• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Angela Caston & Sharon McIntyre murder 4/10/2000 Lake Providence, LA *Jesse James Caston convicted and sentenced to life in prison*

remembering the victims

*Post updated 1/26/2011*

Caston was also wanted in the murders of James B. Kelly, 59, and his son James M. “Bubba” Kelly, 37, who he is related to. Allegedly, Jesse was having an affair with Bubba’s wife, Andrea. I am still searching for information on this case.

I have not been able to find pictures of the victims. If anyone has one that they would like to share, please email me. Thanks!

Public’s Assistance Sought In Locating FBI Top Ten Fugitive, Jesse James Caston, After July Sighting In Westminster, CA
Fugitive on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list captured
FBI arrests most wanted suspect after standoff
FBI Captured One of Most Wanted
State of Louisiana v Jesse James Caston 2005
For many of USA’s inmates, crime runs in the family
WriteAPrison: Jesse Caston (he wants pen pals!)
State of Louisiana v Johnnie Lee Bridges 1986 (Caston was involved in this)
Infamous: Jesse Caston

FBI Criminal Pursuit: Outlaw


Offender Name: JESSIE J CASTON
Offender ID: 101028
Date of Birth:

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: David Wade Correctional Center

The emphasis here should and will now be ONLY on the victims, Angela Caston and Sharon McIntyre, NOT the Caston family. If your comment is not about Angela or Sharon, then don’t leave it as it will not be approved. Please think of them and their loved ones and leave a memory or thoughts of compassion for them. This is NOT a place to defend the Caston family. Period. I am sure there are places for that. This is to remember the victims and loved ones.


105 Responses

  1. no one deserves to die the way those two ladies did. to be caught up in the hands of this monster. he should never be able to see daylight again. anyone else would have got the death sentence and would have been electrocuted!!!!!! what makes it different for him?

  2. excuse me noone in partiular but perhaps if you took the time to study the life style of the Caston family growing up you may not be so quick to want Jesse to be executed these boys made bad choices but had little or no guidance i just hope your children don’t make bad choices or no doubt you will march them off to the death chamber yourself whilst i am an advocate of the death penalty i think Jesse had extunating circumstances to excuse him death by execution

    • From me to you excuse me but I Angies family in that case should be a murder too in your eyes cause I had a bad childhood due to this no good for nothing killer and yet im no murder or criminal. Thanks. Maybe you should do a little studying of your own cause you dont sound very intelligent. The only reason I was reading this page cause it was suppose to not defend that monster.

      • leave the Caston family name out of your mouths unless you walked in our shoes you have no business.

        • Walt,

          This is a blog, and people are allowed to voice their opinions here.

        • You would not believe the looks i get when ppl find out i’m a Caston as well by blood, even though i never carried the name. the things he did were horrible, but he’s not the man i remember growing up. he lived in our home. was the nicest person you’d ever meet.

  3. I am looking for information about Jesse James Caston and his brothers, Frank & Sonny, for a True Crime book that I’m writing. Anything would be helpful.

    • I knew Jesse, Frank,& Sonny caston their father and Stepmom,They lived across the street from us in Lake Providence 1976.We lived At 303 brown st , and i believe Tokie Caston their father address was 306 brown st of Lake prov. La.My brothers and sisters and myself were friends of the Castons,sometimes we would sleep on the porch @ night with them.They all knew my mom They always would call her Ms.Nellie.

      • Well if you are as well informed about the family as you claim you will know the boys mother has passed away

        • For you info i knew their stepmother dorothy not their biological mother and what do the mother passing have to do with me knowing them.i left lake prov la in 1986.You claim you want the truth but it seems you are looking for drama,case dismissed.

    • did you write the true crime book? if so what is the name of it?

  4. What exactly do you want to write about the boys
    will you publish truth or fiction i will ask the boys
    if they are interested and let you know when
    they get back to me

  5. Julia,

    I only want the truth. I’d love to write it wth the boys help and from their points of view, but I am going to write it one way or the other.

    I find it very interesting, becaue Jesse was goods friends with my wife when they were kids. She screamed “I know him! He used to come to my house when I was in school” when America’s Most Wanted episode came on. She was visiting family in Louisiana and visited him in the county jail just after he was brought on.

    Again, I’m only interested in the truth, not the lies or rumors. The other two brothers would make a decent back story. What ever happened to the fourth brother?

  6. I asked Frank Caston had he ever heard of you and he said NO. I know the truth about the younger brothers story as for Jesse I believe what he has told me and if you are so interested in the family why have you not applied to visit the brothers or written to Jesse,

  7. Juila,

    Why would Frank have ever heard of me? I write horror fiction and non-fiction text books so far. This will be my first endeavor into a true-crime book.

