• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Marcy Renee Conrad murder 11/3/1981 Milpitas, CA *Anthony Jacques Broussard pled guilty to her murder; sentenced to 25 years to life in prison*

Marcy Renee Conrad

Dedicated in the memory of Marcy Conrad murdered November 3rd 1981 (a true story of the discovery of Marcy Conrad’s body)
River’s Edge movie (lots of articles)
Students mum about classmate’s murder
Youth who kept killing secret held as accessory to murder
Dozen Classmates Shielded Peer In Girl’s Rape, Death
Boy who allegedly exhibited corpse charged with murder
Suspect to get adult trial
Innocent plea to rape, murder
Teen pleads guilty in girl’s murder
Death in the Schoolyard
Wikipedia: The Murder of Marcy Renee Conrad
Wikipedia: River’s Edge
‘Perverse sense of morality’ hit
Teen-Ager Found Guilty In Concealment of Body
Teen faces confinement in death case

River’s Edge


CDCR#: C56988
Age: 47
Admission Date: 12/07/1982
Current Location: Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
P.O. Box 7100, 900 Quebec Avenue
Address 2: State Prison at Corcoran
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
City: Corcoran
State/Province: CA
Zip Code: 93212-7100
Phone: (559) 992-7100

*note from blog owner*
When commenting, please have the courtesy to follow my comment policy. It is not hard. Most important (and biggest violation): do not type in ALL CAPS. From now on, I will just delete those comments that violate this. There is no reason to be rude.


245 Responses

  1. I knew Marcy and her family when our Fathers worked together in the late 1970’s. She was a very sweet girl and my first crush. I recently found out about her murder and the movie “The Rivers Edge”. All very sad.

  2. I am a resident living in Milpitas. Have been for 38 yrs
    now. I knew victim and suspect. Anthony was a most
    troubled individual in school. I also knew his sister.
    After all these years, i still had not seen the movie :
    Rivers Edge. Anyways, it is truly a sad, depressing tale
    gone wrong. Demon possession is all too common.
    May we all find peace and happiness throughout time.

  3. I hve lived in milpitas for 6 years and before that I lived in Piedmont Hills area of San Jose. I lways heard of Marsh Road and that it was haunted while I was in school. My friends and I could never find the road to check it out for ourselves. About 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were expoloring because we were board and found ourselves right off of Calaveras Rd and on the left was Marsh. I stopped and looked around and creeped myself out and took off. I looked in my mirror and saw a girl in a shirt and some socks. I thought was just seeing things. I didnt even know about the murder of Marcy Conrad until this morning when i was looking up a stabbing that occured in Milpitas on Tuesday this week. I immediatly called my boyfriend into the room so I can show him all the info I just found. He wants to go back to Marsh Road now to see her. it’s about 2 miles from where we live. How did I live in this town the past 6 years and never know anything of this crime? i hope one day her soul can rest in peace.

  4. I only met Marcy once, and she was a sweet girl!
    About a year after her death I met her brother Kevin and we became good friends, we lived only a block from each other, this all happened in our hood, The Pines.
    I resent the rumors that Marcy was Broussard girl friend, she was not, I know because anther friend of ours just started dating her a couple weeks before her murder, she was just a nice girl being nice to neighbor and school mate.
    Broussard was a boy in a mans body he had mental problems and he even tried to kill his own mother, you combine mental illness with smoking pot and drinking brews and you get Broussard a sick punk.
    For years I was a friend of Kevin, and he never could get over his sisters death, he became very self destructive drinking excessively, we would hang almost every night drinking and partying, I tried to keep Kevin in check by hanging with him as much as possible because he would drink until he passed out, that was Kevin’s way.
    Kevin’s stepfather dies and after that Kevin’s mom sold the house and they both moved to Alabama at that point I lost touch with Kevin.

  5. I am a teacher, one similar to the one depicted in the movie. I am interested in this because I grew up listenining to death metal, wearing leather jacket, and talking and thinking the way these guys did, I was doing that in the early 80’s, I didn’t see the movie until the mid 90’s. I have read these replies about the incident. My concern comes from both the teacher and the friends views. Murder is murder and very much against the Saviors plan. Marcy is in a better place, where is Anthony?

  6. CJS,

    Anthony is still in prison. He has been rejected for parole on every attempt so far.

  7. What was Anthony’s original sentence? When is he up for parole again? Has he ever made statements about his actions?

  8. I lived on the same street as Marcy. I remember she would always sit on the ledge of her bedroom window. After her murder I would continue to look in that direction everytime I would leave or come home. She was a really good friend as was Anthony. Funny you think you know someone really well and something horrible like this happens, so sad.

  9. I knew the kids who were portrayed in the movie. The Movie was not even close to reality in any respect. Jerry Epperson and Kurt Rasmussen were not out of control hoodlums. They were scared to death children who were shown a body they did not want to see. The Murdering Dirtbag dragged them into his sick twisted plot, not the other way. I watched the movie supposedly “Based” on this event the rivers edge, and frankly, it was nothing like the reality… I was there, I know this is HOLLYWOOD crap, and the production company just affiliated itself with the real life murder for marketing only and maybe so some might think it was art or documentary telling the story of the time, when in reality, just a twisted movie all made up. I really want to find information about another tragic Murder in Milpitas. The murder of a good friend of mine, Steve Merkel. Cut down by more dirtbags. His father was a cop, and I hope he saw to it that those responsible never get out of jail, since california loves to keep blood thirsty murderers alive.

    • I did go to school with all of those involved, and you are absolutely right, Kirk Rasmussen was not an evil person, and neither was Jerry Epperson, Kirk Rasmussem was one of the nicest persons that I knew back then and what the authorities claim about him was not in his character, their only problem was in taking too long to figure out what they were going to do about it because they were young and scared, and it was John Hanson who actually did call the police. Kirk Rasmussen told me that he only kicked some leaves over her private parts because he was embarrassed for her and ashamed of what Broussard a.k.a. “Jac” had done to her, and he was in no way trying to cover up her body or trying to hide anything, and I still believe him to this day, and that is exactly the kind of person that I knew Kirk Rasmussen to be.

      • Oh yes, and Marcy Conrad was not, nor ever was Broussard’s girlfriend, and I do not know of anyone at that time that would have been, Broussard was not very well liked in school and just about everyone picked on him despite his large size back in school, and that is also why he bragged to everyone about what he did, just for the attention from his piers who were finally not making fun of him all the time anymore. I do not know how that rumor ever got out, but it is completely not true and Marcy Conrad was never “Jac” Broussard’s girlfriend.

        • Steve Merkel, was stabbed in the chest to death by three hispanic intruders back around the time that Marcy Conrad was murdered, and while he was watching his girlfriend’s house when they were away on a vacation.

          • I would also like to point out that while Broussard might have been suffering with mental issues from his mother, and he also may even have been the direct product produced by the continuos taunting at school by his own piers, but that does not excuse his actions or give him any right what-so-ever to do what he did to Marcy Conrad, and the fact of the matter is that Anthony “Jac” Broussard is just a cold blooded and cold hearted murderer and rapist, there is absolutely no redemption for him, no women would be safe if he ever was to be released from prison, and keeping him alive will serve no purpose except to further burden our economy, and if I had it my way I would have Broussard burned to death at the stake.

          • His throat was cut and they were not all hispanic.

      • i was one whom was told about the murder and all most went to see but i did not and kirk is a very good kid that wass scared and did not cover to give jock a head start on the police this movie is not at all the real truth it is clearly a sick person whom got financial gane out of kjds that are truely scared for life i think the auther of this movie is as twited as jock

    • Yes Mitch as I was friends of all as well and went to school with them also, jerry and kurt were very good friends of mine as well, they were pulled into a twisted murder, and as I also knew steve merkel as well It was a very sad year at milpitas High with those 2 murders and anothers suicide

    • I just re-watched, “River’s Edge,” and the reason I even found this particular website and forum is because I had to learn some of the background of the true story — I just could not imagine individuals treating the death of a classmate in such a casual manner. Your clarification makes me feel better about all of this. This was an horrific crime. How sad I feel for her family and friends.

    • The movie was never meant to be a reenactment, it was a dramatazation loosely based on this incident. Personally I would rather be dead than spend 40 years in prison. Hopefully he is beaten and raped every once in a while, and spends another 40 years getting the same treatment.

  10. I was captivated by the “River’s Edge” when I first saw it. I didn’t have any clue that it was based on a tragic fact. I once lived in neighboring Santa Clara and we also had our own murdered classmate…right on our own campus and for years her death remained a cold case until her killer was recently discovered through DNA evidence and it turned out that he was also a classmate. I hope Mr. Broussard knows what true remorse is and is ready to face God when he leaves this earth. May Marcy Conrad and Mary Quigley both rest in eternal peace.

  11. I was there as well. In the last truck load that went up there 2 days after her murder. I gave a report to her school principal the following morning. The media portrayed us as cold callous youth. Truth is, most of us had never dealt with death before. We were very scared. As for me. When I tried to tell my parents about it I was accused of lying and making up stories. I have lots of regrets about how I handled this but I can’t change what happened. I wish I could. I go back to this time often. Sometimes I’m that scared person again. I still live in Milpitas but have not been back to Marsh Rd since. As for Jacques, I hope he rots in hell. While he was waiting trial in juvenile hall, I was also in the hall on unrelated charges. He made threats toward me. Said the same thing was going to happen to me because he knows I said something. Am I scared if he ever gets out…HELL YES. Am I sorry that I finally said something to someone ABSOLUTELT NOT. I only wish I had gone straight to the police as soon as I found out.

    • Never knew said something or maybe I did and am just blocking it out, Just wanted to say thanks D for doing the right thing your fellow class mate henry/Hank

    • your a bitch and stole marcy’s Kome patch off her pants.

      • I did not take the patch off her pants. Regardless of what the media reported. Here is the truth. One of the boys in the truck that day took the patch off her pants. When he climbed back up the hillside he handed it to me. When we were a short distance away from where she lay, my hands started trembling and I threw it out the window of the truck.

        • So why didn’t you report him? You got caught red handed. Shame on you. u WERE OLD ENOUGH to know what you were doing, so stop lying and making excuses. Man up, admit u r a piece of shit. If u want to make positive change, fess up. Its always the other guy who is guilty, huh?

      • Amen, brother. He’s a piece of shit who can’t admit his guilt.

        • As far as guilt I live with it everyday. Again I spoke to her principal and told him who did this to her. I was only one of 3 that came forward. The other 2 went to the police. Dont sling mud unless you know the truth. The guy who perpetrated this threatened me years ago because he knows I said something. I live watching over my shoulder.

    • I am posting this comment because I am intrigued by this tragiic story, and if you were truly a witness to this, maybe you can help me. I am a mother of an at risk youth who I believe is so easily swayed by peer pressure, I wonder what wuld you have to say about how it affected your life.

      • Khara, Please tell your child to follow his/her gut instincts about right and wrong. Yes a lot of the behavior is peer pressure. The fear of what others will say and do if you don’t follow along. Please do not be paralyzed by fear of doing what you know to be right. Don’t be afraid to confide in authority. It can be done anonymously.Today, I totally believe in Karma. I make only wise choices for my life. I do not allow others to persuade me into doing something I know could hurt me or others. I continue to watch over my shoulder fearful that one day her killer will show up to follow through on his threats. He may have been the class punching bag back then. However all these years in prison I’m sure have hardened him. Good luck to you and your child

  12. I am taking some doctoral-level psychology classes and showed “The River’s Edge” to my class this week. Even though many of the fictional characters are intentionally extreme, my cohort found the movie to be disturbing, but very important. As psychologists, we have all known or worked with individuals portrayed in the movie and with families like “Matts.” (the anti-hero?). Many of us grew up on the peninsula in the 70’s and 80’s, which, I guess, makes it more relevant for us. Anyway, I thought I would throw a line out into cyberspace hoping to find anyone (especially Mr. D), who would be willing to be a guest in my class of 6 (whoa!) and talk about life in Milpitas in the early eighties and this horrific incidence that obviously we are all still processing more than a quarter century later.

  13. i remember being 15/16 years old and that state of mind is very hard when there is peer pressure involved. you are scared of rejection, immature still, and dealing with a murdered classmate, especially someone you knew is overwhelming. i can see being sort of emotionless at first. i would have reported it too had something like this happened in my high school years, but these kids seemed especially desensitized to anything with crap parents.

  14. One of my classmates says “The River’s Edge” has been in rotation a lot on a cable station lately. In 1999, at the Los Angeles Film Festival, the “River’s Edge” was picked as the film to represent the cultural climate of the eighties. The death rattle of optimism and hope, perchance? Seeing the cold body of a classmate would certainly throw a monkey wrench in anyone’s reality testing, let alone moral decision-making.

