• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Gwendolyn Moore murder 8/4/1970 Hogansville, GA *Husband, Marshall Moore, charged with her murder, but died before the trial*


      Gwendolyn Moore

(Marshall Moore died before his trial started)

Deadly Secrets Of The Well
Moore v. the State
DA featured in news program about 2/3 way down
Gwendolyn Moore – GA (Cold Case Clay)


49 Responses

  1. First of all let me state that my father Marshall Jay Moore was never “Convicted” of anything. My father was cleared in 1970 by the Georgia Bureau Of Investigations for the crime or accident that occured to Gwendolyn Moore. I only wish that my father would have lived long enough to went to trial so that he could have cleared his name and proved once and for all that he had nothing to do with the death of his wife. It was a tragedy and it bothered him to the day he died as to what really happened to her. To listen to a my older pity pathetic , attention needing dramatizing brother you would think that my father was somekind of crazed lunatic murderer. Well that just was not so. And I wonder why none of us(there are 5 boys) never took his side instead stuck with my father because we knew he was telling the truth and could not understand why this 50 year old brother of ours whose life had crapped out due to his own mistakes was telling these lies. I have it figured out now and it has taken me some years to do so. He always has been and always will be a habitual liar , womanizer and I dont know what to think of a man who gives up not 1 but 2 sets of children from 2 seperate marriages.I could never give up my children and my father certainly never gave up his. Bottom line my father was an innocent man who was wrongly accused of this tragic death of a woman he loved by an estranged son who if we only could have made it to court the whole world would have found out how big a liar he really was. If you read this brother remember this Dad forgave you and said he still and would always love you even though he didnt understand. I however do not and will not , but i will pray for you because you need it.

    • Jay,

      I have corrected the title of this post. I apologize for that mistake.

    • BROTHERS need to love one another and support each other. Not criticize and condemn each other. Children are like a vine. They grow as they are led. It seems to me that the brother who both remembered and loved his mother is deemed a black sheep and the family has turned on him like a pit of snakes. Who can wrong him for wanting to keep his mom’s memory alive? I doubt highly that This man wants or chooses to remember seeing his mom in that condition the last hours she was here on this earth. I defend him and his mother who seems to be forgotten in all this anger and strife. Do not judge your brother. Forgive him as God has forgiven you. He may not be perfect but he is human. We as human’s make mistakes! Both mother and father are deceased. Cling to one another.

    • Jay if you read this know that his second wife although there have been many still love you and your brothers. I only met you guys once because he hated coming there but I agree with your statements. And the second set of children are doing fine. I do not know anything about the man before but your dad seemed to be a good man when I met him. I do know that your brother grew up to be an abusive man, that lied all the time, perhaps it was what he saw as a child and chose to do with it.

    • Your father savagely murdered his mother. He should have lived long enough to be executed. Your brother’s life was destroyed by your father.

    • you are a damn fool if you think your murdering father was a good man. now I am wondering what kind of person you are for defending a moron like him. he killed your mother, he beat her to death as he so often would beat her. I am from the area and I am old enough to know what happened to her. the stupid law never did anything about it because they were idiots.

    • so the rotten bastard died of cancer…..good, serves him right for all the pain her put Gwendolyn through. I hope he suffered in pain from day tonight and never got relief. I hope he rots in hell. people like him should be put to death…….oh, God did that for us.

    • Your dad was a psychopath. You are delusional. Get an education you dumb hick!

    • Your just as bad as he was if you believe that.

    • prayers for you this day, may God give you his peace, an love.

  2. Jay,
    It’s sad to see you defend a wife beater.

  3. I just watched a documentary about this case. It seems odd to me that Gwendolyn was found to have a broken hydoid bone (which only occurs with strangulation) when she was exhumed.

    I do not know all the history in your family, but I will say it certainly looks like your mom was murdered. Who did this, we’ll likely never know for certain, but from the history of your father’s abuse of her, it certainly is suspicious.

