• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Alan and Diane Johnson murder 9/2/2003 Bellevue, ID *Daughter Sarah Marie Johnson convicted; sentenced to 2 consecutive life terms plus 15 years*


Alan and Diane Johnson
Alan and Diane Johnson

Update: 10/31/2014 – Sarah Johnson’s appeal denied.

Murder investigation continues to await lab results
16-year-old charged with murder of parents
Expert: Daughter’s DNA found on evidence at slain parents’ home
Aunt testifies against teen niece accused of parents’ murder
Family: Teen accused of killing parents more concerned about herself
Cell mate: Teen admitted killing parents
Teen’s defense: ‘No blood, no guilt’ in parents’ murders
Expert: Blood spatter proves teen could not have murdered her parents
Idaho teen’s lawyers push ‘no blood, no guilt’ defense
Teen accused of slaying her parents chooses not to testify
Jury in teen’s murder trial asks to view police video
Judge gives jury options in trial of teen accused of killing parents
Jury in teen’s murder trial asks to view police video
Sarah Johnson appeals murder convictions
Primetime Crime: Teen Charged With Parents’ Gruesome Murder
Murderpedia: Sarah Marie Johnson
Wikipedia: Sarah Marie Johnson
Judge denies new trial for Sarah Johnson
Judge denies Sarah Johnson bid for acquittal

Snapped: Sarah Johnson
Murder: Hometown Homicide
Solved: The Devil Within
Forensic Files: Disrobed



Status: Inmate
Mailing Address:
1451 Fore Road
Pocatello Idaho 83205
Phone Number:

IDOC Sentence Information

Sentencing County: BLAINE
Case No.: CR03-18200
Sentence Satisfaction Date: Life

Sentencing County: BLAINE
Case No.: CR03-18200
Sentence Satisfaction Date: Life


71 Responses

  1. I have evidence that can prove that Sarah Johnson (Idaho Teen who killed parents-Alan and Diane) only intended to kill her mother but shooting her father was an accident.
    Short list
    1. Full 1 min. between shots
    2. Notches on the moldings indicating a struggle over the riffle. Two on shower side of door jam moldings, one overhead on door jam moldings.
    3. The injuries to her sholder are from the door jam moldings and show a consistant pattern. Explains cross being knocked off of wall.
    4. An injury to back of Alan J. leg consistant with wall on bathroom
    5. Enter/Exit wounds on Alan indicated he was leaning forward at time of shot also consistant with towel rack on floor.
    6. Others

    I spent a week at the Johnson residence. I created all the artwork/diagrams presented by the prosecution. You may email me if interested in further information.

    Sarah is guilty but should only be serving one life sentence.

    -Thomas Dew- Forensic Artist

    • What are you basing the idea that there was a minute between shots, Sarah’s statement? Not reliable. Also, all of the evidence you mention, even if true, don’t show a lack of desire or intent to kill her father. It simply indicates that her father reacted quickly in coming to his wife’s defense and in attempting to save his own life. Perhaps Sarah thought he would react more slowly but he didn’t. Not a single thing mentioned in your list indicates a lack of murderous intent.

  2. Unfortunately Mr. Dew thinks he knows what he is talking about. Some of his analysis is correct, but others including his second observation are not a valid point. I personally looked at those marks and I came to the same conclusion as the police. These marks are neither distinctive nor conclusive. One other thing he forgets to mention, the marks on the trim and jam are in a bathroom located on the other end of the house. Not the bathroom where the murder took place.
    One key piece of evidence Mr. Drew forgets to mention is that, Sarah knew my father was in the shower. I know this because one can hear the water running in the adjacent wall of her room. One can also hear the shower door open and close from her room. How do I know this? I lived in this room for 10 years.
    There was no evidence provided by the coroner or the police to suggest that there was a ‘mark’ on the back of my father’s leg. This was never a fact of the case.
    I hope Mr. Dew would be more diligent on his analysis next time.

  3. Thomas,
    I’m just wondering if that makes it alright that she didn’t MURDER her father on purpose, like she did her mother?
    Does that make the crime less heinous?? I don’t think so. I think if she didn’t want her father dead she would of killed ther mom when her father WASN’T there. Sorry, I’m just not buying your theory.

