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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Serial Killers: James Gregory Marlowe and Cynthia Coffman love to torture and kill

Corinna Dell Novis

Sandra Neary [10/11/1986]
Corinna Novis [11/7/1986] strangulation
Lynel Murray [11/12/1986] strangulation
Pamela Simmons [10/28/1986] (suspects in her killing, still listed as unsolved in Bullhead City, AZ)

I was only able to find a picture of one victim, Corinna Novis. If you have one of the other victims and would like to share, please let me know. Thanks!

Find-A-Grave: Sandra Ann Lee Neary
Find-A-Grave: Corinna Dell Novis
Coroner Says Novis Was Strangled
Murder Defendants on Opposite Sides as Trial Set to Begin
Jury Gives Couple Death Verdict
Murder Suspect Testifies About Killing of Teen
2nd Coffman Murder Trial Opens
Coffman ‘Instigated’ Killing, Prosecutor Says
Murder Victim’s Family Describes Loss at Trial
S.C. Upholds Death Sentences for ‘Folsom Wolf’ and Girlfriend Who Claimed He Battered Her
State of California v James Gregory Marlow 2004
State of California v Cynthia Coffman
Murderpedia: James Gregory Marlowe
James Marlow and Cynthia Coffman
Serial Killer Central
James Marlow (a pen pal site)
This Day in History: Aug. 30, 1989
James Gregory Marlowe and Cynthia Coffman
Condemned and Waiting : Cynthia Coffman Came West for a New Life; Now She Faces 2nd Death Sentence
O.C.’s death row: Random kiling spree

Property of Folsom Wolf

Wicked Attraction: The Folsom Wolf
Evil, I: Natural Born Killer
Snapped: Killer Couples: Cynthia Coffman & James Marlow



CDCR#: E32700
Age: 55
Admission Date: 08/31/1989
Location: San Quentin



CDCR#: W34001
Age: 50
Admission Date: 10/05/1992
Location: Women’s Facility


64 Responses

  1. I know Cyndi. This book is a good description of what happened although he lied about his interaction with her.

    • Hello, I work for a company that is producing a documentary about this case. If you have any personal photos of Cynthia that you wouldn’t mind submitting for the program please email me at Compensation is provided.

  2. I hope they both rot in Hell for what they did. Pam Simmons was a good friend of mine. She was a kind sweet person with two children and a loving husband.

  3. I knew James and would never have believed he was capable of such a horrible crime. I do not forgive him. Although, I know he was a victim as a child of some very horrendous abuse! I am also a friend of someone who was very close to the Huntington Beach victim… Very strange coincidence. I may sound unscathed by this horrible act, yet in reality I am just now beginning recover from the effects its had on my life. I dont believe in harming any living being.
    I am a beautiful soul and I am sure the victims were as well. I pray for the victims, their loved ones, and also for the souls that, im sure, were once beautiful before evil overcame them and led them to such destruction.

  4. I knew Cindy growing up in St.Louis. I know her e-husband and her son.(her ex-was not abusive) I actually traveled wit Cindy from St.Louis to Page Az. Because of an argument(she stole from me) I split and went back home to St.Louis.
    I can’t beleive she is guilty of these crimes but evidence proves that she is.
    I can’t believe that someone I grew up with is on death row.

    • What High School did Cindy go to? I think I may had dated her once back in the day. Just curious if I dodged a bullet, so to speak.

    • Hello, I work for a company that is producing a documentary about this case. If you have any personal photos of Cynthia that you wouldn’t mind submitting for the program please email me at Compensation is provided.

