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Missing: Heather Danyelle Teague 8/26/1995 Spottsville, KY

Heather Teague

Heather Danyell Teague has been missing since August 26, 1995. She went to the beach and has not been seen since. It is a heartbreaking story of a missing daughter. Her mother works hard daily searching for any clues or leads to bring her daughter home. If anyone can help her, please come forward with the information. She deserves to know where her daughter is.

Where Is Heather?
Where is Heather Danyelle Teague??
Facebook: Where is Heather Danyelle Teague?
The Charley Project: Heather Danyelle Teague
Cold Case: Kidnapping of Heather D. Teague
Only Witness to Heather Teague Disappearance Speaks About “Person of Interest”
Mystery surrounds woman’s disappearance: Mother, police still search for Heather Teague 17 years later
Heather Teague – August 26, 1995 – KY

Unnatural Causes


49 Responses

  1. On August 26, 95, two girls saw a red Chevette leaving Newburgh Beach in front of or behind a Bronco. I KNOW there was more than one person involved in Heather’s ‘alleged abduction’. I need for these girls to contact me. I will keep their identity private. I just need a description of who was driving that little red car. I KNOW Heather was still alive 2 hours after the ‘reported alleged abduction’…another witness saw Heather in that car being held by her hair. There was a KSP on the beach while the abduction was in progress..why road blocks weren’t put up, I don’t know. There are still too many unanswered questions. One can be answered when these girls contact me. 270-824-8343

  2. The seasons are changing once again. I remember when the leaves began to change after that August 26, 1995 summer was gone. I knew that Heather’s tiny footprints were in the mud on Newburgh Beach..I knew that the leaves had covered them and that the snow would soon be falling. The changing of the seasons since then has been a reminder of that hot and blurry Saturday when our Heather was taken away. I still don’t really know what happened that day. The man with the bushy hair and the beard is NOT the man that is dead. Heather was still alive and headed toward Reed approximately 2-3 hours after the eyewitness reported the I have proof that the eyewitness hasn’t told the truth. How do we know what really did happen? The composite sketch matches the only suspect’s driver’s license face and then the body is identical to a man in Ohio the time of Heather’s abducion lived in Reed…KSP on the beach…pulling a truck from the mud? The FBI and some new detectives are now involved and I do have an attorney. Hopefully, we can now have a real grand jury hearing where the eyewitness, the artist and the first detectives will be under oath to answer…Where is Heather? What was really going on the day that they say my Heather was taken away? Matthew 10:26! How I miss my daughter! This not knowing is so unmerciful. I plead with anyone out there that knows where she is to please just anonymously write to me. Wear gloves if you are afraid police will detect fingerprints. Believe me..all I want is to find my Heather. I am being told that she was poured into a porch..under a garage after being accidentally ran over. We WILL find this porch if that is where she is. Wouln’t it make a difference in another’s life…maybe one of your children’s lives..if you told the truth and let my Heather come home!!??

  3. My address is: 623 South Main St. Madisonville, KY. 42431
    Please…don’t let the snow fall this year without us having our Heather D. home. Please!

  4. Beginning October 31..there will be a reward of $100,000 being offered for Heather’s whereabouts and the arrest/conviction of anyone involved. I am going to be asking questions on the tv, radio, newspapers for those 20 days that the reward is being offered.
    1. Who was the man with the dark, bushy hair and the beard? (Marty Dill was clean shaven…).
    2. Why did KSP wait 4 days to do that sketch that is identical to Dill’s driver’s license photo?
    3. Who was driving the Chevette?
    4. Why did Traci plead the fifth?
    5. Why was the man across the river really watchng Heather?
    6. Was Heather ran over?
    7. Was Heather buried under a porch on 416?
    8. Who was screaming 7 hours later?
    9. Where is my little girl?
    etc….I plan to ask one question each day having 20 at the end of the 20 days.
    Someone knows exactly what was really going on that hot and blurry SAturday..I think that the man that swore revenge on me is responsible for the plan that went terribly wrong…………..
    Sarah Teague
    623 South Main Madisonville, KY. 42431

  5. Sarah,

    I have been thinking about you and your family lately, wishing that something, anything would happen to help this situation. I sure hope you will keep posting and let me know what happens. I will keep watching to see if anything it posted anywhere. I think your family has waited way too long for answers.

