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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Kaye Tiede and Beth Potts murder 12/22/1990 Oakley, UT *Edward Steven Deli and Von Lester Taylor convicted; Taylor gets death penalty*

Kaye and Rolf Tiede and Beth PottsIn December 1990, (Von Lester) Taylor left a halfway house where he was housed while on parole after imprisonment for aggravated burglary. Subsequently, Taylor and Edward Steven Deli broke into the Tiede family cabin near Beaver Springs, Utah, while the Tiedes were in Salt Lake City. Once in the cabin, Taylor called a friend and told him that he intended “to shoot some people.” Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Tiede arrived at the cabin with her mother and her daughter. Taylor and Deli confronted them with guns, and Taylor shot Mrs. Tiede and her mother. When Mrs. Tiede’s daughter started to pray, Taylor told her it would do no good because he worshiped the devil. Later that afternoon, Mr. Tiede and another of the Tiedes’ children arrived at the cabin. Defendant held Mr. Tiede at gun point, stole $105 from him, and shot him in the face with bird shot at least once and possibly twice. After trying to set fire to Mr. Tiede, the house, and the garage, Taylor and Deli fled by snowmobile and then by car, taking the two Tiede daughters with them. The police apprehended Taylor and Deli later that day. Mr. Tiede survived the attack. (taken from Taylor appeal).

If you get a chance, you should watch the 48 Hours episode on this heinous crime. The two sisters are very strong and have survived this and really blossomed. They have not let this destroy them and their family. I greatly admire them and hope that justice will happen soon for them.

Trial in 2 yule slayings will be May 7
2 defendants in Coalville slayings will be tried together, judge rules
Man convicted of killing 2 in cabin
Judge Rejects Death Row Inmate’s Appeal
Death row inmate moves a step closer to execution
Inmate to argue trial was botched
Death Row Inmate to Argue for New Trial
Convicted Killer Argues Brain Damage in Seeking New Trial
Inmate claims he was brain-damaged
Killer’s claim rejected; court says sentence fair
Utah (at the bottom)
Tiede v. State
Edward Deli appeal
Von Lester Taylor appeal
Prosecutors tried to pick only Mormon jurors, attorney for death row inmate argues
Victims’ relative finds solace in service
Utah death row inmate says he didn’t fire fatal shots

Murder, Death and Rebirth: Astonishing Lessons Learned from Murder

48 Hours: Live To Tell
Surviving Evil: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Edward Deli – convicted, sentenced to life in prison (natural life per parole board)
Von Lester Taylor – convicted, sentenced to death


Offender Number: 52348
DOB: Fri, 26 Mar 1965
Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches
Weight: 138
Sex: M


EdwardDeli prison mug

Offender Number: 52123
Offender Name: EDWARD DELI
DOB: Sun, 29 Dec 1968
Height: 6 Feet 4 Inches
Weight: 200
Sex: M


73 Responses

  1. You stupid son of a bitch!!! How could you do that to my second mom!!! I know you will rot in hell for your lack of feeling for human life. You took away not only my best friends mom but I lost my best friend but found her again. You are a miserable excuse for a human being. That family meant everything to me I hope you rot in hell…You suck!!! You are why the death penalty lives on. The only thing I can hold on to is that your flesh will burn in hell!!! You will feel every element of pain you left for my best friend. You will rot in hell!!! You will never see Kaye or what you have done to her family again you will be to busy burning!!! Goodbye you hateful person who took the most beautiful of people out of this world. I will block my e mail address and will never hear from you again. You suck!!!

    • I was a juror on the Deli trial. I have always wanted to tell the family how sorry I am for not convicting Deli in the first degree. One juror wouldn’t convict. It was be a hung jury or 2nd degree. I was the same age as the older daughter at the time of trial. I fell apart after it was over, seeing the disappointment in the families faces of 2nd degree. I wish the family the best that life can offer. I have too lost a loved one. My brother died in a jeeping accident in Moab, UT at the age of 19. Life is not always fair. Please if you read this and know the Tiede family give them my message. Thanks

      • Why did the one juror refuse to convict first degree? Too soft a heart? Too emotional?

