• Destiny Ann Norton

  • This Day in Crime History

    July 16, 2006: 5-year-old Destiny Norton was lured from her home to the home of Craig Roger Gregerson, where he raped and killed her, then put her in a plastic tub until law enforcement found her. He pled guilty to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to LWOP.

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Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena murder 6/24/1993 Houston, TX *6 men convicted of their brutal murders*

Jennifer Ertman, 14
Elizabeth Pena, 16

Find-A-Grave Jennifer Ertman
Find-A-Grave Elizabeth Pena 2
In Memory of Elizabeth Pena and Jennifer Ertman – 1993 S. P. Waltrip High School
In Memory of Jennifer Lee Ertman and Elizabeth Pena
Murder victims’ parents fight to keep killers behind bars
Wikipedia: Jose Medellin
One of Jose Medellin’s appeals
Wikipedia: Medellín v. Texas
Jose Ernesto Medellin #1116
Medellin executed for rape, murder of Houston teens
Media Advisory: Derrick Sean O’brien Scheduled For Execution
Execution Alert: Derrick O’Brien
TX Executions: Derrick Sean O’Brien
Wikipedia: Derrick O’Brien
Peter Cantu [also looking for pen pals!]
Efrain Perez [also looking for pen pals!]
Murderpedia: Efrain Perez

Pure Murder
Right From Wrong
High School Hazing: When Rites Become Wrongs

Peter Cantu – convicted, sentenced to death, executed
Derrick Sean O’Brien – convicted, sentenced to death, executed
Jose Medellin – convicted, sentenced to death, executed
Efrain Perez – convicted, was sentenced to death, but changed to LWOP
Raul Villarreal – convicted, was sentenced to death, but changed to LWOP
Venacio “Vinnie” Medellin – convicted, sentenced to 40 years in prison


SID Number: 05123668
TDCJ Number: 01306199
Race: H
Gender: M
DOB: 1975-11-19
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: WYNNE
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2029-10-10

Offense History:
Offense Date: 1993-06-24
Sentence Date: 1994-10-11
County: HARRIS
Case No.: 9414441
Sentence: LWOP


SID Number: 05128548
TDCJ Number: 01306432
Race: H
Gender: M
DOB: 1975-09-25
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: BILL CLEMENTS
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2029-09-20

Offense History:
Offense Date: 1993-06-24
Sentence Date: 1994-09-21
County: HARRIS
Case No.: 9414442
Sentence: LWOP


SID Number: 04766820
TDCJ Number: 00762683
Race: H
Gender: M
DOB: 1978-12-13
Maximum Sentence Date: 2033-06-29
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: 2033-06-29
Parole Eligibility Date: 2003-06-29

Parole Review Information

Parole Review Status: Not in Parole Review

Last Parole Decision: Denied on 11/03/2015

NEXT REVIEW (09/2020)- Deny favorable parole action and set for next review.

Denial reason(s): 2D

* Note: One or more of the components indicated in each paragraph may apply, but only one is required for denial (D).


Offense History:
Offense Date: 1993-06-24
Sentence Date: 1993-09-30
County: HARRIS
Case No.: 83467
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 40-00-00

Next Parole Review Date


163 Responses

  1. My heart goes out to the families & friends of these 2 beautiful girls. I can only hope that they somehow find the will to go on through this new Supreme Court deal & that in the end, all of the animals responsible will be put to death so that the families/friends can begin to heal… finally. We continue to pray for all who loved these girls.

  2. This case represents the reason why the death penalty should be legal (and should stay that way). May the Lord give the families the strength to deal with this horrible, terrible crime… my prayers are with you. It is a shame the electric chair doesn’t exist anymore.

  3. Forget the electric chair, just put all of them in a room and let the dad’s have at them. An eye for an eye.

    But I did see today where Bush had given the “OK” to execute Medellin, WHAT TOOK SO LONG!!!!

    My heart goes out to you, I know that time doesn’t take away the pain, may make it easier to deal with, but that’s only on a good day.


  4. I have never heard about this case until now. How horrible to be minding your own business and stumble upon pure evil. God bless this young girls and their families. May their killers rot in hell.

  5. It’s amazing how we judhe someone and wish them harm and we dnt even know them…well I am a friend of one of the guys who I agree did a horrible thing and should be punished but nt death and i dont appreciate all of u wishing harm upon him and don even know him…yall are all in my prayers

  6. Patricia,
    Let me repeat, he can ROT IN HELL. Instead of praying for US, you should be praying for HIM.

  7. shauncey I am praying 4 the both of u, and u should really get to know someone before u wish harm upon them, another piece of advice dont read beleive everything that u read…do u know the case and facts, probably not so I hope that u rot in hell…LOLl

  8. Patricia,
    Please kiss my a**, and be quick about it. I have things to do!! I don’t ever want to “get to know” a murderer. I’ll leave that to dumb bit**es like you.

  9. Patricia,
    I don’t know you nor do I want to but I am bringing my dog in this fight!! You sound just like a hypocrite.. How in God’s love can you profess to tell someone that you are praying for them and then wish them to rot in hell.. Do you even think that God likes your attitude.. I think instead of praying for Shauncey (my friend) or your piece of cow patty friend who killed these two beautiful girls, you should pray for yourself..

  10. Thanks I might do that.

  11. I’m from England, and this is truly a tragic story. But those who perpetrated the crime and are still eligible for the death penalty, should face justice. As the families of both these girls have said, there is no excuse for what happened, and the whole thing was evil and inhuman in ways most people never have the urge to act or think on.

    I’m not really a fan of the death penalty, but for crimes like this, it’s totally justified; and my heart goes out to the victims’ families.

    Defending any of these offenders is defending the indefensible. If the person who keeps defending Jose really thinks about things carefully, he wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He’s beyond reproach.

    And before I get complaints that people from other countries aren’t qualified to comment on the Death Penalty in the U.S, remember that the UK, up until 1965 had the death penalty and throughout its history modified ways of execution, which the U.S took over and embarked upon, like many of the laws of the UK.

    Once again, I’m very sorry to hear about this story and I hope the families can get closure as soon as possible.

  12. Andrew,
    Thank you for your sweet thoughts for that family.

  13. Lavonna,
    I’ve been calling you!

  14. Sorry, why didn’t you leave me a message? I couldn’t answer it, was at work and on a call.

  15. still at work 🙂

  16. I’ll call u tonight.

  17. I just read the book Pure Murder in which t talks about this terrible crime. Regardless if you believe in the death peanilty or not it was cruel and terrible what happened to these young children. The killers bragged about it and still showed no remourse, if they had any remouse they would not have killed them the way they did. Even though i was not there and any one else the truth of the matter is two young children were brutually raped and murder for what reason… Pray for the families if any prayer tends to go out. Even the killers mother’s for they have lost a child too.

  18. I also read Pure Murder and I cried after reading about what happened to those innocent girls. It is funny to read the pleas for pen pals. These boys had such a lack of respect for women then but not want pen pals. Life behind bars is not enough. I am not a big fan of being sentenced to death but this crime and any crime against a child deserve nothing less. These poor girls suffered and then were put to death because these boys were scared of what would happen to them. They were big enough to do the crime but not big enough to do the time. I hope one day the families can find peace after this horrible tragedy. These families were torn apart because parents couldn’t control their children. The whole thing makes me sick. Being only 20 I can not imagine what my mother would have done to me, or her mother to her for that matter, if I would have done even one thing these boys did before there were sentanced. I do not wish harm on anyone, due to knowning what bad karma can bring, but I hope for justice for these girls’ families. Rest in peace girls!

  19. I was only six yrs old when this happened and the crime has haunted me since. I read the book Pure Murder and it’s given me nightmares ever since. I still can’t believe such evil exist but it does. My brother was best friends with the youngest murder and am so glad he never got mixed up with his older brother. Matter of fact he hated him. I know no matter what happens if they get the death penalty or rot in jail when judgement day comes they will all spent the rest of eternity in hell where they belong. I pray for the girls and there families. Sleep with the Angels Girls!

  20. I am reading the book “Pure Murder” right now and cannot for the life of me figure out HOW anyone could want mercy for these animals!

    Jennifer and Elizabeth were raped for hours by at least two of them at a time before they were strangled and dumped like last week’s trash. They went on to brag about the killings like they won some sort of sports championship! August 5 cannot come soon enough.

    The thing that makes me the sickest is Medellin’s plea for pen pals while completely disregarding the facts of his case. Calling his life “Black & White like the old Western movies. But unlike the movies the good guys don’t always finish first.” (from his pen pal request website) is not a referral to his love for Westerns. It is a direct acknowledgment and signal to his gang ties, as he was a member and had just jumped in Raul Villarreal just before these girls were murdered. The gang shares the same name, “Black and White.” HOW DARE YOU, Medellin! Again, August 5 cannot get here soon enough.

  21. I just finished reading the book “Pure Murder”…I will also be having nightmares about this. These scum of the earth who should never be referred to as “human beings” committed crime after crime and merely received a slap on the wrist. The justice system failed this two beautiful innocent girls and their famiies. These animals should have been locked up already and the streets would have been safe that night for Jennifer and Elizabeth and Patricia Lopez and Jose Ariel Acosta would still be here on earth. I’m looking forward to each and everyone of their execution especially that filfthy animal “Peter Cantu” may you assholes all rot in hell and may the family have peace knowing that when these animals die …so does their seeds none of them will have a off spring to roam this earth ever again. Shame on Suzie Cantu for bringing and allowing evil into this world that was an abortion that needed to happen!

