Cecil Turner murder 8/11/1996 Mission Viejo, CA *Mother and stepfather still only suspects*

Cecil “CT” Turner

The Murder of Cecil Turner
Cold Case Went ‘by the Book’
In Memory of Cecil Turner

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  1. Well I knew both Marie and Feilong. Before Feilong murdered C.T he and Marie lived in the Austin area. I had known Marie for serveral year and had been in relationship with her while her husband Max was in prision. I ended the relationship but Marie could not handle it. She made false claims that I stocking her to which was enough for the Austin police department to threaten charges against Marie. Feilong shortly after came to the college I was attending and treaten to kill me if I did not leave Marie alone. Moving to Around the end of Dec 1995 Feilong with 2 other broke into my home and attempted to kill me. Feilong fled to California. where in 1996 he murdered Cecil. Alhough slim it is still very posible that i may have been CT actual father. I believe Feilong murdered CT because of jealous rage.

    My claim can be proven at least that i was attacked by doing a search in the last week of dec 1995 in wiliiamson county tx.

    Note I was questioned as to the character of Marie and Feilong. Feilong never faced questioning for his murder attempt on me. Feilong is a MONSTER.

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