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  1. Biggie smalls and Tupac R.I.P they are the best Rapers

  2. no one knows who killed Biggie or Pac, but I tell you one thing: the same person is involved and I think it is Shug Knight. he would have made more money off Pac if he was dead, and Biggie was a threat to him, so he wanted Biggie dead too. why do you think everyone left deathrow? Left eye dead too? Was that an accident ? who knows! Two of the greatest rappers of all time were murdered for no reason at all. It’s a damn shame!!!!!

  3. I feel as a listener that biggie and pac will always be the best rappers alive, but i dont think suge knight had anything 2 do with either of there shootings. but if it was up to me i would investigate everyone on deathrow and bad boy records even though i know that neither had anything to do with each other. there will never be another biggie or pac so i feel we should honor them by keep listening to there music and purchase there merchandise.

  4. i just watched the movie notorious ,it was an awesome movie touching and real to reality !i want to tell and ask any and every mom that has achild who’s involved in any kind of activity that involves drugs guns or any illegal doings please and i beg you please try to talk them out of it ,if not than stand by them until they get it right!!!

  5. i promise to take the position of the late notorious b i g.but this time i will called notorious b i g junior becos HE was my senior.All b i g support should not loos courage.i will make you proud and all his family members should also loss courage becos b i g junior is alive.

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