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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Langston family murder 4/11/1970 Layton, UT *Dennis Baker was arrested and charged, but committed suicide in jail*

Dale Langston
Christine Jeffs
Troy Langston

Dale Jean Langston and her 2 children, ages 3 and 6.were killed in their Layton, UT home. Dale was stabbed 33 times. 6-year-old daughter Christine Jeffs throat was slashed and she had been bludgeoned on the head. 3-year-old Troy Langston was also stabbed and bludgeoned on the head. Dennis Baker was arrested and charged with the murders, however, he committed suicide while in jail.

Utah escapee gone again
Langston/Jeffs Unsolved Murder
31 year old killing reinvestigated
’70 Layton murder case closed


55 Responses

  1. Dons oldest brother Gary is my father. I was only 3 when this happened. Interesting.

  2. It seems the murder of Dale Jean, Christen and Troy is continuously questioned on who the suspect is. The statements from witnesses teater totter back and fourth from Dennis Baker and Don Langston. Hmmm…. Intersting after 38 years a co-worker mentioned something about growing up in the west ogden area and he hung out with the Langston boys and Baker boys. Now his statement was when I asked him about murders his comment was “Yeah, Don the husband murdered his wife and kids with a linoleum knife” Now reading the police statements it mentioened a small knife was used in the slashings but not once did it mention the type of knife.

    This case had a chance to go to Vidoq Society to be investigated meaning the DNA evidence was going to be tested and Layton police shot this down stating the case is closed because the suspect was Dennis Baker and they can not put a dead man on trial. Also Charlie Wolford was in prison for accessory to the crime or something like that and he confessed that Dennis had something to do with the murders.

    The DNA evidence is still in the Layton Police custody and “YES” it should be allowed to be tested; just in case that one in a million chance the husband had something to do with the murder! Fingerprints, Blood Stains, Semon etc……

    Any thoughts!

  3. God Bless their souls and peace be with Dale Jean, Christine and Troy.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. If there is DNA evidence, TEST it. If they cannot think of any other reason, JUSTICE and the vicitm’s family. They deserve it.

  5. Detective Morrison had a presentation ready to present to Vidoq Society back in September 2004, he was forced to retire because he could not pass the fitness test due to his ankle. Dectective Larsen took over the case a couple weeks prior to Vidoq Society deciding if they would take on this cold case and Detective Larsen contacted Vidoq Society stating it would be a waste of time because all the evidence points to Dennis Baker. Now these are only statements from 1970-1974 and some present statements from Don Langston and one of his brothers, not sure which langston brother. Anyway the evidence still sits in boxes at the Layton Police Department and none of it other than the statements have determined “Case Closed”, why not take our technology and test ALL the DNA even if it proves Dennis Baker committed the murders at least the family can move on and stop wondering if Don Langston had anything to do with the murders.

    It is sad to think that the victims were murdered in such a horrific manner and the police department wouldn’t allow the presentation to be presented to Vidoq Society at NO COST to anyone since Vidoq Society is a nonprofit organization.

  6. We were presented with evidence about the Langston case in the Spring of 2002. Most questions that kept coming up were about Dennis Baker which led to most of the students leading in that direction. The winter before the murders Don and Dale had a argument in their car while they were driving home. From the Detective that was presenting the case I asked if Don and Dale had previous altercations. He stated that Don pushed Dale out of the car while it was moving in a parking lot. This bothered me in thinking that Don had more in mind with Dale. the next biggest problem with this case was just after the murders why did Don remove all the carpet from the house just days after the murders? This was also stated in the cold case project by the detective. Dale received a phone call the night of the murders while she was at a family members house. She left soon after that phone call. Who was on the phone. All of this information was presented to a Cold Case Project in which our group believed that Don is the Prime suspect of this case not Dennis. Not to mention 25 years after the murders Don through his son and a lawyer offered his services to help solve the crime. Don married with in a few months after the murders. All of this information was presented to this Project in the Spring of 2002. This case is unsolved and needs to be looked at again.

  7. does anyone know if they ever found a defenite murderer?
    or if any more of the crime files are available to the public?

    • My thoughts would be since Layton Police has considered this a “closed case” without testing any of the DNA evidence and utilizing statements as their evidence it would be a fabulous idea reading all of these posts to have the evidence tested. I believe the semen collected from Dale Jean to include several semen stains on the bed sheets were still able to be test. I remember Detective Morrison stating that he tried to have DNA tested, however the lab requested the DNA to be tested a few years later. The lab felt the technology would improve and would be easier to test with newer technology. Since Detective Larson that took over the case made the decision to close the case after Detective Morrison worked so hard on presenting this case to Vidoq Society the DNA was never resubmitted for testing.