  22. I have just finished the book Pure Murder. And I also cried at parts through out the book. I have a daughter, and I absolutely can not imagine this happening to my family. My heart, love and prayers go out to the Pena and Ertman families. I agree with Terri, that August 5 can not come soon enough!!! Every single one of them should have an execution date. And that includes the two, whose sentence was changed because of at the time of the crime they were under the age of 18. Has said before, old enough to do the crime, old enough to do the time. It is appalling that Medellin has the nerve to BEG for pen-pals. And as for PATRICIA, you are scum, just as much as Medellin. To associate and defend a convicted RAPIST/MUDERER!!!
    To the Pena/Ertman families, my prayers are with you!!

  23. Andrea first of all I never defended Medallin and I am not his pen pal, all I simply said was I don’t understand how u call them monsters , but then turn around and want the same so get ur shit straight and don’t get mad hey we all have have rights to our own opinions, so ur scum BITCH and as far as I am concerned ur no different!!!

  24. i am reading pure murder currently and googled peter see he’s wanting pen pals?as a parent i am shocked and appalled how these supposed young men one by one torn these girls down and then took their lives just because they crossed these boys path.what does this say about our world.and these men(boys) psydo monsters why didnt their parents take some control instead leave them to steal,beat teachers and be out right was obvious when they were in school they were out of control.and really when someone does what they did to jennifer and elizabeth they dont deserve the right to live.they showed these girls no mercy and just left them there and laughed and joked as though it was a notch on their belt.i feel so sorry for the ertman and pena families.they showed more resolve and courage than i think i would have been able love for my children is fierce.these boys medellin,obrien,villlarreal,perez and the sandovals(could have called the police and stopped this)they dont deserve mercy.the sandovals in court did not feel remorseful that they hadnt intervened.these people are monsters who chose death for 2 beautiful girls and they deserve nothing less but even lethal injection will not amount to the pain jennifer and elizabeth suffered.however it would be a small justice to the pena’s and ertmans.may god bless your families i didnt know either of the girls however the book makes one realize all it takes is a instant and those we love ,those with so much promise can be taken from our lives.jennifer and elizabeth will continued to be missed.god bless you:) anyone considering being those guys pen pals should have a psychological exam really.why do they even deserve this right.?jennifer and elizabeths rights,futures and even last breaths were no mercy because they clearly dont derserve any….. blondie

  25. patricia, just a quick question.. did your friend ever once try to reach out and apologize to the families and friends of his victims? does he show any remorse? and “you dont understand how we can call them monsters?” are you serious? i don’t need to know those people in order to know that they are monsters because monsters do exist and only monsters could do what they did to those girls, actions speak louder than words.. i didn’t know adolf hitler either but i know that he was a monster. to be able to do what those boys did to another human being, to defile another person in every possible way and to treat someones child like garbage.. that’s evil, they’re evil and you’re ignorant

  26. This whole episode is horrible. It is hard to understand how a human can sink to this low a level. Unfortunately our world seems to be running rampant with sick people. The parents seemed to have lost control of their son’s to allow them to sink to this level. I am sure their had to be signs of their attitudes going south. I feel terrible for the parents of the girls, but why would they let their 14 year old daughters run the streets at 11:00 PM. I live in a small town in a nice area and I will not let my kids in the front yard at that time of night much less running the streets unsupervised. If we had harsher laws I believe these horrible atrocities would be eleviated.

  27. Patricia, I highly recommend you get an education because you write and I am sure talk like a complete idiot. Your “friend” is a thug and a waste of space. I am celebrating on August 5th! Go Texas!!!

  28. “Freya” let’s get some things straight: First of all I am educated I am a junior in college but i dont have to explain that to u or anybody else,,, Let’s c r u mad because I have a different opinion, well hey I am not mad because u do so before u go talking shit about someone know them first. So that is pretty much 4 anyone that does not like what I have 2 say… So u celebrate on August 5th, again what makes u any different…u sound like a heartless, preaching bitch….so how about that for an educated guess..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

  29. Patricia, stay in college Dumbass you have a LONG way to go!
    Yay let’s party on August 5th!…Actually it doesn’t make us the same because we didn’t choose to kill innocent people like these sickos did. Their victims did not deserve to suffer or die but these bastards do for their actions.
    I think it’s ironic that you say Freya sounds heartless for supporting the victims while you support the killers! Who is heartless? You sound like you need some serious therapy. Don’t delay Patricia, GET HELP NOW!

    RIP Jennifer and Elizabeth

  30. Oh Patricia, did I make you mad? I hope so, it was my intention. Like Bella said you have a long way to go. The only regret I have about your friend is that it he should have been put down a long time ago.

  31. I agree that no one deserves to die the way the 2 girls were and that these killers should be punished. My only question to the girls parents is, what in the world were a 14th & 16th year old girls doing walking alone at 11pm by the rail tracks? Who gives a 11pm curfew to someone this age? Am I the only one that at that age had a 9pm curfew and was not allow to go out with anyone younger then me?

  32. That is enough! No reason to degrade or put down anyone here. I will remove all comments that do that.

  33. Patricia and rachel – I can’t believe that you are going to try to question the actions of the victims. Because of an 11 p.m. curfew during the summer? The girls were trying to take a short cut home to make their curfew.

    Patricia – You are questioning the actions of 2 girls who were trying to make curfew? How in the world do you defend “your friends” who were out gang-banging?

    As far as getting to know someone before judging them. I think I know enough about them to say that I hope my children NEVER meet anyone like this. I hope there is a little special place in hell for them.

    Good luck to the families. I pray that you receive some peace to deal with this tragedy. If that is even possible.

  34. I think Patricia is a board troll! She is the type that just loves to get on here and make people mad to get attention from them. She doesn’t have friends because she is a hateful, selfish, stinky person who is probably living in her parents basement and has no life so this is excitement for her.
    She is not in college or she would have better grammar and spelling.
    She is a loser.

  35. Count down to August 5th!!!! I agree with Lavonna she is a board troll, and I agree her “college education” is questionable if she is in school she should ask for her money back!

  36. First of all, I read the book Pure Murder, Just finished it, I cried through parts of it, and it broke my heart. Let me give some insight into the criminal mind. These boys were losers, they knew they could never have such GORGEOUS and smart and angelic lovable popular girls. They hated that, because they knew that Jennifer and Elizabeth where everything they could never be, or ever have. So they raped and murdered them. People want to defend them, if they find themselves in the lower range of society, they can relate to being losers, un loved, even by their own parents, it’s very sad, but it all starts with the parents, so the lesson is, teach your children, love your children, if not, they will learn to hate, they will have a chip on their shoulders and be out to get anyone who they feel is popular, lovable, smart. Their defense is to bully and threaten to try to intimidate, because that is all they have. They can’t show love, they don’t know what that is, their group or gang of friends, is the only family they have, so they cling together. Take comfort Elizabeth and Jennifer’s families, your daughters were everything, those boys couldn’t be, keep your heads held high, you have wisdom and honor, you are everything good right and true, and if anything take pitty on those people who do not understand. It’s ugly. It’s unproductive members of society, it’s satan, it’s the father of lies. It’s unpopular. It’s unlikable. You have to know that does anyone get anywhere being hateful? Do people get to be popular by being ugly and hateful? Would I earn your respect by hurting you or those you love? The awnser is NO NO NO. These boys have nothing. Those girls had everything. They took it away, because they knew they could never have them. The rest of the world is disgusted and mad because we would have loved and deserved to have them still here in our world, spreading love and their smarts, talents and treasures. It’s an injustice. No one wants someone around if all they breed is hate, anyone who does enjoy that, it is because they breed hate, and they hate themselves, so they lash out in jealousy and everything that is ugly. Everyone wants to be loved and alot of times these criminals lash out for attention respect and love, and honor, and it doesn’t work. It’s such a sad world. Forgive them father they know not what they do.

  37. For the parents of these beautiful girls, inside and out. You raised some good little girls. You need to be so proud of them. Especially that little Jennifer, who could have escaped ,back ran back to help her friend! My God, she is a ANGEL. They are at peace now. No more suffering, never do you have to see them suffer again. What beautiful souls, there is no need to feel regrets for anything, these girls will be remembered in the hearts of people all around the world, I’ve shared the book with people at work, and everyone commented on how Jennifer went back to help her friend. These girls never hurt anyone in their lives, how many of us can say that? And your DAMN right the world is angry, why would we want these lovable angels to leave? But don’t think for a second that they didn’t contribute to our society, because they did in stronger and profound ways, that our mere mortal souls can understand. I look into their eyes, and I can see their souls, and I see beautiful beautiful angels. They walk with God, the savior, the merciful one.

  38. Wow, you really are a dumb bitch… Why try to get attention from a horrible horrible murder, of two young children? You must have lived a sheltered life if you were never aloud to stay out past 11 in the summer. The girls were 16 and 14 and it was in 1993. When crime was lower. Dont try to put there parents down, there parents did the right thing by calling there friends, and pagers, then notifying police immediately.. The only people to place blame on are the monsters that were capable of this.. You are a horrible person, for trying to put it on someone else.. May GOD REST THEIR SOULS.. and bring people like you to their knees…..

  39. I don’t need to know those killers to know what they did, they tortured, raped bruttally (annally, orally and vaginally) and killed these 2 poor girls. The autopsy showed the FACTS. Patricia said we don’t know the facts, of course everybody does. I hope those 6 monsters pay for their crimes here on Earth and eternally in hell, I hope they die the same way the killed the poor girls. It’s about justice, if they were enough old to kill, they’re enough old to die.

  40. Hi, I am from Mexico and right now after reading about Elizabeth and Jennifer’s deaths I am shocked and horrified. I truly am ashamed to be mexican after knowing what these animals did. All of them need to be taught a lesson, and I think death penalty won’t be enough. Peace and just for the girls.

