• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Execution Alert: Elijah Page (cancelled)

Chester Allen Poage
Chester Allen Poage

In Loving Memory of Chester Allen Poage
The Death Penalty in South Dakota: What About the Victim? (editorial)
Elijah Page: A Killer’s Confession
Inmate says he lied about SD murder co-defendant
Timeline of Chester Allan Poage slaying
Second of murder trio pleads guilty – tells new version
A Look Back At Poage Murder
Briley Piper – South Dakota Death Row
State v. Elijah Page
Man seeks execution in South Dakota
State judge in Spearfish case anguishes over sentence
Briley Piper Sentenced To Death
S.D. May See First Execution Since 1947
State laws dictate Elijah Page’s last days
Statute spares Page from death
Protestors gather at execution site
A personal page for Elijah Page
Death Penalty Gets New Life
Drug Controversy Halts Execution
Execution: Elijah Page – executed for the murder of Chester Allen Poage

Murder Among Friends: Best Friends For-never

Elijah Page – convicted, sentenced to death; Executed 7/11/2007
Briley Piper – pled guilty, sentenced to death
Darrell Hoadley – convicted, sentenced to LWOP

Elijah Page


Briley Piper

Briley Piper

Age 36
Race White
Gender Male
Hair Color Red or Auburn
Eye Color Green
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 221 lbs.
Alias(es) Piper, Briley W
DOC Number #23769
Current Facility Jameson Annex
1600 North Drive
Sioux Falls, SD 57117
Parole Office NA
Correctional Status Active Inmate
Additional Info NA
Discharged NA


Darrell Hoadley

Age 36
Race White
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 144 lbs.
Alias(es) Hoadley, Darrell R
DOC Number #22093
Current Facility Jameson Annex
1600 North Drive
Sioux Falls, SD 57117
Parole Office NA
Correctional Status Active Inmate
Additional Info NA


108 Responses

  1. I’m just wondering–without giving any personal political, moral opinions, how a state can ban abortion but yet have executions. What makes these two issues different?

  2. Doesn’t it figure, the state worries about if lethal injection is cruel, mmmm i wonder how cruel this guy was when killing his victim and if his victim felt any pain? if the states would stop catering to these guys, then maybe there would less murders. give them what they deserve and stop using the excuse they were abused as children.

  3. Most people myself included do not and can not understand the mind of someone who has committed and confessed to such an atrocity as this one. I went to Malakoff high school with Elijah Page. Eli was a very good friend of mine. I remember being at a party with several friends, including Eli. We were having a conversation minding our own business when another person came up behind Eli and hit him in the back of the head with a 4-way tire tool. Eli grabbed the back of his head and turned around quickly and asked the aggressor why he had hit him. Eli then turned around and walked away. Eli didn’t retaliate in a negative or physical way at all; there was no verbal conflict, no fiery eyes of Satan! NOTHING! I understand that what Eli has done is horrible, but people have to understand that humans are heavily influenced by their environment. The Death Penalty only reinforces the fact that we as humans \ and Americans are still very primitive. Hopefully other children that are currently in the same situations, and exposed to the same type of abuse that Eli Page was exposed to as a child have more positive direction from their country than Eli.

  4. I also went to school with Elijah Page. I had little to no contact with him but we did maintain mutual friends. He was the person that would cheer you up if you were crying and the type of guy you could call at two o’clock in the morning to come and help you out of a jam. I realize that what he did was incredibly awful and extremely difficult for anyone, including himself, to understand. However, I believe that society has failed Eli. The abuse that he was subject to should never be allowed to happen to any child. He was taken by the state from one abusive household to another until he was about fifteen and he made it to our area to live with his biological father. By that time, Eli had already almost completely developed as a person and the abuse he suffered throughout his entire childhood was permanent damage. I agree with Justin and I hope that children who are exposed to this type of abuse in the future will have a better chance from outside sources. Eli was not a monster. I grieve for the family of his victim but I also grieve for Eli.

  5. In response to Moonsong, First of all, let me say that I am pro-choice, and not sure how I feel about capital punishment. Also, don’t let my last name throw you, I don’t know the victim, and if we’re related, it’s distant, this is the first I’ve heard of him, I just stumbled on this topic. I’m merely addressing your question.

    The issues of abortion and execution have nothing to do with each other. What you’re doing is the logical mistake of reductive reasoning. Fetuses can’t murder anyone and can’t be found guilty by a jury and have a defense and multiple appeals.

    This reminds me of the bumper sticker that says “why do we kill people to show them that killing is wrong” that’s an illogical sticker and I’ll tell you why. If I kidnap you and lock you in a cage, the state will arrest me and put me in prison.

    Do you see? In other words, “why do we lock people in cages to show them that locking people in cages is wrong?” Because there is a difference. The difference is: an INDIVIDUAL can’t decide to take away someone’s freedom or someone’s life. SOCIETY, as a whole, as represented by the government and justice system, CAN. That’s the whole point. The only question is: SHOULD we, as a whole, be able to say, “you there, sorry, we just can’t have you in our society anymore” That one, well, I can’t help you with.

  6. Well… i just want to say that Eli is my best friend. i’ve know him for years and years. It will break my heart to see him go. I love him very very much!!!! I really don’t have anything to say about his exacution…. it was his decision to stop his appeals and have it carried out. i just want people to know that he’s not a monster. He’s the sweetest and he’s like a big cuddly teddy bear. I don’t want to take blame off of him because he is guilty of his crime. i just want him to be understood as does he. Eli has alot of people that he will be leaving behind when he goes. And we all love and care for him. Please take this into consideration when you speak about him. Thank you for the time. And Eli…. I Love You Bunches and Bunches!!!!

  7. Well, first I would like to say thank you. It is rare to hear about my brother from people that actually know him. All you read or hear about him anymore is how much of a monster he is. While I do not deny that what he and his “friends” did monstrous, nor does he, people seem to sum him up by it and deny that he is anything but his worst mistake.
    It really bothers me that they have said next to nothing about the drugs involved, and what they where on at the time.
    Anyway, thank you for posting and please keep writing him and giving him words of encouragement.

  8. Desire,
    I remember you and Elijah from when you both attended church at New Covenant Life in Stanley, KS. I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I remember you both quite well. I had a sister named, Ari, and we both would hang out with you and Elijah and Emily Person’s and family. I want you to know that I am praying for your family and I believe strongly that Elijah should NOT be executed. It will be very sad if this happens and I pray that God will speak to the heart of the governor and not let this happen. Everyone knows what Elijah did was wrong, but what the state is doing, or scheduled to do, is just as wrong in my opinion. I stand beside you, in praying that Elijah’s life will perserved.

