who were allowed to finally speak out. The only people who are not happy about this book is the killer himself, because it shows what a monster he really is AND his followers who are condemning Mr. Stewart here on Bonnie’s Blog.

    I have seen Author Stewart on Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel and several other programs. I don’t know him personally, but I can say from what I’ve read that he is a pretty reliable author who sticks to the facts.

    Final conclusions – There is no reason for anyone here to reply to my comments, because I don’t believe anyone wants to hear anymore of your childish immature name calling.

    Maybe one day if you blow out enough birthday candles and make a wish… Perhaps you or someone close to you will meet a real serial killer and then you might learn to have more respect for the families of victims.

    Word of advice: “Do not idolize serial killers.”


    Richard James,
    Active member of respected societies such as Gangsterologists, Partners In Crime (PIC) and historians of America.

  67. Read these Editorials on Mr. Stewart’s book
    “Dillinger, The Hidden Truth” and you be the judge. It sounds to me like these people who actually read the book has a completely different view than those on this page.

    Ordered your book online and I can’t wait to read it. From all accounts, you really nailed it!
    Alex Tresniowski……Crime Writer at PEOPLE Magazine

    “Tony Stewart’s book ‘Dillinger, The Hidden Truth’ captures that shoot-em-up era to a ‘T.’ With the ever-growing library dealing with the ’20s and ’30s’ gangster era, Stewart’s book is another tasty dish on that splashy wine and blood splattered dinner table.”
    Tom Hollatz – Gangster Holidays–the Lore and Legend of the Bad Guys

    Tony Stewart’s dedicated fascination with John Dillinger and other
    infamous gangsters from the 1920s and 1930s is finally revealed in
    “Dillinger, The Hidden Truth.”
    Robert Livesey – author of On the Rock

    Tony Stewart uncovers the “Hidden Truth” behind the Dillinger legend in this blazing ride through America’s golden age of bank robbers.
    Jim Adams – City Editor of the New Hampshire Sunday News

    When it comes to John Dillinger, author Tony Stewart strives to – tell it like it is! “Dillinger – The Hidden Truth,” presents this dapper 1930’s outlaw, as you’ve never really known him. This is a must read book!
    Frank R. Ballinger – Bonnie & Clyde’s Hideout Website

    “Finally we have a factual and engaging story of Dillinger’s life, refreshingly devoid of the fantasy, bias and sentimentality of previous accounts.”
    Alston Purvis – Boston University

    If you read only one book this year, make it ” Dillinger, The Hidden Truth.” Tony Stewart presents an exciting new look at the bank robber’s career and those who attempted, by any means, to “Get Dillinger.”
    Bill Hanson – author of “Closely Guarded Secrets” and “Mystery Florida”

    Read for the first time, Tony Stewart’s well-researched book that uncovers the hidden truth in the annuals of the Gangster era that the FBI and J.Edgar Hoover didn’t want the public too know.
    Jeffrey Maycroft; Historical Consultant, Public Enemies Almanac.

    J. Edgar Hoover ignored the Mafia to ruthlessly exterminate easier targets–celebrity bandits like Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde–check out Tony Stewart’s Dillinger, the Hidden Truth. Moves with the fast pace of a stolen Ford V8 to the staccato bark of a Tommy gun!
    Rick Mattix – co-author, Public Enemies, America’s Criminal Past, 1919-1940 and Thompson, the American Legend: The First Submachine Gun.

    In this new work John Dillinger is researched to the insight never before researched. I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes the time, patience, and discipline to research and then write a book on any subject, let alone a subject as complicated as the life of John Dillinger. This new insight and information that Mr. Stewart has written is a refreshing and new look at the famous John Dillinger. This is recommended reading, before the lights go out on the final chapter of John Dillinger. This is the final chapter.
    Gordon Herigstad -author of Colt Thompson Serial Numbers.

    Tony Stewart not only brings this horror-movie-like true story to searing life, he has a chilling personal connection to the killer that adds an additional layer of tension and fear to an already terrifying tale. One wonders how many more Patrick Wayne Kearney’s are roaming the streets today. – DARY MATERA, author of Stolen Masterpiece Tracker – The Dangerous Life of the FBI’s Number 1 Art Sleuth

    Tony Stewart’s new book entitled, The Trash Bag Murderer is a sensational true story about a serial killer who murdered 43 people in cold blood. This is sincerely one of the most shocking crime stories of our century, nearly as inspiring and fascinating as my lifestyle portrayed in the movie Goodfellas – HENRY HILL, The Original Goodfella, (Academy Award winning film Goodfellas, based o n Hill’s life), author of Gangsters and Goodfellas, Wise guys, Witness Protection, and Life on the Run