    I live in another state and I’m in the middle of writing my second novel so I haven’t done much more that exchange a few emails with people who knew Jesse and Angela and get background (childhood) info from my wife (as she knew Jesse very well).

    When I get closer, I will write to each of them asking to visit and interview them.

    Again, I want the story to be true and I’d love to have their help. It’s still very early in the process, though.

    you can email me directly at:

    and tell me whatever you want to tell me.

    TGhank you.

    Damien Navillus

  8. people can think what they like about these men.. i grew up with them and they made mistakes but they will always have a place in my heart and home.. no one knows what really happened and no one would ever believe them.. that is thew sad part. i love them dearly and would trust them with everything i have… my name was christi flower it is now broussard in grew up in L.P. people shouldn’t say anything about these men.. They have always been good to me…

    • how can i write to jesse james caston i seen his story and it stuck with me

    • Christi, I will say anything and whatever I want about Jesse Caston! None of you really knew what went on when all of that happened so stop taking up for a murderer! Just because someone is good to one person doesn’t mean he’s good to other’s! He is a murderer! Plain & simple!

    • Christi please can you email me back I have a message for you….. thanks

    • Hey you ! Murderers are murderers. Just bc they were good to you doesn’t mean shit. I know damn well Jessie killed my grandpa and uncle .

  9. ex wife of the fourth brother,whom i have children by..please leave our family alone..we still have relations with angie kids and grandkids..i love them dearly..what happened was the most horendous thing that has ever happened…if any of us would want to be in a book we will write it ourselves..

  10. jesse waz my uncle i still consider him family and all ways will i dont like seeing ppl talk about my family like this

  11. i would still like to know any more info and if any one can tell me how he and the others are doin

    • steven,

      Caston is in prison where he will be for the rest of his life. The others, the VICTIMS, Angela Caston & Sharon McIntyre, are still dead. That is how they are doing. What more did you want to know. Please remember, here on my blog, the victims are who are the most important. The killer is not. Jesse Caston shot and killed his wife and her friend. That will never change. They did not deserve what happened to them. And please remember this, he confessed to killing them. So don’t try to say he is innocent.

      In your other comment you said “you did not like to see ppl talk about my family like this”. What did you mean? Did you want people to lie and say what a warm-hearted guy he was who would never hurt a fly? Sorry. He is a sociopath and is right where he belongs. And my guess is that he has no remorse and has not apologized to Angela’s or Sharon’s families and loved ones. And his 2 brothers have also been convicted of murder. I will be posting on them as well.

  12. If (Damien) or any of the above ever lived here & experienced/observed the poverty,lack of oppor
    tunity (both ed & employ), the family abuse (sexual & physical), lack of father-led homes, broken homes, drugs/ alcohol abuse, lack of any phycholoogical counseling, then one would not be so eager to “judge” the outcome of a young person; afterall, they are just perpetuating what they have learned with young preg, welfare, drugs, etc. One must have have the HEART & SOUL of the Delta , which is to have the sympathy & empathy for all its’ citizens before one can write a “true, accurate” story of one of its’ citizens.Personally, I w/NOT give you the time of day since you are arrogant, self-serving, & want “to write one way or the other…!” What a jerk!

  13. Absolutely Jessie is a very, very disturbed person & was extremely fortunate NOT to get DEATH PENALTY!HOW IN WORLD DID HE ESCAPE THAT??? (I need to read transcript trial)!!

    ..BUT look at his birth NAME & how he & brothers were NOT RAISED & ABUSED (as said)…our PETS (Animals) are treated with much more loving care!? !Again, I need EVIDENCE & need to read transcripts.

  14. I am in regular contact with Jesse Caston and I can say there was no sexual or physical abuse there may have been some neglect, I had all Jesse’s papers on the case mailed to me last week and I will be mailing your vile and nasty comments after this Memorial weekend, if you dont know the truth then say NOTHING

    • Hi Julia, you may not know who I am but Jesse does(or at least I hope he remembers me). I just called Angola trying to set up visitation and they told me he had been transferred to David Wade. So I googled his name and found this blog. I’ve been meaning to get in touch with him for years. My name is Houston and I used to live 3 houses down from him in Lake Providence. He treated me like his little brother. We played football in my yard, fished, rode 3-wheelers, etc. I’m still looking for the picture of Jesse and me standing on top of a huge loggerhead turtle that he caught in bayou behind my house. Anyway, I just wanted to get in touch with an old friend to say hello. I hate things happened the way they did because he was always respectful to me, my Dad, Mom and grandparents back when I was a kid. Hope you’re doing ok, Jesse. -Houston

    • The father was a piece of scum. What moron names his kids after a scumbag criminal. As far as “neglected” children, that’s BS. There are pleanty of people who had silimar backgrounds that did not end up being homicidial, unremorseful killers.
      I think Jesse is very lucky to be alive. In other parts of the country, law enforcement would have put a bullet in his head (too bad the FBI didn’t)!he has no remorse for the people he MURDERED!!!!Remember them? They were the real victims. The scumbag father and other relatives are luck the feds agreed not to prosecute them for obstruction, aiding and imbeding as well. I think they all should have gone to Angola!