      I agree with the statements above, the evidence sitting in those boxes at the Layton Police Department should be tested, to determine if Dennis Baker was the murderer. There are too many statements that direct Don Langston as the MAIN suspect.

      You can’t charge a dead man with a crime, so therefore I believe the evidence and reports should be open to the public to read through.

      I sure hope this can be investigated again in the near future. We owe it to Dale Jean, Christine and Troy so they can rest in peace after 45 years!

  8. This has been something that I have heard about since I can remember. My mother is the one that found Dale Jean and the kids. Kay Langston is my dad. The evidence was shipped to the W.S.U DNA lab a few years back. I also work at W.S.U. I have tried to get some sort of info but it seems that what ever they have been able to come up with is non conclusive. I understand wanting to find out who did it after all of these years but I have heard about the notorious Langston brothers in many of these articles. If there is evidence that links Don thats one thing but I don’t think that the “brothers” as a term should be used until they find out which brother.

    • Its just kinda weird how the nife dissappeared and how Sue died when case was reopened and closed. She used to tell the story to her niece cherishe a lot.

    • Dale Jean was my cousin & friend. Her father and my dad were brothers. Our family and dale jeans were like one big family. We spent holidays, weekends, picnics you name it we all did it together. She was like my older sister. The death of dale jean and her children was and still is a unsettling crime that none of us have ever nor will ever put to rest because we have no closer to their horrible murders with things that happened to them not even image alb we think of them Daily. And not having buried together was just another slap in our face. Thanks langstons

  9. I’m 99% sure Dennis Baker’s death was an accident, not a suicide. I was there, I cut him down. Due to the circumstances that day, and that evening, I believe he was trying to fake his own hanging, and then be transported to a hospital, where he was going to try to escape. He had already escaped once from C block (previous death row in the main building). Every one in maximum security and death row could hear the count start that night (and every night). Evidence told us that was about the time he let himself down on the rope that he had made from his sheets. There was evidence that he had tried to lift him self back up (when the count was stopped). The count delay was 5 minutes or more. Although other convicts told stories of the circumstances of the deaths of Dale Jean Langston and her children, there was no evidence to back it up. the stories were brought to the attention of the prosecuting attorney.

  10. Christine Jeffs was my Aunt my dad’s sister he was three years old at the time this happened. He remembers playing with his sister. He decided to name me Christine, after his sister that was murdered.

  11. The last I heard and was told by Layton City Police, was that they believe it would be a waste of time to provide this case to Vidoqc because Detective Amanda Larson determined case closed with evidence pointing towards Dennis Baker; supposively Dennis’ wife at the time wrote a statement commenting Dennis threw his bloody wedding ring in the toilet the night of the murders. Now again this is a statement from a witness not evidence. Could it possibly be that Dennis met up with Don to tend to the kids while Don murdered Dale Jean; then involved himself with the murders while Charlie Wolford sat outside in the car, which then Charlie peaked through the window to see the horrifying crime that was committed by Don and Dennis.

    The evidence that was sent to the crime lab back in 2002 (roughly) technology was not able to pull the strand of DNA, the crime lab told Detective Morrison to bring the evidence back in five years when technology could pull the DNA strand to determine who murdered Dale Jean.

    Evidence still sits on a shelf with the Layton Police Department, which includes a blanket that wrapped Christine that could be tested, yet a witness said they seen Dennis dump his bloody wedding ring down the toilet, so there for he must be the one who committed this crime. It doesn’t seem right.

    I haven’t been to this site for a while due to the fact that it frustrates me, yet something keeps pulling me back and wish the evidence could prevail the truth.

  12. To John E.:
    Did Layton Police ever contact you for a statement during the time Detective Morrison worked this case? I think it is very interesting you mention you didn’t think his suicide was an accident. From what I have been told by the police department is that a letter was written by Dennis Baker the day he committed suicide, he wrote that he murdered Dale Jean, Christine and Troy. However the letter is not with the evidence. Where you mention you cut him down did you notice a letter of any kind? I think the the name of the detective was Chard or something like that. Does this ring a bell? Just curious in all I have researched you have blogged a lot of what I believe, not been able to find in reports though.

  13. To Cold Case Project:
    I agree with you, however when I contact the police department they let me know this case has been closed; see link on this site which determined “case closed”. Not enough evidence to close this case. I understand they can not put a dead man on trial, but who says the evidence can’t prevail the prime suspect. So if it is that Dennis Bakers DNA is what the crime lab finds then family and friends may find closure with what happened after all these years. And all of us posting to this blog will find piece knowing that Dale Jean and her children were laid to rest 39 years ago.