  9. In responce to to the whole thing, the SOB needs to die. he torchered someone for hours and then killed him. people keep talking about his exacution being inhumane, well what about what they did to chester. in my opinion, lethal injection is to humane for what they did!!!! in my opinion, he needs to be kicked to death just the way they did to chester. and as for misti’s coment you should be right next to him. you knew when it happened, you are just as guilty as eli……..

  10. Des, I am not here to call your brother a monster or to say he is not a monster. It is not my place to judge anyone, I am not GOD. Only he has the right to judge your brother. I just wanted to say I am sorry for what you and the victim’s family are going through. What your brother did was wrong and he deserves to be punished but I do not think your family deserves to be punished also. I will keep your family and the victim’s family in my prayers. I can not in good conscious not think about the victim and his family. What happened to Chester was sick. I just hope that you dont suffer for your brother’s action.

  11. please give him second chance

  12. marisol,

    Will his victim be given a second chance?

  13. Bye Bye

  14. Eli has lived a horrible life. It’s no wonder he turned to drugs. I think he must still be the little boy just looking for someone who wants him and loves him. I’m so sorry he never found it in this life. The people around him have failed him his whole life. But we can’t ignore what he did. We can’t change the sentence he has received. He seems to be ready to go for some reason…maybe he’s just tired of trying to find someone to give him the love he’s looking for. I’ll be praying that he will ask Jesus into his heart. It’s his only chance for forgiveness and love. We may not feel he deserves forgiveness, but God does. I hope he understands that his only hope is Jesus.

  15. Poor poor Eli give me a break. I don’t care what kind of abuse he was subjected to. Children are abused verbally, physically and sexually everyday and they don’t grow up to be murderers. There is no excuse for Mr. Poage’s murder. He was a 19 year old boy with a life a head of him. KW i don’t think god will forgive murder. ” Thou Shall Not Kill” Chester Poage is in heaven and Eli Page won’t be joining him.

    According to court reports, Page and his fellow murderers (Darrell Hoadley and Briley Piper) decided in March of 2000 to kidnap and murder their “friend” Chester Allan Poage so they could steal his possessions. At the house where the three murderers had been living, they pulled a gun on Poage and forced him to get on the floor where Piper kicked him unconscious. They tied Poage to a chair and Page forced him to drink a mixture of “crushed pills, beer and hydrochloric acid.” Court documents say Poage begged for an explanation of why his friends were doing this to him, but Page hit him in the face and told him to “shut up.” While the murderers discussed how they might kill Poage, Poage pleaded for his life and offered to give him everything he owned if they would let him live. After getting Poage to divulge the PIN of his ATM card, they put the victim in a car and drove him to Higgins Gulch. They forced Poage out of the vehicle and into 12-inch deep snow where he was made to take off all his clothes except for a tank-top style undershirt, shoes and socks; the temperature was about 25 degrees F. The three murderers then held Poage down and tried to cover him up with snow, then took him to an icy creek about 50 feet from the road. Court documents say Page and Piper admit to kicking Poage “numerous times” in the head and other parts of his body. Poage attempted to escape at one point, but this only brought recapture and more beating. They made Poage lay in the icy creek water “for a lengthy period of time.” Poage begged to be allowed to get in the warm vehicle, saying he would rather bleed to death in the warmth of the vehicle than to freeze to death in the creek. Piper initially agreed to let him in the vehicle if he would wash off the blood from his body in the creek, but after Poage did this, Piper reneged and they continued beating him. After more beating, they put Poage back in the stream where they tried to drown him. Piper stood on the victim’s neck, then stabbed him twice or more in the head and neck. They apparently also beat him with stones. Poage was still moving even after this brutal punishment, so they dropped large rocks on the victim’s head which is believed to have finally killed him. The court documents state that Page admitted dropping these rocks on his “friend’s” head. About three hours after they started beating Poage at the creek, Page and the others left Poage for dead in the water. Page and the others then stole some of Poage’s property and used his ATM card to get some cash. Over a month later, Poage’s remains were found in that creek.

    I wanted to paste this to the blog so people won’t forget the real victim. Chester Poage Rest in Peace

  16. We as a society can not keep using the abuse card. Yes I understand people are abused everyday but that does not justify murder. You have to ask yourself, Why would someone who is abused do that to someone else? Why when you know how it feels, why would you do that to someone else. Death is never easy no matter whether its from natural causes, murder, or electrocution. I know you all are hurting and I can understand wanting to stand beside him but why cant you all think about the victim.

  17. Thanks, Carolyn, for those details. I found out about this case today, and did a Google News search to read more about it; however, not a single South Dakotan newspaper article I pulled up gave any detail into the background of the case. I suspect that the S.Dakotan papers, like many papers nationwide, have been the victim of corporate purging: rich publishers and MBA-driven board of directors eliminating reporter positions, and watering-down the quality of news coverage. All to pad their own greedy, country-club pockets.

    In any case, both this Page freak and the other monster, Briley, deserve to be put down.

  18. Amy,
    I agree. People need to be held accountable for what they do. Otherwise, they will keep committing these horrible crimes. Do I feel sorry for him? NO. I feel soory for the victim. That is the problem with society. They keep forgetting the VICTIMS, and are always making excuses for the MURDERERS. Can you imagine going to the victim’s family and asking them to give Elijah “one more chance”?

  19. It always amazes me how some folks try to turn the perp into a poor victim!! The cold hard facts are that the perp (Page) should have considered the affects of his actions on his family before he tortured and killed his victim. The world is full of mothers, relatives and bleeding hearts that cannot come to grips with the absolute atrocities that some of these monsters commit. (Monster is really the wrong word as they are really worthless human garbage) These bleeding hearts want to blame the entire world and other circumstances rather than face the facts of what occurred.
    Some of these bleeding hearts ought to see the crime scene carnage left behind by the perps. It might change their line of reasoning. Unless you have seen it, it is very difficult to visualize what some human beings are capable of doing while in the process of committing a murder.
    Please explain to me why the world won’t be better off if Page is dead.

  20. KansasCop,
    I have to agree with you. I am a Criminal Investigations Student and I am starting to seeing in my research some of the things people think a person cant do. It is absolutely horrible. Until I started my classes I never thought things like this was real. Seeing and hearing about it on the news is nothing compared to seeing pictures and knowing that it is true. I know that pictures are nothing compared to what I will see when I graduate and starting working Crime Scenes.

    Shauncey, I am glad to see you back posting. I know you have been very busy. Yeah, I know what you mean about asking the victime’s family for one more chance. These murderers sure wont thinking about giving their victim another chance while they listen to him beg for his life.

  21. i´m sorry for him! Er tut mir leid und was ich noch schlimmer finde ist, das ihm anscheinend niemand zugehört hat!

  22. In a case like this I am torn between accepting the death penalty and being against. I have been against the death sentencing all my life, but with a case as horrific, disturbing and scarey as this one, I guess I have second guess myself. I believe all the boys who were involved in this should have to deal with the dealth penalty and for him to described what they did to him, he should be prepared to die and he should die!