  4. It doesn’t make a lot of practical sense that she would leave her father alive. His testimony would certainly ensure that she’d be named the sole killer of her mother. And it is her father who went to Bruno and told him to leave her alone and threatened to go to the police. I think Sarah, although maybe a “daddy’s girl”, planned the deaths of both parents.
    Given the opposing opinions above, I’d tend to believe that of Matt. There’s no evidence to equal that of someone who’s lived in that house for ten years… and I see no reason for him to lie about this. This guy’s been badgered enough from her wrongdoings, I’d say.
    This case is one that’s haunted me for years. Ever since it was realized that she’d had that robe on backwards… the way she would’ve looked dressed that way and coming up on you with a gun… that image never quite left the “things that would scare the hell out of me” file in my mind… ::shudder::
    Unbelievable, her undaunted behavior and seeming lack of respect/love for either parent who had been terribly good to her. Evil.

  5. Dear Mathew Johnson,
    Thank you for your response. I am very sorry for your loss. I told you about the notches and evidence to perhaps give you some hope for Sarah. I am convinced that she had no intension of hurting Mr. Johnson. I know you relive this all the time and I’m sure you get tired of everyone’s theories of what happened. Perhaps I can clearify what I was talking about. I believe that Sarah waited until your father left the room and entered from the siding glass door. After the shot, I think she was stunned at the sound and effect of the shot. I don’t think Sarah knew what she was going to do after the first shot. I think your father yelled for Sarah and stepped out of the shower and Sarah entered the bathroom and he got back in. I think he saw sarah upset and tried to calm her and get the riffle from her just because she was upset and he was trying to figure out what was going on. I think he reached for the riffle, she pulled away taking a nick out of his thumb from the site, wet hands. The riffle caused a dent above the door inside door frame at angle above her head. When she lowered the riffel he held on to the towel rack, leaned forward and got a good grip on the riffle. Sarah pulls away and the riffle goes off and Mr Johnson falls to the bathroom floor. He continues to hold on to the riffle. Since he is still wet he spin toward the door and he injures the acheiles of his rt foot. During the struggle she is pulled into the door frame causing the scapes (not bruises) on Sarahs left sholder also making dents about 1 to 2 feet on the inside door frame on the shower side. The dents are scalloped and we took pictures of all the other molding thoughout the home and not other dents were similar.

    I spent over 14 hours a day for a week most of which was in the bathroom and over a year reconstruction and analyzing the crime scene photos. It was the last crime scene I have worked on and am no longer creating forensic art.

    I think Jim Thomas and Blaine Co did a great job and that Jim is a very fair man.

    Mathew, I do not wish to cause you any pain. You have had more than anyone should. I just thought you would like to know. I feel that Sarah deserves one life sentence for what she did to your mother but I truely believe that your father’s death was an accident. Please know, I think your father showed his love for both Sarah and your mother to the very end. I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. How could you kill your own parents over something like that? It escapes me! I mean, she was on her way to college and she threw her potential away and is now spending her entire adult life behind bars. Sad. Her parents loved her and weren’t trying to tell her anything to hurt her. How blind was she not to see that? She’s right where she belongs. In prison!

  7. I would just like to say sorry for your loss Matthew it is terrible what you have to go through. As for the different theories to the crime, I think the police have done a good job at finding out what happened and I also believe as sad as it is that she did intend to kill both parents. I am not sure how factual this is but I have been lead to believe she was 4-6 feet away when she shot her father. Everything that happened is how she intended it to be, sorry Thomas but I don’t think many people are going to believe that she walked in and only intended to kill her mother, as soon as she walked into the room she would of heard the shower. Like Matthew said he should know he lived in that room for 10 years he is the one that knows that she would of heard the shower come on from her bedroom.

  8. Well Mr. Thomas Dew I sat through the entire trial and meet every single person that testified. I don’t remember any of your ‘theory’ discussed. Answer this… Why did Sarah have 5 more rounds in her rob when she knew my mom would be sleeping? Sarah knew my father was there because she walked right past his truck parked in the garage. She laid knives at the foot of the bed while he was in the shower. There are many things you are forgetting Mr. Dew. I personally cleaned the house before it was sold and I diligently looked at the trim that my father and I put up together when I was a young boy…..I did not see any marks on master bath trim. There were for some reason several mysterious marks on the half bath located at the other end of the house. Those I cannot explain… In conclusion I asked Jim Thomas if he ever heard of you and he said no… Sorry Dew but your references don’t check out.