  15. I was locked up with anthoney back in 1981 i didnt really talk to him much but the little i did he seamed verry confused and scared. we were locked in a dorm that only housed murders or other vilent crimes alot of the inmates treated him pretty bad he wouldent defend himself he would just go back to his cell. i told him that he needed to stand up for himself he said the last time someone told him to stand up he killed his girlfrend. i seen him again in prison back in 1984 but after that a frend who was locked up in the hall with us said that he went to pc for protection. i didnt think it was to cool of them makeing a movie about a little girl being killed and raped but thats hollywood for you.

  16. I was the arresting officer of Jaques. I felt after seeing the film Rivers Edge that it did not resemble anything like the investigation we conducted….but that’s Hollywood.

    • Hello Sgt Rose saw your post and thought Id say hello, I was one of your students at Milpitas High Police science class, everyone seems there was alot of other drugs being used and abused in the early eightys, I helped solve a drug problem we had in school in 82 If I remeber correct. Class of 83 if you dont remeber me

  17. Maybe someday, in tribute to Marcy, I will contact those investigators involved in the case, and write a book on the true accounts of what happened.

  18. He did not try to kill his mother. He found his mother dead ( I believe she was hanging in the shower, a suicide). He was 8 at the time. That, and the drugs, is what messed him up. His father was a good man and his sister was too, as I recall. My brother was his best friend in the mid seventies, before high school. We moved to Santa Cruz before al of this happened, but Anthony was at our house often. After his arrest and sentencing, he would call our house to try to speak with my brother. My brother refused. He also sent him a letter ,apparently giving some sort of explanation. I have yet to see this letter. I was 11/12 at the time. As a result of what Anthony did, I have never touched a drug. That may be irrational reasoning, but I was 11/12.

    Another interesting side not. Apparently, and this is not first hand, so take it with a grain of salt, he was excited at the prospect of serving his time in the same prison as Charles Manson. I believe they were in the same prison for a time. Maybe still are. Not sure.

    I also know that after the movie came out, he wrote a letter to Rolling Stone Magazine explaining he didn’t think the movie should have been made.

    Does anyone know when he is up for parole again?

    • Mother wasn’t a suicide. Died of natural causes, whilst having a shower. Was found by the son. Yes, he was 8 at the time. He tried to administer first aid to his mother, while he waited for EMT’s to arrive.
      Don’t believe he was ever given psychological counseling after this traumatic experience. 8 years old is very young to go through such a horrible ordeal. And on top of that, losing one’s mother is generally difficult,… even more so, if one is just a child.

      (NOT an excuse for murder, but just sayin’… our psychological health becomes shaped by our experiences.)

    • Chris – Jac mother was not hanging in the shower, she died of a heart attack in the shower, Jac found her body.

    • Just to confirm about his mother’s death was sudden and occured when she was in the shower due to an heart attack. I remember Jacques describing the sequence of events of that day; he thought she slipped on a bar of soap and hit her head. I don’t know if he was told about her having an heart attack. It was a traumatic event for all of us. My family moved a period of time after that (1975) and once visited when we returned to the area. Jacques and his dad seemed fine at that time (1977), and that was the last time I saw him. I grew up across the street from the Broussard’s, and when I saw his picture on the news a few years later it was a shock. I still can’t believe it.

  19. sorry, i just spoke with my brother. She was not hanging in the shower, but rather died of a heart attack and he found her in the sower. He was 8 years old. But he did not try to kill her.

  20. I wish someone would write a book on this case. If I had the resources and the time, I would do it myself! It’s extremely interesting, and I think more people deserve to know and learn from this terrible crime.

  21. I’m a resident of milpitas and a student at De Anza, I’ve been interested in this case a long time and iIve been wanting to make a documentary on it. can anyone give me any information, Id especialy like to hear from a witness. I want there to be a proper memorial for her, and a proper doccumentary on her life and death instead of the riversedge crap. If there’s anyone interested you can email me at

  22. We were all just free spirited kids then, Marcy we miss you may your spirit free. There was nothing that we would not do without one another. Milpitas was a very tight community were we all knew one another and it was harmless fun we all had growing up.

    The movie was nothing like what had really happened.Sometimes we just have a tendacy to snap

  23. I’m confused. I’ve never seen the movie but Rivers Edge but apparently Marcy was depicted in the movie Boys Dont Cry too. and she supposedly had a baby there at the time of her death. Either way the whole thing is so sad nobody deserves to die that way and for something so trivial.

    note from blog owner

    Marcy was NOT portrayed in Boys Don’t Cry. That was the story of Teena Brandon/Brandon Teena.

  24. Marcy, you were on my mind tonight…known you since we were 4 years old, you left this world in November of 1981 and my Dad left this world July 16th 1982. I remember when my dad seen that you were missing on the news and said to me, “don’t tell your mom” she will worry.. I seen you the day you went missing at Thomas Russell in the am with Moms. You waved and smiled and I waved and thought that girl is so crazy. Always getting into harmless mischief. You me and Tash were so close, just toddlers when we met.. Endless sleepovers, birthdays, hanging out with our family( The Salas’s) Pinewoodway Girl. You taught me how to smoke a cigarette(even though I didn’t like it). You just loved my parents, You called my mother mom…
    I remember on Holloween you and Jacques came over and he stood at the end of the walk way while you talked to me and my mom and mentioned Jacques and said he’d been calling you in the early am hours saying weird things he wanted do to you. My mom told you to stay away from him and that he was weird and you said no its cool Mom. A few days later you were gone. My point I ,my sister, and Tash gre wup with you…WE KNOW THE REL DEAL. I am sorry for you and what happened to you. Its too bad that these kids that knew where you were couldn’t be strong enough to stand up and see wrong and sound the alert. I guess thats what happens when parents have lost the teaching of old school ways (morality) of what is right and wrong. That is the best recipe today for SERIAL KILLER. It has been 24 years since you murder, and that recipe for murder keeps getting refined..
    You had real potential and smarts, so outgoing, big smile, independent thinker..He is were he belongs mentally sick or not, his day of the real judge will come..
    This affected us all that knew you the most and i am sorry for what it did to you family, they were never the same, Keven just got lost. Your mom came to talk to my mom and then they moved.
    We miss you, and love you . You are apart of who I have become.. Everytime I hear Journey I think of you–so many memories. I drive down our street sometimes and remember all the good and happy times with our families. There was still some innocence back then..Long gone now. See you someday YS

  25. The River’s Edge is one of my favorite movies and I just watched it again tonight with my girlfriend. I was just looking around online and discover this whole story here, that the movie was based/inspired by real events. From reading everyone’s comments here and the news clippings online, this true story sounds much more interesting than what the movie portrayed. A few people here have noted that a book on the true events should be written and I agree. Thank you for sharing.

  26. where did marcy actually llived in the pines im curious because i live in the pines

  27. I saw the movie “river’s edge” and I liked, but I was very shocked when I read that the story was real.
    I’ve read all the comments and I agree, someone has to make a book about this, becouse It’s terrible what that guy did.
    Hope marcy rest in peace

    thanks for the inf and also for sharing your feelings

  28. and I also read that the film was INSPIRED, NOT BASED

  29. Marcy lived on Pinewood Way. The kids that lived on that block at that time still talk tone another. That’s how good friends we all were.


  30. you guys are sick that poor boy was confused he dose not deserve to rot in jail

    • yes he dose

    • Omar – I agree, I knew him when he was young. I don’t discount what happen to Marcy, as a parent I can’t imagine that pain, but Jacque has served his time. His true judgement is in Gods hands

      • Denise,

        What do you mean he has served his time? He received a sentence of 25 years to life in prison, which means the parole board can decide to keep him in for life. In his last 2 parole hearings, he has not shown real remorse for what happened. He won’t tell the board the answers to their questions regarding his crime. Until he does, they will not let him leave. He needs to show and feel real remorse, not just pretend so he can get out. Yes, I have read the transcripts.

        Have you ever had a loved one murdered? It does not appear so, or you would understand the victim’s side better. Yes, his family had a loss, but nothing like Marcy’s loved ones. At least his family can talk to him, write or visit. Marcy’s family can only go to a grave. Not the same at all. His crime deserves life in prison (well, really the death penalty but that was not sought in this case). Remember, there is no such thing as closure. This will be with her family and friends for the rest of their lives. It never leaves.

        This is really a place to remember Marcy, not her killer. My focus is on the victims. Please respect that. In my post I reminded people to read my comment policy. I urge you to do that as well.

  31. Omar,

    Please tell me you base your opinion on more than the movie. The movie was supposed to make you feel sorry for him. However, he was not and is not the victim. MARCY CONRAD is the victim. He was not confused. He knew what he was doing. He took another human beings life. He deserves his jail time.

  32. my life of crime,

    well i didnt see the movie i read what everone said about him i just think no one should be locked away forever for something they did so long ago i bet he wishes he never did it and bringing his friends to see her was a cry for help

    He need help but they gave him hell.

  33. So Omar, you do not believe murderers should be in prison? Just free to do what they want and not pay the price for their actions? You do not know what you are talking about. By the way, I did receive letters from him several years ago and he never expressed any remorse, just wanted parole. When a person kills another human being, they forfeit their right to live in society again. Sorry, prison is what he deserves.

    Would you say these things to Marcy’s family? You know, the victims of his crime? The one he murdered? If so, then you are just as much of a socipath as Anthony. Maybe if you had a loved one who was murdered you would understand. Until then, you will just be another sociopathy who thinks criminals should run the street and possibly even hurt people again.

    • If thinking justice is for all makes us a sociopathy, then there are a lot of us running around. Thank God you aren’t the judge and jury for all of us, and by the way Jacques family suffered a lost as well. There are no correct answers here, there is nothing but pain for all!!!

  34. Omar, I think I understand where you are coming form. Anthony was confused. My family knew him. He was 8 when he found his mother dead. That woudl mess anyone up. He turned to drugs to dull the pain. He did need help. Probably still does. However, he shoudl do his time. We all make mistakes and have to live with them. I think Anthony was not a sociopath whenhe went in, but rather a scared, drugged out young man with issues, He made a huge miustake, taking teh life of another human being, Marcy. I think he may not mention the fact the he is sorry becasue he finds what he did so repulsive, and now, that he has been in all these years, he has turned off his emotions to survive.

    I hope , Omar, you will strighten your life out and stop commenting crimes. But either way, Anthony needs to do his time. If he gets out, so be it. Thats teh law. Same if he stays in.

  35. ok, i am an idiot. I though yo uwhere saying your life of crime, as in you had one. I see now that tha is teh name of teh otehr poster. I feel liek an idiot, lol. But eiher way, You get my point.

    sorry for the confusion.

  36. i see it this way what if he was part of your family and you could never see him because of a mistake he did so many years ago. i don’t see how someone can beat someone to death and only get 3 years and Anthony gets life. I bet he wishes he never even met her.

    When people hear of a black man rapping and killing a black women no one cares after a week, when a white women gets raped and killed no one ever forgets

    • She wasn’t a woman. She was a 14 year old jr. High school student.

    • I went to school with Joc. First time I heard this story it was hard for be to believe since it was not the Joc that I knew. I don’t remember him being the evil person the media claimed him to be. I recall he was bullied by many of people, including myself, he was afraid of his shadow. I never heard of him ever fighting anyone. Yes he was a big boy but never once was I ever afraid of him. Most of the crowd he hung around with used him for the things he had. He was a spoiled child. One day I kissed him I knew it would scare him and he told me that his father said for him to stay away from girls like me. It broke our hearts when we heard the story of Marcy’s death. The black kids didn’t believe the rumor that there was a body in the mountains and none of us participated in the many trips we heard the students were taking to view her body. What bothered me the most what would possess people to not speak up and turn him in from the day they found out he killed Marcy. I knew Kevin as well and he never bothered anyone. Marcy didn’t deserve this. I pray for healing for Kevin.

    • Thats sooooo true!

  37. I knew both families intimently, Marcy was very close with our family, I was best friends with Jacques little sister. I think I know better than most what is what. Marcy was white, so, Jacques was black and white (creole), big deal. It wasn’t about that back in the day. He was disturbed on every level and fully conscious of his actions regardless of race. Completely and thoroughly within the relms of reality. He chose to lure her to his home, strangle her and then dump her body only to willingly share his evil works with school mates. And he is not remorseful for the late person!

  38. Still its not fair to get life, i just dont believe in life in prison i think its wrong, why cant they just end his life or let him free after 20 yrs or so.

    also Sandra what was he like?