  4. Jay,
    I saw the documentary as well. I’m not aware of the details of your brothers mistakes in life but it certainly does not make him a liar. He witnessed a horrific scene when he saw your mother in that condition. Many children with that kind of trauma go on to make poor decisions as adults, become drug/alcohol addicts or end up in jail. Judging from his tears, it is obvious he was truly traumatized. Wife abusers typically lie there way out of any blame. Forensics don’t lie! Prosecutors would not have pursued the case if there wasn’t sufficient evidence. I feel empathy for your brother if he has had no support from his siblings. What a tragic situation. If you truly are a Godly person, you should be ashamed of the way you have spoken about your own flesh and blood. Please look in the mirror and consider your own heart.

    • I am not sure what the past was nor will I ever try to defend or condemn any of the family. In all families there are a few that make bad choices and there is suffering and damage done to anyone involved. His dad may or may not have abused his wife, in his abuse he may or may not have hurt her very badly, she may or may not have fell into the well after being hurt. But it is a sad thing in any event. I was married to Allen (the oldest son), he was a wife beater as well, only when drinking (which became often) but it was very bad. He also never told me he had a wife and two daughters until we were planning to marry. He turned his back on his children, both sets. Bad decisions made by all parties

  5. This lady looked so much like me as a young teen that if a picture of her had been in my grandmother’s photo box and she said it was me I would have believed her! It’s uncanny and I was a little freaked out when I happen to glance up at the TV and see the photo of her. I rewound to the beginning and watched the tragic story of this young woman’s life and death and I felt compelled to say how sorry I am that this happened to her. I have since shown that photo to friends and family and they could not believe the eerie resemblence either.

  6. I lived next door to The Moore Family in the late 50’s on Lawrence Drive in Adamsville,Fulton County,Ga.I knew Marshall,Gwendolyn and Allen.
    Gwendylon was a wonderful sweet,kind little Lady.I read about Her Death and it broke My heart.Allen was a sweet little boy that loved His Mother.I pray All You Brothers will unite and love each other.God knows what happened in 1970 and will judge the Guilty as He desires.Allen My Family will always love You.

  7. my name is marshall joel moore the same as my uncle.the man that i grew up with trough many years befor and after aunt gwyn passed away,or should i say the lord took her life.accidently that day.He was a great man and from the bottom of my heart i have never seen him hurt or abuse any of his say that he murdered aunt gwyn would never be in my vocabulary .the evidence that they say they have is all what allen says that he thought might have happened, he is wrong and for someone who was raised by my uncle marshall to say that he did this tells me that allen moore his oldest son doesnt deserve to have the last name Moore and that he has a problem in his own heart and mind, My uncle marshall was and still is in our heart a king of a man that worked hard and provided a very good life for all his kids and wife. the kinda man that any son would love to have as a father,and for his wife to be his queen.for allen that man was messed up from day one,way befor aunt gwyn passed he used to hang out with us in lagrange ga,i could never figure out why untill one day i walked in my mothers bedroom and saw him holding down my sister with the clothes partually off ,she was screaming,thats why i went in there.i ran off scared then the screaming stopped.later my sister told me that he forced her to have sex with u tell me people that he was so called tramatized by what had happened from what happened to his mom.the man has a history of being off the wall.a few cards short.,then he went into the navy,tru the vietnam,when he came back from there he was loco,he never would talk, his conversations were just very angry or should i say just disturbed, there are other stories also like when he raped another family members,thats tru blood that he is messing could a man that made those type of decions prior to the death of his mom be trusted to stand up in front of god and say the things he did, as the old saying goes God will sort it out and when he does i honestly feel from the deepest part of my heart that allen will be the one who God will look at for the things that he has stirred up with his dad and the wrong he has done to outher family members….Marshall Joel Moore said this with GOD listening………………………………………

    • Marshall,

      I am not sure what you are saying as your comment is extremely hard to read. It is mostly one long run-on sentence and I just can’t read it. Are you saying that you have evidence that someone else killed Gwendolyn Moore? You are certainly not saying that just because you have never seen your uncle get mad before means he could not done this, right? You have some kind of evidence that someone else did it, not just because you “know” the man, right?

    • you a damn fool too marshall joel moore. I would not want to be named after a murdering on of a bitch like your uncle. you will burn in hell like him because you are a liar. you know that bastard is a murderer. may he burn in hell.

    • marshall, you fool, you would be messed up too if you lived with a man like your uncle. I am sure he would rape his wife and then beat her. how can al be all there if he lived with your uncle. I don’t think al is messed up, it is your dysfunctional ass. you need to rot in hell with your uncle who died from cancer……and I hope he suffered a lot.

