• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Serial Killer: Paul Runge murders Chicago, IL

Stacy Frobel [1/3/1995]
Dzeneta Pasanbegovic [7/12/1995] body never found
Amela Pasanbegovic [7/12/1995] body never found
Dorota Dziubak [1/10/1997]
Yolanda Gutierrez [2/3/1997]
Jessica Muniz [2/3/1997]
Kazimiera Paruch [3/4/1997]

This Day in Crime History: Stacey Frobel murder 1995 *Serial Killer Paul Runge convicted of her murder, sentenced to LWOP*
Is Runge a serial killer?
Trial of alleged serial killer begins
Opening statements tomorrow in trial of alleged serial killer
Photos horrify family
How did girl, mother die?
‘I think I need some mental help’
State: Runge lied about wife
Runge murder trial
Does brain image show he’s insane?
Runge won’t take stand in own defense
Witness: Seven disorders, but insanity isn’t one
Over lunch, jury finds sex killer guilty
Paul Runge news
Authorities allege Runge killed six woman and a young girl
Man Charged in 7 Killings Dodged Long Term in 1987
2 Cases Dropped Against Serial Killer Paul Runge

FBI: Criminal Pursuit: Trap, Kill, Repeat


N84715 – RUNGE, PAUL F.
Offender Status: IN CUSTODY
Location: PONTIAC
Sex Offender Registry Required
Date of Birth: 01/28/1970
Weight: 222 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft. 08 in.
Race: White
Eyes: Brown


Admission Date: 06/06/2006
Last Paroled Date:
Projected Discharge Date: INELIGIBLE
CUSTODY DATE: 09/17/2002

CUSTODY DATE: 10/06/2000
SENTENCE: 7 Years 0 Months 0 Days

CUSTODY DATE: 10/06/2000
SENTENCE: 5 Years 0 Months 0 Days

MITTIMUS: 87CR1342601
CUSTODY DATE: 08/24/1987
SENTENCE: 14 Years 0 Months 0 Days

MITTIMUS: 87CR1342601
CUSTODY DATE: 08/24/1987
SENTENCE: 14 Years 0 Months 0 Days

MITTIMUS: 87CR1342601
CUSTODY DATE: 08/24/1987
SENTENCE: 14 Years 0 Months 0 Days


148 Responses

  1. I am the son of Stacey A. Frobel. I’m seventeen living with my grandma waiting for Paul’s execution!!! I had to live 11 years without my mom thanks to this asshole!!! Not only did my family and I suffer but other families suffored!!! I hope he gets the chair!!!

  2. Danny,

    I am so sorry for your loss. When I was born, we lived in Streamwood, also. Been a long time, but I miss the area.

    I, too, believe that Paul Runge deserves the death penalty. I am so glad that Ryan is no longer in office to take him off of death row.

    Take care of yourself.

  3. It has been 10 years since this has happen which has taken a toll on our family and weight on us for many years. It is finally good that it is almost at an end. I perfer that the SOB rot in jail. Giving him the needle is to damn easy for everything that he has done to the victims and the familys. I hope he knows that he judgement day will come and he will have to face God and be thrown to the flames that will consume him for the rest of his life.
    To you Daniel sorry you had such a F*** up for a father and for your mothers lost but I am one that also believes that your mother did wrong in helping him and keeping quite until it was in her benefit to talk. Don’t mean to be hush on you because I know you have nothing to do with the decisions that were made by your parents but I a person that I might forgive but I will never forget. I don’t condemn because it’s not my place and we all have our day but for now I wish nothing but better things for you.

  4. To Danny please disregrad the ending of my comment above. i was reading and my mind started going not realizing that your mother was also one of the victims. The commet as you see was towards Runge wife. So please once again I apoligize and didn’t mean it towards your mom. May she rest in peace. I know she is with God watching over you always. The very best to you and your family.

  5. To last comment from victIms relitive.
    I am so glad you relized that you were speaking to Stacey Frobels son!!!! I wish you actually can erase that statement completely!
    My heart has always gone out to Staceys son !!!!His father had died before he was born.Niether one of them knew of Runge or his family.He grew up also with no other siblings.So this child deserves the fullest life and love I know God will give to him. I am sure he s a terrific person as of now and his future will be filled with drems come true.
    I dont understand why Pauls wife is not next to him!! Thats when we really have to work hard in trusting in God.
    and look at it this way as far as Pauls exucution I am happy that I will no longer have to share the same Air as him. I gladly give him to god.
    and another thing I would like to mention about my friend and victim Stacey,growing up with her I have seen boys trying to kiss her and she would push them away.The boys in school would get so mad that she would not let them touch her, I have seen her get up and leave if a boy put a hand on her.So To everyone that knows about this brutal killing I know for a fact that Stacey Frobal Put up a DAMN good fight!!!
    Take care
    and love you very much Danny.
    Susan can find me on myspace ask your grandma for my last name.

    May God bless you and your family.

  6. Believe me I wish i could have erased it too!!! As you have notice I realized it very quickly and made my apolgy. As you made not know “my victims” put up a fight also for I know no one would like for something like that to happen to themself or anyone they know or don’t know. Just things you don’t even wish on your worst enemy. Living it over again in a five week court room not only for my family but for others was over whelming. But GOD gave me and my family the strengh to be able to see it all the way through and hopefully we will be there when he times comes to meet the maker.

    Again Danny if you ever read this I am sorry and my heart goes out to you and your family. A mistake can be easily made and asking forgiveness is not wrong when you know it needs to be asked and I have. So Susan I understand that you mihgt be a little up tight or up set but I have made my peace and hoep that you can also accept my apoligy. I am sure she was a good friend just like my family was good and unreplaceable to me.

    God Bless us all.

  7. No need to apologize, I was just actually hoping that Bonnie or whomever made this site would add a check comments, before we submitted them.
    Please dont Fret!!!!
    I am sad so much to hear of all these killings that should have been stopped before Stacey! and especially after her,
    I Dont Have any answers of Why?
    But I know all these wonderful Ladies!
    Will Always Be Remembered!!!
    The Lord is my strength and my shield;In him my heart trusts so I am helped, And my heart exults, And with my song I give thanks to him.
    God Bless You Also. And I am very sorry for your loss,and if what I wrote sounded too surround. It was not meant to.
    my space address ;
    Susan 🙂

  8. Susan,

    I don’t have a way to add a check comments on here–that is a WordPress thing it is not yet available. I can edit comments if needed and wanted. So, if someone needs or wants me to I will be happy to help out. I just did not want to *assume* and do it myself. Just let me know!

  9. I was really good friends with Stacey, she was like my little sister, back in Hoffman Estates when she was still in high school, I wish always I would have had a chance to get to
    know her as a young adult, but thanks to that prick I never will
    P.S. Daniel, I hope one dasy to meet you and talk to you about how wonderful of a human being your mom was, one of the sweetest girls I ever knew. No matter how bad I felt all she needed do was smile and I’d feel better, she had the most infectious smile. And big ole boat feet…lol
    God bless you Stacey, I miss you and will love you always.

  10. Victims Relative, Its all understandable! I know it was a mistake and I agree 100% with you on Paul’s girlfriend. It’s nice to know that I can hear from some one in my possition.

    Tina You know I love you too!

  11. danny,
    im the aunt of jessica muniz the 11 year old girl paul runge took away also. im sorry for ur lost danny. our family has also been affected ….. i hope he gets what he deserves.

  12. Alot of people have been effected. mari muniz I am also sorry for your lost! I have a question for any who knows the answer! Does anyone know the name of Paul Runge’s girlfriend? I’m trying to do a search and figure some things out. If anyone can help me out with that please email me at thank you Stacey Frobel’s son

  13. This is my first time hearing about this, and my heart has sunk. I went to school with Stacey. Susan and I were old friends, we were just reunited, and that is how I learned of Stacey’s tragedy. I cannot even imagine the horror of her passing or the heartbreak of her family, and child. We hear about these things on the news everyday, but it’s very rare that it hits home and we are personally affected. It helps me to believe that the Good Lord was with her, and held her hand. I pray for you, Danny and your family that you find peace. Justice will be served when Paul meets his maker. God Bless you all

  14. I grew up in the same town as Stacey & new her very briefly before I left Hoffman Estates & it was only very recently (due to that I have been put back in touch with some old friends & learned of this tragedy. Danny, & all of the families & friends of Paul Runge’s victims who were affected by this, you all have my sincerest sympathies. Just trust that Mr. Runge’s eternity looks quite bleak. He will suffer & the suffering that awaits him is forever with no chance for parole. I believe that there is a very special place in Hell for monsters like him.

  15. To all who’s lives were altered by the existence of Paul Runge, my deepest sympathies. My daughter went to school with Paul and my daughter had complained that Paul had touched her inappropriately, she was 10 years old at the time. Her father and I went directly to see the principal, Mr. Bacon and demanded something be done, we were asked if possibly my daughter had solicited this! At this time we told him that if this were to happen again in the future we would have him arrested. The school system thought appropriate action at this time was to move his locker further from my daughter’s. He again showed up about 3 years later on bike looking for my daughter at our home. I am grateful my daughter had such an awful feeling about him and wanted to stay as far away from him as possible, or perhaps our lives could have been altered. I guess the reason I’m writing this is to say that perhaps if the school would have taken this issue seriously, perhaps these innocent women would be alive today. Paul and my daughter were 10 years old when this occured.