    • I can tell you what he was like, He was quite, and kind of an introvert, he hung out with my brother and amongst many others in in the smoking quad, he was picked on frequently by the Jocks who hung out on the ampitheater stage, Ill give you an example of the cruelty and disrespect the jocks had, they would sit on their perch and throw pennies at the slow kids and jacque was on the slow side so I am sure he got those pennies, and as he was so big frequently was teased for that as well, Jaque got what he deserved, 3 yrs for beating someone in haste or self defense is one thing but Jaque ruined many others lives when he hid the body and then dragged my friends there, I hope they keep him til he dies under the mental clause

    • Dude i don’t know anything about this shit and this thread is old… But WHAT THE FUCK?? He murdered and raped a 14 year old girl, cut that piece of shits dick off and throw it in a ditch. I hope the homies tore his ass apart in the pen!! He deserves no mercy in life or death! He wont even have the pleasure of rotting in hell i hope he feels the pain he caused that innocent girl for all eternity and if there is a god he will!

      Omar You sound like your typical apologist for criminals. You are part of the problem! So what? If i murder someone (im 20 at the moment) ill get out when im 40-45???? FUCK THAT! He should have gotten the chair years ago. Do him Green Mile style! No water on that cowards head let him singe! Murderers AND rapists don’t deserve the blessing of life, life in prison is TOO GOOD for him! You make me sick! So sick that its 5 am and im seething in rage just knowing that 1 person in the world thinks he deserves mercy. That little girl was shown none… Good day go fuck yourself Omar

  39. Omar,

    You are entitled to your opinion, but remember that the rest of us are entitled to ours as well. Many people do not believe in life in prison. But when you have a loved one that is murdered, you would not be happy if the murderer got out of prison after a few years. I promise you that.

    And I wish he HAD received the death penalty. He deserved it.

  40. 20 years in prison if Marcy can be alive again after 20 years.

    Besides, he didn’t get life, did he? He got 20 to life or something like that, right?

    If he showed some sort of remorse, or spent his time in prison repenting in some fasion, he woudl be out, I woudl think.

  41. Jacques was very odd. Not looking you in the eye, anti social and not quite developed mentally but concious of his surroundings. It was strange because he could turn it on/off when he needed to. The simple fact that he was not remorseful before, after and now proves he were he should be. Once is sister had a birthday and all her friends were to sleep over. We got back from pizza and the dad went to pull out the cake from the fridge only to discover Jacques had started eating it while we were gone. Not once did he say sorry or show the least bit of concern but fully aware of his actions.

  42. ok sandra, that was a little confusing. But, ok. Eating the cake in and of its self is not that odd for a teenage boy, for what its worth.

    He was an odd kid for sure. And he is where he should be. He did however, have it pretty hard. No excuses, mind you, just an insight into a troubled person.

  43. You obviously have much sympathy for Jacques. I am not here to judge only to say that here on earth you have to receive your punishment by man as society sees fit. However, he will be forgiven if he has truly redeemed his heart and accepts his wrong doings. I do not wish evil or harm or even sadness on him only that he can resolve within so that he’s ready when he meets his maker. I wish for him to be in God’s care.

  44. um, all I meant was your sentence didn’t make sense. I only have sympathy for the lad because I know he had it hard. I believe he is where he should be.

  45. im just saying if i was him i would like to be let out or killed

  46. Omar,
    of course you would like to be let out, who wouldn’t? I’m sure everyone who murders and rapes would like to just be..set free. You seriously must be a child or a bit slow upstairs. My god dude, he raped and killed a girl and for that, not only will he rot in prison but in hell as well.

  47. wow. I do beleive he is where he shoul be. But I also beleive that god will forgive those who truly repent. We don’t know if he has or not, to god. Maybe he isn’ showing remorse so he will spend the rest of his life inprison. who knows whats in his head. Mayb ehis is a crazy killer. But lets not insult someone for showing his opinion. I disagree with Omar, but I woudl never call him slow or a child. Thats just rude. Sorry, that just struke me as odd you woudl say that.

  48. we all at one time or another have done something we regret. like i said i was locked up with anthony back then and he had no ideal how sick and twisted his crime was all he knew his life was over he was about to go to prison and may never see his freedom again .a very scared young man who new that everybody inside and out hated him and wanted to see him pay for what he did. i felt sorry for the guy because even though he wade about 300lb and was over 6ft but yet talking to was like talking to a ten year old. by the time i was 16 i had been locked up in two states att murder in las vegas and murder in california. even though i was a lot more street wise and more prepared to go to prison i to was scared and confused and didnt relise how serious my crime was. sometimes things happen in young peoples life that make them go over the edge i saw my brother die of a over dose of drugs i was only nine when i was eleven i was in a car accedent were evrybody died but me and when i was thirteen my father tried to have me killed because i was from a different gang what i am trying to say is only god has the right to dicide who spends the rest of there life in prison and who will rot in hell he knows are harts back then and he knows it now god has forgiven me i got out of prison over twenty years ago and since my realise i have worked with trouble kids the kids poeple have given up on i can honestly say that because of my past i have helped several young men change there lifes eleven of them are in college eather playing ball or just working on there futures two of them at stanford wright now i work at a youth prison i run a gang provention class and because of the things i went through and changed my life these kids are listening and trying to change. back to anthony i feel he should of want to a memtle home not prison because wether you like it or not sooner or latter thay will let him out and if you thought he had issues then whate to you see him now.

    • take a spelling class

      • I agree Joc was a kid at the time. We live in a country sorry to say when a black boy
        kills he is considered a MAN. When a white boy kills he is a boy. Yes he should have went to prison. The Jock I knew was a big kid, mentally in a grown mans body. God is the only one who holds the key. I just pray the Marcy family can find forgiveness in their hearts. When this happened why wasn’t any of the the 10-or more people who took several trips to view her body and participated in the cover up ever convicted?????

    • My friend… If what you’re saying is true he should kill himself and maybe you should follow suit

  49. Thank you Chris,
    and Sarah i didn’t mean it that way i met like after like 20-30 years maybe more but not life

  50. Malo kind of knows what i mean he don’t need to be in prison but a nuthouse where he could be cured

  51. Please don’t blame pot smoking for this girl’s death. If the guy was mentally ill, he would have done this without smoking pot. I have smoked pot for 34 years, and believe me, the last thing you want to do after smoking a joint is kill someone. Pot has nothing whatsoever to do with it. If he was snorting cocaine or methamphetamine, I might agree with you, but not pot.

    That said, my heart goes out to Marcy’s family. I’m sure that they still suffer daily because of the acts of a psychopath. I hope that they have been able to find some kind of peace through all this. It’s very sad.

    • hey linda. i think you got it a little wrong here… i read all comments and as i remember nobody said that only pot was to blame but his mental condition, his wrecking experiences (founding his mom dead as a 8 year old) mixed with heavy pot consumption to dull the pain.
      when reading that i could find myself in those words because i was a very confused and lost teenage girl myself (16 when my pot usage hit its highest point) having experienced shit as well, broken home, lots of violence against myself and my mom, got raped etc… of course i am not a person that would just go and kill somebody, but i do believe that every human is somehow able to do something like that IF it “clicks”. and i was lucky it would not get this much down with me and i was able to stop before using even more heavy drugs (i started using lsd shortly before i stopped consuming any kind of drug… that was with 16 too)… i just want to point out that i was a very kind, caring and lovely girl which wouldnt wanna harm anyone up until step by step since i was born my heart and soul got wrecked by the surrounding and then there was a point it was enough to handle and i was broken. the drugs i used to dull my pain were good when i had access to them… but for example when i didnt my body and mind kinda became like deranged robotos greedy for a cure or numb..and this was the point when i started being very evil, heartless, careless and cold. i would steal, lie, be mean..even to the very few close people i had left. of course i was not that fucked as jacques and his story has nothing to do with mine, but anyway, any kind of drug mixed with mental problems and/or personal/family based issues can form you into a monster especially in that young age where you are still a lost creature supposed to be taken care of and loved by an adult/parent.
      i am sure pot can be harmless to people who can 1. handle it, 2. are stable, 3. have a meaning and direction in their life.
      i hope you get my point.

    • What they do not really tell anyone is that the drug of choice at that time was actually “acid” or “cid”, and at that time anyone could get some very easily from “fryin Bryan”, and it was a lot cheaper than “pot”. Not long after this incident Milpitas had its largest lsd bust. It was also very common practice to “shoulder tap” a bottle of “Jack Daniels” or some beer. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking that this was all because of “Pot”.

  52. I was there the night the family looked for Marcy and watched my mother hold marcy’s mother’s hand. I was there the day they notified the family, and I spent that new years eve with her family. I knew her barely at all except that she was beautiful and she was funny when she really wanted to be.
    To those who sympathize with her killer thank you for your thoughts but truly you have no right to comment on that which you did not see nor hear nor feel. My Step Father and hers worked together for many years and we traveled the world together knowing his family through him. I was 16 years old at the time and for the first time in my life I watched a good man fall apart after Marcy’s death. You see when you kill a person you take away a future. And you often times kill a family. My only regret is that they allowed her killer to plea bargain his way out of the possiblity of a death penalty. Not because i desire revenge I just desire taking away the possiblity that the state will ever make the mistake of putting this remorseless animal back on the streets.

  53. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset that the movie doesn’t have the facts of the case. The writer came right out and said that the only idea that came from this was a guy killing his girlfriend and nobody saying anything for a couple of days. He said he made everything else up, and developed the characters out of composites of his own high school friends in another town (Sacramento) and had lawyers check to make sure nothing was too close to the actual case. It’s not a documentary and isn’t really even about this case. The actual murder was merely a jumping off point for creativity’s sake.

    • thanks that there is finally someone pointing that out.
      in case anyone is interested: this film was made by the same film team that made “blue velvet” of david lynch. which i find interesting especially that you see hopper in it too. i always thought maybe it helped the film to get a much darker and depressing feeling.
      the info i have of my friend, now in his mid 50s, which was the sound designer assistant for “blue velvet”… he said right after they finished shooting on the same day the film team went to do “river’s edge”.

    • Wolfster, I know this is a 3 year reply late but I will tell you why everyone gets upset. As mentioned in earlier post people of the pines were close…it was a family community in the sense that people cared and everyone on your street watched after you. Marcy was one of our own killed by another Pinester, as demented as he was, it was unbelievable. After 30 years I still get a horrible sickness in my stomach. There were events that transpired and many of us have personal knowledge of or were a part of. No one wants our tragic event as a creative starting point. It feels like Marcy is not being honored. She was such a spunky fun gal…people loved her and want the nonsense of the movie comparison and the myth Marsh Rd to stop. I despise the fact that people go to Marsh for thrills of seeing
      her spirit it is like jumping on her grave…so disrespectful.
      I wish Officer Gary Rose would write a book to set the story straight once and for all.

      • Thank You Willter, I totally agree, it was a tragigic event that sent our swchool into a whirl wind amongst the many other tragic events that year, a first person book would do Marcy justice and as we are still talking about this 30 years later maybe give someone some peace of mind if only 1, Marcy that real story was finally told.

  54. I think he is lucky to still be breathing. What a shame the state has to pay to feed and house him.

  55. Does anyone know how to contact Anthony Broussard?

  56. I was going to Milpitas High when this happened and knew both Anthony and Marcy. I remember the first time he said anything he didn’t say anything about the murder, but he was showing us all Marcy’s little panties that he took off of her. I remember being impressed at first because he was showing them as a kind of souvenir that he’d had sex with her. I thought she was really cute and had a crush on her at the time so it was kind of a treat getting to see her little cotton bikini panties. After I found out he had killed her for them I was sickened.

  57. Is this in the SJ Mercury at all? I lived in the Pines at the time this happened. Jacques always scared me – and I wondered about me more than about him.

  58. I just watched the movie and have went over what really happened on different sites. My only conclusion is these piece of crap should burn in hell and never see the other side of prison walls again!!!!!

  59. My teacher had told my class and I this story everybody put it behind them but I did not I wanted to know more.I asked my dad about this and he knew what i was talking about.He even rembered the names od marcy and anthony.This story made me feel so sad.I just had to look into it.And for the past few days I kapt asking questiond and looking this story up.I was disopinted to find hardly any information about this tragic story.Although I wish that anthony would have been sentenced to death.My teacher knew both anthony and marcy and she told us vagly what had happened.What I found so sad was that just because marcy did not want to go out anthony he killed her.Poor Poor marcy she had no idea what was comming.But my dad told me that if someone I do not like asks me out to let them down easily.And anthony and marcy were not going out.Thats why this all happened,anthony asked marcy out and she had laughed in his face,which filled him with anger and rage.I truly hope someday the ghost of marcy will rest in peace and I’m sorry to hear what happened to poor marcy.

