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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Christina Marie Williams murder 6/12/1998 Seaside, CA *Fifteen years later, it is still unsolved*

Christina Williams

It has been reported (in Dec. 2011) that Lisa Johnson, Charles Holifield’s girlfriend/wife, recanted her albi for Charles Holifield. Charles Holifield, a convicted rapist who is serving life in a CA prison, is still the lead suspect in Christina’s murder.

Find-A-Grave: Christina Marie Williams
FBI poster
The Agonizing Wait for a Missing Girl Christina Williams’ family grasps at hope
Suspicious Stranger Sought In Case of Missing Girl Outpouring of tips to authorities
Dramatic Plea by Missing Girl’s Dad
Teen’s description of men who grabbed her resembles suspects in Seaside
FBI combs Fort Ord for clues; corpse badly decomposed
Remains Identified as Christina Seaside parents receive sad answer on missing daughter
Christina’s tearful farewell
Christina Williams’ Family Waits for Answers in Slaying
Wikipedia: Christina Marie Williams
FBI raid in Seaside linked to Christina Williams case
Father of suspect in Christina Williams’ murder faces grand jury over e-mail to victim’s parents
Christina Williams grand jury to subpoena mom, reporter
FBI: Suspect in Christina Williams case may be linked to missing Seaside girl


55 Responses

  1. hello sorry i must say it but i have contact with christina marie williams she is daath becouse of a peaple the hate witches and she want something from me and i dont know what to do i dream how she is gona death and i had burn wonds on my body and has she a twin sister or a sister i can help you but my english is not very good becouse in netherlandish but i can speak with the death

  2. i was young when this happened but my sisters knew christina and said she was a very fun person when they were children… sister still has her yearbook and she wrote in her yearbook and was happy that she knew such a great gurl!

  3. I met a Charles Hollifield a month after this young girl went missing. He was questioned about her, but the local authorities apparently coundn’t connect him to her being missing. He and his girlfriend applied for an apartment that we had for rent. His girlfriend stated that Charles was not an aggressive person. We found this to be incorrect. He was a scary person while looking at our rental unit. I didn’t feel that his girlfriend was honest with the authorities concerning this man. I called the authorities to tell them what I’d experienced with this man, and to give them the rental application because it had information that didn’t correspond to what was mentioned in the media. To date, no one has ever responded to my phone call. This man is now in prison for attempting to kidnap another female (one that resembled Christina Williams), but was probably mistaken for being a child, due to the fact she was small. Fortunately she got away from this man and I believe that is the only reason she is alive today….

    • To Pat Brown

      Everyone I have come across was ignored by the FBI including myself. It would be wonderful if you or anyone else with information contact me.


      Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

  4. Wow….
    It’s been such a long time, yet this still saddens me to this day.
    I remember her from when I was about 9 or so, she always walked her dog past my house.

    I wish I had been older, I would have helped search for her.

  5. In the year 2000 I was driving a truck on State Rd. 84 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. when I saw the two suspects shown in the composite drawings. I would not have noticed them had not the short fat one dropped his shirt right in front of my truck as I was stopped at a traffic light just east of the I95 overpass. I immediately called the Ft. Lauderdale police who told me that because they had walked south across state rd. 84 they were now in the jurisdiction of Dania, Fl. The Dania police gave me the same “run around” so I contacted a neighbor who was with the Florida Highway Patrol. He contacted the FBI who were on the scene immediately. Two days later as I was walking my dog looking for them again I saw the tall skinny suspect. I stopped and talked with him pretending that I was new to Ft. Lauderdale and looking for an apartment in the area. He told me he was not from the area either. He looked older than the suspect in the composite drawing and had a very pronounced “hook nose”. Then I went home (just around the corner and called the FBI agent. They said they had questioned him and released him. It was months later when I came accross the composites of the two suspects in the abduction of Noelani Burleson on November 23, 1998 in Petaluma, Ca. (about 150 miles north of where Christina Williams was abducted and murdered). I wish I had had that set of composites because the tall skinny guy looked just like the one in that composite — right age too! So now it is 7 years and I am still working on this. God willing, one day I will get another chance at them!!

  6. So up to this time, this case is still unsolved?

  7. I am bothered that his case is still not in the public eye, particularly in Monterey County. I know this is a federal case, but it disappoints me that we are not reminded that this is still an unsolved case. I was in college at the University at the time, how terribly sad for all of us locally and scary as well. Was this the work of a serial killer? Was that Charles Hollifield the one? It would seem to contradict the sedan/two suspect theory. Why does the FBI allow such cases to just fizzle? My heart aches for Christina and her family, please know that there are many who send to you their love and prayers.