    • Thank u, May God Bless Ur daughter & u & family as well. I am Yolanda’s sister & Jessica’s aunt, Carmen. When he took their lives, he took my mind & soul. I did not want 2 live. I lost my mind, my children were impacted as well, for they were very close 2 Jessica. I was the last one 2 talk to Yolie, the day before, it was a Sunday. We spoke all day, just about girls stuff & the kids. I remember telling Yolie, ” as soon as o Get my income Tax money, i was going 2 buy a car, so we & The kids could go places. Where The Kids could have fun. The last thing i told was ” Yolie Its 10:30 pm. Girl o have 2 go 2 sleep, i got 2 go 2 work & Get The kids ready 4 school” Wow, I can’t believe how much we talked, oh well, time flys when we’re having fun”. K. I’l talk 2 u 2morrow. & The kids were on The phone Also giggling cause they had been on The other phone listening. I miss them soooo much! Thank u 4 All of ur condolences. God Bless u.

  16. Danny….below is an article I found with information on Pauls wife…Hope this helps…Your mother was a very beautiful person. Know that she watches over you!
    article below by:
    by Seth Goldstein
    February 02, 2006

    Pictured on the television screen in the courtroom was Paul Runge, in an official jail garment, admitting he raped and murdered a Northwest Side woman and her 11-year old daughter.

    Seated behind the television set Thursday was Runge, 35, now wearing a dark suit with a blue tie as he stared down at the defense table, covering his eyes with his hands, not saying a word.

    Runge was averting his eyes from watching his first videotaped interview with Chicago police about the 1997 rape and murder of Yolanda Gutierrez, 35, and her daughter, Jessica Muniz.

    “I saw the knife over there and I picked it up,” Runge said during the 30-minute videotaped statement while describing the murder weapon. “I went over to the mother and cut her neck. Then I took the knife and did it to [the daughter’s] neck.”

    But the videotaped statement, recorded on June 7, 2001, differed from what prosecutors had previously told the jury now hearing evidence in the third day of Runge’s Criminal Court trial. Prosecutors contended Runge committed the crimes alone. But in the tape played Thursday Runge told police that his wife at the time, Charlene “Sherri” Runge, was also involved in the murders.

    Runge allegedly raped Gutierrez and Muniz, slashed their throats and set them on fire in their own bed on Nov. 3, 1997. Prosecutors said Runge gained access to Gutierrez’ Northwest side apartment by responding to an advertisement at a local grocery store for a “Hooked on Phonics” set.

    Runge said Sherri, who has since divorced Runge and remarried, came with him to Gutierrez’ apartment to purchase the educational material for their 9-year-old son, but she became jealous when she thought Gutierrez was flirting with her husband.

    “[Sherri] started giving me a hard time,” Runge said in the statement. “Sherri’s really jealous. She doesn’t trust anybody.”

    Runge told police that Sherri attacked Gutierrez, which caused him to bind Gutierrez and her daughter with duct tape to calm down his wife. He then described how he took the victims to the bed, made love to his wife in between the two victims, raped both Gutierrez and her daughter, slit their throats with a knife and set fire to the bed after his wife poured turpentine over the bodies.

    “[Sherri] said we can’t leave them like this,” Runge said while describing how it was his wife’s idea to kill and burn Gutierrez and Muniz. “She opened the can [of turpentine] and poured it over them.”

    But former Area 5 Detective Sergeant Frank Cappitelli, the lead investigator of the crime, said Runge’s wife’s denied participating in the murder in an interview three days after Runge’s statement.

    Solveig Sullivan, former forensic biologist with the Illinois State Police Forensic Science Center, who was responsible for analyzing all the evidence taken from the crime scene, testified that she found semen on Muniz’ body.

    According to Solveig’s report, the DNA from the semen sample was Runge’s.

    “I told [Runge] that this consistency could only occur during one-out-of-2 trillion whites,” Cappitelli said noting what he said to Runge in confronting him with the scientific evidence.

    Runge talked about his mental health towards the end of the taped interview, and at one point admitted that “mental help would be a thing I need.”

    Defense attorneys, mounting an insanity defense, focused on that statement and questioned Cappitelli about Runge’s mental state during the interview.

    Cappitelli was unable to speculate about Runge’s mental health, either during the alleged murder or the interview.

    According to Cappitelli, another videotaped statement was shot five days later, but he was not present for it and could not testify to what was said during it.

    Prosecutors will continue to present their case, including the second videotaped interview, Friday

  17. Here is a link to another site. I will not post the article itself here because it is very graphic and disturbing. It states that his wife was involved in Staceys and 3 other murders with Paul but the state granted her immunity for testifying against Paul…HUH??????????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????? This makes me SICK!!!!
    She will have to answer to God!

  18. Hi Everyone,

    First, I’d like to pass my condolences to the families of the victims. I truly believe Paul Runge is evil and I am torn between hoping he gets put to death and hoping he spends the rest of his days rotting away in prison, thinking about his atrocities.

    I’m sad to say that I was a classmate of Paul in middle school (Arbor Park Middle School in Oak Forest) although he was never a close friend. He was always a troubled kid- both academically and social/emotionally. He was in special education classes from at least 5th grade to 8th grade and was even held back a year. At that time (the mid 1980’s), APMS didn’t have a counselor or a social worker to help or diagnose at-risk kids like Runge. The only people we had were the Principal and the Assistant Principal (Mr. Bacon), who acted as more of a Dean than anything. I remember Bacon wasn’t respected much by the kids at the time and was a bit worthless in retrospect.

    Runge was a gifted athlete and he was always large for his age. Most kids were intimidated by his size and his mean streak. He was pretty cocky because a lot of girls were interested in him at the time, mostly because he looked about 17-18 years old when he was only 13-14. I went off to a different high school and the next I heard of him, he had been arrested at about 16 years old for the rape and imprisonment of a 14 year old girl. Then he went to prison and I didn’t hear any more about him until all his other crimes surfaced years later.

    My heart goes out to Danny who lost a mother and all the other families who had their lives changed forever by this monster.

  19. Celest Thank you for the info, Susan thank you for your prayers. Tina, Miss talkin to ya but question? Carlene, do you mean carlena? Cause if your talking about Stacey’s friend Carlena I know her and live by her. I would like to know so much more. I just turned 18 now and I would like to know the truth in every way possible. I believe that my mom’s husband at the time, Jeff, had something to do with it, I think he had a big part of it. With the way he treated us. She died right before she tried to divorce Jeff. And Sherri, She knew about the murders all along. Celest, thank you for the info, this was mostly new to me. If you all would like to reach me, please email me at I would like to talk with you all. Thank you

    Stacey’s son Daniel

  20. I dated Paul in high school. He was my “first” He seemed veery normal to me with the exception of a few “crazy” reactions. I dated him and took him to my Prom. He wore my class ring, but cheated on me all the time. Lots more stories where that came from. He was working at Fox Lumber at the time. We actually broke up and my mom and dad took me out of town for the weekend because he was stalking me. He mother died shortly before, but I do not think this effected him like some say. He had issues from the start. Anyways, the wekend I went away was when he committed his first rape. Luckily the girl escaped. I am not sure why nothing bad ever happened to me, I get the creeps everytime his name comes up. I was a lucky one I guess. I came back from the weekend with my parents and his friend Mark was at my house to tell me Paul was at large and what had happened. I was shocked. He wrote me a few letters from prison at first, but of course i burned them. If it makes you feel better..he got his in jail too. I know first hand he was beatena dnraped there. This is not enough punishemnt for what he has done to those innocent women. He does deserve death. Everytime I pull out my yearbook and see our picture in there from Prom I want to puke. He is a sick SOB and will definately burn in hell for eternity. Again, my condolences and prayers go out to all the victims families. Know that even if justice/revenge is not gotten on earth, he will have to face judgement with God and that is worse!

  21. I am the sister of Yolanda Gutierrez and aunt of Jessica Muniz
    I agree with Susan there is a HUGE flaw in the system that Charlene is allowed to walk around and continue to live her life as thou nothing happened. I to agree I hope some lawyer finds a loop hole and put’s her away as well she did take part in some of the murders and she should be held accountable. If she would have gone to the police my sister and niece would be alive today. Today marks the anniversary of their murders (11 years) and it’s still hurts just the same.


    I’m sorry that you had to grow up without your mother because of this monster. God Bless you always Danny whenever your feeling lost and confused reach out to god he is always there for you… Take Care of yourself….

    You must have had Yolie on your mind I see that you wrote your comment on Yolie’s B-day. Hope your doing well..

  22. After all the years that i have been without my sister Yolanda and my neice Jessica, i have realized that the pain will never cease. Even though our family has realized that they are in a better place now and watching over us, there is no mercy in our hearts for this monstourous person. Throughout the years i have thought about my sister and neice and wondered how it would be if they were still here. I have noticed that i have tried to block this out, but the more i do, the more it consumes me. I have realized that as this consumes me, it tends to drown me in an emotional state of mind. As the years go by i pray with faith in our Lord that this monster will pay for what he has done, not only to our family but to the other families who are also going through the same agony and pain that we have all endured. My heart goes out to all the families, including my own, and i hope that one day we can all find some kind of peace within our soul to move on but never forget the wonderful and gracious moments that our loved ones have once brought into our lives. May God bless us all and give us the strength and courage to be able one day to live with our loses. To my family, I Love You, and we are in this battle together. To the other families, may the Lord bless you and give you strength and faith to move on.

  23. i grew up never knowing my aunt and cousin. i always knew that they past away but was kept away from the details of the murder. after the trial i was extremely hurt,and went through a stage of rage against this monster. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!!!

  24. Sue,
    When is the execution date?

  25. Yeah Sue. Let us know. We have a celebration in order. To see how many lived this scum has ruined is just unspeakable. Goes to show you how serial killers can look nice too.

  26. I’ll post here as soon as I find out…

  27. Jeff was her husband(2nd)…I don’t know if she dated any other Jeffs up there.

  28. I am sorry you have lost loved ones. Goodness be with you.

  29. I am sure if Danny told his story to say…..Geraldo, Steve Wilkos, Montel,or even Nancy Grace…ONE of them would do an interview with Paul aka scum bag low life piece of sh*&

  30. Dont think he would have to actually do an interview….This scum bag was a serial killer….I just think if brought to someones attention that works in the media that someone would want to interview this evil monster.

