• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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This Date in History: Anne Scripps Douglas murder 1993 Bronxville, NY


Anne Scripps Douglas
Anne Scripps Douglas

Our Mother’s Murder (good site, has photos and news)
A daughter reflects on ‘Our Mother’s Murder’
Heiress Dies After Beating and Spouse Is a Suspect
Scripps heiress dies for beating, husband sought as main suspect
Slain heiress received order of protection
Slain Heiress Buried as Some New Details Surface
Possible Clue In Slaying: Missing Gear For Camping
Police believe they’ve solved heiress’s death
After Scripps Slaying, Families Clash Over Custody of Child, 3
Custody Claim Withdrawn Over Slain Heiress’s Child
When the scandal described below hit, Judge Braslow responded by HIRING A PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM!.
Wikipedia: Anne Scripps

Our Mother’s Murder
Behind Mansion Walls: A Toxic Inheritance

Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas


Just a reminder that I, the blog owner, am not related to Anne Scripps-Douglas, nor do I know her or her family. Every time the movie shows, I get emails about this, thanking me for sharing the story of my mother’s murder. However, Anne was not my mother. Nor does this stie belong to her daughters nor do I know how to reach them. I apologize for any confusion.

UPDATE 9/25/2009
Unfortunately, it appears that this family has another tragedy, as it appears that Anne’s daughter Annie Morrell has committed suicide. Please keep them in your hearts. I also want to remind everyone that I cannot reach the family, and in this case, nor would I. Please respect their privacy as this is a very difficult time for them. If you want to leave a note of condolence, fine, but I will not try to invade their privacy to give them messages.

TZB suicide believed to be daughter of murdered Bronxville heiress


150 Responses

  1. I know the two oldest daughters, Alex and Annie. Both continue to struggle with their mother’s murder. What a shame. They will never be at peace and are haunted with the tragedy. Difficulties in relationships and everyday life are a result. The sisters lost their father on Easter 1 year ago in 2006. Do you think either will ever be able to enjoy a holiday? New Years and now Easter.

  2. which house was this in bronxville?

  3. I watched this movie. It was really sad and I wish every woman in this world could see this movie. Especially the ones that are in an abusive relationship.

  4. It was at the mansion she lived in. She was attacked in her bedroom.

  5. The murder did occur in their home, I lived down the street at the time. The house has since then been avoided by ghost hunters and trick or treaters a like.

  6. I watched this movie it was a terrible thing to happen to a woman and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!!

  7. Wow, I just watched this t.v. movie today on the Sleuth channel & decided to read as much as I could online. Truly a horrible thing to happen to anyone. I feel so bad for the daughters & Victoria who should be around age 16 by now. Truly saddened w/ prayers for you all.

  8. This story is so very sad. My sympathies to the 3 daughters left behind. I truly do hope that slime ball rots in hell for all eternity. No one deserves to die like she did. My mother died of natural causes and there are days I still cant come to grip with it. I cant even imagine how yous must feel. God Bless you and again I am so very sorry. Your dear mother is an angel now too.

  9. people can you please just stop the gossip and leave alexandra and anne alone show some respect and have some respect for the dead what is wrong with people??

  10. I’m watching the movie on t.v. now. I thought I would look up Mrs. Scripps just to see what she really looked like. She was a beautiful woman. It’s so awful that she didn’t get to stay with her family. From what I’ve gathered from here, she was a wonderful, loving mother, and it seems her daughters turned out to be good people. She should have been able to give the same gift to her youngest child. The 3 of you have my sympathies. I hope you have some measure of peace. And I’m sorry to hear that you’ve also lost your father. Bonnie

  11. I lived in Mt. Vernon when this occurred and everytime I watch this movie I feel for Anne. I was a victim of domestic violence and no one can ever really feel the victims pain. I pray that Alex and Annie are living their life to the fullest always remembering their mom in their prays. I know I do and I pray for other victims each day.

  12. my mother lived through this life with my dad , but was lucky to escape him , i myself went through it and also escaped it , i feel for the daughters , a mother is hard to replace , i am blessed my mom is with me , my heart goes out to the family , may anne rest in peace

  13. I watched the moved. It was sad. I’m not going to say that I know the feeling of losing a mother because I don’t. My heart goes out to the whole family. All my love.

  14. I dated Todd Douglas in high school. Scott dated one of my closest friends. Somehow, years later, Scott would tell stories about my friend, using her name, but suddenly, she became his sister and had died of leukemia. So utterly bizarre and inexplicable. Both brothers were patholigical liars. Todd was abusive to me by threat of violence and verbally destructive. My recollections of time spent with Scott and Todd are disturbing to me to this day.

    After high school, Scott dated one of my friends sisters. She went into hiding when Scott killed Ann. She was terrified. He had been stalking her for the duration of his marriage. I remember receiving the news about Ann. I dropped to my knees, though I had never met her. I always knew that Scott would come to no good. He was always violent and I believe he hated women. Ann’s brother-in-law Mark, was a friend growing up. We hung out together at a mutual friend’s in Westcheter. Ann’s death made me feel a sudden kinship to the Morrell family. I felt so deeply sad that this family had any association with the Douglases.

    My life had become so far and distant from those days in high school. I have lived in the Northeast for 30 years. The news traveled to me quickly.

    I, too, tremble when I drive over the Tappen Zee. I, too, felt that Scott was so incredibly narcissistic that he would never take his own life. I find myself praying for Ann’s daughters. I knew this man. He was pure evil. I am so empathetic to what all 3 girls have been through…all these years later. Take care.


  16. I couldnt imagine having to endure something like this. My heart goes out to anyone that does and the 2 daughters of anne scipps.

  17. i have a question do anne and alex are closed to victoria ? i just saw the movie today and i felt so sad really i cant understand why man like scott are or were born they are trash i really wish the best for the sisters and i know your mother is heaven!

  18. I watched the movie tonight and I can’t imagine the pain that these three daughters must feel. I lost my mother in 2005 unexpectantly at the age of 57 and there are days that I cry for her and the loss is sometimes unbearable. I hope that God gives ya’ll the strength to overcome this horrible tragedy. From the movie, I know that your mother was a wonderful lady and should be rememered with dignity. God bless you all.

  19. Alexandra and Anne words cannot express the sympathy and sincere pain I feel for your tragic loss. I have watched the docudrama “Our Mother’s Murder” on several occasions. Everytime I see the movie I watch it from begining to end. I can strongly relate to the story. My mother was a victim of domestic violence and almost lost her life on two seperate occaisions by two differents husbands. I am the eldest of three children, all girls as well. My youngest sister was shot with an A.K. 47 , she lost part of her liver and a kidney six years ago during the Christmas holidays. On that tragic night my mother’s husband took his life. Life will never be the same for any of us. God’s love and comfort sees us through every day, holiday and confused moment. I don’t know exactly how you feel, for I still have my mother. I pray for your family often. Thank you for allowing a movie to be made about your tragic loss. I feel many womens lives will be saved because of your courage to speak out against domestic violence. May God continue to bless and comfort your heart, mind and spirit.

  20. I just watched the movie on lifetime, I cried so hard. I am deeply saddened for the family, Anne, Alex, and Tory, your family is in my prayers. God Bless

  21. My heart goes out to all of you on this tragedy. I found myself in a similar situation a few years back, terrified for myself and my two daughters. The scene where Scott is driving the car so fast brought back horrible memories for me and my daughters (14 & 17 at the time, they were in the back seat). So fearful he would hurt me and my daughters I fell into the same trap. I know your mother put herself in danger because she loved you girls so much. Luckily I was able to get out of my situation but not without much suffering. Your mother was a wonderful and a loving, very brave woman. My prayers will always be with you.

