This Day in History: Christina Riggs execution 2000

  Justin and Shelby Riggs

Christina Marie Riggs #629
Mom says stress caused her to kill
Arkansas executes first woman in more than 150 years
Mom who killed kids executed
Arkansas executes woman prisoner
Amnesty International

Deadly Women: Twisted Minds

Christina Riggs

7 Responses

  1. There is no way for me to express this bitter feeling about those innocent children has to be murdered especially by the hands of their own parents. I truely wish i coud be there to help people who are in that desperate situation.

    I feel christina and i feel those of children.
    you see, i am writing from france and i am native korean single mother who happen to live in france and who has no financial support from my child’s dad who is french.
    As you people can imagine that my life without any family or financial support in france has been really tough for me which seems as much as the situation that christina encounterd.
    Though the sucide was never my option because i have not wanted my son grow up on someoneelse’s care. I know what is the depression is and how powerful impact it woud bring to your life in those harship situation. But not all single mother who are depressed for whatever reason, would choose the way what christina chose for herself and children.
    So we don’t argue of what she did to herself and to her children is un abnormal action compare to common depressed single mother would do/
    But your juriciction system is absolutly wrong helping her sucide.
    From the begnning, she clerarly wanted end her life and she has insisted until it goes through.
    I have witnesse the fact tht the juridiction system in USA is so messed and unfair.
    In france, the juridiction system is even worse.
    Have your read the book ‘ les misérable’ ?
    You can get ten years of incarceration if you steal a piece of bread following starvation.
    But you will get 5 to 15 years or less when you viciously muder somone. i can go thousand of thousand of french law practice which is a real joke.
    Anyway, fairwell christina and her children and please stay in peace. my heart will go with you people.
    from Paris


  2. I think what she did was not fair to those kids nor the father of those kids. If she was going to take her llife then maybe she should have just taken her life and left those kids with their dad and let them live their lives. I think she was selffish and never thought about anyone else’s feelings. Which that is obivious since she took not one but two innocent lives. I am happy to hear she got what not only she deserved but what she wanted to be dead.


  3. Well first of all i think that what Christina Riggs did of course was real f* up If she felt the need to kill herself well thats messed up to but if she wanted to kill herself go ahead but as for her chlidren Both Justin & Shelby i think that what she she did was most certianly unfair. Both of those children had the right to live life and what she did shouldnt ever be forgaven They were both innocent and didnt deserve what happened to them.


  4. That was my Aunt who I was very very close to, who i loved more than anything. Yes, i do agree that what she did to my cousins were unfair, but its what she felt was right. No my family nor I agree with it, and we all would have taken them in with out a question. but she felt it was a burden. Those kids did not know they had different dad’s all they knew is they had each other! and if they were still here they would be apart. living a life without each other. and if their dads really cared about them do you not think they would have help her out even just alittle. I feel nothing for their dad as i do for my family. the ones who knew/loved those kids and watch them grow up!


  5. I think she did have alot of issues. I myself suffer from depression and severe PSTD. I often feel like suicide is the only option. But not murder, and thats what she did to her children. Murder them in cold blood. She got exactly what she deserves, and may god have mercy on her soul.


  6. There can be no eternal peace for a murderer, only eternal fire. Those kids had no say in having their lives terminated this way. What a heartless, cruel, screwed-up individual who had no right to have kids in the first place.


  7. I think that the two people that I really feel for in this story, is those two beautiful children. How could a mother whose job it is to protect those children, harm them in such a horrible manner. I think one of the most disturbing things is knowing that that poor little girl watched her mother smother her brother to death, thankgod she was probably too young too realise what was happening and what was about to happen.

    I am sorry but nothing justifies the death of innocent children and to blame it on factors such as depression is such a catch cry and a load of bullox. There are other alternatives. I can tell you right know that I am a single mum with a five year old little girl, I work permanent night shift and I also study at university so yes my life is quite stressful and demanding and sometimes it does become too much but at no point in time would I ever consider harming the most precious person I have in my life.

    Absolutely nothing will ever justify what she did, what a heartless and cruel mother, does she even deserve to be called a mother I don’t think so


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