  14. To K:
    Since the police department determined this case closed I would think the case reports would be open to the public, maybe you can contact Layton Police Department and ask. I also heard that there were secret hearings at the Farmington Court house in 1973 or 1974 in which I have not been able to obtain.

    I am not sure why this is such a secret.

  15. To Dale Jean’s niece: There was no letter when I cut Baker down. He assaulted the maximum security lieutenant that day causing serious eye damage to both eyes. It was a vicious attack. This caused Baker to be placed in isolation with no opportunity to get a letter out. I’m sure he was in no remorceful mood. I doubt the exhistence of a letter of confession. In my opinion it would be unlike him to write it. Change of subject: As I recall from a discussion in a court room (I transported him there). There was a traffic stop. Evidence was seized. Another court had ruled that evidence was seized improperly. I think in the end, if details are released, the supressed evidence will convince all that Baker committed this crime. I believe, while the case is closed against Dennis Baker, It makes no sense to release details of the evidence on the long shot that a second suspect materializes. If I recall correctly, The court ruling that threw out the evidence against Baker was brought in to question by a ruling in a susequent unrelated case. Why jeopadrize a possible future case?

  16. To John E: Thank you for your response. I had always wondered why one of the detective’s mentioned the letter yet the letter was nowhere to be found. Must had been in a statement somewhere in the police reports.

    You are the closest person I have been able to contact that was with and knew Dennis when all this was going on. I had read about the evidence against Baker was thrown out because they did not handle or gather the evidence legally or something to that nature.

    I do understand that is makes no sense to release details of the evidence to try and figure out if another was invovled. The only question I have is why the DNA that was collected at the time of the murder could not be sent for testing now the technology is available. This evidence would either prove that Dennis was the suspect or possibly throw it out. Dale Jean had sex with the suspect the night of the murder and that is the evidence I am talking about. Of course this is only what I have read in the reports.

    What are your feelings since you were present and dealt with Baker, did you get the sense he was capable of murdering Dale Jean and her children is such a cruel way? I wasn’t born when this happened. I had learned of this when Detective Morrison had taken the case off the shelf 34 years after the murderes. This is why I ask so many questions, where the courts were not able to prove Baker was the one whom committed these crimes and the evidence was thrown out; and statements that I have read in the reports don’t really place Baker at the crime, some of the statements mentioned Don had the capability to commit the murders, so I have many questions in my head. Not all to me points to Baker if you can understand. But where you were involved or was around Baker back then I just wonder how you thought about all this.

    Thanks for posting agian.

  17. I meant to say that Dale Jean had sex with the murderer not the suspect.

  18. Much of what I heard about these murders is jailhouse talk. But I’m sure of this: Had the officer who stopped Baker’s car obtained a warrant to seize the evidence he saw in the car, Baker would have been convicted. Also, Jail house talk indicated that Dale Jean’s husband was not involved, and that Baker was angry with him, and may have killed Dale Jean and the kids as an act of revenge. Again, this was jailhouse speculation.

  19. I have to agree there is alot of talk rather it be jailhouse speculation or friends and neighbors whom wrote down statements. I have been learning about my family being murdered through reports. From what I have read I can’t say that Baker was not one of the suspects. I read a portion of the report about Don providing a gun for Dale Jean the night before she was murdered and told her she may need it, now when she placed the gun in the location Don suggested in the top drawer next to the bed, seemed odd that the gun was not there the night she was murdered, but the drawer was drawn open as if she went to grab it to use. I don’t read that her husband had any love or compassion for what happened, a statement was made in the reports that he said, “that bitch deserved it” something like that anymore, not what you say when you wife was just murdered. So reading and picking apart some of the reports and placing Don at the crime is possible since he drove Dale Jean to Denver regularly and passed the hotel he said he stayed in the night before everytime. I think I read he recieved a speeding ticket near the exit of the hotel a week before the murders, so could it be that he drove back to the house to assist Dennis. Dale Jean was talking to family and friends about turning Don into the police for some crime he had committed; something to do with State money orders or something. Don stopped on the side of road driving home from Denver and threatened her life if she went to the State. To me it seems from reading the reports that there was more to this murder than Dennis taking his anger out on Dale Jean and her kids. I even think they took a shower and cleaned up all the blood or at least tried to. Anyways enough about my thoughts, it is nice to be able to talk to others especially those that were around when this all happened. We will always assume it was Dennis since the evidence they have will neverr be tested for DNA.

