• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Cold Case: Keddie Murders 4/11/1981 Keddie, CA *Still unsolved – but new leads in 2016*


Glenna “Sue” Sharp, 36
Tina Lynn Sharp, 12
John Steven “Johnny” Sharp, 15
Dana Paul Wingate, 17

Pictures from a former resident

Find-A-Grave: Glenna Susan “Sue” Davis Sharp
Find-A-Grave: Tina Lynn Sharp
Find-A-Grave: John Steven “Johnny” Sharp
Find-A-Grave: Dana Paul Wingate
Facebook: Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders part I and II (a great resource – has a lot of information and pictures, plus a new DVD)
Keddie Resort Murders
Keddie Case: Cabin 28 (GREAT site)
Cabin 28: Four brutal murders. One haunting mystery (GREAT writeup)
Murder in Cabin 28
Exorcising ghosts of past
Similar murder case still baffling
A&E TV Message Boards
Bones found are those of girl linked to triple slaying in Plumas County
Brutal 3-year-old triple slaying still haunts quiet Plumas Resort
Similar murder case still baffling
Plumas County employed accused serial killer
Unsolved Mysteries Part 1: Cabin 28
The Cabin 28 Murders – Martin Smartt’s Interview
More evidence uncovered in Keddie murders
35 Years Later, New Clues May Solve Keddie Murder Mystery
The Keddie Murders: A cold case suddenly getting warm
More evidence uncovered in Keddie murders case
35 Years Later, New Clues May Solve Keddie Murder Mystery
The mystery surrounding the unsolved Keddie Cabin Murders
5 Things to Know about the Keddie Cabin Murders — and the New Hunt for the Killers
A Daughter’s 35-Year Fight For Justice: Sheila Sharp Longs to Know Who Murdered Her Family in Their Cabin
PEOPLE Magazine Investigates After Show: Survivor Sheila Sharp on the 1981 Keddie Cabin Murders of Her Family
The 1980’s cold case of the Keddie cabin murders is heating up
Wikipedia: Keddie, California
Wikipedia: The Strangers


The Strangers (is said to be inspired by, not necessarily based on, the Keddie Murders)
People Magazine Investigates: Cabin 28: Horror in the Woods
Cabin 28 (based on, but not completely factual, low budget)


230 Responses

  1. Hi, my name is Heather my mother was Tinas best friend at the time of her murder. My mom was going to spend the night at tinas house that night but she got grounded so she told tina she wouldnt be able to make it. my mothers name is shelly barker the daughter to Ron and Susie barker we are all from quincy ca. now my father was friends with John and Dana he was at the party with them at oakland camp his name is gerry graham i would and i know they would love it very much if some one would comeforwerd with info of the murders.they tor down the cabin before i got a chance to see it but i know there was a docunentary and i have looked every were and cant find it so if u know were i could find it either in chico ca or quincy ca i would really really love that thank u
    email is

    • For God’s sake have you ever heard of a period? Its hard enough to read your rambling account but try to break up your sentences with periods.

  2. Have you looked at

  3. I lived in this cabin from 1986 to 1989. it was a nice cabin and I had three kids there. It was known locally as the “murder house” the kids would not come into the yard for trick or treat and it was many months before any of the neighbors would set foot in the house. My kids used to have terrible night terrors in that house. I know things about that house that a lot of people don’t. I do know the killer hid in the crawlspace beneath the house. That is why he was never found. The entrance to the crawlspace was hidden and I did not find it until living there for a year and half. I loved that cabin, and Keddie (murders or not) was a wonderful place to live. i count it as one of my best times in life, living there.

    • how could you love living in a place where your 3 children had night terrors? if the killer was in the crawlspace and you know this,it means that you found something in the space.i hope that you reported it?

    • No one lived in that house after the murders!!!! I do know this factually! I grew up in Keddie and lived a couple cabins away when the murders happened. How dare you make up such lies and disrespect those that died by making up such garbage!

      • Green- If you lived there then you know my husband and many other family members who lived there – name a few and i MIGHT believe you, but since my husband did in fact live in that cabin AFTER the murders, i doubt you were there to see it 🙂

        • I also know people lived there after the murders. I went back there for the first time in 1986 and was surprised to find people living in the house where my family was murdered. I am grateful however that the home eventually became more than a murder scene.

          • thank you shiela and we are sorry for such a traumatic loss in your family. My husband was not the ine living there in 86, but i do know another family lived there after he left. I, also have ap icture of him holding his step- son on his shoulders in the front yard of the cabin…..this child was born in July of 1984 and he was approximately 8-9 months old in the pic i believe. and of all places….their bedroom was in the basement! i often tell him after hearing stories of that place idk that i cud have slept in the basement 🙂 He says he never experienced anything while there

          • i lived in Quincy for most of my teenage years,and i remember alot about Keddie.. Then the murders happened! It rocked Plumas County!Then some years later, i bought and watched a documentary that was made about the Keddie Murders.. At first i thought that maybe there was a coverup by authorities… To the people that knew the victims… Everyone that lived in Quincy,and Keddie knew the victims,and that’s what made it so hard…Then i read recently in a blog,that a man serving life in prison in Oregon,confessed to several murders including the these..

          • Ken,

            What blog did you read that at?

          • While doing a search about other northern california serial unsolved murders, i was directed to a guy named
            Robert Joesph Silveria Jr. who is serving 2 life sentences for murders all across the west..his moniker according to what i read was the boxcar killer…i remembered a hobo died and they found his body in he rocks, below a train bridge somewhere nearKeddie..Cud the boxcar killer have something to do with it? I bet he knows more then he is admitting too

          • Ken, in 1982 there was a couple of hobo murders in the Keddie area, but it wasn’t Silveria. Also, it was found that he was in jail at the time the Keddie murders happened.

          • Keddie murders happened in 1981..he was arrested for some other crimes of burglary,etc in 1982… arrested in 1996 for the murders he commited. So its possible that in 1981, he could have had something to do with the keddie murders..was a plumas cty employee in’83

          • I lived in cabin 13, the cabin next door to cabin 28 from Aug. 1983 to June 1984. When I moved in, cabin 28 was empty. I remember a couple moved in a few months after. They had not been informed of the murders that had taken place. Two days later they moved out of 28 to the cabin on the other side of me. Shortly after that the cabin was boarded up and condemned. I visited Keddie off and on for years. I saw no signs of people living there, but there were big gaps of time in between. I once had a conversation with Gary about the cabin when I was still living there and he had said then that he just wanted to tear it down. I don’t dout that people lived there, but I am surprised because it sat untouched and boarded for a long time. Kids would sneak in to do what kids do with places like that. There was much vandalism. It would have taken some time and energy to make it livable. It surprises me that of all the cabins that needed fixing up Gary would have bothered with that one.
            For the record, Les and Barb kept the resort running up until the winter of 83-84. They couldn’t keep it afloat and finally packed up and moved on. That’s when Gary and Linda (Mollath) moved up from the Bay Area. If memory serves me, the sole intention was to get it sold, which never happened. As I said, over the years I returned. People were ALWAYS living in Keddie, but it continued to get more and more run down. Cabins were collapsing and from what I could see Gary didn’t do much of anything except clear things away as they fell to ruin. And sometimes not even that. Cabin 28 was finally torn down in 2004 I think it was. I haven’t been up to visit in at least 3 years. It was written that Gary is fixing it up. I would love to see it back to the way it was. I lived in the Blairsden and Quincy from 1979-84. Keddie was a little slice of heaven when it was up and running. Plumas County is a place almost lost in time, rich in beauty and history. These murders were a tragedy that have scared the community forever, but the county still has it’s charm.

    • Sure.

      • Other people did live there…did you not see the pictures patchouli posted? With the exception of new paneling and carpeting in the living room, it’s the same cabin, no doubt. Why is that so hard to believe?

  4. I still have pictures of that house and I can be reached at
    I am sad to hear it was torn down. I was living in that house when unsolved mysteries did a show on it. I worked with Dana Wingates sister at Oakland camp in Quincy. I know Mr. Seabolt who lived next door at the time of the murders and when I lived there and he told me he carried the sleeping kids out of the back bedroom window after the murders to keep them from seeing the crime. My children used to see ghosts. The only place in that house that creeped me out was the basement and the front bedroom closet. I could tell you many things about that house and Keddie in general. What a shame to know it is all gone now.

  5. This is such a sad story! I came to this site from looking at a article about a movie coming out called The Strangers. It is supposedly based off true events and someone posted it had elements that were similar to this crime. Basically like a home invasion. That brought me to look up the Keddie murders. I keep hearing drugs and I’m kind of confused. Is this a resort or people lived there year round? Was this considered a shady place? I hope DNA eventually clears this up! Nobody deserves that kind of violence.

  6. wow the same thing just happened to me!
    i was looking up info on the movie “the strangers”

    i still cant believe the children in the other room heard nothing

    i would love to see a documentary on this story.

  7. Patchouli64 freaks me out.


  8. i was looking for the movie Strangers too.
    and that is so sad what happened i feel really sorry for those people!

  9. My mom and I moved to Keddie in 1985, we lived in cabin 28 for about two years, Patchouli64 must have moved in after we moved out. Anyway, I loved living in Keddie. I was 15 at the time and I loved living in that cabin. I was a little nervous at first but I never saw any ghosts or anything. The basement and the front closet were kinda creepy, but the place was very peacefull. The Seabolts and all the other neighbors were wonderful people. I had the best times of my life aswell. I was sad to here that the cabin was torn down. I still have my memories.

  10. We were looking up the story of Cabin 28 after we decided we wanted to see “The Strangers.” We stumbled across the origins of the story and looked it up. We can’t imagine living in that house after those brutal murders like some of you! We’re just too scray for that I guess. We don’t have any personal connections to the house, so we have no problem with it being torn down. Those are painful memories left in that house.

  11. I was looking up the movie “the strangers” and it not only shares elemets but the things that happend actually inspired the movie.

  12. I was also looking up the move “the strangers” and came across the keddie murders, its sad what happened and hope the killers are brought to justice even till this day.

  13. haha
    yeah the only reason i decided to look this up is when i saw the previews of The Strangers
    and i saw that it was based on true events

    so i just HAD to see what Events that Inspired The movie

  14. I too, was eventually lead here after linking to wiki and I can’t help but wonder about the 13 year old (Tina) who was taken form the cabin and not immediately found. Does anyone else find eerie similarities to it and the Groene children (Shasta survived, but her brother Dylan did not), who were taken from their home in Idaho (2004) by creepy serial killer pedophile-Joseph Duncan after he slaughtered the rest of the household? Not that I’m implying he did or could have done this (he would have been 18 at the time), but could it have been a similar motive?? FYI: Joseph Duncan was also connected to the abduction and murder of Michael Martinez in 1997.(just outside my city)…by an obscure fingerprint. It is thought he may responsible for more….

  15. I was looking up stuff about the Keddie Murders because of the movie “The Strangers” ans was curious about the so-called true events. But in the movie trailer it’s just one guy and his girlfriend/wife, no children. I don’t know why film makers feel the need to embellish & exaggerate. I think telling the real story in the best way possible with accuracy would be a lot scarier.

  16. Yes, the trailer for “The Strangers” movie also lead me to find out about these murders and cabin 28. After looking at a map drawing that shows that the cabin was included in the center area of town, it is truly amazing how NO ONE saw or heard anything unusual? I also read that the children that were inside the cabin, but not killed were “in the next room” and “just older than toddlers?” But one would have been around 9 years of age depending on what synopsis you read. Strange that those 3 children that were “sleeping” did not hear anything either. Were they drugged or something? When my sons were around that age, they slept well, but still woke up if they thought they heard anything “weird.”

    Of course, I was not there and don’t know the details. I am a Psychiatric (Forensics) Registered Nurse and I do work with murderers however, and they are not always very bright. And no crime is completely perfect. They are committed by HUMANS with egos and big mouths, so I would bet that someone has said something to someone. Maybe clues were missed or destroyed? I would think that it would be very difficult to work a crime scene like that one must have been. And it WAS 1981, not today with all the CSI info available to us now. Just a thought. As I said, I was not there and have not ever visited that area….but maybe I will now? Yes, I like “scary” things! Like my job…

    As for people that have lived in that cabin since the murders? It would not be for everyone……..
    There was a suicide in a house that I lived in as a kid. I lived there before the suicide and after. It was not ever creepy to me, just very sad. As for any “haunting” feeling in there? None…. Not even years later when I revisited my former home. Just my own sadness for a life lost and continued nightmares of things that perhaps could have been done to prevent the death. I didn’t ask the current resident if he ever felt “haunted.” Sometimes the power of suggestion is very strong and no need to scare someone unnecessarily.
    Do I believe in ghosts and hauntings? Sure, why not? There are a lot of things that occur that are not easily explained by either organized religion or science. And there were even some unexplained noises and such, in my own home after I brought my Mother’s ashes “home.” It was very weird and even my sons noticed and were “scared!”
    But that passed mostly after we put the ashes next to the TV…… Sounds weird, but her favorite thing to do was watch TV. So doing that either settled her spirit down, or ours!
    Mystery is important to all of us. It keeps us on our toes. And gets our imaginations working which is important in this day and age when computers do a lot of our own “thinking.” Speaking of which, I am off to look up MORE information about this on my computer!

    Keeping the “spirit!” 🙂

  17. As a Psychiatric (Forensics) Registered Nurse, I work with murderers. They are not a very bright group. They often have big egos and big mouths. And like to brag or tell someone something about what they have done……
    I believe that information IS out there somewhere…..
    And most definately that someone does know something.

    But as I have no access to any details, nor was there at the crime scene while it was being investigated, I will not judge anyone that worked that scene. It must have been terrible and of course, it WAS 1981 and the CSI techniques available today were not available then.
    Sure hope it gets solved one day so that the families can have some justice.

    But in the meantime, I don’t think that I would be too afraid of the ghost stories. It is the human monsters that we need to deal with and eliminate from society. We have the legal/court systems, (while flawed in so many ways,) but with any luck it will one day get to deal with the human(s) that committed this horrible crime. Despite my profession or maybe because of it, I truly hope that the perps are arrested and go to PRISON or ????