  41. Patricia,
    August 5!!!!!!!!!! Can u say EXECUTION?

  42. I’ll write this guy. Oh wait, he will be dead later today, and I won’t need to waste a stamp. He might be able to see my message to him from where he will end up. If he is able to see from down there, I need only raise one finger. And that I will. This “1’s” for you you waste of perfectly good oxygen. Too bad you won’t be publicly kicking and choking at the end of a rope.

  43. Hey Nikka,

    “EXECUTION”!! Let’s get it over with. This is rediculous, this f*** should have been hanged years ago.

  44. I can say execution 🙂

    Should have happened long time ago!

  45. Butch,
    Absolutely LOVED the “stamp” comment. LOL!!
    Hey girl!!

  46. Hey friend..

  47. Hi, I am Mexican and i ashamed for all these people in Mexico claiming for justice and human rights for these animal who don’t have any mercy with these little girls, i hope the families live now with a little of peace, i am a mom of 2 and i kil this monster with my own hands if this horrible thing happens to me…
    that’s why i say KILL HIM with a lot of pain and suffering !!! He don’t deserve his life, not in this world, he just deserve the hell !!! Sorry about the English,
    and not all Mexicans claims mercy for this animal because the mostly of us have a mother, sister’s, and daughter’s
    my heart with the families and friends

  48. It is very sad to see anyone pleading for murderers like Jose Medellin, he deserves to die for the horrific crimes he commited. There is nothing that can justify his actions. Every single person involved in this tragic crime should have been executed a long time ago. People like Jose Medellin do not deserve to live. I hope he rots in hell along with the other bastards involved in this crime. Too bad he will not suffer the way the victims did at the time of their deaths.

  49. I wished he could suffer at least half of what those kids too. I can’t imagine the fear, pain and helplessness they went through. God bless and watch over the families of those girls.

  50. Yes I can say EXECUTION! It doesn’t matter anymore if people are not agree with it, it’ll happen, Medellin will not suffer enough, that’s why I say I hope he keeps paying in teh eternity! Thanks Texas, today I’ll feel safer with less crimminals in our State!

  51. Isn’t he dead yet? Maybe right now they are jabbing a needle into his arm. I hope he’s so scared he’s peeing his pants. Die Monster…Die hard

  52. Die bastard die!!!

  53. Like many I have been following this story closely over the past couple weeks. I’m been waiting to see if the Texas court will uphold their decision. Will we hold our ground and put this person to death for the atrocities he committed. I read how these girls died. How they begged for their lives and tried to “bargain” their way out of death. How can anyone on here come here and say not to believe everything we read? Do you not realize that the only witnesses to this crime are the ones who committed it. They are the ones who gave the blow by blow to the police. So how am I not supposed to believe what I read? They said it! How can anyone defend them? How does anyone try to rationalize what they did. It was a cold, heartless, calculated crime. I don’t care if he was 18. I don’t care that he was from Mexico. I don’t care that he didn’t get the chance to call the consulate. Did those girls get the opportunity to make any calls? Or get any appeals? No, not one. I fear that Texas will let these girls down again. They already did that by commuting two sentences to life and by letting the 14 yr old off with only 40 years. I don’t care how old he was. My 2 year old knows not to hurt someone. A 14 year old knows raping someone is wrong and killing them is wrong. I pray for the girls and pray that we will tell the world court where to shove it! His way of death is much nicer than what he gave to these girls. All should pay for crimes like this. A life sentence in a place where you get to read, and workout, and watch tv and play….THOSE ARE HIS WORDS ON HIS “PENPAL” SITE! is no way to punish someone for raping and killing two teen girls!

  54. He’s dead, keep burning in hell for the eternity Medellin!

  55. Rot in hell with your pal Derrick, Medellin. Too bad the rest of them can’t join you right now. Whether or not justice is served here on this Earth, the rest of these murderous cowards will share the same fate someday.

    And to anyone here (I haven’t read all the asinine statements; simply browsed in disgust) with a shred of sympathy for these six murdering fucks: you need serious psychiatric help. It’s retards like you that allow the propagation of rape and murder in our society through misplaced pity.

  56. To Senor Medellin:


    Time to get another rope ready for your amigo, Senor Cantu.

  57. Amen.
    ….next on the list Peter Cantu!!!

  58. May this be a further reminder of what humans are capable of… and its been seen throughout history, with even more brutal doings. I just hope in a few million years (if we still exist by then) we’d have evolved into better people. As for these guys… fucken terrible what they did. Even if i was in the deepest gutter and was down to do anything… i couldnt get myself to do that….. death penalty is too easygoing. They need to fucken SUFFER. If they had the privilege to make 2 young girls suffer, other people should have the privilege to make these guys SUFFER as well.

  59. Execution was the easy way out for him. They should’ve threw him in prison and let him mingle with the prisoners. And it wouldn’t have to cost the tax payers as much.

  60. I just heard of this case only now. Maybe, I heard it before but I didn’t take it as seriously as today. I truly feel sorry for the Ertmans and the Peñas. They had such lovely and promising ladies, just wasted by animals and ogres. I hope that more of these types of ogres will be put to death. They deserve not only lethal injection. Beheading in the crudest manner possible (like that of Queen Mary of Scots) would have been better for Medellin and O’ Brien. If Jennifer and Elizabeth lived, they would have been young executives working in great companies now.

  61. Your next Pete Cantu

  62. I followed Google to this page after looking up these 2 girls’ name. I really have a bad taste in my mouth now. I was really saddened by all the ugly swearing and violent wishes against each other on the trackback. How is this any way to honor the victims? Don’t you think this is exactly the kind of terrible things they had to hear in their last hour? Don’t you think this is exactly the way their killers talked about them?

    Those of you who said they were going to pray, if you are Christian you can’t hate. You can’t wish someone to rot in hell. There is a Catholic saint, a teenage girl that was raped and killed. She forgave her murderer while he was doing these things to her. That is what it means to be a Christian. If you can’t agree with this or it’s too hard—and count me into that group—then you can’t call yourself a Christian.

    I support the death penalty. I have absolutely no compassion for the killers (they’re not animals, animals don’t do evil things like this). I feel nothing but grief for those poor girls and their families. You can feel this way and not spew out hatred and vindictiveness. Go light a candle for Elizabeth and Jennifer instead.

    I hate violence. There’s too much of it in this world. Don’t add to it.

  63. Hey Lisey,
    What world are u living in?
    go light a candle, r u kidding me.
    You did’t read how elizabeth,and jennifer were raped over an hour,and strangled by those scumbags,how do know she forgave them, were you there in the woods.

  64. One of them was recently executed – I hope that bastard rots in hell along with his other murdering accomplices. Worse yet, are the fools who object to these bastards being put to death instead of having SYMPATHY for the murdered girls and their families.

  65. First off….My heart goes out to the families of these two girls. Blame not only lies with those 6 boys but with all the adults in their lives. Their parents and schools failed them early on and this is what happens. They weren’t born evil….remember that!

  66. Baculus,

    Yes, Jose Medellin was executed recently – last night as a matter of fact. Now, it is time for Peter Cantu, the ringleader.

  67. Well i know jennifer more than elizabeth. Jennifer was a good friend of mine. I remember seeing her at school dances and just chilling with her at parties with friends. The sad part was i also knew peter cantu and jose medellin. jose and peter were punks/bullies if you will. I remember walking home with my friend joe one day from middle school and peter and jose had a problem with hinm because he was white. They puched him infront of a metro bus hoping to get him ran over.Joe hit the front of the buss and was pbumped to the side of the road on impact. he was fine but right then i knew these guys were just bad apples.Both were equally stupid and full of hate. When i heard of what happened to jen and liz i was so upset and wanted to kill these guys myself.WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!! i didnt even want to know the details what happened cause it was just upseting enough to know they were dead.since then i have given my life to Christ and i know i should forgive, but that is something i cannot do at this time, 15 years later and still heavy on my heart. I dont want to say im glad jose is dead, but i am happy that the families of the girls have alittle more closure.

  68. I am a father & husband w/my wife & 2 kids, son & daughter 14 & 11 yrs. old. I am of futuristic tendencies in my psyche, I am non-religious (not to be confused w/atheism nor agnostic). I apply this method of logic because of man’s flaws. Which to date are far too many and there seems to be no immediate change in human behaviour before the end of the 21st century. I for one ackowledge and accept the terminal process of executions as capitol punishment for heinously committed criminal otracities upon the innocents. There is in my mind only one form of capitol punishment-scenario beffitting these acts of such savage brutality. In a “Star-Trek” episode a criminal who is seen in the light of that nature, wake-up, not in their cell, but @ the crime scene. They themselves are the victim(s) and they witness their own persona destroying them as the victim did, w/all the terror, fear, shock, horror and pain. Over & over again, day after day, waking and dying again, day after day…that which they had meted-out to their victim is meted-out in return a 1,000-fold. That is the ONLY justice that I can deem true, to the true definition of justice.

  69. chrgrbltz,
    I think you just described hell

  70. I just learned about this story today like many of you and as a father of a 6 year old girl, my heart goes out to the families of the victims and I agree 100% that anyone capable of committing a crime like ths doesnt deserve to live and I’m pissed that our tax dollars pay for the ones that got LWOP! But hopefully they are getting the same treatment that they gave to the victims…..except that they’ll be getting it over and over and over.