      • I forgive you, but it bugs me that one person wouldn’t convict.

      • I know them and will tell them your thoughts!

        Please don’t let it cause you grief and sorrow. This tragedy has already ruined so many lives.

        • Thank you, I won’t. But I take it you wouldn’t be at liberty to tell me why the one juror held out? I am just curious. If not, that’s fine. I am not looking to pick a grudge. I imagine this person has gotten enough backlash from it. People have gotten death threats for less than that

          • We don’t know. I think that juror is the only one that has the answer. I have to think they made the decision they felt comfortable with. I hope this isn’t something that causes that juror threats and suffering. Von and Deli caused all this and others shouldn’t have to suffer for their actions. It is my prayer that everyone can heal and move on. I do think Von’s lies and appeals need to stop. When criminals are allowed to keep dragging things like this on, it doesn’t allow the victims to put it to rest and live their lives in peace.

            I liken it to the Harry Potter series. Harry was trying to live his life but always had Volemort on his mind, in the shadows, and rearing his ugly face. This is how it feels for the victims of this. When Von is constantly filing appeals, trying to contact the family and lying about the events, it makes it hard to move on and be completely happy. It needs to end so they can have peace the rest of their lives.

  2. you guy need to get right info for your stupid website for one it was don’t there family cabin it was are family cabin and he was playing a practicle joke and they walk in he was scare and shot them he was not on a killer rapage! like you made it seem and he was not a devel workship he was a member of the church of jesus christ and latter day sants and most of his and my famliy still are!I now that what he did was wrong put you have no right to post something that is not true!!!!!

    • You are a freaking retard , burn in hell ,,,,,

    • Mel must b a crazy family member or a troll? Either way epic fail

    • Melanie, I’d sure love to know why you would write such an absurd comment. You sound like an illiterate cow. You also sound like a psychopath. If your post was meant to be a joke, it isn’t funny at all. Are you retarded or just plain stupid?

  3. Melanie,
    Before you start running your mouth to Bonnie you need to stop and think what you are writing. First of all, there is no way he was playing a prank… He shot 2 people and then he waited and shoot the 3rd man in the face (thank God he survived) and then he took the 2 Tiede daughters with him. If you are still going to church then you should be praying for the family that lost their love ones and not smarting off to Bonnie.
    You also should try using the spell check, helps when one reads and the words and grammar are correct, that way we don’t have to guess what you are saying.

  4. I should have wrote “shot” instead of shoot. but hey I did spell check.

  5. Melanie,
    So I gather your defending this a**hole?

  6. Melanie,

    I do not know where you got your information, but I would love to know. I live here in Utah and your story does not add up. I have talked to law enforcement on this and others. There was no practical joke. How sick can you be? Can you explain why he shot, point blank an old woman in a wheelchair? Your story also does not match the surviving Tiede’s story. Now, I will be calling the assessor’s office to check on who owned the cabin in 1990. I do not believe that they will tell me anything I don’t already know too. The mailbox even says Tiede. I have been there.

    So, please give your evidence, although I know you can’t.

  7. What about the co-defendent in this case. The two defendents both shot each victim. Each defendent was responsible for the death of only one woman. Mr. Taylor was coerced into the shooting of these women. There was no witnesses to the shootings of the women. Only the testomony of the daughters, who were not present (in the same room) during the shootings was used. Each defendent had a different caliber of handgun. this is how they determined who was responsible for the killing of which woman. Mr. taylor had the mental capacity of a young teenage boy at the time of the murders. It was proven that Mr. taylor’s co-defendent was the leader of the two. What about the money (a large bundle of $100 bills) that was found on the co-fefendent of Mr. Taylor.
    There was much more evidence from the crime that was suppresed or not disclosed. Such as testimony of other residents of the exclusive cabin area, who was seen with the defendents, etc. The marriage status of the victims family was at question as well. There was political and religious maneuvering by the vitims family, friends, members of the sherrifs dept. and other political figures against the families of the defendents. Just remember the defendents families are victims too. The parents and family of Mr. Taylor were ostracized by the community they were a part of for many years. A member of the LDS church’s top authority, Mr. Haight, told the Taylor’s they were on their own. This is from a neighbor who had previously proclaimed the Taylors as friends. The Taylors had been members of the LDS faith for generations, but the church all but left them dangling on their own. What ever happened to the teachings of the church proclaiming to love one another.