  23. Des,
    The first thing I want to say is that I think about you all the time. I miss you so much and I am praying for you, your brother and sister. You are like family to me! I sincerely hope that you are doing okay with the decisions that Elijah is making now. I know we have talked in the past about this and I know God will walk with him.
    Second, I would like to say that the people who have judged Elijah on this page should not throw stones. EVERYONE will stand before Him on the day of judgement and they should be trying to get their sins forgiven instead of condemning your brother.
    Third, my heart and prayers go out to Chester’s family as well. NO ONE deserves what happened to him and I pray that his family finds peace in whatever way they can.
    I love you Des!

  24. Society is sick, we are sick (or are we the illness?). What Elijah Page did was terrible, he should pay for it. It is true that Chester did not receive e second chance, so why should he? This is a point that can hardly be discussed, as it is indeed justice. But then again, we as “society” are in these occasions too much focussed on the cure (execution). Why not (at least try to) avoid the “illness” and open our eyes a little to what is really going on in this world. We should not (as we so often do) turn our back on people (kids or adults) with social problems. Physical or psychological abuse of either children, women or men (any human being) is something we can hardly deal with as society, as we are only standing there, watching and judging, too often without offering a helping hand to the victims. I think that we should put more attention to eachother and be more loving and caring with all those who are on the same journey through life (that is everyone, no matter what race, religion, sex or looks). All this of course does not take away the guilt of Elijah and his so called friends, nor does it bring back Chester. I am sorry for the family and friends of Chester and hope they will be able to put all this behind them, as forgetting it will be impossible. I am also sorry for the family and friends of Elijah, as with him another life will leave this earth, way too early…

  25. Finally his execution is coming. We’ve wasted enough tax payers dollars. This should have been done a long time ago.

  26. You are just a natural born Pro aren’t you Carolyn?
    In occasions like this, I do agree with you that the Death Penalty is the only correct sentence for this terrible deed and that it is of no use to let more time pass as he himself claimed full responsibility for the act. The sooner it is over, the better for all… Nonetheless I do think we should try harder in life to stand next to eachother and become more of what we call a “society”. Every day we are less social and especially those who are not born with a “silver spoon”, tend to end up in a criminal career. It is not only a personal problem.

  27. kill him now. i am tired of paying taxes on him. we have a death sentence for a reason. if you choose to do the crime then expect to do the time dumbass. i cannot believe you people! oh poor eli and give him a second chance. bull shit. kill him now! he is more worthless than george bush.

  28. Don´t execute Elijah. He is NOT a monster!!!!!
    Ich bin echt froh das wir in Deutschland keine Todesstrafe haben…Und der Steuerzahler und auch andere sollten mal cool bleiben-die haben nämlich 0 Ahnung!

  29. Freedom: Yes I am pro death penalty and as far as Im concerned it isn’t utilized enough. As far as your society statement. Well it doesn’t make much sense. People don’t grow up to be murders because they don’t have a “silver spoon”. They lack morals. If they want to act like an animal be prepared to be put down. Wouldnt it be great if we could all hold hands and sing Kumbaya? You have to get real and do whats best for the rest of the law abiding citizens.

  30. Elijah wants everybody to know he feels bad for what happened. He’s not a cold-hearted person like they’re making him out to be.He was honorable enough to stand up and pay the piper for what he did. I wish someone would look at that… Elijah is not a monster!!!!

  31. Well, Elijah has asked to die so leave it alone. If he can accept his fate why cant you Minks From Germany

  32. Why do pro-death folks think it is a picnick in prison? You are completely ignorant. Prison is no joke. Life in prison without hope of parole solves the problem nicely. We do not have to live next door to prison staff personell who strap a healthy 25 year old to a gurney, and kill him. If your neighbor can justify killing a healthy boy, what might he justify doing to you? A life without sentence is not letting them get away with the horifying evil Eli has done. yet it will allow he and his familly the decades they need to face the evil in them. It is not entirely just for Chester with such a solutiuon, but my friends, if we hand out justice without mercy just exactly what is it that you think would be just for God to do to you? I am not without sin. I deserve to die for the evil I have perpetrated. I never killed anyone, but I did my bit to be a scumbag. I have been to the remote and secret dark corners and watched many of you, some of your wives, daughters, fathers and sons commit vile and loveless acts. I have seent the darkness in the heart of man. I know each of you carry in your heart what you do not want your neighbor to know. That is why you act out in the darkness, hiding from the light like rats. You too are a sinner my friend, and you spent your life in that hell hole Eli is in, you would know it is not “getting away with it” to spend the rest of one’s life in that terrible place.

    The death penalty makes murderers of us all. It is often just, yet the one who carries it out has now become the same dark soul who did the evil deed in the first place. Since we all have evil in our hearts, let us tread lightly when dispencing justice. Lest justice find you in full force.

    Please repent before God prior to your arival before Him Eli. If we confess our sins god is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins.

  33. My heart is extremely heavy for Elijah and the victim’s family tonight. I have been praying for Elijah that God will soften his heart and that Elijah would let go of the past and know that he can be forgiven and is loved. His life might be ending here on this earth but he can still spend eternity in heaven if he will only choose to accept God into his heart. I realize the crime that was committed is unfathomable but God is a forgiving and merciful God! His mercies are new every morning. Carolyn the Bible does say “Thou Shall Not Kill” but it also says Thou Shall Not Steal or Take the Lord’s Name in Vain. These are also part of the Ten Commandments. Think how many of us would be unforgiven for breaking these if God was not a merciful and compassionate God. God will and can forgive Elijah but it is up to Elijah to receive this forgiveness. I pray with all my heart that Elijah will make things right with God before he leaves this earth.
    Elijah Jesus Loves You more than you could possibly imagine.

  34. Elijah deserved to die, plain and simple. What’s the big deal, anyway? Fairness? Give me a break. Actually, the Elijah supporters should be thanking society for allowing him to be killed so humanely. And no, no matter how much he prays to Jesus, he’s never be going to heaven. Sorry. Too little, too late.

  35. I truly believe that the hardest part of Christianity to really understand is that even people like Elijah can be accepted into Heaven, if he truly repents while he is alive.

    We all want to be forgiven for the sins we have committed, big and small. But there is something in us–the same sin of jealousy and pride for which Cain slew Abel–that doesn’t want to believe that the people we hate who do the things we fear can ever be forgiven as we are.

    Regardless of repentance, however, the forgiven sinner must still pay the penalty society has decreed. His forgiveness, if there is any, is an eternal one, against which the condemnation of the world should pale in comparison.

    Elijah’s sin earned him the death penalty. If he repented and turned to Christ wholeheartedly, he may have avoided the Second Death. But on this earth, it was right and just, under God’s own law–just like the law to which God’s own Son submitted Himself willingly–to die.

