This Date in Crime History: Lonely Hearts Club Killers execution 1951 (Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez)

3 victims

Known victims:
Jane Lucilla Thompson [11/7/1947] (Spain)
Myrtle Young [8/15/1948]
Janet Fay [1/4/1949]
Delphine Downing and Rainelle [2/28/1949] (no pictures)

The Lonely Hearts Killers are executed
‘Lonely Heart’ Slayers Face N.Y. Prosecution
Albany Woman Victim Of Love-Murder Plot
Martha Beck And Lover Convicted Of Murder
Death Sentence Is Mandatory
“Lonely Hearts” Slayers Denied Hearing on Appeal
Lonely Hearts Killers Die In Sing Sing (part 1)
Lonely Hearts Killer Die (part 2)
Martha Beck Follows Lover to Death Chair
The Lonely Heart Killers
Murderpedia: Raymond Martinez Fernandez
Murderpedia: Martha Beck
The Lonely Heart Killers
Martha Beck & Raymond Fernandez
Lonely Hearts Killers/Honeymoon Killers
Screen: Kastle’s ‘Honeymoon Killers’:Theme Recalls Lonely Hearts Murders
Serial Killer Database: Lonely Hearts Killers
The Honeymoon Killers
Wikipedia: Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck

Introduction to murder: The unpublished facts behind the notorious Lonely Hearts killers, Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez
Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime

Honeymoon Killers
Lonely Hearts (very loosely based on their story)
Deadly Doctors: Painkillers

beck fernandez
Raymond Fernandez Martha Beck

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