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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Kevin Shorter murder 12/16/2003 Savannah, GA *Sharron ‘Nikki’ Redmond acquitted of his murder*

Kevin Shorter

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Sharron “Nikki” Redmond


70 Responses

  1. I believed that a women who carries a gun out and points it at someone is a killer. This girl went to SOMEONE ELSES house to go and settle things out with a gun in her hand and now she’s been acquitted of murder how does that make any sense. Kevin shorter is my cousin and i have love for everyone but i believe that this girl was going to kill the girl kevin was having an relationship with but kevin came there first so why kill the girl when the man is right there she shot had bad aim but still killed someone. She deserves to be in jail just like the rest of the people that kill other people.

  2. I went to Junior High School with a boy named Kevin Shorter. Does anyone know if he went to Winthrop Junior High School in Brooklyn, NY 1990-1992?

  3. It doesnt pay to be evil thats why he died days later in the hospital and shame on the families that knew he was engaged to both ladies. If it was meant for him to survive he would have a shot in a leg does not normally kill anyone.

  4. That BITCH should’ve went to jail, her man cheated on her and she wanted revenge. The jury was dumb to believe her ass was abused, please that bitch was not abused.

  5. People need to be held accountable for their actions. This man was toying with the hearts of two women. Both of these women probably thought that they were going to be building a life with this man. They probably felt they would be getting married and having children, and here he is treating them like objects. I think that he should have been more sensitive of their feelings and he could have avoided his ultimate fate. Karma is real, people.

  6. I wish people would find other ways to solve problems beside violence i agree what she did was wrong but i still say the medical assistance they gave played a big role in his death i know it’s hard for a family to get over situation such as this one but deep down i pray for both families in this case i don’t know either family but pray they solve their anger with one another if any and let’s keep praying for better an for the young lady keep praying let’s not solve promblems with violence everbody have bless day

  7. I could just imagine how Nikki felt when that swine said she was only good for sex. I’am sorry he died, but some people brings things on themselves. He was just a selfish bastard. His family may not have known he was a cheating bastard saying one thing to one girl and another to the next.. Hopefully Nikki has learned how to control her temper and to find other ways of dealing with with scum.

  8. This is just a case of a women who got mad because her boyfriend cheated on her and she shot and killed him out of jealously…She got angry about him cheating so she shot and killed…I think her ass need to serve some time or get life.Her ass got away with murder!!

  9. If you aim a gun at someone and pull the trigger you are a murderer and should be treated at such. The only time it should be treated as self defense is if there has been charges of abuse in the past or police records of abuse. I dont think someone should scream abuse without prove to back it up and get off on self defense. She may have gotten off with the justice system but she still has to answer to a higher power. Burn In Hell Sharon Redmond. No one deserves to die…..RIP Kevin Shorter.

  10. I saw the show about this and all I have to say is…he did not die from the shot…he died from the medical treatment he received. I know that if she had not shot him, he would not have been in the hospital….but the yound lady is not to be totally blamed for kevins death. I apologize for her actions…and it is truly unfortunate for the family ….however….he did not die from the gun shot wound…but from a tube….soooooo that there is not her fault…..

  11. I don’t believe that a bit…..That dirty bitch took that young man life simply because she was jealous….She didn’t have to kill him…Either way shes def. gonna burn in hell for that murder she commited.I wish I was the judge I would have gave her LIFE and let her ass sit there in jail and rotten!!

  12. He got what he deserved. Play with fire u get burnnnnn

  13. Your so right…..I’m sure she’ll burn in hell!!!

  14. To be real about everything, she was my spanish teacher, she used to come to class with BRUISES on her Face. She did a good job of covering it up but not good enough because only me and two of my homey’s spotted it because she was attractive. Everything happens for a reason I say that because that day or night she shot K.S. for the first time i tried to hook with her like i nver tried to hook up with a teacher before in my life. That figures if she would have hooked up with me earlier that night after School, that night Kevin most likely would not have got shot. She had everything going for her; She Graduated from Spellman In 3years; She was a Spanish Teacher;She was an English Teacher;She was a Model;and she was Miss Savannah. Im not trying to defend her but Damn if i Had her, shid, what i need another bitch for and what would i need or want for, cuz she had bread(money).