  22. my daughter and i just watched this movie last night on lifetime movie network. and it makes me sad, my heart goes out to alex,annie and of course tori. may the lord be with you always. im sure this movie has helped a lot of women. god bless

  23. I am watching the movie now. I know that the entertainment industry adds little bits to stories such as this to make things interesting but, still I cannot help but feel sorrow for the mother and the three girls left behind. I also feel disgust for the vile man that changed their lives in such a monstrous way. God bless you Anne, Victoria and Alex. I hope the laws will change and become even more strict against abusers. Perhaps a first time offense could lead to immediate jail time. A human makes the choice to inflict pain on another.

  24. I too just watched this movie for the fourth or fifth time. It is horrifying that a loving mother and decent woman was murdered by such a psycho and that a judge let him live in the house. I pray that the girls are doing well and that they all three are close and are a loving family. As much love as their mother had to give, that is only befitting the piece of her she left behind. God Bless.

  25. I just got done watching the movie our mother’s murder it made me sad my heart goes out to alex,annie and tori may god keep his arms around you and your family this movie will help woman a lot.God Bless

  26. everytime i see this movie it chills me to the bone, i was one of the lucky ones, hopefully more women will see this and learn from it. my heart goes out to annie, alex, and tori, god bless you

  27. I just watched “our mothers murder” on lifetime movie network for the 4th or 5th time. I am so very sorry for Alex, Annie, and Tory. Your mother is an angel and that piece of garbage is rotting in hell where he belongs. I hope the three of you will always be close and remember the good times you had with your mother. God bless your family.

  28. I would just like to say that I am surprised that Alex put her real phone number on here, there are some sick people out here, so I would say that you should remove that. As for the movie, I find myself watching everytime it comes on, b/c it so speaks to the present state of women who are abused first by there spouses and then by the courts. Will things ever change and how many more women should have to die. I think that women also should start taking more precautions before makin someone their husband and father to their children. We don’t ever like to make women take on some responsibility, and we should. There are red flags that we ignore with our eyes but feel with our hearts. We should start being more proactive when it comes to our own safety.

  29. thats not her real number

  30. Alex in the movie seemed the strong one out of all of them. Even on here she came out to protect her family. I never understood why she did not take her little sister. Also, I am amazed at both sisters conduct here. Are you ladies claiming that the movie, “Our Mothers Murder” is not true? These posters that don’t know you are sending all of you prayers and this is how you respond? The truth is how you come to peace with it and only the friends and family know the truth….the movie is a lie then? I hope you respond because I can’t understand what your saying. Please respond if you can. Is the movie a lie?

  31. Dear Alex and Annie, I just watched the movie for the third time and can not imagine the hurt and pain you two went through as well as your mother. I remember the part when annie and tori was in the room with your mother the night it happened and wishing that there was a different ending and that you both could of spent many more new years eves and all the holidays together. I think scott is burning in hell and he is a worthless piece of crap. I know that you both will struggle with this for the rest of your lives and just know that it isnt your fault at all. Your Mom god rest her soul is the most bravest woman i know. God bless you and your family.

  32. I have watched this movie several times…each time I am crying hard at the end. My heart breaks for Ann and her daughters. I could never imagine how they feel and hope to god I never do. Hope ALL you girls have a good life. How is Victoria??? God bless all of you !!!

  33. I just finished watching this move, and it had been a while since I saw this movie, but it had a whole new meaning to me this time around. It brought back painful memories of my Mom’s years of abuse at the hands of my father for almost 20 years of marriage. I remember my Mom used to always go back to my Dad after the beatings and she had 6 kids. I remember when I was little we would escape in the middle of the night, but she would go back because she loved him so. Well, he divorced her eventually which was the best thing that ever happened to her, but it hurt her so and took years for her to get over, she went on to live a very fulfilled life without him and made her children her life. Anyway, I lost my Mom to terminal brain cancer this last Sept. and this was by far the most painful experience since she only lived 10 weeks after diagnosis. I cried so hard looking at this movie because I recall my Mom’s hard and suffering live at the hands of my father, and she ended up dying at 65 years old. However, I also realized she lived a great life surrounded by the love of her children, and we were blessed to have her as long as we did even the 10 weeks before she died. I feel like my heart is broken and I have lost a limb, but my heart also goes out to these brave women who stood by their Mom and protected her at all cost, and I commend you for this. I know your heart breaks, but your Mom left you a legacy which is you and your children. She was the epitome of bravery and courage, and this is how you have been able to live a fulfilled life. May God comfort you and continue to you and your entire family!

  34. Well all I can say to all three of the daughters is I am sorry!!! I have been in a relationship almost like this and I know how hard it is to get out. I have a son with this person and I know I had to get out of the relationship to save him. Your mothers murder is something that is going to be with you forever, but please do not forget to live life to the fullest, it is what she would have wanted for all of you.

  35. This movie gave me the courage to get out of an abusive relationship myself. I’m a mother of two and my heart goes out to the 3 daughters..

  36. I’ve watched this movie 3 times and everytime I experience the same thing sadness, and hurt as I too came out of an abusive relationship. I was wondering what happened to little Victoria. I know the the older daughters are married and doing well, but I wanted to know about Victoria, she was just a baby. My heart goes out to the daughters of Mrs Scripps.

  37. I’ve watched the movie for the 10th time and is still puzzled. Why didn’t Alex take Tori ?She seemed to be the one who protected the family, and she didn’t even take her little sister.I guess its true when they say at the end that the characters are fictional.But anyway my heart goes out to the family.Alex please respond we all would like to know

  38. I have read all of the comments and why is there speculation about what happened. I have seen the movie over 10 times and whether the facts surrounding this movie is true or not…the truth is these two ladies lost their mother and Alex and Anne, I just want to say that my sister and I know what you are going through as our mother was murdered as well…but she was murdered by our brother. I was nine and my sister was 7. It happened in 1982, but some days is seems so fresh, like it just happened yesterday. Anne and Alex, know that everyone will have questions and will speculate, like they did in my mom’s murder, but only those who were there know the truth. It shouldn’t matter what led to the murder, we should only be concerned that two ladies lost their mother and their mother will never see Alex and Anne grow up or their children or anything. Those are things we (those of us who lost our mothers) have to deal with on a constant basis. So when you see the movie think of Anne and Alex and pray that they receive peace….Alex and Anne you will forever be in my prayers. Be Blessed

  39. I have read all of the blogs. Anne Morell is the only opinion that I will take to truth. The rest is only hearsay. It is my only hope that she and her sisters can grasp a happy life. Domestic violence is a very sad part of society and robbed Anne’s life. I hope all will feel the same.

  40. my mother knew her so did my uncle…there is a movie about this…i forget the name…this is such a terrible local tragedy…R.I.P ANNe

  41. You know it’s interesting to read all this crap online, you would think that after all these years this would be left alone. First off I am the nephew of Scott S. Douglas now of age 21 and still never to this day never understood what completely happen. Not only has this been a rough on the mothers side of the family but what about Scott’s side of the family. I not only lost an uncle but I lost my best friend when he died. My family lost someone close to them and to see this movie put on tv every year ruins our holidays. Not only the fact that I have not seen Victoria since this happen but the fact that everyday I have to live with the fact of knowing that I may never see Victoria again and the fact that my grandmother could die before ever seeing her again. But no one ever thinks of that because they aren’t in the situation.

    I have nothing against the scripps, I can only hope that one day I will be able to meet Victoria again and maybe will be just like old times of riding the bigfoot around the grounds of my grandmothers place.

  42. p.s. for those of you that don’t believe me try contacting me at

  43. Joseph,

    I am sorry for your family’s loss, however, the way you begin your comments is disturbing. Calling it all crap. Maybe it was just a bad choice of words. I realize that your family members are also victims in this, but please have a bit more compassion for Anne’s family. This crap you talk about is the murder of a daughter, mother, sister, etc. They grieve for her daily, as I am sure you guys grieve for Scott. But remember, Scott MURDERED Anne. They did not die in an accident. Scott was beating Anne long before this happened. Did ANYONE in your family care then? I have never read anything to indicate that they did. I realize that your family is not responsible for Scott’s actions, but you talk about your grief for him, so please remember, this all happened to due SCOTT’s actions.