  9. Matthew, dont listen to people like Mr. Dew. He is someone who trys to gain attention from someone elses heartache and tradgedy. Dont even give his stories a second thought- it is not worth your time… P.S. You and your family are still in the thoughts of many, and I hope someday you will be able to find closure the best way you know how…

  10. I watched the story last night here in Atlanta – and the impression I came away with was that Sarah was guilty, and the emotions seemed to spill out of her at the verdict reading. Not emotions from her feeling remorse, but for her being found guilty.
    I pray for Matthew, and the entire surviving family members as well as Sarah, in her prison cell. She will have a lifetime to think back on what she did, and hopefully she can eventually be willing to offer some sort of reasoning for her actions. A reason won”t change anything, but sometimes it does help to ease the survivor’s mind in having a tangible confession to hold on to.

    God be with all of this family – and Matthew, I do pray that you can find forgiveness in your heart for your sister’s actions. While extremely difficult, it isn’t entirely impossible, if you ask God for help.


  11. Matthew,

    I have thought of you and your family for years. I’m very sorry for the loss of your parents and all the pain you family have suffered.

  12. Matthew I am sorry for the lost of your parents they were good people who tried to do the right thing in raising you and your sister. I believe she is guilty of both murders. She will have the rest of her life in her prison cell to think about what she did and why. Guess what Sarah you did it for nothing because you won’t ever see Bruno again and he probably haven’t given you a second thought since. Its SAD to me that she would kill yours and her parents over a 3 month relationship with a guy who should not have been in this country in the first place. Well Sarah I hope it was worth it. I hope she never gets out. She is in the right place. PRISON

  13. Dear Matthew,
    Not a day passes that you are not in my hearts and prayers…. please do not forget that you are not alone… and that although we did not grow up together my life has been surrounded with questions about you ever since I was a little girl. You are my brother… and you are loved…Heide

  14. Mat,
    Your sister killed your parents for what? A Mexican Immigrant? Did I hear that right on Snapped? Jesus fucking Christ, if my sister had done that I’d tear her face off and disown her through the newspaper.

    I wouldn’t kill her though, so she can suffer in a small cell while guards laugh at her urinating in that visible space where the toilet is. Fuck Sarah Johnson and god bless you for staying strong. Disown that piece of shit, trust me.

  15. Sorry for your loss man but i wouldnt take up for your sister at all man. I do believe there is a god but she knew what she did. instead of chooseing one road without violence she did what she wanted to do man. Word of advice, war, crime, guilt and regrets lead to violence. why do these events happen? dunno man but i wish everday i could know that answr why… Why did this have to happen why do we die why do we suffer when we havent done anything to harm anyone. God gives us a purpose of living. he gives us one life to live for us to learn and build relationships why would he want violence though? he wants us to feel the meaning of earning love to stress it out to see how much important livng you life is valuable to you. Your sister is guilty yes but we can never feel sorry for her actions because it you can breath and eat then she knew what she was planning to do to her parents. I pray for you my friend. my email is If you want to talk or have a friend email me man. take care. Chad

  16. I cannot believe there are people who still think she murdered her parents by accident.
    My only hope it is that “BAD SEED” doesn’t spread over the world.

  17. This is a terribly sad tragedy. The whole story is just horrible. Still aside from the fact that the entire area from ceiling to floors and all in between were awash in blood, it seems odd to me that she had no blood on her. It would be like standing in the rain and being the only object that the rain did not touch in some supernatural way. She is sixteen and so perhaps she is so absolutely stupid as to put all the evidence in the garbage right outside, then again if she is smart enough to think I need to get rid of evidence, one would think she would be smart enough to not deposit it in the front yard. HAS ANYONE CONSIDERED THE IDEA THAT SOMEONE MIGHT HAVE WANTED TO FRAME HER, MIGHT HAVE WANTED TO PUSH THE POLICE IN HER DIRECTION SOMEONE WHO WOULD PROFIT FROM DOING SO AND SOMEONE WHO COULD RUN HOME AND CLEAN UP? It did seem like at least one family member sure pushed a bit much for her conviction to me, it was unnaturally hard or came off that way. In all the parracids in the last 24 years only 4 have involved women and none worked alone, it is a primarily male indiginous act. She could have tossed the bullets into the bushes, onto the roof, over a fence but no she picked up the shell casings and set them right there on top for all too see, with the other absurdly obvious evidence, does this not strike anyone but me as just a little bit to convient and a bit to contrived.