  31. I was actually friends with paul for a short time in high school. We worked together and we carpooled a couple times. Seemed like a dcent guy. Bit of a bullshitter. but actually slept with a lot of hot girls from our town. He did not seem any different from any of us. I knew him up until a few months later when he raped and kidnapped a girl. I could not believe it. I could see how he put his victims at ease and were surprised. Anyone could have been a victim. You cannot always judge a book by its cover. I am glad that such a demented person is in prison. However i don’t know if the death penalty is right. It is a punishment of the unknown. he may be getting off too easy. It is ashame that we are so civlized that we have not come up with a punishment that would be right for such a person. There should be pain inflicted on him every day of his life for a long time. If there is a hell great. absolutely great, he will get his. until we are sure these is a hell. we should develop a punishment that is hell on earth for such a man for as long aspossible. It has been proven that the death penalty is not a deterent. Torture day after day night after night might be. Do I feel bad that Paul went from a regular kid too what he became yes. Do i feel bad about his warped mind that caused him to commit these crimes. yes. but once he knew he was going to go through with one of his sick fantasies he could have been a man a blew his brains out before he commited such acts. because he didn’t he should feel pain and suffering for as long as possible. I know as a son a husband and as a father no pain inflicted on paul will never be enough.

  32. Hello Danny & Susan. I am a reporter for Newsradio 780/WBBM and would love to talk with you. When Stacey was murdered, I was working for WKRS/WXLC in Waukegan and am very familiar with her story. Please email me at Although I’m not Nancy Grace or Geraldo, I do work part-time for Chicago’s all-news leader. But because I’m part-time, I may not respond right away. I have read some of your notes here and am interested in the story you have to tell.

  33. Hey Tina, Sry I have not called, I have no cell and I won’t be moving till the end of June. I will try to call soon and thank you for your message on myspace! ;p Love ya!

    I am open for any questions and learning new info. My Grandma though will not participate in any convo with any reporter. My email is

  34. Read what is up to date and I have alot to say!
    First: I would love to tell the story, and I would love to be the one in to take an interview with him just so I can have my hands around that fuckers neck! But besides that I would love to interview and make it clear that this fucker gets what he deserves and that all of his victims and their families gets the prayers that they need.

    Jeff Frobel: I have many memories of him!!! All the memories on his Drug and Drinking problems. All the times he used to beat the shit out of my mom and I. And for some new information to some… Jeff is the one that introduced my mom to him! Here is a great question… Isn’t it weird that this all happened while she was trying to divorce Jeff??? Hmmm suspicious!? I have this one big memory of this psycho: I woke up in the middle of the night to jeff Screaming. I creaped up into the living room as I see my mom sitting on the couch crying and jeff standing on the other side of the coffee table screaming at her. She saw me and called me to her, I deeply remember the tight hug she gave me. As he was screaming he picked up and big piece of glass that sat on the table and smashed it on his head. If that doesnt scream psychotic then what does. I have many memories of that asshole. Plus that fucker has my mom’s ashes and I have not seen him sense I was five!!!
    Charleen: Yes, Needs to go to jail! The worst part is that she was friends with my mom and Jeff hooked her up with Paul!
    My mom: Yeah I’m sure she slept around, but really do you blame her for the jack ass she was married and stuck with (Jeff Frobel). She has done many things I’m sure she regrets but if she had fun doing them at least she got some type of happiness before she passed, But all that I care about is that she was a good mother to me and when ever Jeff came to be me she tried her hardest to stop it!!! If you were in her situation, I’m sure you would be scared to, we don’t know what he would have done if she had left.
    If it wasn’t for Jeff my mom would still be alive and I would not be in the situations that I am in today!!!
    There is alot of info that has been unsaid and it is time for everyone to share it! Every one that was involved in my moms and all of the other victims murders need to get their share of punishment!!!

    God please bless my mom, paul runge’s victims and the victims families souls for they need all the blessing they can get!

  35. Oh and I am extremely sry but I need to add the blessings for all of the friends and all the people that have been here for out pain! Thank you!!!

  36. Thank you all!

    Susan, yes I think it would be nice to meet. I have to ask my grandma if she is up for it but I’m sure it would be no problem.

    Tina, well said and yes I got your message and I totally agree!!! I do need to talk to you on the phone cause I have some questions but I just need to get to a phone that I can use.

    I just got a job and need to pay some bills for my APT, car and to get a cell phone once again! Love you all and my blessing to all of you once again!

  37. I was friends with Stacey in Florida. Tina, you may remember me from at Joeys place or Lumar. I used to see the two of you after work at Dennys all the time too. Do you remember Tad and his brother? We were talking about you & Stacey the other day. You guys were like 2 peas in a pod. Where one was, the other would be there. Her death must have affected you deeply. I am so sorry. I know what good friends you two were. People used to think you were sisters. Remember that? Boy we sure had some fun back then, didn’t we?

    I miss her so much also. This demon Paul Runge has left some huge scars on our hearts. There are alot of other people here who miss her too. I saw your my space page you made up for her. What a good idea. I might have some pictures of the both of you to add to it. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless all of the families.

  38. I’d like to start off by passing on my deepest heartfelt condolences to the families and friends who have lost loved ones based on the actions of Paul Runge. It boggles the mind when I try to understand how human beings can cause each other so much pain and suffering. Is it the type of evil the Bible warns about or is it some organic wire in the brain that randomly comes undone at birth? I wish I knew the answer to that question because without one, people like Paul Runge will always be hunting amongst us, leaving a trail of death in their wake.

    The reason I’m adding to this blog is to help answer some of the many questions you all seem to have in common. These answers have been researched and checked with various reliable sources. Everything is current up to the date of posting.

    Illinois’ previous Governor, George Ryan, commuted the death sentences of over a hundred and fifty inmates. They are all serving life sentences without parole. A number of these inmates were given death sentences for rape murders. Some of these cases were against children and the elderly. These inmates didn’t want to leave death row to be integrated into the general population. Crimes against children and the elderly aren’t looked upon favorably. Life on death row means a single cell, meals served in the cell and total separation from the general population. If these inmates want to eat while in general pop, they must go to the chow hall. Cell life is also much different since it would be shared with another inmate, not of their choosing. The cells are very small. If given a choice, many general pop inmates would choose the lifestyle of death row inmates, minus the possible ending.

    If Mr. Runge had his death sentence commuted, he’d be a lot worse off than present and probably die way before any possible execution date ever rolled around. Fear would be a daily ingredient of his life. It chagrins me to know he’s existing in a lifestyle better than 60% of the prison population. Yes, the moratorium is still in effect in Illinois and may be for some time to come. At present it’s not really an issue since death row inmates have the appeal system to work through, if they so choose. Runge’s is only in the beginning stages of this process. If the moratorium was lifted, it wouldn’t effect any of the fifteen inmates on death row.

    Illinois doesn’t use the electric chair and hasn’t for some time. The current method of execution is lethal injection. There’s a movement to have this method stopped and even a few cases in the United States Supreme Court. The claim is that lethal injection is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. I’m not sure how that can be determined when the only people who could testify to that, are dead?

    On the subject of Mr. Runge’s ex-wife Charlene (Cheri), she was given full immunity from prosecution in return for her testimony against Mr. Runge in the deaths of Stacy Frobel and the two Bosnian sisters. The deal seems set in stone. It came out in Mr. Runge’s last trial that Charlene reneged on one of the conditions of her agreement. The state chose to ignore that. Amazing isn’t it? I’ve often wondered what the need is for Charlene’s testimony? Mr. Runge gave confessions in the two said cases. He’s not saying he didn’t commit these horrible crimes, he’s saying he’s insane. How can Charlene help? She sounds like the one who was insane. It will be interesting to hear what she has to say.

    Charlene moved out of state in the late 90’s. She’s changed her name and severed most of her past ties. Charlene got a free pass courtesy of the F.B.I., Dupage County State’s Attorney and Cook County State’s Attorney. These people have made it a habit to make deals with the Devil. If this upsets you as it does myself, you need to contact local media outlets along with the larger ones. With enough pressure it might be possible to stop this practice or at least have these deal makers removed from office. Here’s an interesting fact, Robert Milan who took Mr. Runge’s confession and was instrumental in Charlene’s immunity deal, is now running for Cook County State’s Attorney. If he’s elected, you can expect more of the same. Mr. Runge was never accused or charged with any murders before that of Stacy Frobel. According to all sources, that would be his first known murder. He was questioned in the Frobel murder and became a prime suspect but only after many others, he was never detained or charged with the murder until June of ’01. Between ’95 and ’97, Runge’s voluntarily gave DNA samples, dental impressions and hair and blood all requested by the F.B.I. Charlene did the same. The results didn’t help further the investigation.

    The trial in the death of Stacy Frobel will probably be held in the fall of this year. The state is seeking the death penalty as in the prosecution of the first case. In my opinion the tax payers of Illinois would better be served if Mr. Runge accepted a life sentence. A trial along with the previous prosecution procedures is a waste of money. Mr. Runge’s doesn’t deserve the tax payers hard earned money. The whole thing must have already cost over a million dollars. This guy needs the justice general population would offer.

    The last thing I have concerns the possibility of Mr. Runge doing any interviews. He’s been approached by a number of media sources including hourly news programs. He’s declined them all based on the advice of his attorneys. That’s probably for the best. Those shows seem to generate a lot of mail for the showcased individual.

    In closing, I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. If you have more, feel free to address them on this site to Aperson07.

