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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Adrianne Leigh Reynolds murder 1/21/2005 Rock Island, IL *3 classmates, Sarah Kolb, Cory Gregory, and Nathan Gaudet charged in her murder*

The 16-year-old moved to East Moline from Longview, Texas, in November 2004. Two months later her adoptive father and stepmother, Tony and Joann Reynolds, reported her missing. Five days after that police found her head and arms in a manhole at a Rock Island park and her torso and legs at a farm in Mercer County, Ill. Her former friends and classmates, Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory, both 17, were charged in the murder.

Members of Adrianne’s family say her gift was singing. The guitar she got for Christmas the month before she was slain still sits in her shrine-like bedroom at the Reynolds’ East Moline home.

The Milan, Ill., teen was known by friends and classmates at Black Hawk Outreach Center in East Moline as fearless.  Police say Kolb is a killer who lured Reynolds into her car where she strangled her to death. Prosecutors will try to prove that Kolb killed Reynolds, probably out of jealousy, and then enlisted friends to help her hide the body. Parts of Reynolds’ remains were found at a farm that is owned by Kolb’s grandparents. Her mother and sister are material witnesses in the case.Though just 16 years old at the time of the murder, Kolb was being tried as an adult. Attorneys and Circuit Judge James Teros will meet next week to talk about a new trial date after Wednesday’s mistrial.

The 17-year-old’s lawyer has said since shortly after his arrest that Gregory was merely an innocent bystander in the Adrianne Reynolds murder. But prosecutors hope to prove that he helped do the killing and helped dismember the body.  It was Gregory, of Moline, who led authorities to Reynolds’ remains. He turns 18 years old on Wednesday, Nov. 2.



Police team up to find missing EM teen
Police join forces to search for teen
Further information regarding murder investigation of Adrianne Reynolds
Arrest made in slaying of East Moline teen
East Moline teen was burned, dismembered in Mercer County
Gaudet testifies about cutting up body
A not so typical case
Kolb says Gregory killed Reynolds
Kolb, Gregory both face murder charges
Mistrial declared in Sarah Kolb trial
Family: Tonight’s vigil is all about Adrianne
Vigil honors Adrianne
Some police interviews thrown out for 2nd Kolb trial
Gregory’s murder trial postponed
Gaudet denied parole
Murder Victim’s Family Speaks Out
Plans for Adrianne Leigh Reynolds Foundation announced, Jacobs will help
Update: Adrianne Leigh Reynolds murder *Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory sentenced to more than 40 years in prison*

Deadly Women: Love Sick
Dateline: Circle of Friends
Snapped: Sarah Kolb

Sarah Ann Kolb – convicted twice, sentenced to 53 years in prison
Cory Charles Gregory – pled guilty, sentenced to 45 years in prison
Nathan Gaudet – pled guilty, sentenced to 5 years in juvenile detention; died in a car accident in 2012

Nathan Gaudet



R80259 – KOLB, SARAH A.
Offender Status: IN CUSTODY
Location: LOGAN

Date of Birth: 04/23/1988
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Sex: Female
Height: 5 ft. 05 in.
Race: White
Eyes: Blue


Admission Date: 09/07/2006
Projected Parole Date: 07/26/2055
Last Paroled Date:
Projected Discharge Date: 07/26/2058

CUSTODY DATE: 01/26/2005
SENTENCE: 48 Years 0 Months 0 Days

CUSTODY DATE: 01/26/2005
SENTENCE: 5 Years 0 Months 0 Days



Offender Status: IN CUSTODY

Date of Birth: 11/02/1987
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Blonde or Strawberry
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft. 08 in.
Race: White
Eyes: Blue


Admission Date: 07/13/2006
Projected Parole Date: 07/27/2047
Last Paroled Date:
Projected Discharge Date: 07/27/2050

CUSTODY DATE: 01/27/2005
SENTENCE: 40 Years 0 Months 0 Days

CUSTODY DATE: 01/27/2005
SENTENCE: 5 Years 0 Months 0 Days


36 Responses

  1. what ever happend to the boy that is the one that disnangled that poor girl. and i was completly disturbed by cory story and reaction on dateline, i bleavie a life for a life. and my prays are with the girls family.