  8. First let me say to Sara , Cindy and Sandy that I dont have to defend a man that was cleared 40 years ago. The only new so called evidence was Allen Moore’s testimony. Let me ask you this , if a man is a violent wife beater and violent child beater then why did he not beat his second wife and the rest of his children? Listen anyone can go on t.v. and make remarks and (get a detective who is not the most integritable person either as he was fired just after that for stealing state money ) and who was also a childhood friend and who’s own father had a beat with my dad and play it to the world and everyone believes it. Why is it that when you say it on t.v. or in the paper it is the gospel. The media convicts people now and not jurors. I do not and will not ever condone striking a female ever. Why arent the 4 of us other boys so sick with depression and wanting to kick our wives and beat our children if that was the life we grew up in. Because we didnt. My brother has had issues for a very long time like he wears a pow vietnam veteran hat and the man never sat foot in vietnam. He went in the navy and was on nuclear subs for the most of his entire career and he was always in the atlantic ocean. That is a disgrace to real vets who fought in vietnam. I do not wish my brother any harm just help . But he is the one who lied on our family and the words he spoke about my father I will never forgive him for. He said he was a big boy now and would love for my dad to put his hands on him now. Well let’s see every time he come around over the last 30 years or so he was always hugging my father and was at our last reunion in 2000 hugging on him . Wow for a man who was so distraught and troubled over the fact he believed my father killed his mother why did he come around so much and never mention it to anyone of us. Why was he so loving of my father yet on t.v. he said he hadnt been back home since he was a teenager. Well so all these pictures of him and us and his 2 families that he abandoned that were made at my fathers house were all just photocropped right? My father was an innocent man who never hurt anyone. The only person who is guilty in this case is my brother of being a socially habitual liar. That is the truth.

    • I was physically abused for 20 years by my ex husband. He is now remarried and as far as I know has not done the same to her. You can’t say that just because he does not beat the second wife that he did not beat his first one. Also batterers are very good at hiding what they do. I was so ashamed that I never told anyone what my ex was doing to me. The batterer can be different in front of different people.
      I know you loved your father and I totally understand that, but it would haunt me everyday wanting to know who killed my mother. I just don’t hear that from you. Was there ever any other suspect (s)? I just feel so bad for what your mother endured and feel so much sadness for the pain it has caused your family.

      • You would know your family alot better than any of us commenting do. Again so sorry for your family’s pain. Just as a mother, I guess I feel so much for your mother. We are not to judge. There is only one that will do that in the end.

    • Hey dipshit…. OJ was also “cleared”


  9. I’ve read the facts in this case and tend to believe your brother. Furthermore, you seem to show no sorrow for the horrific death of Gwendolyn Moore. As for your brother’s troubles, if he indeed witnessed the scene that he described, that would be enough to screw up and torture a man for life!!
    Personally, I think that your Father is getting what he deserves in Hell!

  10. What I don’t understand is why you people have no sympathy for your mother who has been beaten repeatedly. How could you defend your father for that?

  11. Wow, what a case. Especially how it has tormented the family too this day. I am convinced that the father is guilty. The brother seemed quite believable in his story. So did the victim’s sister, who also witnessed the abuse. Maybe the younger brother was too small to remember the abuse, and if he didn’t abuse the second wife, that may be due to the guilt of killing the first one made him change his ways. It happens.

    I feel sorry for everyone involved. If the father didn’t do it then who did? I don’t see any of the family members supporting the Dad trying to figure that one out? If you loved your mother that should be your focus. Not defending you dad, or at least in addition to but you are not. Why? Don’t you want to know what happened to Gwendolyn Moore?

  12. Lastly I will say this to you all , my brothers Larry , Ricky , Dean and myself were not able to speak up on my fathers behalf due to my dads lawyer said not to say anything until we got to court.

    And to Eli whoever you are , you sir are a piece of crap in my book as my father does not dwell in Hell he was saved. I do however fell sorry for the man that hides behind an alias and tells another man he hopes his father is in hell. I do however forgive you for your shortcomings and your inability to distinguish fact from fiction.

