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    August 28: 2014: 5 children killed by their father, Timothy Ray Jones: he is facing the death penalty. His trial begins Oct. 15, 2019.
    Nahtahn, 6 (beaten to death)
    Merah, 8 (strangled)
    Elias, 7 (strangled)
    Gabriel, 2 (strangled)
    Elaine, 1 (strangled)

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Mary Jo Kopechne murder 7/18/1969 Chappaquiddick, MA *Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy only got two-month suspended sentence and a year’s probation for letting her die and lying about it*

Mary Jo Kopechne

Yes, it is my belief that Ted Kennedy got away with murder here. He was driving drunk, went into the river and did not help her, but left her in the car to die. And he really left her there. He did not even go for help or even tell police until the next day. And did he go to prison for this? Of course not. He was a Kennedy. Special privilege there. He should have been charged with DUI or vehicular manslaughter. But he was not. If it were the average citizen, they would have been convicted and sentenced to some prison time. But not Ted Kennedy. And then he went on to a long career in politics and the Senate. I do not understand the citizens of MA. They continually re-elected this murderer, telling me that in that State, they condone his actions. Or lack of action. Does not say much for those citizens, in my opinion.

Wikipedia: Mary Jo Kopechne
Mary Jo Kopechne
Who is Ted Kennedy
Wikipedia: Chappaquiddick incident
Live from Chappaquiddick

Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-Up
The Inquest: Inquest Into the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Edgartown District Court
Death at Chappaquiddick
Chappaquiddick Revealed What Really Happened

Edward “Ted” Kennedy


41 Responses

  1. Was Mary Jo Kopechne pregnant at the time of her death; if so, was she pregnant with Ted Kennedy’s child. DNA evidence did not exist in 1969 when she was killed by Kennedy, but it exists now, 2008. If DNA could be obtained and used as a result of autopsy, could it reveal the pregnancy? We know Kennedy killed her, but how do we know if the death was accidental or intentional? Was Mary Jo murdered? (Note: All men are male; all males are not men, a condition of anatomy Ted Kennedy may not have studied or, if studied, not understood).


  2. Well, now that Teddy has a terminal brain tumor and is going to die a horrible death, I think he’d better get his excuses together incase there is somesoft of afterlife that will want to hear why he murdered this woman.


  3. A hero dies only once, A coward dies a thousand deaths…

    Edward Moore Kennedy is an irresponsible coward who has done more damage to this country under the guise of “compassion and tolerance” than any viral disease. Now he wants to pass his senate position to his wife Victoria ? Where the hell does the constitution say we are a parlimanetary government with the right to keep a congressional office in one family for more than 50 years without a special election ?
    I’m sick and tired of these self righteous self appointed hacks and I’m ready to drag the bastards out of the Senate Office Building when gas goes to $5.00 per gallon..

    note from blog owner:

    You do mean Ted Kennedy, not Edward Kennedy, right?


  4. Chappaquiddick is on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts (MA), not in New York (NY).

    I have long wondered the same as what Mr. Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D. mentions in his 2/17/2008 post. I have also wondered what would have happened if it had been someone other than a Kennedy.


  5. Boston Herald in an editorial on May 25,08 re Kennedy’s public service says that Kennedy’s “word is his bond”. Do you think he said, “I’ll be right back with help, Mary Jo.”? Some bond


  6. Regards…..”note from blog owner:
    You do mean Ted Kennedy, not Edward Kennedy, right?”

    Edward Moore Kennedy IS Ted Kennedy. Ted and Teddy have always been what he goes by. It’s interesting to think that sometime in the future, Ted/Ed will face the soul of Mary Jo and how will he answer her when she wants to know why he did NOT come back for her?


  7. WOW


  8. Bill,

    Thanks for letting me know that. I was not aware of that. Somewhere I got that all mixed up, huh?


  9. It is a sad state of affairs that this country not only turns a blind eye to a murderer like Ted Kennedy, but rewards and celebrates him. It makes me ill to think that half of the population of the US is willing to hail and laud this vile person.


  10. The truth will soon out – and you’ll all be very surprised.
    Ask yourselves who would benefit from the ‘accident’ and who would not? Ask why, assuming Ted was telling lies, he has never taken the opportunity to change his story or even to excuse himself.
    There is a book soon to be published, written by Susan Sunderland, that will blow us all away.


  11. Interesting. The Blog states that Kennedy was a murderer but the writer
    a) didn’t know that Ted Kennedy and Edward Kennedy were the same person.
    b) doesn’t know that Chappaquiddick is in Massachusetts.

    This leads me to conclude that this blog is crap, and can’t be trusted.

