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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Barbara Garber and Island Marie Schultz murder 6/11/1997 Oskaloosa, IA *Christopher Kauffman and Jarold McMahan convicted of their murders

remembering the victims

Island Schultz obituary
Find-A-Grave: Island Schultz
Iowa crime suspects still loose
2 girls say they were held captive
Osky girls interviewed a second time in search of fugitives
Accused killers found in Florida
Killer’s confession: ‘Then I just did it’
Federal Death Penalty Cases

FBI Files: Lost Boys


Register Number: 05328-030
Age: 35
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: McDowell FCI
Release Date: LIFE


Register Number: 05327-030
Age: 39
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Florence ADMAX USP
Release Date: LIFE


56 Responses

  1. Does anyone have more information on the Christopher Kauffman?

  2. Thus far that is all I have found, but I am still looking. I will update this post if I get anymore information.

  3. What kind of information do you want on Christopher Kauffman?? I am one of Barb Garbers step daughters and have a folder 12 inches thick on this case…

    • What were the two girls names and do you know is Ray Welch was ever questioned about meth or gun sales to them?

  4. Are both of these boys still locked up?

  5. Yes, both are still locked up. They both are in federal prison, in Florence, which is located in Colorado. They both got life, and the federal system does not really have parole.

  6. I am one of Island’s best friends. Does anyone know anything about Jamie?

    • Hey Island is my cousin my name is Cole Molyneux
      , and I am writing a book and its not for money but more to get things off of my chest and i completely blocked this section of my life out, so may i please get updated on any information you may have

  7. Island would have been 28 today. I miss her terribly!!
    Anyone who can tell me anything about Jamie or Chris, I would appreciate it.

  8. Missy,

    I am so sorry about your friend. This was totally senseless. So far everything in this post is all I have found. I received cleaned up this post and checked for any updates but could not find anything. They are both still in federal prison.

  9. Island loved to dance. We would go to the Barnes City dances together all the time. We were going to meet at the dance that weekend. I would always take her to visit her mother’s grave. She missed her so much. Just as we all miss “I”

    • Candy, i hate to bring old memories but i am really curious what happened, i think this is a major part of my life and would like to get things squared away

    • I saw the story of the 2 guys who killed Island and Barb the other day out here [ Netherlands] on national television] I really got mad because of the act of betrayal thowards both women.I hope that they are up there in the most beautiful heaven they could ever have imaged while alive.

  10. Candy,

    Since today is the anniversary of this horrific crime, I want to take a minute and tell you how sorry I am for the loss you suffered with your friend. It was so unnecessary.

    Please take care!

  11. I wish people would focus on the victoms and the family and friends they left behind, instead of the cowards that commited this terrible crimes. It completely changed a community. I wish I could get a sence of the girl I was before it happened. The only thing I can do is focus on my family, and protect my children from scum like that.

  12. I do understand that. Unfortunately, there is not much information on this horrible crime online at all. No pictures and no news articles. I check when I can and will continue to. If you have a picture of Island you would like to share, I would gladly post it.

  13. Those of you who knew Island and or Barb have felt pain and sorrow for years. I don’t understand why any of you are asking about Jamie or Christopher, quite frankly, who cares? However, that being said, the best thing you can do is to go on with your lives and put the tragedy behind you. Barbara and Island would neither want to be remembered for the way that they died, but rather for the way they lived their lives. Stop focusing on their death and enjoy life and enjoy memories of their lives, please, it’s what they would have wanted.

  14. I try not to spend time obsessing over the details, because the end result is the same regardless. But there were two other girls involved in these crimes, who walked away without paying any price and who lied their way out of trouble and got away with it. I don’t believe those two teenage girls were innocent, and to this day I have serious doubts as to whether or not Jamie’s confession to killing Island was a lie or not. I always felt Christopher killed both women and then forced Jamie to take the blame for Island’s death. Jamie was afraid of the death penalty and I think he lied to avoid it. Either way he is guilty because he participated and he led them to Island, so he’s a far cry from innocent and they both deserve to be in prison for life regardless.

  15. please tell me anything you does anyone know were i can get a copy or watch the movie Lost boys ya and what about the other two girls that were just let off the hook they knew more than any of us thought any one know how to come in contact with one of them or have there names amanda _______ and _______ _______ please any one help me out thanks

  16. barb was my aunt i miss her so much. this easter was hard because every easter she would always get me a stuffed purple easter bunny

  17. I’m sure that it is still difficult, even after all these years, to deal with the death of a loved one at the hands of two complete psychos. I knew Barb, and Island as well. Your aunt was a great person and I’m so sorry for the loss that your family has suffered.

  18. It’s hard for me to believe its been 12 years…..but I cherish the time we had Island! You’ll live forever in my heart little girl!

