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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Baby Boy Hope murder *Mother, Jessica Coleman, sentenced to 6 years in prison; Father, Thomas Truelson Jr., sentenced to 2 years in prison*

Jessica Coleman and Thomas Truelson Jr.

Baby-killing mother tells judge she can’t forgive herself
Cold case: Detectives search for baby’s killer, six years after murder
Woman who killed baby as teen asks for probation


15 Responses

  1. I saw this girl on Oprah last night. She couldn’t make a tear fall if you paid her to. It all seemed like an act to me. She could of gave her baby to someone who wanted him, and not stabbed him in the chest. She should never get out of jail. She was old enough to know better.

  2. Hey meeeeeeee toooooooooo! I was watching it with my grandma and grandpa! Isn’t that sad i didn’t get hear it all.

  3. I saw her, as well. I was appalled that someone could do that to a newborn! I mean that was worse than abortion, in my opinion, although I don’t agree with either. If I was in that situation, I would have put the child up for adoption if i couldn’t take care of it myself.

  4. I agree with you all. There is too many people who cant have babies and would make good parents. If she could handle it she should have given the baby up for adoption.

  5. yea i saw that too..
    i just think she was scared to tell anybody and freaked.

    wut an idiot!

  6. I dont realy think that this Jessica girl realy knows what she has been doin.. =S she must be a sicko freak to even dare doin somethin like that. . maybe she was afraid yes,but who wouldent be? =O I mean come on? 6 years only? I dont teven hink she is sorry at all.. =/ I watched the Operah show and I saw her.. It didnt seemes like she regreted for one second. It seemed like her whole life was an competition agenst others around her, to always beeing the best and always look the best and do thinks the best. well she didnt and it could come out easly instead of dropping the bomb and go so far that the whole world would hate her for her murdercase for the rest of her life. good bless her, hope she will do well after time. . and that good can forgive her, cuz what I beleive is that she is going to burn in hell forever and ever, thats the fakts and there is no turning back! Im sorry

  7. I never saw this episode, but my mum told me she saw it today on Oprah & was telling me the story, I am the same age as she was when she killed her baby & when mum was telling me I got really upset, the first thing that went through my head was, “How can somebody torture & kill a beautiful little baby like that??” I just can’t fathom it, if I did that, I’d have to kill myself, I mean, how can someone live with themselves for all those years, with the fact that you’ve murdered your own baby in that way?????? Seriously, she has got to have a screw loose somewhere in her brain, because that is just inhuman!!!!!

  8. She should never get probation. She was of age and she knew what she did was wrong and I don’t think she is sorry, I think she is sorry that she got caught. She took a life and she should have to give her life..

  9. well my opinion is that she is sorry for what she did i saw it in her eyes she couldn’t stop saying how sorry she is! and the other thing is that ok it is vulgar to do something like that but we don’t know her or what she was thinking it’s hard and very insane of doing such a thing but she was very young and she was confused and freaked out! we don’t know what we would be doing if we were on her place i mean we would probably freaked out too and do things that we wouldn’t be very proud after! so it’s not fair for her to talk about something when we don’t know what exactly happened because we weren’t there!!!

  10. I don’t have to be there to able to talk about why she shouldn’t have killed her child! Common sense is still around today so you should try it. She was OLD enough to understand exactly what she did.
    She needs to pay for it.

  11. psshht. I go to columbia schools (where she attended) and was in the same grade as one of her younger sisters, let me tell you, that is one screwed up family.

    her own sister got pregnant while in high school! (at least she told her mom this time) and her other sister is off doing the same things to get into trouble.

  12. i think jessica cole man is a selfish bitch! i hope she rotts in hell foever i wish i had her face to face to kick her ass excuse me i was 15 once ok you know right from wrong youre not that stupid i hope your consience its you you make me sick!

  13. They should do the same thing to her or any other person that kills a child. She stabbed him she needs to be stabbed to death. I would gladley do this to anyone that hurts a child. Pay back is hell. I bet they would stop killing children if they new the same thing was going to happen to them. Instead they get a slap on the hand and a poor thing she just didn’t know what she was doing.

  14. I knew Jessica. We went to school together at the time this happened. No one had any idea she was pregnant. It was more than a small shock when Baby Hope was originally found, and even more shocking six years later when we found out the baby had been Jessica’s. Jessica was fun, outgoing and good-hearted. We were never close friends, but she was a kind and sweet person. What she did was horrendous, but I’m sure it was done out of confusion and fear. I read the above comments with sadness, because I know that she is a good person at heart. That poor baby deserved a chance and there were other options for her. But perhaps she didn’t know that and had no one she felt she could turn to. I pray for baby boy Hope, and I pray that no girl feels as isolated and helpless as Jessica did.

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