    As for your family seeing Victoria, that is really a family issue not to be discussed here. I am sure that the only way your family (in MY opinion) will be allowed to ever see her is if she wants it or if it is agreed that your family not talk about her father, especially if they are trying to paint him as a wonderful man. That would be very patronized and disrespectful to Anne.

  44. I think everyone is sympathetic to the Scripps/morell family, however, I don’t understand why people are questioning why Alex didn’t take Victoria. As someone who has stepped in and taken custody of a neice I have to say it’s not easy. You have to think about the long-term bigger picture for everyone involved. Maybe Alex wasn’t prepared to be a parent?! I don’t think one can judge her decision without all the facts. My sympathies to all involved.

  45. anne alex and tori, i am now watching your movie for the 20th time and want to express to you my condolences. i grew up in an abusive family, with an alcoholic father and witnessed my father trying to kill my mother by dragging her threw the woods. when the police came to our house they did nothing claiming domestic disturbance. in connecticut in the early 80’s there wasn’t much they could do. well anyway my mother survived and is still married to my father. they still fight and he just yells at her now. they hate each other and i can’t understand why they are still together but i have actually threatened him with death because when i was 24 he threw me around the house and broke my nose. i fought back and told him that i would kill him if he touched me or anyone in my family again. he has, thank god, changed his ways but i am still afraid of him. may god be with you and yours. i feel your pain and wish you all the best. coins

  46. Such a horrible event. My father beat my mother, put her in the hospital many times. The last time she went to the hospital from the beatings, she died. I believe the Lord took her early to get her out of the situation. Leaving 3 pre-teen children. I just wished we three children fought back, we were to scared. My heart and prayers are with the three daughters, even thougth its been many years, I believe they still struggle as I do. Great movie for such a horrible crime. I wanted to kill scott myself. Tori will never know her mother as Anne and Alex, but Tori has them to tell her about their mom. Her wonderful memory will live on in them.
    I hope that any woman who see’s this movie gets out of an abusive relationship. Thank you Anne, Alex, Tori and their families for telling their mom story. As for Scott’s family, they must be suffering too. Abuse effects everyone. God rest your mom! She is in Heaven now at peace.

  47. May God grant you three innocent young women peace. May all three of you learn to live a peaceful and happy life. Thank you for having the courage to share your tragedy with all of hopes to save even just ONE more life. I am so very sorry for your loss. Stay strong and Remember your Mother with all the Love in your she’ll always be with you. God Bless.. Hugs..

  48. This story, every time I see it, and I have seen it several times, reminds me of an abusive relationship I was in years ago. The man I was with would not accept that I no longer wanted to see him and became abusive. I had nightmares of him stalking me for years afterward. Someday, somehow, victims of abusive relationships, whether men or women or children, have to know that there are places to go or people to contact who will protect them from these monsters. Abusers are abusers, and seldom change, whatever the reason they become that way. The moral of this story is that nobody should ever underestimate what an abusive person is capable of. Murder to a normal person is unthinkable, but to some of these people it is a daily consideration.

  49. I am also a victim of abuse. My ex-husband is clinically “insane” and has been for as long as i’ve known him. I thought iI could be there to help him, all things would be ok. I was WRONG. It took 4 years of marriage and a daughter later for me to open my eyes and realize that he didn’t want to be helped. He always felt that there was nothing wrong with him. After re-marrying and happy with my life (and the life of my daughter), my worst fears came to haunt me. I was warned by family members that he had been going out, wearing his wedding band and telling people that I was coming home to marry him again. Of course these were things he was believing himself. In July 2006, the most evil thing had happened, he showed up at our home and told my daughter that if I were to walk outside, he was going to push me into the truck and “take me to heaven”. I praise my daughter daily for standing strong and making up a story that she had to use the bathroom, came into the house, locked the doors and screamed for me to call the police and begged me NOT to go outside. Upon the police arriving, they placed him in the car and found A LOT of evidence to prove what my daughter said, to become a reality. Not only did they find these things, he told the police, “They messed up his plans”. Hospitals keep releasing him, his family doesn’t help and my daughter and myself live in constant fear because after that day, I also went for a restraining order and trust me, IT DOES NOT HELP!!! I feel to this day that the only way they’ll do something to him “legally” is to find me dead. So Alex and Annie, my heart goes out to you, your mother and your families as I know you both tried to do what you knew to do to get her out of the situation she was in. She is watching over the three of you with smiles and a very thankful heart! God Bless You ALL!!!

  50. I have seen this movie several times and I am always compelled to watch it everytime it is on Lifetime. It is very sad. I do very much wish that every woman who is in an abusive relationship would watch it. I thank God everyday that I had the courage to get out of the seven year abusive marriage I was in, in 2001.

    May God Bless the Scripps family.

  51. I just wanted to say my heart goes out to the 3 daughters, I have seen the movie several times and I don’t understand why the justice system didn’t do more to help Anne Scripps, this is such a tragedy. I too have been in an abusive relationship when I was younger, I am now 38 and it took me a long time to trust a man again, but today I am happy in my relationship. God Bless Anne Scripps daughters.

  52. I just watched the movie for the first time. I am sickened by the terrible acts. Not only the murder of that beautuful woman, but the torture of her children that obviously continues till this day.
    I was in an abusive first marriage and thank God that by His grace I am now married to an angel. I pray this movie causes abused women to get the protection and help that they need to be free of such demonic men. There is no other way to say it.
    I pray the daughters Anne, Alex and Torie, can come to a close relationship to Jesus Christ who alone can bring healing and peace. There is no other true peace in this world.
    I am sorry for Scott’s family as well. They are also innocent and have the shame over them of his evil deeds and will carry that the rest of their lives.
    They don’t deserve that either.
    May God bless and comfort every soul who mourns for the lovely Ann Shipp Douglas.

  53. I’ve just finished watching this movie again; it moves me each time. I think for most women we feel that ‘our love’ can overcome, heal, or fix our men; none of our relationships being perfect, but I think the abusive ones are more prevalent than we like to believe, and before we know it we’re living in it. Unfortunately, the demons that controlled Scott drove him to kill Ann, that family has suffered a lifetime of horror. I believe that Ann’s legacy of love and beauty is impressed in her daughters and will be shining through them. God bless you all~

  54. My heart goes out to all three daughters. Your mom is now in peace and hopefully your lives are to. God bless

  55. I think this movie should be showed more often; hopefully women that are in the same situation will see themselves and get out of the horror they are living.

  56. may god bless the scripps family and friends…my question is why security or bodyguards was not hired to proctect anne and her daughters? why didn’t anne consult a high powerful lawyer to handle her divorce and get scott evited? how are her daughters doing after all these years? i seen the movie and i was very upset. no woman should never accept abuse from a man. may god give your family strength through out the years to come.

  57. I have watched the movie more than 20 times and I have to say that I have never seen such a unique relationship between a mother and her daughters. Anne Scripps Douglas was a very warm and loving person and she loved to dote on her daughters. Alex, Annie, & Tori, I am truly sorry for what happened, and may God be with each of you.

  58. Rena, do not be surprised. It was not the real Alex who left that number. It was a kook!

  59. i just saw the movie and it sadend me then i learned it was true so i looked it up.first off from experiance i no that pain and having children involved and my thoughts and prayers are with the daughters and i no you must hear that alot and its hard to let some things go because the movie and the gossip,im sure you get reminded of it everyday and im sorry im probaly just one more person doing it to you.just no shes in a better place and you will see her again one day and that man who’s not even worth speaking of will also pay in life and death for what he done.rember the good times with her thats the important thing.god bless you all…..

  60. im truly sorry for your loss i just got through watching the movie which is very sad ,annie and alex im sorry for your loss and please take care i would love to contact you.. im sorry for the loss of your father takr care.

  61. Alex, I have read as much as I can about this horrendous crime and my heart breaks. I will never stop being furious over this. The only question I have is: why you all didn’t hire a body guard to live in the house to protect your mom when that jerk was there? I so understand the predicament she was in.