  8. Bob-
    I’d be willing to travel to Ft. Lauderdale when you come across these individuals again when you get your chance.

  9. It will have been 10 years this year since her dissapearance. I cannot believe there has been no justice. This case needs to be in the public eye again. There were so many high-profile media stories of her after her dissapearance and even for a while following the discovery of her remains. I hope there will be justice for her family and everyone who knew her.

  10. How can we get this back in the media, like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc…………and AMERICA’S MOST WANTED!
    Let’s get this scumbag off the streets.

  11. Hey guys,
    I recently started a missing persons project and I was totally inspired to do so by Christina’s case. It’s called Music for the Missing, I will be featuring her story as much as possible to help shed some light on it. My project uses music as a vehicle to promote awareness for missing children and adults. My local newspaper recently did a story on it. I am trying to network with local and national music artists to reach more supporters. While there are so many stories of missing children — Christina’s is one very dear to me. Please help me by visiting – thank you!

  12. About two mths before Christina went missing , My mother had just found out that she had two half brothers which one was Christinas grandfather Charles williams , we had lived in washington at the time going to the mall in the parking lot we had seen a missing poster on the back of a van in the parking lot , we couldnt believe it . they had just moved here to the states and this had happened it was sad it made me so angry that someone could do this and still 10yrs later still nothing there is someone out there still that did this why nothing , though i only have met her grandfather she and her family are mine and it hurts and my thoughts go to them .

  13. My name is Laura Kraft. I was in seaside at Manzanita elementary school during christmas vacation 1999, When two men in a maroon monarch came up the curb into the school field towards me and my two young children. I was taking a picture at the same time as my children played. I recently found the picture and it has the car and the two men in it. The two men I saw clearly. They are the same men wanted in the Christina williams kidnapping. The vehicle is also the same. When they came into the field they saw my husband and changed their course. They said that they were looking for a little boy. Please respond I want to help. I also have the negative that can be enlarged. I contacted the police in Seaside shortly after this happened. When I saw the kidnappers of Christina. They were so unique looking. The sketches were perfect. It was them. I just found this picture today Dec. 30, 2008. I just e-mailed the only contacts I’ve found for this case. I’ve lived with this for ten years Knowing I saw these men and I found this picture. Laura K.

  14. I am a lifelong resident of Monterey County. I live not 10 minutes, from the former Fort Ord.
    Last week, our local paper ran a story stating that the F.B.I. is turning up the heat on Charles Hollifield’s brother.
    In doing so, it is their hope he will ammend his Grand Jury testimony. His perjury, has created a stumbling block for prosecuters.
    The other Hollifield is currently incarcerated, on other charges.
    Hopefully, murder charges will be pending against him, soon.
    The widely distributed fliers, with the two Asian men spotted by a jogger, had people fixated on two people who were seen in the area, at the approximate time.
    The Police even said, that the images of the two “suspects”, were being overly saturated.
    A follow up article, on the case, some years later, published in the Californian, stated law enforcement, almost from the start, believed the perpetrator was likely, a lone male suspect.
    The hysteria, surrounding the “two Asian males “, can be compared to the Beltway Sniper, case, in D.C.
    The phantom white mini van, seen in the vicinity, leaving the area in a hurry, monopolized the news, and the publics attention. To the point , where no one noticed a big blue, crappy sedan.
    (The mini van, a witness saw, was probably in a hurry to get out of the area, because someone was indescriminately shooting.)
    The Williams family, have long since relocated, and Fort Ord, is no more.
    But a make shift monument, to a beautful child, still stands along side Imin Parkway.
    People around here, have never forgotten Christina. And we never will.

  15. I have studied the Christina Wiliams case in depth for 11 years. If you would like to share information it will be a valuable experience.

    I do a radio program from called the Quantum Leap , Mondays 8pm and Saturdays 9 PM (west coast) from Monterey, CAlifornia.
    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

  16. FBI framing suspect – new information merging

    Things are heating up in the Christina Williams case in Monterey. This is Bob Oliver reporting.
    1. FBI attempting to frame Charles Hoilifield for not only Christina’s death but another Girl “Katie” who disappeared several months before Christina.
    2. Katie disappeared in the same neighbourhood of the two original suspect in the Christina Williams case.
    3. The Herald Newspaper has gone along with the FBI efforts to frame Holifield and on 5/23/10 wrote two articles full of assumptions trying to frame Holifield in the public eye as the killer of both Christina and Katie (with zero proof or evidence).
    4. As a result of the stories. People emailed comments as requested by the Herald.
    5. One of the comments was from “Linda” who convincingly claims that she went to authorities 10 years ago with information about “Jose” who helped the two oriignal suspects bury Christina’s body.
    6. The Herald in turn removed her comments along with six other comments (maybe more) of which one was mine. At this time I have not been contacted by “Linda”.
    7. In my view and from what I know about the case, Linda’s statements are plausible and likely true.
    The following are my comments and Linda’s original comments which I copied before they were removed by the Herald and without explanation by the Herald:

    Reply »
    |Report Abuse
    |Judge it!
    Yesterday I posted for this story at 11:50 AM today 5/23/10. My comments were not included in your other six comments. Why?