  39. Thankyou, Aperson07-
    atleast I know now someone is listening. forgive me to be not so compassionate about any one that is even trying to run for office that was around when this case was undergo.
    I may not be the smartest blond on the block but every Man or Woman that was trying to be the BC in the cop shop when Stacey was brutelly murdered , her car sitting there, everyone said who she was with that night-I don’t care how many other cards were thrown in thier frigin face- thier Job was to INVESTIGATE- Hello Mc fly,
    what was it that they thought Stacey was going to be the only one?
    and just because she was last seen in a bar , maybe she deserved it?
    Sorry , pretty much every one of you and your Mother have been there, do you believe you should be Raped and killed too ?
    I am sorry if I will sound out even more now but here you go.
    Any frigin badge holdin’SOB that can seriously let that skanky no good Bitch walk the streets among many other could be victims if she meets the right guy for her schemes should be throughly investigated for his STATE OF MIND ! not just because he is part of the state.
    And to Mr. Runges Lawyer, Good Luck..Remember what he really is capable of doing!!! that stuff can not go away.
    And this could have been Your Best Friend!!
    Do Right

  40. Susan,

    I have uploaded the newest mug shot of him while in prison. However, it is almost the same as the other one. I was also able to find pictures of 2 victims, Yolanda and Jessica. If anyone has pictures of the others to post, I would love that!

  41. Here’s an older one of paul.

  42. Tina,

    I don’t know who Aperson07 is, but the skdocuments website is mine.

  43. What exactly are you wanting to know about his escape attempt?

  44. From what I understood, he had help from a female guard. I’m pretty sure she got in trouble too.

  45. I am a friend of killed sisters.
    Their parens are still crying, every single day they wake up and cry.
    I wish that evil bitch Charlene painful and slow death. And oh dear Charlene if our paths ever cross, what Paul did to them is nothing compared to what’s going to happen to you.

    Your country is a joke. Paul is still alive and the bitch is walking around free and my beautiful beatiful friends are dead

  46. Adriana,
    Sorry for the loss of your friends and I agree with you in regards to Paul and Charlene however, your nasty comment about MY country is uncalled for….I dont know what country you are from but Paul needs to be charged on ALL murders before this is over. Paul and Charlene will both have to answer to GOD for their actions and it is MY country that has that SOB off the streets. Please, if you continue to post, keep it about the victims and dont judge my country, by you doing so you are insulting me and all my other fellow americans.
    Thank you.

  47. A first my space? What is this a competition Tina?

  48. I am glad there are myspace pages dedicated to her…Its a nice tribute to a wonderful girl!! Thanks for keeping her memory alive!

  49. I went to school with Dorota Dziubak for a very short time and the news about her death was very disturbing to me.
    I never really found out exactly what has happened until recently due to my own family tragedy. Dorota was recently on my mind when I woke up one morning and decided to write a story. Somehow my thoughts were stirred towards this event and I started looking things up.
    Im glad you guys have this site and I am sorry for everyones’ losses.

  50. As much as I’d like to agree with all the negative comments relating to Paul R., I must speak against some false statements made by “Mar” dated January 24, 08. I’ve had to do some checking and it seems “Mar” (a.k.a. Martha P. in ’86-’87) has her facts wrong. During that time and up until the mid 90’s, I knew them both very well. I visited Paul in jail and prison and even one time with martha. In all fairness to Martha, Paul did treat their relationship bad. He cheated on her all the time and showed me and others a porno movie they made together. He also set me up with her best friend just so he could cheat with her. There’s plenty of reasons for Martha and I to trash him but the truth should stand alone as enough. With that said, Paul never stalked Martha. He dumped her for a girl named Stephanie P. Stephanie P. got jealous because martha continued toc all Paul. ONE night about a week after the break up, Stephanie, Paul and myself went to Martha’s house because Stephanie wanted to kick her ass. That caused a scene and scared Martha. It was a one time event. In the weeks that followed Paul would drive by Martha’s house but not to stalk her. He was going to her best friends house to sleep with her. Chris T. lived on the same street just further down the block. Yep, he was cheating on Stephanie. The guy had like 5 or 6 girlfriends and wasn’t stalking any. Martha found this all out later and felt quite jilted since he was her first and consumed her senior year in high school. She’s got every right to feel sick. I myself feel sick because I knew he was a pervert and went along with it. I even let him date my cousin. No surprise, that ended bad. Anyway, about Paul’s prison time between ’88 and ’94, it will probably chagrin most of you to know that he wasn’t treated harshly at all. In 1988 Paul was 18. It was his first time in jail and in prison. He was sentenced to 14 years for rape, kidnapping, and armed violence. In Illinois you serve half of that plus you can receive good conduct credits. Paul only served 6 years and 9 months. Only 5 years and 5 months was done in prison. That low sentence made him eligible for amedium and later minimum security facilities. The guy is a natural manipulator and chameleon. He fit right in to that relaxed lifestyle. There are no prison records of any violence done by him or to him. Basically he was a model inmate as far as records go. He was popular with the inmates because he could get things done. He had good jobs and was even vice president of the facility chapter of the junior chamber of commerce. They controlled the non-commissary items like pizza, ice cream, and other luxury food items. He had the biggest porn collection I’ve ever heard of and rented it out. The go to guys like him are protected in prison. He didn’t walk in the door adn say he was guilty of rape. He did what any smart person would do and said he was convicted of an inmate respectable crime. Martha couldn’t be farther from the truth in her statement that he got his injail. Her supposed first hand knowledge f him getting beaten and raped is wishful thinking. Hell, he’d have used that as part of his defense for killing if that were true. Fact is, he had a multitude of female visitors throughout that whole sentence. He may be a monster but he never looked like one. Court records even have some girls admitting to having sex with him on visits and picnics. In October of 2000 he had a female guard break him out of the facility he was in. This guy isn’t victim material. He kept very fit and has had a prison life of country clubs with golf, tennis, fishing, weight rooms, pool tables, and even roller skating. The places he was at resembled college campus life, not the prison stuff on tv. That whole maximum security thing never crossed his path. 90% of the prison in the US are called ‘Correctional centers or facilities’. They look nothing like the scary hell Hollywood shocks us with. From his own mouth he told his with that he’d rather be locked up like in the past than live life with her. Now he sits on death row protected from the true harm maximum security general population breeds. People who wish the worst for him shouldn’t be happy with a death sentence. A person in the know would see the true hell of a life sentence. That’s justice. Nowhere to hide. We all die , that’s a fact. We don’t all live a life of fear.

  51. Ok, there is alot going on this page now… No contest is needed here, all we need to know is that were here for one and another… I know the truth on a few of you people!!! And I see some sick things and why Stacey stopped being friends… for instance, Drugs around your kids…. yeah you know who you are… I know everyone makes mistakes but no one is perfect… this is more of a site for the family and friends not the ones who want fame…. like for another instance… someone raising a charity fun for Stacey and Keeping all of the money… My grandma and I know the truth and will respect the people who actually have a true heart… Please keep this real!!! I’m sure all of the other victims and the families would like the same!!! I’m sorry for being harsh but this shit is not right!!! I’m sure Stacey… watching over us would like to see better…

    And for all the other victims families I know that your wishing for Pauls Time for I am too… He put a hole in all of us.. I wish the best…

    And thank you to all of you for your voice…

  52. I am another sister of Yolie and Jesse. When he took their lives, he took my mind. I lost my mind for 10 years. I tried to committ sucide, just to be with them. This is my first time I have talked about it on this blog. My deepest condelonces to all the other families that had to suffer. I have 2 children, that are still dealing with their loss. My kids were very close to Jesse. Jesse would have been 23 years old. I know leave up to God. I not going to let this monster steal anymore of my joy. It still hurts deeply, but wishing death upon him is not going to bring my sister and neice back. May God have mercy on his soul, thats if he has one.

  53. I grew up in Oak Forest. I never met Runge but I knew others who did, including my own sister. In high school he was trying to kidnap and tie up girls. Someone should have intervened earlier.

  54. Danny , like you said you were five years old when this happpened. I know this was the worst thing you would ever hear , i felt the same on Jan. 3 to come home and not see the LOVE of my live…. I DID NOT HAVE ANYTHIONG TO DO WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She liked to party HARD.. i was always there to pick her up, but she had fallen hard to drugs like you real dad. I will miss her and you 4EVER like your TMNT LOL , i would never think of hurtting you or her ! I LOVED YOU GUY”S !!!!!!

  55. i an the nephew of yolanda and cousin of jessica. im seventeen. just an update for everybody just in case you dont know, Paul runge was given the lethal injection in feburary of 2009. He should have had the chair but what’s done is done. He deserves to rot in hell!!!!!!!!!

    • young pain,

      I do not see that anyone named Paul Runge was executed in February. Where did you get your information? If you go to the Illinois Dept. of Corrections, he is still listed as a current inmate. Did you mean that he was sentenced to death?

      Just an FYI: I don’t think any states are using the electric chair anymore. Most, if not all, have gone to letal injection. I don’t like it either, but it is what is happening.

  56. I have to say that I am upset. From my understanding of this, it’s a blog! A place to share about the victims and not throw out accusations for others whom feel pain from Staceys death. Share your memories of your loved ones for they are special to all. I too knew Stacey as a young lady and I enjoyed her company, she was truly a wonderful person. Stacey should be remembered and I encourage anyone with good things to say, please do. Those who wish to be rude and make accusations, please don’t. Love Stacey and always keep her in your hearts. Remember her smiling, such a sweet thought…..Please not let her see this from above and hurt her wonderful memories and thoughts of you.

  57. I knew Stacey McDonald in S. Florida. It saddens me so much to know that she is gone forever.

  58. Enough!
    I knew Stacey and Suzie- Stac could be here and being a mom like Suzie whos oldest son is going to the Police Accademy this month……..
    Stacey should be here.
    Paul is Gone take him away fast !
    Hes ruined so frigin much of peoples lives.