  15. You say you know Jesse and for the minute I can only take your word for it until I speak with Jesse later this week but until he confirms or denies you in my eyes you are like all the rest that post on here about his family, and that is glory hunters trying to make a name for themselves and why I dont no, Jesse is not proud of his actions but like the rest of the you people you have tainted his name and tried him in the media give the guy a chance there were mitigating circumstances to the shootings and he like his brothers were railroaded by the state.

    • Julia,

      How was he railroaded by the State? Are you saying he did not murder Angela or Sharon?

      • Were did i say he did not murder them all i said was he was rail roaded I have all his trial papers and did i not say he is sorry for his actions, please read properly before jumping in to condem me or maybe you work in Law enforcement

        • No, I am not in law enforcement. I just took your statements to mean that. I just don’t understand how he was railroaded, that is what I am interested in hearing about.

          • You would need to read all his court and arrest transcripts if you like I can scan them and email them to you and maybe then you wont have such a biased opinion

          • Julia,

            My only opinion of him is that he was convicted of murdering 2 women and he was sentenced to life in prison. He was also on the FBI Top Ten list for those murders.

    • Julia, some of us don’t need any transcripts, I know how things happened & why they happened!
      He confessed to murder because he is a Murderer! I don’t understand what people don’t understand what that word stands for. He has murdered 3 people in his life, don’t you think that is enough?!! Yes you need to think about that & read some more info! As for tainting his life, he did that his self, no on e did it for him! You say give him a chance, he had a chance, he got out of prison & Angie helped him to get back on his feet & have a good life with her 7 he chos to kill her! What other chances do you think he needs?! Another ine so he can go kill another person & make it 4. I don’t think so!! Railroaded by the state, he was charged for murder that he confessed to when they took him in, Get real & get your pity for a cold blooded murderer that shoots women in the head & in the back. Nothing but a murderer! He needed to be in a mental institution!!

  16. Jesse Caston in my 2nd cousin and that will never change, the last time I saw him before what happened, I was 15 yrs old he took me to drop a dog off that I had picked up off the side of the road and couldnt keep it, I miss him but probably will never see him again. He also made me a cross necklace with my name on it made out of a spoon. Love ya Jesse!

    • Candace,

      And what about the VICTIMS? Not a word for them or their loved ones? This is not a place to worship or talk about how great the convicted killer is. It is to remember the victims and their lives and that they lived.

    • Candace, I know who you are, get real! He was married to Angie, that’s a whole different kind of Love! Haven’t you ever heard that old saying Love makes you crazy?! Well it made Jesse crazy!

  17. I also have jesses court transcripts and he was in no way railroaded into anything and fyi he is only convicted of sharons murder

  18. I just have to say. There are a lot of people in this world that have not had good lives growing up. Sso I am really tired of hearing that as an excuse. Get real. If his life was so bad and his family cared so much, why not get him help before he decided to take the lives of innocent people. And what about their familes. R u really on here trying to defend him?????? If he is so sorry why hasn’t he said I’m sorry???? Of course he is sorry, he is in prison for life. My mother was killed by her husband when I was a small child. And I have no sympathy for him what is so ever. Jesse didn’t even get what he deserved and it makes me sick to my stomach that he breaths the same air as I do.

  19. Well unless you are in a state pen I doubt very much you will be breathing his air ???

    How do you know he has never said sorry? or what his thoughts are at night?

    • Julia, I know! I know all of the family, it was my niece’s mother that he killed who was my ex sister in law and one of my very best friends! He has never said he was sorry for what he’s done! When or if you see him, tell him I hope he burns in hell after he rots in prison!

    • Julia, how dare you make comment M’ylssa above about breathing the same air. We all breathe the same air!! Are you proud that you are defending these men that kill women?! You must be as psycho as they are. Hope his thoughts drive him crazy at night & from what I here he’s a bout there but he was alreadt that way that’s why he’s killed 3 people in his life.

    • Julia,
      You’re an idiot. Who cares if he said sorry. He knew what he was doing when he did it. He’s a fu**ing moron who deserves to be punished way more than just sitting in a prison for the rest of his life. I’ve seen alot of kids grow up with horrible parents that make them do things a child should have nothing to do with and they turned out just fine. As a human being you know what is right and what is wrong. He’s a low life no good p.o.s.