  6. Bonnie..please post that there is a 100,000 reward being offered for Heather’s location/and or the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in her disappearance from Nov 5, 2006- November 24, 2006. Joe Mammano and The Midwest Coalition for the missing has chosen 20 missing people for 20 days for this reward. Heather has been chosen. Anyone with information must contact KSP Marc Carter 270-826-3312.
    matthew 10:26

  7. I am seeking to contact Joseph Mammana and was hoping you could assist me in this endeavor.

    My name is David Pollard, President of HALO Agency ( and if you could have Mr. Mammana contact me at or send to me a way to contact him, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much for your time and assistance.


    David Pollard

  8. David,

    Who is mr. Mammana? What does he have to do with Heather??

  9. Mr. Mammana is the man offering the 100,000 reward for 20 days began november 5-24th.
    Heather is coming home!!

  10. Few leads have been called in to KSP Marc Carter. Just like Traci Dill Kellogg, people are just afraid to call. The two girls that saw the red Chevette with the Bronco August 26, 95 will call me someday and we will know who the others are involved in Heather’s abduction. Where is my Heather? I don’t know tonight if she is cold or hungry or if she is scared or if she is in heaven with God. I hurt. The missing her is so intense that the pain is almost unbearable. It is the hope in that day that I know we will have…when Heather will be home that keeps me alive. It just isn’t right to breathe without knowing where your child sleeps. It just isn’t right to have had to question and question KSP all of these years. Things are at a different place now. They know whatever was covered on August 26, 1995 is being uncovered. NOTHING will stop the truth now…God is answering prayers. And to Him be the glory. It is only by His grace and His mercy that I am able to continue this search. I was born the day Heather was born…She left mad at me…and that breaks my heart. I know wherever she is that she loves us all and that she is ready for a reunion. In my heart…I do know that.

  11. Not even for 100,000 did anyone come forward to KSP with information concerning Heather’s whereabouts. People are afraid. I honestly thought in my heart that someone would tell what they knew. I still have faith in God’s plan and I know that He does have a day set aside when our Heather will be found. I know that! Christmas is coming. It actually get worse every day not knowing where Heather is. The Christmas lights…the song..’I’ll be home for Christmas’ just tears at my heart. I carry hope in my heart. I have to. My other children and my grandchildren count on me for that. I am an example now, Heather. I am the ‘rock’ of the family. would be proud of your Momma. I miss you. I love you. Please come on home.

  12. There was something about Ben Ownby’s smile that let my heart know that a miracle was coming! ‘Hidden in plain sight’…Shawn Hornbeck and Ben found alive! What a miracle! I believe that God used ‘the monster’s’ plan to take Ben to allow this miracle. It will take a miracle to find our Heather and I know that. I am asking everyone reading this today to please pray for the artist, the KSP, the eyewitness and for anyone that has information about where Heather is to just pray for their hearts. For 11 yrs and almost 6 months now, the KSP have continued to deny me the truth about that day. I have copies of the many faxed documents to them questioning them about the sketch, the time that the call came in about the truck stuck in the muc, the time of the actual 911 call, how the sketch turned out identical to Dill’s driver’s license, why 4 days passed before the sketch was done, where is the man with the dark, bushy hair and the beard…Meeting after meeting, I am denied these answers. At our last meeting, the Det. told us he knew the time of the call that the eyewitness made, but he didn’t tell us. I don’t understand this, but I do know that someday soon, my questions will be answered and the reasons for them not being answered will be known. If ‘they’ could ever ‘see’ Heather from their hearts…when ‘they’ ‘see’ Heather from their hearts I should say…and they will……we will know. I have faith and hope that our story will be told someday and it IS an amazing search…it will touch your heart!!Pray for Heather and for all the missing people today. A mother should know where her child is. Matthew 10:26!!

  13. Bonnie..I didn’t know you claim to be a psychic. You have never told me what you think happened to Heather.

  14. Umm, no I am not psychic! But I wish I were! I could solve these crimes left and right!

  15. This is our year! 2007! The ones that have covered up what really happened August 26, 1995 are being brought to justice this year. Heather is her name! They won’t ever forget those eyes…that smile…I have had to search in places a mother should not have to search while ‘they’ have continued to cover-up, create and distract. What they have done is a shame and a disgrace…a rape of all mankind. I have begged for answers for years and they have chosen to continue this inhumane charade. May God just grant us honor, dignity and the truth. All we want is for our Heather to come home. This ache is constant..with every breath I take. It has been the total disrespect meeting after meeting with them sitting there smug and arrogant not giving me any answers. I had to read in the newspaper about the blood in the back of the tailgate of the bronco after 9 12 yrs of it setting in the KSP evidence room. What kind of people are these? Where are their hearts? Matthew 10:26!!