  59. I knew Stacey too. This bickering is ridiculous.

  60. hey danny && elizabeth
    i’am the sister or jessica muniz
    i was never blessed to meet my sister shes my sister threw my father tony muniz i now i’m 17 yrs. old and even doe i never knew my sister i hold her very close to my heart i know she is always with me and protects me in journey in life i would really like to know more information on what really happened, elizabeth my myspace email is also for you danny my aunt mari muniz would like to speak to you since she no longer has a comp. you can reach her at 321-662-0832 or if not at my myspace

  61. && for carmen please contact me too if you can il be waiting my family has no information whats so ever and im trying to contact you i really want to know a part of my sister my grandmother says im alot like her
    my link to myspace

  62. wrong link sorry

  63. Susan are you forgetting about the money you got from the Bar on Barrington Rd. But don’t think about it again I took care of Danny! thank you all for thinking of Stacey. I remember a lot of funny things of her. her birthday partyies to many to write about I loved her lets keep it nice Danny needs happy stories not fighting. thanks everyone! Stacey’s Mom

  64. How sad someone would do that.

    Does anyone know what is going on with Paul Runge and his next court appearance?

  65. The next court date is Dec. 15, But it doesn’t mean anything . Runge can’t hurt anyone else! Thanks everyone Stacey well be loved forever by so many

    • Susan Eberly (Hardy)-Stacey’s Mom, please contact me when you get the chance.
      Dean E.

      • “A person”…cheri is an evil bitch who IS going to rot in HELL for what she did!!!

        • Am I kidding you?? About what? Perhaps you didn’t understand my original post. I’m looking to get in contact with Sue Eberly (Hardy) who is Stacey’s Mom…neighbors of mine back in the early 80’s.

  66. Jeff how do I get ahold of you?

  67. I knew this a-hole when I was 12yrs old til just after HS, he was always a strange guy. I actually lifted weights with him until he started acting weird. One day he showed a group of us some strange porn..needless to say we never hung out with him again, he should have been still in prison at the time of these murders, llousy state lettting him out, he should have been studied and locked up forever as a preditor. Sorry for your loss.

  68. I’m very sorry for your losses.

    I have worked on the inside with this guy and similar people for over 20 years. I knew Runge professionally and was able to see what a manipulate he was first hand. He has a likable magnetism about him that makes many weak prison staff like and trust him. He uses this as a tool and as we know is very dangerous because of it. He is calculated killer that notices little things that sets him apart from the average convict. If anyone ever thought he was crazy they are very wrong, his warped in the worst way and enjoys and gloats to himself on his self proclaimed personal achievements. I’m sure there is a higher power that will dispense justice. I just want people to know what I have observed on the inside.

    Once again I’m very sorry for what this animal has done.

  69. Tina,
    Could you please email me if and when you receive this. Thanks!

    Danny, not sure if you still check this but if you do I hope you are well…I dont have a myspace anymore but I am on facebook so if you have an account feel free to add me.

  70. I dont know why Im posting this but I went to Marist HS with Paul. We took the bus together. He would bring porn magazines. He had a strangeness about him. He thought he was god’s gift to women. My grandmother was a dispatcher for Cook County and called me to tell me a boy from Marist was arrested for rape in Oak Forest. I never saw him again.
    I scares me sometimes that I even know who he is.

  71. I grew up in Oak Forest, across the school yard from the Runges, talked to him at the ball field a few times but knew his technically first victim who got away. And tho I do not follow his case as closely as all of you, (because it sickens me to pass his house in Oak Forest, which might I add is still a daily occurance for me, after his first offense, there were bars put on the doors and windows) I have heard that Runge is writing a book in jail, whether there is any truth to that I have no clue. To all the victims and their families, I am truly sorry for your loss. And I join you in the fight for Runges’ death, but as I see it, an eye for an life in prison, no easy lethal injection but someone needs to do to him as he has done to the victims so he knows and suffers the same pain they did. God Bless you all, and know that you have ANGELS sitting on your shoulders guiding you….and although you can not see them or hear them, they are still with you every day, alive in your heart.

  72. I also grew up with Stacey. There were 3 of us Stacey,Sue and I and we were like the three musketeers we did everything together. I ment Stacey when I was in 7th grade and the 3 of quickly became the best of friends. We hung around for 3 years and I had switch high schools so we all got serpareted. I remember going to the beach with Stacey and her mom when I was younger> When heard about it at first I did not realize it was Stacey because the last name was different. I was devasted I couldnt believe it. You always here about things and i think it really hits home when you were really good friends with the person that it happens to. My heart really goes and to Danny,Susan(staceys mom)and her brothers. I am sorry that his mother life was taken way to short by aman that should have been put away before any of this even happened. I did not know about this blog until tonight and I just sat here and read the entire thing and it breaks my heart to see how this monster has destoryed so many lives. I mean you have people on fighting and competeing with eachother which is completely unnecessary. When I first started reading this blog and thought was to remember the victims, but as I got to the end I see alot of accustations that are made with really not a lot of facts. if I were the victims family that would very much upset me. The familys that read look for good memories or people giving apologies for horrific crime that was commited. I think people should keep that in there minds. Once again to Stacies family and to Danny I am so sorry for your loss and I wish I would have known about this blog sooner. I am also very sorry for all the other victims families I could never imagine having to go thru what have had to endure over the years.

  73. charlene ann cullmen aka (cheri) needs 2be on deathrow also!!!! instead the bitch is living life in cape coral,fla. w/that son of satan she gave birth 2 paul jr. cheri was never married 2 paul…. i know for afact that she help in everthing that the monster did……

    • Very true but that is no way to treat the kid, He had no part in it nor choice on who his parents are… jus sayin

  74. susan… plz contact me at via e-mail….

  75. Susan Eberly (Hardy)-Stacey’s Mom, please contact me when you get the chance.
    Dean E.

  76. Wow Cheri had his son… Yet they had a son… He was born into this life… I can’t call him the son of satan cause he will never have a clue who is dad really is and hopefully he has the right guidance… I hope that he Chooses a better future for him self and gets away from this mess! I haven’t checked in here for a long time… Thank you every one for your kind words… I am on facebook if any one would like to talk more… Daniel C. McDonald

  77. I am the nephew of Yolanda gutierrez and the cousin of Jessica Muniz. I am now 18 years old and a freshman in college. Till this day i shed tears whenever i think of losing my cousin and aunt, but church has changed my perspective. Yes this man deserves what is coming to him, but instead of continuously mourning our loses, i live my life for them. Thank you everyone for your supportive words. God Bless you all.

  78. Let him rot in hell in his cell. Then he can rot in hell after he leaves this earth. He deserves death by all means, but thankfully he isn’t now nor ever will be walking the streets! R.I.P Stacey and ALL the victims!

  79. Hi everyone. I knew Stacy, jeff and Paul. Dan, I have been trying to get in touch with you, but this Tina person seems to think I’m going to pass on bad info to you.

    I have no reason to want to make any false statements to you. I am not a reporter, nor have anything to do with the press. I know how Paul got introduced into our group. I know what happened, where everyone was, etc. I am on Facebook as Mike Horist. I can tell you right now that some of the info that’s posted here is incorrect. Jeff only met Paul long after Paul had become part of our group. I knew Charlene (aka cheri) and yes Cheri and Paul DID get married. Yes she did have his kid. Cheri actuall called me from Florida a few years ago. No one knew where jeff went. The last time I talked to jeff was when I went to his work after Stacy had passed away, and no one knew what happened to dan nor jeff.

    So please, to anyone reading this I only want dan or jeff to contact me. I will not talk to any news people concerning this. Dan, there is lots of info I can pass on to you that can fill in a lot of the blanks. I only found out about this site a few days ago. I assisted the FBI. They were not very forthcoming, and unable to steer things correctly to all of us. There are people on my Facebook that knew your mom and jeff, including police officers that I still talk to. I am not a cop either. I am just a average working guy. I have no reason to lie about anything. Your mom was a friend. I thought Cheri and Paul were also until everything started unraveling on all of us. I really don’t want to post up any more. The info I can share with you, I can only hope will help you. Now, seeing this is the Internet, just tell me something personal about your mom that only friends would know about so I know it’s you and not someone trying to get crap info. If dan wishes to share any of the info I have, that’s his choice. I have tried being respectful to this Tina person when I contacted her, but she kept trying to pump me for info that has no business to do with her. I hope I can fill in some blanks, and if you come to Chicago area, maybe I can try to get some people to get together also so you can meet some of her friends and myself as we all still talk to each other in the last part of hermliving life. So please only dan or jeff may contact me right now. Use this email. or contact me on Facebook as mike horist

  80. First of all “MIKE” your letters to Tina were anything but respectful. You were 100% verbally abusive to her. Secondly,you need to just go away and leave Danny alone. Why in Gods name would you try to open old wounds for him after 16 years!!!! Who cares how the killer came into “your circle.” His mother is dead at his hands,theres nothing more to tell. And you say you keep in contact with Pauls ex wife?! Why would you if you were in fact Staceys friend. She knew what he did and you still are “friends” with her?! And you got it wrong when you state you are and “average guy” An average guy doesnt write such nastiness to a lady. Tina is very close with Danny and Staceys Mom and for you to speak to her out of tongue not only disrespects Tina,the woman that has been there for Danny this entire time,it also disrespects Danny. No one wants to hear from you so please, do everyone a favor and just go away. Your behavior is that of a stalker and is not wanted nor needed. And Danny doesnt need to tell you anything about who is Mom is to prove who he is to you…Who do you think you are demanding such info?! Danny, you saw what he wrote to Tina and the way he spoke to her. This guy is a few fries short of a happy meal…You are doing the right thing, stay away from this guy. He is bad news. I hope life is blessing you Danny and that this “Mike” hasnt opened any old wounds. Stay on your path of healing,its the right path and I am sure your Mom is very very proud of you!
    Hugs and Love!

  81. Wow. Just wow. Talk about twisting things to make yourselves feel better. Danny, I asked her to be nice and not to pump me for info. I wasn’t being rude to her. I was being very civilized. this is why I wanted to talk on a phone call, and not over the internet or email because things can become twisted and taken out of context.