    One of my dreams is to some day be able to afford sheltering battered women and children in a beautiful safe environment while they get their lives back. Not sure financially that will happen but that has long been a dream of mine.

    You are a fighter and so am I. I saw so much of myself in you in that movie! But every time I see that movie I just want to scream over and over to hire a body guard to protect your mom and Torry (Torri?). Guys like Scott are sickos and deserve nothing.

    I do feel sad for Scott’s family but Scott was a sick, abusive man who thrived on control and manipulation and abuse. Hopefully he had a brain tumor or something that made him such a monster.

    But Alex, I would LOVE to know how you all are doing. You and your sister were so brave and had an incredible relationship with your beautiful mom. I can’t wait to meet her in heaven!

    Kathy 🙂

  62. i was beat everyday for 3 years in my first relationship with my boyfriend Bobby. i was able to get away from him and i never told my mom what was going on until after a year had went by. i regret that now. he tried to kill me so many times and i guess he did kill a part of me because now its hard for me to trust a guy. the last day we were together he pushed me out of a car while we were driving on the wrong side of the road. he was psychotic!

  63. Dear Alex and Annie. im so sorry for the loss of your mother. she seemed like a really great woman and mother. i watch the movie all the time and wish that all of the Scott Douglas’s in the world would be highly punished for what they do! how is your baby sister, Victoria? best wishes to you both

  64. I have read some of the things the family has had to say and alls i have to say is i feel bad for alex,anne,tori and there mother. scotts family maybe at loss but he murdered there mother why should anyone feel bad for the scott family.i thought this movie was well done.i can not believe everything that happen to that family. i wish the family the bet and hope all is well.

  65. GOD BLESS You Alex, Anne and Tori!!! I have been there myself but I do not know what you went through or going through!

  66. I think everyone should just let Anne rest in peace…….she’s in a better place than we are in this world…..and Alex , Annie and Tory My deepest sympahty to u 3, may god be with ya.

  67. I just watched this movie for the 4th time and I would have never ever left my mother alone knowing what I knew about this crazied man I DONT CARE HOW MUCH SHE TOLD ME TO GO HAVE FUN…..i would have simply slept in my mother’s room with all my sisters…….may she rest in peace I to lost 2 beautiful sisters tragically but i believe in GOD and he will get you through this just believe and your mom with forever be with you……

  68. I have just finished watching “My Mothers Murder” for the umpteeth time. Every time I see it I cry. Such a beautiful young woman who had everything to live for. When will this stop! I’m married to a wonderful man who has never raised his voice or hand to me. I cannot imagine living that kind of life, or living in that knid of fear. I’m so sorry for your loss, but your mother is still with you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  69. I watched the movie last night. Scott was a disturbed , sick Demon , I feel so bad for the girls to have been exposed to the kind of toxic, abusive life style that Scott put upon them. It is beyond tragic what happened to Anne. It had to be horrible to have to deal with all the trauma and abuse that Scott put the family through , When i was 5 years old my Step Dad beat my mom and i will never forget it to this day , It is something that haunts you for the rest of your life. Prayers for the family !!!

  70. P.S god bless the girls for standing strong through this whole ordeal , GOD BLESS YOU ANNIE ,ALEX And TORi

  71. im tori, the daughter. Joseph, mary told me a year or so ago that you or your grandmother wanted to talk to me, and ya i would love to, so shoot me an e-mail.

  72. I have watched this movie many times on LMN Tv and it was so sad that actually cried because it happened in real life. I am very remorse for the family and i hope victoria is doing okay and the other two daughters.

  73. god bless you tori cause your were the youngest when all this happened and alex and annie!

  74. alex anne and tory. my heart goes out to all of you and the rest of your family and friends. i cant get over have some people react to things like this and to tell you the truth i really dont wanta know what if anything is going through their heads. i lost my son two years ago in a tragic accident at home but i cant imagine what the three of you are going through. i do hope with the passing of time that just maybe your day by day dealings with this arent so hard. i dont wanta say getting easier because i know it’ll ever get any easier. im very sorry for your lose, and im sorry to hear about the passing of your father as well.

  75. Anne, Alex, and Tori,

    I saw the movie for the first time last weekend. I am truly saddened by this tragic event. I can’t say that I understand what you three have gone through because I have never experienced this. My thoughts are with you.

  76. This is a horrible ordeal this family went through, as everyone else my heart goes out to you.

    I have seen this movie several times and it still angers me!

    To all three sisters ignore the idiots that defend that horrible man and know that sane people realize the hurt he put upon your family.

  77. I saw the movie for the first time today. Scott was a very jealous, manipulative individual. I know the movie didn’t tell the whole or correct story so I did some research on my own. To the sisters…In death your mother served a great service to have allowed your dad to live longer. May he rest in peace. To the newphew of scott. There is nothing to be confused about. Your uncle was evil and abusive bottom line. You can’t sugar coat that. He killed himself because he was a coward. I hate the fact that people like him cannot take responsibility for their own actions. He did not love Anne Scripps at all. He loved her money and her way of life. You may have been the only few people in this world that loved him but Wake up. He was a mean person to the mother of his child. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Let’s hope that this type of behavior is not in your blood. No one really has nothing nice to say about your uncle and Todd his brother. Go figure.

    God Bless You All!!!!

  78. I just finished watching the movie “My mothers murder” and I realize that the movie was based on fact. The terrible truth is many women go thru this and the courts/judges continue to on a daily basis to do nothing at all to help. With the Scipps family permission I would like to try and get a educational fund set up to help abused women with children. If young women could be educated while still in high school about the dangers of dating men who behaved like Scott Douglas I believe that it could help prevent abuse.

  79. Dear Alex,
    I’ve um iwas reading ur two comments and No i don’t have any information but is it ok if i email you since you left an email address in your two comments? I watched our mothers murder and i couldnt believe until i looked up your mothers name and i realized that it was true! i’m so sorry for your loss. Type me back. – kelly

  80. To Alex, Annie, and Tori,
    I watched your Mother’s movie again today and it still shakes me to the very core after having watched it several times. I am so sorry that you all had to endure what this monster put you through as well as your beautiful Mother. But, rest assured, she is in a far better place than we are now and I’m sure she is proud of all of you. You carry on her legacy and show women how to be strong and that the perserverance of family survives all else. You are to be commended for putting your story out there so that others may gain confidence and education to avoid the same fate for themselves. God has a purpose for you and you are following it well.
    Best of wishes and know that even though molst of us have never met you, we love you and pray for you now and always!

  81. Alexandra, Anne & Tori,

    Like many who have posted, I have watched the Lifetime movie now for the umpteenth time and it chills me. I am so sorry for your loss. Everything that I have read about your mother points to her being a loving, caring and giving person. I pray that you are all doing well and just know that every day the sun shines, your mom is smiling down upon you. God bless you all.

  82. Hello Alex,Annie and Tori. I just finished watching the movie about your precious mother. I must tell you that my heart was totally broken over all of the suffering that your precious mother and each of you endured at the hands of that beast. John 3.16, for God so loved this world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. Ladies, if this is any consolation to you, I can tell you from pure experience that Hell and Heaven are real and that Jesus Christ is Lord. I can also tell you that suicide is unforgiveable and that man that took your mother’s life then took his own is not in Heaven. His torment will last thru out eternity. I died twice last year and experienced hell and heaven. I now have a true relationship with King Jesus. I will pray for you and your precious family. Be blessed dear sisters in the name of Jesus Christ the righteous.

  83. Alex, Annie, & Tori, I know tht this movie had to be so difficult to make and especially to watch about your Mother, but what a memorial you have given for you kind Mom that hopefully will help many of battered wives or significant others. Physical or verbal abuse is a major problem for many women and it is even more difficult to escape. My heart broke for your lovely Mother but I do understand how difficult it was for her to get out. Your Mother’s story will hopefully inspire and empower other women to learn and take that fearful big step to run and heal. Thank you for your life story and I do pray that you have all been blessed with a happy life.