    • HE has never said sorry to her children or her family Mrs Julia. N he sleep very peacefully or he would not of done it again and again and he admitted to Angela and Sharon and charged with just Sharon as part of a plea agreement. What he wasnt charged with or noone is talking about is he also killed Bubba n James just no proof cuz no witnesses and he usually leaves a witness ooohhh besides that he shot two police officers and killed a man years ago

  20. To be honest..people are gonna have their opinions about them but my family grew up with them and knew them very well. And my opinion on it is that Jesse was a really good guy yea they might have been trouble makers back in their teens but who the hell aint?!?! And if you would have known them personally you wouldnt be wishing the death penalty on him so you can say what you please but i still consider them really good men..

    • Laura,

      Yes, he may have been a troublemaker as a teen, but no, not everyone was or is. And not everyone kills human beings, which Jessie did. If you think that committing murder means you are still a great guy, then you may be just as much of a sociopath as he is. Would you tell Angela and Sharon’s loved ones that Jessie is such a great guy? I, for one, believe he did deserve the death penalty. He murdered 2 human beings, who were and are loved and missed. Great men do not murder people. But then again, it is obvious that you condone murder. Maybe you have or would also commit murder. Sounds like it to me.

      • Yea your telling me that you have never been in trouble as a kid. tell that bull to someone else ok! And i am not saying that he is innocent what he did was wrong. And he is not a sociopath! Maybe you need to get your facts straight because you sit here and you talk about people you dont know or have no clue about. Can you tell me why he done it?!?! No, nobody can he is the only one that knows why he did it. And sorry to say nobody in this world is perfect. And you are stupid for even assuming i have or will commit murder. As i said before if you dont know someone or anything about them you should keep your mouth shut.

        • OK Laura, what trouble was I in as a kid? For the record, I was a straight-A student and even worked through high school. Went straight to college from high school. So, what trouble did I get into? Oh yeah I did not drink or smoke either. So…
          And tell me how he is not a sociopath. This will be a good one. Did he kill these women and then immediately turn himself in due to remorse? Has he given the police an HONEST version of his involvement in the murders of James B. Kelly and James “Bubba” Kelly? (which includes telling ALL that he knows, even if one of his friends or family was involved. Has he ever shown true remorse, and NOT just to you or his family I mean to society and to the victims loved ones? Does he take true and real responsibility for his crimes? Does he still do drugs in prison?

          • Tell me, which family member are you referring to may I ask? Is it common knowledge that James and Bubba, my cousins, also, aided and abetted Jesse, while he was on the run? They both loved Jesse dearly. Although, I don’t know the truth about what happened that night, I strongly believe that we have pieced together enough information about that night, to know that the one that is walking free, is the very one that instigated this whole damned situation Did Jesse feel remorse? Yes he did. Is he capable of compassion? Yes he is. Lol….does he do drugs in prison? Is that a friggin joke? Jesse despises drugs. Always has. So what family member are you trying to implicate? If its the one I think it is, you had best be really careful about your accusations.In a court of law, that could be construed as slander and defamation of character. Do any of us condone any of Jesse’s actions. No we don’t. He should have walked away from the situation. Everyone of us have unanswered questions, but the truth. I know part of the story, becaused I lived those horrible 8 months, others have part of the story, because they suffered through it also, but Jesse is the one that knows the whole truth, along with a hand full of people, and it died with them. Jesse told me about that night, the night that Sharon and Angie died, and it is nothing like what you think it is. I can see the truth of what he said, because I already knew the circumstances that contributed to it. I witnessed some of what led up to his breaking point. I can’t refute it, because some of it was told to me from Angie herself. I personally knew all of them, and knew two of them very well. Do I condone his behavior? Hell no, none of us do.My personal opinion, Jesse, was about to lose something more precious than life itself to him. His freedom. You figure that one out, because I already know the answer to that one. I almost lost something most precious that fateful night, because of Angie’s desire for revenge against Jesse, and the lies she told to my daughter and myself. Jesse had the intention of killing my daughter the very same night that they died. So if you believe you know all the facts and think you know the truth, then think again. Some things are not what they appear to be.

          • Deborah

            Please read my policy comment before commenting again. My blog is here to remember the victims, not to defend their killer. And I do NOT allow anyone to talk negatively about those victims. You came close to blaming at least one of the victims (Angela). You say you don’t condone what he did, but you appear to believe that they deserved it for whatever reason. They did not deserve this. Therefore, please remember, come here to remember the victims, not the killer. I will not approve any more comments that are mainly about Jesse James Caston. Remember Angela Caston and Sharon McIntyre, their lives and their loved ones. That is what is most important here.