    Doug, you are wrong. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven while we still have breath. Only the sin of dying in denial of Jesus sends you eventually to Hell. You are, however, right in stating that lethal injection is a profoundly easy way to die, both when compared to the torture the victim went through and when compared to the ways criminals used to be executed. To those who believe the death penalty is a heartless and cruel penalty, let me just remind you that the entire history of the death penalty has been a search to make the procedure progressively more humane and less painful.

    I pray that the families on both sides will find some peace after this point. And that the hearts of parents all over the world would turn to their children to protect them, both from becoming Elijahs and becoming victims of someone like him.

  36. I read about this execution in the news. Having read the description posted above, the crime certainly was shocking in its brutality. My initial instinct was that yes, the defendant did deserve to die for his crime. Yet, I can not reconcile the death penalty with my moral beliefs, even in this horrific case. What Elijah Page did was gravely immoral and I certainly agree that he forfeited his right to ever again live freely in society when he committed this crime. However, the Ten Commandments say “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Whether it be murder, execution or suicide, all instances have the same result. It is killing that is forbidden by The Bible, not simply murder.

  37. I’m an atheist but I’m praying for Elijah. I pray that there is a hell and Elijah gets a front row seat. Poor bastard and his miserable childhood. Waaaa. I guess we should reserve execution for the silver spoon guy that grew up under the ideal conditions? Elijah’s execution isn’t a religious wrong for me – murder is a criminal act punishable by death. The most heinous part of Eli’s execution is the sanitary needle used to inject the fast acting painless drugs.

  38. I, also, am an atheist… and I agree with Jake and I hope this waste of life will burn in hell. The only thing I wish for more than that? I just wish his skank mother had actually killed this little punk before he could turn his brutality on an innocent kid half his size. I wish I could have been there to beat this psycho to death with my bare hands. And I can’t believe anyone would come on here and spill this tripe on what a great guy this Eli fella was, without even a hint of irony.

  39. I agree with Jake and Puninsher although Im not an athiest. All the christians that think eli is in heaven singing with the angels come on get real. If thinking that makes his relatives feel better than good for them. I for one hope he dropped the soap a few times while he was in prison.

  40. I looked into the matter after reading about the execution, and I read some horrible things. What he did, what he participated in, wasn’t something that got out of hand nor does it strike me as the product of a bad childhood. People seem to forget that some other people are just pure evil. I had to laugh when I read that comment made by Justin Mosley, third message from the top of the page, when he mentions Page not retaliating after getting hit with a 4-way tire tool. Ever thought of the possibility that he walked away because…the other guy had a 4-way tire tool in his hands? However, he was the one in control when dealing with Poage, and he sure knew how to “manage” his anger. I bet when he enters hell he will be complimented by the likes of Josef Mengele and a whole bunch of death camp wardens. The death penalty is a serious matter, but when someone in their right mind has shown unmistakable evil behaviour I don’t see why we shouldn’t get rid of them.

  41. What is wrong with you people? Has nobody thought of victim’s ( and by that I mean CHESTER) family? What his poor mother has to see everytime she closes her eyes? Don’t be foolish enough to think that ANY mother would EVER be able to get the vision of her baby, no matter how old he is, begging for his life and being tortured in unimaginable ways. I am a mother of three boys and I know that I would never be able to live with it. It makes me sick to even think that there are people out there that could do that to my child.

    As for the whole poor pitiful Eli bull, there is NEVER going to be anything said to justify his crimes. If he was so abused why didn’t he retaliate against his abusers? At least that would be more understandable. Instead everyone is just using it as a way to enable his deviat behaviors. There is enough resourses out there to get help and ignorance is not an excuse. In my opinion, shame on the family and friends of the killers if they knew of his “terrible life” and abuse and did NOT point him in the proper direction to get help. That would have prevented 3 deaths; as far as I am concerned their blood is on your hands too. I don’t want to hear it. Eli got what he deserved and obviously the courts agreed because now he is dead too. YAY!

  42. Punisher,
    Since when does an atheist believe in hell. If there is no god as atheist believe then there is no hell.

  43. we all deserve to die.

    God forgives any who come to Him. no favoritism is shown. all who repent will be forgiven.

    so whether elijah or chester are in heaven or not, isn’t something for us to know. it’s not something we can know. the possibility is for either of them to be in heaven OR hell. who are we to know a thing like that?

    by our actions, we have all condemned ourselves. all of us. it’s the grace of God that makes the way for us to escape it. whether elijah did or not, i don’t know. and neither does anyone else.

  44. p.s. and for an athiest, i don’t understand how morality can play a part in this at all. on what basis (besides social) does an athiest base morality? “right and wrong” changes in different cultures. what is done in other cultures, we deem as being wrong. such as cannibalism – and in the past, human sacrifices. so are we more “right” than them? just because our culture is adjusted that way? or because there is an actual absolute right and an absolute wrong. which would have to depend on more than just what PEOPLE say – because human behaviors differ from each other all the time. it would have to depend on something above that.

    the idea of right and wrong in an athiestic standpoint is irrelevant because it is relative. that’s why i don’t understand some of the above comments from athiests – especially the ones concerning hell.

  45. There is no excusing Elijah Page’s acts; they were heinous, immoral, and caused the intentional affliction of enormous pain not just upon Chester Poage but upon great numbers who cared for him. Those acts were no doubt an outrage against society. To contemplate them is to feel rage and stomach-turning disgust. And none of that justifies the killing of Elijah Page. It’s easy to understand the outrage these crimes evoke. Certainly the victim’s mother is understandable in her desire for revenge. And that’s why we interpose the state–to make sure crimes are punished, criminals neutralised, and society protected. However, the state has none of the excuses of the offended for its calculated infliction of death. Surely there is much foolishness on this board about what a terrific fellow Eli was and how what these people need is love. But the thing that always alarms me most in these capital discussion boards is the bitterness and smug, gleeful inhumanity of the proponents of killing the offender. Those are, in fact, the very hallmarks of the bruised souls exhibited by the murderers themselves. Look for your humanity; vengeful rage over a brutal tragedy to which you have no personal connection is not the answer. No one reasonable ever spoke of letting Elijah Page off the hook or giving him a second chance. The idea was to make sure that the eveil was not compounded and humanity, reason and the possibility of forgiveness were respected. God rest Chester Poage and give comfort and understanding to his family. God forgive Elijah Page.

  46. An eye for an eye. I feel Elijah Page got the easy way out by being executed. He and his friends are monsters. They should be tortured too. I have no pity for these people. Tougher laws need to be enforced to rid the world of these people.