    • it is to my belief if i read the cold cases right and stayed up all night he used rope and or wire is this correct my theory is he is making a statement without talking ” HE IS A LINEMEN FOR THE COUNTY” just like men who do work for the mountain’s to install electric wire etc.

  18. Damn Patchouli64, if what you’re saying is true you’re a friggin ghoul to let your kids live there in that house.

  19. I, too, came here due to the trailer for The Strangers. And I soooo agree with Some Dude. The whole “inspired by true events” marketing gimmick is sort of reprehensible to me if it is not even coming CLOSE to the true story. Then again, I have also heard that it was supposed to be inspired by a variety of stories and not just the Keddie Cabin murders.

    Once I read about them though, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head. All the shocking facts of the crime… that it happened in such close proximity to other cabins, that the youngest children were unharmed, that the killers were never found… it’s just intense. If anything comes of everyone searching out “The Strangers” and finding out about the Keddie murders, I hope it is that new information about the crime comes forward and the murders are finally solved.

  20. “Inspired by” does not mean they’re trying to recreate the events that happened. It just means that those events that happened “inspired” them to make a movie with a similar basis. That’s all. It’s still creepy to me either way.

  21. This is one occurrence that will be impregnated in anyones mind. I am also someone who started looking into this from the movie trailer “the strangers” just because it looked so scary. While the movie is nothing like the occurrence, I feel as if I am more frightened by just reading the info of this scenario. Anyone that is affected by this I am truly sorry. All i can say is that by reading something like this, that I (being a 22 year old college guy) will continue working out to make sure my future family will never have something like this happen to them.

  22. I left that a bit short. What I mean is that I, if in some weird way, have eternal motivation to stay at supreme shape just because horrible things like this could happen. Sometimes things make me wonder if it’s worth it, but this is enough to make me understand yes. I am sorry for anyone directly connected to this event.. (I am east coast MD).

  23. Patchouli64 is a freakin liar. The cabin was closed up after the murders!! duh!! guys, look it says keep out, and the flooring was all ripped out and the walls torn down. He didn’t live there, hes a liar. Man you guys sure do believe things easily. Patch needs to get a life.

    • I agree@!!!

      • For the MILLIONTH time – MY husband lived in this house in 1984 right after he married his ex-wife, whose family lived there. Yes, they closed the house TEMPORARILY to conduct investigations, but people DID live there after the murders and i have pics of it to prove it – I really wish those people who never even BEEN to Keddie, much less lived there would stop posting hearsay. Anyone who LIVED in Keddie after the murders KNOWS people lived there.

  24. If you look at a bigger picture of the danger sign, it looks like the date on it could be from May of 95. Still possible for Patchouli 64 to be telling the truth.

  25. Never mind my last post, upon further reading, it seems the whole resort was left alone in 84 when nobody could be found to buy it. From then on it just sat and rotted.

    • I grew up and still live in Quincy, People still live in Keddie resort to this day. I attended a wedding there 3 years ago. It’s a beautiful place, where a tragic event happened 30 years ago.

  26. Patchouli64 I would love to see your photos from cabin 28. I think that is so interesting that you used to live there.

  27. […] Message Boards … I loved that cabin, and keddie murders or not was a wonderful place to live. … – Keddie Murder Cabin, September 2, 2…Website review of keddie Murder Cabin, September […]

  28. It says on the unsolved mystery thing that they restored the entire sight but kept cabin 28 blocked off and eventually tore it down so I’m pretty sure its BS that anybody lived there afterwords.

  29. I would like to believe Patchouli64 but Cabin 28 was never re-opened after the Keddie Murders. It was left to rot and some would break in but would leave almost immediately. The cabin was torn down in 2004.

  30. When I was a kid I knew a girl who lived there named Wendy. She always talked about the murders..That was like 20 plus years ago. Weird…I never knew this is what she was referring to.

  31. Just another fellow who happened by the site as a result of looking up info on the Strangers…

    Reading all the details behind what happened sent some chills down my spine. Even as an MD and seeing all sorts of crazy sh*t in the ER that people are capable of doing to each other, this actually kept me up at night…amazing that even after centuries of civilization, we still have animals living amongst us.

    I hope the family has been able to come to terms with this, and that justice is served (in this life or after)

  32. I was directed to this website because of the movie “The Strangers” also. This is a really sad case. It is even more sad that it took the movie for a case like this to become more known. With the whole six degrees of seperation theory; you never know who may know somebody who knows somebody that may have more information about unsolved/cols case murders.

  33. Patchouli and Cathy,
    Please upload photos of the cabin when you lived there and post the url’s here. Thanx.

  34. when i was in the 8th grade i had an idea for a movie i hope to write sooner or later about a rich family from the suburbs who buy a weekend in a picturesque backwoods, redneck, upstate new york, town.

    each time they go up, the jealous local poor kids do something worse to them, ranging from killing the pet to stealing the tv etc. until they come up with the idea to kill the parents and rape and kill the daughter but leave the younger son alive because they dont quite see him as as much of a rich, obnoxious, yuppy weekender type.

    this being a small town, word of the plan spreads and eventually spreads until it reaches local police. the police being just as twisted as the kids decide to help in a cover up…

    eventually their is an unlikely hero and only one family member dies

    sounds pretty similar?

  35. For the people who are indignant that the makers of “The Strangers” are either ripping off true events and/or not correctly portraying them, “The Strangers” is a US remake of the foreign film”Ils” which is *supposedly* based on true events that happened in *Austria*. So “The Strangers” is many steps removed from any factual link with the Keddie Cabin murders.

  36. I can’t wait to see this movie. I looked up this site because I wanted to see what the truth was behind this movie. I found it extremley creepy, yet interesting. I’d love to see more pictures- maybe even some scarier ones.

  37. I came to this site through “The Strangers” also. Wahta sad story. i’ve checked out a bunch of other sites & i can’t find out any info on what happened to the younget sister Tina – except that she was missing. Has anyone got any info on her?

  38. Got here from the “Strangers”. It’s complete BS nobody lived in cabin 28 after the murders. Patchouli64 is full of it. Why would you live in that cabin even if the thing was still open anyway? The killer hid in the crawlspace under the house AFTER he committed the crime…that’s smart like nobody would have seen him leave afterwards. Sad story and I hope justice is served! I will be sure to bring some assault rifles with me the next time I go camping.

  39. Unfortunately, her remains were found a few years later by someone searching for bottles a good distance away from the cabin. Apparently she was beheaded but I am not 100% positive if that’s a fact. I also hope if anything, this movie sheds some light on this case. I wonder if the police were able to lift any prints from the crime scene now able to run DNA with the advancement of technology since the 80s? But I know little of how all of this is done. This is such a horrifying/sad story.

  40. I too was lead here by the movie The Strangers. It is very sad what happened to that family and my heart goes out to the survivors, their families, and the townspeople. I just have to comment on several other comments about people who lived their after the murders being “ghouls” and such. Personally, I feel this is out if line. We need to exercise respect for others and their decisions. Not having this respect lead to the tragic events of that night and to the devaluing of human life.

  41. I was doing some research for this case and could not find any crime scene photos, obituaries, death reports, absolutely nothing about this case other than some new articles. Did this really happen and if it did, where can proof be found?

  42. Yes, Jenna….it really happened. If you do a little research, you can find the info on the net.

  43. Jenna,

    This crime happened long before this stuff went on the Web, so you may not find those things. There were many many murders before newspapers went online or crime scene pictures were posted, and those are not available online. In fact, you won’t find the majority of murder crime scenes on the net still. That does not mean that they did not happen. I have posted on murders that have had no pictures available at all, even ones in the last couple of years.

    And as for no obituaries being found online, not everyone has an obituary in the paper, now or in the past. Plus, not all obituaries stay online longer than 30 days. This happened over 25 years ago. Finding those would be a miracle anyway.

  44. I came here after searching information about the movie “The Strangers” where a particular post indicated that the “true events” that inspired that movie may have been these murders. I also found information that indicated that statement was not altogether true, but once I read this story I felt haunted by it. I can’t get it out of my head and I just cannot fathom how there were NO WITNESSES and no one HEARD anything! I have a 5,000 square foot yard with a privacy fence and I can hear my elderly neighbor’s television loud enough to discern what show they are watching! A murder this gruesome and horrible had to have made some noise!! Thank heavens the children in the otehr room never saw a thing, but that poor girl who discovered her family must have lost a piece of her soul and most of her mind that mornng. I do not understand how any human being could so violently hurt another. I hope that all this buzz created by the new movie coming out stirs up some echoes nad that the sick-o, saddistic killers of this poor, precious family are finally brought to justice like the worthless piece(s) of human trash he/she/they are.

    • their mouths apparently were duct taped. if someone is hit on the head or knocked out and unconscious, well…chances are they can’t be heard because they can’t make a noise. also take into consideration that this happened in 1981 in a resort town to a woman that may have been involved with people who may have been involved with drugs. there are endless possibilities. no one heard anything? people have seen murders take place and did nothing to stop it. the only truth that we know for sure is that whoever did this is a coward and has no life of their own. when faced with a situation like this, knowing that you may die, if you don’t have a physical weapon, use your mind. use psychological warfare. say something like, “you know, your mother was right, you never did amount to anything”….of course this may anger the perp….but they are going to kill you anyway…right? so why not at least try to break them down mentally.

      • I saw the last comment in my e-mail and there was no duct tape used in the crime, it was medical tape. the only one who was gagged was Sue Sharp.

  45. Mylifeofcrime… Just wanted to let you know that yes, it did happen 27 years ago, and yes, you can find the info on line. All you have to do is know where to look. I was a friend or all 3 kids that were murdered. I did a google search about 3 years ago and was amazed to find out what was actually on the net. Even if I didn’t know where they were buried, I found it online, even if I didn’t know when or how they died, that too is online.
    Jenna, If you really want to find out details about *who* they were, you can’t do that without asking people that knew them; but if you want dates… it’s all there. Feel free to contact me and I will tell you where to search

  46. tooclosetohome,

    Yes, I have found alot about these murders with a simple search. I was responding to Jenna’s comments about how she could not find the obits, news articles, etc. I was actually generalizing over all about older crimes, not just this one. And I do know it happened, I have never questioned that. I posted this long before I even heard of this movie.

  47. I also found out about this movie by looking up information on “The Strangers”. Why would anyone want to do something like this? Well lets think of the last time a gruesome murder(s) happened, the holocaust. Some psychopath escapes from prison and decides to kill someone to vent his rage. I read psychology books and it is also my major. My professor says that half the time that people do stuff like this they feel inexorably drawn towards the place to reminisce. say you have had an amazing night full of… whatever you love, don’t you love coming back to the place where it happened? Psychopaths do the same thing with murders such as this. i have 3 things left to say.
    1- based on what someone said before, they lived in the house a year and a half before finding the crawl space under the house, doesnt that mean that the person that slaughtered those people is more likely too have lived there before and that is how they found the crawlspace?
    2- the reason some people cant find evidence is because near all of it has been destroyed. In a quote somewhere it says something like…Due to a leak in our storage system the evidence has been lost… meaning stolen by the murderer
    3- I think that the psychopath doesn’t care if they live or die, but hell, why not kill a few people before you die? The psycho hid under the house for TWO reasons i think-
    to hide from the authorities and two because they are so sick and cruel that they wanted to hear the screams of terror and revulsion as friends family and just about anyone else came into the house, to lick their lips in delight as authorities talked of how stumped they were.
    THAT is the kind of murderer the psycho was, THAT is the reason why he slaughtered innocents and left the others alive, to haunt people while not even knowing them, to become famous for hideous things and too become low as can be.
    i hope justice is served and God bless the families it affected

  48. Having grown up in Quincy during this time (QHS Class of ’83) I am saddened to see the crime has never been solved. I grew up with the Wingate’s and they are in my prayers today just as they have been each and ever day after the murders. Dana was a troubled teen and my older brother was always getting into trouble with him. Saying that. he was still a fun guy to hang out with and this murder caught this entire community offguard. It is not everday the FBI arrives here to help investigate a homicide.
    For those who do not know this rural area of California, you are missing a special place. The mountains, rivers and streams are some of the most beautiful in the world. Having said that. it is also a way through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range that is off the beaten path. Between Reno to the east and Oroville to the west Interstate 70 is a scenic way to get to the central valley of California from Reno. The City of Oakland maintains a summer camp in the area that residents of Oakland can utilize in the summer months. ‘Flatlanders’ are a common sight driving down main street and as a point of clarification we consider anybody from Sacramento and all parts south to be from “Southern California.” The community here is an old one and generations have grown up and remained in the area. The term ‘tight knit’ describes the very essence of this community and these unsolved murders still hurt. These poor souls lost their lives and we lost our innocence.

    I am hoping through this movie, Unsolved Mysteries, or any other venue, light will be shed on these dark sinister murders. Plumas County Sheriff’s Department Deputies/Detectives (many of whom went to school with myself and the victims) should make it their life’s work to run this case to the point of a conviction. DNA, DNA, DNA figure it out guys. The Department of Justice (DOJ) database is growing in recent years by a factor of 100. Re-run the DNA results.

    Times here have never been the same. We miss and love you all, be at peace.

  49. heyzeusorjesus,
    You’re assuming that the killer did in fact hide under the house in the crawlspace based on Patchouli64’s comments. Go back and read those comments…how could he/she possibly be so sure that’s what happened? Besides, the general consesus is that cabin 28 couldn’t have been occupied in after the murders took place as it was a crime scene that was blocked off to the public. There have been no mentions of occupation by any report after the tragedy took place. Since there was absolutely no leads or suspects at the time, the crime scene (cabin 28) would’ve served as the ONLY evidence and therefore wouldn’t have been touched while the case was still open. If Patchouli64 is so sure that’s where the killer hid one has to wonder how he/she came to that conclusion???