    You said you read all the facts in this case , really the trial never happened so all you have read is what anewspaper or the tv show dictated. Everyone is saying that I dont care what happened to Gwendolyn and that is not the truth. I think everyone wants to know. Even my father wanted to know. Was my Dad a perfect man , NO and no man is , but what I do know is he was not a killer.However you see a television show where my dilusional brother cries and distorts the truth as usual and suddenly everyone and the media is convicting my father before he even has a trial.
    Ever wonder why they did not show any of my Fathers side of the family on tv? The show 48 hours never approached myself or my other 3 brothers. Why? They also did not interview any of my fathers relatives at all, why? Because we were all on his side and it would not have made for good television to have so many defending him. Dont get me wrong , I understand why you people would feel this way as you have only seen and heard one side to the story.

    @ concerned citizen: A. My 2 older brothers besides Allen are only 1 and 3 years younger than him. 4 of us boys are defending my father and would have if it had went to trial , however Dad died and we were not able to do so. His lawyer would not let us speak about the case in any way until trial , which I always found a little odd , but after he died Myself and the other 3 went public in the Lagrange Daily News and had our say , so to speak , as the editor did a lot of editing on what we gave her.

    To anyone else who wishes to think that my father was guilty , that is your perogative. Myself and my other 3 brothers know that our father was innocent.

    • your damn father was not saved. he should have been saved when he was whipping your mothers ass all those years. he needs to burn in hell for the way he terrorized his family and messed his kids up, including your stupid, dumb, ignorant ass.

    • Marshall Jay Moore Jr and all of the family; I only recently seen the story on cold case. I understand there are two sides to every story. I began researching your mothers story as a part of a Human Interest Project I am working on. I would love a chance to speak to any of you. Including your aunt Pat and Brother Allen. It’s not about arguing facts it’s about what your father and mother meant to each one of you.
      Thank you for your time.

      Renee Michelle

  13. Your mother’s mother (your grandmother) would know best. A mother knows her daughter. Your aunt knows what happened to your mom, as well. They both saw many instances of physical proof of abuse, did they not? Are you saying that your Mother, Aunt AND Grandmother are all liars and fabricators?
    They were adults, and you were a child. You were not privy to all the things your mom revealed to her sister & mother. All boys want to see their father as perfect and noble! I understand you wanting to do that, but maybe you need to let go of that facade. Did he not lay a hand on you? Perhaps it’s because he let his rage out on your mom instead.
    You say Allan is a womanizer as well? Abuse is a learned behavior, not an inherent one. Where did he learn that behavior? It is mournfully commonplace for domestic violence to end up in murder. There are countless studies on it.
    I assume your grandma was a God-fearing woman that would NEVER have thought to bring a gun to the funeral home to exact justice on your father unless she KNEW what had happened.

    And by the way, being “loving” to your abuser, as you say Allan was, is a common survival tactic. I do it myself.

  14. Sometimes it’s hard to see things as they really are. The truth is often much too painful to face.

  15. @Mary d. Are you serious , do you really believe what you just wrote. Did you not read all 3. Of my post on here? Look so what you saw on tv was Gwendolyns side of the family , who by the way were such great family members as to never contact or come see anyone all these years after Gwendolyn died. Not a call or letter or anything , oh but they always hated my dad. As for my delusional liar of a brother , he had a learned behavior huh , why didn’t the other 4 of us get that same learned behavior? Because he is a liar! Just like his aunt and his grandma. They are all whacked out. But because they said it on tv they obviously must be telling the truth right? And because my father nor any of us were able to speak out at the time that makes him guilty huh? No wonder so many innocent people get convicted every year with only hearsay evidence. I def would not want you on my jury if I was on trial. But I bet you would want me as I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Guess no one else on here does. @ Meechy……get a life.

    • Apparently to me, none of Gendolyns children except the one son who was brave enough to answer the hard questions truly cared for her. It seems odd that brothers can hate on brothers and deem their selves Christian. What really matters are the facts here. What happened to this mother and wife? There are so many disturbing facts none the less. Abused women deserve not to be abused. This woman’s strength has captured my heart. I will not forget her or her story. Ever! Now I thank God that as a wife and mother that I have a safe place to lay my head at night. Gwendolyn Moore did not have that. This woman truly had to sleep with the enemy. Probably fearful to close her eyes. Our father in heaven took her home!