  2. Reading this article,it seems to me that you have two out of control teenagers,one being jeolous and the other just a fool.Both should get 1st degree convictions and the other idiot accomplish should receive conspricy charges.

    • Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory both got first degree convictions, but got a 48 yr. sentence, plus an additional 5 years, for consealing. If u ask me i think that is crap, that should be a life sentence without the possiblity of parole!!!!! Maybe even Death Row

  3. i think all three of them should of gotten the death penalty or hopefully an inmate will get to them nathan gaudet only got five years i cant see that i wish vigilante justice would take its course

  4. I only knew Adrianne for like 2 months before she moved to
    East Moline. I went to school w/ her @ Hallsville wich is right outside of Longview. i mett her the very fist day of school and we had the same lunch so we started hanging out and b/c bestfriends… to make a long story short one day i was telling Adrianne a/b to girls from are school who where best friends and had the same b/day so ther fathers took them on a plane to somewhere for ther 16th b/day i couldnt remember where but the plane crashed and they all died and i told Adrianne a/b how one of the dads had told one of the girls that he couldnt wait to see her get married and have kids and the daughter said back to her dad oh daddy im not gonna live long anough to be married and have kids… well when i told adrianne this she said to me ya know i feel the same way i dont think i will leave long anought to be married and have kids eaither….when i found out what happend to Adrianne and that she had died it was the fist thing i thought how did she know that she wasnt gonna live that long …but the thing i question every day is : Why did i kno such a Great person for such a short amount of time ?? I Love you Adrianne and i wish that if it was God’s plan for you to be killed this way that it would have happend here in Tx cuz girl ya know if it had they would have gotten the Death Penilty wich they desirve…girl i love ya and Ill see ya again someday save me a spot up there in heaven by you so i can here you sing when i get up there I LOVE YOU !!!

  5. I followed the adrianne reynolds story close,and i agree they should of got the dealth penilty!!!!!! But here it is jan 31,2008 and i still think about that girl every day. When i read about her it still brings tears to my eyes. No one should have to die like that. But now i look up to the sky and i know she is safe now. Althow i never meet this young lady,I know shes in heaven waiting for all of us who feel her life was cut way to short!!!! Still thinking of u Adrianne. Dana from Galesburg,IL

  6. I am sorry for your loss of this beautiful little girl. God bless her friends and family.

  7. f you’re anything like me, you’ve watched countless forensic shows looking for insight into the perfect murder. Not because you want to commit a murder (hopefully) but because you want to gather reviews.

    Apartments in Longview, Texas

  8. I worked with this irl at Checkers in East Moline and she was always a cheerful girl and we became friends for the short time I knew her. God bless her sole and I know she is still out there singing in all of our hearts. I miss you Arianne.

  9. I think Cory and Sarah should be choked to death, burned and chopped up just as they did Adrianne. I have watched MANY forensic cases and NEVER cried. I’m watching this case now and I’m crying and I am DISGUSTED at these bratty teenagers thinking they can get away with something like this! I say an eye for an eye! They should get what they did to that poor girl or maybe even WORSE. They should have ATELEAST been sentenced to DEATH. I hope that they suffer with this EVERYDAY of their pathetic lives. I admire a family who can forgive such a senseless, heartless act….I couldnt. God Bless the Reynolds family.