  20. to Dale jean’s niece: email me a phone number. please don’t put this on the blog if you can avoid it. I,ll tell you what I Know and why I think DNA has little to do with proving this case.

  21. To: John E,
    I don’t mind if you post your reasonings to why you think DNA has little to do with proving this case. I believe that there were mistakes made by law enforcement due to the fact that this was the largest crime that hit Utah until the High Fi Murders. Not a lot other than hear say in my opinion. These days DNA is tested and I just feel it should be done considering I personally worked on having Vidocq Society look at this case; and believe that DNA would had been tested. There is so much evidence that still sits as if it was in a time capsol; also the home looks exactly the same other than carpet being replaced. I don’t know why I feel this way but I do. I can’t push DNA testing and understand that a dead man can not be prosecuted. Please post, but feel talking at this time is not what I feel is needed at this time. Regards, Dale Jeans’ Niece.

    • Hi Sheila… My name is Dave and I have the answers to your questions.. I lived down the street from your relatives and have important information for you.. I will need away to provide you this info… Doing this in hopes it can bring closure and peace to your family…

      • Please send the info to the email address you have been using.using . I tried to respond, I must’ve not received my reply. I don’t feel safe providing my cel nor personal info, hope you understand.

      • please send to and I appreciate you offering up the information that can be shared with the family.

        • Good morning Sheila…
          I hope my last message didn’t come across as being rude.. I was in a hurry and should have phrased it differently.. I certainly understand your concernsI not knowing who I am wanting to find out what I know in this open forum and I also prefer to do it this way..

  22. To Sheila: It was never my intent to offend anyone or step on your efforts. Feel free to have the Layton Police contact me. I discussed what I know with prosecutors, never with the police. Best wishes to you and your family.

  23. To John E: You are not offending me, if I came across that way I apologize. I do not feel comfortable giving you my information considering I do not know you.

    I am not able to work with law enforcement because the case is considered closed. It is just frustrating that one of the detectives worked so hard on having this case presented to Vidocq and when he retired another detective was assigned to the case is immediately it was closed. After DNA was tested and recommended it came back in five years when the technology evolved.

    I would like to talk with you, but I am not feeling comfortable about providing you my information. If you feel it is alright that we talk I am interested in what you told the procescutors and why you never spoke to the police. I also would like to hear your feelings on why DNA would have little to do with solving this case. If it is alright with you that I have your information to contact you, please email Bonnie and have her send it to me.

    note from blog owner

    It is best to go thru me, as I will not allow phone numbers or email addresses to go thru normally. I am uncomfortable with that.

  24. I am Don Langston’s first cousin and was 22 and living in SLC at the time of this horrific crime. The papers printed every little thing they could get ahold of and I remember my frustration when they were critical when Don tried to attack Baker as he was being led from the courthouse. That seemed to me to be a likely response to someone you felt had brutally killed all of your family. I never believed Don commited this crime and in my opinion it was unfortunate Baker killed himself (accident or not) before he could be tried and convicted. It is sad that up to this point, Don had lived his life in a manner that made him a suspect. However look at those beautiful little children, one of them his own and I cannot even imagine my cousin capable of such violence. It seems to me the ones who question this case are those who were not even around back then.

  25. Dale Jean’s mother was my grandmother Elsie’s niece. So I guess that would make her my grandmother’s great niece. I have no idea how that makes us related – possibly distant cousins?

    I remember picking up on bits and pieces of this story when I was little, but the adults were careful not to speak about it too much around me (rightly so).

    My older sister had mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and we decided to see if we could locate any information online. I am so very sad to learn the grisly details and that no one has ever been punished.

    What beautiful children. I am sorry that I was never able to know them – or Dale Jean.

  26. My family did talk openly about this terrible murder. We followed every detail that was revealed and it continues to be my belief today that Dennis Baker committed this brutal crime. As John stated, with jail house talk, the general consesous of law enforcement seems to be the same. I believe if there was anything to linki Don to this crime, it would have been done because he was not popular with law enforcement. I understand how “illlegal seizure” can allow a guilty person to go free, so I can only imagine the evidence that would have convicted Baker, had it been allowed to be used.
    Dennis Baker was punished indirectly for this crime. I felt when he died, the case was closed. I have not been in touch with Don for many, many years. However, if DNA can prove this case, I would like to see that happen if only to stop the speculation. Those years were tragic for all of the players involved. I would imagine Don would like to go back, make different choices if possible. But at some point in time, we must believe that justice has been served and move on with life. Let Dale Jean and the children rest in peace. Let Don live his life in peace.

