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  1. That guy was a scumbag.

  2. The sketch looked better than him. He looked gay with his long hair, longer wide eyes and big lips. When I saw Drew’s photo, I was creeped. Even as a guy. But his reactions on another could had been different in a way though disturbing, not as disturbing as the horror he caused on those women and their families, who now have to live without them in their lives. But not forever. They will reunite. Somewhere… And thankfully, [inhales] Drew won’t be there. Pardon me- Does someone have a tissue? Thank you. Excuse me? Well, no I didn’t know her. But that doesn’t matter, because no woman’s life should be taken. And no parents should lose their child. Not that they could live forever of course. It’s still catostrophic in the hearts of the loved ones who would had done whatever it took to save them. Their lives were equally important to each other in that family.

  3. He committed suicide, and behaved bizarrely during his trial. He was a serial killer to boot. There have to be more victims besides Stephanie and the girl he murdered while a student at the University of Michigan

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