  84. I want to say to Luanne anytime you watch a movie there are dramatic lisencing involved. It was good you did your research regarding this story. No one has said anything negative towards the family. However money and education has nothing to do with some one reading a blog. You read it do you think low of yourself…i’m with the blog owner there should not be any down grading of anyone other than Mr. Douglas who got just whathe desreved. God Bless

  85. last nite,my first viewing of themovie- cant get it off my mind- this movie should be required in high school before real dating occurs- what anywone adhers to to get through one more day of a relationship- the portrayal was so real- like you all knew he was bad news even if you didnt know the title of the movie counseling is out there, court systems still need revamping- typically no one really gets action soon enough- i live in a city where there are scripps inheritors also know some personally wondering the life line of those i know and this family-/////the actresses were so perfect i believe them to be so close to the girls as real- love to know if the daughter married the greatest guy in the movie= my pain lies differently for the older daughters- it was everyday for them- victoria can heal too young to feel the same pain///i wish all my female friends would see this movie-

  86. 1/28/2009
    Alex, Annie & Tori, I have watched your moms movie several times & have cried! Your mom is so beautiful. I had never gone on line to see her real face until yesterday. Then, I became concerned about you three sisters. How are you all doing after that truma? Please email me & let me know you are all fine. I love you even though I have never met you!! Yvonne

  87. I was very much affected by this movie/true story, I too have much love for the girls I feel there loss deeply in my heart and if only tears could reverse time. TC

  88. Dear Alex,annie & Tori ;tonight I watched this movie, and I couldn’d believe my eyes ….what a sick man.I’m really sorry about your mother.But, I have one question for you Alex and Annie …. after your mother death , why you apart , so far from Tori, …. is her AUNT who get a custidy Scot’s sister or your mom’s sister …. it really bother me 😦

  89. Hi, My name is Amy White and Im from springfield arkansas.I have been attacked,stabed in the back with a screw driver and raped.The guy got off.I dont know how.This system down here is so corrupted.They dont do anything to help do what is write.I stood up in court not just for me,but for all the women everywhere.I got slapped back down.I want to start a group called no more victims and I want to join women and have them take koratte and self defeance classes.I want them to know that they will be able to stand up for them selves and atless have a fighting chance.Im 26 and I have 2 boy’s and one 16 year old step daughter.Alex and Anne Please let me know if what im doing is write or should I not proceed with it.Im a stay at home mom and Ive been married for 10 year’s.I just want to help othere women out there.I dont want to see any one else get hurt.It time that all of us women stand up togethere and fight back with no more victims being our pledge.Thanks Amy White

  90. He haves attacked one othere girl after he attacked me.He haves lots of money,He got caught with drugs and weapons in the trunk of the vehicles he was hauling,And he still walks today.You tell me is that write.I want,The next women To be able to defend for herself.I couldn’t,Not then.But I can now.We have over 45 demistick violence going on here and nothing doen about it.The women are scared.I really hope that what,My hart tells me to do is write.

  91. I have seen the movie many, many times and I’m always sad about the whole situation. I did however read and got a little more clarification about the movie. The movie portrayed Anne Scripps Douglas as a very, very weak and helpless person but after reading she seemed to have a great deal of strength. I’m always very moved by these types of issues. I have no understanding. I really don’t get it. Why do women stay? Time and time again you never see situations where these men change. So where does this pillar of hope come from? Even more importantly, why do these women put their families through this? Because in the end it’s the friends and families that suffer the most. Can you love your family enough to just leave? I’m sorry but it’s a very selfish act to just stay under any circumstance. Just plain old selfish. I really don’t understand.

  92. Hello I watched this movie several times and I can relate to it all. First, and foremost I would like to say to the three siblings ALEX, ANNIE & TORI that I am so sorry for your loss. I was in a very bad abusive relationship in which my son shot my abuser (he lived) the hatred I felted for him was like a cancer that was killing me inside. Ladies for years I hated him to the point where I wasn’t able to live life to its fullest I had to learn to forgive simply because he gave my children and I hell on this earth and I wasn’t going to give him the power to send us to HELL. God said vengance is mind (not mind or your’s) trust me Scott got his in the end I whole heartly beleive this. I lost my mother in 2005 she suffered an ANEURYSM I wasn’t able to say good-bye either and somedays I feel like a kid lost in the wilderness. My mother and I did a lot of things together so I can understand somewhat of what your feeling. I would like to respond to the people asking why do these women stay well for me I stayed six years before I left and when I did it set him off more and made him more violent. After getting the restraining orders and putting the authorities in it like everyone suggested it made things escalated out of control to where my abuser started breaking in my house at night and would torture me for hours and it would be my word against his until one day I got tired and bought a 25 cal. pearl handle hand gun for protection and it got into my young son at the time hands and he shot him while he was beating me. So, I said all that to say this sometimes its not enough when you are dealing with a person with this type of EVIL SPIRIT living in them. This is still going on even after my son is grown the guy now bothers my son. You’re damn if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Sometimes in order to be free from someone like Scott would be jail or death because they never give up. There are a lot of Scott’s in the world and I’m so very, very sorry your beautiful mom had to encounter him. Stay strong and safe ladies. GOD LOVES YOU ALL MUCH LOVE

  93. I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother sounds like an amazing woman to have known. Much love and prayers to you all.

  94. I would like to let Alex,Anne,Tori know how my heart
    breaks everytime I see or hear this story.You have been in my prayers,and I know your beautiful mother would be so proud of the courage and strength you’ve displayed through
    this terrible tragedy, may God bless you all.

  95. tonight is about the fifth time i have seen this movie so i looked it up on the internet and started to read some replys . When a death occurs in a family like this the remaining family members will never be the same, my heart goes out to you girls, i know your life has changed and its hard to feel happy again. Your mother is very proud of all of you and im sure she will be with you always, take care

  96. This movie helped me. I’m sorry for her abuse and death and for the daughters. I too am in an abusive relationship with a younger man. My daughters are concerned. He is now in jail for violation of his probation. Both caused by his abuse to me. I can’t explain why I let him back in. I suppose it was due to his promises. A long story but very similar. He encourages me to have his child. As I felt sorry for him after being arrested. (It has been 4 weeks since the last episode – he choked me until I was almost unconscious). The funny thing is, I’m strong, I don’t let him tell me what to do, I don’t ever feel it was my fault. To me I just didn’t fit the profile. I guess I’m wrong. Watching this movie tonight was the nail in the coffin of this relationship. I’m packing his things and doing all I can to insure he does not come back. (I hope) Thank you.

  97. i think this shall be a very lengthy post as i sometime after my friend Morgan told me of this nice site about true stories et. i just want to add a comment about OUR MOTHER’S MURDER,starring Roxanne”lovely talented” HART,and my girls playing daughter alex holly marie combs from CHARM.
    love her,and the tall one i like too sarah chalke,from roseanne/scrubs fame!

    first unlike some i do not call her “selfish stupid lame or say
    NADA..nothing bad this way because i believe she did stay
    as some of us has in the past,not me however know a few
    who did. women and men some elect to stay for all diff reasoning.i do not blame this lovely woman 1 BIT…. i do
    know i will leave and or kick him out fast no take me backs
    however again that is just me,and do not fault anne at all.

    now also:

    i again just seen it again i watch it usually routinely each
    other month when 1 of mi top favorite channels on cable
    air this great true to life story…just a great moview because
    it was able to establish the loving real bond of strong love
    so deep that (even though scot was so jealli over it)
    show us how incredibly IMO(in my opinion)in love she was with her children,the girls,then lil tori she has in 1990.
    at around mid forties,she was a classy rich well to do accomplih woman,not using drugs alcohol etc. just a great woman and i love the movie portrayal,as true stories good or bad,make a great film to show other NOT to do and or not how to be in a certain situation,so Kudos to Lifetime.

    i love that mainly we got to laugh/smile through most of it by seeing how:

