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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Morris children murders Philadelphia, PA

              Robert Morris

Jhayden Morris (3 months) 12/12/03
Robert Morris (24 days old) 10/2002
Shainara Payne (18 months) 6/4/95
Lashai Payne (5 months) 6/4/95

2 mothers, 4 deaths, 9 years
SIDS? Cops say it was murder
Trial opens for man accused of killing 4 infants
Father convicted of killing 2 infants
Jury returns split verdict for father accused of killing four children
Split Verdict in Father’s Murder Case
Father convicted in deaths of two sons in Philly
Sentence: Life for 2 Local Kids’ Deaths


14 Responses

  1. That was the worst thing my family ever went through it was a nightmare and he gets to sit in jail for the rest of his life what a punishment yeah right and them poor babies will never breath again i hope he rotts in hell !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am Roberts’ older brother, William. I still cannot believe all of this has happened. I am sorry for the mothers of these children. I knew Kerrie. She is a very good woman, with a good heart. I dont know what a person tells themself to warrant killing a child, any child; but it’s happening all over the world. My brother was a good person. We’ve both been through a whole hell of a lot for a very long time. I do not wish to make excuses for what he’s done. I can think of none. I wish nothing but good things for all victims of these two tragedies. And I offer my love, and prayers.

  3. i am so sorry that babies will never grow up,have husbands and wives of their own,babies of their own,first kisses nothing!!!becasue somone wanted them out of this world.i hope he rots in hell for eternity and he will trust me!!!

  4. what he did to those baby was horrible and I can’t imagine them not giving him the death penalty

  5. I think of those 4 babies every day! I will never forget them or the pain that these families have gone through. I remember looking at Shainara and Lashai’s family during the verdict. I wanted to cry because we could not get him on the baby girls murder. I so wanted to get him convicted on all four of those babies deaths but the evidence that the court allowed did not give enough information to convict. I think that the justice system should allow all evidence to be presented in a trial. Robert will get what is coming to him when he is in hell.

  6. i rememeber robert and william. we were in foster care together. robert was a messed up boy who did’nt have a chance

  7. did the police look into roberts childhood history? if they did they should have checked to see if robert had raped any children in they past. i know he himself had been contiuously assaulted. dont worry william i wont go into the sorted details. what a big brother! My family member could have been the first victim if i had’nt been around. hey william remember that night that i broke down the door and beat your brother up for what he you or both were doing to my family member which who by the way was only 2 or 3 years old and robert was like 12 or 13 and you were like 13 or 14 remember the deep bite marks that were in my family members back yeah by the way they matched up with roberts teeth thats why he got puched in the mouth the next morning he tried to muffle the screams of the child by suffocation and the child fought so hard it made him mad and he sank his teeth in my family members back. and remember you tried to fight me because i was protecting my family? i will never forget. robert always need help. william maybe it will help robert if you sat down with him and told him that you are sorry how you contributed to how he turned out! people foster care is like jail, you go in for a petty crime and they put you in a cell with a person like robert morris a lifer! you are so lucky my family member don’t remember robert because they were in jail with when you were in a jail in philly when you first got looked up god help you. people watch your kids the ones you trust the most around your kids are kids and some kids have issues dont let everyones child sleep over your house and dont send yours to theirs you dont know where the molesters live they live everywhere . mothers watch who you have babies by, it could be dangerous! and watch out for the people who are the family members of molesters and killers because the behavior had to start from some where.

  8. Robert is a male Wyneta Hoyt (she killed 7 of her children and claimed they all died of SIDS. The children’s doctor Albert S. was her staunchest supporter, claiming SIDS ran in families) SIDS made this doctor rich, never once using his common sense and asking himself, “how could 7 children in one family die of SIDS?) This Muchausim dad should die in jail. Too bad there wasn’t enough evidence to give this whack job the death penality.
    The family and friends of these beautiful children will be in my prayers. God bless you all.

  9. I’m sorry, Hope? I don’t remember at all what you’re going on about, nor do I remember any one named Hope. At the age of 11 Robert and I were separated, and I only saw him in passing. By the age of 12 I had no idea where he was. In fact we didn’t find each other again ’til we were adults. No I will not apologize or blame myself in any way for the way he turned out or the actions that he chose. Whatever Robert may have done to your sibling was executed through the actions of a troubled child and it requires no apology. Get over it. I had many horrible things endured by my own soul. Frankly I can’t even remember most of them unless I try really hard. I’ve moved on. You should do the same. Rapes, beatings, belittlement, embarrassment, abuse of every genre and degree did so many of us suffer. We belonged to no one. No one loved us and we knew it at the ages of 4 and 5. That’s a difficult revelation for any hardened adult. We were in a very different foster system back then. Even if you did tell some authority figure, you still had to go back and live with those people until they found another home. And now you had to deal with the fact that they knew you said something which only made things worse. If you were in fact my foster sister Rose or Dorothy or Dee or Lisa or Connie or Maiesha I love you dearly. However much it may have or still may hurt you I’m sorry if you are still holding on to the actions of the very troubled and confused young boy that was my brother. He was a child once and he did childish things as we all did and in the immortal word of sky walker “There is still good in him. I can feel it.” It is imperative that you find peace within. Only then can you let go and truly forgive as I have. From this comes much growth and inevitably leads to enlightenment. I love you all.

  10. I knew rob pretty well and I also ssaw him with his last two children robert jr and jade I think they were. Rest in peace you 4 little angels. This is still so shocking to me becuase he seemed so good with that last child. well no one will ever know what happened and why except for rob and he has alot of time to think about it.

  11. I knew Robert and William and there other siblings I had heard of the deaths of his two daughters and I learned of the deaths of the other 2 children when I saw it on the news one night and I am still in shock . I make no excuses for Robert and I offer my condolences to the families of these children what a horrible thing to go thru, I pray that GOD helps them to get thru this.I know that William and Robert did not have a good childhood and I thought that they were good people when I met them yrs ago, I won’t go into details but I have a child with one of there brothers and have heard the things they went thru,but I make no excuses for the things that happened. this was a tragedy..but GOD is our jugde so I pray that the families have the strength to live for their children for they are all with GOD now. you never know what people are capable of or what they have been thru it’s a shame that this has happened and I pray that GOD will heel the wounds of these families. I also wish everyone well because Robert and William were both good people and I know all of the siblings and there mother ..I just wish this would never have happened..

  12. Thank you to those of you who have offered your condolences and prayers. I am a close family member of both the boys–Isiahia and Jhayden. I was happy to see William’s words on here as I and many of my family members have always been curious as to the truth of Robb’s childhood and the influences that could have driven him to do such horrific things. He told so many different stories it was impossible to know which, if any, were true. We have always been curious as to what the jury was thinking by not convicting on the girls. The verdict was so strange and the Payne family deserved justice as well–they waited SO long for it. At least there is some small measure of justice now that he is in prison for life but in reality nothing good came of this situation. Although our family is healing, the children–ALL of them, the boys and the girls–will be in our hearts every moment of every day. The depth and breadth of what Robb took from us and from the world is simply immeasurable.

  13. Yes ..I don’t know everything ,but I do know that we must not forget that the ultimate judge for all of us is GOD. We have to repent for our sins and I pray that the families of the girls and the boys will get some sort of healing thru GOD..because I am saddened by this tradgedy that your families have had to endure. My only wish is that GOD him self helps your families to be able to heal because these children were not only a part of your family but they are a part of my childs too because they were all her cousins. But I not only pray for your families but I pray that Robert gets the help that he needs to because we still and will never know what happened .

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