  16. […] She went to the beach and has not been seen since. Please read Heather’s story at the links here. It is a heartbreaking story of a missing daughter. Her mother works hard daily searching for any […]

  17. Sarah,
    It is painful to read the story of your missing daughter and the inhumane implications it has had on your life. I pray that Heather will be found and be returned to you and your family to finally find some kind of peace.

  18. We have a court date August 6th in Circuit Court in Henderson, KY. My attorney has filed a motion for us to have the 911 call. At first, the eyewitness said that he called 911 and it took him to Warrick County Sheriff’s Dept. According to the Sheriff, there is no record of any such call. Then, on tape, the witness claims that he waited 26 mintues to call for help. Could that be because he already knew KSP were there? And did KSP know the witness was watching Heather? And did they panic when Heather was dragged away? All I know is that the eyewitness can’t tell the truth and there is a reason why we are having to fight to know the time he called for help. Heather was alive and still on the beach at 2:30-3:00 p.m. With KSP on the beach, there should have been road blocks put up. But then…what did happen on Newburgh Beach August 26, 1995? Why would the witness wait 5 mintues let alone 26 minutes? Why would the witness maintain the man taking Heather was Dill and that he had long hair when Dill did NOT have any hair? He can boast and lie because he is one of ‘them’….That’s a possibility. Pray for us as we continue to ask questions about that hot and blurry Saturday when my Heather was taken away. Matthew 10:26

  19. Bless you Sarah, my name is David Baker and I am from Owensboro, I live in Savannah Ga, area now since 2003. I remember this horrible day and came across your blog on I net, I can only hope you will have answers soon, sounds like someone really dropped the ball with law enforcement here or you would have at least some co-op, way to go with your spirit you will be rewarded in the end

  20. Thank you, David for your supporting words. The not knowing where Heather is or what happened to her gets more difficult as the days pass. I know in my heart that I am not suppossed to stop looking for the answers. Too many stories have been told….too many stories from the ones in charge have been changed and rearranged. The sketch wasn’t done until day 4 and after the film of the Bronco was turned in. I don’t understand why Dill was blamed for this, but he was. I don’t understand why the eyewitness/Osborne changed the description from the man with the dark, bushy hair and the beard to a mosquito netting, but they did. I don’t understand how these officials can make excuses for the artist and the eyewitness, but they do. That 911 call must be incriminating to THEM…that’s all I can conclude…………..Pray for us. We miss our Heather so much. We love her and just need to know the truth.

  21. Sarah,
    My prayers are with you and your family. I was wondering have you ever heard of Carla Baron? She’s one of the leading physics in the nation and has worked with police departments all over the U.S. Here is her contact information if you’re interrested.

  22. Yes. Carla Baron and I spoke a few summer’s ago. She gave me horrible details of how Heather died, but did not/could not tell where she is. She wanted Heather’s story on her new show. I learned my lesson that day about psychics. Sylvia Browne, in 98, had told us another horrible story. She, too, just made up stuff that could not be proved. If they had any abilities at all, there wouldn’t be any missing people, now would there? think about it! i do appreciate your posting and your prayers. God will get the only glory when Heather is found. And she WILL be found. Matthew 10:26 says that there will be nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. pray and believe that with me. thanks!

  23. Sarah,
    I could never imagine what you are going through. I pray that you find Heather. I am so sorry for the hurt that you have went through and I pray that God will lift you up.

  24. Dear Sarah,
    I am not afraid. I have been an avid follower of Heather’s cause since her disappearance in 1995. I have asked everyone I know about her and have heard all the rumors. I have visited your website often and have researched the investigation thoroughly. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Kentucky Wesleyan College and will attend Spalding University in the fall to further my education, entering the PsyD program which will give me a doctorate in forensic psychology. I will NEVER forget about Heather. I intend to personally solve this currently cold case and blow it wide open. So with this let ‘them’ know, I am coming for you, and your time is drawing nearer and nearer by the day. They are the ones who should be afraid. You are in my hearts and prayers, Sarah. Do not blame yourself, but if you know in your heart who did this, I advise you to tell the world. Don’t you be afraid, too. Love, Paige Scott

  25. I have no idea why, but your daughter’s dissappearance haunts me to this day. Her name I knew, but never seeing her pics until I discovered the website nearly 13 years later gets to me.

