Execution Alert: David Thomas Dawson

Rodstein family
The Rodstein Family

David Rodstein, 39
Monica Rodstein, 39
Andrew Rodstein, 11
Amy Rodstein, 15 (survived)

Survivor Amy Rodstein is indeed a survivor, not a victim. She is happily married with children and says she has a great life. This is wonderful! I am so glad she had family who were able to guide her into this life she has, instead of wallowing in pity. She is a true hero and a great example to her children.

Find-A-Grave: David H. Rodstein
Find-A-Grave: Monica M. Lukaszewski Rodstein
Find-A-Grave: Andrew J. Rodstein
Friends, neighbors recall the victims of killer David Dawson
Montana murders shock friends
Classmates in sock after triple slaying in Montana
Triple murder victims strangled, not drugged
Man charged in 3 slayings in Montana
Survivor of Dawson killings enjoys beach time with kids
Victims’ family satisfied by Dawson execution
David Dawson #710
Man convicted of three murders executed in Montana
The Execution of David Dawson
History of the Dawson case
Amy Rodstein’s statement of the execution
David Dawson Special Report
Murderpedia: David Thomas Dawson
Wikipedia: David Thomas Dawson

David Thomas Dawson

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