    1st of all, CHARLENE contacted me, I did not contact her. I will have NOTHING to do with her ever again. Period.

    2nd, there is a second cheri in the group. Your mom lived with her for a bit Danny, while doing everything she could to try to get you back.

    Danny, we were some of the last people to have seen your mom. I would like to introduce you to them. I know you talked to another friend of ours named julie a few years back.

    But I love how some people think I’m a stalker now? Seriously?! WTF is wrong with you people? Not a single one of us that were friends with Stacy want to harm her memory. Period.

    I thought I was a friend to charlene. It was made to a point that her and Paul, when they got married, even asked me to become the godfather to 2 of the kids Charlene had prior to Paul. So yes, I have LOTS of prior info. Not a single one of us wants to harm stacys memory. And I was trying to be respectful, while asking for respect in return, asking no one to pump me for info that wasn’t ment for anyone elses eyes nor ears to be heard other then Danny so nothing would be tainted in 3rd party inputs.

    Danny, if you add me on Facebook, I will create a page that let’s you talk to the group of us that knew your mom, some that lived with her, and were friends with her. their names are Jon, christy, cheri, julie, robin. Your mother loved you Danny. She was trying everything she could to get things right in her life so she could get you back.

    The nature of how things have been twisted on here is a prime example on why I didn’t want to try to give out any info including through emails. The call is yours Danny.

  82. To everyone talking about CHARLENE. I dont think she did anything. She is a wonderful person and im sorry to everyone who lost someone because of this but no normal person could live a normal life knowing they ” helped ” in somthing like this. So im sorry but i really do not think she help or knew about it!

    • “A Person”,

      Actually some killers or those who helped have been able to lead a normal life after killing. Look at Caril Fugate (who started a new life after prison, becoming a nurse in Michigan) and Charlene Williams Gallegos, who also got out on parole, changed her name and lives allegedly in Northern California. Charlene should have never gotten out of prison ever. However, now she lives in anonymity.

  83. “A PERSON” She WAS involved….Do your research before you come here praising the scum that aided in some of these people losing their loved ones…

  84. To: “a person”

    Don’t know who you think you are, claiming to know Charlene. But she have knowledge of what happened. She helped Paul out. I thought I knew Charlene also, but it was a load of crap. Charlene has stolen from people, mis-used her friendships with people, and flat out lied about many things. She had gotten full immunity from the Feds which means she had covered her ass.

    She had more then enough ways and times to come forward about all of this. She chose not to. And I won’t even go into the other guy that’s the father of 2 of her other kids before Paul came along. Charlene had her chances. Now her name is forever tainted by the most truly and disgusting thing that could follow someone around. And Charlene, if that’s you. Your scum. Never contact me again. Your totally worthless

    • Thank you Mike.
      I’m gutted that horrible woman Charlene got away with luring victims straight into hands of the psychopat rapist and killer! And now it looks like Paul got away with murders too. I can’t believe they are not going to prosecute him, someone please tell me this is not happening ;(

  85. @Mylifeofcrime…I agree 100%
    I think ALL killers and people that aid in such crimes lead normal lives after their deeds….Had they not, they would all of been caught immendiatly…Dahmer for example,he had a shrew of dead bodies in his home,yet noone knew,and he went about his normal life of visiting with family and going out to bars…Casey Anthony, she killed her 2 year old daughter and drove around with the body in her trunk…All the while bed hopping,clubbing and go about her life like nothing was wrong…It always baffles me when someone tries to advocate for the criminal,defend them and make them seem not so monsterous as they truely are.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  86. To A Person, First of all you are one of Cheri’s kids so you would say that!But Iam sorry I dont TRUST your mom she was in our family for 10 LONG YRs. and nothing but TROUBLE.I dont know how this person can get away with soooooo much.She has to kids with my brother we want nothing to do with her!Also we met stacy a few times with Cheri and what a sweet girl!!What a shame cheri gets to live in Florida with her kids and grandchildren and carry on with life.How can she sleep at night?I hope one day everything comes out for the poor familys that lost loved one.

  87. To A Person, who in there right mind would stick up for that SCUM BAG CHERI!!She has 2 kids with my brother who she put him in and out of jail crying WOLF.It was pure HELL for our family for her lies I feel soo sorry for the families who lost love ones.This scum gets to be free with her kids in Florida and grandkids.I think the law needs to look things over again.What if she trys to hurt someone else I really hope thats not the case.

  88. So wow… stuff got rough on here lol… ok so yeah I’m very interested in all this info so Mike H. I would like to talk to you and here the truth from some one who was actually there at the time. But on one condition… you have to be completely honest and hold nothing back or it’s not even worth my time… if your gonna fill in the missing parts… might as well spill it all… email me and if any one else messages me that is a threat… be warned I have all number to the detectives and district lawyers that is participating with this case…

  89. Mike, I really hope you get back to danny help this young man get the info he needs!!

  90. Danny, the best way to do this will be via Facebook like I have been stating. I can add everyone together, and this way I can trust pics and stuff on there. You can see pictures of all of us also. We still talk to one another. I don’t trust a plain email address which is why I refused to give any info via any other means unless you come here to Chicago. anyone can “CLAIM” to be anyone over an email address. This is not a joke nor a lie. I have no clue who this other “aunt” is of yours because if she was in our mohers life ts been claimed, I don’t know any of us that recall her at all. So if any of this is truely “real” then the pics we have will prove who we are, let Aline that we knew Stacy.

    But I will not communicate via email. Anyone can be anyone on there. A Facebook account with pics prove much more as to who someone is

  91. Kind of strange that you dont want Danny to have your email address….You can clearly see by all of Dannys postings on here that it is in fact him. You are being beyond secretive and very shadey! Be careful Danny! This doesnt smell very good! He is trying to “help” you yet he is making demands and saying it has to be “his way and on his terms or forget it”
    Tread lightly my friend…Be safe!

  92. COULD YOU PEOPLE MAKE THINGS ANY MORE DIFFICULT?! You think I’M shady? Look at all of you, falling in line, acting all superior in here, but its absolutely FLIPPING FUNNY, how none of us that KNEW STACY when she moved back here, KNOW NOTHING OF ANY OF YOU PEOPLE other then danny or jeff. I helped the flipping FBI, and my name is associated with assisting them. And yes i am trying to control my language on here, but you know what. Jeff disappeared when all the shit hit the fan with paul. And rightfully so as stacy had been murdered. I have put who I AM, RIGHT UP ABOVE IN BOLD. My name, and my email addresses. Only shady people i see here are the ones trying to stop danny from talking to us. I think you all need to learn to go back to elementary school and learn how to PROOF-READ before replying. Danny, go ahead and contact the FBI, and talk to them, and ask about my name, and they will tell you that i had done nothing but cooperate with them and give them assistance in everything I could

    All im trying to do, is reach out to a poor kid that lost his mother, THAT WAS OUR FRIEND, and let him talk to ALL OF US THAT WERE in stacys life when she was taken from all of us. And the easiest way to accomplish all of this is by doing it ONLINE, on a networking site , that can allow ALL OF US TO COMMUNICATE AT ONCE and share stacy’s past with us as we were the last few people to have seen her UNLIKE ANY OF YOU moronic ass retards in here acting all high and mighty in here. If you were in stacys life, how come i haven’t heard of ANY OF YOU?!?! None of you trying to contact any of us after stacys passing. And there is one friend of ours that works for a sheriffs dept. Ive had enough of all of your juvenile attitudes. As i said before danny, i can put you in contact with at least 5 people that were a part of your mothers life before her passing. CAN ANYONE ELSE HERE DO THAT? HAVE I SEEN A SINGLE ONE OF YOU TRY TO HELP A KID FILL IN SOME BLANKS IN HIS MOMS LIFE THAT WAS TAKEN? NOPE. ALL YOU PEOPLE HAVE DONE IS TRY TO BEND THINGS TO YOUR WILLS. DANNY, EITHER CONTACT ME OR DONT. We have pictures that can place us with your mom. Jeff can vouch for who i am. And for the record, jeff didnt bring paul into the group. Paul met someone else, and i will keep other people out of this as this is no place for you people to be causing more crap in here to be digging trouble for. PEOPLE CAN BE A BUNCH OF FAKES IN EMAILS. If someone has an account on facebook, the only way it can be faked is if they just started an account. I can more then vouch who i am. and i can show danny more of his moms past up to close to her final days. God dang are you people scum. This is my last reply on here. PERIOD. You people really need to get lives trying to act like you know it all. Stacy was a part of our lives, up to the end of hers. Its really disgusting what you people have done in here trying to manipulate other people. I wont be manipulated. Period. I delt with that enough with charlene and paul years ago.

  93. Lol yeah I agree Tuscany… dude how do I not kno if ur one of Runge’s ppl that helped him get rid of the bodies of my mom and other victims… You do know it was not just Runge and his girl there were other accomplice’s. I’ll give you my face book but just you I don’t want no other ppl right now and your not helping your situation that your a creep. (no offense). plus I sent an email to your address and you didn’t respond cause I was gonna give you my number. and I have no clue what the hell you look like… I’ll give you my facebook but anymore BS… I won’t even be interested any more

  94. WOW!!! Mike how do you just pop-up on here saying how you knew stacy all so well and helped the FBI.well you did’nt help that much cuz cheri is out in Florida with her family and I think if it was not for her stacy could be here today.Also you are trying to show danny pictures of his mom and her past but really did you try and contact the family when this all happened?I also sent you a email on facebook because you said in a few comments back about Cheri’s orther 2 kids dad then did’nt want to get in to that.Well just to let you know he was a good person it was her she is NUTS!!How can you come on here and call people scum when only scum really where your 2 friends (Paul-Charlene).Oh and yes I do know stacy because cheri would bring her with to drop off her kids Matt&Lorie and I gone with them to the racetrack.Iam saying this to let you know I think I know who you are aswell!!