    Reposted at 6:55 pm 5/23/2010

    bob oliver

    5/23/10 Christina Williams story / holifield in Herald
    1 message
    bob oliver Sun, May 23, 2010 at 11:49 AM
    Holifield Didn’t do it!

    The Herald story and representation of Charles Holifield has been completely one sided. Please follow just some of the balancing points that should peak your concern:

    1. Holifield has always asked for a lie detector test, but the “authorities” will not allow him to take one.
    2. Jean Boylan, author and sketch artist drew the wanted posters for notables including, the uni bomber, John Doe 2 (Oklahoma City Mura Building, Richard Allen Davis (Polly Klaas), two Asian / Hispanic men and the Ford Granada (Christina Williams), Petaluma attempted abduction ( immediately after Christina Williams) of a girl who looked like Christina Williams by suspects similar to the ones drawn in the Christina Williams case, and – many others.
    3. Jean Boylan’s description of the abductors of Christina Williams comes from two eye witnesses at the time OF THE ABDUCTION. Both eye witnesses detailed the description of the two Asian / Hispanic men and the Ford Granada primered car. One saw the men minutes before the abduction. She is quoted overhearing the two men in the car, “Leave her alone, she isn’t the one we want”, said the heavier driver to the thinner man in the back seat. The second eye witness sees a frightened Christina Williams in the back seat of the car as it drives off approximately fifteen minutes later.
    4. Jean Boylan’s drawings are so accurate of the original suspects in the Williams case that over two hundred people came forward to authorities about the accuracy and “where abouts of these suspects”, yet the FBI apparently did nothing to apprehend them.
    5. Because of the accuracy of the descriptions of these two men, members of the community made the ware abouts of these men available to authorities immediately, yet authorities did nothing about it.
    6. The original two suspects in the Christina Williams abduction case lived in an area very near the abduction point of “Katie Ekaterina Scherbakova Scherbakova – specifically in the neighbourhood of San Pablo and Judson, Seaside! They were described by many as evil doers and drug dealers.

    Why is the Herald setting up Charles Holifield. Is it for money? Is it to get along you must go along? Do we have a free press anymore – any where? How can the FBI ignore one set of evidence and force “speculation” onto a gulible public in orderto create a completely different outcome? Why is the truth being hidden?

    1. What happeded to the money in your 401K plan.
    2. Where have all the jobs gone?
    3. Why hasn’t that “friggin oil” well been caped?

    I bet you have a few questions you would like asked, too!

    Bob Oliver
    831 383-2676

    The Quantum Leap Radio Show Mondays at 8pm, Saturdays 9pm

    The following is the quoted text ofby Linda of the comment she made which was later removed:

    “This guy might be a monster that deserves to be killed but he didn’t have anything to do with Christina Williams. It was Jose that worked at Kinko’s in PG or Monterey back then. I don’t know the address. He helped bury her and knows who did the deed. He was haunted by the act. He can’t inform because they’re Mex Mafioso types. This is 100% but they had so many tips back then that I guess this one just didn’t seem important. I just always thought someday I’d read about the case being solved. That never happened and the article is barking up the wrong tree. These guys were driving around and grabbed her and one thing led to another. They thought she was Mexican.”

    Linda M wrote:
    [….]With this then I have done my duty. I was afraid of this guy and still would be. I did not allow a murderer to go free. I submitted the information back then and also gave it to my father to call in. What the authorities did with it was not my doing. The information was as truthful in 1999 as it is today and all the facts are the same. I still worry that police can find me through this website. I feel lighter tonight. at least a few other people have read this.

    Linda M wrote:
    I am responsible for my actions. With this then I have done my duty. I was afraid of this guy and still would be. I did not allow a murderer to go free. I submitted the information back then and also gave it to my father to call in. What the authorities did with it was not my doing. The information was as truthful in 1999 as it is today and all the facts are the same. I still worry that police can find me through this website. I feel lighter tonight. at least a few other people have read this.

    Linda M pg
    Salinas, CA Reply »
    Report Abuse
    Judge it!
    1 hr ago
    Cain, There is no question about credibility. NONE. I know this to be fact. Posting anonymously is just how I did it. Also, your racism deminishes your credibility.