  15. And another Thing All that Judgement everyone is passing like thier GOD Think again we all sin: Example Here is one of them Saying something like Your going to hell or he’s going to hell or SHE’s GOING to Hell. Remember No sin is Greater or Lesser Than one another They are all the same so with that said read again till u know your where abouts on passing judgment. There is only one God and I believe that is his JOB ONLY . Passing Judgement that is. And I thought saying goes, Before you leave this earth you better make sure your Good out weighs your Bad. Remember be Humble and call me Mr. Nice Guy i Dont finish Last Especially with the Lord on my Side.

  16. First of all, I am baffled by all the terrible grammar and spelling on all of these replies. If you’re going to comment on a matter, please make sense when you do. Most of you sound illiterate. Anyway, Nikki knows what she did and why. Most importantly of all, God knows what she did. And, yes, she will have answer to a higher power if this was not self defense. None of you were jurors. Neither was I. So it is unfair for any of us to place judgement on this young lady. I cannot tolerate abuse and if this was the case, she very well could’ve been fearful for her life and acted out of fear. We don’t know. We do know that a family is without their loved one and that is ther real tragedy. My prayers go out to Kevin’s family. In no way did he deserve this. It was just unfortunate. If things happened the way that Nikki said they did, I hope that she hasn’t ruined her chances of ever finding love again (men being afraid to date her). This was a nationally broadcasted case. To “the student”, I ask you, are you still trying to hook up with her or are you afraid??

  17. i just dont know how someone can take anothe person’s life.watz wrong with this american this place not evil.nikki,just remember one day you will stand before a judge that knows the truth,where u wont eed a lawyer

  18. Mark, that was funny and to most of the rest of you on here, shame on you… he died and his dating someone else is no reason for him to die.. Heck, she was a runner up so it isn’t like she couldn’t find someone else. I know she was pissed and hurt at the way he was cheating on her but she still had no right to shoot him. Was not self-defense she took her gun with her to the girls house sounds to me like she was scared of getting her butt kicked and she was to scared to pack an butt whipping like a woman. She should be in prison

  19. I saw this girl on SNAPPED. She killed him because she was jealous that he was seeing another woman. She WALKED because she had a damn good lawyer who played the self defense “abused” card. This man was unarmed and was gunned down by this woman. She wil get hers. Karma’s a bitch.

  20. Let me rephrase that. She had a “damn good slimy lawyer”.

  21. What is wrong with most of you on here??? Nikki Redmond shot her boyfriend Kevin on purpose! All of Kevin’s friends testified and said that she was a gun-toting lunatic. Self-defense? I think not! The police didn’t even find a weapon in Kevin’s car for crying out loud! Why would any of you write that Kevin deserved what happened to him??? Something is wrong with you if you think that a cheater deserves to die. Seriously! Obviously you all have issues and have been cheated on before. Grow up dammit! That woman may not have actually killed him (apparently the hospital should be liable) but she did intend to harm him. She should have at least been charged with involuntary manslaughter. UNBELIEVABLE! I hate when Oxygen’s Snap shows this case! It makes me angry!

  22. first of let me start by saying some of you all should watch what you say, remember the next time you cheat on your spouse’s that they should shoot you.. after all thats whats you said i mean i was a friend of kevins and if you don’t know the whole story then you don’t have an opinion. kevin BROKE it off with nicole but nicole was one of those women that doesn’t like to be told NO she always has to have her way!! she stalked him how else did she find out where rachel lived? think about it if they were so happy together then why do you need a gun for him(kevin)? now kevins gone and i have a three and a half year old son that i am raising on my own because kevins not here to raise it with me.. is that what my son deserves?? the difference between nicole is i knew we were sharing him and i was ok with that because i truly loved him and nicole just couldn’t get the concept that it was OVER between them. she used to hack into his voicemail and put her voice on the message and call your phone and harass you she was sick and probably still is her current husband is cheating on her now is she going to shoot him too???