  5. they both stayed at my house in newberry springs ca. shortly after that i heard they went on a killing spree. preyy wierd, cause they were living with us for about two weeks

  6. I am good friends with Cyndi and have been for awhile now. I know all the ins and outs and truths of the crimes and feel that James is a monster yes. The only reason Cyndi was even along for the ride was because her life was threatned many times. She should never have been tried with Marlow to began with. The cases should have been tried separate, and the only reason Cyndi is on death row is because the DA wanted to put a feather in his cap for putting the first women up on death row in CA!!! Cyndi was simply a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She didn’t witness any of the murders so to pay with her life for something she had nothing to do with is wrong and another example of all the faults our American Judical System makes. Murders happen every day in this country and it is a very sad situation. James Marlow is currently on death row at San Quentin and is right where he belongs. When he dies the world will be a better place and I hope with his excecution the families of James Marlow’s victimes will get some relief. Thanks for reading the truth… Tony Ciaglia

    • Cynthia was a spoiled little rich girl that had anything she wanted and couldn’t get enough. Gave up her little son for some excitement. She was there, she not only witnessed, she participated! ! My niece was one of the ones that was murdered and it was Cynthia’s hands on the murder her own confession. She alone led the detectives to where my niece was buried after they kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered her! You are truly delusional to think she wasn’t even there. I hope she rots on death row! ! !

      • It has been years but the anger and pain and the disbelief of the events are still fresh as if it happened yesterday. Greg is my first cousin. He stayed with us when we lived in California and after our family moved to Kentucky. Greg and Cindy are both guilty for what happened. They shared an equal role in this horrindous activity and should pay with their own lives. I love Greg dearly, however, I cannot even imagine what I would do if this had been my child that they raped, tortured and murdered. Hammarabi was a strong King in ancient times who developed a Code consisting of 300 laws for the land. “An Eye for an Eye” was one of the phrases used back then. It should appy today as well. I am truly sorry for your loss. If you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so because I want the families to know that our family feels so bad for your losses and we do not condone the inhumane actions of Greg and Cindy. God’s punishment will be far worse than what any of us could do to them. Again, I am truly sorry for your pain even if it has been 25 or more years later.
        Wanda Duncan P.O. Box 1 Strunk, Ky. 42649
        To those that believe Greg acted alone, WAKE UP! CINDY WAS A FREE PARTICIPANT. SHE IS GUILTY AS WELL!

    • BULLCRAP. She was an active participant who could have slipped away from Greg at any time. She didnt fear him, she worshipped him and his actions as he did her. Now, both of them can pay for what they have done. I am a first cousin to Greg and he wasnt this way as a young kid either but he turned into a monster and she did too. They fed off of each other like a bad maggotted disease and should suffer the wrath of the justice system and from God.


      • Wanda, I work for a company currently producing a true crime documentary about these cases. I have spoken with Greg multiple times on the telephone. I am looking for someone to talk on his behalf or provide personal photos of him. Would you be interested in this? Please email me at

        Thank you

    • Did she ever talk about killing Pamela Simmonds? Please help!!we need closure.

      • If you have Netflix, you should be able to watch it. I don’t remember if anything was said about Pamela or not. I am sorry for your loss. And I hope that this is not rude to tell you, but closure is a myth. There is no such thing as closure. My mother was murdered over 35 years ago, and it still hurts every single day. You will just learn how to deal with it, slowly, but you will. I am sorry that you will have to walk this road. I wish you peace and love for this.

    • Cyndi was not the first woman on death row in California. There were a few, like Barbara Graham, back before 1968.

  7. Everybody who read this book knew these people, or a victim. Here and at Weird.

    Me too. I’m the guy on page 258. The guy who made the Sinful Cindy sign. I met Greg just before they left Barstow.

  8. Print shop guy:

    I have read the book. And I have never met them nor am I a victim.

  9. I don’t know the criminals nor did I know the victims but Ms. Novis was dug up from from the vineyards not far from my home – after being raped, robbed and tortured by these sick animals. I grew up in Upland and know all the spots Marlow robbed, and the victims he terrorized, before hooking up with Coffman and going on the killing spree. I remember the crimes, the search for the killers, the captures and the subsequent trials vividly – they were horrendous. Like Marlow, and thousands of others, I grew up in an abusive home but unlike Marlow, we didn’t turn into hard core, cold blooded killers. Coffman, raised in an upscale, in-tact suburban home – turned her back on all of it, including her infant – to jump on the Marlow ride – and she enjoyed every twisted minute of it until it ended – then she turned on him. These shits deserve each other – more importantly, they deserve to be exactly where they are right now. I am opposed to the death penalty and am pretty certain these shits will never feel the needle – it’s good knowing they will live out the rest of their miserable lives in their little six by eight cells. My heart goes out to the friends and families of the victims – and the child Coffman fled before flushing her pathetic, white trash life down the toilet.