  50. Chris your wrong because strangers was written before ils (them) and strangers is not soley based on the Keddie murders alone it is said to be based on the manson murders the keddie murders a couple killed in the vacation home in the czech republic and a couple in natchitoches louisiana

  51. Can anyone shed any light on the subject of this article i found? Did they prove somehow that this man did not commit these murders? Thanks for any info anyone has!

    Author: R-S staff, news services; RECORD SEARCHLIGHT

    Silveria is being investigated in connection with an unsolved murder of four people, making him a suspect in at least 17 slayings.

    QUINCY – When he lived in Plumas County in the mid-1980s, Robert Joseph Silveria was known as ”Tattoo” – a quiet, courteous man who worked as a county employee and decorated the envelopes he mailed with beautifully intricate drawings.

    Today Silveria is a suspect in at least 17 murders, including a grisly quadruple slaying in the Plumas County railroad town of Keddie that has just been added to the growing list of homicides.

    Plumas County Sheriff Don Stoy said Saturday that Silveria, 37, is under investigation for the 1981 murders of Glenna Sharp, 36, John Sharp, 15, Dana Wingate, 17, and Tina Sharp, 12.

    A railroad drifter arrested March 2 in Roseville and charged with the murder of William A. Pettit Jr., 39, in Millersburg, Ore., Silveria has reportedly confessed to murders throughout the West.

    Also, Silveria claims he killed a man on a train while passing through Shasta County in October and dumped the corpse in a body of water – probably Lake Shasta. Shasta County authorities have found no evidence to support his claim.

    Stoy said Plumas County officials questioned the suspect Saturday about his connection to the Keddie murders, which have gone unsolved for 15 years.

    ”He wouldn’t be the first one to confess only to have (the confession) fall apart,” Stoy said.

    Glenna Sharp and her son, John, and Wingate, a family friend, were found bludgeoned and stabbed to death in Sharp’s cabin while two younger Sharp children slept unharmed in the next room. Tina Sharp, 12, was missing for 18 months until her body was found in a remote part of the Plumas National Forest.

    A former Boy Scout who grew up in a comfortable home in San Jose, Silveria’s earliest known connection with Plumas County was in 1979 when he was arrested for burglary and auto theft. He was convicted of vehicle theft and receiving stolen property in 1982 and sentenced to three years in state prison.

    Shortly after he was paroled Dec. 27, 1983, Silveria became a Plumas County employee. Hired by former county fair Manager C.W. Adams, he began work at the fairgrounds in Quincy.

    Soon, however, he was moved to the Lake Almanor area to be caretaker of the Chester airport. In addition to pumping gas from a county-owned airport tank, Silveria collected fees for gas sales and for vehicles parked at the county facility by airport users.

    Silveria’s airport job ended suddenly after then-Plumas County Supervisor Albert ”Curly” Glines stopped by the county building where Silveria lived.

    ”He was gone and so was the county car,” said Glines.

    County officials soon discovered they were also missing money. The receipts Silveria turned in for gas sales did not add up to the amount of gas pumped.

    Silveria was arrested at his mother’s home in Arkansas and returned to California. “

  52. I too lived in that house for 1 nite. I was creeped out by white things that came out of no were. i cant wait the movie and see how they did on it. I wish they would find the murderer. my regards

    ~the white masked stranger~

  53. “People began to shun the resort after the killings, and within a year it was empty. The owners put Keddie up for sale in 1984 for $1.8 million — and nobody bit.

    Over the next decade or so, it rotted into a refuge for squatters and hobos,

    and the county condemned most of the buildings. But in the past few years longtime owner Gary Mollath has gone on a furious restoration campaign that has the old resort looking pretty much as it did in 1981 — sans people.

    He’s rented out a couple of the best cabins, and says he hopes to rehab the rest enough to reopen in a year.

    But first there is Cabin #28 — dubbed “The Murder House” by locals — to contend with.”
    -San Francisco Chronicle article entitled “Exorcising ghosts of past” by Kevin Fagan published June 10, 2001.

    “Cabin #28 was eventually razed in the summer of 2004, either to deter ghost hunters or to make way for a new generation of Keddie Resort buildings.”
    -Wikipedia article “Keddie, California” last updated May 25th

    No one lived there after the murders.

  54. […] Blog of CrimeI loved that cabin, and Keddie murders or not was a wonderful place to live. charged in 2006 murder of pregnant woman – San Mateo County TimesAlthough the affair drove […]

  55. Geri, if you do a google search for silveria his name comes up on a website called serial killer hit list. He was accused of killing 15+ hobos and claims it was a gang that went around killing. They make no mention of Keddie but i thought it was interesting that the MO of the Keddie murders and the box car murders is the same.

  56. white masked stranger…

    you saw white things that came out of nowhere???

    my advice…stay off the drugs!

  57. Here is the site to buy the documentary. It is a great doc. Not hollywood…but gets the message across

  58. “The Strangers” brought me to this site and i would recommend the movie to anyone. I loved the fact that it was inspired by true events and it definitely brought a sense of realization to the whole movie. I was surprised to find the information on the event so accessible. i feel terrible for things like this in the world, but it makes you realize that anything can happen to anyone even a somewhat loving family. The world is cruel and they should never take guns away from us. hopefully this movie enlightens more people on the way of the world and to always be prepared for anything, i send love and compassion to the victims of this event.

    Also me and my brother laughed at, Patchouli64 freaks me out big time for like 5 min.

  59. Something tells me that there is something very wierd about the facts concerning the actual story. My problem is the lack of reports and records. For example, you would have information on how the killer entered, where the bodies were placed, what was taken from the cabin, and interveiw reports. None can be found. I haven’t even got a an offical timeline of what transpired that night. The strangest thing about this story is the two children that were left untouched. it seemes to me that a person who creates that much carnage and destruction is a psychopath, so why leave two out of the three children unharmed? Either the person had a soft spot for kids and tina was an unfortunite witness that had to be killed, or the children were under an intense drug induced state, but if thats so then why was tina able to wake and witness the crime?
    It seems very violent and at the same time merciful because of the children. This is not the pattern of a psychopath. My guess is that first off, the actual story as a whole has been embellished to an extent. Second, there was a motive involved with this, quite possibly revenge or robbery. In any case, we all are here commenting about an event that happened over 22 years ago? Why? The Strangers of course. What makes this movie so “inspiring” is a fear that spans from our own mental state, the scariest paranoia of all is that at anytime, someone you don’t know can terrorize or hurt you simply out their own sadistic pleasure. Thats what this movie is all about, the evil of human nature, and why your mother always told you to never talk to strangers.

    • it is not the human nature we fight against, but against unnatural principalities and powers…..

  60. Stairwayman,

    Please notice that this actual post was made in Jan. 2006. It had NOTHING to do with the movie. The post is about the actual murders, not the movie. So please don’t say that everyone is here due to the movie. This post (while I did update it to add the movie info under Movies) was made about 14 months before I heard of the movie.

    And, remember, the movie is only INSPIRED by these murders and the Charles Manson murders. They are not the same, nor was the movie intended to portray them in the movie factually.

    You may not like the details of the murder, but you don’t seem to understand the time and place where they occurred. Things were not “online” nor at that time intended for the whole to read. It is a very small town, not looking for such notoriety.

  61. Details, photos, crime scene pics, films, forums, and more at

    Note from blog owner

    Just to clarify, the link takes you to a site about a documentary about the Keddy Murders, not about “The Strangers”. It is very interesting.

  62. I don’t get why they say that The Strangers was insipred by the Manson Murders..Nothing at all similar, besides the victims not knowing the murders. In the Manson murders, no masks were worn and their were more than 2 victims, and Sharon Tate was pregnant, no one heard the screams. PLus, Manson went there to find Doris Days son(I think his name is Terry Melcher,,I might be wrong) because he rejected his music. He was going for a revenge killing and Mason clearly killed dozens of people. Plus, no reason to make any more Manson murders films. Helter Skelter was by far the best, the original and the remake. They found the killers, in the Keddie case no one has even came close. I highly doubt the killer stayed there. I also highly doubt anyone would want tolive there so nice try saying you lived there. Do you get off on others misery? Innocent children were murdered and a mother was murdered. Don’t you have anything better to do than go in a message board and say you lived there knowing you are lying and no one has lived there since the murders. You need some major help and hopefully will get it soon. Who knows you could be the murderer especially with your “theory” of the killer being in the crawl space. Get a life.

    May the victims Rest In Peace and be with eachother, knowing that one day they will all be together again and their terrible murders be solved once and for all.

  63. H,

    It was only “inspired” by these 2 crimes and only loosely. I have not seen the movie, so I cannot say how it was inspired. However, the post here is not about the Manson murders or the movie, but the Keddie Murders.

    But, one thing, it is only conjecture that Manson was looking for Terry Melcher, and probably untrue. Charles Manson had been to the Celio Dr. property about 2 weeks BEFORE the murders and he knew that Terry Melcher no longer lived there and had seen Sharon Tate. So, personally, I doubt that the murders had anything whatsoever to do with Terry Melcher.

  64. As already stated, the movie was (loosely) inspired by the Manson murders. I haven’t seen the movie yet but read that the characters were stabbed over and over. The Mansons murders involved them stabbing their victims repeatedly. Also, there were many more victims than the Tate/Folger murders…

  65. Hey nothing101, Patchouli64 is not a liar. I can tell you that the cabin was rented out after the murders, I know because I lived in it for almost two years. You can ask anyone who lived in keddie during the late 80’s. The cabin was refurbished after the murders. It was a very peacefull home, but yes there was a sadness about the place. We had the house blessed soon after we moved in. I still miss living in keddie. It is a beautiful place.

  66. Apparently there are a few people who continued living in their cabins, and still do. The resort part fell apart, but there were people who lived there year-round.

    It’s a sad, sad, situation

    It would be nice for people who claimed to have lived there to post their pictures on webshots, or flickr so we can see them. It is hard to believe that anyone lived there for a long period of time, but after reading a few articles online there are people who never moved. Apparently the next door neighbor still resides there.

  67. First and foremost, “Inspired by true events” is a term that the money obsessed hollywood directors, writers and other employs are looking for anyway to get you to come see there movie. I admit I’m guilty, but the strangers was a great movie becuase it could happen to anyone. This tragic story of the family at cabin 28 is only related in the sense that people were brutally torchered and beaten in a cabin. No other info about the so called “true events” which this movie are based off of is available. And as for those who said that they lived in the home after the murders, the documentary, which I’ve seen at full length on youtube said it was condemned shortly after the murders. Think about it, why would they allow people to move in ontop of a ton of evidence in an ongoing murder investigation? for those of you who knew the family, i give my deepest sympathies.

  68. Hey all,
    I been doing studies and things on the Keddie Murders, and seriously some of you should do your homework. First of all The Strangers is very loosely based on The Keddie Murders, but closer to The Manson Murders. See I thought the same thing due to all of the hype about the movie. I saw the movie, and did some research and I found where the director of the movie says that the address in the movie 1801 Clark st. was his address as a kid, and he used it in the movie. The movie is just based on things that have happened in the US all over, not just one particular movie, but he did say it resembles more of the Manson Murders more than any others. How could you make a movie about the Keddie Murders anyway? Nobody knows what happened. Anyway want the best info. the documentary, the deleted scences, and other interesting things join Josh’s site @

    Hagd Kimm

  69. Have you read Helter Skelter or did your homework on the murders? How about the Labianca Murders that the Manson family did?
    Thats what I was thinking the director was talking about.

    Anyway, here is something I found, I can’t find the one I originally was going to put up, but this is a pretty good answer and question session with Bertino….

    Q: I’ve heard the Keddie Resort murders referenced as a possible inspiration for your story, but a reference to it was recently scrubbed from the film’s Wikipedia page. Is that a connection you’re trying to discourage?

    Bertino: No, I think there are a lot of different things that [inspired] the film. When I was thirteen, I lived in a similar-style ranch house. Our street was kind of deserted. Once, me and my sister were left alone, and a group of men walked down the street and knocked on each door; anybody who wasn’t home, they broke into their house. My little sister answered the door when they knocked, and we didn’t find out until the next day – when cops were out in the neighborhood – what had happened. So I thought about the idea: what if Carrie hadn’t gone to the door? Or if we’d gotten there too late, someone could’ve kicked down in the door just randomly. Around that same time, I read Helter Skelter. My dad gave me the book when I was going out to my grandmother’s house. I was literally twelve or thirteen, and I have no idea… (Laughs) I guess it was his idea of a sick joke. He gave me that book as I was going out to stay in a town of 200 in West Texas. I read it, and I remember thinking that I wasn’t fascinated with the Mansons; I was fascinated with how the book painted the picture of the murder night through the little details. So I started thinking about the victims, and how while we learned everything about Manson… many of these victims didn’t know these people were in their house. And what did they do? I thought, “God, I’d really love to tell that story.”

    You think about the obituaries you see, stories about, like, a kid killed on the side of the road. It’s easy for us, in hindsight, to look at it and go, “Oh, well [the murderer] was on drugs, and he was arrested two days later.” But a lot of times, the one person who doesn’t know is the person that the crime happened to. I wanted to tell that story. So the film is inspired by a lot of different things and pieces of information, and Universal kind of jumped off on that idea. I like it because… it’s one more step to putting you inside the room.

    Here’s the source….

  70. After seeing The Strangers last night, I came home to look into the story a little (I am ex law enforcement, I can’t help it) when I found the name Seabolt. For a split second I was completely freaked out, but I don’t think my husband’s family is related to the family that lived next door to Cabin 28. My new last name is rare so I was extremely surprised to see it.

  71. Hi all,

    For those interested in this case, I hope you’ll join us over at

    You can watch the documentary, look at archival photographs, view a timeline of the events, and much more!



  72. I got here looking for a web site I saw mentioned recently, which, apparently, is a “re-enactment” of what the family’s survivors think happened.

    My brother lived next door to the family. On the night of the murder he and my sister-in-law were sleeping not 3 feet away in their bedroom. They heard nothing.

    I believe my brother said no one ever lived there again. The sheriff’s department took the place apart, floor, walls, the whole thing. At the very least it was cordoned off for a very long time.