  71. For the sake of the girls and families, once they died they have no memory of how they died.

  72. By the way, well said chrgrbltz!

  73. My husband attended high school with one of the girls and was often harrassed by a couple of the thugs that killed them. They were horrible people and deserve everything they get. One of you placed a comment saying that you were friends with one of they guys and didn’t appreciate others wishing harm on them. Well I’m sure the parents of these girls didn’t want their “babies” harmed either. If it were your child you’d want them to rot as well.

  74. Baculus, read my post again, I wasn’t talking about Elizabeth and Jennifer, but about an Italian girl that was made a saint.

    My point is that people can’t have it both ways. People can’t call themselves Christian if they feel like those guys should rot in hell. That’s why I’m not a Christian, because I believe in the death penalty and I can’t forgive people like that.

    I work with people suffering from PTSD. A lot of the patients are crime victims and also a lot of Iraq veterans. Once you go through violent trauma, most people can’t stand violence anymore, like these patients of mine, they don’t even want to watch action movies. These are strong Marines and Army I’m talking about.

    I guess I want to think that Elizabeth and Jennifer aren’t completely gone… That we can still help them. It breaks my heart to think they’re watching and listening to people talking about them but always half in an angry, vengeful way. I think they deserve to be remembered just with love. Why do executions have to be such a media circus? Murderers don’t deserve this kind of attention, they should just be executed in the middle of night without any warning like they do in Japan.

    Anyway some of you are probably thinking, boy she must be soft in the head talking about dead people not being gone. It’s just that I hear so many terrible stuff from my patients and if I didn’t think that I’d go crazy.

  75. I wish everyone was as perfect as Lisey,we would have all the answer’s to the world’s problem’s.You name it, just ask Lisey,she’s an expect.

  76. Lisey, I understand your view about not wanting to mar these girls’ memories with hate and violence. What these innocent girls went through was the complete manafestation of pure evil, evil we are unfortunaltely all capable of, if even on the most obscure parts of our souls.

    People think we are all born innocent and we are corrupted by the world, and this is an attractive indictment of modern society. But after a life of law enforcement, involving countless investigations that require having to get into the minds of the worst type of monsters, and comparing that to all that we know about the history of mankind, I am still only beginning to understand something. We are a fallen species, much like the teaching of most religions.

    These thoughts and desires are within us all, but as civilized people we chose not only to not act on them, we condemn them as the voice of Satan wispering in our ear. In truth we only hear that voice because we are susceptible to it. We are born of sin; we are made in God’s image but molded in sin, and all it takes in one wrong decision, an unfortunate series of events, or even a cataclismic occurance in our lives and that can, even to the strongest willed person, eventually break down that fragile civility we have been trained to cover ourselves with.

    But in the end, we are a violent species, in a violent world, and these tendancies, inherent in us all as fallen creatures, are not indicitive of culture, race, creed, or even gender. Mankind has formed countless cultures and written hundreds of thousands of laws to try to define and thus dictate civilized behavior, and as long as there is structure and some sense of security and normalcy, these manafestations of pure evil like what has befallen these poor girls, are mercifully few. So few that every one of these occurrances are reported endlessly in every medium at our disposal. In a country of 300 million people, there is but a handul of these cases to fill the pages of a bookshelf. Let that society crumble however, let the structure that we support our fragile civility with fall to the ground, and even we, as the most advanced species on this planet, will return to our most monstrous nature.

    But while we are born of sin, we are also given a gift of love. The level of our violent hateful nature is matched and countered only only by our capacity for love. This is the endless conflict that makes us all who we are, why some days we hug our kids and kiss our wives, and then the next day we are running someone off the road for cutting us off. That balance is tenuous at best. The “voice” we chose to listen to changes with every given moment.

    All that being said, civilized society is horrified by these actions of these murderers, not becasue they are so alien to us, but because we recognize it in the very core of our beings. It terrifies us to think we share the same species as these “animals” (and I agree with a prior poster, to call them animals is an insult to animals, these rapist/murderers are simply monsters). We lash out with vengence and hatred, justice be served. I am certainly not above that, I would love to see these monsters kicking at the end of a rope, I would be honored to kick the platform out from under them, whacking them like a pinata until teeth fall out. But it is not the civilized part of me that wishes it, it is my darkest nature that wishes these people to suffer as much as possible. It is my darkest nature for violence powerfully fueled by my love for these innocent girls that produces the strongest reaction, that of justice. However, I can accept that, that is who we are. We are not saints, we are not Jesus, we are, in a word, human.

    May these girls live on, wherever they are, in peace, love and innocence. May the perpetrators meet the justice paramount to the combined reaction of every civilized person.

  77. lol James,
    You compare the evil that these boys did with the “evil” of running someone off the road? Don’t group us all into a “violent species” because we are not. I agree on the love/evil balance tho. Again I make my point that these boys had an overwhelming amount of evil shown them as kids and probably NO love.

  78. This is the worst crime and the worst event I have ever heard of in my life. I have been to T.C. Jester Park to pay my respects and pray.

    Grief is not an enemy or a sign of weakness .

    It is a sign of being human.

    Grief is the cost of loving someone…..

    Jennifer and Elizabeth you are so loved and I know the light of your lives will shine in our hearts forever.

    God bless you girls and your wonderful families….


  79. I was only 8 years old when this murder happened, but I remember always hearing about it thru the years around the neighborhood. I ended up at Waltrip for all 4 of my high school years. I remember walking by the memorial put up for the girls in front of the school every day but not really knowing the whole story of what happened. Then I saw the story in the paper about medellin’s execution and read what really happened and I’m choking up now thinking about it just writing this post. My family spends Easter at TC Jester park and I can’t believe that something so terrible happened so close. My prayers go out to the Ertman and Pena families and I hope that the execution of these ….. [I don’t even know what to call them] terrible excuses for human beings, will bring some kind of closure or justice to them. I plan a visit to the memorial at waltrip and the one at TC Jester park (the benches) and pray and hope that Jennifer & Elizabeth are looking down on us and know about all of the support behind justice for the both of them. The thought of anybody trying to stop these executions or trying to defend these murderers just breaks my heart and brings my spirits way down. The fact that 2 of these guys are only 17 and the fact that some were Mexican citizens should have absolutley 0, none, no relevance in this case. This was pure evil, the brutality of the tortures and rapes of the girls should be the only thing that anybody looks at when trying to reach a personal opinion on this matter. Again my thoughts and prayers are going out to the families of jenny & liz, as they were called… RIP ladies, although I did not know you you will always be in my heart

  80. I went to hamilton middle school with jennifer . she was the type of girl who would stand up for her friends.. no matter what. my dad is friends with mr. eartman. for this chic to be on here standing up for whatever piece of SHIT that she knows makes me sick . you reaally need a wake up call patricia.. that could have been you.. these guys got pleasure out of killing these girls. instead of praying for people you should be on your hands and knees thankimg god that it wasn’t you…

  81. I struggle with cases such as these as a Christian.

    I am sickened beyond words at the fact that these monsters are asking for pen pals, for people to understand them and befriend them. Yet we are supposed to bring comfort to the prisoners.

    I can’t do it, and I hope God can forgive me. A thief, even someone who kills another man in a fair fight, I can open my heart to. Men who rape and torture young girls and brag about it are beyond my capacity. It would take everything in me not to tear their throats out if I ever met them in person, let alone comfort them.

  82. I am not condoning the actions of these guys I am simply stating that they do not deserve to die. Most of yall are confused I don’t believe in the death penalty in any case. There are some of yall that sound like such hypocrites, getting on here saying that yall are christians and are saved but would tear their throats out. Yall should really go back to church because the one thing you should have learned is forgiveness. Jose has been executed and has payed his price and he was sorry for what he did and I know that does not make it right. My heart truly goes out to the victims and their families, but I see no reason to create more victims.

  83. As a former Texas Police Officer, let me say this. This is one of the worst examples of criminalty that I’ve ever been aware of. Rest assured that the Lord is the Supreme Judge of all on Earth, now and forever. Lastly, the execution is absolutely necessary and a good thing, to prevent and protect the innocent. The criminals will forever rot. May the victims forever live in the light.

  84. This is to Patricia’s post August 20th..
    You say that some on here sound like hypocrites, you’re the hypocrite. Go back and read the post from April 3rd where you said (and these are your words copied and pasted, although I wanted to change the misspelled words and the capitalization, I didn’t) here is what you said……..

    “shauncey I am praying 4 the both of u, and u should really get to know someone before u wish harm upon them, another piece of advice dont read beleive everything that u read…do u know the case and facts, probably not so I hope that u rot in hell…LOLl”

    I think that you’re the hypocrite and a big mouth. How dare you tell us to go back to church and learn forgiveness when you tell Shauncey that you hope she rots in hell in the same breathe that you tell her that you are going to pray for her, who needs someone like that praying for them?
    I have never wished anyone rot in hell because hell is as real as Heaven is and to wish that on someone is not what Jesus would want.. I have wish that someone rot in jail but never hell..