  16. I have to say that I am an outsider looking into this case. I have SEEN first hand, the death certificate, AND ALL RELATING RECORDS. And, I may say, WOW. Marshal Jay, you NEED to get the facts. Maybe you need to look and see for yourself HOW she died. FUNNY, that the doctor/coroner put ON THE DEATH CERTIFICATE that she was beaten savagely, glass in her head, hair ripped out (with photos of her in her casket), just 1-2 weeks prior to her death. Stitches ripped out of her head by her husband the night she came home. Answer me this. HOW did she end up with stitches in her head? Was it from the glass bottle he hit her with??? (Now, remember… there was glass found in her head that was mentioned on said death certificate!!)
    Also, how about the sibling that you are missing. Did you know about that one, and how that one came to pass? There is a baby that she was caused to miscarry, by said husband, at 8 months pregnant, buried in your hometown of Hogansville, GA.
    How about the fact that when family came over to check on Gwendolyn, saw all the bruises on her face and began to question… he went from beating her where it could be seen…. to stomping on her feet; breaking all of the bones in her feet.
    Have you seen ANY of her medical records? How can you be so callous to your mother, brother, and the sibling that you never knew because of that vile man.

    Care to comment more? I can go on ALLLLL day about this.

    May Gwendolyn and her murdered child find some peace, and that horrible man who, ironically died of THROAT cancer (Karma anyone?) be exactly where he’s meant to be.

  17. What about the baby that was “killed” by a kick to the stomach? You know. The one buried in Noah’s Ark Cemetery? The neighbors knew about it. That baby was the one that should have been born before Gwendolyn’s last child. Look it up, Son. How does a strangled woman fall down a well? You believe your father is not in hell because he was “saved”. Too bad no one “saved” Gwendolyn and her baby. She got the ultimate betrayal. Murdered by her own husband. Deny what you will because it is easier. Funny, dear old Dad died of throat cancer. Mom died by strangulation. Death certificate said HOMICIDE. That is the original death certificate. Tried by the media, huh? You got brainwashed by a murderer. FACE it.

  18. I am a neice long down the line to Gwendolyn, and I would like you to know that I dont believe what you are saying for one second. My mother got this case reopened. I was there when every piece of evidence was found, evidence that now points to Marshall without doubt. I have bit my tongue time and time again reading this blog and you know what Im sick of it. If marshall was so innocent they would not have charged him after reopening this case, the fact that he died before from throat cancer and she died from strangulation if not short of the irony of God in our eyes. I am sorry, id never wish anyone dead no matter what they have done. But to hear the stories of my great grandmother and grandmother of Gwendolyn that they grew up with, is a very harsh thing to hear. I personally heard the accounts of the men that were there when they pulled her from the well, and how the police were nothing but on Marshalls side. Reguardless, I find you should be rather ashamed to down talk your family with such a bitter taste in your mouth because after all, its still family. Even the people that believe it was Marshall, and even though you all stook up for him, they still loved the rest of your and NEVER spoke of it to the younger ones. I hate that Ida and the rest of our family held their tongues to such stories that couldve let the truth be heard. I find it hard to comprehend that so much of our family happen to be liars, especially when theres so much pointing to the truth. But you were not there to read diaries, to hear the personal accounts, to see the graves, no. you were hear, downgrading us all. And it all pales in the comparison that you seem to have no compassion whatsoever to anything Gwendolyn may have suffered whether it be from Marshalls hand or someone else. Though it was never changed that he killed her, he definitely harmed her, many times, and many ways, and that in itself is more than she shouldve gone through and is enough to not defend his name. He was cruel, and yes, she did lose a baby at his aggression. And Gwendolyn stayed, and she protected her kids, took it all. It makes no difference what you think or all your trash talk, because reguardless Marshall will come face to face with his actions, well has, in the afterlife, and whatever happened will be repaid. Gwendolyn will be at peace, with my great grandmother, and my grandmother who have spoken so well of her. And one day you will know it too, I just hope by then Gwendolyn and God will forgive you all, because I wouldnt. What a way to treat your family. What a way to speak of us. I hope that when you lay to dream you think of her face as me and my mother do, and you realize how undeserved all of it was, I hope you have the nightmares through her eyes, I hope she shows you the truth, maybe then you will understand. Maybe then you will learn to not speak ill of the dead or of your family, because in the end its all youve got, and quite obviously as youve seen in Gwendolyns life, you die for it.