    Pixie, IF the information had been checked, then investigators believed the wrong person. I ALWAYS presumed that cops really knew the truth and had to sit on it for some reason. After all, I gave them everything they needed. This information is NOT incorrect or unreliable. It is the Truth for anyone to follow. There it is. Does anyone want to follow? Because that is where it is. Anyone can get to the bottom of this that wants to with this information. Nobody did in 1999 and nobody will now. Here wind, it’s your’s. Pixie, I’m sorry you have distress, peace.
    Linda M pg
    Salinas, CA Reply »
    Report Abuse
    Judge it!
    1 hr ago
    I see the postings have been deleted with the relevant info.

    Jose that worked at Kinko’s in PG in 1999 helped bury Christia Williams. It was NOT holifield.

    Anyone willing to get involved, I have studied ths for 12 years. “We” in Monterey need your help. The Nation needs your help. I suspect that Holifield is the Key to understanding a lot of the problems in this country. He is being framed, and we all are being framed.

    Please get involved. Show up at your own City Hall meetings. There you will find that the corruption now begins at a point you have some reach. Think Globally, but ACT NOW, locally!

    Bob Oliver

  17. I was looking around on the web about Christina Williams a week ago, I guess because it’s around the aniversery of her dissapearance.
    In doing so, I ran across the posts by Bob Oliver and thought his posts were based on a factual assesment of what we know in the Christina williams case.
    And what I had witnessed and forwarded to AMW and the FBI.
    It inspired my e-mailing Bob Oliver and sharing with him what I recalled telling the AMW and the FBI.
    Basicly, it lead me to explaining I had seen the suspects a few weeks after the report of Christina missing.
    The larger guy was alarmed when he thought I was observing him and at the time I had no reason to understand why, I just looked forward and drove away as he was a fairly large fellow with an unpleasent demeanor.
    The man that I had seen was just a little bit longer in the jaw than the composite, but, everything else mostly fit the descriptions.
    This was on a bright sunny day and it looked as though the license plate was clean and new compaired to the weathered look of the car,
    Sometimes, I have a bit of a picture graphic memory and thought they had a new looking Washington State Plate 689 THI.
    I assumed I was incorect not hearing anymore about it.
    They were parked on a bluff with a view of the bay at Legion Park in Everett Washington.
    The larger fellow was a “T” Shirt and jeans type of dresser. The other fellow was dressed more of a plad and slacks with street shoes attire. And I thought he was possibly having a smoke sitting on the right front fender of the car after doing lunch from a deli style plast container.

  18. To all who are on this blog leaving responses about the Christine Williams investigation,

    The FBI appreciates your concerns about Ms. Williams murder and the investigation into her disappearance.

    With this said, I must tell you all that one of the FBI lead investigators in the Christina Williams Case is a friend/mentor of mine.

    The main suspect in this case is Charles Hollifield and Mr. Hollifield had motive and opportunity to commit this dispicable crime unfortunately, there is not enough physical evidence to charge him with murder. Mr. Hollifield is the only person at this moment, that the FBI is looking at as the one and only person to have committed this crime…

  19. how come charles is the only suspect at this point when there is evidence leading to the “jose”
    why doesn’t anyone take search on this “jose” guy.
    “linda” should be contacted to see if she has anymore information on “jose” and what does linda know about this case. how does she know about this jose and its never been brand up be for

  20. Linda M how do you know this Jose guy why didnt you leave a last name we need these facts to figure out the truth about christina and if anybody has anymore facts about katie or christina please write it

  21. i wanna here back from a 2008 post from a laura kraft who has a picture of the suspect’s car with the suspects in the car. investigators should have a hold of this photo

  22. i know this is like my third or fourth comment but i think i have something that could help the two girls katie and christina went to the same school so i think some one from like the police station should contact the school and see if they had any classes together maybe one of the teachers did this but idk its just a thought to keep on your mind

  23. This is Laura K. In response to Lisa Dallman, How can you be so sure that Charles Hollifield is the only suspect and that there is not enough evidence to charge him. so, after 10 years it’s over and we just except that. Who are you trying to cover? I saw the men clearly and I can still see both men. The fat head one had shaved his head and the thin one had his hair parted in the middle. To Ehliza, I have sent the picture to the Virginia Hennessy from the Herald. She said, she would pass it on to the FBI. I see nothing has become of it. I am now in touch with another person who is in these postings and will be sending them the picture. These men were attemping to abduct me at Manzanita Elementary School in Seaside during Christmas Vacation 1999. They drove over the curb and into the field towards me and happened to see my husband hitting golf balls about 50 yards away. That’s what saved me. I’m sure these men have abductor others since. I had contacted the FBI and everyone I could back then without a response. Somethings fishy!