  85. God bless their families

  86. This is to Patricia’s post August 20th..
    You say that some on here sound like hypocrites, you’re the hypocrite. Go back and read the post from April 3rd where you said (and these are your words copied and pasted, although I wanted to change the misspelled words and the capitalization, I didn’t) here is what you said……..
    “shauncey I am praying 4 the both of u, and u should really get to know someone before u wish harm upon them, another piece of advice dont read beleive everything that u read…do u know the case and facts, probably not so I hope that u rot in hell…LOLl”
    I think that you’re the hypocrite and a big mouth. How dare you tell us to go back to church and learn forgiveness when you tell Shauncey that you hope she rots in hell in the same breathe that you tell her that you are going to pray for her, who needs someone like that praying for them?
    I have never wished anyone rot in hell because hell is as real as Heaven is and to wish that on someone is not what Jesus would want… I have wish that someone rot in jail but never hell..
    God bless their families

  87. Hello everyone, I’m sorry if I might sound a little rude or out spoken but I think that those bastards need to go striaght to hell for what they did to those girls! Noone not even the enemy deserves that kind of treatment! I have so much hate in my heart for those guys, i feel that they should duffer the same pain your girls had to endure. I never knew anything about this story I’m only 17, so I was a baby. But my cousin told me about it the other day, so I went out to buy the book and I;m so angry. I’m very very very sorry for your lost, I will keep you guys in my prayers even though t was years ago, I can imagine the hurt you still feel. Just know that God loves you, and those guys will be punished for what they did! Someone should do the same to them or even worse

  88. You know what I don’t even kno this dumb as patricia girl…but bitch let me tell you something you are a dumb, heartless bitch!!! What if that was you ouyt there that night being forced to suck on 6 different guys dick while being raped from all different parts of their bodies and all that shit you know what you dumb as girl it should have been yo ass since you seem to think it was nothing. You should be in jail with them son of bitches then. DAMN I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!! THOSE GIRLS DID NOT DESERVE THAT SIT YET U R STANDING UP FOR THOSE LOW LIFE’S!!!!! YOU’RE NO BETTER

  89. Sherrell,
    Thank you.
    As for you Patricia, you don’t believe in the death penality, huh? I doubt you’d be singing that same song had it of been your sister, or mother, or aunt, or friend that this HORRIFIC, brutal crime happened to. Just reading your comments make me sick to my stomach. I guess Ted Bundy didn’t deserve to die either, huh? Don’t you know if Florida state had NOT killed Ted Bundy, even more women would be dead by his hand? This crime committed aganist these beautiful young girls was completely senseless and unwarranted. Everyone involved should DIE. In case you haven’t noticed, your the only asshole on here defending these murderers. It’s just too bad they didn’t get to you first. I’m sure your Christian family would’ve forgiven them. I mean, thats what you would have wanted, right?? Give me a break!!

  90. Shauncey,
    You are so welcome! I’m glad not everyone thinks like her because if s then we would all be in trouble and counting our days to live on one hand!
    As for Patricia, I hope you really start t rethink the way you look at life and the people in this world. If not you’re going to led yourself right into the hands of some psycho killer, and you could be next.

  91. I just want to say I have no remorse or pity for what these boys did. Reading this book (Pure Murder) really broke my heart. The entire time I read this book I had to stop and wipe my tears. Yes they should all been executed. No one should suffer the way these girls did. No one this evil should live.
    As for the families,
    I send my love and hugs to the families. May the Lord bless you all and keep you strong.

  92. I just came across these postings. I’ve read them and now have a horrible stomach ache.

    Patricia: Have you been a victim of sexual assault? I know from experience how painful, degrading, agonizing and hopeless a victim feels. Sexual assault doesn’t only change the victim, it changes their loved ones for the rest of their lives. A victim of sexual assaults future is changed.

    Souls can so easily be lost, and for what? So a *thing* can feel *power* over another human being? These *things* aren’t human, they lack the compassion and empathy that a human feels. There is no true soul.

    The brutality of the sexual assaults alone deserves an execution. The only sympathy I feel for them is because they’re caused so much pain and devastation to their own families. I hate that.

  93. they’re = they’ve

    I’m only commenting on the sexual assault because I’ve not finished the book. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say at that point, if I can type through the tears I’m sure to have.

  94. What a Horror! If it’s sex these things were looking for, I’m sure they’re on the receiving end in prison. I have zero compassion for these thugs. They all deserve to be executed; at least it’s a death of compassion, not at all like the murders.

    Those that were generously awarded Life Without Parole…hopefully will never walk the streets of our world again. They deserve their 23 hours a day in a dark and cold cell for eternity.

    Enjoy Hell Boys, It’s EXACTLY what you deserve.

  95. To Patricia : Did the vile, in human creatures who committed this crime get to know the girls before they brutally ended their lives? The answer, quite simply is no, they did not. They brutalized and terrorized two innocent girls before snuffing out their lives in a dark, demeaning place. The “people” (and I use this term loosely, as no decent human being would commit such atrocities) responsible for this crime deserve nothing less than that which they gave to Jennifer & Elizabeth. They should consider themselves lucky to have lived another 15 years after what they did, for they deserved not another day.

  96. i just finished reading pure murder and i couldnt believe what i was reading.i was raped by my “best friend” when i was 16 but i dont think i couldve endured what these girls did. my heart goes out to their families.and i think that the ones who ended up with lwop shouldve still been put to death because if your old enough to commit the crime your old enough to pay the price.they knew exactly what they were doing and to brag about it after shows that they didnt deserve any mercy.

  97. i am currently reading pure murder and i am just amazed at how people are so mean and vicious and could care less about life, people, laws, lack of a conscious. i can’t even imagine what jennifer and elizabeth went through. they sounded so brave and tried to fight… my heart goes out to their families on so many levels. it’s just unbelievable how people can be so angry and aggressive and have such a lack of compassion and a heart. i too do not feel sorry for these “thugs” as someone above referred to them as. i am a firm believer in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. no one deserves to go through what those innocent girls had to suffer through… i hope to god justice is served to each one of those boys and spare no mercy. may jennifer and elizabeth rest in peace. they are angels now looking down on us. may god bless you both.

  98. I have known the Pena’s for many years, my parents are very good friends of theirs. This family is the most strongest, caring, loving family I have ever known. They are givers not takers. I was too young to know Elizabeth but I know she was an awesome person. Melissa is a very strong women and would do anything for anyone, she’s a very loving person and I great mother to Rachal and Micheal. Adolf is like a father to me, always telling me to be careful he’s a very caring man. The Pena’s are like family to us, I love them so very much. I pray for peace for them every chance I get. I can’t wait for the day that Cruz dies, I will be there with my arms open to the sky giving Elizabeth and Jennifer a hug telling them “IT’S FINALLY OVER, HE’S GONE!!”
    All My Love to Elizabeth, Jennifer and The Pena’s.

  99. My heart and soul go out to the families of Jennifer and Elizabeth.
    I hope that you find closure in the deaths of these savage monsters who killed your babies.

    Rest in Peace Jeniffer and Elizabeth
    May you forever walk with the angels you beautiful girls

  100. wow patricia… u dont see y its nescessary to create more victims… u are truly a lost soul. U should have ur brain examined.

  101. Jennifer would be 30 and Elizabeth would have been 32 now. I bet they would have been hot.

  102. Ok. My name is Misty and I am a friend of the Pena fam. Like my sister Dani said we grew up with the Penas. I was old enough to remember Elizabeth. She did not deserve and neither does any one, to be victomized like that. I beleive that ALL the boys should be put to death. I have a young daughter of my own and I don’t think I could take this happening to her. To the Patrica girl on here, do you have childeren? Do you have a sister? Do you have a mother? Then think of them and have them raped over and over again, teeth knocked out, strangled with a belt and and shoe laces and then kicked and stepped on. Then step back and see if you would want those same people to be able to breath wile your loved ones are not. I know that I couldnt take it as well as the parents of these beautiful girls have. I love ya’ll. RIP girls!

  103. I do feel for the families of both of these young ladies. This was a horrible, violent crime. However, having said this I have to say that as a parent I would not have allowed my teenage daughter (or son for that matter) to be walking home at that hour of the night, especially in a large city like Houston, TX. They should have been picked up by the parents and taken home, not left out in the dark to find their way home. The parents should have made it explicitly known that the girls were to call them when they were ready to come home and picked them up, no matter what time it was. These are the types of responsibilities we have as parents. We can’t watch our children (especially when they become teens) 24 hours a day but we can take precautions to safeguard them as best we can. Since neither of these girls apparently was old enough to drive yet they should have been picked up by the parents.

    I will probably get hateful remarks for this, and I am in no way excusing the animals who did this horrible thing to those girls, yes, they deserve the death penalty for it. And I am not saying this is all the parent’s fault, just saying that as parents we know there are bad things and bad people out there and we need to do all that we can while we can to protect our kids. I’m sure the families have had a lot of “what ifs” over the years and probably would have seen that the young ladies were picked up and brought safely home if they had it to do over again. And again, my sympathies for their great loss. Losing a child is certainly a parent’s worst nightmare.

    note from blog owner

    Please remember, this did not happen recently. It was a different time in history. These kinds of crimes were not the norm. When I was a child, I could go out and play and not come home for hours and be just fine. When I was a teen, I could stay out late without it being an issue. Times have changed and that is not something that is done now. These were 2 normal teens at that time. So do not in any way blame their parents.

  104. Did not happen recently? It happened in 1993 and not 1923. Of course people knew about violent crimes in 1993 and 1993 is not that far in the distant past. I know my point of view is not popular but it is what it is. I am just saying that if it were my daughter I would not have allowed her to walk home that late at night in a crime-ridden city like Houston, TX. I don’t think you can use the point that 1993 was a more “innocent time in history” because it wasn’t. Think about all of the violent crimes that happened during the 70s, 80s and 90s – people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy just to name a few. No, it is not the parent’s fault that their daughters were killed, I just think some extra precaution would have been helpful. The boys who did this obviously had come from very bad home situations according to the book “Pure Murder,” by Corey Mitchell. But, that does not excuse their behavior in any way shape or form. Listen, my parents had to know where I was at all times and same scenario with me – they would not have allowed me to walk home late at night alone or even with friends and I grew up in the 70s and 80s. I don’t know, maybe I just come from a different background. I know that there are evil people in this world and I also know that there are parents (like the parents of those guys) who don’t do the best job of raising their kids, kids who are left to run wild and reek havoc whereever they choose. So, under these types of circumstances I do all I can to keep my children safe. I understand that you have a different point of view and I respect that, and just ask that mine be respected as well. This is a very emotional and tough subject, I understand that. I mean no offense to anyone, I just don’t see it the same way that you do and the majority of the people on here do. But again, maybe I was just raised differently.