  47. I couldn’t agree with Liam more. Thank you for so articulately stating what is truly important about this whole awful situation. Remembering our humanity is the most powerful statement we can make against crimes like this. Reactionary, vengeful responses will never help us understand why people do things like this to other people. I do not believe we should let violent criminals roam our streets because they have had “bad childhoods.” I also do not believe, however, that being unsympathetic to the reasons that people like Page become capable of committing the crimes that they do is responsible either. As a society, we focus way too much on what lives should be brought into the world (the abortion debate) and what lives should leave it (the capitol punishment debate). Why don’t we ever get as angry, impassioned, or upset about the KIND of lives people lead once they are here??? Why don’t we pay attention to these people and the kind of lives they are leading BEFORE they commit these sorts of crimes, or become victims to these sorts of crimes? Last time I checked, as an individual citizen, you can do a lot more within your community to help neglected and abused children than you can to prevent/inforce the death penalty. Why don’t we insist that our leaders in government give just as much attention to the young people who are growing up in horrible enviroments (i.e. a lot of future criminals) as they do to these violent crimes once they have grabbed the attention of the public and the media, and after it is too late to undo all the wrong that has been done? We can blog our opinions all day…if we want to change something and prevent others from suffering these kind of tragic fates, think about how we can show compassion and concern for others everyday.

  48. Jesus, I love you religious nutjobs! Hitler? No problem, just pray to Jesus and you’re going to heaven! Serial murderer? Not a problem. Pray to Jesus and you’ll be forgiven and given a first class ticket to heaven! Yeah for Jesus! Yeah for Jesus! And what about all those people who dont believe in Jesus, yet have done wonderful things for people? Well, you’re all going to hell, sorry. Jesus, I love you religious nutjobs! I guess you’ll love all that esteemed company you have up in heaven.

  49. They must serve some great meals in the South Dakota prison system. This scumbag should have ordered a Slim-Fast for his last meal instead of Steak and Onion Rings.

  50. I agree with everyone on this site who has noted how the true VICTIMS are always forgotten. Google “Elijah Page” and you get over 2 million hits (granted not all of them related to the Elijah Page being discussed here). Google “Chester Poage” and you get around 28 thousand.

  51. doug. if you don’t believe in religion, then why are you so upset? you obviously don’t understand certain concepts such as simple prayer vs repentance. you are making radical assuptions on something you know nothing about. or perhaps have a slim view of.

    in the same manner as the laws of nature, so there are spiritual laws. not because they are chosen to be, but because they just are. not because God said “i’m going to make things work this way”. they just exist that way – as the laws of nature do – because they are what they are. and because he is who he is. as to the nature of heaven and hell – i honestly don’t know. the bible honestly doesn’t say a whole lot about either of them. our modern day translations would like to think different, but when the original text is read, the bible doesn’t refer to what we call heaven or hell hardly at all. that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. it means we don’t fully know.

    but BECAUSE God is who he is. not only infinite. but holy. any offence against this god would therefore be an infinite offence, and should be therefore unforgivable. we’ve all done things that are wrong. to claim perfection is incredible self-righteousness. so all have commited an infinite offence against an infinite God and have thereby condemned themselves. THANKFULLY, God has made way to escape our condemnation. from the smallest to the largest – still an infinite offence against the spiritual laws (much like the laws of nature).

    but why should you care what we think anyways? go grab a book on theology or apologetics if it really upsets you that much. thoroughly learn the subject before you mock it. then maybe you won’t look so silly for getting upset about something you not only don’t believe in – but also know nothing about.

  52. Eli deserves to die. He knows it and is letting the sentence stay. His victim died a most horrible and painful, frightened death. I don’t think that God would excuse his behavior on Earth. He would send him down to Hell no matter how much he pleaded, just like poor Chester. I don’t think people can buy tickets to Heaven just by a few words on a death bed. If that was true, I wouldn’t want a God like that anyways.

  53. kayla, praise Jesus, and welcome Hitler, serial murderers, Eli and any other scumbag to heaven! (as long as they prayed for Jesus). Isn’t Jesus great? He forgives all, so don’t worry about what you do on earth. No worries at all. Just don’t forget to pray to Jesus!

  54. again. the difference between prayer and repentance is ignored by all. prayer is communication. repentance is a heart matter and a matter of changing. it’s not something you can just spit out on your death bed. it’s not just saying some words. it’s changing your heart. and that can’t be faked. MOST LIKELY someone who is calloused enough to murder people WONT change their heart and repent. they might spit out some words out of fear – but that’s not repentance. and that won’t save you. most of the time, people who have done such things have decided the state of their heart far in advance, and the event that they will sincerely change is very unlikely…. but not impossible.

    now on the other hand. let me try to explain this in simpler terms. if you jump out of an airplane, gravity will pull you down and you will fall. and if you don’t have a parachute, you will hit the ground and die. now. i don’t really like that. i would rather it not be that way. i would rather fly. but. no one gets mad at gravity for pulling them to the earth. no one gets upset with the way gravity works, or mad that it exists. it is accepted that it just exists. and just as there are “drawbacks” to this gravity thing (if you are not careful about it, there are), there are most certainly benefits (such as not floating into outerspace).

    point being. BECAUSE God exists, things are a certain way. because gravity exists, its’ rules apply. we don’t have to like how they are. sometimes it seems not to our own liking, but he is very necissary to our existance.

    and it’s funny. the very people who get mad at christians for judging, are so quick to do the same themselves.

  55. in a sense i see people asking a very impossible thing of God…. to make decisions in accordance to what will please them. this is impossible because we are such narrow creatures.

    for instance, we want elijah to die. as he DOES deserve to, i agree. so on one hand, we are wanting God to punish sins. but on the other hand, we’re wanting God to NOT punish sins. at least not ALL sins. right? just the ones WE find ok. so what do you want him to do? punish or let go? so you’ve spat in the face of an infinite God. if you realize your blunder later, should he forgive you – or should he just say “nope. you screwed up. too bad.” we would hope that he would understand our ignorance and accept us if we truly realize and sincerely regret our mistake.

    it seems – we want a loving God. but not TOO loving of a God. at least not to EVERYONE. and we want a JUST and punishing God – but not TOO punishing of a God. just punishes what i find appropriate.

    it all comes from gross misunderstanding of God and who he is. and who we are. and what we’re asking of Him. there is reason to what God does. we may be spoiled children who don’t understand it, who always want things OUR way. but our way is inconsistant, prejudice, and contradictory. no matter what He does, you’ve got him backed into a corner. and you don’t want that God, right? you don’t want him because he’s not you.

  56. Glad he was put to death, what he did there was no excuse.
    Im so sick of reading articles, then find myself reading a bunh of made up god stuff. Its not that we are judging you, its that we are sick of hearing your idiotic simple minds. Its like nails on a chalk board.

  57. simple minds? i have yet to hear one bit of reason on this board that is not driven by emotion of some sort. your reason is biased and limited.

    not to mention. i didn’t say you were judging me. i said judging. judging elijah. judging right and wrong. isn’t that wrong to do? well, i guess we’d have to make a judgement call on that too. so i guess our logic is a little flawed, because it again contradicts itself. how frustrating it must be to have such thoughtless philosophies. i would rather not think too hard about them either.