    I’m pretty sure the sheriff’s office wouldn’t release the records – it’s a cold case but still open.

    Keddie was both a railroad town and a resort. People still live there (not in the house) but not many and it’s sort of unsavory. Plumas County is a beautiful place and people help their neighbors. We’d all like to see it solved and the person responsible brought to account.

    If anyone knows of the site for the documentary, I’d like to find it.

  73. I came here when I read about how the strangers was based on true events. After researching, I was shocked that people could do this. Reading about it makes me sad and I feel drained almost. I hope that the murderers are caught soon by new evidence or something.

  74. Ok, FOR EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN HEARING MORE ABOUT THESE MURDERS – and I stumbled across them b/c of “The Strangers” too, although it’s not related – CHECK OUT!!

    It is FREAKY – local townspeople are STILL arguing about who dunnit and it is OBVIOUS to anyone reading that SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHIGN but will not admit it!!

    Also, a teacher named Josh Hancock made a documentary that you can SEE FOR FREE: go to Josh is a great guy who spent his own money on this…and it just gets WEIRDER according to everything you see in the doc. WARNING: There are crime scene photos – just of hands and feet, but it is pretty awful as these were young boys. 😦

    I’ve been reading their message boards for two days straight on these sites and I am just freaked out beyond belief! This is scarier than anything in that movie by a million!!!

    Note from blog owner:


    Apparently you did not check out the links above, or you would have seen that I have already posted those links. This leads me to believe that you are out ONLY to promote the documentary, which is fine – if you had first checked with me. I am not trying to be rude, however, I don’t go to other crime forums or blogs and advertise my blog. It is in poor taste.

  75. Kelly,

    We all just want to see the truth be told and the murderers found of these innocent kids, and mother. Josh is a good person that wants the documentary put out there for good intentions only. It’s not about him or money, it’s totally about the victims. You can join the site, get all the info. free, pics and video free, join the street team free and get free goodies, I did, and also get the doc. for free too. So, no it’s not all about Josh and money. Hagn Kimm

  76. This is eerily similar to the Villisca Axe Murders in Iowa in 1912.

    note from blog owner

  77. comfort80,

    What similarities do you see? They are decades apart and could not be committed by the same person. Or, were you just wanted to advertise your site?

  78. not trying to promote anyones site. Sorry if you thought that was the intention- my blog is about knitting, not crimes. I just thought two families brutally murdered in small towns with no convictions for the killings. And no I didn’t think it was the same person(s) that committed these two crimes, that’s why I made sure to put in the date for the Iowa murders.

  79. comfort80,

    just checking, as people do that alot, not to add here, but get people to their sites.

    There are actually a few that are “like” this, small town, still unsolved. It is sad, but it is reality. Hopefully both of these will be solved one day. And several others!

  80. Hey All

    See it all from the beginning. The Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders is now available for purchase. Contact to order it.

  81. to every1 who thinks the strangers was based on this its not
    no one rely knows what happened in cabin28 that night the strangers only said it was based on those murders because it makes the movie more real and frightening
    they basically made up the rest and it only slightly resembles the keddie murders
    but i am so sorry for the ppl who were killed in cabin28 may they rest in peace

  82. My older sister and her family lived in Keddie for over ten years and during the time of the murders. I visited about a year after the murders and there was a priest living in the house at the time. There was a cross in the window. My sister and her family moved away not long after that, but I don’t know if it was because of the murders. I know my niece was very upset by them because she used to play with Tina. I used to visit Keddie every summer for several weeks. I loved it up there. I used to go hiking by myself with my sister’s dogs. There were nice people there, but a lot of them were hippie-like.

  83. Bring IT; read my mind. I thought the EXACT thing how is she so sure that the killer hid in the crawlspace? And how would he have managed that with Tina’s body and police surrounding the cabin for hours on end? I have a feeling someone on the blog knows more then they are telling and then again others are playing head games thinking us fools….sad how such things bring out the worst and best in humans.

  84. Keddie was a Interesting place to live I spent some time there aswell. As a matter of fact I was married there shortly after i moved to east quincy May 17 1980.
    Here is my take on the Murders When I lived In Keddie Cabin #15 also #16 and Cabin 5 I got to know alot of residents there Mostly Collage students from the local JC
    But the long term residents Where a Mix of RR employees
    Caltrans workers Mill workers and such. However One indavidual I remember I havent read anything about and am surprised isent spoken about. is The creepy caretaker
    This guy was a freak we had a nickname for him it was “Chester the Molester” And Girls he was a piece of work. Many Many time he was cought Peering through windows. I wonder If the FBI talked with this guy?
    Nor have a read anything about The other Keddie Murder
    Just around the bend at the Hobo Camp AKA mining claim on the river. Heres the thing about keddie. People used to come and go it was temperary houseing lot of turn over it would be easy for law enforcment to miss a Huge Clue people move away. I miss my Friends there Mike and Missy Dwain and tina (not the murderd girl) Liz and Mike H.

    Just from the facts I have seen It looks like a home invasion that was interupted and perhaps poor tina was a spoil for some Cruel Pervert.. Its a sad Case for sure.
    If anyone want to email me on the topic or if you know me please do so at

  85. Oh and just a thought on where tinas body was found
    Perhaps She was held captive for awile at least untill summer thats when the road over bucks lake whould be opened up Not likely traveld in April this person or persons probly lived in the area Just a hunch…..Your Thoughts?

  86. did you all see the youtube channel there is alot of interviews and clips on there you might be interested in seeing. hope I’m allowed to the link here if not disregard this.

  87. A case you probably never heard of: Beverly Jaye Potter Mintz ( called Jaye) was 23 years old. She lived in Leland, NC, which is in Brunswick County, near Wilmington, NC. Maybe you have heard of Myrtle Beach, SC. Entertainer Charlie Daniels is from Leland. Anyway, Jaye was very pretty, looked a little like actress Phoebe Cates. Leland is a small town now, but it is growing fast. She lived on Village Rd., the main road through town. She lived in a house that belonged to either her grandmother or great-grnadmother. You can picture it. She was married and had 2 little boys. One time her oldest son was visiting his grandmother, but the little 2 year old son was at home. She had an ad out in the newspaper, trying to sell a waterbed. She gave her mother’s phone number. She told her mother that she already sold it. There was construction going on at a house across the street. But nobody saw anything! Her mother came to her house and found her. She had been brutally murdered , and her little frightened son was there in the house with her body. Her hands were tied behind her back and her throat had been cut. She had been stabbed 8 times. The newspaper ad was beside her. Police think someone who saw the ad killed her. He brought his own knife and rope. I only know what little I have read. Maybe in all these years hardly anyone besides family and friends remember. I notice the picture of her they put in the paper.
    Her mother has since passed on, but her mother’s twin sister still waits to see justice done. There is a picture of Jaye in a white dress, and oddly enough, her hands are behind her back. And I wonder if it means anything. I hope that you will read this story and ask as many questions as you can and if you can get someone to write a book about it please do. Ask yourself questions like could this have been done by Timothy Hennis, who killed Mrs. Eastburn and her daughters in Fayetteville, NC 2 years before in 1985? If you pray, please remember Jaye and her children and the rest of her family. Her aunt says that Jaye and her mother are together now. My elderly aunt was killed in a hime invasion in Charlotte, NC the following year. This case is close to my heart right now and I would appreciate it if you would remember this young lady who must have been one of the prettiest girls in Leland, NC. And if it was someone who did not know her, perhaps he just happened to stumble apon such a pretty girl. I wonder if it was someone who didn’t know her. He wanted her to be found for sure. And he wanted someone to find her. There are large bodies of water in either direction, one is swampland.
    And I wonder where her copy of the ad was if that was his laying beside her. I wonder and wonder and try to figure it out. And the construction workers saw nothing and no one saw anything…..And you may have heard of Brunswick County, NC because Valerie Burns was found dead in the trunk of her car in Leland in 2008 and Officer Davina Buff Jones was shot in the back of the head on scenic, exclusive Bald Head Island, in 1999. She radioed in to say she was “out with 3.” The then Sheriff, Ronald Hewett claimed she had committed suicide and her family had to keep going to court to prove she was not in that frame of mind. Plus it was nearly impossible for her to have shot herself at that angle. He will be sentenced Oct. 6th in Federal Court on “unrelated” matters. He once had a documentary made about him called “A Day In The Life Of A Sheriff.” You’d find these cases interesting. See

  88. Jaye Potter-Mintz was a friend of mine…Her murder has haunted me since it happened.. I just keep asking God to bring closure and justic..It is still so frustrating to know that someone wiggled into the cracks like a natsy cockroach..The ultimate justice will be excuted by the all seeing eye of God our Father, nothing escapes Him..I’m still holding out hope that I along with others who knew and loved Jaye will see this solved in our lifetime..R.I. P. my friend

  89. send me pics of tina sharp

  90. I also stumbled upon this while looking for information on “The Strangers” movie…

  91. that is so sad. i watched The Strangers and it made me curious to find out the story. what kind of sick people could do that to somebody..let alone people so young.. i am 17 myself and couldnt imagine being murdered…especially like that… sad..
    and im glad the house was torn down..
    thats alot of bad memories…..

  92. I remember something more recent- that has to
    do with the murder that the film Strangers
    may have originated from. Probably not, but you wouldn’t
    have heard any rumors, Patchouli64? I hear that some
    previous family, got evicted, and broke to pieces.
    Nothing at all like the movie. So, that family
    waited in a make shift home.
    So then? I can hardly remember the story.

  93. White Masked Stranger…..its been since may that you posted a comment. your grammar was not so good. you lived in the house for one night? white things? like white people????? sounds spooky like you might be a killer.


  95. I’ve watched some footage of the documentary about the Keddie murders and saw locals referring to the cabin being rented out after the murders. So it’s possible that Patchouli is telling the truth. Although I hardly think the murderers hid in the crawl space after murdering 3 people. Why in the world would they stick around? NOT to mention that they abducted Tina and so would have certainly left the immediate area.
    From what I’ve read, it seems likely that the teenage boys had made the mistake of stealing some drugs from the wrong people.(something that no one should judge them for, BTW as they were just teens and prob had no idea that it could result in something so awful) That theory was relayed by the lead investigator. The only other theory that’s been reported, was that a neighbor and his friend committed the crime. A theory that seemed plausible since those suspects left town shortly after and the suspects ex wife said she believed he did it. BUT apparently she later recanted and he was cleared by police after taking a polygraph.
    I too think that someone does know something. Most likely this investigation was hampered by the lack of info as people were most likely too scared to talk for fear they would suffer the same fate.

  96. Me again.
    I wanted to post this link to the site that has had the most info about this crime.

    I also wanted to say that the movie ‘the strangers’ was apparently a compilation of various crimes the writer had raed about as a kid. So the ‘inspired by true events’ is just that.
    While watching the movie I felt it mostly resembled the Manson murders. The only resemblance to the Keddie murders was the cabin setting and the level of brutality.
    And FYI the movie was pretty lame.

  97. Yeah, I heard that a suspect for this case was Joseph Duncan.

    It just stinks because it was so long ago, when DNA wasn’t really used.

    I hope someone finds out who did this. Whoever did this, deserves the same fate he gave to that family.

  98. Nowadays people still wonder what happed in this cabin.

    This was a sex ritual sacrifice (google for arizona wilder) for the purpouse to create an astral gate in their mind and create a connection with negatives entities.
    They have to go trough these rituals in order to obtain wealth, power, and control.. I know this is nasty, and most of the people don’t want to hear it, but if we do nothing about it we perpetuate the problem… (google for Amanda Knox) ..and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

  99. I just watched The Strangers tonight, with my husband and it freaked me out. I was frightened enough to cover my eyes and one or two times, I screamed.

    After the movie, I was so intrigued to find out more about the “true events” that I jumped on Google. That led me here. Prior to this, I had never heard of the Keddie murders.

    In 1981 I was 15 years old and was being raised by a single mom and had two brothers and a sister. We didn’t have a lot of money (like the Sharp family) and I could totally see us living in such a place as Keddie, though it was in a different state.

    Seeing as how my family was so similiar to the Sharp family, this story touched me deeply. So many times, my naive mother brought questionable characters into our lives. She even picked up a hitch hiker between California and Texas once. She brought him home to live with us for a whole summer. We found out later that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because, his children had died in a horrible fire and his wife was in an insane institution.

    There, but for the Grace of God, go I.

    One day, hopefully, the person who killed that family will be brought to justice. Somehow, in my gut, it feels like a drug deal gone bad or the boys had stolen some drugs. Since there was no forced entry, they apparently knew their killers. Wow. This is so sad.

    Don’t answer your door to strangers. If they don’t go away, immediately call 911. If you can’t get any phones in your house to work, climb out a window and run, screaming down the street. Do whatever it takes to get out alive.

  100. P.S. I think that if they can find out exactly where Johnny and Dana were, and what they did, between the group-home and Cabin 28, they might find more answers. That is a missing piece to the puzzle. That can be the only explanation. Also, since Sue had defensive wounds, and the boys had none, I think she tried to come to their defense…I don’t know. Just so many things left unanswered. What a botched case.

  101. “it feels like a drug deal gone bad or the boys had stolen some drugs”

    No, I disagree with you.

    I think that these people were victims of a deliberate and vicious attack.

    The killers bound the victims with wire and duct tape.

    The killers didn’t know how many people were in the cabin.

    Tina Sharp’s skull was found by a bottle collector in the middle of nowhere.

  102. Voldo: I understand what you’re saying. I do not think the mother was involved in a drug deal, but I suspect that, since Johnny and Dana were known to mess around with drugs, as most young people around Keddie and Quincy were in those days (for lack of anything to do) that they got into something between the group home and Cabin 28.

    As they hitch hiked the 7 miles they stopped off at a party. During that time, many people testified there was a lot of LSD going around. Maybe the people who gave them a ride that night were on a bad trip, I don’t know, but yes, the family were victims of a deliberate and vicious act of violence and murder. They did absolutely nothing to provoke such a horrible act.