  105. I have to agree with you Jane, as a parent I would not have allowed my daughters to run around Houston at that hour, or allow them to walk home. I am in no way blaming the parents but they have to live with the guilt of their decision. You know not everybody has the same opinion and others need to respect that. I was raised in Houston and there has never been a time that I can remember that it was so safe that kids could walk home. The guys who did this are paying or have paid for what they did.

  106. I have recently been reading ‘Pure Murder’ and through my Googling of people involved in the case I found this site. (I live in Florida… it takes forever to execute people here and I was curious to see if any of those involved in the case had been put to death yet.)

    1993 was a very different time than what we have now. Yes, there were still violent crimes but they were not as rampant as they are now. Also, please take into consideration the size of Houston… it is a large city but like all cities it is made of small neighborhoods and areas. The people in the area the crime was committed in may never have thought that something like this could happen in their quiet neighborhood. They may have felt that their daughters were safe walking home, they may have had a sense of security that allowed them to give their children an 11pm curfew (which is not unreasonable) because they did not believe the girls would come to any harm.

    Each day they have to feel the loss of that night. Its very easy to look at a situation and say what you would have done differently but you never truly know until you are in the situation. It is no one’s place to judge and/or condemn them as parents for allowing them to stay out.

    Times have changed… now people question allowing their children to play in their own front yards but there was a time when children were allowed to play outside ‘until the street lights come on’.

    As for Patricia, while a great deal of time has passed since her last post I still feel compelled to say the following:

    A) Punctuation, grammar and spelling – these are all your friends when you are posting, and wish to be taken seriously, on an internet forum.

    B) Do not come to a forum like this and expect your hostility towards its members to sway them in any fashion. It makes you look like an idiot. (Note – I did not call you and idiot I said it makes you look like one – there is a difference)

    C) If you are serious that you want people to pray for your friend, perhaps the way to do it is not to antagonize people and spew hate but rather to try to empathize.

    D) Don’t judge… you don’t want people doing it to you or your friend, then give them the courtesy you are asking for.

    This was a horrible crime perpetrated by people who seem to have no hearts and no conscience.

    The fact that Peter Cantu gets to write such pleas in his penpal requests as “This is a world of confinement for 23 hours a day but it’s your letter that humanize, where the Texas officials have sought to dehumanize me. It’s your letters that light this world of darkness and brings forth smiles in a place where smiles shouldn’t exist. When you reach forth across a vast ocean thousands of miles away, in an effort to bring friendship, you in essense actually pull a man out of the abyss.” is wrong. Throughout his request he plays himself as the victim.

    Jennifer and Elizabeth knew nothing but darkness in the last hours of their lives, they were treated as if they were less than human and I think that those responsible for the crime deserve nothing less than darkness and dehumanization for the rest of their existence.

  107. I just read pure murder, it was and still is a horrible crime. I have a 16 year old daughter that i could not c this world without her in it. I hope and pray that those bastards all die 4 what they done to those girls. My prayers go to both families.

  108. I would like to know how many of them bastards have been put to death so far.

  109. 2 have been put to death:
    Jose Ernesto Medellin
    Derrick Sean O’Brien

    2 were commuted to life with parole:
    Efrain Perez
    Raul Omar Villareal

    1 is in appeals:
    Peter Cantu

  110. Peter Cantu the coward, has the nerve to appeal? Loser!
    You ladies CANNOT blame the parnets of these children because some sickos wanted to get their rocks off. Very insensative on your part. This crime happened 16 yrs ago, and the world was very different then. Even today, if some teenagers are out late and their parents didn’t offer them a ride and thier murdered, it’s THEIR fault? That’s ludacrious, ignorant thinking.

  111. My name is joana, I’m from Portugal. We don´t have neither the death penalty nor LWOP, we never had, but in same cases it would be necessary. In this case, I feel sorry for the lost of 2 beautiful girls, so young. I don’t think that those men were so young like that, they knew very well what they were doing. I just don’t understand why the sentences were not equal to all of them. I think that they all should die. Why the sentences of 2 of them changed to LWOP? Don’t misunderstand me but it is not fair to the 2 that were executed. I hope they execute Peter Cantu too! Sorry for my english!

  112. I don’t think they should even be able to request pen pals on this site.It is crazy for them to have the chance to ask for a pen pal…Come on ppl…Please take it off…They should be put to death the same way those poor young beautiful girls did.They didn’t get the chance to appeal there deaths or can they request a pen pal.No one should ever have there life taking by another person.God is the only one who has that right.How would they feel if it was one of there family members.I know that feeling my sister’s life was taking way to young at the hands of some hateful person.He later killed someone else,I knew.And soon after took his own life.which bothered me none.I believe that karma is A B**ch.I lived right across from the park when this happend.I remember watching it on t.v and cryin.I pray for there families and who ever knew them.May there souls be at peace..

  113. I agree with misty !!!! Think how u would feel it was ur own…

  114. I always knew there was something wrong w/peter…..He never could take rejectation very well.I remember one time he hit on me and I told him i didn’t like him.Well he called m every name in the bookThat was when we were what 15 afew yrs later ,I see him on the news for murder…I remember my friend call me say did u see who is on the news?He killed 2 girl across from ur house…It scared me to think that this happend where, I lived.I’ve gone to the park resentily for the first time.I never could go there it was scary to think about what they went through in that hour of there life.But I like to believe there angel’s watch over anyone who walks through the park alone and put’s a hand around them to help them get home safe…..

  115. In my opinion, they should scheduled his execution, so the girl’s family can have peace. They were so young! I believe they will never be forgotten but the families have the right to move on. 16 years is too much. They lived longer than them without that right. I don’t agree with pen-pals inmates, they shouldn’t have that right. Without offense, persons that write to inmates don’t have life on their own. Search for a healthy hobby! Think in the victims!

  116. Some say that justice has been served, but tell me how? these murderers died painlesly, surrounded by their family, with the request for the last meal, beeing allowed to have final words, knowing that they are going to die. The girls however were raped, tortured, died horrible death.

  117. I know one of them rapists and murderers has a young daughter. I know its sick and I dont really wish that but for him to understand the pain, the same thing would have to happen to his daughter.

  118. Patricia, you gotta be kidding me. I cant call them monsters because I dont know them? You dont even wanna know what I can call them. And murdering murderers like them is NOT the same as murdering innocent little girls. I would take pleasure in bashing their skulls and enjoy it for the rest of my life.

  119. If they are/were arrested for 15 years how it is possible one of them to have a young daughter? Here in Portugal we don’t have death penalty. Do they have intim visits in death row? Is that possible?

  120. Which just goes to show how tacky these “ladies” are. Conceiving a child behind a vending machine is not my idea of classy.

  121. I thought that the visits were just with a glass beneath the persons, without any human contact. That is wrong, unfair to the victims. That is what we see here trough TV. It is so wrong. They shouldn’t have the right to any human contact, or at least just only with their family. What is the motivation to date, marry or have a children with an inmate, especially if they have long sentences? I just can’t understand. I think it should be terrible to say to a child, your father is a murderer. These guys, for example. If they could be released wouldn’t they do the same thing? Their life will be always crime. To the victims was denied the right to human contact, to have children, grand-children, to get married. Why should they have that kind of rights?

  122. These guys should have been left alive and out with their balls chopped off and all fingers cut off. that way they would have remembered what torture they put the girls though, each and evey second of their lives. One guy raping and murdering, is called either insane or something but a whole gang doing it can’t all be insane. They are devils-so let’s not call them human beings and insult God!

  123. This goes for all perverts, rapists and muderers. In our country, Bangladesh, on 25th February 2009 families of Bangladesh army were mass raped while their husbands/fathers were shot dead by other army/border officers while they were in their own homes. 8-9 year old girls were raped too. Our Government did nothing to prevent it. Mass rapists-they should be buried alive! So Jen and Liz and all the others like you, may your souls rest in peace, wherever you are.

  124. Stumbled across this site by accident. As a resident of Houston, Texas~ I remember this horrific crime against these girls. For YEARS afterwards it was always stuck in the back of my mind. When my daughters grew older and wanted to go places, this crime would pop into my head. This was a terrible terrible criminal act against these two young girls and the young men that committed the crime should face the same punishment in my opinion. An eye for an eye is my belief on this and I can only imagine the pain the parents of the girls face knowing that their tax dollars are actually taking care of the very men not executed or while they plead for LWOP instead of the death penalty that killed their daughters. Ridiculous…. As for Patricia, if you commit a crime, you are a criminal.. if you kill someone, unless it was in self defense ~ you are a killer and should be killed…plain and simple…does not take a genius to figure it out..
    ~Lastly, my heart aches with the story from Samreen Islam Ahmed~ what a terrible terrible act against another human being.. My heart goes out to you, the families left behind as well as survivors of this horrible crime. ~

  125. The horrifying, brutalizing hour that these little girls had to spend with those sick animals literally makes my heart hurt. I am 32, the same age that Elizabeth would’ve been this year and I can never imagine having to go through anything like that. Those little girls were robbed of beautiful lives and futures. If you ever get the chance to read Corey Mitchell’s book, “Pure Murder”, I am sure you will be just as horrified as I was. Those boys were given so many chances through our legal system and “let slide” by so called probation officers, it made my blood boil. If they had done their jobs, these idiots wouldn’t have never even been on the streets and Elizabeth and Jennifer would still be here where they belong with their families. What a tragedy, what a disgrace of our legal system. My heart cries for both families and I pray each morning and evening for these two beautiful young girls, I pray they are in heaven and feel no more pain…..