    Tony Stewart survived to reveal this personal account on Patrick Kearney, a bizarre psychopathic killer with a severe personality disorder that manifested an aggressive behavior, which led to the deaths of over forty innocent people. Stewart has reopened the files to uncover gruesome truths and shed new light on the case. A fascinating true story! – JOSEPH R. GANNASCOLI – Vito –Star of the HBO Series: THE SOPRANOS, author of; A MEAL TO DIE FOR: A Culinary Novel of Crime

    Tony Stewart’s new book “The Trash Bag Murderer” is a bizarre true to life, suspenseful psychological thriller that so terrifying, it redefines the meaning of fear. A horrific account about confessed serial killer Patrick Kearney, who brutally butchered an estimated forty-three innocent people, dismembering and disposing the bodies in trash bags along the side of California highways. This narrative, as told personally by Stewart, the only survivor that lived to share this quivering, eye-opening story is a MUST to read! JOHN FIORE – Gigi Cestone — Star of the HBO Series: THE SOPRANOS, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, and several other prominent films.

    Tony Stewart, the survivor of a brutal serial killer, Patrick Wayne Kearney, reveals his own chilling encounter and escape from the most heinous executioner of the 70’s. Stewart adds unveiling irrefutable new evidence that could change the course of the investigation and possibly re-open the case, leading to a final closure of one of the most gruesome killing sprees of all time. Fascinating reading. GEORGIA DURANTE – author of The Company She Keeps –

    “Tony Stewart’s TRASH BAG MURDERER is sure to be another sensational HIT! (Pardon the Pun!) It’s exciting the way Tony paints us a picture with his words that is so intriguing and incredibly worth telling. His palette of subject matter is so mysteriously dark and compelling that it draws you in completely, and you can’t put the book down! His palette is all too familiar to me, as an artist who has also painted some of history’s most famous — and infamous.”– MICHAEL BELL, Celebrity Artist

    Tony Stewart delivers a bone-chilling account of survival in a situation that 99.99% of us assume could never happen to us. This story illustrates the reality that we do indeed live in a world where monsters are real and the boogey-man does exist despite what our parents told us. Tony’s account gives us a glimpse inside the insanity and terror that surrounds a serial killer.
    Rick Wilson – Actor “W.D. Jones” co-star – Crime Wave, The Boys of Summerville

  68. Like I said, I don’t personally know this author, but I have read his books. I feel he is an amazing investigator and crime writer that has put a lot of work into his books. I don’t believe should have been attacked by what I call vigilante injustice. I believe he deserves better. I actually found these messages on Amazon from the relatives of the victims, and I don’t hear any of them saying anything bad about his book. In fact, they are praising him for tell the truth.

    If Mr. Stewart reads this, I just want you to know there are several of us behind you. Pay no attention to this nonsense by these others who clearly have not even read your work.


    Tony, Neal called me this afternoon and asked me to see if you will call her. She sounded better than she has for a long time. And she was so happy to get the book. She has been living for this book for a while. She will be forever grateful to you for writing the truth and caring enough to write the sweet words you said about Hondo which she told you. The way he brought her a flower every day. She would be the last person in the world to want that man on the street and has attended some of the hearings when he was up for parole. Comment by Aunt of Merle Hondo Chance.

    Hi Tony, I received your book thank you very much. What a keepsake, my son John would like for you to autograph it. Comment by Mother of victim Hondo Chance.

    Hello Tony, Yes, my mom formed a group very popular to this day. I have some news clippings about it. It was called “Compassionate friends” It was exclusively for parents who had lost children. Ironically Billy’s favorite thing to do was hunt for treasures in the trash. He would come home with some of the most amazing things and could not understand why they were tossed out. I often think the landfill must be like heaven for him. You are a truly blessed man to be alive today. Be grateful everyday you escaped his net. Comment by Sister of victim Mike “Billy” Benniefiel.

    Thank you, Tony, Mike was not a bad boy but was a free spirit and could get in to things he shouldn’t have , i haven’t read the book yet but my daughter is in the process and she thinks you did a wonderful job and for that I thank you. Please keep in touch. Comment by Mother of victim Michael McGhee.

  69. I just read Tony Stewart’s book, “The Trash Bag Murderer”, and found it riveting. Clearly, Stewart has done a reasonable amount of research and has shed new light on the subject of Patrick Kearney.

    I found this blog and have been thoroughly entertained by the squawking. In my opinion, and I do not have a dog in this fight, Tony does honor the victims.

    The cover and artwork for this book are surrealistic. I believe this book will be a collector’s item in ten years. While the story reads like true horror at it’s best, the grammatical errors are laugh out loud funny. Here’s one of my favorites, The context is Kearney going to work at Hughes Aircraft and passing through security. As required he shows his ID to security, “As Kearney did so a buzzard sounded allowing him to enter the building” p.72

    I read a fair amount of True Crime. Tony Stewart’s, “The Trash Bag Murderer”, will be a cherished part of my collection. Highly recommended, warts and all.

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