  18. to add another thought on the bullets, she allegedly is smart enough to wear a rubber glove and glove, collect evidence, go out and put it in the family trash, with a perfect little nest of bullets, but just happens to leave a couple bloody bullets in her bedroom, there is something wrong with this picture.

  19. John Smith,
    As harsh as your comment is, I have to totally agree with you. The thing is, Matt has lost mom, dad AND sister. But hey John, she made her bed………………..she needs to lie in it. Godd comment.
    God bless you sweetie. Keep your head up.

  20. I remember watching this trial every day on Courttv in disbelief that anyone could be so cold and calculated to kill their parents, and how premeditated this was. I am surprised Sarah Johnson did not get the death penalty.She just decided her sick priorities IE:illegal alien boyfriend, was more important then her parents lives. Her brother Matthew has to live his life with these horrible memories and pain as if it happened yesterday.I’m so sorry Matthew and I do hope each day you go through gets a little bit easier and my prayers have always been with you.

    As for poster Thomas Drew, he seems to come here spewing ridiculous lies for need of attention. His posts sound delusional and who knows, it could be a “she” who was just let out of prison and Sarah’s jail mate.
    Matthew again,My heart and prayers go out to you.May God Bless you always.

  21. she´s where she jail. She´s a psicopat that´s for sure ,cause the coldless and heartless way she murder prove what I´m sayin´psicopats does´t have feelings,or regrets they´re a cold motherfuckers,that´s all! If she didn´t get cot she would kill again.

  22. I am too shocked for this..i recently watched this episode on TV i think it was on snapped.I’m no forensic expert but I could tell she was the one who killed her parents after only watching the show for the first 10 mins. As I stated before i am still shocked and can not stop telling all my friends about it. i think about it constantly because I can not believe she did that to both her parents and not feel sorry for what she did. It is very sad to know that this young lady will spend the rest of her locked in a cell. I don’t think people like her should ever be let out, nor given a chance to appeal anything because we can not have people like her in our society. Mathew I’m truly sorry for your loss but just know that God does things for a reason, it might not be obvious right now but eventually you’ll find out why! take care

  23. Matthew,

    This is one of the most horrible stories I’ve seen on a child murdering her parents. I’ve been trying to find out what Sarah was like prior to meeting this guy. Were there any issues that your parents noticed during her younger years?

    I’m curious to how she interacted with other people, friends from school etc. The only hint of a personality disorder was she may be a sociopathic personality who did not like to be told what to do. This is how the show portrayed her. I can’t imagine that your parents did not tell her what to do as she grew up.

    Based on what is available there is not much to determine her disorder. I am personally very saddened for your losses. I hope that someday you may find peace.

  24. Dear Matt,

    I completely understand your frustration and I also believe that God has put his arms around you.
    I have never been incarcerated but I have heard it is bad. I hope that Sarah gets the help that she so desperately needs.
    For you and the rest of your family I hope that the rest of your lives are happy and peaceful. You may look into therapy, I have and it has helped me tremendously.

  25. Funny that there was no further response from “Mr. Dew” when Matthew called him on his references not checking out. There are people that would make excuses for almost anyone who commits a crime (i.e. they were abused as a child, etc). The facts, as I understand them are really quite simple…
    1) Sarah had wonderful parents that tried to do the best for her and gave her just about anything she wanted
    2) When she didn’t get what she wanted she raised hell
    3) Had she not killed her father, even if for some reason which fails me he didn’t testify against her, he still would not have allowed her to date Bruno
    4) “Mr. Drew” said something about Sarah being startled by the sound of the gun going off, etc. This is, of course, complete crap because she was very well acquainted with this gun and had been taught to shoot by the father that she murdered.
    5) By all accounts Sarah’s parents were wonderful people and they were VERY good to her. They did NOT deserve what she did to them BUT she deserves what she got and thensome… she needs to be where she is for the rest of her life!!!!