  23. I just saw this story on “Snapped’ and even though I heard of it before, the details were new to me. Men lie and cheat. That’s the nature of them. Did Kevin deserve to die, no. No one really deserves that. Nikki doesn’t deserve to die for shooting him. She admitted she shot him and we really don’t know what goes on in a person’s mind when they do some of the things that they do. She was hurt and stressed and who knows what else. He was a lying ass dog, that is for sure and he did deserve some form of punishment but murder was not it. This should serve as a lesson to anybody that feels that the things that they do in the dark won’t eventually come to the light. THEY ALWAYS DO, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  24. I would like to say that I saw the show on Oxygen’s “Snapped” and I could not believe it. I have been cheated on before and I have been very hurt and devastated, but I couldn’t imagine shooting someone, beause no one deserves to die…… I know that there are two sides to every story, and maybe she was abused and outraged but that does not justify the young man being shot. We need to wake up people and stop killing off our own kind. I don’t know either family but my heart goes out to all parties involved, especially to the child that will not be able to grow up with a father. I’m not here to judge because that’s left in god’s hands… To Nikki I wish you all the best and much continued success and the the Shorter family, God does not put too much on us that we can’t bear, it does get easier. God bless!!!!

  25. To All those who commented,

    God’s EYES are never close. He sees all and knows all. Nikki hasn’t gotten away with anything. If she shot Kevin because of jealousy and being cheated on then she will definitely pay at some point. But thats GOD”S call not us here on earth. Remember our laws are man-made, not god -made. The jury was made up of regular folks who can’t tell if someone is really being honest. God knows her heart. God knows ALL. God will be her judge and jury. The Shorter’s are God fearing people so they know that GOD will handle all things good and bad.

  26. I agree with everyone who says she deserved to do some time in jail for her actions, i mean shooting someone, which eventually resulted into death, and walkin scot free. leaves very much to be desired about your justice system… but as i’ve read some write, ler us leave it up to the supreme judge, God Almighty, who knows our intentions before we put them to practice. judge for Himself.

  27. I went to college with Kevin. Sure he was a ladies man, but he was a 100% respectful person.He was gentle, loving, and caring. I can’t believe Nikki got away with murder. No one deserves to die like that. She not only contributed to his death, but she painted this horrible picture of him to cover up her poor judgement! Karma is a B****!
    R.I.P. Kevin ‘KY” Shorter. We miss you like crazy.

  28. I watched the show Snapped. And not to say Kevin got what he deserved… but you don’t play with peoples feeling, money, or children. You just DON’T it. Why is he engaged to two women. He said have never pursued Nikki if he was already engaged. He put hisself in that situation with his actions,

  29. kevin shorter was my cousin and he didnt deserve that i knw that nikki killed him out of jealously and like most people said nikki will get hers the familt misses kevin soo much i hope that nikki gets her real soon

  30. I dont understand why people are trying to pass judgement god has the final say in all this. Sure Nikki shot him but Kevin obviously had some kind of reason going after he. All I can say is love makes you do crazy things and its a thin line between love and hate and unfourtuanlly he crossed that line and dragged her across it. And to kevins son mother it’s never cool to be the other women.

  31. Miss B, everyone on here has the right to their own opinions and yes ‘God’ will have the final say in this. There is no reason for her to kill him short of self-defense.

  32. I am curretly watching a episode of SNAPPED (Oxygen), which features the story of Nikki Redmon and Kevin Shorter. Actually, it is really sad that two African American families are now destroyed, regardless of who was at fault. I cannot nor will not pass judgment on either, because I have never had any interaction with either party, however, both do bear some responsiblity.

    It is my sincere prayer that we would take better care of each other. God views all of lives as precious and commands us to love each other.