  19. We have lots of cases likes this that happen in this town of Hogansville.Like the Greg Gamble case that Clay want look into.justice for GREG killed by local kkk .

    • Nick, Can you give more info on the Greg Gamble case? Where did it happen? The only murders I could find for Hogansville besides Gwendolyn’s were for 3 children.

  20. I am not a family member, just a tv viewer and have seen this story quite a few times…Everyone involved from Allen,the son, to the authorities involved in the case were very credible…I was so touched by the love this man had for his mother, and the guilt he lives with for feeling he could have, should have been able to do more to help her…we lived with abuse in our family as well,physical and sexual both and I can tell you that there are always going to be people that won’t believe this went on and that we must be lying….there also, within families, is going to be those that support the guilty person(s) perpetrating these acts…it can tear families apart

  21. Ok I am the first daughter of Allen Moore. He was very abusive towards my mom and me. I know people want to look at him as someone who is good but I will tell you he almost killed my mom at least twice that I know of he also physically abused me. He tried to run my mom over and has also tried to shot her if wasnt for my moms family he would of succeeded. He threw me and my mom down stairs and caused her to miscarry a child. He hit me in the stomach just because I wanted my mom. He was a very violent person. My mom was lucky enough to get away. He never contacted me, I finally found him and he tried to bribe me to move with him for a new car. Im sorry I dont know what happened to my grandma Moore, but mom was always told by Allen that she was crazy, and she ran falling into the well. If he truly felt like she been murdered by my paw paw then why not say it from the begining, why wait till hes on TV and put on a show. Only God knows the truth and in the end justice will be served.

  22. I saw the documentary on this case many times. I believe Allen was irrepairably traumatised by these events; I believe Marshall Moore was guilty of murder; I believe Allen was rendered incapable of being anything other than what he has become. Homes where violence is continual usually produce monsters. Allen needs help – his wounds are deep wounds. To brother Jay, I believe you are sincere in your heart. Remember, Jay, hatred and judgment (emotions you feel for Allen) can be just as destructive as guilt.

  23. Marshall Jr …..have you ever hit YOUR wife? Bet you have. Bet you make the same excuses for it as your name sake did. You are ridiculous.

  24. excuse me that comment was for Marshall Joel Moore current

  25. WOW. It is soooo sad to see a family ripped apart by such tragedy and for it to have such a lasting effect. I hope you all find peace and are able to move on and live for the family you have today. i will keep you all in my prayers.

  26. Very sad that Gwendolyn’s children defend an abuser instead of caring who ended her life. Gwendolyn lost her life to protect her children from their abusive father but now they defend him.

  27. God bless this woman/mother …

    My best wishs to all the Myopic.

  28. Does anyone happen to know how I can personally reach out to Allen Moore? I will provide my email if so. I know this is a very old thread but I am compelled to say some things privately. Coming from a place of severe abuse- a mothers thoughts.
    I pray this entire family finds healing and some measure of peace.

  29. Mr. Jay Moore,
    I wonder why you would refer to your own mother as “his wife” and “a woman”… Clearly you had a disconnect from your MOTHER most likely due to your age. I’m sure you were far too young to truly understand or grasp what had happened to her. How would your mother’s feet had been stomped to the point of her kept being able to walk? Your MOTHER had been abused by your father. Wake up to the facts in the case. A medical examiner saw things first hand when her body was exumed. Your father did a swell job covering up what he had done but your older brother saw the abuse first hand. Your old brother had a bond with his mother and his regrets haunt him to this day.
    My grandmother and my father were beaten on a daily basis by my alcoholic abusive grandfather. My grandfather denied putting his hands on her till the day he died as well.
    If it weren’t for my grandmother’s bravery escaping in the middle of the night, with her 3 children, while HE was passed out drunk, her life may have ended the way your mother’s did. To this day, my father’s younger siblings don’t remember the abuse she or he sustained because they were too young.
    Your father took his secret to his grave but I can promise you this, he is not resting peacefully.
    This was not meant to be mean, I want to open your eyes to the possibility your brother is 100% truthful as his story mirror that of my own father.

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