  95. Danny- As you can see by the way he speaks on here,and the way he spoke to Tina in those letters, it is obvious that he is not “good people” Who speaks this way to women?! This guy is a bully but if you feel the need to re-open old wounds and talk to this guy all I ask is that you please be very very careful. I dont care who he says he is or what he knows…Any normal person “who is trying to help someone” doesnt go about it in such a mean and angry fashion. They would be respectful, and gentle in their approach,especially under such circumstances as these….This guy has been nothing but rude,arrogant,mean and demanding from his 1st letter right down to his last,keep that in mind,that speaks volumes as to the type of person he is..YOU are the one that got hurt the most through this so he should be doing things on your terms if he truely wanted to help you, not spouting off demands that YOU need to meet in order to make HIM happy..Please be careful Danny, I dont have a good feeling about this guy as does no one else….
    ❤ Celeste

  96. Anyone can claim to be someone on the web. This has turned into a clusterfuck. So answer this very simple question

    Why in gods name, would I discuss, on an OPEN forum, things about Stacy, when I don’t know a single person on here? The info and people I can Introduce to Danny, is for Danny himself to meet. No one else. There has been NOTHING but people pushing me for info about Stacy that honestly has nothing to do with them, as they were no part of her life when she was a part of our lives. Are you new to the internet? Because not everything is safe nor secure on it. 

    1) I asked people not to push me for Info. But they kept asking me for Info!!!
    2) I asked people NOT to try to befriend me on Facebook to try to get Info from me. Yet another person did also!!

    And the worst part is it’s women sticking their noses into OUR friends life (Stacy) and none of us have EVER met them. 

    It’s disgusting how people are attempting to manipulate me, and try to get info from me that has nothing to do with them.

    So if this is Danny,You can either choose to try to find, and talk to your mothers friends before she passed away, or don’t. Again, it’s easiest to do it over Facebook or via a phone call. Facebook contact allows you to see pictures of all of us, and you can speak to ALL of us at once. So explain how that’s a bad thing?

    And to prove who I am and how much I know:
    1) I knew Charlene before she knew Paul
    2) I know how Paul got introduced to the group (as it was through someone I knew also)
    3) I’m the godfather to Paul and chalenes kids after they got married
    4) I gave the FBI the ok to record conversations in my car with Charlene and myself. 

    Again, I don’t know who these people are. Don’t you understand that, while these so called “friends” of Stacy, were not dealing with the police and FBI trying to find out what happened to Stacy. That’s all we did was try to figure out what happened, and provide assistance to law enforcement. So why these “so called” friends of Stacy were acting like they knew everything, they don’t know jack because they were not involved in everything prior, during, and past what had happened to Stacy. 

    If you are Danny, then you need to see things from my point of view as to why I won’t talk about private stuff, on an open forum, to people that we don’t know. It’s no ones business. Period. Other then ours and danny’s. 

    But enough is enough of this shit. If you ever come to Chicago, you can meet all of us in person also. But again, this clusterfuck is done with me. All I have tried to do is be considerate, but no one else has and they had to try to stick their noses into peoples business that has nothing to do with them. 

    Stacy was our friend. None of these other people were ours. There is a thing called respecting the dead, which not a single one of these people are doing. If Danny wishes to communicate with others, what we would like to share with him, then so be it. But I will not discuss things to people I don’t know. That’s called respect. Which it’s very apparent none of these other people have. 

    • Mike please get off this board. You were a friend of those two EVIL MONSTERS and you were a godfather to their kids. I hope you get a cancer! That’s all I wish for you, how dare yoiu coming here and talking. Go and hang yourself you rubbish person!

      • And I don’t usually use this kind of language but you used it first. You are a mentally ill person if you dare coming here and writing this stuff. You are as good as the company you’re keeping- murderers. May you rot in hell together with your evil friends.

  97. You have shown zero respect. Calling people “scum” and the language you use is beyond disrespectful. No one on this page has disrespected Stacey and just because you dont know who some of us are doesnt mean Stacey didnt hold a place in our hearts…None of us have a clue who you are but that doesnt give us the right to say you were not a friend of Staceys. Theres an old saying “You are who you hang with” You were friends with Char and Paul (your words) so much so that they honored you as Godfather to their children. In all my years,I can honestly say I have never met nor been associated with someone of their nature. Obviously,Stacey wasnt hanging with the right group of people before her death, you included in that group, so I dont see where you get off being so nasty to the people who have had nothing but nice things to say about her on this page. You were part of the “Paul and Char” group so how in the world can you be surprised that there are people out here that are looking out for Dannys best interest. Have you ever met Danny, Staceys Mom, Staceys brothers? No. For you to expect a hurt young man who has been trying to close old wounds to not have a support system when someone such as yourself comes out of the woodwork after 16 years, then you obviously dont know what it means to have people care for you and protect you….Danny has a strong support system and for you to bad mouth and crucify those people that care for him speaks vastly to your character.

  98. Sad…..very,very sad…

  99. Sue,
    Would you please stop with your antics…Other victims families come here to seek comforting words, not to see you praise Paul and Charlenes offspring nor do they come to see you praise any one that was friends with the man that took their loved ones lives. This isnt about P&C’s children,this isnt about MH. It is my opinion that this page is for the loved ones of the victims,please seek attention else where.

    • I agree with you Tuscany. It’s impossible that the kids of those two monsters could have any good in them. I cannot wish them well, I cannot wish their parents well or to friends of their parents. Justice has not been done in this case with one monster out on the loose ruining other peoples lives (she should not be allowed to have children!) and the other one not being prosecuted.

  100. Susan-You are praising a man that has been stalking and harrassing Danny….You are showing comforting words to the family of Paul and Charlene. The victims families DO NOT want to see that stuff….This didnt happen to you, you didnt lose a sister,an Aunt or a daughter so for you to come here and shout words of encouragement to these people is wrong on so many levels. Its sad that you cant see that. Keep it about the victims and not about the killers families and the friends of the people that took one too many lives. So end this now and lets keep this page about encouragement for the victims families. If you feel the need to continue to praise Mike and the children of Runge,please do so in a private email…You are disrespecting so many people on here its not even funny…Now drop it.

  101. And no,this is NOT a blog for the children and friends of killers!!! Baffles me that you can even utter such words!!! Move on,show some respect already!

    • Thank you Tuscuny. That woman is crazy and should be banned from this board. What a sicko!
      Please all of you people in the States, try to get prosecutors to try Paul for ALL OF MURDERS HE COMMITTED, please do petitions, anything, it is so unfair he got away with murders (and in fact both of them – him and Charlene did)

  102. To Tuscany, susan, and whoever else thinks they “know it all”…you dont know squat. I have talked to danny both on the phone, and via email now. I have also introduced him to the rest of stacys friends as we were some of the last to see her. There are people that work for the police dept in our group. So again, what all of you think doesnt really matter, you morons.

    I just love how its the WOMEN, trying to 1-up each other on here, trying to push info from me and others, and all you do is look like FOOLS. If you were all a serious part of her life, Why were none of you ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND when she was alive and back here?!?!

    This has truly become a severely PATHETIC thread. I was able to fill danny in on very much of how paul came about to the group, how everyone met, etc etc etc. You people should very seriously be ashamed of yourselves pushing things to the point that you all have. And honestly, none of you should respond back to this. Because there is nothing you can say, nor do, that will make you look better. PERIOD.

    All i have tried to do, was keep PRIVATE info PRIVATE, so that danny heard everything from MYSELF FIRST, so nothing that would be tainted from middle people, but no, you attempted to pump me for info.

    THEN I Requesting that I myself to be left ALONE and not attempted to be friended on FACEBOOK, BUT NO!!!! EVEN that you couldnt respect. because its pretty damn simple to me now, and thats you have NO RESPECT.

    If danny knows any of you personally, then he can fill you in if he so wishes.

    Do any of you honestly think this is easy for me, let alone to our group?! STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELVES FOR ONCE!! DONT RESPOND BACK!!

    To everyone else with family effected by paul, I am sorry for the direction this has taken. Friends of those taken from us are effected also. I by NO MEANS take charlenes nor pauls side in ANY OF THIS. The wool was pulled over our group of friends by these 2 disturbed people. Some of us were more effected by their actions, and ill say it here and as i said it to danny. If i would have known what paul was doing, i would have done EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO STOP HIM. None of you know me, and only think you may know me. I would gladly have been placed in jail for stopping paul, and if i could go back and stop him in time, i would. You have no idea, but trust me, he would have been stopped. Paul was plenty scared of me. But nothing can be changed.

    SO LADIES, and anyone that wants to rant on, DONT. LET IT GO. Be thankful for your friendships to stacy, welcome the new people here that have been effected by paul, but stop this childish attitudes and behavior.