    (a)great INCREDIBLE LOVING BEAUTIFUL MOTHER anne scripps morell (i don’t refer to her as scott last name)
    i think as her real life foto was very pretty and such a GREAT smile!
    (b)how lovely funny she was!
    (c)how great alex,so sweet and loving to her mother will
    FIGHT in a sec for her mother honor.i love this part most!
    and the last part whereas you see them at xmas time and
    new years,was a lovely scene when jimmy romeo(cute name
    was smiling taking alex his”future wife to be”out for the
    holiday at the behest of anne scripps advice,i was just
    crying naturally at the end when he bang her head with a
    hammer sigh i did not stop mi lagrimas para(my tears from
    falling)and i’ve seen it 100x if that since late 90s or so as i
    love it,great acting and so true, about the comments on
    dirtbag puto scott,hate the guy hoping he rot in h-ll as
    others.. rip to anne she is a lovely talented amazing great
    woman mother business etc. and all together just met the
    wrong GUY YOUNGER is ok to date of course however he
    was a slimy guy and i hate her three most precious girls
    now i read some place mid to late thirties have to grow up
    without her and the baby tori i read almost 19 this year
    can see through the LMN/LIFETIME true story how much love REAL genuine love she has/had for her precious girls as i’ve always have for mi lil beauties,and my girls…

    i seen through the movie she was vivacious “so young” at heart playful with the kids,etc. loving supportive,and i know she is in heaven..

    FOOTNOTE:i am so happy at the end they show her looking
    like her mother aww.and how her mother was”with her”i
    truly believe seeing her marry cute jimmy romeo..i love the
    2 became friends,took it slow yet married,i hope it did last
    her mother i believe would have wanted more then her own life,and troubling with scott the bum,would have surely
    wanted ALEX ANNIE TORI life happy and i am glad they seem
    to have”move on”marriage kids,etc. and i just hope they
    knew she and know YOUR MOTHER IS ALWAYS AS YOU
    day as a real angel always es.
    god bless you all
    sha’kaarii melendez

  98. After viewing this movie, I am once again reminded how sick to my stomach I am at society’s continued condoning, by lack of real action, of ALL the different types of abuse women/men are subjected to by their partners.
    My heart aches for everyone effected by this horrible tragedy, and I hope that Alex, Ann and Victora all understand that most of the comments on here were left by people with a real concern for them and a true wish for their happiness. I so hope they thrive. I know that if they do, it is because of the fabulous way their lovely Mother raised them. My heart to theirs.

  99. Hi ,
    Alex,I just saw the movie it finish now It’s not the first time I saw it.But I must said I cry when I see it and the pain that you & your sister went throught with this man.May God Bless you and yours sister always.Be strong.Take care of your self.

  100. This movie was so compelling. Abuse has many levels and is very prevalent in relationships. I am a survivor of childhood abuse which also led to abuse in my adult relationships. I identified with the fear and anguish as well as the frustration and anger. There comes a point where you eventually tire emotionally and physically, almost to the point of surrender. The adult daughters were supportive but were also frustrated at their mother’s hesitance to leave the situation (according to the movie). Sometimes it isn’t easy to just leave and sharing a child usually presents obstacles. Anne didn’t appear to have full support of the legal system and Scott may have been given visitation by court order meaning Anne and Victoria would have continually been subjected to his mental, psychological and emotional abuse, basically by legal sanction. I pray for the wellbeing of all the survivors. There are really no winners.

  101. I myself can relate to the strong personality & opinion that Anne Scripps daughter had towards the relationship her mother had with scott. It’s a wonderment that we should sit back and except the bad things we can change when their is so much evil we cannot. We can never control anybod’s life, please have the sense to conrol your own.

  102. Alex, Anne and Victoria-
    I’ve seen the movie many times. I watched it twice tonight on LMN. I believe the reason I feel so compelled to watch it over and over is because I too lost my mother to domestic violence. She was killed at the young age of 19 by a much older, abusive boyfriend. He shot her in the back. I’m told he had abused and tormented her the entire time she was with him. Even threatening to kill her on occaisions. I was just 2 and a half years old. My sister was 11 months younger than me. Therefore, I truly know and feel your pain. I’ve spent my entire life trying to figure out how a person could be so evil as to take a human life so senselessly. I wonder how someone could savagely beat on another human being. The bottom line is that they are just sick individuals and we will never be able to comprehend it.
    The man that killed my mother never spent a day in jail. However, I believe whole heartedly that he will pay when he meets his maker. I know it’s been several years now since you ladies lost your mom but I also know that the pain never goes away. It’s not as hard for me as I’m sure it is for you ladies because I don’t have memories of her. Continue to embrace your precious memories as I’m sure you do each and every day. When someone robs us of material things in life we usually never get them back. We were robbed of the most precious gift in life, our Mother. I promise you this- We will get them back because we will see them again in heaven. It’s just a temporary separation.
    I am also very sorry for the loss of your father. Remain strong and take care of one another.
    May God Bless and keep you all

  103. Last night was my VERY first time watching this movie and I truly was hurt. I saw the preview and I knew I just had to stay up and watch it. No woman should EVER have to go through that. I was really sad and heartbroken that their mother died. But to the family..stay strong..keep God 1st..let him lead you..and you will never go wrong. I know that you miss your mother dearly but always think about the precious memories she left behind. She lives within her two beautiful daughters 🙂 Much Luv to her daughters and to Tory and the Family. God Bless You!!!

  104. I hope the family is well. I hope this movie reaches people and helps them get away from men like this.<3

  105. Could Anne have hired a bodyguard?
    She was a beautiful lady and I feel for the daughters.
    God bless.

  106. God bless the three daughters. Your mother will always be a part of you and know that she’s with God and all the suffering is over.

  107. i I just watched the movie our mothers murder on lifetime and it saddened me. My prayers are with the family and all the women who live in an abusive relationship.

  108. My heart and tears goes out to the three daughters … be strong …. and dont’ let the DEVIL still your JOY!! …. He will get his at the end …. I’m sure your mother would want you to forgive and have love in your hearts …. so you all could be in heaven …. I watched this movie on lifetime its very sad … I wish the mother was like Francine Hughes … she burn her husband in the bed … the book named THE BURNING BED … Francine Hughes is my HERO … and I pray that every women that are in abusive relationship will fellow her lead … I hurt when beautiful women dies from these gay men … YES!! gay men … if you hate women … then you are gay in my book … she was a wonderful woman … I just wish she and others like her … would just kill these kinda men first … don’t matter if they are the father of children … they should not kill or beat up there children or child mother … most of you might not like the fact that I am saying … I understand … but I lost my best friend who husband shot her in the face in 1989 … she has left him but she did not tell me or her family that she went back to him …. I would had killed him if she did told me …. he’s in prison to this date …. still alive!! …. but believe it or not … I did made my peace with him … I have forgave him …. cause I don’t want to go to hell …. I don’t want God to be mad at me …. but its really hard the forgiving part…. its just remind me when I heard or see pictures like this ….. I was not going to see this picture … I know it been on before …. I just really decide to watch ….. I guess I need some healing too … but I still wish all the abusive women that really are in an abusive relationship …. KILL them before THEY GET YOU!! … its the only way to save the next … WOMAN!!

  109. I have watched this movie many times (watched it tonight on Lifetime Movie Network) and it just saddens me every time I see it. I just want to jump in the screen and try and help. Such a tragedy. I think that Anne Scripps Douglas’ religious beliefs and social status contributed to her being trapped with Scott (at least thats how the movie portrays it). Initially, she didn’t want Scott reported because she didn’t want people talking. Then, the movie talked about her not wanting to be divorced twice.

    It seemed that eventually she realized she had to end it. Its just so sad that she wasn’t able to get him out of the house. The messed up part is that even getting the eviction notice and further restraining orders may not have prevented Scott from murdering Anne Scripps Douglas later. Its a piece of paper. I just really feel for Alex, Annie, and Tori. I hope Alex and Annie don’t blame themselves for leaving their mother that night. They couldn’t have known Scott would go that far, otherwise they wouldn’t have left her. Its just a very tragic story. As a man, I couldn’t imagine laying a hand on a woman. Thanks to my parents for laying that foundation. It is cowardly. God Bless the family and if there is something positive to come from this tragedy, its the fact that it could help many women realize what the end result could be of domestic violence.