    I grew up in Newburgh, now in Bloomington, and remember this abduction happening at about the same time that I thought some 96 WSTO end of summer, beach party blowout was going on. I can’t help but think that myself and friends, and the TONS of people on that beach and the Ohio River didn’t see something.

    There were so many people, and as you mentioned trucks in mud, stuck in the river, 4-wheelers too, and tons of traffic up and down the banks and back roads covered in gravel and dust. Surely someone can recall something, as I have vivid memories of that day almost 13 years later.

    Lots of people swimming, drinking, driving in the mighty muddy Ohio, and driving down the banks covered in trees and brush, and friends walking in front of my little Geo Tracker, to make sure it didn’t meet the same fate and end up sunk in the river.

    Who drove the Chevette? I don’t know if Heather did or not, as I haven’t read up on it in a long time. I dated a brunette from Owensboro, who looked very similar, and drove a red Chevette too. Her name was Cathy, high pitched voice, lived with her dad, and worked at a Video One, or something like that, in Owensboro.

    We may be miles, years, and worlds apart, but I won’t forget Heather, as I am a father now and couldn’t bear to feel the pain you have dealt with for almost 13 years without knowing what happened that day.

    I know Bloomington had its own story with the loss of Jill Behrman, but that one didn’t get to me like Heather, because I was at the Ohio River that day…I think.

    I can’t believe it took so long just to gain access to calls, records, and reports. Dropped ball indeed! Good to see you have someone like Paige Scott on the hunt too.

    God bless and stay strong. Sincerely, Jason Dicks

  26. I also vaugely recal some Walthalls from Newburgh. I wonder if the guy with the telescope was their father and he was oogling the girls on the beach. I think their names were Jeremy and Shawn…I wonder if either of them drove a Bronco???
    I had better do some more reading on this cold case, just to get caught up. I agree on the psychics…What a bunch of BS they are!

  27. Thinking about this some more after work last night, I recall the event being “Skiday on the Ohio.” I wonder if it happened this date.

    I can’t find much info on Google or Yahoo, but I am sure it was this day at the sandbar across from the Newburgh Lock and Dam. We had to drive over to and through KY to get there.

    A bunch of houseboats, ski boats, swimmers, drunks and people yelling “Skin to win!” for some bikini contest. It was so long ago…

  28. I was born and raised in Owensboro, I live in Murfreesboro TN now. I am so sorry for the pain you go through everyday, my prayers are with you. I remember being out at that beach so many times and how I never could go back after Heather. My friends and I used to explore all through there. Go 4 wheeling, have bonfires on the beach throughout the summer, never once thinking of being harmed or hurt by anything other than ourselves. Just good ‘redneck” fun you could say. The person (s) involved with Heathers disappearence, scarred alot of people with this. A safety that alot of us girls, could never feel after that day… not just at the beach, but everywhere… there were people all over the beach that day… and yet still! I have lost touch with Owensboro over the years, dont keep in touch with many friends or family there… I guess I just assumed that some answers had been found… I was so sad to find in my search all these years later… that you still haven’t gotten any answers as to Where Heather may be and what happened to her. As a mother to 3 children now, twin 14 yr old girls and a son, I talked about Heather with my girls the other day. Letting them know that evil can touch your life no matter where you are or who you are with. Thinking about that summer and Heather is what lead to my searching to see what came of Heathers story. I will continue to pray for you and yours… Blessing upon you

  29. I had not checked this sight for too long. I woke up this morning holding Heather’s picture and just praying for her. The missing Heather is a pain that there are no words for. Paige, someday someone will be interested in my journal that i have kept since day 16. In fact, I am putting together our story. Jason, Tim Walthall, the witness, does have two children. Jeremy is the son’s name. I don’t remember the girls name. We’ve just found new evidence that set at KSP for 10 yrs. Heather’s hair was in the Bronco, or that is what they are telling us. Mike Shelton, the brother-in-law, was known to have driven the Bronco. He and his son had seriou wrecks a week apart. Mike, is in a coma, or was. ‘Both accidencts resulted in deaths. When I heard of this, I didn’t know how to pray, so I asked God’s love to surround this family. Mike knows where Heather is. Jammie, bless your heart. Take care of your babies and continue to pray for Heather to come home. We are trying to get a search warrant for the Dill property. KSP WON”T. They went to the family and ‘forgot’ once again about Heather. Didn’t even tell the family that Heather’s hair was found. Probably because they don’t want to admit that they let evidence set for 10 yrs. The witness, the wealthy businessman, needs your prayers. He has changed his story over and over. HE has now picked Christopher Below from line up. I knew Dill didn’t have any hair in July 95. I honestly don’t know what did happen that day, but somebody is trying really hard to hide whatever was really happening. Pray for me today. When the seasons change, and as another summer is gone, without Heather, my heart just aches for the truth….before another Thanksgiving and Christmas. It blessed my heart to find these remarks on the site today. Any of you can call me if you wish: 270-824-8343

