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3 Responses

  1. i went to kayla reeds memorial i was crying very hard because i knew her not well but i knew her name and i seen her around before.im and thirteen years old i was twelve when this tragety happendi didnt know wat was going on my sister never told me anything about it she just bluntly ignored it then i found out and talked to her she was depresed at the fact that her and kayla reed look alot alike and she was afraid the same thing might happen to her that night i gave my favorite bear and my sister drew and incredible drawing my brother gave one of his bears and i recieved a bear i was crying so hard i thought how could some1 do this to a girl like her she did keep to herself she was a very quiet person and she obviously didnt get along with her mom my opinion is the mom did it because she didnt report her missing until two days after but she could have also thought she was going to come back and wen she realized she wasnt going to she reported it but i would have reported it right away so i can get my baby back but no she was stupid by not covering up her tracks i feel kaylas death was not fare at all because she had done no wrong she didnt do anything to piss no1 off so it wasnt fare i pray everynight when kayla went missing i kept her in my prayers i never prayed so much we all will miss her

  2. im very sorry aout wat happened to her although i know nothin of her i will remeber her!

  3. its sad how a 15 year old got killed never got to finish her life i now a girl name kayla reed and it scares me at first i did not belive it untill i look it up she was a butiful why did they have to kill her i hope they get cought

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