    There is no evidence that she was pregnant, and no evidence that it was murder, driving yourself and your passenger into a river is a pretty risky way to murder someone.

    He probably should have been charged with DUI, maybe even manslaughter, the fact that he wasn’t doesn’t make him a murderer.


    • Yes, I do know that Edward and Ted are the same person. Certainly you don’t think I don’t due to the tags of the post. So, explain why you think that.

      And yes, I do know that Chappaquiddick is in MA. NY was a typo. Sorry.

      The word murder is also a general word – which does not always mean what charges should have been leveled at him. I would have gone with vehicular homicide or manslaughter. Please don’t condone his behavior. She died due to his actions/behavior or lack thereof.


  12. As an Irish/Catholic, I am ashamed of Mr. Kennedy. I do not doubt, that in a drunken stupor, he purposely drove his vehicle into a mere 8′ of water. Not too risky-when you consider the alternative-admitting he had an affair and a soon to be child. What happened to Marilyn Monroe?


  13. “Ted” was a nickname everyone called Edward Kennedy.
    You must be very young. It’s a shame that he didn’t do the right thing when Mary Jo died. It’s also a shame the people of Mass. are so blind to the evidence. In hind sight I’m sure, had Ted only realized, he could have served some time in prison if Mass. law allowed for it, and he could have eventually run for president. I liked Robert Kennedy a lot, but Ted lost a lot of respect. Perhaps Ted may even have felt America owed him something, having lost 2 brothers to assassins.
    Me? I’m a formal liberal who saw the error of my way in 1980 and turned conservative.
    I just pray for Teds soul, as only God can forgive him…..God knows what was in his heart, we don’t.
    God Bless the Kennedy’s today in their time of greif.


  14. Ya Im sure he was drunk and she was pregnant. He got away with murder and fact hes a Kennedy he just got a slap on the wrist. So sad. If it had been anyone else they would have gotten worst. Yep it’s just like with Marilynn Monroe (murder covered up)


  15. to the above comment, how do we know he drove off the bridge with her. there were no witnesses. i think he pushed the car in. this is in reponse to “is this a joke above”. i think he got away with murder as they did with marilyn monroe.


  16. God rest Ted’s soul. He was a flawed man, made some mistakes, to be sure. But for cowards on the internet to call him a “murderer” is a sin. Who are you to say that? God will judge YOU harshly who tries to judge.

    While I don’t claim to have “known” him, I met Ted on several occassions (the Kennedys were sportsmen and my grandfather was a Major League player back in Joe’s day, and knew Joe) and he was a kind, compassionate gentleman. He did more to help people on the quiet than any 100 men do in public.

    Again, from what I know he wasn’t perfect by any stretch. But the hateful things and ludicrous scenarios (killing someone that way? are you insane? it was an accident and the way he handled it initially was poor, but he manned-up and went to the funeral, paid for it, and tried to help her family for years) I see written under the cloak of anonymity is an absolute shame. My condolensces to his family.
    –Frank O’Rourke


    • Just because people do not agree with you does not make them cowards, by the way. I do not agree with you either, but I won’t call you names. So give everyone else the same respect.

      Personally, any death that is caused by drunk driving (to me) is murder. So I call it as I see it. Anyone who drives while impaired (that also means under the influence of drugs or even sleep depravation) is a walking timebomb. When someone dies from it, I consider it murder.

      [ He only “manned-up” because others made him do it. He wanted her to take all of the blame. ]


  17. Power and money won’t help “Teddy” now.. R.I.P. Mary Jo..


  18. once a murderer always a murderer.


  19. Yeah, and I bet you think he didn’t suport the slaughter of 50 MILLION American babies either.

    I hope he gets to look into the eyes of each and every baby he helped butcher with the American Abortion Machine…..just before dark shadowy goons drag him down to the depths os HELL!


  20. Your opinion isn’t law. He’s a manslaughterer at best. Can’t say I’m sad the sack of shit is dead, but your claims of murder lack foundation.


  21. I tried to find information about the forthcoming book by “Susan Sunderland” and did not find information on or on Google. Please let me know more info about the book and when it will be available.