    It’s just a gut feeling I have that the boys knew the killers, and either brought them inside or the killers used intimidation to get inside the house. I think the mother was awakened and tried to fight off the killers.

    The police report states both boys were fully clothed but Glenna “Sue” Sharp was covered with a blanket. Does that mean she was naked under the blanket? The whole investigation does not make sense.

    Again, this is all speculation on my part because I had never heard of the Keddie murders until yesterday (Halloween) after I watched The Strangers on DVD. I then read the reports and timeline, etc. until 1 a.m. and then posted my thoughts here. 🙂

  103. “..people who gave them a ride that night were on a bad trip..”

    Apparently their death was a perfect murder.. mmmh, (no offence to the drugs addicts) it seem to me that people who abuse LSD don’t think straight.. but even so, they didn’t leave behind any evidences that would lead to them.

    Now I understand that on April 11, 1981 the forensic scientists sucks .. but still doesn’t make any sense because even today the FSB couldn’t do better than these …(beep)..


    “..and either brought them inside or the killers used intimidation to get inside the house”

    They took the wire and duct tape with them,
    (It appear that those objects wasn’t inside the house)
    and this suggest to me their premeditation or better their intent to kill them.

    However, this is also a speculation on my part, anyway I have faith in me that (sooner or later) justice will be done..

  104. i have been looking up this murder for over a year and i was wondering if anyone has any idea if they know you did it.. i also heard it could have been a group of devil worshipers or something…. if anyone one has any ideas just let me know!

  105. I hate to break it to all of you but the cabin was not closed up immediatly afterwards. I lived in Keddie. My dad live in cabin 28 he moved in in 83. and mrs. seabolt made my 2nd bday cake!!

  106. Now media control almost everythings, so learn to think independently…

    Google for: arizona wilder
    Google for: bohemian grove

  107. I wonder if the murderers wore masks like on the “STRANGERS”

  108. i bet anything that it was just a hobo who jumped off a train and killed all those people… think about it… it makes more sence then a drug deal gone bad… i live i quincy and i visted cabin 28 befor they tore it down… it is real creepy and you could still see blood stains… i highly doubt that people lived there after the murders…

  109. It may sound like fairy tales.. but the ones who did that.. offered a ritual sacrifice to some negative entities who are electro-magnetically nourished by fear that’s why they were brutally tortured before they were killed.
    In doing that they opened a gate to another dimension..
    this is why they took the cabin 28 down.

    Belive or not the vibrations of love keeps them away.

  110. There are major murders that happen right in a big town. Right next door. People cant hear anything. It’s not surprising that the two young children didn’t hear what was going on. Sick people can do sick things.

  111. I was watching the Movie The Strangers and I was looking up on the movie I notice the Keddie Murders came up to be close to the strangers or based on it. It was so Sad to hear about that family being killed.And I wonder today since they tore the Cabin down they may never find the Truth.That was odd who ever made that decision.They may never find out any thing now because their is nothing to check out now..God Bless the family of those.

  112. I did live in that cabin and I dont give a shit if you believe me or not. I could possibly be off a year, it was a long time ago. But, for those of you who are serious about condradicting me, my son Jamey Len Nagunst was born at Plumas District Hospital on Nov. 2nd 1988 and we lived at #28 Keddie Resort Road in Keddie California-go check the address at vital statistics in Plumas County and let me know what you find. Secondly, I am not sure the killer hid in the crwlspace beneath the house, its just a creepy, awful feeling that i had about it. The crawlspace was not obvious and I did not find it for a long time because it was hidden dumb…es! It was a large cupboard with a false back in a row of long cupboards in the laundry room. The Seabolts lived next door and Pops and Burnette Clemmons lived on the other side. He is buried in E. Quincy at the cemetary. I bought my very first car from the Seabolts oldest son Jamey.
    I can tell u people lived in that cabin before me and after me. It was not shut down and it was all refurbished a few years after the murders. Pops and Burnette Clemmons daughter Susie and her boyfriend George moved into cabin 28 when we moved into cabin 31, because it had one more bedroom all on one floor. #28 had an extra bedroom downstairs, but my kids were to little to use it as it was only accessed from outside. When u look at pictures of the cabin on different sites, u can see the kitchen and livingroom in them. On the kitchen stove was a bungee cord that I put there to hold the stupid oven door shut. The oven had a griddle in the middle of it to make pancakes and stuff, how would i know that if I didnt live there. In pictures of the house from the front, you can see a tree next to the front bedroom, between #28 and the Seabolts house that is leaning towards the roof. That tree wore off a indentation in the roof from the wind blowing and made the house creak and groan. There is a picture of the livingroom with a big piece of sheet metal on the wall between the kitchen and livingroom. My husband and I at that time, put it up, behind where our woodstove was. For those of you who think I was a ghoul for living there with my kids. It was a great place to bring up kids. We had moved there from the Phx. area and were used to places that had bad reputations. Phx was full of rapes, drive-by shootings and murders every day. I did not know cabin 28″s reputation when I moved in there. I found afterward and we were all moved in. My only thought was I know what happened in my house, do you know what happened in yours? I do not not believe the house was haunted, but there were some weird, creepy things about it. It was NEVER enough to make me think about moving out. I never saw ghosts and no creepy “white things” whatever those were. My kids had awful nightmares and my oldest son used to scream about the “green mans face” at the back bedroom window. (the room where the kids slept through everything) it would have been impossible, since it was on the second floor. He is 24 years old and still remembers that. I hated downstairs, it was dark and dank and always felt cold, even in the summer. I would let laundry pile up, until I couldn’t anymore, because I hated going down there so much. The post office was still running and manned evry day and numerous people lived in Keddie at that time. Gary Mollath was the owner and still is to this day, I believe. He did not live in Keddie Resort he lived across the road at another part. I really don’t care if people think I didnt live there or that I was crazy for living in that house. It was a great place to live and I loved it there. I was sad to leave there and I was sad to hear they tore it down, after all it wasn’t the houses fault. I have pictures of the cabin inside and out, they are sitting on my desk, because time is not a commodity and my scanner is broken. I am going to post them shortly for all of you “Non-Believers” you can see pictures of birthday parties and bar-b-ques and halloween dress up. Then maybe you will all be satisfied. All i can say is some of you need to get off the computer and join the real world. And to the families-God Bless you and they will never be forgotten.

  113. P.S. Genessa-your full of crap-there were no blood stains unless you were there the day after the murders. The walls were all redone and so was the carpet. And to the stoners that said I freaked them out-you should read some of the other crap on this site, and stop smoking so much dope, you sound very paranoid.

  114. To-my life of crime
    I read previously that u thought Manson went to the Cielo dr house because Terry Melcher lived there and then proved that he did not. Anyone who read Helter Skelter can tell u that he went there because it was the former hme of beach boy Brian Wilson, and he was angry at the B.B.s for not helping him promote his music. He had no idea who lived there, he just picked it for its familiarity. Another little tidbit that few people know is Terry Melcher is the son of Doris Day.

  115. Patcchouli64:

    I have read Helter Skelter many times and have it as a audiobook as well. And both stories are correct, according to several sources, including Bugliosi.

    And yes, I know who Terry Melcher’s mom is, she is one of my favorites. A Touch of Mink is one of my all time favorite movies.

  116. TO BRING IT-just one more thing, u are soooo sure no-one lived there because it was an unsolved crime and it would have remained a crime scene as long as the case was open, just for your info-they tore the house down in 2004 and the crime is still open because it was unsolved, so how could they tear down the house??? So how could any one have lived there , as well?

  117. You seem to be answering your OWN questions, so why are you sweating Bonnie? If you’ve got updated info, then give it. But we don’t need your preaching.

  118. In response to: Shauncey Says:
    November 24, 2008 at 4:52 pm
    You seem to be answering your OWN questions, so why are you sweating Bonnie? If you’ve got updated info, then give it. But we don’t need your preaching.

    I do not feel like Patcchouli64 is preaching. Most doubted comments that she posted on this site. Not only doubted but flat out called her a liar. Then people want to get defensive when she defends her comments. Whether she lived in the cabin or not is irrelevant to me. I don’t care if she did or not, what is important is the the story of the family who suffered and hope that one day justice will be served. A blog is to discuss opinions, not to persecute people for thoughts, opinions, and facts. Unless you lived in the area after the murders, how can anyone state whether someone lived in the cabin or not. People need to focus on discussion rather that b****ing. Grow up!

  119. Elizabeth, you tell Shauncey “A blog is to discuss opinions, not to persecute people for thoughts, opinions, and facts. Unless you lived in the area after the murders, how can anyone state whether someone lived in the cabin or not. People need to focus on discussion rather that b****ing. Grow up!”

    what happened to her opinion?
    IT was persecuted by you!

  120. I agree Lavonna. I guess only certain people are alound to have opinions.

  121. I did not persecute anyone. I am stating it to everyone. She was called a liar but a bunch of people. My point is unless you lived there, how can anyone call her a liar. Then my point is, when she defends herself, then she is told to stop preaching. It goes both ways is my point. How can one sit and call someone a liar and then get defensive when they defend themself, and again, it is not all directed at Shauncey. People should feel comfortable to come on these sites to discuss their opinions and after reading the posts and things that are said, I am sure some do not post their opinions because of the feared reaction that they will receive. That is my point, and it is not “Only certain people are aloud to have opinions”, it is grow up and be mature about the comments you make on here. We are all adults and should act like them.

  122. Elizabeth you say it was not directed at Shauncey (my friend) but her name was addressed, was it not? In fact, you quoted her comments.

  123. Elizabeth, do you get to carry a badge seeing as though you are the “opinion police”. If you don’t like the comments by a certain person skip them. You don’t have to read them.
    Your the one that has some growing up to do. By your comments your just feeding the fire, not helping anything at all. So no need to “state to everyone”. Everyone is intitled to thier opinion good or bad, if you like it or not. It would be considered mature to ignore what you don’t like reading not making a big deal out of it.

  124. Hi, I too came to this site researching info on the movie The Strangers. I feel terribly bad about this family, and I seriously cannot stop thinking about. I wish there was more that I could do. I will pray for this family and pray that the killer is brought to justice. This is the first story that really touched my heart the way this one has. I am still shocked that no one heard anything that night and the toddlers were unharmed in the next room. Thank god they were not hurt!

  125. What happened to the surviving brothers? Rick and Greg I think? I have seen where Justin (the neighbor kid sleeping over) has done interviews, and The Shelia the sister to find the bodies has spoken out. But does anyone know anything about the brothers and how this tragedy affected their lives? There were victims who lost their lives that night, but those boys were victims also. I’m just curious…

  126. this the second time i tried to post here Ive lived in quincy all my life i met Dana wingate when they first moved to town lived at the ranch across from us when i was in first grade met the sharps when they moved to town know the seabolts meeks my exsister inlaw is one of the few people still liveing in keddie the whole town has fallen to time lack of repair keddie was very nice place alot of people were married at the pond with the arched bridge at the entrance of keddie it was a was train stop with a hotal my wife and her sisters and mother and father inlaw worked in keddie as maid for the hotal my father in law would suttel passengers from the train when it was running there was alot of R R workers lived there was alot of people and famliys came and gone over the years was ther when clemmons moved to keddie and belive i knew this Cathy who says see lived in cabin 28 but im not sure the cabin was rented for along time after the murders people came and went in keddie but when the water was found contamanated and the whole water system had to be replaced the county condemed one by one of the buildings then another. Kathy my mother inlaw took care of the lawns racked leaves took care of things think theres only 1 of the police officers still working and not retired one is still working the case even though hes retired i remember the morning i first heard the calls come over my parents scanner doug tomas was sheriff alot has changed over the years and its unreal how the storys have changed people all have there ideas about what happend that night like how ahouse full of people that lived in a house not ten feet apart didnt hear a thing of the people next door getting murderd beat to death and Tina wasent even found in plumas county but the next one over over 50 miles away least her remains were spent some time in cabin 28 its just a house that something real bad happend in ive heard of this movie the stranger but i have not seen it but i don,t belive amovie based on so many difforent crimes can even come close to the what happend to these people

  127. Hi all,

    This is Josh, the filmmaker behind CABIN 28: THE KEDDIE MURDERS and the author of the book of the same name. To pick up either, go to our forums page at Also, if you check out, you can join the nighly chats there. I’ve recently accessed new information about the case and will be posting regularly.

    We are considering a part two to the original documentary. If you are connected in any way to the case (lived there, knew the victims, have your own theories, lived in the cabin afterward, etc), and think you might want to be in our film, please drop me a line at Or if you just have questions, you can email me there, too.

    Thanks all,


  128. If you looked at this article, you can see that Cabin 28 was, in fact, occupied after the murders. It states in this article that the people actually did occupy the cabin after the murders. Says the cabin stands empty three years after the murders (just before they found Tina Sharp’s remains).

    “Published on June 22, 1984, Page H12, Article 1 of 1 found, 621 words.
    ** KEDDIE – Cabin 28 on Keddie Resort Road stands empty. The tenants moved out Wednesday. By coincidence, it was the day Plumas County sheriff’s deputies announced human remains discovered near Feather Falls in Butte County were those of a 12-year-old girl who disappeared from Cabin 28 more than three years ago.

    When new tenants move in, the story again will be told of three violent deaths at the cabin. A mother, son and neighborhood boy were beaten and stabbed to death in the ”

    Here is the link:

  129. As for NOISE, we live in a time where homes are not what they are made like they used to be. The 1st thing people who are robbing or about murder do to the victim, is say shut up, or I will kill you. The mom probably feared for her kids, all of their lives, so she stayed quiet, or these people were stunned way too quickly. these cabins seem like they were thick walled.
    As for not judging thewoman who kids had night terrors WHiILE they lived there, yes, that is creepy and bizaare. And she is full of it, because if all I read about this case is true, she lived there 5 years after it was boarded up! Most likely, I was born in Amityville, and the “house” had those windows, which the 3rd owners changed cuz of stigma. Well, EVERY OTHER HOUSE ON THE BLOCK HAS THOSE WINDOWS AND THEIR HOME IS BUILT EXACTLY THE SAME. So, she could have lived in a cabin and said it was 28……………

  130. I found this info in an article from the S.F. Chronicle,
    People began to shun the resort after the killings, and within a year it was empty. The owners put Keddie up for sale in 1984 for $1.8 million — and nobody bit.