          • Deborah Green Hankins! How dare you say anything about Angie!! You did not know anything close to what you are claiming you did! You are nothing but a liar! Yes Angie may have said some things but nothing like what you are saying! Any woman is going to say things when they are mad. I know you do I’ve heard you myself! Jesse killed Angie because she caught up with all of his little lies and secrets. So you really don’t know what your talking about. None of you know. Jesse killed Angie & I don’t care for what reason he claims it was, he’s a liar too! He murdered her & we all know it. No Jesse didn’t do drugs but he damned sure needed to be on some because he was a sociopath, psycho, bi polar, & God knows what else. I can’t even count how many times when we were working shutdowns in Greenville Miss. & Monroe La, that Cookie or someone had to pull him off somewger or get him to go to the top floor of the plant to calm him down for being mad & saying he was gona kill or hurt somebody! Numerous times. So don’t go telling people to watch what they say, you are the one that needs to watch wht you say. You have no idea what really happened. You really think Jesse told you the truth about that night I don’t think so, he only told what he wanted yall to know. I guess your forgetting who else was ther that night. None of you have heard what she knows & never will. Like you said some things are not what they appear to be! If Jesse was so scared that he was about to lose his freedom he should not have been doing what hr did to lose it, but he lost it anyway so what’s that tell you. He was doing what he should not have been doing & he was gona do to prison for something hr didn’t want anyone in this whole world to know. No you don’t even know, but there is one person that does know & one day they’ll tell the real story!! So how dare you to even let Angie’s name come out of your mouth!

        • Laura, Yes some kids were trouble maker’s when they were younger. I got in trouble when I was younger and even when I was older. But that doesn’t make it right to go out and kill 3 people but, really 6 people. He just didn’t get charged for the other’s . Yes someone can tell what really happened, Angie’s youngest daughter . She was there when & where he killed Angie, but Jesse did not go to trial for murdering Angie because he confessed to killing her. Angie’s family decided not to go to trial for Angie’s murder if he was sentenced to life in prison without parole (something I should not be saying) because they did not want to re live the pain & horror of loosing their mother, daughter, sister, aunt, all over again. They also didn’t want him to get the death penalty because they wanted him to live every day of his sorry life remembering what he did. So you see that side of the story has never been told in a court room because it never went to trial. Now who knows what. I have never spoke to anyone for 12 yrs about all of this but I am tired of holding my tongue & I’m sick of hearing people like you & all of these other people take up for a sociopath murderer! Yes murderer that is what he is and I will say it whenever I want , to whoever I want , wherever I want for as long as I want and if you don’t like it get over it! I hope he burns in Hell after he rots in prison!!!

    • GOOD MEN? Father names his children after a murderer, and all three sons are in Angola for murder? Yeah, they are angels, pillarsof the community. How about the two police Jessie tried to gun down? How about when he was going to kill his step daughter? Thank god she hid under the bed?
      I’m sure you read the USA today article featuring the Colton brothers?
      In the article, Jessie said how he was mistreated and abused by his wonderful father. So I’m sure the entire family that helped him while he was on the FBI’s top 10 are such good people.
      Even the unibomber’s brotgher turned him in because it was the right thing to do.

    • Laura Murphy, real good men! How in God’s name can you claim that a man that has killed 3 people in his life is a real good man. I don’t care how good he was to you and your family that doesn’t make him a real good man! Do you not undestand that it’s a different story when it’s with someone you are married to because of jealousy, cheating, & secrets. You do not know half the secrets Jesse Caston had & I can tell you if you would have been one to find out about them he would’ve killed you toooo! Duh!!

  21. Jesse was never charged with the murders of the Kelley’s.

    Maybe you were raised with values and morals all of which were sadly lacking in the lives of the Caston brothers but until you have walked in there shoes keep your comments to yourself.

    The brothers had to rob for survival

    • No, he was not charged with those murders, but he is the number one suspect. And no one has to rob for survival. They could have gotten jobs and led an honest life. They chose to break the law, to rob, do drugs, murder,etc. It comes down to choices.

    • Julia, you sure do a lot of defending on here for a murderer! I don’t care how he or his brother’s was raised! So I guess that just made him stupid which he really was! He just decided one day Hey I was had a bad life so I think I deserve to kill 3 people! Hpw stupid do you think that sounds?! No he wasn’t charged for killing the Kelly’s, but use your common sense, he was sleeoping with Bubba’s wife! Yes I know for sure, I seen them together! There’s also another man that was killed and Jesse was the one that threatened to kill him. You don’t know about that either do you?! There’s a hell of a lot you don’t know about so why don’t you shatup & quit defending a murderer!
      Do you know how many other people in life had to rob to survive?! I know quiet a few but they didn’t kill anybody. You act like Jesse is still a little boy! He was 37 yrs old he knew right from wrong! You don’t kill just because you had a bad life!