  10. I have to say this book is a total trip to me too. The book starts out in Barstow about half a mile from where I lived with my mom. It continues to places where are totally coincidental. Ironically enough , the two convicted were arrested by my Father in Big Bear where I lived later on. It was just odd to have so many links, not for me of course but through the whole thing.

  11. I knew Cindy in high school and I am still good friends with her ex and attended her wedding. Her marriage was not abusive; she I think just did not want the responsibility at the time. She just packed up and left town. We at the time were not shocked that she left, thinking she will be back soon the drama would blow over and life would go on. Then later to hear of the horrible crimes the lives taken, children robbed of parents. Those of us that knew Cindy were shocked; I remember what a daze we were all in. How protective we became of their son. We all watched Americas Most Wanted segment of the search and capture, again how surreal it all was.
    I find myself now over twenty years later, with children and grandchildren of my own thinking of the victims families including Cindy’s. My prayers and thoughts go out to you all, may peace be with you. For the now 40 years I have lived, I have learned one thing. “We must be responsible for what we do in life”. More importantly in the end we will be held accountable for all actions committed against our fellow man.

    • Hello JCB,

      I work for a company that is producing a true crime documentary program about this case. I was hoping to contact you about our program and see if you would be interested in providing personal photos of Cindy. I would compensate you for anything that you provide. If you have any questions please email me at or call 865-588-2626 and ask for Christine LaRue.

  12. I work on a true crime television series for the Discovery Networks and we are going to feature this case on one of our episodes. I have been in contact with Cynthia Coffman’s lawyer and interviewed several people involved in the investigation. I am still looking for anyone who personally knew or currently knows Cynthia Coffman or James Marlow, that can discuss any part of their life. I am also looking for any photographs of Cynthia or James, from any age, that we can use in our production (we will pay for the photos). I want to ensure that our show provides the most accurate portrayal of the case and those involved. If you feel you can help or contribute in anyway please contact me at

    Thank you

    • contact my sister Laura Leydig at 606-310-5602 or at 606-310-3149. We are 1st cousins to Greg. My father (Nig Walls) was a brother to Greg’s mom Doris Hill. Both are now deceased. I do not want to participate because I feel that both are guilty and yes, should be executed for what they have done. I will always love the “kid” Greg once was but not the Monster. Wanda

  13. Wow. This is quite schocking. Cyndi is my dad’s ex-wife. I have the book about her and have read it many times. Also my mom was friends with her in high school. I dunno. Yeah her one and only son is my half-brother. He is pretty cool. But oh well.

  14. I need photos of James Marlow and Cynthia Coffman and Lynel Murray one of their victims. I need the photos for an assignment in my criminal justice class. If you have any please email them to me at Thanks for your help.

  15. I live in Big Bear and was working in one of the stores those two came in and shopped before they were caught. They asked me many questions and used one of the girls they murdered credit cards…long story short I was at the trail because I had to be…I was probably their next victim! I hope they both get what they deserve as details of what they did was horrific and I thank God everyday my boss came back to the store and most likely saved my life!

  16. I just learned about James Gregory Marlowe and Cynthia Coffman, today on I.D. it sicked me to watch and they got what was coming to them.

  17. My cousin Corrina was murdered, not only by James Marlow but also by Cynthia Coffman…she had a choice in the matter, anyone to say otherwise is stupid, saying that she only killed because she feared for her life is the worst excuse ever heard, she had a choice in the matter every day. They both should have been put to death long ago, and in the same disgusting manner they killed with.

    • Hello lthompson,
      I work for a company that is producing a true crime documentary program about this case. First, I am so sorry for your loss. I wanted to contact you to see if you would be willing to provide any personal photos of Corrina for the program. Of course we would compensate you for your time with this. If you are interested please email me at or call 865-588-2626 and ask for Christine LaRue.