  126. I live in Canada and had never heard of this case. I am an avid reader of true crime books and just happened to pick up Pure Murder on my last visit to the book store. I cannot believe that people like Patricia actually defend these monsters. How can you feel sympathy for people who committed such a henious crime, without remorse then or now?

  127. I believe no lives should have been spared….No matter what the age was @ the time they commited these crimes….they all commited murder,so they all should be executed…..ALL OF THEM….why should they be allowed to breathe when those beautiful girls cant……

  128. I just finished reading the book Pure Murder. It reminded me of when my aunt was killed almost about the same way only she along with her bestfriend were thrown in a ditch by 3 guys they considered to be their “friends”. When I got to the part where they were raping & torturing these poor girls I couldnt help hold back the tears. I continued crying thinking what kind of monster would do something like that to innocent beautiful girls that had their whole life ahead of them. Did they have no freakin remorse? Maybe they should of given the father’s, brother’s, cousin’s and/or uncle’s a couple of hours with these idiots or maybe even had them raped while in prison to see how they would feel. Poor Bastards being put to death is nothing for what is waiting for them after death, I hope they rot in hell for what they did. My heart and prayers go out to both familes. For those pen pals writing to these a**holes just think how would u have felt if it were your mother, sister, cousin, friend hell maybe even daughter? Would u still want to be their pen pal?

  129. I wait for the day Peter Cantu is executed for the murder of these two young teens. This has haunted me since the day I moved to Texas. I read every newspaper article was glued to the TV when the trial came about. I at the time we moved to the Tomball, Texas area had 3 young teenage daughters. I came here from a town of 444 people in Wisconsin and the first big news thing I hear about is this. That a gang raped and murdered these 2 innocent young girls. I was terrified did not want my daughters going anywhere.Since we have lived here 2 of my daughters friends have been murdered and 1 other who was thought to be dead survived. It breaks my heart!!! Life is so priceless and yet everyday somewhere young children and teens are murdered here in America Land of the Free!! What price we pay for this freedom.

  130. to Patricia,

    You came on this forum for simply attention and to get people to react to your ignorance. If that shit happened to anyone you know and love you would be singing a different song. Of course your one of those lonely ugly bitches whose nothing but a groupie to a murder cause that’s all you can get with. You needed to be the one raped and tortured and left to live to understand some pain and MAYBE then you will relate to prodealth!

    I pray for your children – that is if you have any cause its dumb bitches like you who have pedophiles and murderers at home around their kids. Please bitch go away!

  131. Why hasnt he been killed yet???? i was just a toddler when this happened but i just finished reading the book and look up to see if the SOB has been killed and he is still alive what the hell is up with that… he deserves to die he should have died within hours after being sentenced the same with the rest….i cant believe the other two got taken off off death row….

  132. It’s amazing how in this country, the government is aware of criminal gangs and domestic terrorists are actively gathering, breaking the law and exhibiting anti-social behavior and nobody tries to do something to stop these evil people until someone like Jennifer and Elizabeth lose their lives in the most horrific manner imaginable! Tears ran down my cheeks this morning as I was reading my homework article! I felt really sad for these girls and their families!
    I think it’s time for kids and teenagers to heed the advise and guidance of their families! With freedom comes responsibility! I so happy to know that those gang members are off the streets!

  133. i am so sorry this had to happen. im happy their all in jail. its not right, they had their whole life to look forward to, but those mother fuckers took it all away . i wish i could do somthing nice for the victoms families. but i cant and thats what makes me sad, i really wish all of them would die and rot in hell where they belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. I heard about this story when it broke. It was horrible then and it still is! The Word of God says, no greater love has a man than to lay down his life for a friend!

    I’m always admired Jennifer for going back to help Pena, when she could have gotten away! What a friend! Jennifer, God bless you. Now for all of you who want the suspects to rot in Hell, it is not going to happen! On the Great White Throne Judgement, Hell has to give it’s dead up to be cast into the Lake Of Fire! Sorry….but wait….the lake is said to be seven times hotter than HELL! Does that help?
    PS Their time there will be for all eternity!

  135. One other thing, When I was a police officer in Houston, I was tough on BULLIES, I never could stand them! I agree with a prior post on this forum, the law is to easy on juveniles and let them get away with everything. Everyone of them who killed those girls should have payed the ultimate price, no question about it!

    I just ordered the book and should have it through the mail in about a week, I look forward to reading it.

    I’d like to say to the families, God bless and keep you and stay with God, serve HIM and you will see Jennifer and Elizabeth again, on the other side, where they are waiting for you!

  136. I am not condoning the actions of these guys I am simply stating that they do not deserve to die…Patricia on August 20, 2008
    at 10:06 pm

    Patricia – Jenny & Elizabeth didn’t deserve to die either, your point is pointless and your illogic based on such “Christian-Based” theology ie. “An eye for an eye”- (Leviticus 24:19–21, Exodus 21:22–25, and Deuteronomy 19:21). Smacks of exactly the kind of BOGUS dbl.standards of what’s wrong w/religions as a whole. To use such blithering nonsense as an basis of/for everyone elses existance, based upon what Humans “say” what the God(s) “said”. Decreed preist/Mullahs/Rhabis..etc, Humans. Designating via their own self profoundly earthbound aspects. Determining for their God(s) what’s good or evil. How in the HELL can a-n-y-b-o-d-y standing on terra-firma, as a humanoid,tell me or anyone else. What is God, Heaven or Hell or the origin of the universe or time or existance…Dream-on Dream-Weaver.

  137. Patricia – “I am simply stating that they do not deserve to die”…Patricia – “I” am just simply saying “Jenny & Elizabeth didn’t deserve to die either” – Patricia – Just another reminder to one whose mindless…

  138. The fact of the matter in this case is that it represents one of the most brutal and sensless crimes ever committed. It is understandable that there is a considerable amount of emotion from those of you who have submitted comments. Personally, I am a proponent of the death penalty, especially in this case, but perhaps the focus of the discussion should be on what we have learned from it and what we can do better.

    First, the school system and the justice system failed to protect us from these predators even though all of the signs were there. Assaulting teachers in school, getting expelled and then being allowed to enroll the following year? Being bounced from school to school after exhibiting clear psychopathic antisocial behavior? Getting caught stealing a car and sleeping at home that very night? These individuals are psychopaths. They are incapable of feeling remorse, empathy or emotion. They should have been diagnosed as such and institutionalized long before they were able to brutally murder two beautiful girls. the warning signs were there. Our institutions must act.

    Secondly, to all of the parents out there. Learn from this that it is a cruel world filled with evil people. Know where your children are at all times and tell them you will come and pick them up, wherever they are, 24/7, rather than have them walk home too late at night, get behind the wheel after drinking, or make any other potentially fatal mistake. Be there when they need you. Like it or not, those girls should not have been in the circumstance they found themselves in. That is not to say that either the girls or their parents are to blame. They are not. We just all should learn from their terrible mistake.

    Lastly, the punishment must fit the crime. As a nation, we all need to support tougher sentences for those who commit violent crimes against people, especially those who are most vulnerable such as women and children.

    Sorry for the long post.

  139. The countdown for Cantu has begun.

  140. And not a moment too soon! It’s been a long 17 years for the Ertmans and the Penas. Thank God the end is finally in sight for this sad, evil excuse for a human being. May he rot in Hell along with his cohorts.

  141. Oh, and Patricia?

    “We all” aren’t the ones confused here – that would be YOU. The other posters were right to point out your blatant hypocrisy, preaching forgiveness in one breath and in the next telling someone you hope they rot in hell. You obviously need to spend some serious time actually doing some of that praying you talk so much about – because frankly, if you really feel the way you profess to, I’d have to say it’s clearly YOU who needs the prayers. You are one deluded woman.

  142. I recently read Pure Murder and was completly disgusted! I can’t understand how our “justice system” lowered the sentences for Villarreal and Perez and allowed all the typical elongated prison time/appeals for Cantu, Medellin and O’Brien. Thank goodness O’Brien and Medellin have already been executed and hopefully Cantu will follow soon. As for Venancio Medellin I seriously doubt that his time in prison will do anything more than turn him into a repeat offender and have him right back in prison. After 40+ years he won’t know how to live in the “outside” world. Thank God I live in Michigan and not in TX, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in the vicinity when he finally gets released.

    I am the mother of a 14 yr old daughter and her best friend is 16. There are so many similarities between “my girls” and Jennifer and Elizabeth it scares the sh*t out of me. I summarized the story to them and told them of the atrocities these poor girls endured during thier last hours. I know my girls think like all teens do “That could never happen to me” kind of crap, but, I hope that by showing them the similarities it will make them think a little more about who they associate with and where they go. I had already told them that they are to call me anytime from anywhere and I will come get them, no questions asked.

    Unfortunatly, the only thing that has really changed in the last 17 years is that we have cell phones to make it easier to call for help. The monsters, murderers, rapists, crazies and drug dealers are still out there hunting the innocent, young and unsuspecting.

    I would also like to say, I am so thankful that George Bush is no longer in office. I can not believe that he got involved in this and tried to help these monsters. I would have thought that he, being the parent of two daughters would have been more sympathetic to the victims families.

    I personally am pro-death sentence for crimes like this. I do not think that people convicted of 1st degree murder/captital murder should be able to live for decades with conveniences such as cable tv and computer access/pen pals at the expense of tax payers. If you cant prove your innocence with 1 appeal then your death sentence should be carried out immediatly. I also do not think age should be a factor. Why should we as law-abiding citizens have to pay taxes for garbage like Perez and Villarreal to live out thier lives in prison?