  24. Possible suspect in the Christina Williams disappearance and murder. I am from the old base called Fort Ord and the story is disturbing that a serial rapist was stalking young girls in the area.

  25. My name is Robert Holifield. Charles is my brother.

    This is for Beatrix who posted a message 9/16/09.

    It is true that I answered questions under oath in front of a Federal Grand Jury. I told them I didn’t know of any involvement by my brother.

    It is also true that the FBI have gone to great lengths to get me to change my story. They have all but asked me to lie and are currently threatening me with unrelated charges and prison if I don’t lie for them.

    You write that “law enforcement, almost from the start, believed the perpetrator was likely, a lone male suspect”.

    If that is true please explain why they never talked to me until 2005 some 7 years later. After all I’m his brother and we met on a weekly basis.

    If that is true why did they release (and subsequently lose) Charles’ pickup from the impound without even searching it. When I picked it up (twelve years ago) from the impound there was a bag of pot under a t-shirt on the pasenger seat. I gave the truck to his wife and she sold it. To this day it has not been relocated. They may have solved the case right then and there if they hadn’t been so incompetent.

    This is what I think. Notice I’m saying here what I think. Unlike the FBI or you, Beatrix, I can distinguish between facts and opinions. Here it is. The FBI have so screwed up the investigation they have no idea whatsoever as to who did it and no physical evidence to connect the crime to anyone. No one can blame them for considering my brother a suspect but that is not proof. Accusations are NOT proof.

    Beatrix, you have accused me of perjury with NO PROOF. You have accused me of being a stumbling block in the investigation with no proof. This is a fact I can be quite sure of as it was I who testified and I don’t know of any involvement by my brother. How can the truth be a stumbling block anyway? Unless you just want to close the case.

    So please Beatrix apologize. You don’t have to believe me (my testimony was sealed by the Court and you could not possibly know what was said) but that doesn’t make it perjury. You need more than that.

    Thanks, Robert Holifield

  26. Lisa Dallman posted 7/11/2010. This is for her.

    My name Robert Holifield. I am Charles’ brother. You mispell my name. There are only two “L”s in my last name. Not three.

    You claim to have a close connection to someone in the FBI who is involved in the C.Williams case.

    I can believe it. Your post reveals a sloppiness and looseness with the truth that I’ve come to expect from Federal law enforcement, having experienced it first hand in my dealings with the FBI. I’m not referring to your mispelling of my name either.

    Care to make any changes in your post?

    Tomorrow I will check back and if you have not retracted the fiction you posted I will point it out to all.

    And by the way you probably shouldn’t mention an association with the FBI handling this case. They screwed it up and they know it. Probably beyond hope. That’s nothing to brag about.

    See ya, Robert Holifield

    • Robert,

      You gave Lisa a day to respond, however, you must know that I do not always approve comments when they come in. Sometimes it takes a day or two or longer, as I have things going on in my own real life. And she may not even come back here again.

  27. I should make myself clearer with respect to the FBI. I don’t want to say all the FBI are all incompetent. I would have no way of knowing that.

    I do feel that the FBI agents,etc. involved with the C.Williams case have been incompetent.

  28. How funny. I misspelled misspell in an earlier post.

  29. I am Charles Holifield’s brother and this message is for Lisa Dallmann who posted 7/11/2010.

    Ms. Dallmann, who are you and how is it you presume to relay the FBI’s appreciation of those who post on this blog with concerns for the C.Williams investigation? Have you some permission or authorization or otherwise to speak for the FBI? Credentials perhaps?

    I have had the misfortune to meet the unpleasant lead investigator for the FBI in this case. I know his name. Do you?

    This agent actually spent a half hour asking questions about my anus. I’m not making this up. I recorded it along with several other conversations. These recordings are now in a safe belonging to my attorney. Now what my anus had to do with C.Williams is beyond me. I suspect his interest was purely prurient. He also asks me if I like him. Sometimes this is accompanied by a wink. Is this your friend/mentor?

    Ms. Dallmann you state “Mr. Hollifield had motive and opportunity to commit this dispicable crime(sic)”. How would you know that? Are you claiming a privilege or some kind of super secret special access to the details of this case?

    Futhermore you state there is physical evidence connecting my brother to the crime. Just not enough. Come on. How would you know that?

    Seems to me the FBI would not release details like the details you claim special knowledge of while the investigation is ongoing.

    Seems to me the FBI don’t have ANY physical evidence connecting my brother to the crime.