  18. James Gregory Marlowe is my half uncle on my mother’s side. The book is nothing but lies. It is a terrible thing what he and Cynthia Coffman had done to those girls. But, I know a side of my uncle that none of you do. He suffers severely with mental illnesses and was on heroine at the time. I understand that that isn’t an excuse for what he done, but I think that there are extenuating circumstances that should be taken into consideration.

    • Samantha,

      If the book is nothing but lies, then are you saying he did not murder anyone? I have read the book and I have also corresponded with James Gregory Marlow. Being on heroin (I think that is what you meant) is NOT an excuse for murdering people. He did not rape and murder only one person. He is a serial killer. He did this several times.

      What specific mental illness does he have?

    • So what! if someone else other than your darling uncle did all these awful stuff would you have these kind words to share?

  19. james is my grandpa’s sister’s son.james and my dad donald lived together in fontana while they were teenager’s.we call james,, greg,we hate that he did these things but heroin and every other drug you could imagine also played a big part.for all of you on here claiming this and that,please we are good people and none of you all know anything about him or cindy.greg and cindy belong where they are,they did horrible things to people.

    • Joey,
      This is so true. Even if murderers are related to us, we have to face what is true and we have to adapt to the fact that we as a society must take responsibility for our actions, good or bad. The wages of sin is death. That is what God’s Law says. “An eye for an eye.” Death is somewhat too easy for them but as a taxpayer, I dont want to pay for them to have a lavish cell with 3 meals everyday, clean clothes, activities to keep them busy. Their punishment should not be like living at the HILTON INN but it should be one of pain and suffering just like they gave to every victim. I will suffer alot of pain when Greg is executed but I know in my heart that this punishment is what he deserves. I just pray that God will forgive him and have mercy upon his soul. That is between him and God.

  20. i met marlowe while visiting someone else at sb co jail,my girlfriends brothers cellmate..he met my sister and they married while he was in prison,he lived with my sister at my mothers when released,when he snapped he assaulted my sis and threatened my mom.when my mom wouild be away he would break into her house and steal things.he was always a jerk and deserves a slow painfull end to his life

  21. “she had a choice in the matter, anyone to say otherwise is stupid, saying that she only killed because she feared for her life is the worst excuse ever heard, she had a choice in the matter every day.”

    oh, no. it was all her idea. she was asking me if I ever thought about killing anybody just before this crime spree started. when I said I wasn’t interested, she wasn’t interested in me.

    Cindy was the instigator, not the follower

  22. james gregory marlow is my first cousin. growing up in california was not easy. i know greg and cindy are guilty . no one forsed the other. while back here in kentucky when they came to the house cindy was the one with the gun sticking out of her purse. greg was outside with my dad and brother. greg did not make her do anything. both are guilty. i pray for the souls, i pray they get saved before it is too late. i don’t feel your childhood turned you into a serial killer. it may have made you a bad person. but you grow up and learn from what you went through as a child you don’t make it worse. no excuse. i love greg because he is my family but i hate what he has done. cindy i do not know real well. gregs mom was a mean person and treated them mean. they should have been taken away from her when they were babies him and vironica his sister. but they weren’t . vironia was in on this too. she turned against them and told them were the body of the one in the vineyard was. she got 18 months, but you know life has its ways of getting justice because when released she came back here and 6 months later died of a blood clot went from her lung to her heart and killed her. she like cindy were also a leisben.they say she was going to church and turned her life around and got saved . i pray thats true.i really do.her dad is a preacher so see it is not were you come from, its what you make of your life after you are grown. i pray for the families of these victims. the book does not tell the truth about my grandma and what she had. she had nothing. my dad paid her funeral, her outstanding bills, and her house was sold on the courthouse steps, because of what was owed in taxes on it. it was ashamed the way she was treated when varonica was back here. my family took nothing from my grandma , she had no money. she even had a bill at the drug store for her meds, because vironica was taking her little check she got each month and not paying her bills. my family do not kill people. we are respectful law abidding people. most of us… i have never been in jail, nor do i have a record of ant kind. we are not all bad.