  33. This case was a complete mess. I believe Nikki intended to hurt or maybe even kill Mr. Shorter. Speaking from a womans p.o.v I know it can be devastating to know that you are the other woman. I believe that Nikki let her emotions get the best of her. It’s ashame that she literally got away with murder because I’m sure now Nikki is happy in another relationship while Kevin’s family is still grieving their loss. It’s a bit aggravating to see some of the posts here say that he got what he deserved or it’s “Karma”.. NO! It’s a jealous girlfriend who couldnt control her emotions. Yes, it’s true that he didnt die from the actual gunshot wound, however, if he hadnt been shot he would’ve never had to receive medical treatment. So, I’m wondering.. since some of you say “Karma” is what ultimately killed this young educated black man… What will now happen to Nikki, who CONTRIBUTED to his death?

  34. It makes me wonder if this is a Savannah, Ga., thing because my child’s father is from that area and knew Mr. Shorter.

    I was just in a relationship very similar to this if not more complicated. I don’t know if I was the other woman or if the other young lady was the other woman. What I do know is that the male (because he’s not a man) involved is a lair.

    With me having a child from this male I can relate to her pain and hurt (Though there were no children mentioned in this case). I was VERY pregnant and we were living together when I found out about the other young lady and was very angry and will admit that when I found out, that it took me out of my normal behavior. But NEVER would I have thought about taking my child’s father out or harming him in anyway (only legally).

    But back to this situation, without knowing there whole story (which I don’t think matters); I can say Mr. Shorter did not deserve to be shot for any reason and then subsequently succumb because of her action. Had it not been for her shooting him the other events would have never taken place and I strongly believe that she should have been held accountable for her actions (and that is not being judgmental).

    Anyway, I pray that people learn from this. It’s not okay to be a “playa” or “greedy” and it’s not okay to lie and play with the “heart”. Because as this shows you never know what will be someone’s breaking point and have them “SNAP” just be honest. As a woman (or even a man) if you find out that you are being “played” cut your losses go to the clinic get tested and please move on.

    This was so sad and unfortunate and did not have to happen. I pray for the healing for the families and friends of all involved. As it has been said many times… God knows all and in the “real end” he is going to handle everything. We all sin so no judgment from me. God Bless

  35. Ms. Redmond got away with murder. Her family is just as quilty because they supported her wrong doing, not the person. I believe she has a history of violent behavior and an explosive attitude that was not revealed.

    If Mr. Shorter was a police officer or white, the story in this town would be different. I except she did not want to kill him, but she did want to cause him bodily harm. She is just could not believe Shorter would reject the love of “Ms. Savannah”. He saw the real person and got away, I bet if you checked she was stalking him.

    To the Shorter family, my blessing to you. Know that a person as cold as Ms. Savannah, will appear again. Only this time it will be her family crying. Her shawl did nothing except cover the truth of a wicked woman.


    Please remember to read my comment policy before posting a comment. If you post in ALL CAPS, it will be removed, no matter how relevant it may be.

  37. He was a sorry ass piece of crap typical player nigger! He got what he deserved! You know that the other bitch is lying her ass off, and grabbed the gun “for her man”! There’s no way you could convince me otherwise!

  38. Did you see the way the judge looked at her when she said that she was abused? He had that “this B is lying look.” She got away with murder and I feel god awful sorry for the next man she becomes involved with.

  39. I remember hearing about this case. Oxygen played her “Snapped” episode like crazy! I do believe she wanted to shoot him, but I wonder if she missed her intended target?