  60. Just thought I’d share… I had heard about this tragic story after watching the movie Rivers Edge. Even though the movie may not be accurate, it really has brought national attention to what happened to Marcy.
    I did some research on Anthony Broussard and apparently he’s trying to find female pen pals to correspond with:
    I saw that and it totally disgusted me. He’s an animal who should have been executed for what he did.

  61. Omar, I know you have not been on for several months, but to even say it has to do with him being black and her being white is a very ignorant thing to say. He is in jail for killing and raping a girl. He should have been fryed years ago, not living off our taxes.

    • I agree….this should have not a damn thing to do with race. It’s about a human killing another human. Period.


  63. I went to school with Marcy. Tried to watch the film, but made me physically ill. If you weren’t in the circle of friends, you will never know what it was like to attend a closed casket funeral, because of the damage done to her. We had to grieve with cameras in our faces, they wouldn’t even leave us alone to grieve at the funeral. Fourteen year old kids who get hauled into interviews. None of us at Thomas Russell saw the body, if we had, it wouldn’t have taken weeks for Sgt. Rose to know about it. None of us would have kept the secret for Jacques. I can still see him, crossing the street from MHS to come and chat with us right after he killed her, standing against the chain fence. I didn’t have time for him, and I will regret that all of my life. I may have been able to get her out of the rain and the damp, but I didn’t have time to talk with him. For years afterwards, the cameras followed us, how we were doing, how we were coping. How did the media think? We were labeled “Homicide High”, the Merkel murder only adding fuel to the fire. We grieved, but not allowed the luxury of doing it privately. Broussard was a nutter, his Mum’s passing seemed to unhinge him. Marcy was no saint, she bunked off school to get high. She thought Broussard was a pal, she was NEVER romantically involved with him. The school was wrong for interrogating children without their parents in the room. I don’t remember the police being present at my questioning, all I remember is Molina in the room. I couldn’t tell them much, Jacques wanted to chat with me, but with a test to swot for, I didn’t have time to talk with him. All I can remember is what a wet, rainy November we had that year. The image of Marcy’s family, thinking about them looking out for her those nights before we knew where she lay. One of guys that saw her body lived on Moonbeam with me, across from me. Afterwards, I couldn’t look him in the eyes again, and he ran wild. How could you keep a secret like that to yourself? No wonder he self-medicated. I wasn’t best pals with Marcy, but we were a small circle of friends…outcasts because of the school demographics and by choice, but no one deserves to be used and thrown away like rubbish. Jacques can rot in Hell. I’m glad the Conrad’s moved away, they deserved the peace. I am grateful to Sgt. Rose and his team. The movie was not based on the truth at all, except that a young girl was killed by a monster and some troubled kids kept a secret that haunts them forever, but not all of us were in that group. The groups that went up to see Marcy on Marsh Road have to live with their precious secret, now that many of them are parents themselves, I am sure they have complete clarity about hindsight. It taught many of us the value of life and that not all secrets are meant to be kept. God bless the Conrad’s and the MPD.

    • Thank you Sam I couldnt have come close to saying that the way you did , but you hit the nail on the head. Ill never forget when we were labled Homicide High. What a sad year for every student at Milpitas High School.

  64. Does anyone know the address of the house Marcy lived in? I’m just wondering because I know a few people who live on Pinewood and am curious if they are living in her former home. Did she live in a 2 or 1 story home? Was it near the park?

  65. I was Marcy’s next door neighbor. We were good friends and I was her crush. I use to go next door and listen to music with her after school. Her brother Kevin and I use to hang out.

    It was on Pinewood Way in a single story house.

  66. okay. finally a place to put this thing i’ve been carrying around for 25 years now. finally.
    i went to Thomas Russel with Marcy. We both had a crush on Jimmy Dunnegan… (where’s HE?) me because he was just about the only boy who was taller than me since i have been over 6 feet tall since i was 11.. but instead of our communal crush making us catty and bitter, it made us friends. her locker was right next to mine. we laughed together, smoked together and we would go into the school library and read the CHP magazine to trip on the crash site victims together. how ironic. Marcy is a big part of my junior high school memory.
    we were the class at Russell that was made to stay at the junior high because they consolidated the high schools. so we had our tame little riot burning paper in the bathrooms and making a bunch of noise since we were all looking for a reason not to go to class anyway.
    so in ’81 we finally made it to high school. and there were a LOT more boys AND a smoking section. wow. we were in heaven for about 2 months. until one day me and a few of my crowd heard Jacques talking really loud about going up to the mountain at lunch time. we paid him no mind because we all knew he wasn’t wrapped too tight and surely wasn’t telling the truth. totally brushed it off. oh,and for the record, the truth is Jacques found his moms in the shower dead after she slipped and busted her head open . i know that for fact. he was only 8 or so, but who are we to say we would still be sane after such a trauma? and having a Black dad in the ’80’s meant he probably didn’t get the help he should have. Mental health issues were a no-no in the Black community back then. and Jacques wasn’t no small dude. he had to have been 6’3 250 in the 11th grade. what a waste. he should have been our star line-backer. instead he found noteriety another way. while Marcy was the complete opposite.. she was maybe 5’1 -5’2 and MAYBE a hundred lbs. maybe.
    the media…the cameras were everywhere. we were just innocent kids who had no grasp of what was really going on. this was the first peer death most of us survived, and the cameras just loved making us look callous when on the inside we were just scared shitless. Hell, if Marcy was gone, then any one of us could be next. and if Jacque snapped, then were were all in danger. i know my mom never said a word to me one way or the other. so i was forced to deal with some way grown-up emotions and fears very young without proper guidance. i am just now at a place where i even want to think back about Marcy.
    i used to spend a lot of time up at sandy wool lake and ed levin park. or riding at the stables but i have never been able to go down Marsh Road. just can’t do it.

  67. oh. and the reason i write…. i finally found the nerve to watch River’s Edge tonight. for the first time. and of course hollywood took major license. but i opened or awakened something in my heart from a quarter century ago that was so sad and tragic that happened at such a formative time in our young lives…. and that is what brought me here tonight.


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  69. So i wrote on here a while back and I recieved a message on myspace about what i posted. I was at my cousins house and as talking to her and her husband about it. i told them that there was a movie that was inspired by the murder and my cousins husband knew exactly what i was talking about and left for a minute or two and came back with the movie. i went home and watched it that night. its a little freaky. i know that its also insired by another murder but the back said the writer based the characters from his friends in sacramento???? i haven’t gone back to marsh rd since the first time i found myself smack in the middle of it that one night. maybe one day i will be able to get enough balls to go back….

  70. marsh rd. is currently not accessible anymore due to a locked gate that the owner of the white pickup truck has installed. i actually entered marsh rd. while the gate was open, but highly DON’T recommend it since the property owner could lock you and your car in when he returns from civilization.

  71. myGod.Marsh road is not some tourist destination. what kind of sicko would want to go there for thrills? if Marcy’s soul is not at rest because of the tragic circumstances of her passing, then we should ALL show some respect for her memory and take Marsh road off your vacation “must see” destinations.

  72. Ha ha ha!
    Trying to take advantage of the situation by saying that you saw someone in a shirt and socks running away? Are you nuts? Are you really from the Piedmont area? Get a life and stop infecting this board. Marsh Rd. is easy to follow.

    desiree Says:
    October 6, 2007 at 1:20 pm

    I hve lived in milpitas for 6 years and before that I lived in Piedmont Hills area of San Jose. I lways heard of Marsh Road and that it was haunted while I was in school. My friends and I could never find the road to check it out for ourselves. About 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were expoloring because we were board and found ourselves right off of Calaveras Rd and on the left was Marsh. I stopped and looked around and creeped myself out and took off. I looked in my mirror and saw a girl in a shirt and some socks. I thought was just seeing things. I didnt even know about the murder of Marcy Conrad until this morning when i was looking up a stabbing that occured in Milpitas on Tuesday this week. I immediatly called my boyfriend into the room so I can show him all the info I just found. He wants to go back to Marsh Road now to see her. it’s about 2 miles from where we live. How did I live in this town the past 6 years and never know anything of this crime? i hope one day her soul can rest in peace.

  73. I was living in Southern California when this crime was all over the news. I couldn’t understand the apathy, or the disregard for human life. When the movie came out, I watched it twice, and never watched it again. Most people know the movie is Hollywood crap. What is up with Dennis Hopper, and his blow-up doll role in the movie? The guy that strangled Marcy should have been tried as an adult, and sent to San Quentin’s death row.

  74. Is Anthony Jaques Broussard still in jail?

    • Well, no he is not in jail. He is in prison. There is a huge difference (I am not trying to be patronizing here either) I believe he went to the parole board but was denied.

  75. I remember this event crystal clear. It was national, coast to coast news. Today this tragic story would not leave the Bay Area much less be reported on the network news channels. Unfortunately, we are now so used to this type of domestic human carnage that seems to take place more in this country than any other.

    • Exactly. We create these monsters. I turned 40 in December. I’m not half the person I was 20 years ago. Back then I would’ve died for the woman I loved, and my friends were my family. Today, I’ve written off almost anyone who was ever in my life. People suck, and if you’re not strong enough, it will break you. I was once a loving, compassionate person. What separates me from people like Broussard, though, is my indifference. Maybe it gets to some people much sooner than others, and they don’t know how to handle it. Part of it too is the pacification culture we’re subject to. Not so much then, but the seeds were being planted. Pent up aggression, and lack of musical talent maybe. And then there is humiliation by the opposite sex. All I know is that how we treat people (even moreso when they’re unattractive) effects who they become, and that drives decision making and behavior. We are a culture of dysfunction, so none of these tragedies are any real surprise. Not if you’re paying attention.

  76. Some comments… Someone asked if Marcy lived in a single or double story home. It was definitely a two story. I knew Marcy in elementary school and we were close friends for a VERY short time in either early Jr High or late elementary… I spent the night once @ her house, and here are my memories from that night/time. She had a twin water bed and had melted candy and wrappers all stuck in between the ‘mattress’ & the frame. Typical kid, hide the evidence (who knew the heated bed would melt the stuff everywhere). We both slept in that twin bed and I remember thinking it was odd that she slept in only panties, no shirt. (I’m not judging or making any kind of implications, just sharing that I thought it was odd.)

    I remember her dad had girlie mags in the bathroom. I remember finding this odd too, although my neighbor’s dad had them too (both under the sink; I must have been a nosey kid!). Again, not judging…

    Lastly, I remember her showing me how to stuff my bra with TP before we headed off to Cal Skate for the evening. LOL! And damn, I needed it!

    AND, I know Marcy was a year behind me, and I was in 9th grade in 1981, so Marcy was still back at Russell when Jacque killed her.

    I hadn’t talked to Marcy or been friends w/her really for a couple years, as she started hanging with (what we called back then), the ‘stoners’. I remember my sister coming home one night and coming into my room and telling me what had happened (she’s a couple years older). She was crying. I don’t remember my reaction, other than shock and disbelief. Marcy was a nice girl, and I too, was surprised to hear that Jacque was her boyfriend. So, glad to hear that people close to her deny that, that was true. She could do so much better!

    Only thing I really knew about Jacque was that he was a big dude and I remember when he would get on the transit bus with us in the morning, the bus would go down from his weight (seriously).

    To S. Davis, yes, lots of people had a crush on Jimmy D. who also lived in the Pines before his family moved away (I think in 1980 or thereabouts). That was about the time he was coupled up with Cindy C…

  77. Yvonne, Davis, D, Malo, Sgt. Rose and several others really hit home with me after reading your comments. Yvonne actually started to get me choked up!

    Lindas comment was cool! So true! When people get high the last thing they want to do is go out and start trouble let alone hurt someone. Unlike alcohol where domestic violence is far to common.

    So, I am an employee for the Milpitas library, musician for a band called INaCAGE and a single father who has had full custody of his 11 year old daughter for the last 7 years. I was looking up history of Milpitas since the embedded grammar school in the library was built on a previous grammar school that burned down around 1910 and to my surprise is also on several large Muwekma Ohlone cemeteries that runs all along Main St when I came across this site. Id like to mention that I was raised in Fremont so I am a local native. In fact, my family moved here in 81 ( the year Marcy was brutally murdered) from Berkeley ( where I born) when I was 7. Messed up pretty bad back in school and ended up @ Robertson. Some may remember it as Williamson. Anyways, my bad. Im rambling and going off topic. This isn’t about me. This is about sharing our thoughts on this tragedy. Me basically being Mr. Mom for my daughter personally is a little overwhelming to think of such a sick and twisted demise. As for Anthony, a part of me feels like some of the others. Rot in hell! While the other side also hopes he can right his heart.