    From the evidence, any intelligent investigator or lawyer could determine that there was questions as to the validity of the sherrifs investigative work, who was the leader of the “gang” (joke), and that the prosecutor folded to the pressure of the political environment, and the career builder this case would become.

    There was no fair trial of either defendent involved. Mr. Taylor does not belong on death row any more than either you or I.

    • Please they killed two people and tried to kill a third, whether they each pulled the trigger or not, they were both there and both responsible! They both deserve to die for the lives they cut short.

  8. The cabin was located in a summer cabin area on the Weber River. The association of which all cabins in this particular area is called the “Beaver Springs Association”.

    The particular cabin where the crimes took place was in a cabin owned one of the victims and her husband. Who by the way are from Texas.

    The two defendents had broken into several other cabins in the area as well. Mr. Taylor didn’t call anyone to say he was going to shoot anyone. The call was placed by Mr. Deli to a known associate of his. The two defendents had been drinking hard liquer for several days preceding the crimes, there was not much food eaten during the previous days.

    As I stated earlier, there was no witnesses to the actual shootings and killings of the thwo women. The prosecutor relied on the testomony of Mr. Deli, a known violent and repeat criminal, and the testomony of two girls who did not witness the shootings. Mr. Taylor had served time in prison for a burglary, no previous violent crimes or eppisodes was found in his past. Mr. taylor had left the half way house at the urging of Mr. Deli, this is according to other persons who were housed with Mr. Taylor at the half way house.

    I don’t condone the crimes that were commited. I do know that Mr. Taylor did not receive a fair trial based upon the evidence, witness statements, and the prosecutions key witness, a known violent criminal who wanted to avoid prosecution for another violent crime he was part of.

  9. Beth Harmon was my grandmother, and Kaye Tiede was my aunt. How can you say that these men don’t belong on death row?? That they didn’t receive a “fair” trial? You can’t possibly begin to even comprehend what this has done to my family, to our lives. It isn’t just the horriffic act in and of itself that was committed, but what it left behind, and the life long effects it will have, and has had on all of us. I don’t give two *()& how much they had to drink, what kind of childhood they had, etc. These men RIPPED my family apart.

    • I believe that both men should be on death row and I am aware that some people think stupidly w murderers. Diane Sawyer was pushing the victims’ families of the Manson slayings to consider giving those murders a second chance at life outside of prison. I just saw your family’s story and my heart goes out to you

    • To Andrea and the Tiede family, Don’t give the ignorant people leaving messages on here a second thought, they are not worth it. My heart goe out to all the of the victims of this unspeakable tragedy.

  10. Andrea,

    I guarantee you, that I DO believe that BOTH of these “men” belong on death row. This is, to me, one of the cases that show why we need the death penalty. They escaped from a halfway house and then deliberately did what they did. I have so sympathy for them whatsoever. I live here in Utah and remember this happening. I have been down to the area, but not near the house (as the street is gated). It gave me chills to know that this happened in such a peaceful, beautiful surrounding.

    I am so sorry for what they did to your family, however. I hope justice will be served in the end.

  11. No one should be contemplating this case online. Only friends and family, close to the Tiede’s, understand what this is about.

    • Kimmie,

      Actually, a murder and the victims should be important to the community as well. I am part of that Utah community and I do care about the victims and their families. I am hoping that an execution date is set soon for Taylor. Then justice will be served.

      If only the friends and families of victims talk about the cases, justice would never be served in this world, nor would compassion for victims. We must all stand together or the criminals will prevail.