  110. I watched the movie serval times, Anne seemed like loving kind person.I’m sorry this has to happen to her. Shes and a better place.To her daughter i know it’s hard ,but rember the good times and that shes always with you in you’re hearts.

  111. I have read the comments from the ladies daughter that was murdered and I just want to say to you all, I hope that as time pass that you will be able to get peace eventually. I can not say I know what it feels like to live through that because I am sure each day is a strugge. I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years and one time I almost lost my life so to both daughters I wish you all the best and hope you can find peace as time past.

  112. I can’t even imagine what her daughters and family are going through. I learned about this on lifetime it’s my favorite network when I learned about this it honestly made my heart stop I am 19 years old and I wouldn’t know what to do if that ever happened to me I have had a brother pass on by murder I kinda know what you all might be going through i am very sorry for your loss my god bless you and your family. 🙂

  113. this reminds me of another movie i watched but different circumstances. it was a cry for help.except in this one a woman was stabbed to death while no one would help her. i seen our mother,s murder a few times and i have to say it was so sad .ann scripps seemed like a wonderful person and was pitterful at what scott did to ann.he must have been a sick sick person.i will pray for anns daughters that they will find so peace god bless

    • judieann,

      What movie are you talking about that a woman was stabbed to death? You called it A Cry For Help, but the only one by that name that I know of is the Tracy Thurman story and she is very much alive. Can you elaborate on the movie you are talking about? Who was in it?

  114. i just watched the movie on life time i cried I’m only 16 and my mom was abused my my dad and she was scared to leave but before it got to bad, she left . by the looks of you mom on this pic she was a pretty woman. what happen her was for but out there there are some sick people that need help i think they are beyond help. but it is a good thing they mad a movie of what happened to your mother to help other ones not to be in that kind of relationship. im sorry for your lose. i Just hope people see that so if they need help to leave and not stay like she did, but you to tried to help your mother leave but deep down she wanted to so she did but she whent back. and in my behave i don’t think then people change they are how they are. i hope you all luren from this movie. but just remember you 3 girls your mom always will love you.

    from kristi

  115. i feel as a loving and lovely mother not old just mid
    forties she is,’was in early 1990’s i wish she has had
    the strength to say NO MORE. i feel bad for her cause she is/was not able to but i do love knowin the woman now is in “eternal peace”living still through her lovely daughters annie and alex and the kids the
    2 girls had,as younger daughter tori/victoria.just do pray more women are learning from the anne scripp
    story and walk away whether in the night or day time
    just get away! he cannot hurt you IF you do this and they lock him up and or move far away,he will not find you or at least my friend who was STRONG enough DID run for now over 15 years since we were in high school and he still cant find her and we hear online re-marry,and with kid so i know she KNOW she was strong enough and did the right thing,since his background show he was in jail five yrs! see? for beatin the 1st wife this is his 2nd.
    so she did the right thing. RIP anne.i watch eachy time almost it is on t.v.such a GREAT acting goin on to NOT watch it,and i hope many watch for weeks months years 2 come and RUn if this is happening to them
    bye now.


  116. Came across this googling my hometown, I remember being a teenager at this time, back from freshman year I think, at a friends house only a few blocks away. If I remember correctly some of us went out for a walk and there were police cars everywhere. It was up in a hilly part of the town is all I remember.. Avon road? No one knew what the heck was going on. I remember thinking the guy got away, like we thought he just ditched the car on a bridge, and I never found out what happened until now. Have never seen a movie about this. I don’t think I’d want to, because I think we were probably a few blocks away when it happened. I think I remember someone’s mom telling us that she had passed a few days later.

  117. Wow the daughter committed suicide off the same bridge as her step father. How very sad.

  118. The most truly awful thing is hearing the echoes of my own childhood repeated again and again through these posts. I’m gutted….so thoroughly shocked and heartbroken. What happens to children of daily domestic violence is something that needs greater attention and consideration. I can’t begin to express my sorrow and outrage at what Anne Scripps must have felt was her only hope of liberation after 16 years. May she have found her peace…. and may her son be given the care and love that he will so desperately be in need of now and always.

  119. Anne’s daughter, Anne Morell Petrillo, left behind a son.

  120. Godspeed to you Annie on your journey home. Gods blessings to Alex and Victoria, and all your loved ones left behind. So so very sad your pain was that overwhelming that you chose to end your life way too early

  121. Alex and victoria and Anne’s Son. You were all beautiful people who suffered much tradegy. Words cannot heal, time does. We can learn from this. WOman do not take abuse. Men and women should never abuse. Abusers are COWARDS and LOSERS who try to take advantage by Control cause they do not have any control in their lives.

    God Bless to The Family. Sorry ANnie your pain drove you to suicide, wish you did not do that. Sorry for all your pain. Take the time to heal. You can control the furutre of your lifes and do not let this arse Scott have any more control of your future lives.

    Does any one know the address of the house where the murder took place?

    note from blog owner


    Anne Scripps Douglas did not have any sons, she had 3 daughters:

  122. Thats right, she didnt, but I think the person who left the comment was talking about Annie’s son.

  123. I have watched this movie several times and would like to say God Bless to the daughters of Anne and Annie’s son. I know they are going through a hard time once again but the family is in my prayers.

    P.S. Blog owner – I believe when people say Anne’s son they’re referring to Annie’s son… She has a 13 year old son.

  124. I dated Scott from 1977-1982. I loved him with all my heart. He became intensly jealous when I attended college. I split up with him. He beat me , stalked me, slashed tires on two cars, contaminated the engine on my car. He killed my childhood cat. He robbed my family home. I ran for my life. He created the most fearful situation I’ve ever known. The movie barely touched the violence this man was capable of. He was seven years older than I. It has deeply affected me to this day. I have wanted to reach out to the Scripps family for all these years, I am heartbroken over Annie’s suicide.

    I was in such a state of shock and renewed fear when Scott disappeared after killing Anne I didn’t realize how young Annie and Alexandra were.

    I’m so sorry. If I’d had the support to come forward publically years ago all of you may have been spared. The police I called for help in 1982 made me feel embarrassed, I ran for my life. I dropped out of college and ran.

  125. I to was in a an abusive marriage ,more mental then physical but there was some physical it came to blows one night ,to make a long story short he was escorted out by the police and went to jail for a few months. But at the time (my now ex husband ) was an alcoholic and drug addict and his problems came when he was either high or drunk ! He has been clean and sober for 4 and a half years and I have forgiven him ,because he tells me that going to jail was the best thing for him to help him get clean and sober. To those who are wondering he never hit our children!!!!!!!! His anger was always directed to me !!! I may have forgiven him but he has not forgiven himself for everything! I know our situation may seem a bit odd that I have forgiven him ,but I know if it had not been for the alcohol and the drugs he would not have attacked me ! I know people who read this may think I am nuts and thats there opinion in wich thats fine ,but my boyfreind of 4 years (who I met after our seperation) and I have become friends with my ex because we have one common bond and thats the children what does it show them if we fight about the past that cannot be changed !!!!! My boyfriend and I and my ex love the children!!!! Yes my sitiuation may be odd but it works for us , Im no way saying that an abuse victim should forgive please do not think I am saying that because I am not I am just telling my story and how I delt with it ,my situation is no way near the “made for TV movie” material! But I can understand why Anne Scripps(mom) did not leave its not always the easiest thing to do !!!!!! Some women say “I would never stay” but do you really know what you would do in that situation????????? I thought I did but it took me getting attcked to really wake me up ! So in closing you never know what someone else’s life is like until you walk a mile in there shoes ! May the young son of Annie Morrell Petrillo be reminded that reguardless what his mother may have done she did love him it may be hard for him to understand at his age but some day he will god willing!!! God Bless

  126. Father God, I pray for the Scripps family and that you would lift them up during this tragedic time in their lives, at loss of Annie. Father may she now find peace in your loving arms. I pray no more tradegy strikes this family as they have suffered enough and that you shield under your wings. I pray that the loss now of Annie, bless her soul, only brings those left in this family closer together and that they continue to love and support one another. May you always watch over them. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

  127. My condolences go out to the entire Scripps family. I was so sad when I learned that Annie had commited suicide. The movie has touched me every time I have watched it.