  19. No matter what I do with my life, Island is forever in my heart and on my mind. I named my daughter after her. She was my best friend and all will be. I don’t know how many times in the last 12 years I have found myself thinking “I really could use Island here right now”. I have tried to move on and not think about how she died. I have tried to make her a well known person to my daughter. But there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her more then the day before. Those who didn’t know her, really missed out on knowing a great and caring person. She had a heart big enough for everybody. And I guess, I miss her family just as much as I do her. I didn’t just lose my best friend that day. I lost her family who just just like my own. And I guess that made it hurt even more. I miss you Island. Love you Forever.

  20. I remember sitting and talking with Island after work (or before) at the booth in the back by the coat rack. She was such a sweet girl. We both had dreams about what we wanted to do with our lives and I truly believed she would the one to achieve them. I just want her family to know that she touched many lives while she was on earth and she left behind fond memories.

  21. i really miss island, she inspired me to be who i am today, She also teaches everyone to live your life, she was almost like a sister to me, we always talked and the last time i seen her was the day before she was shot and killed, pretty sad that my last words were “watch out for that crazy lady behind the wheel”, i i remember her waving back to me and my sister as she drove by me, i really miss island, wish i could go back in time and save her from her own killers, but thats life never know whos out to kill you, i think shes my angel that looks over me because when i hit a deer one late night coming home from cedar rapids, i got out the car and looked at it and everything was so minor, i always think she was there in the rear seat of the car watching my ass because i know she always liked her friends almost like a sisterly bond

  22. Does anyone know how to get ahold of Tracey Matthes? Thanks

  23. The only reason I asked about Jamie is because I had received a letter from him that was sent from his family and I wanted to make sure he knew I didn’t want his apologizies for killing my best friend. And to not ever contact me again.

  24. Interested, you can reach me through email at Because I do not know you I am reluctant to give you my cell. I would happily talk to you through email and perhaps cell once I know what your intentions are.
    Hope you understand.
    Tracy Matthews

  25. response to “help me figure it out”. Those 2 girls names were Mandy Smith and Amanda Miller.

  26. I really have no intentions. Island was one of my best friends and I miss her still. I was suppose to be there the morning Island died, I talked to her on the phone to tell her I was late and the police told me I was the last person she talked to. I’m not sure who you are Tracy, but if you want to email me that’s fine.

  27. love you grandma barb.

  28. McMahan is in Leavanworth, KS and Kaufmann is in solitude in Florence, CO

  29. chris kauffman is @ FCI McDowell in WV

    Credits to

  30. I worked with Island at Break Point in Montezuma. She always had a smile on her face and a kind word for whoever she talked to. I miss her terribly. To this day I still think of her often & visit her grave.

  31. I miss Island as well! She is a cousin! My family and I have many pictures of when we were younger….along with pictures of her and her mom, Shelly! I am one year younger than Island and I remember that summer that this happened as her and I would go cruising around Monte and babysit our little cousin, Jt! We had so much fun…she was such a blast! We all miss you Island! We think if you always!

  32. even though it has been a long time since the death of my aunt barb i still remember her like it was yesterday and i know the rest of the family does as well and to find out that there is more truth that has never been told about the men who did this horrible thing i hope they are getting what they deserve. Tracy, barb was the best friend everyone could have and always there when someone needed her. I didnt know island but im sure she was a nice person and didnt deserve what happened to her also. I just hope someday my aunt gives me the courage to ask the guys in prison why they had to take her from our family.

    • Vanessa,
      Island was one of my best friends. Would you please tell me what you mean about “there is more truth that has never been told about the men who did this”? I would really appreciate it.

    • I too would like to know what that comment means…..As a friend, this would mean a lot to me.

    • Maybe some day you could try to write to one or both of them and see if they reply. Over time people change and their perspectives on things change. I went to prison for bank robberies, that is where I met Jamie. Over time my feelings about the bank robberies changed and today if I could find those bank employees I would apologize to them for what I put them through. I do not know what kind of response, if any, you would get from either one of them but if you are looking for answers from them they are the ones to ask. They have had the past 13 years to think about what they have done and the lives of nothingness that they have to look forward to in prison, you might get some good answers out of them, maybe even a sincere apology even though I would not expect it to mean a lot to you at this point.