  22. Jesse never has done drugs, read the case and don’t judge, only God can judge not us.

    Any way when are Y’all going to give these men a break they are all doing there time so I believe it is time Y’all backed off after all what have any of them done to any of you?? probably nothing as most of you running your mouths were not born when the younger brothers got arrested.

    • Julia,

      They took human lives. No one should EVER forget that. However, the VICTIMS who were murdered by these men should be remembered more. And how on earth could you figure out how old any one here is? Funny, you said that most of the people here running their mouths were not born when the younger brothers got arrested, how do you figure that? That would be 1988 and I would bet MOST of my readers are older than that. And yes, I am too. This is a high profile criminal family. People will always talk about them. Again, they took human lives. No one should forget that. They had NO RIGHT to take another person’s life. If you can’t handle people talking about that, then don’t look them up. It was your choice to come here and read about them. This is not a site to coddle murderers and those who defend and condone their behavior. And remember, your opinion is just that – your opinion. I know they are all sociopaths and right where they belong (except that they should all be on death row, since they heinously and without regard to the victims, killed other human beings – yes, I am a staunch supporter of the death penalty). Maybe Julia you should think about the victims once in a while. Think of this, how would you feel if one of your loved ones (like your mother or child) were murdered and all anyone cared about was the person who murdered your loved one. It does not feel good. Angela and Sharon are the victims, not Jessie. Regardless of their upbringing, the Caston brothers made choices. Many people had it just as bad or worse and they did not turn to crime. I have no sympathy for murderers. It is the victims I care about.

      • I am not condoneing the murders, what I am saying is more attention should be paid to the victims, I have no idea how old anyone who posts on here is I was just generalizing and maybe I should not but with some of the Glory Hunters who post on here claiming to know or be related to the brothers it makes me think a lot of posters are 20 / 30.

        I am strongly against th death penalty because Texas executes innocent men, but we are not discussing Texas, my own husband is serving 30 years for 1st degree murder and in Texas that is a gift, and the sentences the Caston brothers have been given in my opinion is worse than the DP.

        Thankfully none of my family members have been a victim of crime but if they had been I would like to see justice served in the courts and not bashed on a forum by those who only know what they read in papers.

        I am not coddling the Castons, but I having worked with underpriveleged kids have a general idea of were they are coming from when you go through life as a Throway person then other peoples lives may have less value and meaning to you.

        • Julia,

          Although I disagree with you about Texas executing innocent people, this month’s theme for my blog is the death penalty. Email me a list of those you believe are innocent that have been executed and the evidence to prove that they are innocent (not just having a feeling about it). I have personally not seen any in Texas that I believe were innocent that have been executed, yet. I am sorry about your husband, but if he took another person’s life, he should have received life in prison as well. When he goes home after his sentence, the victim will still be dead.

          • The only one I can think off right now is Cameron Todd Willingham, experts have proved he did not set the fire, and then you have all the men who were there but did not pull the trigger but still face execution under the Texas law off parties and this brings me to the many who have been exonerated Anthony Graves being one, the DP is wrong on so many levels after all you can’t unring a bell.

            Yes that person will still be dead but the judge must have thought it did not warrant the DP or LWOP, I am not making excuses for my husband but the mitigating circumstances must have been clear to the judge.

            I can email you because I dont have your email details.

            And I dont know were your blog is located

          • Julie,

            This is my blog. It is one post on my blog. The main site is:

            My email is on the right hand side at the top.

        • Julia, you hav been taking up for the Caston brother’s the minute you laid a finger on this page. And yes there are some glory hunters on this page but I’m not one. Angie was one of my best friends, & my ex sister in law that I loved very much! Her youngest daughter is my niece by blood & I watch her every day go through life without her mother. So now who do you think is having a hard life?! Do you not think she needed her mother. Her & I are very close & I love her very much but no one, not no one can take the place of her mother! Her or her mother did not deserve this form anyone!!

    • julia , and laura, u r so stupid to defend a killer, plus he shot 2 cops who serve and protect us , he shot them for no reason.. maybe one day your boyfriend or husband will kill u or your daughter or mother, then tell me killers are so great

      • Well you know what cheryl only a low life self center b***h would wish that upon somebody. And i have you know that i am happily married with two wonderful children and for you to even say something like that too anybody just shows what kind of person you are maybe you should be locked up as well u nut job!!