    • Since it was Veronica who was the one responsible in the end for Corinna’s murder and she cut a deal and got off with 18 months, it seems as though she was indeed punished by the Master Judge and Executioner. I’m sorry about that because Corinna had considered her a friend, not knowing that that friendship would result in her murder.

      • GOD DOES TAKE CARE OF THINGS IN HIS OWN WAY. VERONICA (RONNIE) AS WE CALLED HER WHEN WE WERE YOUNG, RECEIVED HER PUNISHMENT FROM THE MASTER. If she did not get saved before her death, she is still in punishment in HELL. I would love to get the address for Corina’s parents so that I can write to them and express how sorry I am for their loss.

        Do you have it? Here is mine. {Please give it to them}
        Wanda Duncan P.O. Box 1 Strunk, Ky. 42649

        • Are you really serious, Wanda? Today is Donna Novis’ birthday. If you would like to write to them, I suggest you send it to me and I’ll see that they either get the letter or, if they’re not open to that, they get the message. I know that none of what Greg did was your fault and even though there was at one time a lot of hate in my family concerning Greg, a lot of time has passed and Bill and Donna are still very much concerned about what is happening with Greg and Cynthia, I don’t think that they hate them.
          You can write to them c/o Phyllis Couch, 1114 Holly St., Nampa, ID 83686

  23. i am a mother of three and grandmother of 9. i have perminate custody of one of my grand daughters and have had her for 3 years now. i don’t bother anyone. greg and cindy are where they belong. and the death penilty does fit the crime. i pray for all this has inpacted and hope the families can get some closer now. gregs investigater who was back here not long ago, said he was over 300 pounds and most of the time does not have his right mind and just sets and mombles. most of the time he doesn’t know who he is or were he is. he said he has a very hard time communicating with him, and sometimes he just has to leave and come back another day or two to get some kind of response from him. and that at times it takes weeks to do this. he has completely gone crazy. which you know the Lord will not give you nothing you can not handle and he does not like his children being taken unless he is the one taken them. if you know what i mean. doo the crime , do the time, no matter rather you can handle it or not.

  24. I am the person that checked Ms Coffman into the hotel in Huntington Beach. I testified at the Novis and Murray murder trials. I read an earlier response on here from someone saying that everything about Coffman was a lie in the book. I’m sorry to say that this person might have known her at one time, but did not know what she was capable at the time of this murder spree. When she checked in, she came in by herself, used Lynelle Murray’s credit card and believe me, made no indication she needed any help, she was doing anything against her will, she had someone in her car that was in danger, or that she was in danger. She had to come into the lobby of this hotel the parking lot was far enough away that someone could not tell what she was talking about or could hear her. When she was filling out the registration card, she could had wrote on it telling me she needed help, telling me she was in danger, she did nothing of the sort. So, when I testified against her, as now, 21 years later, I feel no remorse for her, she deserves the death penalty. Dying by injection would be way too easy. I know what was done to Murray in that hotel room, I think she needs to experience what that little girl went thru, the pain, being scared and then the end result.

  25. james marlow is my family. i do not condon in any way what they done . they are were they need to be.everyone states they had a hard life. well where james is concerned he did, but so did i. i did not turn to killing people to get what i want. i am married, have 9 grandkids, never been in jail or arrested for anything, i do not have anything on my driving record. you learn to live with the childhood you had and go on. some people can . and some people can’t let go of the hurt and pain. thats when someone should have gotten some mental help. i feel anyone who kills does not have a conscience and are very unstable, and needs help. imy heart goes out to the victims families it truely does. from the walls family i am very sorry for your pain and hurt. i hope in time it gets easier but as a mother and grandmother i feel it would be very hard to over come something like this. i want you to know our prayers are with you. and we are not all like james gregory marlow or cindy coffman. the are were they need to be.