    God bless you all.

  128. Dearest Alex and Tory,

    I don’t know you but I feel as if I do simply from watching the movie. I visited this site only because I was simply heartbroken to hear about Annie’s death. As I stated, I felt as if I knew all of you from the movie. It’s easy for me to say may God bless and be with you. I’d just like to reiterate that there are so many of us out here that while we may not know you personally, we mourn with and for you….with all my thoughts and prayers, take care Alex and Tory

  129. God Bless You Annie – FLY HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  130. May God Bless Alex, Victoria, Annie’s son and family. Your family has been through so much pain and sadness. I will keep all of you in my prayers and will always remember your mother and sister.

  131. I just finished watching the movie I cry so hard everytime, Scott was I really bad person. Alex tried to keep her mom safe from him but the mom didn’t see what Alex’s was seeing. Alex and Annie both were trying their best, I’m sorry to hear about Annie. Alex I will keep you and Victoria in my prays.

  132. i m just finish today watchin Usually catch this on lifetime MOVIE NETWORK LMN but today on regular channel lifetime. i cry again non-stop and i smile laff at few scenes at least where as they were so happy as younger mother and cool mom the mother was in mid forty ish,and the two already grown up daughters 19 and 20 i think at the time they were so CLOSE as i always want to b wit my beautiful girls now 13 and 16.
    as alex was so great wit her mother! the funny scene
    wit jimmy romeo her lil sis tory in the car/by the mom
    ride.ya know a funny nice scene i laugh only really at that scene and wit mom daughter HAPPIER times so sad. but cry each month i see it or when it come on alot here on lifetime cable et. cause she i wish had liv so young mid forties not old i do hope her and her daughter are now at final resting peace,together for eternity since i hear recently few months ago that daughter her namesake ANNIE douglas kill heRself? the same bridge eerie as SCOTT the jerk abuser,who kill himself and her mom that is scary but i hope they are at peace i hear alex the tough loving sis is only what?late thirties or 40 now so i wish her well so sad,and hear that tory is now 21 or sad rest in peace

  133. 11/22/09@8:25pm

    This is in attention to Alexandra……

    I was watching the movie tonite…again! I’m so sorry for your loss, Alex. Your mother was a beautiful person, and I’m sure you ad your sisters are just as beautiful. I pray you find peace.

    Take care, be well and know that I’m here for you!



  134. i also want to say gracias muchas…thank you the web owner of this great site/blog to have a place for us to come post freely on her,as the pix show how lovely sweet altogether she was just was not able to escape younger man (i hear 10 years her junior)was not able to rid of him in sad…RIP chica…and your daughter annie.just beyond tragic,shock when i learn annie douglas her namesake younger daughter till tory was born in 1990 i was STUNNED to just hear from a friend of mine in nearby philly call name steven to say she Kill herself the younger daughter annie?

    so i am still shook up over the fact she commit suicide,so young 37 RIP

  135. Alexandria,

    I cant imagine how much pain your family must be going through be strong and make the best of what you can .Take care, be well and hopefully
    next year will be a better year for you and your family if you ever want to chat email me anytime at


  136. May God Bless you and your family. i know it could be difficult to be strong all the time; but with GOD everything is possible. God will do the SUPER NATURAL.

  137. wow !!!!!!!!!

  138. Thank you all very much !!!!!!!!

  139. My daughter has an obbsession with the show,it says its a true story.Anyways her husband beat her for 25 yrs and finally divorced him after the last fight that was very ugly.She has finally found out now that he died last year at 53 yrs old of bladder cancer which i know depression causes bladder infections that can be deadly if not prompley being taken care of.So it was as i said depression and guilt.She feels for you and your sisters,and very sorry that the one has since passed.I too wish she wouldn,t have done that.If its so that alex was as close as in the movie you too my dear have to be going through some hell still worse.God Bless you darlings,it shall be okay.they are together.Gods holding your hands and you mom dad and sis are watching over you all,when,they r with u yur bloods their blood.Always remember that.And your daughter her children and so on carrys on your family.Take Good care of yourselves.Our Prayers will always be with you all.

  140. this is very sad and should never have happened i believe the court’s and the broxville police department failed Anne

  141. I have just watched this movie for the first time 😦 and it saddens me at the outcome, my sister in law was in an mental and physically abusive relationship. She was the youngest with three elder brothers who were all alienated every time they had a fight. Like Anne my sil had 2 older children who were not his and a young son who was, I personally went down on many occasions and took her 3 children to safety in my home but time after time she took him back, on one occasion she was in hospital awaiting a hysterctomy and he left her 2 children at the hospital and she was ready for discharging herself when yet again I stepped up and took her 3 kids (her middle one had already been arranged to stay with us throughout his mums hospital stay) So for the week I had my own 2yr old and her children who were then 6months, 6yrs old and 8 yr old but I coped somehow you just do. But like all the times before he apologised and she allowed him back.

    We all fell out because of the continual abuse and her 2 eldest were sick of it too and wanted to live with us (which we allowed most weekends) but we just felt so helpless and her brothers wanted to keep their baby sister safe but it was her decision and we had to respect that. Thankfully after 6yrs of abuse she finally decided enough and he moved out with joint custody of their son but still he would bribe the wee one by buying him great toys so he would want to stay with him and at one point he was dropping the wee one of to her and they fought while their was neighbours in the house and he tore open his blouse infront of their then 5yr old son on another occasion he drove her home and next morning she had a visit from child protection he had called them to say she tried to jump out of the moving car with their son (which she would never have done) so she then signed over her full parental rights to him. My sil is now on strong anti depressants and has tried to take her own life on more than one occasion but now she is doing well she is in regular contact with her brothers again and her nieces and nephews. her oldest daughter is engaged and recently gave birth to a baby girl. She has a new found purpose in life and is looking brighter. their youngest son sees his mum christmas and birthdays and easter the two older kids see their brother more often once a week usually 🙂 my sil is hoping now their son is 11yrs old soon he can make his own decision about who he wants to see and why.

    I commend the girls Alex and Annie for being so brave and supporting their mum, I used to think like many others that the victims were weak and naive but I was wrong they are so degraded and low they begin to believe the rubbish they are told, they just wear them down so low and the legal system failed them all.

    I am grateful your mum is at peace now and you are all moving forward with your life and loving someone doesnt stop when they pass it will always have room in your heart.

    If your mums story helps one woman then it is worth it. Thank you girls for sharing your story with us all xx

  142. This was such a horrible thing for these girls to have to go thru. My prayers are with the family. Also so sad to hear about all that Victoria has been going thru with her drug issues & arrest. I pray that she gets the help she needs so Alex doesn’t have to deal with yet another death of a family member so tragically.

  143. Does anyone know what house on avon Rd?…so sad my heart goes out to all of the Scripps family and the Morells.Will keep you in my prayers.

  144. I pray that Jesus will wrap his arms around the Scripps family. I will keep you in my prayers.

  145. Possible address
    58 Avon Rd
    Bronxville, NY

    It was said to have been a colonial style home on Avon Rd and this is the only one I know of…

    • Could be 18 Avon Rd. I saw a special about this on Toxic Inheritence & they showed a picture of part of the house. It was red brick with white columns. 18 Avon rd is red brick with white columns.

  146. Alex, I had the pleasure to meet you last weekend at my son’s house at West Point. I am so sad that I didn’t get to know you better and talk to you more. I am praying for you and hope you find peace. You are a beautiful woman. I hope our paths cross again someday. Pat Z

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