  40. I can’t believe some of the people who feel her being cheated on justifies her actions even if you do sympathize with her.Here’s one for you.I just saw an episode of a woman who shot her 2 sons because they where suffering from a disease that killed her mother in law and her husband.She’s already witnessed what it did to her husband.And now it’s slowly killing her 2 sons.So she ended their suffering.Just wathcing how muched it tormented that mom for killing her sons, makes you want to cry !!!For god sakes the mom asked the cops to shot her to end her torment for what she did.And she got sympathy from the cops, from the judge,even the prosecutor sympathized for her.And I can’t think of a situation where you could be more sympathetic.But she still had to do almost 2yrs in jail because murder is still a crime.So how Nikki Redmann pulled this one over on the jury.And got no time for it.Not even a minimum of assault with a deadly weapon baffels me.You can’t just say Hey I was defending myself.Oh, okay, not guilty of anything, no crimes at all commited, even though some one died.You have to prove abuse and self defence not just say it.Especially when all the evidence shows you did this out of a jealous RAGE!!!!!

  41. SCOTT= ignorance

  42. I am so sick and tired of reading all these damn blogs about which person was at fault…but to be honest it was both their fault,,,you can’t blame just one person in this situation…i feel like if he hadn’t led her on for all that time and then said the shit he said to her when he called himself trying to front in front of his other woman the it wouldn’t have went that far…and she’s not innocent either…cause if he told her that it was over then she should’ve just walked away…I mean I understand what its like when your in love with someone and you don’t want to let them go but obviously it was for the better…and to all these people on here blaming her and saying shit about him y’all need to grow up and get a life…you are not god and you can not judge people and think that god won’t look down on you to.

  43. I went to middle and high school with this girl. She is no dummy. I will admit that she has a way of getting what she wants. She is best friends with her attorney’s daughter, so yeah she had some damn good lawyering. But in my opinion, if you go to another woman’s house carrying a weapon, then you have plans on using that weapon. I know this happened many years ago and thank God I left Savannah when I did.

  44. The b**ch should be in jail right now for premediated murder, end of story. I don’t care if he had 8 women, murder is murder and unless it’s self defense (which it wasn’t) she should pay the price for his murder. If it were my brother she never would’ve made it to court.
    RIP Kevin. You are loved and missed dearly.

  45. She should have went to jail. She killed the man. who cares she was being cheated on, it didn’t give her a right to kill him.

  46. I just seen this show on Snapped and it’s been on my mind. I wonder how this girl got away with shooting someone and not doing any jail time. I know everyone is saying she finished college and she was so smart and intelligent but why wasn’t she smart enough to leave . Why wasn’t she smart enough not to go to this woman’s house to comfront them ,why wasn’t she smart enough to say f him and find someone else . He obviously didn’t want her if he’s at another females house. I just wonder why she didn’t walk away. He was not her husband,and even if he was it doesn’t justify shooting him. She should’ve never been there!

  47. She did not get away with murder, because she did not kill him. I followed this case throughout the trial that was live on court tv! Testimony from medical witnesses, the 911 call, etc. proved just that. Maybe she shouldnt have gone to that womans home, but who hasnt been at the wrong place at the wrong time. I do not wish death on anyone….but this mans death was not because of her.

  48. This is so, so, sad!!!! See below.

    Shauncey Says:
    March 31, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    The b**ch should be in jail right now for premediated murder, end of story. I don’t care if he had 8 women, murder is murder and unless it’s self defense (which it wasn’t) she should pay the price for his murder. If it were my brother she never would’ve made it to court.
    RIP Kevin. You are loved and missed

  49. Hollywood, had Nikki never gone over there and fired a gun, Kevin would still be alive.

  50. The rage and anger in this woman will rear its ugly head again. God turns his back on those who play god. She became judge, jury, executioner and god when she took that gun over there. She is pretty much ruined as her reputation will always preceed her path, and her children, if any man is crazy enough to have any with her, will pay for her sins. Murder is dangerous business. When you take a life you are in this world and the hereafter, with protection in neither.