    Anyone who could so cold-bloodedly blow their own parents away, with no feeling at all, surely wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone else who got between her and something or someone she wanted!

    Thankfully Matt wasn’t living with them at the time this occured or he would probably be dead too.

    Matthew —
    I am truly sorry for the loss of your parents. Losing a parent is never easy. My dad died at 41, I was 19, when he had his first and last heart attack. To lose both at the same time in such a horrible way and at the hands of your own sister must be absolutely unbearable. To also know that your poor father knew what was coming and who was doing it, I am sure, makes it even harder. This is one of the, evergrowing, number of stories that makes me happy that I never had children. As was the case with your sister, it apparently makes no difference if you try to do the best and everything you can for a child, they still might decide to kill you. Again, I am genuinely sorry!


  26. One more comment, specifically about “Mr. Dew”…he is supposed to be a forensic artist….presumably with some formal education. He consistently misspelled (so they were not typos) three words in one post
    consistent – he spelled consistant
    rifle – he spelled riffle
    shoulder – he spelled sholder
    mouldings – he spelled moldings
    intention – he spelled intension
    clarify – he spelled clearify
    achilles – he spelled acheiles
    Not that the spelling means anything in comparison to this topic but…if he is so smart…why can’t he spell something like … rifle?

  27. Ok…Ok…I just saw the story and by curiousity, looked it up [bored, I guess] and found this blog…I am a virgin to blogs [Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve used that word]…I wouldn’t normally add a comment [& most likely won’t ever do it again], but after reading all of this, it shocks me that SO many of you are feeding into this guy, Dew’s, ego and subsequent lack of respect.

    Mathew-I am so sorry for your loss partner-I know what it’s like to lose family members that close, but I can’t even imagine packing on the additional burden you must endure-God Bless you, man!!

    Oh…to the person who’s theory inadvertantly implicated “a male” as the perp…You have NO heart or common decency. Let him grieve, Moron!!

    You gotta friend in Texas Peace!!

  28. I see this case here in Brazil and I stayed very impressioned.

    In my country happening similar case in São Paulo.

    Suzane Richtofen killed your parents because they was against her relationship with the boyfriend.

    I hope that Mattew Johnson has peace with youself (I know it”s very difficult), but I know that we living in the “last days” of this thing’s system.

    Some persons are desoriented because the world”s facts are showed bad things.

    Best regards

    Jorge Villar

  29. Mr. Dew. If you are engaged in Forensic Science. It would be in your benefit to take an into Criminal Law course. As people believe you speak from a position of knowledge. You would find that a person engaged in a felony act, and unintentionally causes the death of another, is guilty of murder. It’s called the felony murder rule, or Transfered Intent. There is no such thing as an “Accidental Death” occurring in the commission of a felony. Any death, (Yes, even a heart attack). Is covered as a murder under this rule…

    • This is correct. Maybe I am naive, but I thought it was pretty much common knowledge in this day and age, since you hear it on the news, in court, etc. all the time.

      Thanks for the explanation. It should help those who may not understand.

  30. Like I said in “Lying Murderer”, a song I had written about you Sarah, there are millions of other girls who are/were in your situation when they had boyfriends that their parents didn’t like. While they may have thought of killing the parents to stay with the boyfriends, they snapped back to reality and realized that murder wasn’t worth it. Why did you see it differently? If Bruno did the things your parents feared that he’d do after you killed your parents, you would end up snapping and killing him as well. If that was true, would you finally admit to killing them, or would you still say that somebody else did it?

  31. Alan and Diane were hypocrites. They wouldn’t let her see a guy who was three years older than her, yet they were six years apart! He was three years older than her! Big deal! Age ain’t nothing but a number!

    • Karen Stickney,

      Just because in your opinion they are hypocrites, does that mean that they deserved to be murdered? Parents have the right to restrict who their children see for their own reasons. And really, age is nothing but a number? Will you truly stand by that? It could make you viewed as agreeing with pedophiles, or NAMBLA. According to your statement, it would be ok for a 50 year old to be with a 12 year old. Which, no matter how you look at it is WRONG and disgusting and ILLEGAL. My opinion is that you are young or have no morals. If you had rasied a teenager, you would know that age is NOT just a number.