    I think he should have got the death penalty so we wouldnt be paying for his little hell hole kick it spot with our tax dollars. However, I do think he should serve life in prison because I think its more painful. To live a sorry empty lonely life is ideal in my honest opinion. Im sorry he had to witness his mother in dead in the shower. I truly am but doesnt justify his actions by any means!
    I was raised by a tough as nails mother who worked full time and a violent paranoid schizophrenic power lifter alcoholic Vietnam vet father who served 3 tours (65-68 as if 1 tour wasnt enough?) who died in my arms on May 8th 2006 R.I.P Dad. He was on disability because of his mental illness. My dad was a very loving father! He was hella cool! But ya didnt want to piss him off! Dont even look at him wrong! Killed hundreds of people throughout South and Central Vietnam! Yet, cold blood murderer he was not! Anthony was and is. Period. Yes! He was just a kid but as most of us can probably remember, we have the world pretty figured out by then. At least enough to know right from wrong.

    When I was 4 I vividly remember my dad going completely ballistic and waving a gun outside after Jimmy Carter was on TV giving a speech about something. Not sure what. Well, the next thing you know a SWAT team has our house surrounded! Did I grow up to live a life of crime?!??! Nope. Sure didnt! My point is if you can be old enough to get your license and drive an automobile then surely you are old enough to know that raping and killing a person that is only 14 years old ( doesnt matter what age you are. still wrong as hell ) is hella wrong and deserves the most brutal consequence ever imagined.

    All in all, I think its safe to assume that the dude had no common sense to begin with. Which would have made him a terrible criminal. Ya need to at least have some common sense to not get caught. I mean comon! He actually told people about Marcys death? A cry for help as Omar stupidly implied? HA!! No. Dumb ass is the perfect description. Ive known people who have smoked them self stupid and still had more common sense than that fool! Rule # 1. If caught and dont want to chance on facing the consequences? Lie till the bitter end. Keep your mouth shut!!!

    On a lighter note, I pray Marcy’s soul will rest in peace! And that Kevin and their mother can find some lasting happiness in their lives.

    Thanks to mylifeofcrime for this site.


  78. Omar,
    You stated that he does not deserve life in prison. Marcy served life why shouldn’t he?
    As I mention in a post a while back, I gave statements to Marcy’s principal. I told him who killed Marcy. This killer made threats against me when we were both in juvenile hall. Although that was many years ago, I’m afraid for my life if he should ever return to the streets. Who will be there to protect me? I’m a single mom and about to become a grandmother. Who will protect my family. CDCR mandates that an inmate being released must be realeased back to the community to which the crime was commited. I still live in this community. Chances are pretty good that I would run into him. Again, who would protect me from this killer….

  79. I just read on Wikipedia that “three years later Marcy’s mother Nicole Maria Conrad committed suicide, and just two years after Marcy’s mother’s suicide, Marcy’s younger sister Stacey Anne also committed suicide” I was wondering if this was true and if anyone knew the circumstances that surrounded these events? Also, who did Marcy live with before her murder? I’m reading a lot of posts that mention step-parents and a brother? Thank you all for your posts, it really gives an insight to Marcy’s personality and who she really was…..

  80. Can anyone fill me in on the murder of Steve Merkel, that is mentioned in a few of the posts. I searched, but couldn’t find any info on it. Thanks!

  81. if i remember correctly i think he was house-sitting for his girlfriend’s parents’ while they were out of town and came upon a couple of robbers who killed him.

  82. I’m going to go off of memory. This happened around the corner from my house with one of the accomplices a neighborhood friend.

    Steve Merkel… This happened shortly after Marcy’s murder.

    He was housesitting for his girlfriend and her family. They were on vacation at the time. Three teenage boys from the neighborhood knew the family was on vacation but did not know that Steve was looking in on the house.

    The robbers were surprised by Steve. One fled immediately, the other two stayed behind. One of the two just went nuts and stabbed Steve over 17 times (? 17? maybe more, maybe less but it was considered excessive). The remaining two fled. The one who was an accomplice went home and I believe told his brother who told him to immediately turn himself in. He did. He was in jail for about 15 years I believe before he was released.

    This case was a lot different than the Marcy’s case. The shocking part about that case was how many of the kids were dragged up to see her and none told (or none told and were believed). Merkel’s murder was shocking because of the brutality. Steve was said to have told them, just go, I won’t say anything. But the one kid just did an overkill.

    The 80’s in Milpitas sound like we were a bunch of murdering drug addicts. It was not as bad as it was portrayed and yet they didn’t portray half of the scary things going on.

    In general, however, the friends made in Milpitas are friends forever. You will be hard pressed to find any city or time where there are as many lifetime friendships formed.

    RIP Steve and Marcy. You are remembered.

  83. First and formost let me start off by saying how very sorry i am. To any of those who knew the victom of this crime; or the familys affected by this. River’s Edge was one of my faviorit movies growing up. But i never really grasped the severity of it till i became older. Like many i thought it was something cool, but never botherd to dig deep until i was older. I do not think it’s over all intention was to capitalize/commercialize/ use the memory for hollywood benefits. I look back at it now(i have watched it a few more times since my youth)as a somewhat of a film to inform.

    It was purely inspired by the writer simply coming across the artical. It was not built to shock(for the sake of shock) or to get money from. I think that it was simply the end result to inform in the best way they could. It does not follow any of the actual events/characters/crimes, so forth. I found it to be very well directed and well acted. You know at least Crispon Glover did some research into the background. So it was not total fluff!

    As for the case itself i think that there will always be those who are teetering on the brink of madness. I have researched many different cases over the years. Criminology is one of my many hobbies. There are very few cases that are overly talked about(when they clearly need to be)this is one of them. It strikes me as strange that this is one of the only website talking about this crime.There needs to be some more information being circulated about this case, and the case of the Cabin28 murders(which are unsolved too this day)in my opinion.

    The mind is a very fragil and twisted thing. When we are all teenagers our minds are going a thousand miles a min and thoughts of sex will run wild, with some i am sure. When we are teenagers we have a handle on morality, but it is not turely understood. It like everything else is a process. Without role models you are lost. That is why i find that above comment about him eating cake and not showing remorse or apologetic just shows how screwd he was at that age. A normal functioning person would say sorry, even if they dont mean it. But to shut down and not exume any emotion or understand is trouble.

    This person is truely a monster, who for the most part should never be aloud out of jail. He would kill again if aggravated! I do not beleive in the death penality; but with some special cases and people it is the only thing to do. A sex offender who gets arrested and sent to meetings. Forced to live away from children and certain public areas. But he will resort back to what he does eventually. There is no true cure for mental illness. They can take meds, but the evil is still lurking.

    Anthony who did have many mental issues, and was not well. Was of sain mind at the time when he raped and murderd Marcy. Too just kill someone would be grounds of of insainity. But he first raped the girl, then killed her. Rape by ones understanding is too present power and control over someone. He had to know what he was doing. And to top it all off, he went and braggd about it around school.

    That alone says that he knew what he was doing the whole time. He may not of grasped the severity of his crime; but he new what he was doing none the less.

  84. Then again they are rumors, and he is a sick weirdo that should get worse than the needle.

    note from blog owner

    Your other comment will not be approved as it violates my comment policy. I am sorry.

  85. I am an x-wife of one of the people who viewed Marcy…as well as a friend of another unnamed person who spent time in the ranch due to his part..
    ….I have always felt that no one deservers to die like she did in that way..and..I have always prayed for Marcy’s parents through out the years. I have no comment on A.J.B…other then on the day he die’s he will have to answer for his sins!

  86. I remember when this happened in ’81. I was only 9 at the time and my mother mentioned it. I remember having a nagging eerie feeling for weeks after. I just felt totally creeped out. I saw the movie around ’87 I guess. As a teenager, it didn’t really affect me as much as when I was younger besides I knew it was a bit convoluted compared to the actual account. It still lingered in the back of my mind though. I moved to Milpitas recently and started to think about her again. I decided to learn the real story, so I began searching the internet. Besides learning what really happened; I was able to learn something about what Marcy was really like as a person (which I am grateful for). From what I’ve learned, she and I would probably have been good friends if we’d gone to school together. We had a lot in common at that age and ran with the same type of crowd. This makes the whole thing that much sadder for me. It almost feels like a friend was taken away. That bastard not only deprived Marcy of her life, but deprived the world of a good person and we are running short on good people nowadays. I really hope that Marcy is at some kind of peace. Even though I never met her, I feel like I know her in a way and wish I could offer her some comfort and warmth. It’s so heartbreaking.
    And Omar… no offense, but I am glad you are not and presumably won’t be in a position of influence in the justice system. If you call raping and killing an innocent girl a “mistake”, you are terribly misguided. A mistake is a DUI. A mistake is running a red light or maybe shoplifting. Raping and killing someone is a heinous and absolutely inexcusable offense. I agree with whoever said put him to death. Why should we feed, house and give medical attention to this waste of life? And we can’t honestly consider letting him back into society, after all he still is yet to show any remorse for what he did even to this day. What they ought to do is take him out of protective custody and let the other inmates handle it.
    Anyway, thanks to those of you who knew her for sharing your memories. I really appreciate the glimpse you’ve given me into what Marcy was like. I hope you are all doing okay. If we think about her, then she’s never really gone. Just remember that.

  87. 28 years ago today. Me, my girlfriend, my mother, my daughter and her friend visited the bridge on Marsh Road on Halloween. You will never be forgotten Marcy! R.I.P Dear.

  88. My brother, who was friends with Anthony before all this occurred, and had nothing to do with the events, received a letter shortly after his incarceration. IN that letter, as well as a letter to Rolling Stones mag, when the movie came out, he does, in fact, show remorse. Having said that, doesn’t mean he isn’t were he belongs. Just wanted to clarify and correct. RIP Marcy.

  89. I just found out through another neighborhood friend on facebook that Anthony Thornton died of a heart attack in ’03.

  90. I was a ROTC at the that time attending MH and my girlfriend and I knew them both, and saw them both the night that it happened, i was at my girlfriends house in ‘The Pines’….. in no way could we think that would happen… they were all having beers and laughing when we saw them last. My girlfriend and i were going to her house after coming from eating and ran into the little crew that was hanging out at the truck…. When he didnt show up to school for awhile some got worried, he was alway somewhere around, he may have not gone to class but he was there, in the looms somewhere, Then he shows up and was telling people that he killed her, but no one believed him, then i heard he took people up that day to see her and that James, his closest buddy, dropped a rock on her shocked the hell out off me.
    Then when they came to arrest him at the school, it was fn crazy, some were trying to hide him, and i told him to turn himself in, it was the right thing to do…. if it had been my sister and i knew what happened…. (Snicker) body bag.

    Years later I got arrested for a fight and saw him in Tracy… Yea he’s still there and should have been on death row for what he did. It wasn’t right, i saw the stupid movie and it was just that stupid, no one was really acting the way they set the story… I was thinking about the whole thing and came across this site, and felt compelled to send in a blog… i still see them laughing

  91. Correction to this… his buddy wasn’t named James, it was Frank

  92. Such a sad story. I grew up in San Jose and heard about this story, though only the “ghost story” part of it. I was only 1 when this happened, but I started doing more research and then found out about Marcy. I also saw River’s Edge which I think was NOTHING compared to the real story. I feel for her family and friends. I’m sure it must have been a very hard thing to go through and hopefully Marcy has found peace. I also hope Anthony sits in prison for the rest of his life and continues to think about what he has done. He took a life and so his should be taken too. Hopefully he does have some remorse, but that will never take way the hurt Marcy’s family and friends had to endure.

  93. I also wanted to add that I enjoyed reading the stories about Marcy from her friends. It’s nice to put a personality to her picture and she seemed like a nice girl.

  94. I am away for Christmas, but had a dream about her last night/this morning. Searched for her brothers info & found this site.
    AJB was always off after finding his mom in the shower. He used to throw bricks at the paper boy.
    Marcy was my first love, at a young age. I still miss her. I refuse to see the movie, it’s just wrong. At her funeral – the casket was in my lap – it was closed – but still awfull. It was amazing how many people loved her. She had so much potential.

    AJB will never get what he deserves for his actions… But he has a lot of time to think about it. They never dated, btw, were just friends.