  51. Ms Redmond should be sitting in prison. Death row to be exact. Beauty queen or not. The second time she pointed that pistol at Mr Shorter , her intent was to end someones life. I dont care who you are when you point a weapon at some one, you are in control of their life. The “other woman” even said she told Ms Redmond that no man was worth that. What a miscarrige of justice for her to get off on all counts. If she would not have shot the man he would not have needed the chest tube that “ended” his life. How in the name of everything holy can twelve people not not think of that. What a travesty

  52. If she had a college degree and was studying for her master’s degree, she was smart enough to know when to walk.

    Abuse is a reason to walk, it’s not a reason to hunt someone down and shoot him! If you’re abused, leave if you can. If you’re in imminent danger from your abuser, you have the right to defend yourself, but this was clearly a case of revenge.

    She should be in prison, on death row. I haven’t heard how the lawsuit against her (filed by her victim’s parents) is progressing, but it boggles the mind that this killer filed a $2 million countersuit against them!

    She gets a gun, shoots him and it’s the parents’ fault?

  53. I am a law official. After listening to all of the facts (and I am sure I haven’t heard all of it) it appears to me that Nikki got very lucky. If you compare this case to other similar cases she should have not got away with just no punishment at all. Kevin or anyone else was not holding her against her will so she definitely could have left. She didn’t have to shoot a warning shot that eventually became a fatal shot or be in fear of anything such as Kevin reaching into his care because based on the facts she could have pulled off in her vehicle. The fact is that she bought a weapon to a potential hostile situation that did eventually get hostile. Not only did she have it on her person when she went to Rachel’s door, she also pulled it out like a gangster when it did get hostile. That is why I feel so many laws need to be changed. I have been doing this for 13 years and i still can’t wrap my love for law around jury trials. These are people who judge based on their emotions because they definitely can’t have any knowledge or they will be removed from the juror box. I know they are there to hear the case as it unfolds however what is stopping them from not getting emotional when they hear certain evidence or etc. If this would have been a trial to be decided by the Judge, she would have got charged with something. And in some cases, certain Judges would have charged her with at the most, manslaughter. Is Kevin’s family suing the hospital or the city(dispatcher) for wrongful death? To Nikki: Have mercy on your soul (are you still wearing the shawl that was prayed over by prayer warriors?) because you should be thankful because prison is no joke for people who are not sreet smart like yourself, so in that case you should appreciate that shawl, the jury and your legal team. To Kevin: You are not the first guy who has cheated or been confused on who to love and you won’t be the last. Have mercy on your soul and I do not believe you deserved death by mistake or intentional. God has the final say. To: Niki’s mother: I understand the need to be by your daughter’s side during her trying times. For that I do not fault you. However based on what type of go getter Niki has been because of what you instilled in her, we both know that this is one time she exercised poor judgement that may very well still cost her her life in the end. Stay prayed up. To Kevin’s parents: I understand that you don’t won’t the fight to be over and you have a need to clear your son’s name, however you should also understand that our children don’t always appear to be this certain loved one as we know around other people. Certain temptations causes them to do things that we as parents consider to be surprising if we found out. We are all sinners. God is a forgiving God and if we love him as we say we do then we too can forgive. Everyone have peace in your heart and get involved in your community to make these laws fair.

  54. I don’t think that Nikki tried to kill him. I honestly think that she shot him on purpose, but not to kill him. If you think logically, i think that she tried to shoot his penis off for cheating. I feel that the hospital is responsible for his death. they didnt use proper procedures for him. Shooting him was not the answer, but emotions make people do crazy things. Some of you say that there is no way that emotions could make you crazy. You dont know unless you have been in that position. One of you stated that she should have reported abuse and that it was BS that she said he abused her. Their are many women and MEN in the United States that does not report abuse. Many women keep it a secret. most times because they have been isolated from the world, or they just don’t have anyone to talk to. Some women even call help lines, but just dont give their names because of embarrasment. i feel that they dont want the abuser to go to jail. Love is very POWERFUL. I am now here to JUDGE because i am not GOD. i do feel that GOD is a great GOD and that he don’t make mistakes. Kevin died because it was his time. Maybe God put this situation out their to let OTHER people know that cheating can result in harmful things and that it is just not right. The bible speaks of ADULTRY!! although they were not married, they were engaged to be….. I hope that both families find peace and GOD!!!!!