  12. I don’t know who Melanie is but she is right, this is not the Tiede Family cabin.

  13. I was reading all the entries and I want to stress that the cabin you have listed as the Tiede’s did not actually belong to the Tiede’s. It actually belonged to the Taylors. Mylife- In one entry you state that you know it is in fact the Tiedes because you have actually seen the mailbox with the name on it. In another entry, you state that you haven’t actually been to the cabin because it is in a gated community. You are right, it IS in a gated community so it is impossible that you hae seen the mailbox in front of the cabin with the name TIEDE on it. I don’t know how you obtained the picture you have on this blog because it IS in a gated community like you previously stated. You really need to check your facts and follow your tracks before you post false information as fact. .

  14. hello, i am Hassan McCullough, a friend of Trisha Tiede that attended Brigham Young University with her. I haven’t seen her since 1993. I was wondering how she is doing? I’m sorry I reached out to find her on this site, i remember this story very well from her. If you can tell her I said hello and to check out my website please i would be very thankful.

  15. I am sorry that people had to die. I am also sorry that i have sat and read these stupid blogs. Ya’ll don’t know what your talking about.. Where ya there? If ur gonna blame and point ur lame ass fingers, take a closer look at the LDS and the part they played in all of this….

    • What? Give me a break Tonja. These murders were committed by 2 men, not a church. These 2 men escaped from a halfway house and went to Oakley, which is about 90 minutes away from the halfway house. They broke into the home and then terrorized this family. They did it, no one told them to, especially not a religion. And yes, I live here in Utah and no, I am not LDS. But it is just plain stupid to blame a religion for the heinous acts of these 2 men. By the way, the 2 men were not practicing Mormons and I do not know about the victims.

      So, how EXACTLY is the LDS religion to blame?

  16. Tonja can’t read. Shaun was there. I just checked to see if these guys were still sucking air. Too bad no one has the sense anymore to deliver justice.

    • David,

      Unfortunately Edward Deli did not get the death penalty, so he should still be alive. However, I personally think that Von Lester Taylor will be one of the next ones scheduled for execution here in Utah. There are several that have been on death row for a long time (him, Ralph Menzies (another one who has really played the system) and Troy Kell. Hopefully the wheels of justice will start moving on these cases.

  17. “As for these low life scum, they themselves whilst in the act of their crimes, claimed to be Satanic worshippers rather than the L.D.S church members that some have suggested.”

    Not sure about Deli, but Von was baptised into the lds religion. While obviously not a church goer, he and his family are members of the church.

  18. I try not to get involved in these kinds of things, but I have to in this case. Taylor is my uncle. What they did to those poor people is HORRIBLE! I can’t even imagine what the victims or their families went through, and are still going through. If you read the story posted above, it makes you sick. It is not completely true though. Taylor and Deli were both there and they both deserve severe punishment. But maybe people should get all the facts before posting such hurtful comments. Maybe people should look at the fact that the bullets were never allowed into evidence. The bullets that showed that Taylor may not have fired the fatal shots. Maybe they should look at the fact that he was never given a fair trial and that his crooked lawyer was disbarred just three years after the trial. maybe they should look at the fact that Deli and friends of his were threatening Taylor and his entire family if he did not plead guilty. Taylor told his parents at his sentencing hearing, “I am safer where I am, and so is my family” I am in no way condoning what my uncle did that day. I am not trying to excuse it away. But why is it fair that my uncle will die for this crime (when he may not have actually killed these people), while the real murderer and criminal mind, Deli, was charged with second degree murder. There is a lot more to this case then what you can read in the newspapers. I’m not saying my uncle in innocent, he terrorized those poor people. But please remember that he has a family too, who had nothing to do with his actions, and they can find and read these hurtful comments

    • family,

      I personally believe that BOTH Deli and Taylor (your uncle) are equally as responsible. And I have heard that your uncle called someone at the halfway house they left from (Orange St. I believe it was) and talked about what they were doing and how he was going to kill them. I do believe he deserves his death sentence, but I believe Deli belongs right there with him.