  103. Sue- This will be my last comment to you. I will not continue to feed into your delusions. Apparently you dont recognize me from my picture,this is Celeste. You have played it off like you are so close to Stacey and are her best friend when in fact you had not had contact with her since H.E. Same as me, I had not seen her since then yet I do not nor would I ever claim to share such a strong bond and friendship that not longer existed.You did not lose a sister,you didnt even know her before she was killed. You didnt know Stacey as an adult,nor did I so follow my lead in being honest and stop pretending there was something more to your relationship with her.
    I am punishing no one. Stacey was not your sister. I have learned much about you and the monies you took that belonged to Danny…You solicited businesses in the loving name of Stacey all for your own personal gain yet you come here,continuously and pretend to be bonded to her…
    You, on the other hand,you are making a mockery out of the memories of the friends and families of the victims who have to come here and see such nonsense…
    Siblings should not be blamed for the sins of their parents,if that were the case your children would be judged. You really think Staceys family,Yolanda and Jessicas family,to name a few, would appreciate to see you sending well wishes to the friends and family of the man that took their loved ones lives? You are being BEYOND selfish and inconsiderate in your postings. If you want a page to support the children of killers then feel free to create your own. RESPECT these families that come here for comfort. Thats what this page is for,the victims to find comfort for their lost loved ones. Now prove me and everyone else wrong,that you are not a heartless selfish person and drop it so this page can return for the purpose it was intended for…..the families of the people whose lives were taken too soon.
    P.S. I would like to extend my apologies to the families that have had to come here to seek comfort and instead find this nonsense. Please know I mean no disrespect to any of you, I simply felt the need to stick up for each and every one of you. I said what I had to say to Sue and hopefully she will stop. I am done and greatly look forward to this page returning to what it is meant be.
    God Bless,

  104. I did hang with Stacey, I havent lied,just repeated what Staceys Mom said about you,I was the one that consoled Stacey when she found out you were having an affair with her boyfriend, MY BROTHER! Some friend you were. I have seen the news article that states you went to local bars collecting money in Staceys name,monies that Danny never got. And you said”you are glad Mike said his peace” lol…He called you a pathetic moron! HAHA. I wont even reply to him,dont know him,dont care to. And try spell check,your comments are really hard to read. Mike is right in that he didnt know us before Stacey died. He didnt know us because we were not in Staceys life then, we were not “friends” with her then so quit playing like you were. Friends dont do what you did to Stacey,Danny and Staceys mom. You need help.

  105. Sue-Are you still on drugs and the bottle??? I cant understand ANY of your sentences! All I could decipher was that you said Stacey and my brother didnt date and he never took her places…Stacey was always at my house,they dated for quite some time being the ages they were….He did take her places,they went out and did things all the time…He even took her one year to meet my father and his family over the 4th of July. Staceys Mother is not a liar,the news paper reports about you taking money for Danny in Staceys name is not a lie and Danny is no where near your son in anyones eyes! That comment alone speaks volumes as to how whacked out you really are. The article of you collecting money in Staceys name for a fund for Danny has been posted above,it is FACT!
    The things you did to Stacey and her family were dispicable…How you even have the audacity to post here baffles me. And again,before you write back and spew more lies,make sure you are sober so I can at least understand half of what you are saying.

  106. Well, my English is not so god that I can understand all of your coments, but Amela was my classmate and during the war in Bosnia I become very good friend with her sister Dženeta. It was unbilivible to me that that horrable thing is happened to them, especialy becouse in my country we just can see that in movies…(yes we were in war I know but that is politic)… I still somethimes want to tipe their names on facebook just to try to reach them but… goodbay my friends….

  107. Bosnian, my best of wishes go out to you…

    This post has lost all importance of showing who we have lost, our prayers and support to bring friends and family of all kinds together but instead it’s become who was a better friend or who know’s who more… This isn’t auditions for MTV drama… we’re supposed to be supporting one another throw the mourning and lost feelings that we are feeling or have felt… If your on here for the wrong reason and to be fake that is your own deal and everyone should look past it and think of the best and not show our ugly n negative side… for myself I am here for clarification and comfort… I haven’t been on here so long because some people have taken that away from me and I’m sure the other family members of the people they have lost feels the same… If you can’t provide comforting and relieving messages please I ask you to just not write anything at all… lets make this a happy place, For everyone

    • Hi Danny,

      If you read this, my name is Cliff Ward. I’m a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. As you may have heard, today (aug. 24) charges against Paul Runge were dropped by the DuPage County state’s atty in the deaths of the sisters. With the Cook charges being dropped earlier this year, it brings the legal cases to an end. Would you be willing to talk with me about your mom? You can reach me at

      • Cliff, can’t you please do some media coverage to shame the prosecutors? These crimes were way too heinous to be dropped. It is so unfair, beyond belief. I am so gutted

  108. i went to high school with paul at marist and all i can remember is that i didnt like him from the first day, our names were close in the alphabet so we sat by eachother in every class and i remember he was a strange kid who spent most of the day combing his hair even though it was an all boy school, he looked like he was 30 yrs old as a freshman and most of my grade school friends were drawn to him and wanted to be friends with him, i stopped being friends with some of them for awhile because me and paul did not get along and actually almost got into a fight a couple of times, i always thought there was something wrong with him , and i remember he dissapeared suddenly at some point and there was never an explanation , i figure after the whole bad publicity thing with cappas, one of the biggest coke dealers in illinois going to the same school they just wanted to pretend nothing ever happened . i remember hearing a few years back that he had been involved in the kidnapping of a girl while we were in high school but never heard anything else until about a year ago when some one i work with asked me about him and told me the whole story , it creeps me out that i even new him and sat next to him for a couple of years in school but it doesnt really suprise me , it always seemed like there was something wrong with him, my heart goes out to all the victims and the friends and families of his victims, i hope justice is served eventually

  109. Susan, I am a friend of victims, PLEASE STOP PRAISING CHILDREN OF THOSE TWO MONSTERS. It really hurts. Get off this board and go visit Paul in prison, you sick sick person!

  110. You evil evil woman get off this board, stop lying, it’s really sick. As someone mentioned before, you do need help and please seek some

  111. It is sad what all the families of the victims have gone thru. till this day i still cry and miss my cousin Jessica very much. my prayers go to all the victims. as for the rest of the ppl on this blog talking bs you guys should have more respect for the family members. looks like this became susan blog which isnt the purpose of the blog.

  112. […] In The Investigation Stacey Frobel: Chronology Of Events Runge gets death, other case continues Serial Killer: Paul Runge murders Paul Runge timeline How serial killer preyed on victims Paul Runge – Illinois – […]

  113. They just showed this case on the ID channel. There is an interview of him on the website Serial Killers Ink from August 2010. He is enjoying his life in prison and is as cocky as ever. No remorse. So don’t say it is better he rots in prison thinking of his crimes. In his eyes he is better than everyone else and enjoys reliving his crimes in his dreams. The death penalty is gone from Illinois so he will continue basking in his own self-centered greatness for another 30 years. They won’t even put him in with the other criminals who would really show him justice. Also, he committed a torture-rape when he was only 15, (hello! A torture-rapist always escalates the crime!)…and he was released!! and now these innocent women had to die horrific deaths!The families shoud sue the justice department for releasing a known dangerous potential killer back onto the streets.

  114. never knew any of these people: My message is to Charlene aka Cheri. You have no conscience, if you did you would not have helped to lure these people to their deaths. When you saw the garbage bags with those bodies, you did call the police. well, i hope you have a miserable life you evil bitch. I also hope the ghost of these people haunt you to the end of your pathetic existence. I hope you die a slow and painful death, and I hope you go straight to hell with some gasoline drawers on; where you may rot for all eternity!

  115. grunge’s wife was never prosecuted for aiding him and failure in preventing him from killing the girl who escaped? And she did not immediately notify the police? Aren’t all those felonies? Who was that guy who was tried for killing his girlfriend and found not guilty then had his videos discovered which detailed the exact moment he murdered his girlfriend but was released due to the “double jeopardy” law? He is now a devout christian and wants to forget that he murdered his girlfriend who rejected him. How easy it would be to walk up with a .22 caliber pistol with a suppressor on it and put one in the head of those two. They do not deserve to draw another breath.

  116. Can you please email me at and send me Dzeneta and Amela Pasanbegovic’s pictures? I would like to add them to the Charley Project but I’m not sure which ones in your strip of Runge’s victims are the Pasanbegovic sisters.

  117. Like i said i know cheri and she is a wonderful very greatful person whos doing GREAT!!!!! dont like it…. thats your problem!

    • She helped Murder my mom! Tell her thanks for being her best Friend! 😉 She’s so Great!

  118. A person you must be a sick as CHERI!!Sorry I know this is not the place for this.But it gets me when I see someone come on here talking how great of person Cheri is when she was tied into all this!For all the families that lost someone on here I pray you all get justice one day.

  119. Susan Eberly (Susan Hardy)-Stacey’s Mom, please contact me….
    Dean E.(your neighbor from Marquette Ln. back in the 80’s)

  120. feel free to contact me
    family of the muniz girls

  121. Thank you Stacey Nolan. That’s exactly how I feel. Cheri is an evil monster, I wish she got prosecuted. How can police do a ‘deal’ with that monster? That’s outrageous.

  122. Yep, leave it to this ignorant, inept, wimpy, foolish, hypocritical, sexist, and severely lacking in common sense country to even have something so moronic as a parole system. All of these women dying serves this country right for not keeping him where he belonged. I don’t know what it’s gonna take for this dipwad nation to finally realize that there’s no such thing as rehabilitation, only incarceration. People are born bad, not made bad. As long as your iq is over your sleeve size you should be able to figure that one out. This country is embarrassing to admit residence to. How many people have to die before this idiotic country pops the immense bubble of denial and delusion it’s currently in.

  123. Why isn’t this evil cunt wife of his being prosecuted? Are the police in illinois really that unbelievably ignorant, inept, wimpy, and severely lacking in common sense….

    • Jeff,

      Please read my comment policy before you comment again. No vulgar language. I do not mind swearing, but there is no reason for vulgarity, regardless of how you feel about these people. There are better choices of words. Have respect for me and my readers.

    • Thank you Jeff. C word is actually mild name for this Cheri monster.
      How do we start a petition for a review of this case I want her brought back to justice. Charlene if you are reading this I hope you die slow painful death.

  124. Susan Eberly Passed away…

    • Danny, shocked to hear this. Just tried calling Sues number but it’s full of messages and no more can be accepted.
      Please purge some so I can contact you or one of your uncles….

    • Danny(son of Stacey)- I am a researcher working on a TV show for Investigation Discovery (ID Channel) and would like to speak with you. I tried to send you an email as well and I can be reached at Thanks!

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