  58. Why aren’t more people on this site apologetic toward the mother of Chester? Screw Elijah!!! The pain he caused Chester doesnt even compare to the pain he caused that boy’s mother. I lost a sister in a car accident. I saw first hand the absolute hellish nightmare my mother had to live through. Elijah got off easy with the prick of a needle. Drugs or no drugs, abuse or no abuse, he knew what he was doing was flat out evil and he had no conscious about it. He should have been stoned to death for the torture he put that kid through for over two hours. And those of you who say he was a freind, you’re obviously not very good judges of character and the fact that you would still consider him a friend after all this says a lot about you.

  59. Chad,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. What he did to that kid was unimaginable.

  60. Kayla your one of many radical christians. I am a christian but I don’t believe God gives us a free ticket to be as reckless as we want in this life. We are held accountable for actions good and bad. Im not perfect never claimed to be. No I didn’t smash anybody’s head in or torture them for 3 hours or stab them in the neck. So yes my sins are different than Eli’s. To think that god judges all sins the same is ludicrous.

  61. i am one of many radical christians? ok. i believe in absolute truth. i believe this truth is not based upon what i think truth SHOULD be. i believe in logic, reason, and God.

    i also agree with the statement “i don’t believe God gives us a free ticket to be as reckless as we want in this life. We are held accountable for actions good and bad.”. more than you know, i agree with that. we are held accountable. our actions do reveal our heart condition. but there are still the same laws that apply. again, like the laws of nature, that exist because they DO, not because i want them to. so therefore, if someone DOES change, who am i to say that God should change his ways and his laws, and reject them even though it’s not in his nature to do so? yes there are still repercussions regardless. even if you repent, you still have to reap what you’ve sown in life. but that doesn’t mean you can’t be forgiven.

    not to mention, sins ARE dealt with differently. some punishments are much harsher than others. however, it does not discount the fact that all sin is infinite lawlessness against the creator. the degrees of punishment may be less or worse, depending on the sin. but all sinners have the ability to repent and be forgiven. if not, that would take away free choice. not to mention, God said that anyone who comes to him with a broken heart and sincere spirit, and repented, he would accept. so who are you to add extra conditions to that on his behalf, and put words in his mouth? if it were not so, he would not have said it. you either believe him or you dont.

    you either believe something or you don’t. it’s again a contradiction to say you half follow something (that happens to be absolute), and half don’t. you either do or dont. i guess i don’t mind being called radical, because at least i’m not contradicting myself. you can’t pick and choose. God either IS or he ISNT. he either meant what he said, or he was a liar. there is no inbetween. if you don’t like it, then go find another god.

  62. Kayla you are no different than a radical muslim. I won’t try to reason with you because you will just write a book. I know Im blessed by God so I have no worries.

  63. and you won’t write anything because you have no logic behind your though but your feelings and emotions. you’ve created your own god. so of course, he has blessed you.

    go ahead. make your own rules and put God’s name on them. ignore things that aren’t to your liking and say God wouldn’t like them either – because you and God must think so much alike. again. the reason you think alike, is because you’ve taylor-made him. good job with that one. i’d rather seek truth than my own made up God. no matter how pleasant or unpleasant. i’ll follow what’s true.

    but don’t worry guys. no more books. continue to read the kind that encourage your own ideas. it’s an awful thing to have a well rounded view. it’s best to shut out “radicals” who present an idea that bothers you. open-mindedness is a good idea until it comes to that.

    so you’ll hear no more from me. take care.

  64. Thats an evangelical for ya!

  65. Kayla weren’t you in that documentary Jesus Camp?

  66. I’m so shocked and disgusted by the “poor Elijah” comments on this board and particularly here:

    It’s sick that people unrelated to it (I refuse to use a masculine pronoun to refer to this subhuman trash) were writing to this filth, shedding tears for it and (gasp) sending it money! What about poor Chester?

    Liam, that is an interesting, well thought out post, and entirely divorced from reality. Possibility for forgiveness? Last I checked, Chester is dead. And I don’t see what your imaginary god has to do with any of this.

  67. Eric,

    I read the link you posted. In no way do I think that he shouldn’t have been punished for his crime. But, in a way, I can see how people say things like “poor Elijah. It sounds like he lead a horible life and never had a chance himself. He was failed from the very beginning. It is sad to think about. However, when he was committing his crime, he had to have known that it was wrong and he would get in trouble for it at some point. I think the State did the right thing at this point in his life. Though they did not do the right things when he needed help. RIP Chester and I hope BOTH families are able to someday move on with their lives.

  68. To Kayla – when you truly understand why you don’t believe in the gods of others, you will understand why they don’t believe in yours. The “truth” of any religion is not absolute – it is highly subjective. There is a reason it is called faith instead of fact. So let us remove religious input from the issue as the separation of curch and state so wisely instructs us to do.

    To All – The morality of the death penalty has been and will be debated for as long as humanity is around. At this time, in that state, the majority decided to allow this man to be put to death for his crime. This is called democracy and it is an imperfect system, but it is what “we the people” have decided on to govern ourselves and I personally think it is best way to govern.

    I am curious however as to the reason for this particular debate. As I understand the facts presented, Mr Page committed the crime, accepted his guilt, and requested to be put to death. And he has been. This seem rather clear-cut to me. Don’t get me wrong: I can understand and fully support the need for debate of the death penalty in general, but to still be debating this specific case, given Mr Page’s desire for this punishment, seems a bit redundant.

  69. I so want to respond to Kayla but I’d rather take a survey instead. How many people read her comments and said “OMG!”?

  70. I’ll start the voting. Put me down for three Hail Marys and twelve OMGs.

  71. Jake,
    I didnt read her post way too long and just as soon as I saw the world radical I decided it would be a waste of my time.

  72. Losers like this deserve to be killed. He tortured his own friend for hours before killing him? I hope he got his asshole raped and stretched out every night he was in jail, thats probably why he wanted to die. I’d laugh as the executed him then spit on his corpse.

  73. From my understanding Elijah didnt believe in God, so I dont see any reason to be discussing religion where he is concerned. He asked to stop appeals and to die, therefore I dont even see a reason to be discussing anything other than Mr. Poage.

  74. Personally, I am sad for everyone involved in this case.
    To the mother, family and friends,of Chester, I am so so sorry for the loss and unbearable pain that you have been forced to endure.
    I also pray for Elijahs soul and for his family that they are able to accept his horrible fate and find peace someday.
    I think that what Elijah and his friends did was unmistakeably horrible, and they ALL deserve to pay equally for thier crimes. They never deserve to see the light of day again.

    However, it was Jesus who said “let he who is without sin cast that first stone”, I don’t think there are any of us without sin, so who are we to judge.