  32. Another reason we need to secure the border and stop illegal immigrants from crossing.

  33. I watched this heinous crime in the Zone-reality TV here in Nairobi Kenya last night and was shocked.
    Am truly sorry for Mathew, and pray you finally have your live and love like the biblical Job

  34. In some Third World countries there are little girls that are married off to much older guys than Bruno. That’s pedophilia right there, and worse, it’s legal.

    • I agree. I don’t see how they think that is so right. But I did see the other day that a 10 year old did divorce her way older husband. Sad that she even had to do that however.

  35. Matthew and Sarah are my second cousins. My mom was Alans Aunt. In other owrds, Sarah and Matthew’s grandpa Brian was my Uncle. Anyway, I have prayed for both Matthew and Sarah for many years, and will continue to do so. I belive justice was served correctly.

  36. It’s a strange mix what you people have in the Wood River Valley for teenagers. I had to rescue my son from that place long ago. The atmosphere for kids there is awful and the teen preggers rate is amazingly high. I now live in Europe were they don’t have a problem with teen pregnancy AT ALL as kids here don’t have such SHAME over sex or condoms. America is messed up and the WRV is a perfect example of people living in a fairy tale land away from reality. Also, the fact that your system would put a 16 year old in prison FOREVER seems strange to me and would never happen were I live. How many guns are enough for you in the US? I’m sure the fact that any dickhead can get access to weapons there has nothing to do with it either. How much of your population should be in prison? You put people in jail forever, for everything….you’re all crazy. You want to make heaven on earth and sue everyone for everything and put everyone in jail. It’s your solution to all problems. What kind of message is that to a teenager?

    • What kind of message is it that you don’t care that she killed her parents in cold-blood? She did not kill them about sex. She killed them because they did not like her boyfriend. Period. This was about her and her only. And don’t make it any other way. She belongs in prison and I hope she stays there. She is not the victim here. Her parents were. And her family and those who loved her parents.

  37. I guess a better thing to say than my earlier rant is this: Without discussing the possibility of whether or not she is guilty of the crime, I’m wondering WHY she may have murdered her parents? Was there a life insurance policy? Did she want freedom? What motivation did the prosecution offer for reason of the crime? I’ve seen such a huge number of messed up kids from WRHS. I don’t know the statistics, but something tells me for a rural area the number of troubled kids is high and I’m curious what is might be about that area that makes these issues apparent.

  38. I guess a better thing to say than my earlier rant is this: Without discussing the possibility of whether or not she is guilty of the crime, I’m wondering WHY she may have murdered her parents? Was there a life insurance policy? Did she want freedom? What motivation did the prosecution offer for reason of the crime? I’ve seen such a huge number of messed up kids from WRHS. I don’t know the statistics for sure, but something tells me for a rural area the number of troubled kids is high and I’m curious what is might be about that area that makes these issues apparent.

  39. Jim. Your an idiot. It doesnt matter where the boyfriend is from. He could of been from Canada or the US. It makes no diff. Im sure Sarah didnt say to herself. Well my boyfriend is from Mexico so Im gonnna kill my parents.
    She is a very sick girl and she needs to be where she is.
    Matt, Im so sorry for your loss. Your in my prayers.

  40. Jeeezzz…I know Sarah. Why did she pull the trigger, twice? Spoiled, bull headed, and yes, she thought that she would receive a home and her parent’s bank accounts. For all these t.v. shows, depicting the Johnson’s as an affluent family is nuts! Alan was a landscaper and Diane, clerical work! No, they didn’t travel the world, spending like there was no bottom. The show, “snapped” really needs to take a closer look. Yes, Diane and Alan were pissed and firm about Sarah not seeing Bruno. That illegal MEXICAN NEVER should have been in this country in the first place. (GO Arizona). I believe that Sarah felt bull headed and crazy. She read many murder mystery novels…(hence the two knives at the foot of the bed in the guest house) who knows what was going through her head, she just knew what was going to go through her mother’s…and her dad’s chest.
    Judge Barry Wood was right when he said, “Sarah, you had it all”. She just wanted it ALL to herself. I believe that Sarah actually thought that she would get away with murder, and not have to share the home and what little money was left, with Matt, her brother. How can a 16 year old, after losing her parents, go and have a pedi and mani, only 3 days after the murder and brag that her MEXICAN boyfriend owned a fancy restaurant? Hell, he was a hod carrier! I don’t give a damn where all these aliens are coming from, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America, Mexico….you come to America? Pay taxes, speak our language and get your own health insurance AND FOOD! Matt, so so sooooo sorry for what you have had and are still going through. I wouldn’t worry much about Sarah and her upcoming appeal. My “camp” says that Judge Barry Wood gave her TWO life sentences…just in case she became a born again while incarcerated, the second life sentence would make sure that she will never see freedom again. Okay, done ranting.