    I pray for peace for the Ertman and Pena families. As well, I pray that all the people that failed these boys through thier childhoods that ultimately helped to create these monsters suffer everyday with the knowledge that had they either been more responsible in raising them and/or performed thier jobs better maybe these young ladies would now be parents themselves and thier parents could be bouncing grandchildren on thier knees instead of visiting gravesites and memorials and attending executions. Shame on all of you, parents, grandparents, police officers, probation officers, councelors, judges, etc. etc. I sincerely hope that Jennifers’ and Elizabeths’ faces haunt you every minute for the rest of your lives!

    Sorry for the long post!

  143. hi guys,
    i wrote to peter cuntu pretending i was a doctor and i was against the death penalty…telling him that the 3 drug cocktail given is floored…this is what i told him…the first drug that will be given to you peter will sedate you and put you to sleep but the truth is not enough of the drug is given peter….it takes about 15 minutes for you to die but the first drug only lasts for about 5 to 8 min’s ….so the next thing is you’ll wake up just as the 2nd drug is in full affect making you completely paralized not even your eye lids can move ….you will be completely aware of everything as the 2nd drug starts collapesing your lungs you’ll be gasbing for a breath but can’t move ..people watching will think your dying peacefully…but you are not your experencing the worst case of claustaphobia known to man …then as your lungs completely collapes the word suffacation dose’nt even describe the horror…as the 3rd drug takes affect around the 10th minute…it causes heart failure…the worse heart attack could’nt even describe the pain your heart will feel…. it would be like a thousand knifes stabbing at you constantly for 5 minutes by then you will be praying for death to come….but peter i will be signing that form to stop the death penalty cause i know as a doctor in some ways this is worse than rape torture and murder at least you can scream dying that way. i hope you get a stay of execution come next week…i know the odds are very very slim in the state of texas for stays but after your brutal murder by the state i will continue the fight for the rest of your brothers on death row.

  144. Finally, the third of these murderers gets to join his friends in hell. Tonight at 6pm, Peter Cantu, the worst of the bunch, gets the needle in Texas. Three down and three to go.

  145. Last but not least…Adios Diablo.

  146. […] Posts Murders of Jennifer Ertman & Elizabeth Pena Pure Murder virtual tour with Corey Mitchell Execution Alert: Derrick Sean O’Brien Execution […]

  147. […] Posts Murders of Jennifer Ertman & Elizabeth Pena Pure Murder virtual tour with Corey Mitchell Execution Alert: Derrick Sean O’Brien Execution […]

  148. I remember this case. I lived in Houston
    when it happened. I moved to another state
    more than ten years ago. By chance I saw
    a mention of this monster’s execution on
    a news roll. I’m glad they didn’t bargain with
    them and the three worst of the lot went
    to their death. I remember seeing him kicking
    at the camera and wearing a jumpsuit that
    had “I am a punk” written on it. Knowing what
    a punk means in jail I hope he got a taste
    of what he did to those girls. Two girls who
    did nothing but pick the wrong night to take
    a short cut home. I hold no sorrow for the
    boys, they got what they deserved. My heart
    sorrow is for what happened to the girls and
    for their families.

  149. jennifer and elizabeth will definatly be missed and all three guys deserve more than they got. im only fifteen but my mom was best friends with jennifer (hence my name) im devastated that i never got to meet jennifer or elizabeth but i know that they are in a better place now, even though the way they got there is somthing no one should ever have to experience, and i cant even imagine what their parents went through. im a little too young to have an opinion on the death penalty but i agree with it. if they felt that elizabeth and jennifer should have no say in wether they keep their lives or not then niether should they. they did the unthinkable and had no remorse.i think the only thing we can do now is live a good life the way that thoose girls would have wanted to live theirs and pray that this never happens again and to see to it that the rest of the guys get what they deserve.

  150. My prayers are forever with the Ertman and Pena families for the loss of their lovely young daughters. I am just about through reading Pure Murder, the story of Elizabeth and Jennifer’s unspeakable fate on that horrid night on June 24th, 1993. I am truly stunned by this heinous of crimes, and can only pray that such cold hearted brutes that will unfortunately continue to be amongst us, will always be brought to Pure Justice for causing so much grief and suffering, just like the gang who brutally assaulted these girls have.

  151. I hadn’t heard of this case until I read about Peter Cantu’s execution on a news roll. I knew gangs were bad, but I didn’t realize how bad.

    I bought a copy of Pure Murder because this case was so important to our crminal justice system. For example, Texas’ first victim impactment statement was heard during the penalty phase of Mr. Cantu’s trial.

    I have mixed feelings about the death penalty. But I do think that Sean O’Brien, Jose Medellin and Peter Cantu deserved to die. They were horrible men — the lowest form of human life. Every breath they took was a waste of oxygen.

    Although I believe Jose Medellin deserved to be executed, I think the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong when it ruled that Texas did not have to follow the Vienna Convention. If Americans want a representative of the American embassy to be present when an American is tried for a crime committed on foreign soil, we should foreigners the same benefit.

    My prayers will be for Jennifer Ertman, Elizabeth Pena and their families. Rest in peace, girls.

  152. Hello,

    i come from Germany but followed this case since 2006. Of course I have only the opportunity to inform me in the web but I say AMEN to most of the postings here. Unfortunaltely we have no death penalty here and I only can say good riddance to the execution of the three bastardsl

  153. I just finished the book Pure Murder, its so horrible the things they did to these poor girls. I hope these monsters get what they deserve death is the easy way out I hope they suffer for eternity.

  154. I think Patricia is in denial.

    This is the saddest thing I have ever heard in my life. I say that as a woman and as a mother. There ARE crimes so heinous, and people so far beyond redemption, that they deserve to die. I’m far from perfect, but then again, I would never hurt anybody. For any reason. Ever. Unless they hurt my kid.

    I am glad for the execution of those POSs. Worthless human beings. They bring shame to their families and their families children for generations to come. How proud to say you are connected to the killers, hold your head high Patricia, and do finish college, and maybe you can convert your text talk to proper English at some point in the near future. Here’s hoping.

    I cannot imagine Sandra and Randy, and Melissa and Adolfo’s pain, what they have to go to their grave with, knowing every single day that the last hours of their daughters life were hell on earth.

    This case disgusts me – the only good to come of it is the way the Ertmans and Penas have steadfastly attended the hearings, executions and how they have lobbied for increased rights for victims. I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in karma. And I am so sorry for their loss.

    Oh, and I want a date with a death row inmate, because we know how sincere their standards of friendship must be. What kind of website caters to dingleberries like that? And the women who write them….*shakes head* . Standards are low these days.

  155. Singemom: You said it. Where the hell were the parents when those boys were hanging out with losers? Where was the ethical mentorship? Unbelievable monsters those boys were. And the parents will UNDOUBTEDLY deny any responsibility, “we don’t know how he ended up like that”, but from what I can tell, there were plenty of signs of trouble that apparently were not addressed.


  156. Finally: Halli – I’m not sure. I was born in 1971, and in about 1980 Vicki Lynn Hoskinson disppeared off the streets of my hometown….things definitely started changing then…child predators of the sort that snatched Samantha Runnion and Danielle Van Dam have gotten bolder and more brash. My mother was paranoid about stuff – but I was allowed to bike to school. Now I drive my daughter to her school. No way no how will I leave it to chance. Regardless of whether somebody was supervised or not, well obviously, what happened to those girls is unthinkable and I cannot believe the pen pal requests of those thugs, the appeals of executions, the “Mexican National” argument. Totally vile and disgusting. The fact that our legal system condones BS like that is why it exists. That lawyer Babcock turns my stomach. Good on her and her Northwest University job. She did the WRONG thing in trying to help Medellin.

  157. I was 17 when this happened and new all to well about T.C. Jester Park. These girls murders had a tremendous effect on me. I am now a mother of 3 girls and I will never feel my daughters are safe alone thanks to these guys and those like them. As far as putting these guys to death go, the last of 3 on death row was put to death just last year, 2010. Whether they were put to death or serve life in prison still can never even come close to equalling what they put these girls through, that will only happen as they burn in hell for eternity.

    And to Patricia, the one who seems to think it is her place to defend her “friend” and preach forgiveness. So did your friend ever repent? And by repent I don’t mean, to his cellmate, or FOX news, but to the family? Because I’ve been looking and I don’t see any sign anywhere that any of them ever accepted responsibility for their actions. What I have seen is that both O’Brian and Medellin to their last breath on this earth didn’t give one ioda of remorse ever for any of it. I hope I’m wrong about that and that at some point in their adult lives they were finally able to truly understand the damage they did and try to make some sort of reparmations for it. I feel sorry for you that you would waste any of your energy not only feeling merciful for any of them but trying to convince others that they are supposed to. And to actually refer to them as victim’s? Your spiritual immaturity astounds me.

    I hope and pray that the murderers’ deaths has brought some sort of peace to these families. They deserve it.

  158. Also, in regards to the level of crime. Remember, this was the early 90’s, when gang and street violence was completely out of control in our nation’s cities and at an all time high. Gang banging and the crimes associated with it, according to statistics, have gone down considerably since then. And in Houston it was this crime in particular that really was the catalyst for a lot of change. And thank God for that. But I still won’t let my daughters hang out in any parks ever.

  159. And if anybody on this board happens to be one of those sad lonely women who feels the need to penpal with murderers. Seek professional help, and be quick about it, do not marry them and allow them to impregnate you with one of their demon offspring.

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