    • When I visit my brother and sister-in-law, Corinna’s parents, and I look at the beautiful picture of Corinna that still hangs in a prominent place on the wall, I wonder where she would be living, who she would have married, how many children she would have, how many grandchildren she might have by now~~if not for the unfortunate ending of her life. I read over, in my mind, the copy of the coroner’s report that describes the condition of her lifeless body after it was removed from the lonely vineyard, including the part about the dirt in her lungs from trying to breathe while her face was held to the ground while she was being strangled. I think about the things that were done to her before it got to that point. Then I realize that Corinna was the sacrifice that ultimately led to this monstrous pair being removed from society. If she hadn’t just purchased a new car – if she hadn’t used that atm – if she hadn’t befriended the employee in the sandwich shop that fingered her because she might have money – she and Lynell might still be alive…..but how many others might be dead.

  26. I just saw that story on tv…I’d forgotten about it as it was a long time ago. It’s not surprising that we remember people as being ‘normal’. But from what I see of these couple killers, it’s usually a ‘nice’ girl from a wealthy home who meets a ‘bad’ guy. They’re sheltered and naive and immature, they don’t have any steet savvy and they are sitting ducks for guys like that. Remember Erica Sifrit? same kind of story. Everyone was so shocked when she got involved with this creep. Nice, naive girls they may be, but they’re doing and that they are not responsible. She is just as responsible as he is.

  27. Being related to a murder doesn’t condem the entire family but only that member who did the wrong. Everyone has good in them, but does the good out wiegh the bad? not in thsi case, niether Cyinthia or James had enough good in them to think about how thier actions were going to affect the families of those they killed….or those innocent lives they took. My cousin was from a small town, she believed in doing good for others. She let them in her car that day believing she was helping….she was an attractive college cheerleader with a life time ahead of her. It is a shame that her murders will probably out live her parents….I know I would rest more peacefully if I saw them put in the ground before I got my wings to heaven. Justice will not have been served until thier sentance has been followed through. Watching tv, eating 3 meals a day, lifting wieghts, reading books, getting educated, having a warm bed…..really, is that what we call Justice, pathetic! Why don’t we give there beds to 2 people who are living on the streets…give those meals to those people who go hungry, who haven’t murdered, raped and stolen from thier own families.

    • I completely agree with you. Some believe that life in prison is harsher than death. I don’t. Put them down – they’re not worthy of another breath.

  28. i dont know Greg but his father is married to my aunt growing up i never new the story behind Greg i just new he was in California and my aunt did not like me bringing it up.i have not read the book but i have read alot of news clips it is offal what he did my heart goes out to the friends and family’s effected by his actions.

  29. Thanks for making this blog entry. I found it when I was looking for info on James Gregory Marlow. There is not a wikipedia entry on him but there is one for Cyndi.

    Was Cyndi bisexual or lesbian like some people who are commenting on this blog entry are claiming? I never knew either of them I have read the book “The Property of the Folsom Wolf”.

    • SG, Cynthia must have been bisexual because she raped Corinna, just like James did. And my brother and sister-in-law had to sit in the courtroom and listen to this, and much worse, being done to their daughter!

      • P. Couch,

        Please remember that rape is not about sexual attraction. It is a tool for a deviant criminal act (I know this is the wrong description, but the best I have today!). When a person rapes, it does not always matter about gender, race, etc. unless they have a specific target time. I am so sorry that they had to hear that. Sex crimes are the hardest part to hear about, especially when it is a family member. But Cynthia did get the punishment she deserves. I just wish it would be carried out (& James as well) so that justice is served.

        • If you don’t know the murderers and you didn’t know the victims or their families, don’t pretend to know what took place just from reading the book! Rape is sex forced on someone for self-gratification, a show of power or control. .and that is what James did. Cynthia, however, was turned on by what she watched. She performed sex with other females than Corinna also and for her it was enjoyment not a show of power. And, by the way, she hasn’t gotten the punishment she deserves. Veronica, on the other hand, did.

          • Also, the sex was not the hardest part to hear about….the murder itself was the hardest part! ! ! I wasn’t in court, thankfully, but even 24 years later the memory of what I heard makes me cry…

          • Phyllis,

            I am sorry that I obviously offended you. What you say is also true. However, I understand this better than you think, as my own mother and sister-in-law were murdered. I have had to live without my mother for over 36 years now. I think of her every single day.

            Also, you must have misread what I wrote about Cynthia getting the sentenced she deserved. I said she got that, but now it needs to be carried out. Then justice is served. I know it is not complete yet.