      • I watched the story on 48 hours mystery. I live in Canada and we do not have the death penalty here . These two scum bags not only deserve the death penalty but it should be slow and painful-excrutiatingly so. Where is the justice for the victims? Twenty plus years sitting on death row at the taxpayers expense! No wonder Canada and the US are in debt up to their eyeballs keeping garbage like this around year in and year out. I am 65 years old and I have seen this same story play out time and time again. In the end there are so many do gooders out there that have nothing better to do than worry about the “rights” of a creep like von lester taylor. Give me a break!

    • both of those shit piles should be off the earth, and if, as one of the sisters rightly shouted, the police would have shot them before my very eyes i would have seen nothing. forget the legalese, that’s needed in a courtroom, but court’s been long adjourned. now the reality of those two germs is far more relevant

  19. I definitely don’t know all the details. I just know my family’s side of the story. I have also heard that he called someone. But there are also claims out there that it was actually Deli who made that call. And he may deserve his death sentence but I think everyone deserves a fair trial with a lawyer who is not into taking bribes and making bad deals before it is decided that they will be out to death. Thank goodness for appeals. I hope Taylor’s appeal will bring out the true story. One way or another. There have been so many cases in the past where because of evidence there is no doubt that a person is guilty of a crime. Then come to find out, often many many years later, they were innocent. I know my uncle is not innocent. He deserves a harsh punishment. But maybe there really is more to this story than we all know. It’s amazing the things that can be changed and evidence that can be lost when there is a crooked lawyer involved. And obviously many people do not think Taylor and Deli are equally responsible, or else he would be sitting right there on death row with my uncle

    • I cant wait til ur uncle is bz burning n hell!!! Get over it ! U sound as crazy as he is??? Um !! Maybe tjey shud watch u since u think w a brain like that !! Its prob gentics

      • Wow you are a horrible person. Saying that I’m crazy like my uncle and that they should watch me too. My uncle did a horrible, unthinkable thing. It has nothing to do with me. I was only 7 when this happened and I was just saying things that I have heard throughout my life about the case. Maybe all my information is wrong. I don’t know. But if you’re judging me like that based on what my uncle did, and information I’ve been given my whole life, maybe you should burn in hell too, you insensitive bitch. Oh and maybe you should go back to school and learn to spell while your at it.

  20. I just think it’s funny that every person who comments on here is an “expert” on what happened that day. Were any of you there? Did you actually see what happened? No. Only Taylor, Deli, and the women who were killed actually know what happened. The rest of us probably never will

    • the sisters were there and they told us what happened. what is their motivation to lie? what is the motivation to lie for taylor and deli to lie?

  21. The Cabin in the picture belonged to Von’s Mom and Dad I visited many times what Von and his friend did is such a horrible thing my heart goes out to the family even after 20 years the pain must be unmeasurable.

  22. I can’t wait for him to die. The world will be a better place when a convicted killer is put to death. What a horrible ordeal for the two girls to go through. I don’t know how someone could get over such horror. Thank the Lord for police officers that go out and hunt these scum down.

  23. no one knows what really happened that day. no one knows von, himself. Or what brought him to that day. no one was there for any of that sad and brutal time besides the souls who were taken and the souls who weren’t. you can Be pissed, angry, punch a wall if you must, cry, pray, do what you will but the fact is he is a human being,you are a human being, we all are. think before you write things so foul when you “are a human as well and have no idea THE TRUTH or what you are even talking about. think about it.

    • jen,

      Don’t you think the people there know what happened? Like the Tiede family? It does not matter what kind of life Deli or Taylor had before. They were adults and KNEW that murder was wrong. Period. Both should be on death row.

  24. i am 62 yrs and reading about this “thing”, obviously it is not human, it literally brought tears to my eyes. I survived a home invasion with my ex-girlfriend and her infant daughter. I cannot begin to imagine the magnitude of such a senseless horror. I am so sorry. This “thing” needs to be sent to The Creator and let it answer up there. Women and children need to be protected. Dear God, I hope you can find some kindness and love to comfort your hearts. I cannot believe they let this “thing” have access to the web.