  27. Before Dennis Baker died we discussed what we would have to do if Don was sent to the Utah State Prison. It was our opinion that Don’s life would be in serious jeopardy. We would have sent him to an out of State prison for his own safety (or for Dennis’s safety). I have listened to officers who reviewed the case, and to a court hearing in which they were deciding if there was enough evidence for a murder charge. Excluded evidence was discussed. And, I listened to convicts. Blend it all together and certain truths start to come out. If anyone is talking with Don these days, I’d ask him why Dennis did what he did, and who else might have been involved. I do believe Don was not involved in the murders, but he might just know why Dennis was so angry. It’s been a long time and Don might have softened some. He might discuss what he knows with family or police. I hope the family finds peace. I know you all want to know the truth, but remember, in a murder case, closed or not, Police have to protect the case on the chance a second suspect comes to light. The end result is that you are all left with the emptiness of unanswered questions. peace to you all.

  28. Dale Jean was my second cousin. I did not know her very well, other than I remember her when we were in high school and young married women. She was a lovely and sweet young mother. The last time I saw her she had Christine and Troy with her and was attending a convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses with her grandmother, my Aunt Ray. I remember little Troy running up to me and showing me his new shoes, cowboy boots I think. Both he and Christine were charming and bright little children. I sincerely hope the family can hold on to only the happy memories of Dale and her babies and be assured that God willing we will see them again. God’s graces and blessings on you all.

  29. I was a young mother living a few miles away when this occurred. I remember it being reported that more than one person was involved. I seem to recall that they were connected to religion and punishment. Of course, I might be wrong, but this was 14 years before the larger scale 1984, Lafferty and LeBaron murders. I recently read the book Escape by one of the Jeffs wives. In discussing it, I worried that she and her kids might still be in danger, due to my memory of the Langston murders. My interest was peaked. In reading the blog, I am wondering why was one Christine’s last name Jeffs?

  30. My name is Caitlin is this the murders that happend by the k mart and kinda by the old Kent’s convient store? My mom always told me the story of what happend. I live in this neighborhood and I drive past this house every time I go to Walmart and I always think of the history that happend there and how sad it is. Im curious because there Are many stories and if this is the right house I’m thinking of it would be interesting to finally know the story.

  31. To offer some information on location … the home was located In Holt subdivision. The store nearest it would have been the Old Stimpsons Market which was across from Davis Lanes Bowling Alley.

  32. I found an article that said the murders happened at 1334 Marilyn Drive. I’ve been intriqued by this story by a post I read about haunted houses in Layton. It describes very losely this murder but the facts are all messed up. It also said the house was on Gentile. Are the stories related?

  33. Dennis Baker was one of two of my dad’s half brothers. My dad was never close to them and stayed away as much as possible. No one in my family ever talked about this. I found out by going through old newspapers online. My dad is passed away now and I dont even know if his other half brother Fred baker is still alive.

    As I read some old newspapers it said that Fred Baker Dennis’s brother was also arrested as an acomolice. Is this true and why did they never question him?

    I am realy curiuos about this as no one in my family will talk about it.

  34. Fred was questioned. Witnesses and /or evidence indicated he was else where at the time.

  35. Reading everything I have been able to locate on this murder, something is still missing – MOTIVE. Was there ever any speculation as to why? There is speculation and the police explanation of who, but I have yet to understand why? Why this woman and her two small children? Were there drugs involved? Was it believed she wronged someone? Was this an ugly divorce being revenged? Perhaps someone close to the case could explain what they think happened?

  36. The little house on marilyn is finally looking like a happy house. Its as if it has finally healed. I was playing little league baseball at vae view that week in 1970.

  37. Would one of the relatives that knows about this story please tell what dale jean,s relationship with baker and langston are. And what the story is behind it. I was 11 years old when this happened and i have always been curious. my condolances to the family. just curious

  38. I’m sitting in this living room right now. Creepy stuff man…

  39. I just think its weird how the nife dissappeared out of the evidence room and how Sue ended up dead after detectives had case reopened and closed again. She used to tell her niece cherishe about it all the time. I have got to say this creeps me out everytime I read about it. I can walk by cemetaries at night and not be creeped but this is just something else.

  40. I know who did this… This is the second and final message I send.. Up to you if you want the truth.. The layton police department didnt seem to interested when I called them 5years ago.. Contact me

    • Please contact me at Please respect the fact I do not feel comfortable contacting you in person or having you send me to my personal email. I tried to respond to this over a week ago, however I don’t believe you received my reply, my apologies for that. I think we can start by using this email forum. ;0)

  41. I do have concerns however for my family’s safety and will need to be very careful as to how I phrase what I know and possibly send some of the info to Bonnies e-mail to forward directly to you..

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