  55. Kevin was a person……….bottom line! His life was lost in this terrible tragedy. He was my family and it is cruel that people have forgotten in all of this he lost his life..his mother lost her son…………..his father…………his brother……..nieces…..nephews,cousins everyone that knew him loved him….. when we are young we make mistakes. In this situation both young people made terrible mistakes and their lives were changed because of it! It is cruel to “pick a side” and comment about a situation you only know partial information about. Just know that both families are grieving over a “life changing” loss………. please be kind enough to respect that

  56. OK, I just watched this on Snapped, and it seems this women realy did snapp. But at what point do men take acountability for their actions? His son she be told thats the reason you don’t have a father is because he violated the number one rule, DON’T PLAY WITH A WOMENS HEART BECASUE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN KARMA WILL COME BAK TO BITE YOU IN YO ASS!! Now according to an earlier comment, Nicole stated that she knew and had no problem with sharing her man, and thats fine but why wasn’t Ms. Redmon given that option? It seems Kevin just kept telling Ms. Redmon that Nikki was just a friend. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, WHAT YOU DO IN THE DARK COMES TO THE LITE!! Maybe if Kevin wasn’t being greedy (ask both of them to marry him and gave them both wedding rings) then that a situation would not have blown up the way it did.
    ~~ Now as far as the murder, did anyone think about the fact it took the dispatcher took over 35 minutes to send the ambulance ( I think that was a major facter) and what about the care at the hospital, ( They inserted a wrong tube down his throat and he quitly bleed to death with out anyone knowing, BUT HE IS INPATIENT AS THE HOSPITAL, NOT AT HOME, OR NIKKI’S HOUSE OR EVEN MS. REDMONDS HOUSE. HE IS AT THE FUCKING HOSPITAL PEOPLE! But because Kevin the womenizer was your friend, Ms Redmond shoud be is jail for murder, right?

    You people get real and teach his son not to make the same mistakes that his cheating ass daddy did!! GOOD NIGHT!

  57. i jus watched this on snapped….this is crazy, pple get just what they deserve. point blank! but i do think that is nicki would hav never went to rachels house then kevin would be here today, and why did it take soooo long for ems to arrive?? can you say LAWSUIT

  58. I just saw this on Snapped for the 1st time and I’m fucking pissed. This bitch should be locked up. She got away with murder! I know it was fucked up what Kevin did to her but that still didn’t giver her the right to kill him. I know it took the paramedics a long time to come but if the bitch never shot him he wouldn’t have needed them in the 1st place. I don’t see how she can even sleep at night knowing she got away with murder.

  59. I think people want so bad to blame her. She didn’t kill him though the hospital did. If the family had sued the hospital instead of Nikki they might have some money now. Did her actions land him in the hospital? Yes. But her actions didn’t lead to his dying, the hospital f*cked up and no one held them accountable. I feel sorry for everyone involved. I think its shameful that the family allowed him to carry on like that for so long. He’s grown and no one could control him, but I think if the family got involved more than they did this wouldn’t have happened. I can only hope that he’s resting in peace, and I pray that everyone else involved has found some peace as well.

  60. i just saw it on the TV, please tell me that the judge has been corrupted, i will have a relief.
    Is there any appeal done ?
    cuz now any girl can shoot her man and be acquited the same way, easy huh?
    sometimes you ask yourself if you are in america

  61. If she didnt kill him but she shot him this is a crime.
    Im a big defenser of women , i hate women abuse, but no reason for killing someone because he doesnt love you anymore and she went to his house, you are beautifull why don’t you move one. Now his parents are devastated and your parents are happy, is that normal? now you have to face god , no prayer can keep you out of hell of god
    im really devastated. You should be happy to be punished not acquited
    dont be proud of it

  62. sorry for your loss..i agree with you 1000%.every time i see this case it pisses me off.yes, she did get away with murder.she had no right to go to that girl’s house and confront her weather kevin was cheating or not….would it had been the same if that female had come to her home and killed her?she may be free,but i sincerly hope that when she goes to bed at night that she sees kevin…i hope that she never forgets his face .if someone is afraid they don’t go to someone’s home to comfront them she wasn’t afraid she was jealous.