    Elijah, Darryl, and Briley, as well as Chester are shining examples of what could happen when you abuse and ignore your children. Society needs to recognize when help is needed.

    I am no religious “nut job” as many of you call it, but I don’t see myself or any of you as omnipotent, and wise enough to decide who lives and dies.

    We as a socitety all have blood on our hands for allowing a situation like this to happen!!!!!

    It’s so kind of MOST of YOU pro death penalty NUTJOBS, to determine who Jesus forgives, get a grip!!!!!

    And by the way……..for all of you who say I don’t want to spend my tax money to keep him alive, think about this!!!!

    According to TDCJ, the cost of execution is about 2.6 millon dollars per inmate, the cost of housing an inmate in solitary confinement for 40 years, is $750,000, I think of many better places to spend that money…….like education and better social programs to intervene in lives like Elijah’s before it comes to tragedy……..because thats what this is!!!!

    RIP Chester!!!!!!! and Elijah

  75. I also think that LIFE in prison thinking about what you did is a far worse fate, than death!!!!!

  76. I have mixed feelings. YES I think he should die. 1. because he should 2. Because even if we are giving him what he wants he should stil die (seriously if I was on death row and knew all I had to do was say hey I wanna die and get my sentance turned into a life hell yeah I would) AND it is way cheaper on the state to kill him then house him for 50 years.

    BUT I also feel that Elijah’s mother should def. pay for making her son into a monster. But on the other hand ever read the book “a boy named it”? He turned out fine and hasn’t killed anyone yet.

  77. And another thing. for the person said we shouldn’t cast stones. I Know the things I have done in my life that I’m not proud of are way less horrific than killing some one.

  78. For the person that said that it is way cheaper to kill a death row inmate………Have you anything to back up your facts? If you choose to make an assumption that is fine, however do not state it as fact, when it is simply not fact.
    You are entitiled to your own opinion as I am mine. I would never call anyone DUMB…….for stating an opinion, as that is plain IGNORANT, of course if one is uneducated then likely they would not know the difference in which case, I apologize.

    There are many things in life for which I am not proud either, but a sin is a sin, and while some are worse than others, it does not give us as human beings any divine right to didcern life and death.

  79. For all you idiots who don’t know what irony and satire are…

    The atheists here are being farcical. While myself and Eric are atheists, we are being ironic by “praying” and wishing someone to “hell.” I, personally, was saying that while I don’t believe in hell, the idea of it sounds like the perfect place for a piece of work like Page. So, read the messages preceding the one you’re trying to pounce on and you might have better grounds to call someone out.

    Secondly, I can’t believe someone (and I’m talking to you Kayla) would say their is no basis for morality in atheism. No matter what social constraints you live under, their is always a certain degree of universal wrongs. Things like stealing, killing, cheating, are wrong no matter what culture you reside under. True, certain social regulators control certain behaviors, but these constraints influence the attitudes and actions of the most spiritually based people as well. Atheists are not morally devoid people wandering around looking for someone to tell us the difference between right and wrong. The way I see it, this sounds more like what christians do. Being not morally sound enough to know what is right and wrong, so they are prescribed this set of guidelines so they will know how to act. I, as an atheist, know how I like to be treated, know to avoid causing pain, know how to be a good person, and I don’t need some book of ancient superstitions to tell me how to live. I know plenty of religious people with no morals and even more moral people with no religion.

  80. Amen, Punisher.

  81. May Chester now rest in peace.

  82. I wonder how many of you have done much research on the death penalty and it’s prevention of crime. stats say: there is no connection between use of the death penalty and low crime. so for everyone who keeps going on about how “it’ll show the rest of the criminals…” you should read up a little bit…because it won’t show anyone.

    so if you’re pro death penalty, admit that you have an animalistic and reactionary need for vengence. because statistically, the death penalty teaches no one a lesson but the person who is being executed.

  83. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions. People need to learn to roll with it and stop getting heated up when someone expresses their opinion. Part of the problem with this country is that instead of people controlling the things they can control they worry about the things that cant control.

  84. Kristi your right the death penalty doesn’t teach the rest of the criminals a thing. I think murders looking at the death penalty should get one appeal not a dozen and after that appeal taking them out back of the courthouse and put them down like the animals they are. Don’t house them for 20 years.

    Marlena its not the execution its self that cost millions of dollars. Its the state paying for their fair trial and dozens of appeals. The doctors to testify about the crappy childhood ect. ect. The list goes on and on. It should be short and simple and right to the point. Just like putting a rabid dog down.

  85. Kristi and Kayla-you are sick beeeeaachs! You should be executed too!

  86. Carolyn,
    Unfortunately I don’t agree with you, for several reasons.
    First of all we have a system in this country, and the way that our courts are set up, the next one is higher than the previous one, with the ability to reverse the lower court, you probably know that by now. The people who run the courts are human beings, and human beings do make mistakes. So it is beneficial to have higher courts look at the lower court rulings (appeals) they OFTEN find errors.
    So, granting the convicted only one appeal is not in the interest of jurisprudence.
    Also, most often the state only pays for thier side of the appeal for thier own experts etc. Most often the condemned is represented by high power law firms probono, which costs the state nothing , denying appeals is unconstitutional.
    What do you say to the nearly 200 inmates who have been released from death row based on new evidence?
    The sheer numbers tell me that we haqve executed innocent people, most likely!

  87. Marlena,

    Yes, there is a chance of innocent people being executed, however, thus far, no one executed has been proven innocent, yet. I do personally believe that 2 innocent people have been executed, which is not alot at all for the number executed and this has been for over 100 years. Elijah Page, however, was NOT innocent and deserved his execution.

  88. Marlena

    If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided by the state. Im sure you have heard these words before. They are also known as Public Defenders. Not only does the state pay the attorney that but they will supply them with money to help prove their case ie. doctors and tests and so on and so on. More importantly how often do appeals drag on and on and on and on when the person is obviously guilty. The state is also paying the judge, jury and anyone else who had to hope out of bed that morning. I will give you this once in a blue moon a high power law firm will take on a case probono to make a name for themselves.

  89. You people kill me…. what does God have to do with this? It’s obviously all about Blood Vengeance and not God or Justice.
    Pretty primitive for the people form the one Country the claims to be oh so righteous, free and civilized.

  90. Lets not talk primitive Snoops from Germany. It wasn’t to long ago that your country was sending innocent people to the gas chamber and yes our civilized, free and oh so righteous country had to come rescue the world from the Nazi’s.

  91. But this is what I mean….. will we ever learn?

  92. Carolyn,
    More often than not capital appeals are taken on by high power firms pro-bono, not just once in a blue moon, if you do the research you will find this to be true.
    In an initial trial, yes the state does provide a public defender. Research will tell you that often that defense is substandard, given by lackluster ill experienced attorneys, so many times a fair trial is not had. I can cite many cases for your reading if you’d like.
    And to the person that said only two executions of innocent people is not alot , based on the number of executions we have had in this country……..May I ask you how many does it take, to offend a modern standard of decency?