  95. I was at MHS when this happened and i was friends with kurt rasmussen and the gang but i did not go see the body like they did, they even made fun of me but i still didnt go i was interviewed by the police and the milpitas post at the time but was out of the loop after that. jaques always had a black trenchcoat and was always in the smoking area with the smokers crowd as far as kurt being a trouble makeri dont think he was we did steal a moped once but i fessed up to it and we got in trouble but thats the only trouble i ever saw him in until this incident and i was friends with steve merkel and i never knew he was murdered well atleast i dont remember anyway im gonna look it up and see if i can remember anything

  96. actually i think it was a tan trenchcoat if my memory serves me correctly

  97. I was 18 and lived on the peninsula at the time of the murder. I had just started a part-time job earlier where I had to answer phones. A caller from another state asked “Are you anywhere near Milpitas, where that crazy murder happened?”

    Marcy’s mother’s name was Susan (last name not Conrad as she had remarried.) I remember reading an article in the 90s, maybe around one of the anniversaries, where her mom said she would worry all the time about Marcy because she was on the wild side.

  98. I used to live on the same street as Marcy. The good memories of the pines still fresh in my head.

  99. I remember this murder like it was yesterday..So sad i was dating Gary Godwin and ended up marrying him.. this story creep me out very sad and sorry to all of those who were friends with her.I remember we use to go up there like it was the thing to do and always it scared me to death and as far as seeing anything weird idk I think our minds were playing tricks on I cant believe its been 28 yrs and now 20 yrs that garys been gone R.I.P. both you marcy and gary

  100. Just an update Anthony Broussard was released on 9/13/2001 per the Department of Justice Website
    Here is the information from that site.

    Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date
    1. ANTHONY BROUSSARD 27556-077 38-Black-M 09-13-2001 RELEASED

    • David,

      Anthony Broussard was not in federal prison. You cannot find inmate info on him online, You have to call the California Dept. of Corrections. He is a State inmate. His name is not unique. And he would be 44 or 45 now. This is not the Anthony Broussard that killed Marcy Conrad

  101. I nevered watched rivers edged but I’m planing to do so I passed by marsh rd but never see nothing weird or creepy but I heard about this young girl from a friend who used to drink there and she told me she saw this young girl with nothing on but a shirt and I think she might of saw her ghost I hope she rest in peace soon

  102. This story and the one about the police officer’s son murder weren’t the only one that happened in this time period at Milpitas High. During the Christmas break in 1982 my friend Jeff Atup along with his cousin (I can’t recall her name since she wasn’t from Milpitas but was visiting from San Francisco) were walking home from Serra Twin Theatres one night after work towards his house near Hillview drive near the 680 freeway. They never made it home and their bodies were found off the Scott Creek Rd. exit off the 680; about a mile north. They were beaten and shot. The last time anyone saw them was at a 7-11; about half way between the theatre and his house. The friends who saw him at 7-11 regret to this day they didn’t drive them home that night. The murders has never been solved and there is no information anywhere about it. Even a friend of ours who became a Milpitas police officer said it is a cold case and there isn’t really anything much to go on. It is also a Fremont city case since the bodies were found on their side of the border on Scott Creek Rd.

    • This story of Jeff Atup is the most interesting to me. Anymore details on it? Any pictures of Jeff? You should write more about it. I can’t find anything about it online, strange.

      • Actually not very strange if it happened before 2000. Not all newspapers are not online for news articles before that. Slowly more are coming online with their archives.

        • You would think his classmates would talk about it. Nobody cared about him. Most likely due to the fact Milpitas used to be a mainly White, Latino and Black community. That’s a fact.

  103. me and gary were best friends thru jr and high school we stole a boombox once and then about 2 weeks later we returned it rang the bell and ran me and his twin barry didnt know each other too well tho i was very saddened by his death motorcycle wreck i think cant remember it was long ago anyway i just wanted to comment on gary’s passing he was a true friend and ill miss him and marcy

  104. I just passed by that road today but decided not to turn into it after my friend told me this story, I’m a chicken when it comes to ghosts. I think it’s very sad that Marcy’s spirit is still lingering there. Someone should help her pass on. As for the book, I agree. I’m a big fan of true-crime books and I would definitely buy it. I can’t believe they only gave that guy 25 years though.

    • JL,

      I am not sure what you are talking about or maybe you have the wrong person, but Anthony Jacques Broussard received a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. He did not receive just 25 years. That meant that he had to do a minimum of 25 years, not only 25 years. Otherwise he would have been released already. His parole requests have been denied. I doubt he will get parole for a while, if ever.

  105. Oooh Ok. I got that mixed up.

  106. I just wanted to get some of the facts straight. So I just went up there a couple of days ago in the day time, and their was no gate. Why did they take it off? Then when I got down to the bridge, I just kept going to see where it ended until I got to some house, with no one in sight and just a truck. So I made a quick U-turn and got the hell out of there. People keep saying their albinos. Are they really albinos and will they really chase you off with a shotgun??

    • I have seen a man driving he looked like he was an albino he just looked at me in my eyes but his sunglasses on and a beanie cap and drove off I he was heading in the direction of town down the hill. In believe if there is an albino community they don’t want trouble so people who go there or read this post don’t make trouble with them. We all breath the same air my saying goes like this to all creation on earth “Don’t fuck it up (the earth and all it’s inhabitants) we all need this place to survive”
      respect life affirm humanity- I got this one from a church wall exiting the 680 N exit at Calaveras Blvd

  107. I just wanted folks out there to know she was not his girl friend . I was a very good friend of hers and loved her and her family and my parents as well loved her . Its has been almost twentynine years and i still think of her on a daily basis. When i was an adult i moved as far away as i could ,thinking maybe i would be able to put this behind me and not think of it so much (it didnt work) . I still remember us tryng to sneak into my brothers shack in the back yard (its where all the cute guys where and she like my brother too ,so it worked out well ) But now my daughter is the age Marcy was when she died and im in a panic. Ya’ll that think she is out on marsh road grow up ,She is at rest leave her be please – she was a sweet person and wouldnt want to scare anyone . By the way anyone know what cemetary she was buried at i would one day like to take flowers maybe get closure .Heard she was sent back to her dad

  108. just because there different dosnt mean that they arent regular people.

  109. I wish you peace and pray that your family and friends will find some peace in this world.

  110. I have been searching online to see when if Anthonys next possible parole is. If I understand correctly, the last was 2007? If so, I see nothing stating that he was or wasnt. The reason being, is I recently saw someone who fit his description very well in Milpitas . However, if he is out I doubt he would return to Milpitas.

  111. I went to school with Marcy and Anthony, I agree with the gentleman who posted that the movie was nothing like what really happened. Marcy was a sweet girl…back then every group of kids had a lable. SHe hung out with the “stoners”, she was actually very soft spoken and just a nice person.

    Anthony was physically intimidating and it was obvious that he had some mental issues. Marcy was NOT his girlfriend…she tried to be a friend to him when few others would. I beleive he wanted more than just friendship and that’s why he ended up killing her.

    I remember all the talk around school of people going up there to see her dead body. Poking it with sticks…I didn’t beleive it. When we all realized it was true it was very upsetting. I remember the media coming to our school every year on the anniversary of her death and asking us dumb questions about it like “it’s been a year, how do you feel?”

    I heard the reason they made the murderer in the movie white was to be “racially sensitive”…well i am african american and i wish they would have tried to make the movie a little more realistic. After that we lost friends to , gang violence and other horrible means of death. People started referring to Milpitas High School as Homocide High. It was a bad time…

  112. @ Jessy, I grew up in Milpitas and I always remember stories of Albinos living in the hills…and the story was that they would chase you off if they caught you up there. Everyone was scared to go up there. I compeltely forgot about that until you mentioned it.

  113. 1. ANTHONY BROUSSARD 27556-077 39-Black-M 09-13-2001 RELEASED

    • bubba,

      It appears that this is a record from the Federal BOP inmate locator. Anthony Broussard that killed Marcy Conrad is in a California State prison, not federal prison. This is not him.

  114. Doesn’t anyone know or know how to find out if the bastard is still behind bars?

    He should spend the rest of his life there.

  115. Mylifeofcrime,

    It is because there isnt any info on him receiving or being denied parole. If you are certain he is still in prison, can you show us a link that supports your statement? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Here you go:

      From the California Inmate Locator:

      Name CDCR # Age Admission Date Current Location Map Link
      BROUSSARD, ANTHONY JACQUES C56988 46 12/07/1982 Folsom Directions
      Page 1 of 1

      • It is my belief, that I doubt, that he will ever be released.

        And if he is,… what kind of life could he possibly have?
        … having spent his formative young-adult years in prison.
        A lot of who we are, of who we become, is formed in the experiences that we have in our 20s & 30s. If one spends all of that time, in the absence of a normal existence, (for prison, is not), then how can any rational person expect a person to come from such an environment and ever live a normal life on the outside? I don’t believe that it is possible.

        How does one begin a life at 46+ ?? Having never had a job ?? Being a convicted murderer and likely having little to no possibility of obtaining a job ??? Having never had to deal with the everyday normal responsibilities that freedom affords most of us, on a daily basis ??
        I have read that some are angry, that he didn’t receive the death penalty… that there is a possibility of parole… but make no mistake,… his life,… for life… will never be without ‘paying-the-price’, for taking a life. If fact, I believe that the death penalty & carrying out such a sentence, would have been the easier way out for him.
        (Open remorse or not, whether he acknowledges remorse even to himself or not,… released on parole or kept indefinitely …. his life… is wrecked … pretty much, forever. (’cause I do believe that prison does not improve a person’s psychological well being.)

        I do not believe that Jacques has received much, if any positive psychological counseling while in prison, (’cause contrary to some belief, u.s. prison is not about ‘rehabilitation’.) I wonder how such a ‘confined’ person, without the benefit of years of normal interaction with others and the public,… I wonder how such a person would actually ‘cope’ with being released. I would think that such a transition would be difficult, at best, if not

        Also to remember & to consider, …. that two two families were affected by the tragic & unnecessary events that took place, —both the victim’s family and the convicted’s family. The family of the convicted has been deeply harmed by what happened, as well. They’re good people. And didn’t deserve any of this either.

        • If he gets out of prison the first thing he should do is put a 12 gauge in his mouth and eat some fucking bullets!

          And if you have any passion about the innocence that was slaughtered back then make my comment heard.

          I want this jac fucker to see this. KILL YOURSELF you piece of shit!

  116. i knew marcy in thomas russell,i had broken my ankle that year and had to have modified p.e. class,basically we sat on the bleachers and talk,while the other kids had p.e..and i dont know if marcey didnt like p.e. or somethimg ,but she looked healthy to me. lol.we talked everyday,she was a real firecracker,she told me one time,it will always stick in my head,if i ever die, she said,i wanna be going 100 mph in a trans am over a cliff ,rockin van…god bless her,she was really fun to be around, she made that class go by quick,after my ankle was better i went back to normal p.e.,and i really missed not getting to talk to her,then that happened,and she disappeared forever,but only in body,cause ill always remember her as long as i live.god bless her and her family ,whom i never met,but could only imagine now that im older what they went through.

  117. just to clear up some stuff merkel was murdered by anthony thornton,who was always a mean ,cruel kid.and he too is now dead.

  118. I remember the first day I heard about this story, I was in middle school about 10 years ago, just about the same age marcy was when she died. I heard about it because it just so happened the movie Rivers Edge was on TV and my grandmother mentioned it was based on Milpitas. Immediately I was drawn to the story when I found out it was about the city I lived in all my life. On top of that she told me that my mom knew marcy and was friends with her. I agree with all of you that say the murder had nothing to do with smoking “pot” bc I smoke pot and so does my whole circle of friends and a good amount of society in general does. None of us will every really know what could make someone take another life until we kill or have killed someone. For all of you that say Anthony needs to rot in hell is a bit contradicting. If you believe in hell than you also believe in heaven and with that you should know that Anthony will be forgiven if he repents. He doesn’t need to answer or show remorse to anyone except to himself, marcy and God for what hes done. I still live in Milpitas and people still talk about marsh road all the time and I don’t think it will ever stop. I just got don’t reading all 126 blogs over the last couple hours and I don’t even like to read lol. That’s how interesting this story is I think its crazy that someone mentioned Gary Godwin bc that is the son of my grandparents longtime neighbor since before marcy murder. I still talk to his dad whenever we see eachother. I was too young to know or remember Gary but I know he was my moms age too and they were very good friends and in the same circle of ppl. Milpitas is really a small community and everyone.knows everyone in this day and age so I can imagine how much smaller it was 29 years ago when marcy murder took place. RIP marcy! And RIP to my friend Michael De Jesus a Milpitas community all star! He was murdered by some ignorant people that werent welcome to a house party that I was at the night…. they came back to shoot up the house bc they were asked to leave. Thankfully I left before all happened…I just knew that that was no place to be when I seen all those uninvited ppl. It’s been over 5 years and he’s never been forgotten, I know he never forgotten In the Milpitas community just as marcy has never been forgotten. It goes to show exactly how close the community of milpitas is to never forget the ppl we’ve lost.