  131. Oh mi do some of you people have anything else to do but to dig up this old story again, it happened in 1981, please let it rest in peice,really come on now.

  132. Canada-Obviously you have nothing to do also, why did you get on this blog?

  133. Does anyone know what happened to the website? Or why the link from the Strangers Wikipedia page to was deleted?

  134. Hey Patcchouli64 & the others who “LIVED” there…

    how do you explain this??

    Its news footage from the time of the murders and from 20 years later… & guess what… 20 years later… the house is still boarded up w/ the same “keep out” signs that were in photos from the original time period???

    sooooooo…. now what have you got to say???

  135. I guse were just sapost to let it go forget about if i listened to canada well thats not going to happen i drove past keddie yesterday wicth ido quit offten Dana was a friend of mine johnny Tina to let it go would be to let the person or persons get away with this bruttal crime and i wont let that happen this is a small town and alot of people have forgot or want to forget its web sites like this that keep hope alive that some day there will be justice there is alot of unanswerd questions about what happend about that night not just people there not hearing anything the CSI now days is alot difforent than it was back then to say this crime is why Keddie has ended up rotting in to the ground is rong it was simple neglect not being haunted see over the years i have wacthed keddie fall apart people came and gone building have been tore down there still looking for the person or persons who gave Dana & Johnny a ride from Quincy to Keddie theres alot of things that could of happend in that seven miles

  136. Thank You Elizabeth and to Shauncey, I do not feel like I was preaching, I was just telling you my side of the story, you can take it or leave it-I am going to scan my pictures onto disc as soon as I am finished with this post. watch for them they will be online shortly. After that, you can BRING IT!!

  137. This is such a sad story. It is scary what people can do there are so many cases like this one its sickening really. It is a shame that it takes a movie for things like this to get known but its reality I guess there are a ton of cases worse then this that no one outside the area heard of really. When I started studying psychology with intent of being a forensic psychologist I started reading different cases some solved some unsolved. Its so sad and I wish the family get justice one day. I was also wondering about the other younger children who survived. How are they today and what are they doing. Something this tramatic must have really effected the children. I feel horrible for the one that found her family. So sad…I really hope they find how did this

  138. I just wanted everyone to know that the pictures of my family in Cabin # 28 Keddie Resort Road are in the posession of the webmaster to post at her discretion

  139. Thank you Patchouli for getting those pics. I look forward to seeing them.

  140. Thanks for blogging about this horrible crime. It happened long before the “information age”. The story was likely to die along with the victims if it were not for curious people and true justice seekers out there who breathe new life and bring fresh eyes into this. It needs to be solved…for the victims…and for the survivors. It’s not so long ago that there’s not someone that doesn’t remember something. Just that one long forgotten piece of info can solve this. Just a conversation overheard years ago that might give a clue. A guilty conscience who maybe is advancing in age/illness that needs to atone for their sins. We each need to stand up for the victims. Any one of us could be a victim next. Any one of us could lose a loved one to a brutal, evil act such as this. Then what? We would want justice for ourselves or our loved one. We wouldn’t want a bunch of internet lurkers bickering and moaning over who lived here, there or anywhere. Who really cares if someone lived in the cabin afterwards? Is it really important? Do some research and you’ll see that the cabin was occupied after the murders. Why should Patchouli have to defend herself to anyone? I swear it sounds like people are accusing her of a horrible crime instead of focusing on the fact that 4 people were MURDERED. THAT is THE crime here. Put that much dedication and conviction into finding out who did this, then maybe, just maybe we would be able to close this chapter and let the surviving family members have the peace they deserve.

    I belong to a forum about this murder. I don’t bother to even post because of all the bull junk & trash talk that gets spoken. I pay attention though. I know who is sincere & who is just trying to mislead. I also know that whoever is responsible for these murders (or at the very least a person trying to protect the guilty) read what we all say on these forums. They read and they post and they distract very well. They laugh when the bickering starts and they get very nervous when something close to home is said. The survivors also read these forums. I know I would if it were my family being talked about, just like all of you would do the same. Show them some respect. Stop the pettiness and the bull junk.
    The kids that were murdered had their entire lives ahead of them. They didn’t have the chance to see adulthood and have families of their own like most of us. An innocent mother was murdered, a good mother who was devoted to her children. Imagine her suffering if she had been made to see either of her children die (or their friend) before they took her life. Imagine if she or they knew and trusted the person who had done this to them. This was a small town where everyone knew everyone. Someone knows something, there is no doubt about that. No one stays silent forever.

  141. mann i think it is all a bunch of shitt,, mann ppl dont just go killing ppl with outt a reason,, i think that the murders have a reason,, liike their liifes are fucked up or somthing butt mann i still think it is reallly badd!! butt idk umm… i am sooo sorrry to all the familys that have suffered this issue.

  142. To Yeah……..So-
    If you watch the you tube video, you will see that the reporter is speaking about the crime and visiting the scene 20 years later (give or Take) and that is when you see the no trespassing signs etc. If you watched the video thoroughly you can see the cabin right after the murders and shots throughout the years after with no signs, no crime scene tape, no nothing. I lived in that house in approx 1987 or so (six years after the murder) and if you go to different sites and do some real investigating before you open your mouth, you will be able to see what the date is on that no trespassing sign. You would also know that the cabin was torn down in 2004. I guess you believe that there are ghosts and headless apparitions there as well because you saw it on the news and they play it on you tube? Jeeez-

  143. ive just been reading about the keddie murder and i cant believe they havent got anyone for murders. the poor family and the town, what they Still must be going through…….

    One thing i can alittle confused about is what was the mothers name who was killed cause places its said her name is Glenna Sharp, but im finding places that are saying her name Sue Sharp,
    what is it???

    Also did they ever find the little girl that was miss, Tina??

  144. I was looking for the “real story” part of the movie “los extraños” (the extrangers), i’m from Perú, this movie has just appeared here, and i was like confuse of that, i’m sorry my english is not the best i’m just a studen, but i’d like you to know that i’m really sorry about this crime, about this sadness, and i hope this would be solved because we are not perfect and the murders will appear.
    My heartfelt condolences for all the people involved in this case
    (i don’t know if i’m writting right =S, sorry for my poor english again)

  145. Patchouli64……
    whatever… watch it again bitch!!
    hes there at the site 20 years later with the signs still up!!!
    whatever keep blowing steam out of your ass… obiviously theres people as stupid as you out there cause they actually believe you!! hahahhaahahahha
    oh yeah where’s the pictures at???

    note from blog owner
    The pictures are not up because I have not had a chance to put them up. She sent them to me and I have looked at them and they were taken there. So you can stop being so rude and condescending.

    • hey yeah ..ok..
      You were completely wrong…go scroll a little the pics are posted…she wasn’t lying.. Patchlouli64 I believed you when you first mentioned you had pictures…Sorry for the loss these families have felt..hope they get closure one day..

  146. Yeah Ok-
    Be as rude and nasty as you want it just shows what immature person you are-I am not here to make you happy or to prove a point. You can believe me or not, it doesn’t matter to me. You are uninformed and malicious, and I hope someday you grow to be a nicer and more intelligent person.

  147. Ok, here’s the deal. I have read through all these comments and was turned out to the site from my Mother, Patch. She isn’t lying and she is telling the truth. I remember that house. I was very young but I can remember most of it. I remember the train that goes through town, and I can remember Pop Clemmons. He was my first friend. And as for all those people that don’t believe my mother, you can choose to do what you want. But she’s not a liar. We did live there, and “yeah ok” maybe you should just stop talking because you sound like an unintelligent person who likes the way their voice sounds. My mother also emailed me the pictures before she sent them in and I can promise you all that we did live there. Believe it or not- my mother is not a liar.

  148. Well people say the house wasent rented your rong I know for a fact it was.its wasted effort to argue with people who seem to think they know what happend in a small town they never lived in cabin 28 was rented up to to the time it was condemed both cabin 28 and the Seabolt house have been tore down in fact most of the cabins are being tore down only afew remain now the store is gone the restaruant and Bar & hotal least whats left of them but they will be gone to in time Glena Sharp was her name but everyone called her Sue Dana wingate was such a happy go lucky kind person alway willing to help any one they were good people there has been so many difforent storys put out there Drugs/ Hobo/gang related / i read story long time ago that they were looking in to a hobo gang that they thought might be involved that had traveled around westrn states and were wanted for outher murders but i have heard no more about it there was three guys detained in Quincy that were in Quincy at time of murders they were camping in little cabin at the bottom of the hill next to DR keffiers down by the river they left town and have never been back think they were from Sacramento cailf

  149. First of all the killers knew the victims, as you know tina sharp walked out and asked whats going on before they drug her out of the room. Also, justin was 12 at the time at was an eyewitness. He is still keeping silent but he knows the truth. Many believe it was Marty and Bo, Justins stepdad and friend. Justin said there were two men in the room arguing with Sue when the boys came home Dana and sues son. Dana started running away and was hit in the head with a hammer, sue ran to him and was dragged back. It got out of hand and the whole crime scene was filled with blood. Carpets were torn up, walls coverd in blood almost everything in the cabin torn up and broken. Justin remembers covering Sues stab wound up with a blanket.. Under hypnosis he said it was his step dad marty. Marty is dead now and Bo I dont know. But Marty hated women, and also had a shed that they think he held tina in. They discovered her bloody jacket in the shed. Child protective services removed justin from the home the next day. Add it all up.. If you want to learn more, go to the site keddiemurderscabin28. You will learn all you want to know about this case. You can also view the videos and outakes. Justin surely knows but will not say. I guess too tramatic for him. This is the theory that i believe after much study of this case. Read and you will discover there were many many reasons why this is a very strong theory. Its a shame that the Plumas County Police dept. has been vital in screwing this whole case up. And still to this day holds onto information. Half the evidence was ruined as they had a leak and unplugged fridge. Makes you wonder who got paid off or such to make this happen. The keystone cops. This should have had the fbi on this case long ago. Maybe then those poor victims could rest in peace.

  150. well first off I do not come here to argue with any one i come here to see if we cant one day fined the person or persons who killed my friend ! thats all im not saying it wasent Marty very well could have been but as of today this still stands unsolved there was alot of things that point to marty and his friend the jacket is evidence that realy make them look guilty and they very well could be but becouse things look the way they do does that mean you stop looking else were at outher things that was going on i dont think so the kids that lived through this should be left out of this they could live a hundred year and never be able to put this behind them are sheriff at the time Doug tomas resigned over this case so that tells you alot of thing were done wrong to say the people who lived there didnt hear any thing i dont Buy not one little bit Shelia moved out of state to get away from Marty and didnt come back till after martys death im not going to comment or guse what Tina said when she walked in or what went on in that house i know Dana was a scraper there would of been afight and a bad one with out they were surprized or cought completly off guard johnny was the same way hes was a small guy it realy could be some one they all knew who gave them a ride from Quincy to keddie

  151. Hi
    Just wondering about those pics from Patchouli. It’s been a couple of months and I was really interested in seeing them. Patchouli could you send them to me? I’ll give you my email address if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks!

    note from blog owner
    She has sent those to me but I have not had a chance to upload them. I will try this week.

  152. Thank you!

  153. Morning people not much to say today I do not come here to ofend any one that is not my goal some time i Say things that Hurt peoples feelings the people that post here are looking for answers to help them under stand how such a horrible thing can happen in a small mountin community for the life of me i will never understand the things that has happend in this town im not just talking about keddie talking about plumas county as a whole theres been some pretty messed up thing go on in this town keddie just being the worst im going to do some research to get the names dates right one was in the late seventys Debbie decker raped and murderd unsolved See we have been pretty Lucky plumas county has had not 1 but 2 cold case Dna hits to unsolved crimes one involved the kidnaping rape and murder of a young girl the inmate was in prison on outher sexual asalt charges and was scheculed to be released from prison well thanks to DNA he will never walk out of prison agine this was in the 90 .s the outher involves 3 local teenagers charged and convected with the robbery and murder of a sacramento man to went for 15 to life 1 went for 20 to life they took this guys life for money and drugs the cold case hit came 2 year after convected wicth involved the rape of a woman oroville calif So ive seen first hand Dna can work i will gather up the imformation names and dates and post them here And is agood place to find more imformation on the keddie murders friends of Martin smart Dana Johnny sharp post a bolg there interesting imformatiom can be found

  154. I have been the last few days looking up as much info on this case as possible. I am getting this wierd feeling that the Sherif’s office knows alot more then what they are telling people. I really think that the killer def has to be someone who everyone has known. Especially if the killings happened shortly after the two boys got home. I keep talking about this case with my husband and I am shocked no one heard anything. I have 4 kids myself and they sleep through alot of noises. I think 2 out of my 4 do wake up with loud noises. So my only thought of why they didn’t wake up is that the victims had something in their mouths to block out screams. Think about it if you have something in your throat you are not as loud as you would want to be. I am lost though of how no one saw anybody leave the house if it was so early. My concern was as well one of the wife’s of one of the suspects saw the men like 2 in the morning burning something. Did thepolice ever find what they were burning??? My guess is some kind of evidence. Also how the hell can you have evidence in a refrigerator and not have someone watching it at all times so no one can ruin the evidence. I’m sure there is enough evidence out there to be restested and find out some kind of leads. I keep having these visions in my head about the case. I believe it’s because I have been watching the documentary’s non stop but I feel strongly that the person who did this still lives in that area. That they are being protected by a higher power. I feel this case will be solved only when it will be too late for the person to get their judgement. Does anyone know where to get the book and video combo at???? Please let me know. My heart to all those who had to deal with this tragedy and those that are really trying to find an end to this case

  155. Let me clear up some things I just wrote. What I meant by early wasthey said the killings happned like 9-10 at night. Alot of people are still up at those hours.
    What I mean by a higher power is a political figure, and the police kind of the movie the changeling with Angelina Jolie how the police kept covering up every evidence. The word restested is supposed to be retested. Thanks for trying to undertsnd what I was saying

  156. So I went to bed last night thinking all nightabout what I read. Someone wrote that they discovered a crawlspace. Well what if each cabin had the same crawlspace. This is ust my thinking but the killer knew this because he lived in one of the cabin’s at that time or in the past. Or they rented out the cabin every summer etc. Is there def prove though of a crawlspace and if they have prove the killer hid out there?? Can someone please email me where I can get the movie and book??? The website I went to is no longer running.Would a video storehave the movie??? Would Barnes and Noble have the book?? Email me please

  157. Reyes Carrillo Garcia The accused in the stabing Deaths of Jenny Carrigan And Steven Furtado Appeared in court thurday feb 26 to set trial date dont want to say my thoughts becouse this has not been to trial yet but you can read more about this at Willard Bradley of Quincy was sentenced wenesday Feb 18, to 10 years at high desert state prison Bradley was convicted of voluntary manslaughter with in enhancement for useing a gun in the commison of a felony Dominik Wolfe was killed by a gun shot wound to the head at a birthday party for Bradly You can read about this at you know Ive lived in Quincy all my life and things like this didnt happen here now every week you read about this kind of thing here these are all young people who should be looking forward to the rest of there lives instead there in a box in the ground what is going on with the young people today

  158. For those who are claiming to have lived in that cabin after the murders I got something to say…….your lying! I really hate when people try to lie and be gruesome to try to get attention. when I watch a movie that is related to actual events I do intensive research and guess what. I found actual news footage of back when it happened and the same guy that reported on it back then, reporting now as to how things have changed. And it states that after the murders the cabin 28 was sealed up tight and people started to leave the area. As brutal was it was there’s no way they’d leave that cabin open for people to live in it.

    if you did let’s see proof. until then here’s the footage i watched.