  30. As a mother of three i can’t imagine what you’ve been through. It seems so many things went wrong from the beginning, I pray the Lord gives you the answers you need.

  31. I read the gleaner today with Heather’s story and so I Googled her name to find the latest and came across this blog. Sara I pray that you find something with the dog that is going to be here Monday and Tuesday. I did work with Heather at Aeroquip before they shut down. She was such a nice person. I searched hours upon hours at Newburgh beach along with others from aeroquip. I also noticed that there is a new person of interest by the name of Chris. I know she dated a guy that worked with us at aeroquip by the name of Chris. Don’t know if it is the same guy or not but do remember her with a Chris guy. Well my prayers are with you and your family and I pray that some questions are answered from this dog. God bless you

  32. Dearest Sarah,

    There has been seldom a day gone past over the last 13+ years that I have not thought of Heather, and prayed for her and for you, Haven, Holly and Nathaneal. I was heartbroken to hear of Sueann. Sarah, I still have the copy of Heather’s journal, and I only stopped reading it about a year ago. I miss her too, very very much. The state police did their number on me as well, lying to me the day she disappeared so they could get other phone numbers. Did not want to even go look at what we found and believed was at least possibly some evidence. I TOLD THEM I had information that might help, and they said there was nothing I could tell them that they did not already know. You must be terribly frustrated with the mishandling of this case. They claimed the drop of blood they found in the Bronco was not Heather’s either, do you believe that? I don’t. Above is my email address. If you want to talk to me, send me a note and I will gladly call you.

    PS…Heather, I miss you, I still love you, and I will not question nor judge you, just please contact me if you can.

  33. I wish you luck on finding your daughter. My father has been dead for almost 23 years, We still have the shirt he had on the day before he had his stroke and we can still smell him on it. I know it’s a long shot but maybe just maybe they (the dogs) can pick up heather’s scent. God bless you, and I wish you all the luck in finding the answers you seek.

  34. I saw Heathers story the other day on the news. I’m so glad to see that you haven’t given up hope in finding your daughter. I have read about Heathers story several times and each time it brings me to tears because I can’t imagine what you have went through all these years. Hang in there and keep fighting for that search warrant, because I believe you will find justice soon! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  35. Dear Sarah, You are in my heart and my prayers. I have a 37 year old daughter named Jennie who disappeared years ago when she was about 20 years old. She was gone for 4 years and finally came home to us, just showed up in our livingroom one evening at Christmas time. Of course, I just completely lost it at seeing her again. I have lived the pain that you are going through; each time hearing of a young girl being found, I just knew she was my Jennie. I will hold you and your family in my daily prayers until you finally have all of the answers that you need. May God bless your heart. Matthew 10:26

  36. I don’t know know what “Your comment is awaiting moderation” means, but as I submit this comment, should their be any words after “Caroline says”, they are not mine. May God bless.

    note from blog owner

    It means I have to approve the comment before it appears on my blog. I approve or reject all comments before they appear on my blog.

  37. I think of Heather often. I tried to visit her website today and it wasn’t working. I hope it isn’t gone for good.

    As we enter 2009, I think of her still, and of you, Sarah. My Mother and I are so close, and I don’t know what we would do without each other. I hope she is found. She is so beautiful.

  38. Dear Mrs. Teague, I came across this site quite recently, and your daughters story has touched me. I notice her birthday was August 25th, mine is the 30th, and futher more we share the same middle name although mine is spelled Daniele, and my last name also starts with a T.
    I am so sorry that this has happened to Heather and to your family. It makes me sick. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must go through every day.
    I truly hope that you find Heather and she can finally be home with you.
    You’re both in my prayers.