  33. I already put a comment on this page and I don’t know if it was deleted
    Or what not.. I’m not joking around about any of this.. My name is island and I was born on July 14th 1997 and I was named after this girl island.. And when people ask me why I was named that I say oh I was. Named after a girl who was murdered . I’m not joking this is the truth .. I just was wondering if I could learn more about her or her life or anything .. I’m not saying I’m related (obviously) I’m just asking if any one doesnt mind you could tell me anything.. So I can know more about who I am named after .. If it’s to much of a bother .. Don’t worry about it . And sorry for the bother -Thanks 😀

  34. I’m not from Iowa but I know Jamie from being in Federal Prison with him. I was just on the internet trying to read about his case. For awhile we were assigned to the same work detail in there, I knew him kind of good when we were at Leavenworth together. He got into some gambling debt there and had to get a protective custody transfer to Florence Colorado where he still is today. I never met his brother but I know he is currently at McDowell, WV medium security according to the Federal BOP website. The two of them have never been at the same prison together, Jamie had told me that the BOP has a separation filed on the two of them which means they cannot be together at any one prison.

  35. Vanessa, i wouldnt write to the boys that killed our aunt barb because if they get that letter with your address whos to say they dont have a way of tellin one of there “homeboys” that is NOT in prison to kill us 2!! i dont care what anybody says those boys shouldnt have even gotten a 2nd chance at life they should have suffered just like our aunt and Island!!!

  36. these two bastards ruined my childhood, they killed my first cousin Island, I swear to god and sonny jesus if they manage to get out, i will hunt them down and kick the shit out of them, I hope they meet the black bubba of their prison, and i will spit on their god damned grave when they die

  37. I am going to start work on a book of tragic Iowa crimes. I’m approaching it as more of a historical record than sensationalism of the crimes. I live in poweshiek county and lived through the fear & sadness of that day & the days that followed. My children were 11 & 13 and our safe, peaceful Iowa world seemed to be shattered. If any family or friends of the victims or those convicted of thela crimes feel comfortable sharing their thoughts & feelings with me please email me at since I have decided to pursue this project I have come to realize I know a couple of people related to Island. Iowa is such a small world. This book has been a thought in my mind since 1979 when I was in high school & Poweshiek county residents Dawn & Danny Kriegel were murdered. If the book does become a reality I would like part of the proceeds to go to victims of crime in Iowa & possibly to scholarships or something similar in Barb & Island’s names.

  38. Five years ago today my cousin was murdered near Anita, Iowa. It was a horrible hate crime. He happened to be gay which many ignorant people have not figured out is genetic and not a choice.He died inside a locked and burning car and it was ruled arson. Heaven knows what he suffered before and as he died. What really troubles me is that the person or persons who did it are still out there. It makes me sick that they might kill someone else’s loved one. Hope they are living through hell today if they are thinking of it, but those scums have no conscience.

  39. You know Barbra Garber was my relation once when I was on a school trip she was there and out of the blue she picked me up hugged me which scared the crap out of me but she said I’m your cousin or something and you know I felt OK being picked up by what I thought was a stranger.The school trip was to a farm or something I was very young at the time. I vaguely remember it. But its definitely a memory of some type 🙂

  40. Happy 33rd birthday friend…..Woke up thinking about you and didn’t know why until I realized it was your birthday!!! Miss you more every passing year.

  41. My dear friend…. 15 years is a long time!!! Love and thoughts everyday! Please continue to watch over us family and friends!

  42. I know i dont know any of the family of the two girls. But really sorry for the family and couldnt imagine what you have went through over the years. Im commenting because i was in federal prisonin mcdowell w.v fci i was in there for selling drugs. I know what i was doing was wrong and served my time and now have turned my life over to god and a law abiding citizen now, but anyways i was in the same unit as chris Kauffman actually his cell was next to mine. I have talked to him several times. He told me about the case and all i could think about is the family and what you all have suffered from losing loved ones and how sick in the head he could be for what was done. If anyone wants to know more just message me. Last time i talked to him he was bad sick didnt know if he would make it. Again sorry for the loss

  43. Hello i want to say very sorry to family and there loss. I just wanted to say i was in prison for selling drugs and i was at mcdowell fci and chris kauffman was in the cell right next to me and he told me alot about this and i felt so sorry for family and couldnt beleive how messed up in the head he could be to do this. Last i seen him he was very sick and didnt knw if he would make it. Anyone want to know more just comment back. Again sorry to family for there loss. Couldnt imagine if i was in your shoes.

    • Chris, it is extremely strange that you would have just commented on here… I am Barb Garber’s daughter and I just this week have been talking to a crime victim advocate about location of Kauffman and his brother. For 18 yrs I never even cared to know anything about them. Now, I got on here tonight and read your post. I would be interested in what you have to share… only because I want to be assured that they are right where they need to be for the rest of their lives!

  44. It is extremely strange that you would just post on here… I am Barb’s daughter and just this wk I have been working with an FBI advocate about info on Kauffman and Mc Mahan. I have never in 18yrs even cared to know about them. The only reason I have recently been curious is because I want to make sure they are right where they need to be…prison for life. What would you like to share?

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