        • I didnt wish it upon u I made a statement . If u could read u would see that. I have nothing else to say to u low life.

      • Cheryl, Thank you for the statemen of defending a killer and about cops.

    • Julia, you are right about one thing and one thing only and that is that Jesse never did drugs, but you see that’s the thing he needed to be on Drugs because he was a sociopath, psycho, bi-polar or all of the above! Think about that! And what would you even say anything about the younger brothers like that for, you really must be stupid!

  23. jesse and his brothers are low lifes, they all belong on death row. and im probably older than know it all julia. to the victims family im sorry your loved ones were killed. I live in ohio we have the death penalty and im glad.

  24. Jesse and his brothers did not have the kind of upbringing that most of us have had, I am not nor will never condone the actions of Jesse but Cheryl for you to wish that type of fate that there victims met on any else makes you in my opinion as bad as they were.

    The brother were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but from what I read you are all quick to judge instead of finding out the facts behind the crimes, maybe if you did that you will take a step back from casting judgement and just for the record Cheryl both my parents are deceased

    • Julia,

      The brothers made choices. Yes, they had a bad upbringing and it may have contributed to this, however, they made the choice to kill. You are basically justifying their actions. I have seen people with worse childhoods grow up to become productive, law-abiding citizens, not sociopaths like the Castons. So, stop trying to make them out to be victims. They are not. The people who were brutally murdered along the way and their loved ones are the victims. Victims do not end up on the FBI Most Wanted list.

      You cannot force people to believe or think the way you do. It is human nature to feel the way many of the commentors here feel about imposing on them what they did.

      • i know the victim family very well and they are very very hurt by this crime of thier child/sister. there is nver a day that goes by that they don’t think of her. no one knows how the vivtims family feels until they go through it themselves. i don’t think he got what he deserves, but hopefully he will stsy put for the rest of his like. Angela friend didn’t deserve this either. i know Angela left behind two beautiful children. I feel really bad for them, but they have the done the best they can for such a horrific act on thier mother. Rest in PEACE ANGIE

    • I didnt wish anything on anyone, i said what if it happened toyou or your mother ect.. so bite me

      • Hmmmm very intelligent with your last comment and pathetically childish that is what my kids say when they are arguing with each other, being as my mother is no longer with me she passed I can’t answer your inane question but I do believe in my heart she would have wanted me to be compassionate.

        Please do not comment back until you have grown up or mores to the point can answer me like an adult

    • Julia, you just will not quit defending murderer’s will you. You need to do a little more background checking You have no idea what you are talking about & you have no idea who you are trying to defend, better think about that. As for the brother’s I know exactly who you are talking about, Frank James Caston & Sonny James Caston. I know them all. But as for them, I do not know if they should have been sentenced the way they were because they were not the actual ones that pulled the trigger killing a deputy sheriff. But then again they have been in jail enough to know that if you are at the scene of a crime you will be charged too. As for them being at the wrong place at the wrong time they were in jail! Whose fault was that? Nobody’s but theirs. They chose to run after they seen the other person, Frank Bancroft kill a deputy sheriff, so how stupid was that. Run, Guilty! All of them thought they were untouchable all through their life but it took people getting killed for them to finally be stopped. Do you even know what they were in jail for. Apparently not or you wouldn’t be defending them the way you have been! So to all the things you keep defending them for you do not know half of what you think you know! Get over them! They are in prison and they will always be in prison until they die!!

      • I am not defending killers but as you put it yourself Frank nor Sonny were the trigger man it was Frank Bancroft who should have been executed, I am just defending the wrongly convicted, and yes I do know why they were bot in jail to begin with

        • Yes Frank Bancroft should have been executed for that murder but Frank & Sonny knew the law enough to know that they would be charged when they ran!! Well then you know yourself that them being in & out of jail all their life only added to their sentence & they knew it would

          • this is tyler frasier , chris frasiers son, and i just want to say rest in peace for those who have gone ,and to papa james and uncle bubba i love yall with all of my heart

  25. what does someone growing up poor or bad have to do with anything? rich people kill too, a killer is a killer . they took a life and it is wrong unless it was self defense, they are sociopaths , Im beginning to think you are too. I have nothing else to say to you so write your killers instead of leaving stupid comments on this blog

  26. Half of the people that have commented on here even if you are friends or cousins, nephews don’t know half of what you are saying. He murdered my friend, Angela Caston & because of that my niece has no mother!!! What do you people not understand about MURDER?!!!
    I don’t give a damn what kind of relationship he $ Angie had he did not have the right to murder her. I know as much and more than what everyone is saying about this I talked to Angie everyday and have never told a soul about anything that she told me. Jesse murdered her and that’s all it matters. He is where he needs to be & he will stay there until he dies!!!