  10. i went to elementary school with sarah and she was the one that would always be the kid that got in trouble. i never thought that any of it would lead to her killing adrianne over a boy. its the silliest thing that someone coud get mad about. its saddening to hear this kind of tragety. when i herd that it was sarah kolb i lost it becuz i had gone to school with her. i didnt have a feeling towards her at all. i think about adrianne everyday. my step brother lived about a mile from where they tried to bury her body. its something you cant just let it leave your mind. my heart has gone out to her family since the day i knew she was killed. i love you adrianne. hope to see you soon

  11. I met Adrianne back in elementary school and we always played make believe (we were very young). She was one of the few friends that I had and when she moved, it killed me. She moved back to White Oak in about 7th to 9th grade (I don’t remember which grade exactly.) I remember she would call me sometimes and we would talk for hours, there was one particular time when she just wanted to talk and she was crying, I listened and tried to comfort her any way I could. The next day she had drawn me a rose and called me her person “Angel” I still have that drawing and it has her signature on it and I will keep it forever. At one time, I thought we would grow up together and maybe even our kids would grow up together… I found out about the tragedy when I was at school. I was in the newspaper room with my friend Dena and saw a Longview News Journal paper. On the front was Adrianne’s name, I remember I couldn’t stop crying, it just got worse the more I read. I got home and cried to my mom and showed her the picture (at first she thought the picture was of me until she looked a bit closer.) I still don’t comprehend how someone can do something so horrid to someone so sweet. She wasn’t a slut, she wasn’t mean, she was human. She was a teenage girl, who like everyone else made mistakes, and she was so full of life. I can not even tell you what I would do if I were to ever meet this Sarah girl or even Cory, I have thought of the many things I think they deserve, but none of them would bring Adrianne back. I still visit her gravesite every year… I really do miss her but I know she is in a much better place. This time I’m not her angel, she’s mine. I will keep her in my heart, always.

  12. I had adrianne in my english class at pinetree middle school I didnt personaly hang out with her or know her outside of that class but she always helped me get away with skipping class and my work . It is a shame that this happend to her .

    Those mother fuckers should have been senenced to death by leathal injection and the third sick basterd that helped them do that to her body should get life at least .

    The people who did this to this girl are not fit for freedom.

  13. im sure she wanted everyone to not re-lived this day over and over again but it nice to know someone still cares

  14. Her grandparents went to my church. My friends brother dated Sarah. I live near Black Hawk Park. I was extremely scared and frightned. Who does this and then eats afterwords. I remember when this happened i wouldn’t go anywhere by myself. I feel so sorry for her and her family and the parents of the teens. This really shook up my generation. I was in high school when that happened. It was unbelieveable.

    • I kelly. I a mproducer with A&E and the Bio channel. We are producing a new show on Adrianne and Sarah. I am including bios of both girls and need to be in touch with people who personally knew Sarah. Is there a way to contact her ex boyfriend? I can be reached at

      thank you!

  15. I so sad i read in the paper today thats its gonna be on tv, i understand that teens need to know this really happens but I feel so sorry for the family that has to relive this every year and now on tv……i could no imagin..i have a 17 year old and theres not a day goes by that i get scared……my prayers are with the family, and to the family that had the one convicted, sorry for you too. You are not the blame but im sure im gonna get some response on that…sorry for you all….

  16. So last I was watching E! news investagation last night and Adrianna’s story was on, I honestly couldn’t believe that 3 teenagers could do such a thing. It saddens me to think about this. This happened over 7 years ago and you are still hearing about it. My heart goes out to the family.

  17. I just seen this story today and I’m in shock that three teenagers can do this to someone. This is one of the saddest story I ever heard. I wanted to break down and cry when her dad read his peom. I’m so upset that only two got serious time and one is still running around like he never did anything. All my prayers go out to all the people affected by this.

    • i just heard of this story today and E! nobody deservs to die like that. sorry 2 the family. but the one who got away should have been put behind bars as well.

  18. i saw this story on e investigates today—i couldnt believe that they only gave that bitch 50-60 years for strangling, beating, mutilating and burning this poor girl–she should have gotten the death penalty or better yet have the same thing done to her–who cares if she was only 16 at the time she knew what she was doing and she knew why–they should have fried the bitch!