  119. Two things:

    1: This was a terrible crime committed by one very sick kid.

    2: “River’s Edge” deserves a special award for Worst Movie Ever Made for the way they obviously jerked around real life events to fit their idiotic message.

    Broussard sounds like a text book case of “psychopath”. People like this have occurred throughout history and will continue to crop up here and there. The way the movie makers labored to frame this as being some kind of comment on “kids today” as though kids born after 1969 were somehow a fundamentally different, morally inferior, species was really inexcusable.

    I feel sorry for the kids involved. It sounds like they stayed silent because they were afraid of either retribution by Broussard or being blamed by authority figures – which kinda makes sense to me. (I was born in 1962 btw) The way it came off in the movie looked all wrong.

    • The movie was not supposed to be an exact recreation. It was loosely based on the story. There is a huge difference.

    • Viv A…I went to school with and knew both of them and Anthony was sick. Marcie was a sweet girl and definitely didnt deserve what happened to her. the only thing about this movie that i think is pretty accurate is how the kids felt after seeing her body. the ones who saw her body were afraid to talk and the ones that only heard about it didnt believe it. it was a bad time.

  120. Anthony is a Crazy jackass who needs to stay locked up the Man wrote letters to my house, as he thought he was writing them to my cuzin and had wrong address. i read them then i BURNED them into the TOILET. he had NO REMORSE!

    ive met plenty of ppl who knew him over the yrs and i never met marcy but i used to go to MArsh road and i knew PPL who saw the body.
    The movie depicts milpitas as Stoner ville. well its not. and it DOES NOT even LOOK like Milpitas,

    altbo Crispen Glover plays a Great whaky guy and i love keaunu Reeves, the movie was based on TWO MURDERS not just the one.

    I knew three PPL who committed suicide during my stint in high school and yes mikpitas got a Bad REP. but go thru it now – its changed,,

  121. I met Marcy a couple times and knew “Jaque” as he preferred to be called back then. Jaque used to ride to school with me to MHS and was very disturbed for one part because the black people wouldn’t accept him because of his weirdness and we accepted him as a stoner just because of that, he was a stoner and preferred rock music. I talked a few years ago to his counselor at Corcoran State Prison and she stated to me that since he recieved 20yrs to life, they consider him a LIFER because of him not showing ANY remorse.

    As for the movie, it DID NOT show ANY justice on anyones part in it. I thought that Crispin Glover was such a crappy actor that i refuse to see ANY movies hes ever in now. They portrayed Milpitas as STONERVILLE as one blogger put it and the parents didnt give a crap as to what their kids were doing. As for SGT. ROSE, I really think you and your investigators should not just rewrite the book, but remake the movie showing the turmoil that you Detectives went through as well as the towns people.

    I LOVE Milpitas and wish to move back someday soon.

  122. I was more involved in this than I wanted to be. A conversation and a statement made during that conversation with Jacques, made me a witness to this horrible event that has scared my life. Lisa, thank you for burning the letters. I never knew you got them. My life changed dramatically when he tried talking to me when I was on the witness stand. To this day, I look over my shoulder. This is not a happy way to spend your life. But it is a small price to pay in comparison to what happened to Marcy. My heart and prayers are with her family even today as the loss of a child is incomprehensible. I am now 45 and want this part of my life to just be done. Lets just let Marcy rest now. For those who made the trip to Marsh Road, well, you were a kid, but still knew right from wrong. I have never and will never watch the movie. I choose to move on with my life and not live in the past.

    • Kim, The first 5 lines of your statement fit to a tee. The only difference, at lunch I thought we were all going to Taco Bell but ended up in the hills instead. I tried talking to my mom that night. She would not believe me. Accused me of lying. I went to Thomas Russell’s principal the following day. Apparenlty while I was with the principal someone else also broke rank and went to the police. I too watch over my shoulder every day. He threatened me years ago saying he knew I was the one that told and the same would happen to me. I constantly watch for his parole hearings and try to learn the outcome. Denied – means I can breath for 3 more years. If he is ever paroled, I will be leaving the state becasue he has to come back to Santa Clara County. I too have moved on to new chapters of my life. However, because I was an unwilling participant, the past lives with me everyday.

    • Hi kim. Long time no see. Great message!

  123. To have courage is to have the strenght and ability to act in the face of fear. If nothing else, there is always common sense.

  124. It all makes sense now……jacques was black. Why is he white in the movie?

  125. Madox: I think they made the kid white to sidestep the issue of race. It’s one of the few good decisions by the movie makers, imo, given how sensitive the issue is.

    Imagine if they told the story as it happened – a lot of morons would come away from the movie feeling vindicated in their hatred and fear of black people as somehow being MORE violent, dangerous and psychopathic than whites. The race controversy would have obliterated any other comment the movie makers were trying to make and added a very ugly unintended message which would have hurt a lot of people.

    Broussard was clearly a psychopath as was the character in the movie. That was close enough to the truth to suit the movie maker’s purpose and in that sense, it worked.

  126. To All:
    Let me start by saying that I am very sad to know that a young girl by the name of Marcy Renee Conrad was loss. I hope that her life is not ever going to be forgotten.

    Viv A:
    I could not agree with you more. So many times, race becomes such a distraction of a crime rather than the focus of the crime. Especially with a crime so egregious as this one.

    Thank you for your efforts to keep the focus on the film versus the actual facts of the murder.

    Friends & Family of Marcy: JUST MY OPINION….
    Try to understand, as an outsider, perhaps the author of the film did everyone a favor by not portraying all of the facts, details and truths. I believe it is better that the movie, “River’s Edge,” is based off of the inspiration of the facts. I believe that all of the characters who were really involved need to be fictitious….I believe that would be the only hope to becoming better than the experience.

    It is a fact that Anthony has taken away Marcy life and detroyed her family’s lives; however, can you imagine what hopes and futures would be kidnapped if all of the details of the truth or realities were memoralize for the sake of factuality of a movie? I am sorry that this murder has created a shadow on your community.
    I just want those who feel bad about the attention that has been cast upon your town and the people who resided in it, to understand that YOU ARE your community but your community is NOT the disturb human being who killed Marcy. Does this make sense to anyone???

    I wish you all well!!!

  127. I went to school with both, Jacuqes was a little off so i didnt talk to him much and we ran in different circles. I remember Marcy more, as we used to walk home the same route, a little quiet but a nice girl. I will alwys remember her walking home with a cigartette in her hand and with a KOME pin on her shirt. After the inncident, I remember soooo many media at the school, helicopters, reporters, police….total chaos. Such a sad time!!!

  128. I remember this case from when it was in the Newspaper at the time – the Mercury News. Milpitas wasn’t all that far from where we were in San Jose, so it was easy to sense the nearness of it all. I guess I was around 12. I don’t know why, but reading the case, seeing Marcy’s photo, it just severely upset me at the time.

    I don’t remember crying or anything but i may have. I do remember that I was was just filled with frustrated anger and grief to the point of being nauseous. I couldn’t wrap-my-head around how something like this was even possible. Marcy was only a couple years older than me, Anthony just a a bit more; Both were younger than my older sisters. She seemed so pretty to me, so young and to be killed by someone so close and around her age. And yes, the Press made the apparent collusion of their friends and classmates seem so callous and empty. It was to me then, the epitome of total senselessness. I couldn’t even dismiss it as just black & white, cut & dry, open & shut evil. This seemed so much more to me than that. It was so long ago now, it’s hard to explain. Then again…

    I don’t know how it affected me externally. I’d have to ask my mom, she might remember still. I know that at some point she must have mentioned my difficulty with this event and I was questioned by my Teacher and School Counselor. I never got the impression I did anything wrong, I think they were just curious. Maybe trying to take notes on how things like this affects kids. They asked me a lot of questions about how I felt, what I thought..I did my best to tell them but it was a struggle.

    Now, it wasn’t like I was a stranger to violence. The previous school-year had been hallmarked by very frequent bullying and fights stemming from an old feud between a neighbor and myself. But every time there was trouble, I got a second-helping later as punishment from my folks. And the concept of death, murder, rape, war, genocide, all of these were already known to me. Precocious kid that I was, I was reading non-fiction books way-ahead of my age group. Marcy’s death just blew my mind.

    Of course, now I’m 41 and I understand the particulars better, but when I was 12, I hadn’t seen quite that much of the world and its ways yet.

    Now about the movie, The River’s Edge. I didn’t even bother to watch it until a few years back and I didn’t even finish it. The characters seemed such exaggerated low-life trash, that any sense of the mindlessness of the real crime(s) was lost among the comic book-like characterizations. I don’t remember Milpitas being that bad and that was largely the shock and horror of the whole thing at the time. I don’t blame the actors, they’re taking instructions from the Director. But if there was a serious point and social commentary being made, it was wasted.

    Just my 2 beers..

  129. […] After watching the film I decided to dig up some research on the real story and I found a blog here on by a guy that claims to be the original person to turn the killer in to the police after seeing the dead girl’s body. I don’t know if that is true or not, but you can find that link here: […]

  130. In the late 70’s I lived on Pinewood Ct. with my two roommates. We met Marcy one day when her and a friend were going around the neighborhood washing cars to make money. Each of us had a car and we all paid for a wash. The following week she came back looking for more work. One of my roommates offered to pay her to wash dishes. Being three single guys our house was usually pretty messy, so she found regular employment cleaning up after us.

    After a while she started coming over just to hang out. She must have thought it was cool having three older guys as friends. I didn’t think too much about it at first, till I came home one day and found Marcy sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette. I remember asking her “does your mother know you’re over here” and “are you sure it’s alright with her that your over here. I thought my worst fear had come true one day when her mother came over to meet us. As any good mother should be, Marcy’s mom was a bit concerned when she learned her 12 year old daughter was hanging out with a bunch of 25 year old guys, but after meeting us and discovering we had similar concerns to her own she just told us “if Marcy is ever a problem just send her back home”.

    Marcy continued to be a regular around our house until we all moved away in September 1980. Most of our friends also knew her, including my then girlfriend and current wife. Marcy also brought over several of her friends. I wonder if anyone who has posted here may have been to our house?

    It was just over a year since the last time I saw Marcy that I heard the news. I remember laying in bed listening to the clock radio when i heard “the body of little Marcy Conrad has been found”. I was half asleep and though I must have heard wrong. I jumped out of bed and ran to the front door to check the paper. There on the front page was the famous picture that appears at the top of this page. My wife said I was nearly incoherent when I ran back into the bedroom to tell her what had happened.

    After 30 years haven’t gotten over what happened. I wonder who she would have become if she were still with us. I think about the callousness of the monster that killed her and hope he never gets out of where he is. I haven’t been able to drive down Marsh road and I have no interest in seeing the movie.

    Rest in Peace Marcy, I still remember you

    • Sorry for your loss. It sounds like your home was a safe place for her. I am a mother and I would never condone my child hanging out with 25 yr olds. Not that you guys were in anyway bad, times today are different. I think her mom was off a lil. Try and find peace knowing you gave her a shelter. A safe haven.

  131. sept29,2011 saw the movie back in the 80s,then again in the 2011,kinda is a great movie,the actors were awsome,being a former pot head this was a great movie,anyways it got me into reading about the real case and how the kidds acted–at what they saw–i my self saw a dui kill 3 right in front of me Springhill FL 2007 ON CHRISTMAS DAY,the dude DAVID BELNIAK,was just sentenced this year 2011 to 12 years,he had a long record and had killed behind the wheel befor,and had a connected family to the fl courts in hernado county,i saw multi people and how they reacted to seeing dead people,act as in shock for mins till some one reacted or even called for help,i my self photoed the after math ,why so people would belive what i saw happen,if any of you ever get a chance read about the case on tbo dot com,tampa bay online,all these years latter i still have nightmears,i wish i had some one to talk with that has seen death,first hand,messed up from Norwalk CT ,jim contact jameslato335 at gmail dot com -40 year old lost in life construction worker and truck driver.

  132. Today, it has been 30 years. Lives have moved on. Babies born and more senseless deaths. But, none that have affected a community the way this did. Even after 30 years, these horrific events live with me and many others. We know this because we still talk about it. We remember, the beautiful girl behind the smile. We try not to think of the perpetrator who took her away. I wish Sgt. Rose would write that book he mentioned a while back.

    RIP Marcy

  133. (Wow, 30 years.) The ghost stories make me angry they’re so stupid – I can’t imagine they were started by anyone who knew either of them..