    I don’t consider myself of any divine right to determine the life and death of another human being. We have the ability to punish without exacting vengence.

    I agree that what Elijah did was horrible. However the sanctioned killing of another human being is also murder…….his killers have blood on their hands as well, and will be forced to face judgement just like the rest of us.

    I think I will go with the simple statement that my mother used to tell me as a child, two wrongs don’t make a right!

  93. Fuck off Snoops – trying to call us out until someone puts you in your place and now you want to be buddy-buddy again. You sound more French than German.

  94. Marlena a simple statement “An Eye for an Eye”. His pushment was proportional to the crime. Vengence would be if we stabbed him repeatedly and made him lay in freezing water for hours, Bashed his head in with rocks Let him plead for his life only to stomp his face in. Much like he did Chester. Eli was simply put to sleep. I think Eli had it pretty good. Wouldn’t you say? I have a son and if something awful liked this happened to him. I would want to put the S.O.B down myself in the same fashion he did his victim.

  95. Carolyn,

    I would say that your thoughts are thoughts of vengence, however I also understand that vengence can be part of human nature. The problem with vengence is that it will not bring the victim back in any case.
    I also understand the thoery behind an eye for an eye. The theory is primitive in nature, and borderline barbaric. Two wrongs will never equal a right, no matter what your math skills are. If we kill as a society then, we are sending along the message that killing is ok.
    The death penalty is no deterrent to crime, in fact most jurisdictions that do not condone the use of capital punishment have murder rates that are significantly lower than those that do. So in turn I must beg the question, what purpose does it serve?
    If we are a modern and civilized society then we must aact as one!!!

  96. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” – Gandhi. But screw that, this turd deserved to be put down like a vicious dog.

  97. I really hope that the last thing through that monster’s mind is the thought of what he did to his FRIEND, And I really hope that it hurts. MAY HE BURN IN HELL SUFFERING THE WORST TORTURE FOR ALL ETERNITY.

  98. an eye for an eye

  99. Elijah also had a family – two beautiful sisters. They have lost a brother. Not only was he executed, but the horrific memory of what he did will live on forever. The Elijah that they knew -the one who took on the punishments from crazed parents to protect them, the one who played hide and seek, the one who laughed with them, sang with them and cried with them, is gone and no one will ever know anything good about him. So, it is for his sisters that I pray peace into their lives. Chester’s family suffers. Elijah’s family suffers. Chester and Elijah are gone now. Let the healing, for their families, begin. All of this “debate” does not abate the pain. It is only by grace that we find heaven – and may that grace abound regardless of who we are or what we do. It is only by grace – that undeserved forgiveness – that we emerge whole. So, be kind – the families read these comments – have grace for them.

  100. Interesting that you mention the killers family, but not the family of the victim, did he have any beautifull siblings?

  101. Burn him! I work in the system and it is way to lenient.

  102. What if it was your child or mom or dad he killed.You would wont him dead. YOU PEOPLE AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH.Let me execute his butt it would make me proud to do so.They cry the death penalty is inhumane but it was okay for them to kill it wasnt inhumane bullcrap.They rape abuse torture and kill your child or dad or mom for the fun of it but dont execute them its inhumane are yall people stupid i think so.They need to start killing these people the way they killed there victoms mybe they,ll think twice before killing someone.

  103. My god i just read how he and his friends killed chester and yall people say o he was a good person ied hate to meat people yall say are bad.Yes i feel sorry for pages family but not for him he is a sick minded person who deserves hell 24 7.Kayla ive met people like you you hunt the worstest people in the world to defend youed love to have sex with page i bet.You probaly long to kill someone your self but you know its wrong so you live it thru people like page.Ive did alot of drugs in my life hard ones like acid opiom and it never made me kill anyone so stop blaming drugs o he wouldnt have done it if he hadnt took drugs bullcrap.One day god will open your eyes like he did mine and you will understand it all this is to pages and chesters family open your hearts and let god come in. He will ese your hurt and pain he did mine just give god a chance.Yes i still have hate and bad thoughs of vengense in my mind we are only human god says no man is with out sin that means ladys to kayla.God say you will be judged by a jury of your peers and page was and it was death.READ YOUR BIBLE KAYLA YOU MITE LEARN SOMETHING GOOD GOD BLESS YOU ALL MY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US.

  104. Barry linder ,
    please stop writing. Your debate is as strong as your grammar and spelling. Then to bring sex into it is, well, just vulgar and unneeded. I am from Canada, I was impressed by all these people in debate and discussion about an awful topic in every sense. Every letter here made me think and rethink the issue. So, when I am admiring the society (and all you that have written such great and different points of view) in the USA that lets us discuss such deep and terrible issues openly. it is embarrassing and distracting when an idiot like you attempts to even speak. So please refrain and let the adults debate each other. That being said I wanted to say that my thoughts are with the families and friends of all involved, they like Chester never asked for this either. This includes Elijah’s family. The whole thing breaks my heart. I also wanted to thank all of you who wrote about this issue. I would say that almost every letter would make me pause and say to myself “well they have a point there”. I still don’t know where I stand on capital punishment but you are all brave to debate an issue so difficult to fathom and so painful to hear about. Thank you for sharing.

  105. JO i dont care what you think i say what i feel ive seen things you will never see dont make commets about things you know nothing about.Till someone murders your friend or family you know nothing.You have never had to tell someone there child has be kill by some sicko i bet. We need to be hard on killers so people in the furture will think twice before they kill for the fun of it.So for someone to say he doesnt deserve to die hasnt had there heart riped clean out there reason for living tacken from them.

  106. I just don’t understand why cold-blooded killers always get away with the crimes. I mean, some man could kidnap a girl and rape her, gouge her eyes out, suffocate her until she is unconscious, and then stab her to death… and then he gets put to sleep. So he puts her in severe pain, takes her life from her, and maims her body… and that’s the punishment he gets? A nice, everlasting nap? I think this is horrible… The government is basically PERSUADING people to kill by letting them live, or die in a calm, humane manner. Who cares if it’s easier to watch someone fall asleep than it is to watch 2,000 volts of electricity soar through their bodies, or than to watch them wriggling around on a rope? The government should think about the victim’s family… the fact that one life was stripped from the world in an unfair, cruel manner… the fact that the family has to live with the pain of knowing that a loved one was killed brutally and coldly…

  107. RIP Chester Allan Poage. Good riddance Elijah Page, Briley Piper and Darrell Hoadley – spineless, spiteful, cowardly murderers. Thank goodness SOuth Dakota has the death penalty – the world’s a better place without the likes of these people…

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