  63. Those who have written comments, should know how to properly compose a sentence. Your usage of grammar, sentence structure and general rules of writing, shows your lack of schooling and knowledge. To put in words that you may understand; u so dumb.

    • Dave,

      I feel the same way. Unfortunately, I see this all the time. Comments that are done mostly in “text messaging” language, do not get approved. Or those that are in ALL CAPS or use capital letters for the beginning of every word. Any of those lazy ways to write. (I loved English class in school!!)

  64. I am a medical doctor and have read all the above comments

    I watched this tragedy on Snapped. I am based in Zimbabwe, Africa. There are a lot of emotions in the above comments.

    EMS in a country like America should indeed have responded faster, but take note that Kevin died 3 days later. I am assuming the blood he had lost from the gunshot wound on his leg had been replaced by a transfusion.

    From the tv show, it is unclear why Kevin had a ‘tube’, given that he was shot in the leg. One wonders whether he had a chest drain. A chest drain is normally inserted to drain fluid from the lungs, either air, blood, pus or an effusion. As a medical doctor, perhaps this begs the appropriate answer since the post-mortem did show that the tube MAY have been wrongly placed.

    So is the hospital liable? The post mortem does seem inconclusive with regards to the tube. Without radiological films to prove that indeed the tube was improperly placed, it would be difficult to prove that as the cause of death.

    The other consideration is whether Kevin sustained a bone fracture, a fracture of the femur, from the gunshot wound. If he did, he could have developed fat embolism from the trauma and that could definitely kill within 3 days, making Nikki liable for his death. In a patient with fat embolism, it would be paramount to intubate with an endotracheal tube (ETT)and ventilate while anticoagulating.

    If the ETT is the tube that was misplaced, then indeed the hospital is liable, as the attending doctor should be able to easily pick this up. Having said that, fat embolism is associated with a very high mortality.

    I will not comment on the decision by the jury to acquit, nor on the decision to file a civil lawsuit and the counter lawsuit, but i certainly feel sorry for the families of these two very young people.

    As a young black professional watching cable tv from Zimbabwe, it pains me to see many young black people in America, some with priviledged backgrounds, trivialise life.

    This is because in Africa one has to watch helplessly as people fight to stay alive and to get educated. I have no doubt that lives in America will continue to be senselessly lost for trivial and dumbfounding reasons.

  65. Two questions about the Nikki Redmond case. 1) If Kevin Shorter was abusive like Nikki said he was, why didn’t Rachel see it? Was she blind? 2) Why didn’t the Shorters sue the police and the hospital, since they are just as responsible for Kevin’s death as Nikki? If they had acted in time, then he would have lived to tell about what she had done to him.

  66. I can not believe what I’ve read just saw Snapped at the end of the day the hospital and the ambulance should be just as liable..this was almost 5 years ago people cheat people go out of their character no one is perfect no one is GOD was kevin wrong absolutely he clearly wasn’t a player or the man was nikki wrong definately she shoul’ve walked away hurt and moved on. For the chick that said she was okay being the other woman that’s sad get some self-esteem and more self worth.its a loss for all parties the other woman was grime and there’s no way she had no clue her man(kevin)was cheating hope she got counseling..smh(shaking my head)thank you.

  67. This bitch will pay on Earth.

  68. She’ll pay in her next life, that is.

  69. Today would have been K. S. birthday. I went to high school with him. We were not close but I had several classes with him. I knew Kevin did not read that well and teachers gave him A’s to keep him on the football team. I struggled to make my A’s and I knew he made better grades than me in certain classes and I was confused as to why. We were asked to read out loud in class and the chemistry teacher had to feed him every other word. That made me jealous, angry, and many other emotions. But not enough to kill him. R. I. P.

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