  22. One of the richest, most connected men in the world could probably have anyone in the world he wanted taken out any time he wanted to. Why would he kill her while he was present? Mary Jo pregnant? First off why does anyone think this is their business? I think Ted deserves just about all the derogatory comments you can come up with on this. Mary Jo was know as a very idealistic religious woman. Considered becoming a nun. Why slander her? After he heard of this, Joe Kennedy refused feeding and died. Ted killed Mary Jo and his father with his behavior and had not learned anything years later when his nephew got charged with rape. This is the legacy that overwhelmed his entire life. This is what he is remembered for. At least in that way he did not get away with it. This is always mentioned, even by his admirers. Sports figures are still heroes, and they pull worse than this all the time. Walter Payton never paid for his atrocious driving or a woman I knew that he crippled either. The press DID cover this up. He is remembered as a really nice guy. It isn’t right, but we as a society encourage it. Mary Jo was a idealistic hard working girl. A smart hard working LADY who always tried to do right. Stop slandering her, she does not deserve it for questionable judgement on one night of her life. She paid too high of a price. She may have been Senator from Massachusetts or New York if not for this night and we would probably be better off for it. When they hang the flags at half mast for Ted, say a prayer for Mary Jo.


    • Mary-Jo Kopechne did not drown she was suffocated. This was an act of passion spurred by the heat of the moment. I believe Mary-Jo was pregnant with Senator Ted Kennedy’s child and Ed/Ted wanted her to have an abortion. When she refused, Ed/Ted saw his inherited political career on the verge of being itself aborted and drunk as he was, he killed her; the car accident was an incident caused when he tried to cover-up the murder.

      She did not tell anyone at the party that she was leaving, and she left her purse and keys behind.

      He was speeding and driving in the wrong direction from his stated destination.

      If Kennedy, a large tall man of 6 feet 2 inches, manage to get out of the car, why was it impossible for Mary Jo Kopechne, at a slender 5 foot 2, not do the same?

      Gene Frieh, the undertaker, stated that death “was due to suffocation rather than drowning”.

      John Farrar, the diver who removed Mary-Jo Kopechne from the car, claimed she was “too buoyant to be full of water”.

      Amazingly, Mary-Jo’s parents fought to prevent an autopsy to determine she was pregnant.


  23. Ah, come on people! Anyone not undergoing a frontal labotomy to date knows the dirt here. No autopsy was performed and the Kennedy’s paid the Kopechne family handsomely for this omission, because she was pregnant. Notice the timing here coincides when Peyton Place ended. This tragedy took its place, and per’t near in the same location, might I also add.

    See folks, goes to show you, where something leaves off something similar or worse takes its place. And to show you all that liberalism is really a mental disorder (see, tying in here with the frontal labotomy) Ted Kennedy was overseeing the Confirmation Hearings on Clarence Thomas! What nerve! Now, that was the pot calling the kettle black if ever was a case, and as usual, mealy-mouthed America said nothing because Clinton and the Demoncats were running the show. Hijo La!,
    Saints Preserve Us!
    Lord have mercy!


  24. Peyton Place was a late night soap opera. A mythical town. And somehow, what? This makes Mary Jo Kopechne pregnant by, Ted Kennedy, or possibly Ryan O’Neil, or maybe Frank Sinatra, since he was married to one of the stars of the show. Can Lee Grant tell the difference between history and a John Ford movie? How does Lee Grant, who must be either a actress or two civil war generals giving fodder to conspiracy theorists, (are they alive? Anyone with a frontal lobotomy knows this is so.) Somehow, if I am not there, I don’t know. And I am not in a hurry to get a lobotomy to find out. However, I get your point, frontal lobotomy, liberal, do it yourself lobotomy obviously conservative. Political ideology boils down to Democrats want to control your business life. Represent those that don’t want to work. Conservatives want to control your personal life. Represent those that don’t have to work. No one represents those that do work. As I remember the Clarence Thomas hearings Ted Kennedy was quite silent once Anita Hill came on board. He questioned Thomas on legal opinions previous to that. Once Anita Hill came on he had a look like he would rather be anyplace but where he was. He was still being asked questions about Patrick Kennedy Smith. I would like to see our politicians held to the same standard as the rest of us. We would lose our job if we had a DUI, left the scene of an accident. Had our check garnished by the IRS. Was involved in domestic violence. If we put the same standards to our congressmen, we could clear the place out overnight and maybe get someone who actually worked for a living once and didn’t need Daddy’s accountant to balance a checkbook. We keep voting for political dynasty. Kennedy, Roosevelt, Udal, Bayh, McCormick, Jackson, Bush, Gore, Dodd, Rockefeller, Long, Percy, Lodge, Blagojovich, Daley, Cuomo. This country is supposed to be based on merit and we threw away the principles of our forefathers and we vote in inherited plutocracy.


  25. I read in another article that Mary jo’s skirt ,mouth and nose had signs of blood.It’s not mentioned in many articles.Also if she left the party willingly,why did she not mention that she was leaving to her friends,and why did she leave her purse with her keys at the party? If the blood was due to injury from the car falling over,how come there is no mention of any injury whatsoever on kennedy? I think if it was anyone other than a kennedy on trial,he would have been convicted of murder even on the circumstantial evidence.