    • Terri,

      I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. And you are right – regardless of anything else, Jesse murdered Angela and Sharon and they are the victims, the ones to be remembered, especially here.

      I hope you find peace and a good place to be. It is hard, and I do understand how you feel. Take care!

    • I’m related to these scum bags, and I certainly hope they burn in HELL!!!

  27. My Life of Crime. I did not by any way mean you. You are the one that has been defending the victims, Angela Renee Dukes Caston, my ex- sister in law & one of my best friends. I don’t know how anyone of these people on here can defend a murderer! No one knows the other side of the story (Angie’s side) because she is gone. Jesse was not even convicted of Angie’s murder because her family agreed to not prosicute him if he got life without parole, so that her family would not have to go through the horror & pain. My niece lives everyday of her life without her mother because of a man that she once loved killed her mother (Angie). She didn’t have her mom here for so many things, her Prom, graduation, boyfriend problems to talk to, etc. etc. Her (Brittany) & I are very very close & all of you that are trying to defend Jesse need to stop!! I don’t care how good of a man he was at the time. He is no good now! I knew him just as well as the rest of you but those thoughts of anyone are gone when they kill someone. He shot her in the head!! Do you people not understand that. Murdered her! I know things that have not been said at all, that happened. My niece was there in the house the night he killed her mother (Angie). He kicked my niece’s bedroom door open & spoke to her and said a few things that I won’t even say anything about & none, I repeat none of you know!! As for the one talking about Angie’s revenge for Jesse & her lies, you don’t need to be saying a damned thing about Angie!1 You were not there & you didn’t know her like you say you do! All you know is hear say. I talked to Angie every day at work in Greenville Mississippi until the day she was killed. But I have never told a soul anything that she told me. Jesse was there working too, he also said things to me that I never told anyone! So none of you know the truth about any of it!! Jesse is a Murderer! Have you people forgot Angie was not the first person he killed, what about when he went to prison for killing a man named John O’Fallon. Have you all forgot a bout that. He went to prison then. He killed a man. He told me hisself he killed that man. So that’s 3 people he killed. He killed 3 human beings & you people that are defending him still can’t get it in your stupid heads that he is a Murderer!!! The only reason he got out of that a little light is because he was friends with the Sheriff who also was a crook, he went to prison too! So what does that tell you?! What do you all think happened there. There was also a lot more to that than anyone knew too & will never know. So all of you that keep running your head about how Jesse was raised, that is BS!! I know lots of people that had a hard life too but they didn’t Murder anyone, and yes I know how him and his brother’s had to live & it really was bad, he told me some of it hisself & his cousin whom I have a son with told me that a lot of the things they went through really was true. But it still did not give him the right to kill anyone. He didn’t just jump up & say hey I lived a hard life I’m gona go shoot my wife & her friend! Duh!!! So you all need to shut the F*** up. As for talking about Jesse, I will say whatever to whoever, whenever I want to!! He is sorry POS!! Also FYI there is a reason he didn’t get the death penalty, why don’t you figure that one out!! Well you won’t figure it out because that’s how stupid you are!! (the ones taking up for him)

  28. My Life of Crime, Thank you for defending all the victims. There is so many things that have never been told & probably never will be. People need to quit defending him just because he used to be a good person and they were kin to him or friends of his. He is no good now, his life is over they need to accept it. He did not go to prison because he was a good person.

  29. I have to at least say this, Angie’s family was asked if they wanted to push for the death penalty, they all agreed, especially his daughter’s that they wanted him to live the rest of his life in prison & suffer by remembering everyday what he did to their mother. So, do you all think he remembers it? Well I think so! So what else do you all think you don’t know. A whole lot! Hope he lives everyday of his life rembering what he did.

  30. The family of Sharon McIntyre are pushing for the death penalty.

  31. To all: please excuse the typo error’s, a train comes by where I’m at every few minutes & it messes the typing up. I would like to say Thank you to My Life of Crime for this to speak out for all the victims & all of you that defended the victims. It happened 12 & a half yrs ago but it feels like it was just yesterday that the phone rung in the early hrs of the morning when I was told that Jesse Caston killed Angie & Sharon.

  32. Did they ever charge him with the death of bubba and james

  33. I just watch it on FBI Pursuits & I seems all involved were victims in some way,its a sad sad tale all around but one is left to ponder the effect being there had on the two young girls of Mrs Caston May God Bless Them someway

  34. Julia , this is Christi Flowers. Please email me when you can.

  35. No one ever reports this story accurately. He’s my uncle unfortunately. His mother is my grandmother she passed away several years ago. All 3 of these boys went through hell and back. But they made the decision to do what they did.

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