  25. Too bad they both didnt get death and altho deli is still on deathrow .. I wish theyd just KILL him already! I like that they have a few years to just die even more nside of their own mind BEFORE they fry !!! Dont care what they lived prior etc nor if it was r wasnt the killers family cabin! Thats crazy to even say shows that stupid runs n the killers family lol:) stop appealing u bozo looking freak !

  26. Stupid jurors !!

  27. Awe yeah dawg all of yous are totally right. Uhhg kill that assholee!!

    Are any of you serious? It looks like we have a group of 15 year olds on the internet cheering for an execution. I agree that what happened was a tragedy, but you all sound like barbarians after blood. You’re no better than any killer. Im sure youve heard the cliche “an eye for an eye leaves the world blind”. Im not sure how much truth the cliche holds, but your thirst for blood isnt helping your case.

    • Anon? Barbarians? Are you serious? I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but I hate this form of liberalism that is going on. It’s like these killers can do whatever they want and liberals just want to give them a hug, a happy song, and a tray of cookies. Sure, that’ll keep a crime rate down. Maybe I’ll join you in Never Neverland when I need an escape from reality. The death penalty and murder are two different things. What they did was in cold blood. The death penalty is following due process to keep the world safer by ridding them of obviously dangerous men and sending a message to others who may dare to try it. Murder is wrong, the death penalty isn’t. The death penalty isn’t the same as murder. I hope you can check on the facts instead of being emotionally lead. Again, I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but the government is way too soft on criminals. There will never be world peace as long as some people get their jollies from hurting innocent people. I wish we could have world peace too, but it’s not a reality. And the old philosophy ” An eye for an eye” was never directed at revenge, but a command from God for leaders to punish criminals. Ghandi was a wise man in many ways, but not everything said by him was the truth.

      • Well said Devan.

      • “I wish we could have world peace too, but it’s not a reality. And the old philosophy ” An eye for an eye” was never directed at revenge, but a command from God for leaders to punish criminals”

        Implying there is a god? Your stance is based on hollow, ancient and outdated, man-made beliefs. Crawl out of the dark ages, wont you?

    • actually, it is not about blood lust, or an eye for an eye, from a personal standpoint. it is a spirit thing. the spirit of those beautiful human beigs slaughtered human by those diseased germs must be settled. is death row, or execution, the means? of course not. we handle that all wrong. in a perfect world the cops would have caught the vermin with guns in their hands and innocent blood all over them, and they would have shot them down as one would a mad dog. best thing now is to keep them in a cage, both of them, till they die. a needle would only soothte their rotten hearts and is too good for them.

    • Watch the movie Heaven’s Rain. It is a story about the victims in crimes such as this. It’s not about blood or an eye for an eye. MOST criminals play the system and put the victims through hell over and over again.

      It’s about allowing the victims to have peace and not being forced to be victims of the criminals and the system.

      If you don’t want to be put to death or live in prison, don’t commit the crime!

      • Since I am sure people will wonder, Heaven’s Rain is about the Douglass family murders on 10/15/1979 (Dr. Richard Douglass, Marilyn Sue Douglass and the attempted murders of Brooks & Leslie Douglass. Two men, Glen Ake & Steven Hatch were convicted. Hatch has been executed. Ake got 2 life sentences plus 400 years. He comes up for parole periodically, but has been denied each time. These two were convicted of 2 other murders as well. I will try to post on these shortly. I have not see the movie yet, but would love to if I can find it.

  28. Wonder why Melanie never responded back regarding all the ludicrous inaccuracies in her post (I could barely read what she was saying, obviously an illiterate cow)?

  29. CBS just did a story on this that aired on December 10, 2011. It’s called 48 Hours Mystery lived to tell. Watch it and you decide.

  30. hopefully, all the monsters who were convicted will eventually get beaten or stabbed to death by others in jail, especially when they get older, and meet up with a new generation of evil prisoners..

    thankfully, it seems that the sisters and other surviving family members able to have a happy-enough life, after meeting with such totally evil scumbags.