  26. now, that senator kennedy has died,why not unravel the past and have dna testing performed on mary jo kopechne.its time that the public should be made aware of the real truth.


  27. I hope that piece of crap Kennedy suffered
    a horrible death


  28. OK, for those of you who want to defend Kennedy, I read this quote from one of his friends:

    ‘One of His Favorite Topics of Humor Was, Indeed, Chappaquiddick Itself’
    — Kennedy Friend Ed Klein

    So, how offensive is that? The accident and leaving a woman to die became a joke to him. Don’t even try saying he was making fun of himself, because that is not what the quote said. So, to Kennedy, the death of a young woman that was his fault, was just a joke. That says it all to me.


  29. If there is any person who should praise Ted Kennedy it would be someone like myself: as a student from India – in 1964 – he was kind and gracious enough to write me a letter of commendation and thanks for an artistic tribute I had sent him – via jackie – honoring his brother, President Kennedy. Besides this, I am a Catholic.

    However, after coming to this country I have come to realize more and more what a disgrace he has been firstly to his noble mother Rose Kennedy and to the teachings of our Church.

    He personally has blessed the killings of millions of innocent babies in the name of compassion being Pro Choice. That is be pure hog wash! Simply put, there is no thing as being Pro Choice: you are either Anti Abortion or Pro Abortion, and he was the biggest scum-bum favoring th latter.
    (By pro choice you infer that ‘I’ am against abortion, but ‘you’ are free to go ahead and murder your child!)

    I commend our Holy Father, Pope Bendict XVI, for not publicly praising this supposedly famous Catholic like all the rest are doing.

    Regarding Chappaquidick… Mary Jo’s death was tragic, but if the man had any remorse how n the world can you joke about it – and ask folks for new jokes about it!! Does he not realize what her family must feel about the tragedy even after so many years? I hate to admit it but this clears all doubt that the ‘negative; stories about him and Mary Jo and Chappaquidick must be true.

    I pray that the late Senator realized the crimes he had committed and made peace with God on his dying bed.

    Los Angeles


  30. I think the whole kennedy family are a pack of bums.all they had over other people is there money.look at there family history for gods sake.anyone who knows this and still admires these people are not very smart .we have a kennedy in RI I do not drink,if anyone is caught driving drunk just tell them you are addicted to pain killers likepatrick kennedy did thanks for this web site. with respect Ray///


  31. I agree 100%. He was a murderer who got off scott free just because of his last name. You know what though, he won’t get off scott free when he meets Jesus and then makes a U-turn. I’m not one bit sorry he’s gone and he surely won’t be missed. He was all for giving to those who didn’t want to work and sit on their butts smoking crack and making babies and then have honest hard working citizens pay for those low life individuals! Yeah, that is good for a country. And not only that, he wanted to extend that same benefit to those who broke into my country. He was evil, just plain evil! He wasn’t for the common working man, he was for sticking his hand into their wallets and giving to pathetic losers and illegal immigrants. What a legacy he leaves behind, the murdering bastage!!


  32. 1,000,000 strong for Justice for Mary Jo Kopechne
    To remember Mary Jo Kopechne and her murder, against the felching hagiographers of the State who will worship and memorialize their fuehrer
    about a minute ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share
    Write a comment…
    Bruce Majors

    Airbrushing out Mary Jo Kopechne by Mark Steyn on National Review Online
    National Review Online
    about a minute ago · Comment · Like / Unlike · Share


  33. Verbal stoning of a dead man.

    Has civilization not progressed beyond stoning?

    Judge not lest ye be judged.


  34. Oh the word “judge” has once again reared its ugly head. We CAN judge a person’s actions, but should avoid judging their souls; that’s God’s domain. That being said, if we didn’t judge people’s actions, society would be unbearable to live in and survive! I totally concur with A Gandhian a few posts up in all his ascertations; I only wish I could be so eloquent in chastizing Kennedy’s horrid track record on humanity. Didn’t he say way back allowing the illegals from Mexico would not alter the demographics of the Country in the least? The big fat drunk red liar. Now we can all add “The big fat drunk red dead liar” from now on. And to prove that “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder” it was announced last week that “ObamaCare” should be changed to “KennedyCare” and “Let’s do it for Teddy!” Now I’ve hear it all – – the pathetic SADSACKS!


  35. Kopechne was indeed pregnant.


  36. That’s what you get for mixing with that brand of the lace curtain Irish. They’re a bunch of drug lords into sex,money and power. You don’t get in their way without paying for it.

    And grandma Kennedy probably cut the Kopechne’s a huge check, because they never called for foul play.


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