  159. I retract my statement as someone apparently already posted the same video i did after reading more but I did watch it again after I read and right after it happened(the footage at first) yes I do see boards on the windows and such. pay real close attention.

    my whole thing is this….the ones saying they lived there. That’s fine if you want to state that but u dont’ need to go into details about weird things happening or speculated crawlspaces that are not mentioned by police and so forth. Please stop and think that is disrepectful to the victims of this crime. Just state I lived there after the crimes and it was sometimes creepy and it could have been left at that.


    and i see mention of pics throughout this whole page and I still don’t see them anywhere. Does make people skeptical. if there are such pics proving someone lived there after then please do post.

    just saying that footage for a split second does show right after and windows are boarded up when he is standing inf ront of the place when it happened. and does say afte rit was sealed up.

    note from blog owner

    She has sent me the photos, but due to other circumstances I have not had time to post them. I can verify that they are real and just as she says. No reason for anyone to be skeptical of her story because I have not had time to post them. It is not her fault.

  160. Ok for one that’s the same message from the blog owner on previous posts……but as i said before I always research as much as I can when I get interested in something.

    I went to I emailed them asking them about being rented after or not. so for the ones stating they had lived there I leave my apologies. But anyone would be skeptical. But here is the email I got back from the owner.

    Hi Katrina, Thanks for the email. Yes, I can confirm that a few different families lived in the cabin after the murders. I have interviewed some of them extensively, and some of the interviews appeared in our book. If you have any other questions, just let me know. 🙂 Josh

  161. Kat-One of the families that Josh interviewed was me and my family. We talked and e-mailed at length and had numerous discussions about cabin #28. I don’t know if anything is mentioned in the book as I have not read it yet. My pictures of my family and cabin 28 are in the blog owners hands and due to some unforeseen technical difficulties (crashing motherboards and the likes) they have been delayed. My extended family lived in Quincy and I lived in Keddie. We drank at the capitol club and I went to college at FRC. I worked as a camp nurse at Oakland camp with Dana Wingates sister. Mrs. Seabolt babysit my kids, I bought my first car from Jamey Seabolt Junior. I went to EMT school with Paula Seabolt-one of the older daughters. I don’t care what you all think- I just wanted to say that people did live in that cabin after the murders and it wasn’t a horrible awful place. I loved Keddie and count it as one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. From the swimming hole behind Dr. Kiefers and the Crawdaddy bakes on the river to the unbelievable scenery that surrounds that whole area. I have hiked in the mountains and seen Bald eagles soar below me. I have jumped the train and rode to Susanville and back. The cabin was not great as far as being extremely well to do, the roof leaked and the oven door was broken and it was always kind of dank and moldy, but it was a great cabin for a young family. My rent was 275.00 a month! It had three bedrooms! It was a little creepy, but I really think it was just because I knew of its history. My kids had bad dreams and occasionally so did I. But everyones subconcious mind picks up even the minutest details of things. I really believe that was the only reason I got the creeps once in a while-with my husband gone and a young wife with 3 babies alone listening to the wind howl outside. And let me tell you the wind howled alot in Keddie. I never wanted to leave Keddie, but employment was nil around there at that time and everyone was on welfare. you cant live like that forever. I worked full time at the Beacon Gas Station across from the high school, but it wasn’t enough to feed a growing family. I don’t even know if that gas station is still there. My husband at the time made us move back to Az. for work. If I had my druthers I would still live in Keddie and I would live in that cabin again, if it was still there. it was a different place and time and although its history was gruesome, it was still a wonderful place. That is my only point. A terrible terrible thing happened in a really awesome place. It scarred people and destroyed families-literally. But, plumas county and surrounding areas and the people who live there are a different breed and strong and tight knit and hard working and long suffering. Keddie and that cabin had NOTHING to do with the awful murderous things that people do to each other. I made 2 beautiful babies in that cabin-maybe I should blog about that? All I am saying is there was much much more to that community than the notorius murders that occured in that cabin. Its all just a damn shame all the way around. To this day the whole community is shrouded by this awful history, when there is so much more to talk about regarding it. No disrespect to the family, but I know any of them reading this would agree. Sorry about the diatribe, had to get it off my chest. And pictures will be posted shortly, they have been resent in all their happy glory-Blessed be

  162. Also one more thing-Somewhere there is an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” I get people e-mailing me all the time who have watched it. I, for the life of me cannot find it anywhere. It was filmed after the murders and in the footage you can clearly see that someone is living in that house. There is a man in the side yard cutting firewood and there is a big red dog barking from behind the fence at the cameraman. They never entered the yard but stood up at the top of the hill and filmed from the road. If anyone has a copy of it, I would like to get a hold of it. I am willing to pay for it. By the way, the big red dog-Her name was Tessa and the man cutting firewood is my Ex-husband Kerry.

  163. I too found this post after watching “The Strangers” – but I also found that actually the movie was supposedly NOT based on the Keddie murders. According to the writer, the inspiration was reading “Helter Skelter”, combined with some minor childhood experience of his own, and the story is NOT based directly on any true story that happened anywhere. Considering that’s what the writer claims – one can only assume that the link between the movie & the Keddie murders was afterthought marketing employed by distributors, with absolutely no real link at all.

    And I just came to this site from the search engine because I’ve visited this blog many times before – and I’d never read about the Keddie murders before.

    Patchouli64’s initial post give me pause as well. Odd things to say perhaps. But the internet takes everything out of context and puts it into plain text, so it’s hard to gauge sometimes where someone’s coming from. And honestly, a lot of kids have nightmares & get scared in all sorts of homes – including brand new houses with no histories at all.
    Some people are bothered by living in a residence with a nasty history – some are not bothered. Some would find it cool. Some just wouldn’t care. Different strokes, I suppose.

    It’s always wrenching when crimes go unsolved. Sad and maddening that justice is not served. And just downright scary that the perpetrators got away with them, free to possibly commit more.

    I suspect that many so-called unsolved crimes, the people who investigated might have a good idea about who did what (maybe even are sure who did what)… But sometimes there’s just not enough evidence to arrest & convict.
    Just look at how long it takes sometimes for an arrest to be made after a murder… Giving time for police and district attorneys to build a case. Because once an arrest is made, the accused has a constitutional right to a speedy trial, and the clock starts running.
    In some instances, they’re never able to build a strong case. And when that happens, districts don’t like to spend money on cases they’ll lose, failing to convict anyone anyway.
    And nobody can say “this person did it we just can’t prove it” – because then they’d be libel for a law suit for defamation.
    So cases remain “unsolved” – but perhaps not truly “cold”.
    Not saying that’s what happened in this case, but I wonder if that’s a possibility.

  164. I just want to thank you for the photos. I try to collect all that I can about Keddie. I miss living there very much. Patchouli64, good for you for sticking to your guns, when nobody believed that you lived in the cabin. I loved living in that cabin. I wish that I had photos when I was living there.
    My ex-husband is related to the Clemmons family they lived in Keddie at the time of the murders and for many years after. In 1989 my exhusband and my son and I moved back to Keddie to be near his family. We moved in to cabin 11 at the bottom of the hill. I would move back to Keddie in a minute if I could.

  165. Thank you so much, Patchouli64, for sharing those photos! To see normal life continuing in a place where such tragedy occurred is refreshing. Plus your pics give us a peak into the home’s floor plan/outlay. I appreciate you facilitating that peak.
    PS Your kids were adorable and clearly very happy!!

  166. well for all you complaining about the strangers exaggerating this story, it is in FACT NOT, based on the keddie murders. The screen writer states that the movie is based on a similar experience he had as a kid, someone knocked on his door numerous time asking for someone who DEFF did not live there. The next day he discovered other houses in his neighborhood had been ransacked and burglarized. He took that experience and added chalres mansen and keddie murder elements to make a truly horrifying movie.

  167. look at this

  168. How can some one say they lived in Cabin 28 after the murderers if it was closed up for good after the events???

    I don’t get it! Wasn’t it closed up???

    note from blog owner
    No it was not, for a very long time. Several people lived in it afterwards.

  169. I was just wondering if anyone knew what happened to the other 3 kids in the house..i know that justin was on the documentary but i cant find anything on the other 2

  170. I myself stumbled upon the Keddie Murders when looking into the movie The Strangers. I can’t seem to get them out of my mind. I am always searching for something to read relating to this awful tragedy.With what research I have done, Marty and Bo seem to be suspicious. I just can’t understand how nobody saw or heard a thing.It just baffles me.Anyone have some good reading suggestions on the topic? They would be much appreciated.

  171. If there was blood on every square inch of the cabin how were they able to get it clean enough for others to live there? I hope the carpeting and walls were replaced!

  172. Dana Wingate is my cousin, I find all this morbid interest on who did or didn’t live in the cabin after the murders disturbing. I can tell you that people did live there a few years after, but what does that information do to honer my murdered cousin or the sharp family? You people arguing about this are petty and sad. And why would you be so proud to live in a place where the horrible occurrence happened? Dana…we love and miss you and your memory lives on…and not only on sad pathetic blogs for sick minded people. We still have faith rhis crime will be solved.

  173. Patch is right! I noticed my son, Ryan, has already mentioned this earlier, but I DID live in Cabin 28 after I married the Seaboldt’s cousin. Her and her parents ( The Yorks)lived in Cabin 28, and when I married, my now ex-wife and I moved into the basement. The Yorks moved out in June 1984 (as you can see from the previous news article). My wife and I moved shortly after. I lived in Keddie again from Jan. 1989-Nov 1989, and from June 1990-Feb 1991. The Seaboldts were still there, as well as Clifford Clemmons and his family (although they moved to Greenville later). I was the person who went to help Mom Clemmons when Pop died in 1989. Mom & Pop are my Aunt Faye’s parents. Mrs. Seaboldt did, indeed, make my son’s 2nd birthday cake (Winnie the Pooh) as well as my older son’s 3rd birthday cake (Batman).

  174. Same story as everyone. Saw “the strangers” and was curious when i found out it was “based” on a true story. As shocking and horrific as these events are. I want to know more about the case and am researching as much as i can. Although i have no connection to Keddie i am disapointed that the cabin was torn down. It would have made an intersting tourist attraction, with this case being unsolved there still so many people curious and wanting to solve the case. Why did they have to board it up and tear it down??

  175. Dear Curious Case;
    As a previous tenant of keddie Resort, I amsad to report that over the years many of the building have become dilapidated…not just Cabin 28. The cabin was boarded up and, eventually torn down, due to safety issues in regard to the condition of the cabin, as well as the history of this case. Other buildings have been demolished, as well, in an effort to clean up the resort and restore some of it’s original beauty. keddie is a very quiet mountain community, alongside the Feather River, just outside Quincy and I am sure Gary (the owner) and any remaining residents would not welcome a barrage of curious murder investigators to their quiet little village. I hope this information answers some of your questions.

  176. I understand that the resort has been purchased by a new group. They said they plan to rehab the cabins, lodge and annex to their old glory and add some new businesses. Their intent is to put the past to rest by dedicating a Cabin 28 Memorial Park to the town’s loss. Lets pray they can make a fresh start for old Keddie.

  177. I was driving by Keddie today and saw there was a house for rent back there. I checked it out without knowing the history… What an awsome place. Not because of the Murders. It is just beautiful. I cannot believe some stupid murderer could chase so many away from such Paradise! I want that rental! I would live here without thinking twice…. Although there are only two houses occupied right now. Kinda creepy.

  178. The cabin 28 murder should have been challenged with FBI immediatley instead of the farce which occurred with supposedly trained officers, it was and still a small community why not get a team on this (cold case) i know. but this was a family and children how the persons can sleep at night or bring up their own child is behond me and for people covering this vile crime is as guilty, taking it to their grave is a short path to hell, come is’nt it time to tell what you know…FBI With DNA now there must be evidence boxed away from that terrible crime, come on justise system do your job investigate and let this case be solved and let the sharp family have closure and peace.

    • lisashawn,

      How could this have been made a federal case? The FBI can only take over a State case on certain grounds, and I don’t see how this one would have fit. They possibly could have helped if asked, but they can only take over if it fits certain guidelines. Maybe I have missed something here that would make it be a federal crime. Can you elaborate? (just because they have better resources does not mean that the FBI can investigate it).