  41. Chris your ignorant if you dont think that illegal Mexicans who cross into America dont affect our youth in a negative way. Id bet everything I have that Sarah would NOT have killed her parents if she had never met this Mexican pedophile.

  42. Does it really matter what marks are where?? come on 2 people are dead so what if her dad and her did fight over the gun he’s still dead and she gets every they handed down

  43. Jim and Chris…you both are ignorant. It is “YOU’RE” not “YOUR” when saying “You are ignorant”.that is called a conjunction…and “your” is possessive as in “Someone should take away your high school diploma because you’re ignorant”.

    But Jim, the main thing you are is a bigot. It didn’t matter the who or what in Sarah Johnson’s life that would seem to have been a bad influence.

    She’s a homely, awkward and bitter person who felt entitled to behave in any manner she wished. SHE is the evil one, not the boyfriend. SHE is the one who murdered her parents in cold blood. SHE made the choice. Not the boyfriend.

    So Jim-the-disgusting-bigot, my point is the boyfriend wasn’t the negative influence, Sarah’s own crazy head was the negative influence. Duh.

    • This is old, I know, but who ARE YOU TO JUDGE??
      Seriously! trolling in here bashing as grammar Nazi and then handing out insults??? Ugh!
      Dance some more, troll!

  44. CC who do you think you are the official spelling Nazi of this site?? If you think 14, 15 and 16 year old girls are not influenced by older guys who are having sex with them then you are an idiot!!! That illegal Mexican kid is a pedophile and any young girl having sex with a guy like this can and often will do crazy things especially if they are heavily influenced by the pedophile. CC you are pathetically blind to the real world and have an IQ of a circus monkey.

  45. Matthew,

    My heart goes out to you and your surviving family members. I can only imagine the grief you’ve gone thorugh since this awful tragedy! It has to be so hard for you!

    I read that you said you didn’t want to have anything to do with or even think about Sarah ever again. I don’t blame you one bit! I have a sister who once dated someone my parents didn’t like either, and I am glad my sister has consxience enough not to do something like that! I would do the same as you if she had done what Sarah did! I’m sure it’s very painful.

    Secondly, what irritates me no end is that good-for-nothing attorney who defended Sarah saying she didn’t do it! Besides all the previously mentioned forensic evidence against her, which is very strong, there’s also the fact that no one else had opportunity or motive to kill your parents. I wonder how this man lives with himself! How can someone like him sleep at night defending someone like Sarah? Your parents were, as the judge said, trying to protect her from an illegal and inappropriate relationship, not deprive her of happiness!

    I hope you have been able to move on with your life as best you can, and hope you can find some measure of happiness and peace in this world despite what you have gone through. Don’t give up, and here’s to hoping for many good things in the future for you! 🙂
    Vancouver WA

  46. In the news, if I compare the old photo of Sarah in 2005 (see, published July 8, 2005)

    to the look she has in the videos in 2010 of the hearing for a retrial (see, published December 8, 2010, day one of Sarah Johnson’s hearing for a retrial ; and see , published Dec 10, 2010, final day of Sarah Johnson’s request for retrial)

    she has become very thin after 5 years of jail.

    I wonder why she lost her appetite. Is it because of her remorse or because of her frustration of losing all her appeals ?

  47. @Martin …..Its probably a combination of things. Jail food, the stresses of jail and the reality of spending a long time behind bars. Im sure she beats her self up everyday for ever getting involved with that older mexican guy.

  48. How can anyone believe Sarah did not kill her parents. She killed them, and feels nothing, not even a tear. She should serve the rest of her life in prison for taking the lives of two wonderful people. Murder is the worst crime anyone can do. Taking a life is just horrible. Why she is wasteing time with appeals is beyond me, for she is guilty.