    Seems to me the FBI are looking to convict my brother in the court of public opinion. You only have had to follow the Monterey Herald’s reporting on this case to see what I’m talking about. All they do is point their fingers at my brother every so often and it makes the front page. (more on this will be forthcoming in a future post)

    Which brings me back to you Ms.Dallmann. Your friend/mentor should be proud of you, having taught you to do the same. TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP. IT HAS BEEN TWELVE YEARS.

    You say my brother did it. Prove it.

  30. Dear Moderator,

    I failed to read the rules and I used caps which are forbidden. It was only my intention to emphasize my point and not to bully or otherwise.

    Please feel free to reduce from caps as you feel proper. I would be grateful though if you refrain from changing my message as to content.

    My brother may or may not be guilty. I don’t know. What I’m tired of is the lack of resolution in this case and the ongoing and unfounded (as near as I can tell) accusations. I understand the interest in my brother and his possible involvement but facts are facts and there is all too little of that when C.Williams case is discussed online. Or anywhere for that matter.

    Once again I apologize and thanks for allowing me to post here.

    • i have always been convinced that who the fbi was saying they were interested in in the early days of the kidnapping probe are in fact two southeast asians. you know– the passengers in the ‘ford fairmont’, vintage 1975-1980. this vehicle was possibly removed from the property where i think i stumbled upon it in oct1998, with chp assistance in 2002. i can only wildly guess why they’ve [fbi] changed their search and focused on your brother.

      • more news about the Gilroy characters involved in the disappearance/murder of c. Williams— they may’ve been involved in the death of a homeless woman from Watsonville, whose remains were ‘found’ a year after Christina’s.


    The above link will get you to the Monterey Herald Newspaper May 23rd 2010 story about Charles Holifield, Christina Williams, Ekaterina Shcherbakova, the FBI, and what I know to be ties into organized crimes against Country and Humanity by the “Powers that Be”. I think we all know what I refer to.

    Go to the story and scrutinize it. Look at the “Keystone Cop” mentality of reasoning that this story forces upon a “gullible” Monterey County populous needing to deal with the anxiety of this murder going unsolved for 12 years. Think about what the expected result is that the authorities are asking for. Then ask if you are willing to go the distance for man and country, and Mr. Holifield if need me.

    Specifically – look through the comment section at the bottom of the story and note approximately thirty or more comments that are missing. This represents much more than censorship. Let it sink in…this is “Empire”. This is two illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is over 150 wars world wide going on at once. This is was Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us against and more. They each had only touched the tip of the iceberg. We, shortly, will feel the entire impact. Wake Up America!

    Thank you to those of you who have contacted me and to all of you who are concerned enough to follow this, and to Bonnie for the opportunity to see justice instead of Just Us.

    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

  32. Bonnie,

    I need a copy of the wanted poster in the Noelani Burlsen case in Petaluma. This case is tied to Christina Williams and your blogger claims knowledge in that area and may have a copy of the wanted poster from that abduction. Please help me contact him.

    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676
    Feel free to give out my information to any inquirey.


    Bob Oliver

    By: Bob Parr on December 25, 2007
    at 11:08 am

  33. Hi Bonnie,

    Bob Oliver. I hope you are okay. We haven’t heard back from you in some time and things are heating up pretty good here with respect to overall corruption within the ranks of FBI and local law enforcement. “Things coming to a head”.
    Please share.

    Bob 831 383-2676

    • Bob,

      Unfortunately my life has been rough. Still looking for a job and then I got hit by a car and am still recovering. Have not done much on my blog due to these issues lately. Hopefully things will get cleared up shortly.

  34. Fellow Bloggers,
    This is the way I see it. The Country is corrupt from head to toe (from Fed to local). In Monterey “we the people” are following three cases in our local media. All three cases have local juristiction, FBI and County Sheriff involvement. All three cases have the same MO with respect to how they are being handled. All three cases are trying the men in the press. All three cases accept public comment on a blog then exclude large numbers of the comments by either not placing them or removing them shortly after they have been placed.

    Go to the Monterey Herald newspaper website. Click on search:
    1. Holifield
    2. Salyer
    3. art heist

    Although I do believe in the innocense of all three,
    I won’t state my reasons yet for the sake of brevety. Go to the stories and see all the missing comments (they are each numbered, so missing comments show up as missing numbers in the sequence.

    In Holifield’s story missing comments include numbers 1,5,7,14,17,19,20,21,28,31,32,33,34,36,37,40,41,46,47,48,54,55,56,58. 25 out of 59 comments are missing on this article.

    Please refere back to my May 25th Bonnie’s Blog comments and note that comment number 7 was mine. It was posted twice and removed twice. It is not currently up with the other comments but represents two of the removed 25 comment which were removed without any explanations.