  19. May God bless and keep the spirit and memory of Adrianne L. Reynolds.
    May he bless her family & loved ones as they navigate a lifetime of grief.
    May he show mercy on the souls of those who strayed so far from the fold of simple decent humanness as to steal so much from so many.

    I am a soul
    I know well that which I shall render up to the grave is not myself.
    That which is my soul will go elsewhere. Earth…thou art not my abyss.

    ————Victor Hugo

  20. My husband went to high school with all parties involved and worked with adrianne at checkers as well, he still gets upset and is in disbelief that such a thing could happen where we’re from. It’s such a small area, he watches every special on it. He writes to Sarah in prison, only because he feels sorry for her. He said she was always a “weird” girl, but now she is even more isolated and has to live with her immature and irrational decisions forever, I’ve noticed the Facebook memorial page and its very sad, such a shocking story.

  21. I feel the family of Adrianne should be given 15 minutes alone with each of these people. Each one of them deserves nothing short of death. They robbed Adrianne of her prom, college, wedding, and a family. They stole the memories her family should have had with her. Jail is a kind punishment. God will serve is justice.
    I pray that her family continues to press forward and to be a constant light in the darkness.

  22. its amazing the shit ppl talk about someone they dont know and of a situation they wasnt in or around. i met SARAH KOLB in

  23. 2006 and we got close. real close. we gave eachother the nick name “R.O.D.” (ride or die). no pun intended. theres not a day

  24. that goes by that she doesnt wish she could go back n time n change it all. u ppl have NO IDEA whats goin on til u talk to

  25. to her personally! u dont know what she goes through! sarah dont wanna fuckin die n prison man an she dont deserve none of

    • kristi,

      She killed another human being and then dismembered her. Yes, she does deserve to die in prison. If she is indeed truly remorseful, has she talked to Adrianne’s family? She has never shown remorse when and where it counts. If you had a loved one that was murdered, you might understand better. Her prison sentence is part of the justice Adrianne deserves.

  26. it! who r u to judge? what makes u any better for u to want that! and to the girls family: i am sorry for ur loss. she is to.

    • i think when you kill someone you dont get the privilege of callously claiming some hollier than though claim to not be judged. Thats just completely insane to me. Your seriously going to try and stick up for this scum by saying she is sorry and the poor girl has to live with this. How i wish i could take these 3 along with james biela and delve out some real justice with no jury, waits or appeals. Some things are unforgivable…

    • Hi Kristi. I am a producer with A&E bio Channel and i am seeking those who knew or know Sarah now. WOuld you be able to speak with me in this regard as we are producing a show in January on both girls.

      Thank you
      Christina 212 920 3623

  27. Adrienne is the most kind hearted person Ive ever met. She had a heart of a soldier, and a voice of a god. She could have been a star, but her life was cut short due to ignorance, anger, revenge, and immaturity. Adrienne’s will live forever in all of our hearts rather you knew her or not, her death has effected us all. As for Sarah, Corey, and Nathen they will be hiding behind Adrienne’s shadow for the rest of their life. Sarah may find it funny that she gets to be known as the famous murderer, but behind all the mess and behind her little cubical of a room she is crying wishing she could take it all back so she could enjoy life. now 3 lifes are taken because one was murdered. It’s nice to hear that Sara cried on Addriene’s birthday. Thank you for freeing Addrienne from this evil place.

  28. If people had to actually do the time for their crimes Or Get treated the,way they treated their vuctims It might make people thunk twice before doing the thungs they doo people who.kill should be killed maybe they would think twice if they knew they woukd pay the,same way their victims did . Its too easy for killers to Get away with It theres no reason fir them to stop its not like they have to,suffer the way their victims did duh eye for an eye

  29. Kristi, you seem a bit hostile and I don’t mean this question to be rude but did you meet Sarah & get really close to her in jail? She was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide on February 1, 2005. You said you met her in 2006 and she has never bonded out.

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