  31. Unanswered questions
    The tragedy of this case is heart breaking. The family is forever changed. However there are a number of unanswered questions. I begin with the question of targeting. How did they know to target the family? Although they were perusing the woods prior to the attacks there was still considerable amount of territory to cover, so how did they know the car was in the barn below and not at the house. Why did they chose to take the girls to the car rather than into the woods with the snowmobiles? Why kill the adults and not the girls? What were their intentions once leaving the house? After all they took the time to kill (or at least think they had killed all the adults) and then set fire to the house (poorly at that but fire none the less). This suggests that the two men had a pre-existing agenda that included the girls. So how did the girls fit in their plans? Was there a prior connection that even they may not have been aware of?
    The pieces of the puzzle fit neatly together, they fall into place at the right time and as needed. Does anyone but me find that this is a little too perfect of a case? Why were the questions not asked? Why did the investigation end so quickly? Why would the investigators settle for the easy answers? Too many questions and not enough answers.
    The two young women who survived this tragedy are living with the events of that day for ever. I would think someone would want to get these questions answered for them.

    • annonymus,

      One of the men had family that lived up there. And what questions need answers? Most of those answers can only come from Taylor & Deli. And I hope you are not suggesting that the wrong men were convicted. These two are guilty as sin. Both deserve the death penalty.

  32. im sorry for what i wrote on here when i was 13 i belived what my g uncle told me about my crazy cousin i did some research about von and i never

  33. This bastard has more rights than his innocent victims! What’s wrong with this picture! Slit his throat and let him die slowly and let people forget about him! He doesn’t deserve life!

  34. The cabin pictured in this article does indeed belong to the Tiede family. I’ve been up there with them since they have remodeled it and it is beautiful. When they first told me about what had happened there prior to going to the cabin, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe that this tragedy had occurred to both of them and yet they still stand strong. They have come to terms with it and have never let it define who they are. I am so proud of them for going through such an ordeal and I am blessed that they are alive. If it weren’t for them, I would be a completely different person. Their father Rolf, whom I was able to meet, is an incredible man. All the kids use to and still call him “Opa,” which means Grandpa in German. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about him, and how much I have regretted for not going to his funeral in 2008; I miss him so much. I wish I could have met Mrs. Beth Potts and Mrs. Kaye Tiede; I would have loved meeting them.

  35. Does he have an execution date yet… I feel bad for his parents and family… What he did was horrible no doubt, as a kid I only knew what my grandmother told us… And the story was nothing like what it really was… I feel so bad for that family, the pain they all experienced… And for his family also, the man that was caught on fire and then saved his girls from those two monsters, to believe they sat there and waited… Its so unbelievable that some one could do that to other human beings I hope they both get what they deserve

  36. I’m soa sick of the bleeding heart dip sh!$’s that won’t send some violent cockroach to death! 2nd degree? Wtf! I hope he gets beaten and brutally raped at least 2x a day! Don’t get me stared on the years it takes to actually put someone to death, in a case like this, no appeals, no nothing! Straight to the gurney and hooked up to the needle!

  37. Von has lost his appeal to the state now it will take longer as he an appeal to the Federal court. Funny, that someone mention the LDS, since he complain in his last appeal to the state that their were to many of them on his jury, and as a satan worshiper he believes they gave him unfair hearing in court. I only have one question for these takers of life what did they have against the older women, that their lives had to be taken and why did they feel the need to video tape their unwrapping of the families Christmas gifts? We all scream for justice and yet even when we get it, it’s a hollow victory, and worse it never ends anywhere.

  38. I feel very sorry for this family, for I know how they feel because my mothers killer Douglas Carter sits on Utahs death row as well. Convicted of murder many years ago, I’m not sure justice will ever be served. Utahs court system is way to slow, I’m beginning to think he will die in prison before he ever has the death penalty take affect.
    Shame on Utahs court system!!!

  39. My hearts go out to the family. God bless the two beautiful sisters, their bond, and their family they have created. My heart goes out to you for having to endure such a horrific event!

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