  30. Cindy lived in Barstow Ca
    I knew her when she had dated Dough.
    They had their good bads ups and downs.
    She use to come to my apt up stairs in Barstow.
    I had never met this satan named James, But he Beat cindy
    real bad,,He came to my apt with her and tried to kick in my
    apt door and my next door friends told him( shes not home)
    James turned to them and said ( go back into your house or I will kill you. So I was the next one on his death list.

  31. Greg James had taken Cindy to a party in Barstow and her head was shaved (by his request, 2 guys struck up a conversation with
    Cindy, Greg came over yelled at the guys,,Put his hands on Cindys neck held her off the ground up on the wall by her neck and said he was going to kill her if she talked to one more person,, Then turnd to the guys and said he was going to kill them,,, NOW tell me if she was not feared for her life,,,,, He also asked her for any of her friends that they could go to.She took this satan man to my apt were he was in the middle of break;ing into my apt ,,,
    Cindy was a sweet girl be for this monster

    You truly do not know Cindy. She is not an innocent bystander. She was not afraid of Greg. She was on dope just like him. She was a wild, killer just like him. She robbed, raped, tortured and murdered just like him. There were several instances where she could have ran from him if she were so afraid of him Bull crap! She is playing the pitiful little victim. SHE IS A MURDERED, LIAR, THIEF AND SHE DESERVES TO GET THE DEATH PENALTY JUST LIKE HIM.

  33. To everyone on this site who has posted,
    I knew both murderers. They were just like each other. Maggoted slime who fed off of each other. They lied, stole and murdered to feed their drug addictions. They worked as a team to accomplish every attack. I saw how Cindy was when she was with him. They were in Ky. at my parent’s home and she followed him around like a little lost puppy. She didnt display any fear of him but rather the role as a “proud follower” and “willing participant”. To think that one should die is ludicrist. If the death penalty is to be given, it should be given to both of them alike. I use to think that it was wrong to execute someone but I feel so differently today because we as a society, have to set an example for others to see that these type of crimes cannot continue and won’;t be tolerated. I pray that God has a merciful ear when they plead for his forgiveness and mercy. I pray that oneday, the families of the victims can get the closure that they need and I pray that they too, can find it in their hearts to forgive and to move on and enjoy life. I do not say this with loose lips. The families may never forgive and that is ok with me because I am a mother and it would be one of the hardest things to do even if one is a Christian. All we can do is ask God to forgive us for our sins and to help us to be pillars of society who are kind and loving to one another. May God have mercy upon all of us and remember us when he goes to answer our prayers. I do not have all of the answers in life. I need prayers as well. Wanda Walls Duncan (1st cousin to Greg Marlow)

  34. The death penalty, IMO, is the easy way out. Let them suffer in solitary and think about until their natural death, then if there is a hell they will be joined by Satan to receive what they sowed.

    I watch a lot of crime shows and this spree is reminiscent of the serial killer, Christopher Wilder, in the Beauty Queen Killer case in ’83. The police were lucky the perpetrators were sloppy and didn’t have the resources Wilder did or it could have been much worse.

    It’s just a shame that the parents of these evil seeds can’t be held accountable as well. They start the cycle of destruction with drug and child abuse and society ends up paying for it in flesh and blood and treasure.

    I was almost killed by a hardcore meth head myself when I moved in (out of desperation) with a mutual friend by “invading his territory”; and he subsequently moved out. He came back real late one night (my friend was basically living at his girlfriends) — as I heard footsteps on the porch and the click of a gun trigger, then the failed attempt of entering (since I had earlier changed the deadbolt). Had he not “sloppily” come by earlier that day, drugged out and pointing his finger at me and using his hand like a gun, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.
    I later found out he shot and killed animals on the secluded, remote property we lived on before I moved in. The guy even looked like a natural born killer, and I’m wondering if there were people who crossed his path and weren’t as lucky as I was.

  35. i think most of you are full of shit… saying you knew them as if you were soul mates and they stayed your house. full of crap and you know they will never read these comments so you can make your own stories up without challenge.. strange

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