    • I’m sorry that you’re disgusted by the stories, but this is an honest account. I wasn’t on any meds, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I’m a recent transplant to the area, so I hadn’t heard any ghost stories, and I certainly hadn’t heard about this tragedy, though I’ll never forget having seen that movie. I’m also don’t believe in in much of anything religious or paranormal.

      I was up on Calaveras or Felter Rd., late one night in early January. This was my 2nd time up there at night. This time, on the way down, at the 3rd sharp turn before getting to the golf course, I saw a girl sitting on the right side of the road, in the dark. Now this must have been around 11pm, so this couldn’t have been someone taking a stroll and sitting there to tie her shoelaces. I only saw her because my beam hit her, and she was right by me. I steered away from her because I was caught by surprise, and almost lost control of the vehicle. In those 1-2 seconds, I remember looking at her twice. The first time, I just saw her.. the 2nd time, I was really looking at her.

      It happened so fast, yet, I felt like I got a good look. I couldn’t see her face – the left side of her face (facing me) was covered by her hair, which was dark and about shoulder or chest length. She sat there on the ground, with her legs stretched, with her left leg bent at the knee. From the way her head appeared, she seemed to be looking down, almost pondering. She wore pants or jeans, and appeared to be slim.

      It couldn’t have been someone just resting, as there was nothing to the side by rocks and gravel. And what would they be doing there, resting in the dark, at ~11pm?

      I came home and started searching online, and then I came across the stories. Not sure what to think.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, Mandy, but so many years after her murder, stories go around and people hear things, often resulting in bits and pieces of information..No one is coming out and saying what they saw, on marsh rd., was in fact Marcy. Just that they saw something that may be a ghost… I grew up hearing the stories. I didn’t think much of it other than it was a fun little urban legend. Obviously, some people don’t know the true story and aren’t deliberately trying to be disrespectful of Marcy or her family. We’re just from a younger generation and only heard this as a campfire tale..

  134. Sickening that anyone could think this man should be released after he raped and murdered a 14-year-old.

    • At the time, he was not a ‘man’… he was a 16 year old himself.

      (not at all excusing the crime, but rather giving some perspective to your comment. — There is no ‘excusing’ such a crime. — There can be ‘understanding’ of it, to hopefully, prevent it’s happening again, to anyone. There are always positive lessons to learn from every negative experience, no matter how heinous. But no, there is no ‘excusing’ the taking of a life, (unless it were to be a dealing with a matter of self defense.)

      • I am sorry but this guy can find forgiveness from God. Who would want to release such a person back into society where he can gain trust and rape, murder again? I have heard from pathologists that it takes a long time to strangle someone. Pure mean. What is there to understand?

        • There is much to understand about any tragedy.
          In understanding what caused a tragedy, one can possibly prevent the same, from happening to someone else.

  135. I grew up in Mipitas and graduated from Samuel Ayer, in 1975. During the early 70’s, driving up and parting at Marsh Road, as well as, telling scary tales of ghosts while throwing back a few beers, was quite a time. Coincidentally, I now work in Milpitas (36 years later). Recently, I have been up to Marsh Road a few times, to reminisce about fun and friends. After reading the heartbreaking comments on this blog, I will never again, visit Marsh Road.

    My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the friends and and acquaintances, of such a warm hearted and sweet young girl. I am truly touched and moved. I only pray, that all of Marcy’s friends, family and acquaintances, can find a suitable means to cope with this “senseless” tragedy!


  136. I knew and went to school with both of them. Anthony was a pretty messed up kid. He killed one of the few people at school who actually gave him the time of day. i don’t think it was premeditated…from what I understand they had a disagreememt about something and he went into an uncontrolled rage. I heard all the rumors about people going up to the hills to see and poke at her body…but like a lot of others i didnt believe it. Marcy was a sweet girl…she just made friends with the wrong person. Lets not forgot that at the time of this murder he was a kid too…I hope that he has been receiving the mental health care he needs so in the event he is ever released he will be better prepared to function amongst society. he must have had a HORRIBLE lawyer because anyone who knew him knew that he had some mental health issues.

    • I knew jaque pretty well. He did or does have some mental issues, but after finding your mother dead in the shower as a young boy, I thgink most of us would have issues. Growing up in the Pines, I saw nothing violent from jaque. ever. I was stunned when i heard this happened, jaque and my brother both stopped by the my school ( Thomas russel) in his truck,the day he took all those teens up to see what they did not believe happened. not showing off the body for attention. everyone involved were emotionally in awe. I remember the short visit, at lunch, bumming a smoke from my brother, them driving off, and then cops at my house that evening to question my older brother. Marcy was not having sex with jaque. everyone there were there to party as many young teens did back in the day. Marcy got out of hand teasing jaque about his mom, creul, but when jaque grabbed her neck to say look this isn’t funny , but he was a huge teen. his hand crushed her throat, before he could even realize he grabbed at her.Jaque was terrified at what had happened, at least from what he told me that day at lunch, and confirmed may times throughout life by my brother, one of his closest friends at the time. it was sad, Marcy did not deserve to miss out on life, nor did her familyShortly after the murder, Jaques family moved to the deep south, to stay out of the light, and avoid harrassment. Why, Jaque is still in prison, has to do with how he lived his live in there, what paths he chose after being incarcerated. we moved up to oregon shortly after it all settled and have only been back a few times,to visit family. but those memories are still here like yesterday thirty years later.

  137. Re; steve merkel. It was 3 local teenagers who knew the family was in disney land on vacation but were unaware anyone was watching the house. They went to the house several times looking for alcohol. The final trip it was 2 robbers. Steve entered the house and one of the robbers fled. The other robber slit steves throat twice. The next day the robber who slit his throat injected hinself into the investigation which caused suspicion. The police interrogated him and he folded. Because he was 15 he served 5 years in cya. The robber who fled served 6 years in cya under the felony murder . He was 16 at the time. The robber who actually commited the murder died in 2003 from congestive heart failure from smoking crack. The robber who fled is now leading a relatively normal and fruitfull life.

  138. It’s amazing, I was telling my kids about this and it brought back serious memories…..R.I.P. Marcy….people are still thinking of YOU !! Also, feeling bad AJB is still in prison (thinking of all the things they both missed in life) but thats where we keep people who kill folks. Mixxed feelings on the 20-25 to life,but he’s 47 now and it’s been 30 yrs, what would he do if he was let out. I know people who went to college and can’t find a job, what could he possibly offer society. Looking back at the last 30 years of my life makes me feel bad for Both of them, they both missed SO MUCH !!!!

  139. Marcy was a good friend of my sister and spent the night over at our house numerous times and when she went missing they came to our house to see if she was staying with us, it was a week before any one came forward with info,
    as one other person stated Anthony was not Marcy’s boyfriend he was a lowlife looser that everyone messed with, I went to school with him and the friends he had used him for what ever he had at the time , money, pot, booze, whatever, he actually lived on the court to streets over from us, the movie is a joke and disgrace to Marcy and her Family, when they were trying to interview people and get their stories no one that cared about Marcy would talk with them. about the only thing in the movie that resembles her murder is the fact she was left in the hills and anthony took people up to her body, some of the kids messed with her body so badly it was aclosed casket. I hope Anthony never gets out and dies in prison. his original sentence I believe was 35 to life lets hope he spends all his life in there. R.I.P. MARCY

  140. I just came across Marcy by accident. I have read up on what happened. My heart breaks for Marcy who was hurt by someone she trusted. I am happy to hear that murderer is still in jail.

  141. I’m not directly calling anyone here a liar, but if what EVERY single person says is true, then Marcy was known by at least one zillion people. Apparently, she was best friends with every single person in town and then some. Also, everyone seems to have talked to her or seen her the last 24 hours of her life. Doesn’t seem possible really…

    • What you may not realize is that in the late 70’s and early 80’s Milpitas was a fairly close-knit town. The majority of the youth knew each other. I met Marcy a couple of times but did not know her well as she was still in Middle School when she was murdered. I met her because her boyfriend at the time was a part of what was considered the “partier” crowd in Milpitas. The ones who hung out in the smoking area at the high school. I knew Jac as well though again not well. About the time this happened, he had offered a friend and myself a ride home from school but we had found another ride already. I knew all of the kids involved directly and indirectly..some better than others

    • I worked @ Taco Bell trust me I saw a lot of teenagers there.

  142. […] fallout of the murder. There’s actually a rather lengthy, detail-laden piece we dug up from an obscure corner of the internet that claims to be from one of Broussard’s classmates who saw Conrad’s body–the […]

  143. Shortly after the arrest of Jacques and the story broke, journalists came to the high school and were talking to a lot of the kids from the smoking area including my group of friends and myself. When the journalist (magazine of some kind) did the story she made the youth of Milpitas look like all we cared about was getting high which was far from the reality. When the movie River’s Edge was first released, Milpitas refused to allow it to be shown in Milpitas. To this day, I have not seen the movie.

  144. I think people confuse the film to be about Marcy Conrad, when it’s simply based on the story. The film is not meant to be a representation on the actual crime. It’s sad either way

  145. Was Marcy murdered on Nov 3 or was that when her remains were found?

  146. This is a picture of Marcy at Thomas Russell Jr High School.Please show the page & pictures of our lost alumni respect.Comments of “disrespect will not be tolerated”This is a Facebookpage For “Milpitas Alumni Memorial Page”I post this here so that those who visit this page will see Marcy as we did.This is a color picture & not the Black & white one that is posted.Milpitas is sharing it’s ANGEL with you.

  147. I have transcripts of Anthony Broussard’s last 2 parole hearings where the crime is discussed in detail. If anyone would like to read them you may contact me at and I would be happy to email them to you.

  148. I have learned about Marcy story since 3 days by going through the ghosts story in California. For some unknown reason, I feel connected and was so sad since even though we have never met..
    Marcy, R.I.P!
    After more than 30 years, you are up there and not be here with us, but you will surely know that so many people (friends and strangers) down here remember you as such a sweet girl and loved you back then, now and forever. God bless you all!!

    For Jack, he should be rotten in hell. He is mentally ill, no such medication can cure that. If he is released one day, all he can do is make other people life miserable and nothing else. All the money that government spent for him in prison should be used for other situations that needed help, not on a sick-head who killed people in cold blood, bragged to others about his killing, Witness his Mom die does not drive him to kill people. I really see the relation between these 2. This really makes me sick in the stomach!!
    And to MyLifeOfCrime, you did a GREAT job creating this blog to gather all the nice souvenirs about Marcy. I admire your gestures of support and solidarity with all the people in here.

  149. Hope they never let this piece of shit out.

  150. Does anyone know what year Steve Merkel died? Was that in 1981 also? Do you remember if he had any siblings?

    • Steve Merkel was murdered by tw teenagers on December 25, 1981. He had a sister. She is married and living in southern California. My best friend was Steve’s dad.

  151. What ever happened to the Milpitas jogger? He was a Black guy who used to jog around the whole city in the 80’s, 90’s and even the early 2000’s when he was really old. He always wore a maroon hooded sweater or a blue
    Hooded sweater. I remember knocking on his door once, soliciting and surprise it was the Milpitas jogger. Irrelevant, but he had a giant 1980’s tv satellite in his backyard, visible from the sidewalk. I’m sure he’s not with us anymore. He jogged Milpitas into his 90’s it seemed like.

  152. I dont believe the creator of the film wanted the other kids who didn’t tell to appear as hoodlums. I saw in their acting and voice that they were shocked, scared kids, but, hey, maybe that’s just me.

  153. I was a senior at Milpitas High when this murder took place. I didn’t know Marcy, she actually attended Thomas Russell Jr. High across the street. I didn’t hangout with the stoner’s but I knew a few of the students involved including Jacques Broussard. He was huge as kid and teased often for being sort of “soft” and somewhat insecure. The football coach tried hard to get him try out for the team. I am sadden to read how this tragedy affected her family. I also believe none of these kids were evil, just lost and conflicted.

    • After reading through all these comments at 6 am i don’t think i can sleep. The fact that some people on this blog are defending this dude has left me with a disgusting taste in my mouth. While some of you all here have made a good case for humanity in this age. The others have stolen my faith in it from me. To those who know who they are. Bite a bullet

  154. Hi I hope this goon never gets out never knew abt this story did it ever say how he got her was it a school day did she go to his house? Oh and good job to kids who told on him the others you suck

  155. Hello to owner of this blog—Bonnie?–I just happened upon this website.— I was living in Dublin, CA, when this happened. I was about 24 yrs old. I am happy that you want to keep the memory & grief for the innocent victim of this horrible crime, alive. None of us should ever become so calloused by this world that we stop grieving for the innocent victims of such evil.

  156. Just sad truly sad

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