    In Claifornia many of us believe we are under martial law now – a topic to be discussed in a near future, I beleive. Time to fight back with the truth.

    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

  35. You all will find that the comment section on the Monterey Herald website has been pulled down. Stories we have been following locally are having pulled comments and all comments renumbered to appear non are missing.
    Good Luck


  36. Readers,

    We are under martial law. Newspapers in the United states are writing articles like the two Williams / Holifield articles in the Monterey Herald from 5/23/2010. These articles are controlled by the “governement”. The articles ask for comments. These “comments” are controlled by TOPIX. TOPIX controls the comments from newspapers in “every major city in the US”. TOPIX is affiliated with “FEDERAL SCREWS NEWS WIRE SERVICE” – Federal Governement? Appears so. Stories are being manipulated by leaving out comments. Look for TOPIX in your community and see who is running “purception” in yor hometown. Remember the saying “Perception is reality.” I look forward to any information you have to share with me. About 7 days ago I realized that my computer screen is not seeing the save information on TOPIX as other screens. This is an attempt to further tweek my reality. Check out the following article which speeks to this subject of concern.

    Our Country Is Lost Believing in What It Sees on Screens, and We Are Going to Pay a Nasty Price for It

    By Chris Hedges, Truthdig
    Oct 8, 2010/October 13, 2010
    This article first appeared on TruthDig.

    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676
    The Quantum Leap – radio show on Mondays 8pm , Saturdays 9pm (west coast time). Live 831 899-5792

  37. Mr. Holifield,

    Regardless of my spelling and your reasonings to lash out at everyone who posts anything concerning you, brother Charles. or your family. As well as to all the other naysayers out there, I will not continue to repeat myself or get into long drawn out comments/conclusions of what I know and how I know it regarding this case or it’s investigation thereof.

    The FBI is still ongoing with this case and I for one will not interfere with their investigation.

    I do however, regret the fact of the matter and that is Christina Williams, will never be with her family again. Never celebrate a Birthday or Christmas or ring in the New Year.

  38. 1. Christina Williams abduction was witnessed by two independent witnesses.
    2. Jean Boylan sketched a “right on” portait of the two suspects and car.
    3. “Stated” over 200 people (probably a lot more) came forward with information.
    4. I know that the FBI were told who these men were and where they lived. Described as evil doers and drug dealers.
    5. FBI claims these two suspects were not significant to the case. I saw these men. I reported to the FBI.
    6. FBI never states for sure if the two men were ever contacted.
    7. Noelani Burleson abduction in Petaluma (she looks like Christina Williams)
    7. Jean Boylan sketches similar suspects in the Noelani Burlsen case, Petaluma.
    8. FBI takes case (not Federal jurisdiction – what’s going on!!)
    9. Towns people say eery likeness to Williams abduction.
    10. FBI and police will not show Noelani the suspect poster in the Christina Williams case because they don’t want to upset her, even though she saw the original suspects who abducted her, took her, and she was able to escape from them. Good girl!!! Smart girl!! Brave Girl!!
    11. Town’s people say suspects look like Christina Williams suspects.
    12. FBI’s best potential aid witness in the Williams abduction, Noelani Burleson is not querried about the Williams abduction.
    13. Two months later Christina’s body is found, according to FBI
    14. As in the Polly Klaas abductions “Positive identification is made by the FBI “BASED ON DENTAL RECORDS AND HAIR SAMPLES” (It doesn’t say by DNA)
    15. Christina Williams’ mother exclaims, “How can they say for sure this is my daughter! My daughter had perfect teeth. No chips, no cavities, no fillings, (no missing teeth)!” When Christina’s partial remains were recovered on Fort Ord there was only a partial jaw bone found!

    Summary: Look up Monarch girls, White House Prostitution, white slavery, sexual exploitation of women and children, The FRanklin Cover-up, The Finders… Operation Mockingbird, The taking over of the Press and Media.

    Christina was abducted by the two original suspects. They were probably hired to abduct her by an underworld that runs this world. The two first hand eye witnesses to the abduction allowed LE (Law enforcement) direct knowledge of who these suspects were because well over 200 people came forward with information after the sketches were distributed to the public shortly after the abduction. I found three people who knew these two assholes and knew where they lived. Just how hard is this to understand! I made these three people contact the FBI. Later when asked about their interview, I was told “Boy! Wish we hadn’t listened to you. It was wierd, like they didn’t even want to hear what we had.” Many more are coming forward with that same experience. I had this same experience.