  39. mrs teague,i have thought about you and your girl alot and wish she could be found. someone knows something about this and i can not under stand why it already has not come out. i got a ten year old girl and every time i look at her i think about your baby. god bless you

  40. was the well or septic searched at his home?

  41. Mrs. Teague, I knew Heather when she attended Western Kentucky University. She was my Organic Chemistry lab partner. I absolutely adored her! We studied together all the time. She was very, very intelligent. Two or three years ago I heard about her abduction. I just found this site tonight. I hesitated to write anything here because I don’t know anything about her disappearance. Heather and I didn’t keep in contact after the chemistry course was over. But, I always remembered her. She had an infectious laugh and the prettiest smile I ever saw. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Heather. I cannot imagine what you have been through.

  42. ms. teague, i cannot find the words to express my deepest sympathy to you and your family. im so sorry this happened. i lived in providence at the time and was only 11 years old, but i saw her picture and everywhere i went i looked for her face in every crowd. i was sitting outside watching my own daughter, who is six, swing and remembered heather and your story from my childhood. i immediately searched the internet looking-hoping-that this resulted in a happy ending and i’d just never heard. but sadly, horrifically, you havent gotten your happy ending yet. i know you will see your baby someday. i cant imagine what you have vone through and the burning pain you must feel. the fear. it tears me up. you will forever be in my prayers. what the ksp have done(or not done) is ridiculous. i now live in rural hopkins county, but i lived in eddyville for five years and a woman named sonya bradley is still missing. theyve never searched a certain well that her mother feels certain needs to be searched. like your daughter, this lady was abducted in broad daylight and the cops havent done much in the way of helping her either. again, you are in my prayers and i have faith you will see her again.

  43. my daughter was born on aug 25 1995 i was in the hospital when i learn about your girl. Every year on her birthday i think about heather and pray that you will get all your anwers may god bless you and keep you.

  44. Did they ever investigate Christopher Below? I just read an article about him and the other women he is suspected of abducting… they all look very similiar. I am very sorry they haven’t been able to locate your little thoughts and prayers are with you.. i was in high school when it happened and i remember my mom being scared to death to let me out of the house and now that i have my own daughter i just can’t imagine what you have been going through.

  45. Dear Sarah,
    I think of Heather daily. I guess I’m obsessed. I just cannot let go when so many questions remain. Heather IS coming home. I was 13 when she was taken and I have been obsessed ever since. It’s just too much. An eyewitness through a telescope! A farmers tape of someone going through her car! Police on site when it happened! Too many ways to get caught and yet nothing. Well something has to give. Tell me Sarah, did anything more come of Christopher Below or Mike? I will help in any way I can. Is Below still in prison?
    My prayers are with you and my heart is with Heather, Always,

  46. I was only about 9 years old when Heather dissapeared. I can remember seeing signs everywhere asking Wheres Heather. I dont know why I think about her so much maybe it is because we share the same name. I am unsure. I just want to tell you I am terribly sorry for what you and your family have had to live all these years. I am sending prayers your way and I hope that one day you will have all the answers to your questions. From what I have read I really feel like the truth has not been told from the authorities. How could people be so evil…

  47. Hello Sarah,

    I originally learned about Heather on the Charley Project website which I view almost daily. It is hard to believe that there are thousands of missing individuals within the United States. It seems that these people disappeared into thin air; that no one knows the details of their disappearances. People seem to don’t want to get involve to help the authorities solve these cases even when most jurisdictions offer incentives. Although, it is very important for the public to contact the police departments with information they may have to solve missing person cases; they would expect nothing less if the tables were turned. My daughter, son, and granddaughter were missing for a couple of days in November, 2000; they were eventually located. It turned out that my daughter ran away with her brother and niece. I can’t begin to understand what you are going though and wanted to let you know that I am praying for you, your family, and that Heather will be found.

    GOD Bless,


  48. sarah its robin just now got or while back accdentlly erased sofeware on computer just to let u know have not forget for a split second heather and u guy s i am computer stupid love to you all

  49. Robin why didn’t you show up that day to meet Heather? Do you know Marty, Chris, Mike, or any of the parties invoked? Who are known members of the cornfield mafia? Do you think Heather is alive? Please contact Sarah! Did you happen to tell ANYONE that Heather was meeting you there or anything of that nature? Think back and if there is anything you can recall please please let Sarah know.
    Almost 18 years that Heather has been gone. It is time for Heather to come home?
    Do you know anything about a drug debt? YES or No

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