  49. Sarah Johnson killed both of her parents and thats the bottom line. Why everyone is trying to guess otherwise is a wasted effort. Anyone can see she did it, all the evidence points to her and her alone. At 16 yrs old having sex with this street dude blew her mind. She was so caught up with him untill she lost all sight of reality only seeing what a beautiful life she could have with her parents out of the way. Her so called boy friend probably wanted her for sex and nothing else. Even now seeking a new trial she is in a fantasy world seeking to have others believe she did not do it. I don,t believe she has an ounce of remorse for killing her parents, only thinking of herself. It is sad that folks try to twist facts around trying to find a way to see if there is a ghost of a chance she just might be innocent, but folks, she is guilty as they come.

  50. I just watched the show on true TV and I am shocked,.,., Best wishes and prayers for you Matt,.,.,

  51. Its good to know that idiot brunno is in jail for selling drugs to a cop,,,parents were right he was no good

  52. Plea bargain :

    if Sarah, weeks after her arrestation, refused a plea bargain from the prosecutor (ex : life with possibility of parole after 30 years, 40 years, or other,…), she made the second biggest mistake of her life (the first one being the killing of her parents).

    But did the prosecutor offered a plea bargain to Sarah ? If not, anyone in the shoes of Sarah has nothing to lose by pleading not guilty and continue to try to make some appeals.

    That’s a question which I will always want to know the answer.

  53. Why doesn’t she finally admit it? She killed her mother and father. She was banking on inheriting her parent’s MODEST bank account. Who ever came up with the fact that the Johnson family lived in an affluent community….get real, Bellevue, Idaho? A huge not.

  54. The girl on the Deadly Women tv show has a girl that looks 10,000 prettier than the real Sarah Johnson.

  55. I see these postings are rather old and perhaps no one comes back onto them. But if Matt or another close family member does, I had a question that occured to me regarding Sarah. In hindsight, was there any clues or experiences about her growing up that showed she was a sociopath or had the tendencies of one? Or was she an average normal child/pre-teen growing up? It just gives me chills that a normal daughter would suddenly turn so quick. Thank you, and like the posters, I am sorry your parents are no longer with us.

  56. If Sarah Johnson is so innocent, then why did she change her story about how her parents died when the police came over to her house to question her and Alan’s and Diane’s families? Unless I’m missing something crucial to the case, innocent people don’t change their stories when they’re asked what happened to crime victims if they haven’t committed a crime!

  57. The main thing that was wrong that happened in the Sarah Johnson murder trial was when her attorney Bob Pangburn assumed the “No blood, no guilt” defense. What if they had been murdered in a non bloody way (poisoning, suffocation, drowning, neglect, etc.)? That defense wouldn’t work if they were murdered in any of these methods. Being free of blood doesn’t make one innocent of murder.

  58. sarah johnson you are going to hell

  59. To whoever thinks that Bruno may have done this or is behind this, did he know this was going to happen if he had recruited one of his gang members to carry it out? Yes, he did have motive to murder Alan and Diane, but had he actually been in the guest house when he stayed with Sarah, or would he have gotten the gun from somewhere else if he had never been in there?

  60. I have a problem with all of this. According to the show featured on the Investigation I.D. Channel, the only real evidence they found, was Sarah’s DNA inside a glove. Well, think about it. The girl LIVED with her parents, so it’s not unusual that her DNA was everywhere. There was no blood found anywhere on her, yet the power of the bullets that tore through her parents’ bodies splattered blood everywhere else throughout the room and house. Wouldn’t you find that the least bit odd? Wouldn’t that be the first hint of innocence? And why would everyone in her own family be so quick to come to the conclusion she did it and that Bruno didn’t get one of his cohorts to kill Sarah’s parents? It looks as though there is something in it for her brother, who would receive the insurance settlement, if Sarah went to prison. Almost TOO eager to pounce on Sarah Johnson as being guilty.

  61. No one listens.

  62. […] Alan and Diane Johnson murder 9/2/2003 Bellevue, ID … – Jan 01, 2006 · Alan and Diane Johnson Update: 10/31/2014 – Sarah Johnson’s appeal denied. Murder investigation continues to await lab results 16-year-old charged with …… […]

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