    Law Enforcement (LE) obviously went and talked to these men. HOWEVER these men turned out to be CI (Confidential Informants). Confidential Informants get away with murder and remain annonimous when LE (Law Enfocement) get confidential information from CI (Confidential Informants). Again, just how difficult is this to understand! We live in a Country that is currently involved in two illegal and imoral wars against other human beings. If you aren’t willing to fight for Holifield ( and I think you should), pleae remember this:

    It isn’t BUSH’s War. It isn’t Obama’s War. It is Your War! The rest of the planet is going to Hold You Responsible for what Your Country has allowed. Worried now?


    BobOliver 831 383-2676

    The Quantum Leap radio show Mondays 8pm, Saturdays 9m
    west coast time out of Monterey Ca. 93940 live phone number on air 831 899-5792

    • You are a straight idiot. You are trying to deflect all the attention off of the main suspect. Didn’t it occur to you that when Charles Holifield went to prison all of the kidnappings and sexual assault on girls stopped. Well that makes you wonder right? You are a sick person to be even defending that monster anyway. Your radio show also sucks and stop posting this B.S on the web and let the authorities do their job. You are not in law enforcement and you have no credentials so shut your mouth. How much money did they pay you to post all these conspiracies on the web to take the heat off of Charles? You stay away from children you sick $%$^$^.

  39. she died the day after the day i was born. ouch. Really sorry for her and her family. 😦

  40. This message is for Robert Holifield.

    Well, it has finally happened. A key witness in your brother’s whereabouts has finally come forward and done the right thing.

    There is justice after all.

    The only sick $%#& around here is your brother.

  41. Yes, why the FBI?
    Ya know it ain’t easy.

    Maybe the suspects were not Asian?
    Maybe they were Native American?
    Maybe the thinner suspect looked a lot Swinomish?
    If so, only because of someone in the Native American Community that knows something would they probably ever solve this case.

    Sorry if I’m politically incorrect, but, I think I’m correct.

  42. It’s been awhile since anyone has visited this page and left any input?
    I’m not the most articulate but, have been referred to as observant.
    It dose make me hope I provided accurate information.
    It just so happened that I had seen the right episode of Americas Most Wanted and had seen the suspects.
    And put two and two together.
    Yet, I never heard from anyone from law enforcement ever.
    Maybe they are caught up and to busy with internet porn because they think the rest of us are.
    It has left me wondering?
    I have a young nephew and if anything happened to him it would really bother me, so I can relate to something happening to a young innocent victim..
    And It leaves me wondering?

  43. While watching the movie,
    Lovely Bones, Christina came to mine. I am so sorry as my life continued, my thoughts of her and her family had lessen. I followed the story and when they said it was Christina decomposed body they had found, I was so sad, this should have not happened, all the prayers that were said, asking God to bring Christina home alive. I guess God needed her.. Even though the movie was horrible, sad, I am grateful for remembering young beautiful Christina. I know she has eternal life with our loving God

  44. Wow this is pretty crazy, I was a little girl when this happend, I attended Jc Crumpton Elementary when I first seen this on the news. I was so sad to hear what happend to her. After hearing about this case, I was scared to walk to school by myself for a while. I didnt attend Fitch Middle School but I did end up attending Los Arbloes, when we had games I would always pass by the memorial site they dedicated to her. Till this day I still live in Marina and I pass by her memorial site where they found her body in fort ord.

  45. to lisa dallmann, if you’re still propagating against Mr Holifield- why won’t your fbi admit they were chasing the wrong suspects and why can’t they give up more info on the tips which were leading them to the original two suspect?
    Are you aware Michael Masaoay and Ilene Mishelhoff [sic?] disappeared very very shortly after a Stockton schoolyard was shot up by a Dan Purdy in 1989?

  46. The original two suspects a wanted poster is no longer available to view. The statement that Lisa Holifield recanted may or may not be true. The original two suspects are the prime ones and the FBI has never given an accounting that makes sense as to why they have never talked with them. The FBI is framing Holifield.

    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

  47. Hi, Bod Oliver. we talk about Cristina Marie I believe is time to clear all behind the cover up. I saw Cristina Marie Williams in Sea Side.I went to Monterey got loss and see Cristina Marie with police officer I just don’t remember the name of road . I was followed and all the people who was followed me is the one who taken her.

    this were all the cover up is. The FBI know from day one who know kidnap Cristina Marie. I call from day five FBI in San Francisco. The FBI and District Attorney taken my DNA ,hand size ,feet size and even check my Genital size., my DNA is to par apart, my hand is to small my feet is to small and genital is smaller it can be you. The DNA is from black men a large with large Genital.

    This is were all the cover up, The FBI change the date, change the year and the time.I know I saw her in Sea side 1996 around 8.30 morning. I just don’t remember the day anymore.

    I believe you know the true story and the cover up off the FBI. the biggest problem is bigotry of FBI.

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