  179. I’m lost as most with the legalitys of FBI protocol, morally when screw ups happen with ie crime scene, evidence, interviews, the list goes on… incompetence of the community police is a reason in it self for FBI to be involved, sadly it does’nt work like that. FBI are not ignorant and to only investigate a crime because it ‘fits’ there criteria, is the same as playing ignorance and thats the sad story of this murder justice never had a chance. love this blog for sue/glenna, john, tina and friend dana, not forgotten.

  180. I had just become a teenager when this crime happened. I am not from California and so I never heard about it until I read about it in 1995 in a training class during my academy days. As a police officer I understand how difficult this case was for all involved. This crime was exactly what it sounds like a home invasion. The myster is really why anyone survived. The killer or killers had no problem killing kids as they had already killed two in the cabin. So unless one assumes the killer or killers did not know other kids were there why, after killing three people, do the killer or killers suddenly have a heart and let the others live. Of course the second mystery is why take Tina out of the cabin at all and did Tina die the same night or later. We know the killer or killers were sociopaths but that makes anyones survival that much more of a mystery. Some one knows the answers. How anyone could cover this up is beyond belief. I don’t believe the crime was drug related. I could be wrong and never have claimed to know it all but it fits no drug assasination I have ever read about or seen. It does appear to be a similar crime to the one committed by Joseph Edward Duncan in Idaho. Duncan killed a whole family to kidnap and abuse the two youngest children. At first glance the Keddie Cabin Murders appears to be a crime intended to kidnap and abuse Tina. Of course we don’t know everything about the crime scene because police intentionally keep some details back, details only the true killer knows. I feel sad for the surviving Sharp family and I pray they get their answers some day. I am not sure that will happen but you can rest assured the Police have not forgotten. PCSO has not forgotten. If it can be solved they will solve it. As for the lack of media attention that does boggle my mind a bit but you have to remember it was 1981, long before 24 hours news channels. The Sharp family were not high profile wealthy folks and the false drug rumors, or I believe false, also jaded folks. Even today horrible crimes with a drug connection are glossed over by folks as just another drug crime. So all that combined with world events in 1981 probally kept Keddie on the back burner. Well thats my two cents. My prayers are with all victims of violent crime. Good Day,


  181. This all lies in the one person and the one person only that can answer it all. Justin. Justin knows the killers, he was able to tell the police script by script of what happened, even covering the wound that mrs. sharp had. He is either in denial or wont tell. I believe that it was his step dad as he was scared to go home the next day etc. Why would a killer or killers leave a witness??? Why? why did justin know so much about tina being drug out of the house. He has maybe blocked alot of it out. But the answer to the murder lies soley in justin who witnessed some of it. Maybe he is afraid, maybe it is to protect someone, but Justin knows exactly who did this. Tina did not act suprised as she said “whats going on”?? if there are killers in your home, you would scream and run, so it rings true that she knew the killers.
    Justin, has supressed alot. He was talking of writing a book about this. Why not just come forward and allow yourself to be hypnotized now, or anything to help solve this. Justin is the key in all of this and the only key to ever solving this. He said he witnessed at least part of this. So, we can all go round and round. Notice he was not killed. How many killers leave a witness???. None. You would have to ask yourself why?? Justin is probably traumatized. He said he looked from the room, but if you look at the lay out of the cabin he could not see them. He must have come into the crime scene. He said he covered the wound on mrs sharp. And gave a description of them. Are we all forgetting this?? Now he does not want to seem to cooperate. Which begs to question, was he somehow involved. Justin, if you have nothing to hide, come out, be seen and let yourself have a go and trying to help solve this. Writing a book?? on what?? give some peace and rest to this tragedy. You and only you know what happened that night and its a tragedy you run from it. I feel bad for you but your an adult now. Time to come forward

  182. I went to Feather River College in 1984, and my best friend lived in a cabin in Keddie. there very much was someone living there. It was such a thing of legend, until I met one of the victims sisters. This brought a real sense of reality to the situation, and I stopped “gawking” and started following the case. The documentary i awesome, the hguys really did a great job of coming in so many years later and capturing tons of “under wraps infrormation.

  183. does anyone know what happened to sheila, greg, rick sharp after the murders. I know sheila had a baby adopted a few month before the murder.

  184. i was nine when this happened and lived in nearby westwood. i have asked around about this terrible murder for yrs. someone that went to school with tina told me that the crocker family was involved. if u look at records should show that crocker boys were moved to a different school after murders. story i heard is that liquid acid was stolen and crocker family was involved with drug dealers from oroville. one of the boys (as a grown up) spilled his guts around 5 yrs ago. the one who told me was very nervous so i will not say where here for his protection. i feel bad i have not come here earlier but i did tell my brother who is a police officer in nearby lassen county. guess the crocker boys blamed some liquid acid being stolen on the sharp kids. the crocker family is a rich well known family in the area and probably had enough political power and money to cover their ass. i wish i knew who the drug dealers that murdered them are. i have written unsolved mysteries- someone needs to look into the crocker family as they know what happened and the souls of these kids need to be at rest.
    last time i went up there was yrs ago and i scattered flowers infront of the cabin which was still standing. there only seemed to be one cabin occupied.
    corruption is a sad thing- justice the remedy.

  185. Dear Sasha-I just want to apologize to you and your family, if you took offense to any of my comments, made on this site. It was never my intention, and I never want to be disrespectful to your family or the memories of your loved ones. I was only making a point. That it was tragic and sad for everyone, but that the area was and remains an absolutely beautiful place. That we all tried to grow and move forward in a positive way, after the murders. That the memories of your family are still current in so many peoples hearts 30 years later. I was not “proud” to live in a place with such a history, but I am not afraid to say that life still went on. At no point ever in the time I lived there until now, ever disparaged you or the memory of your family, and I’m sorry that you feel that way.

  186. They have a new website up to go along with Part 2 of the documentary series. Apparently there is a confession and the case is close to be solved?

  187. There was a confession, but it didn’t lead to an arrest. There were also references to at least one other confession besides the one Silveria made. As for the case being close to being solved, I surely hope so.

  188. There was supposedly a confession, made within a month of the crime, by the primary suspect, Marty. That would be a serious problem if it is a stunt. But the problem is that it would be just be another in a series of stunts involving the investigation, from the first day. The story of this investigation reads like a Keystone Kops script.

    If you believe any of dozens of liars who have permeated the discussions over the last five years, it was either Marty, or one of five other people, or someone who just came in on a WP freight. Then there is Justin, Marty’s stepson, who now claims that he got hypnotized and knows that Marty did it. Since he is the only publically known witness, why isn’t this a slam dunk?

    It is known that Robert Silveria did confess, in March, 2006, but they have said that he was in jail or prison somewhere on that day, but refuse to prove that. This is getting to be a sad, but worthless case.

  189. Sorry, but I made a big typo in my post above, too late at night I guess. Robert Silveria’s confession was actually made during the second? week of March, 1996. And there was a hint in a newspaper article that he may not have been the only person that ever attempted to confess to the crime.

    Also, I’m sorry to say this, but I wish to challenge the post made by “Janay” on Sept 27, 2010. I’m not saying that the post is not true, but in six years of discussing this case I have never heard anything close to that info. I also question the idea that such info is made public with no acknowledgement that such info has been given to the Plumas County Sheriff’s Dept.

    This is one of the worst unsolved murder cases anywhere in California, (I do know of one that is just as bad) Any quiet info like this should handled much more discretely than this.

  190. There is four ‘confessions’ that I know of and none of them led to any arrests. I personally think this wasn’t a ‘slam dunk’ because the ‘confessions’ could not be backed up with the evidence they have, and most likely the evidence contradicted the ‘confessions’. I also hope Janay got a hold of the PCSO with this information, even if it is just a rumor.

  191. yes plumas county was contacted on two occasions. i am probably stupid for exposing my identity- however justice must prevail. i feel sad for the family and any lingering spirits. this murder shook me as a young child- my only intention is to help and share what information i can. plumas county will have to do the rest.

  192. I’m glad they were contacted. There is a site called that talks about the case.

  193. @ Richelle, couldn’t have said it better, myself. @ kitten 3660, I do believe Justin is a key factor in this. I think I would remember every detail of a scene as gruesome as this one. It would haunt me forever , and every detail would remain w/ me. Twelve years old? I’m thirty-seven, yet I can remember what I wore to take school pictures when I was twelve years old. He knows something, yet he continues to obstruct justice. God bless the victims and their families.

  194. He has wrote a book that he says will solve the crime, yet it isn’t published.

  195. Ok – Once again we will ATTEMPT to educate those people less fortunate – and those who probably never even visited Keddie, California, much less LIVED there. MY husband lived in Cabin 28 in 1984 after marrying his ex-wife, whose family lived there. He was only there a few months before moving out of state and another family moved in, then another a couple years later. Many of my husbands family members lived in keddie off and on over the years and it has NEVER just sat and rotted. Cabin 28 actually reamined occupied for a number of years and was only recently torn down as part of a restoration project. When i moved to Keddie with my husband in 1989, it was still standing, altho the general store and lodge were no longer in use, but far from rotted. Gary Mollof (sp?) owned the resort then and his dad owned it before that. We left in 1991 after our youngest son was born. Patchouli is not lying, and neither are the others who actully LIVED there and SAW that people continued to live in Keddie AND Cabin 28. Keddie is one of the most beautiful areas i have ever seen and, if jobs were more plentiful, maybe id still be there….who knows? To those of you who obviously have nothing better to do – try actually VISITING the place – so some research, cause when you make comments you obviously know NOTHING about, it just makes you appear stupid.

    • Thank you Shelli…I’m blown away by how people bashed Patchouli for “lying” about living in C28 when she really did, and the photos she graciously provided prove it-I’ve studied the case long enough to know the layout of C28 quite well, and it was DEFINITELY the same cabin, just with refurbished walls/flooring. So I totally believe your husband lived there. People really need to do a little more research before throwing around such silly, petty accusations.

  196. I have a hard time when people victimize the victims, especially when they’re kids. I can barely remember school, let alone what I wore in my school photos, & I have an excellent memory as well. Either way, that’s not a fair comparison as it was highly traumatizing & out of sheer luck or fast thinking they didn’t get killed too, obviously. If it was his step-dad that would be even more reason to screw up his head. No one should talk the talk if they never walked the walk. Should be grateful someone in that house survived. Poor kid probably wished he were dead way some people go on about it. Shame.

  197. My father grew up in Keddie, (before the murders, he was born in 1957) and holds very fond memories of Keddie. I have visited many many times over my life, (once a year) because my Uncle lived there for twenty years watching the properties for Gary the owner, who I know personally (His stepdaughter moved up to Washington with us, she is in the following article, “Ashly Conte”), and lived in the same group of cabins as cabin 28. He makes an appearence in this article as the “scary shirtless redneck guy” {} and he has taken me inside every landmark including the lodge, cabin 28 and 29. We went in through the back porch, and came in through the kitchen. On the bedroom door, leading to where the children slept, was the word “NO” was scratched into the door. Whether that was someone trying to make it scarier to curious people, or something less easily explained, I do not know. Connected to the kitchen was the living room where the murders took place. The room was completely empty, save for a couple dark stains on the floor. (Blood?) The walls still had holes, but no stains, which makes me think that it was cleaned, and possibly inhabited. I can’t confirm that, because I was very young all times I went there (I’m twenty as of 2012), and don’t remember most of his stories about it. One though, is still burned into my mind to this day: My Uncle Lynn told me about a woman he had taken home from the bar one night, and she claimed to be able to feel energies, and forces unseen. Lynn did not tell her of the cabin, which was literally in his back yard. She asked what was in his back yard once they got to his bedroom, because she felt something. He explained what happened, and she told him to check under the back porch and crawlspace of the house, and then immediately left, cutting my Uncle short of what he thought was a sure thing. My uncle NEVER checked under there, he was so scared. And this man was a hard-ass mountain man that was a felon before he left elementry school. (Funny story) Which is now all the more creepy to me after reading some of these comments about the crawlspace, which I had never heard talked about until today. There were four cabins occupied in the whole town, all the rest condemned. As a child I was very shy, but my father still wanted me to meet the locals on my first visit. One woman there, came to my uncle’s cabin to say hello. When she asked me my name, I came up with a random name in my head because I was shy and blurted out: Dana, probably because my twin brother’s name was very similar. She fell silent and looked horrified. I was told to leave the room, and was explained later that she was the mother of Dana Wingate, a name I had never heard before. My parents were convinced ghosts were trying to speak through me, making me scared and confused before I ever even learned about the close proximity of the house, or even what happened there. Keddie is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen, with crystal clear rivers and quiet everywhere, only broken by thundering trains that run by, less than a quarter mile from cabin 28. But the rotting cabins where very creepy at night, especially with the backdrop of coyote howls and dark cloaked man neighborhood watch signs EVERYWHERE. I’ll never forget that beautiful town, or the horrible story for as long as I’ll live. I know this thread is very old, but I just wanted to add my peice to a story I feel should never be forgotten.

    • Lynn lived in the only other cabin visible with the blue tank out back, in that picture in the heading up top, if anyone wants the right mental picture that goes with my story. I’m also curious if anyone knows why a blood drenched glove in a ziplock was nailed to one of the trees in front of the cabin. I know for a fact it had nothing to do with the murders, but I’m very interested as to why that was there.

  198. This is the first I have ever heard of a bloody glove in a ziplock bag. When was it put on the tree?

  199. Obviously those who thought Patchouli64 was lying, saw the pictures. She wasn’t lying now was she? That should put it to rest on that. As for the families of those poor victims I am so sorry for your loss and hope someday there will be justice. And what poor Tina went through before she tragic. I hope none of them suffered . I did see recent pics of the place(the area not the cabins) and it still looked beautiful. I hope someday it will be found out who did this so that the families can get their closures which are very much needed..I came to hear about this via youtube when I was watching unsolved cases of murder. I hope to see this documentary in full someday. Once I have the extra money i will buy both parts. God bless all the families that lost their loved ones.
    Sheila Motko

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