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Psycho For Love: Gabriel Galan Navarro charged with killing his girlfriend, Allison Leedy, because she was going to leave him; He text her dad with a cruel message


Allison Leedy
Allison Leedy

“She’s dead. I have the last laugh,” – text sent to Allison Leedy’s father

Allison Leedy Memorial Fund
Facebook: Alison Midori Leedy Memorial
Prosecutor: Man killed girlfriend to keep her from leaving for college
Prosecutors: Man strangled his girlfriend, then texted her dad: ‘She’s dead. I have the last laugh’
Renton man charged in girlfriend’s death
‘I have the last laugh,’ Man allegedly kills girlfriend, sends chilling text to victim’s father
Renton man charged with first-degree murder in death of girlfriend

Gabriel Navarro

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Unsolved Serial Murders: Lewiston Civic Theater Murders aka Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer

Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer victims

Christina White, 12
Kristen David, 22
Former Air Force Cpl. Steven Pearsall, 35
Kristina Nelson, 21
Jacqueline Brandi Miller, 18

According to the Lewiston Police Department in the documentary, Confluence, the only suspect in these murders as been Lance Jeffrey Voss.

Murder Stories I Can Never Forget: Snake River Serial Killer Still at Large? (EXCELLENT article)
Charley Project: Christina Lee White
Charley Project: Steven R. Pearsall
NamUs: MP #2071 Steven Pearsall
ID – Steven R. Pearshall, 35, Lewiston, 14 Sept 1982
Northern Idaho authorities not ready to drop 1981 dismemberment case
Lewiston-Clarkston couple create documentary on late 70′s serial killer
‘Confluence:’ On the trail of a Northwest serial killer
Common Denominator
Murder victim’s family wants Civic Theatre floor examined
Facebook: Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer
Television show to revisit Lewiston Civic Theatre murders

Dark Minds: The Phantom of Civil Theater

Psycho For Love: Clay Starbuck convicted of killing and sexually assaulting his wife, Chanin Starbuck; He was sentenced to LWOP


Chanin Starbuck
Chanin Starbuck

Woman was strangled, autopsy finds
Ex-husband arrested for Deer Park woman’s murder
Man faces murder charge
Body was posed, detectives say
Suspect displayed victim’s death notice
Graphic court testimony shows how Chanin Starbuck died
Medical Examiner Testifies In The Clay Starbuck Murder Trial; WARNING: Graphic Details
Starbuck children take the stand
Jurors convict Clay Starbuck of murdering his ex-wife
Chanin Starbuck’s family hears murder verdict
Mother, Brother Of Murder Victim Chanin Starbuck Speak To KHQ
Fight to stop killer from profiting off Chanin Starbuck’s murder

Dateline: A Cold December Morning
Scorned: Tall, Dark and Deadly


Clay Starbuck

DOC Number: 366799
Offender Name: STARBUCK, CLAY D
Location: Washington State Penitentiary
1313 North 13th Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 525-3610

Parents Gone Wild! Heather Ewell beat her stepdaughter, Sirita Jimmina Sotelo, to death; Sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison

Say NO to Child Abuse

Sirita Sotelo
Sirita Jimmina “BooBoo” Sotelo

Find-A-Grave: Sirita Jimmina “BooBoo” Sotelo
In The Arms Of The Angels: Sirita Jimmina Sotelo
Examiner, relatives differ in girl’s death
Stepmother accused of manslaughter in 4-year-old’s death
Lake Stevens woman guilty in child’s death
Stepmother Charged In Death Of Sirita Sotelo
Woman Admits To Killing Little Sirita Sotelo
Stepmother gets 8-1/2 years in girl’s death


Monsters Among Us: Eric Christensen killed Sherry Harlan when she broke their ‘blood oath’


Sherry Harlan
Sherry Harlan

Body found in missing woman’s car; ex-boyfriend charged
Level 1 sex offender Eric Christensen suspect in a Homicide
Victim’s grieving friends: ‘It will never be the same’
Prosecutors: Witchcraft-fueled murder was premeditated
Man found guilty in witchcraft-fueled murder
Man found guilty of first-degree murder for girlfriend’s slaying
Dismembered woman’s mother says killer should die
Man sentenced in murder, dismemberment of girlfriend
CrimeLibrary: Blood Oath Murder
State of Washington v Eric J. Christensen

Deadly Sins: Fatal Possession


DOC Number: 725512
Location: Washington State Penitentiary
1313 North 13th Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 525-3610Eric Christensen

Cold Cases: Jenny Bastian and Michella Welch murders

Jennifer Bastian and Michella Welch
Jenny Bastian and Michella Welch

Hunt pushed for missing 13-year-old
Searchers probe Tacoma park
Slayings probe
Solving 1986 cold case murders may be just ‘a matter of time’
Killer was abnormal, knew North End
New tips collected in 1986 murders of Tacoma girls
Tacoma police hope new profile will crack cold case murders
Tacoma police think same killer murdered two young girls

Psycho For Love: Daniel Carlson killed his wife, Lisa Carlson, because he did not want to lose his children in a custody battle; His mom, Carol Carlson, helped cover it up


Mother and son found guilty in ’98 slaying of son’s wife
Woman To Plead Guilty After Decade-Long Court Battle
Man pleads guilty in shooting death of wife
Mother, son could hear punishment for killing his wife
Excerpt from “Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis”

Criminal Profiling, Fourth Edition: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis

I’d Kill For You: The Ties that Kill
Killer Instinct: Homicide, with a Twist


DOC Number: 856559
Offender Name: CARLSON, DANIEL D
Location: Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

Psycho For Love: Glynn (Gabby) Moore hired Angelo ‘Tuffy’ Pleasant to kill Morris Blankenbaker so he could have his wife DeeAnn, then Pleasant also killed Moore

Morris Blankenbaker
Morris Blankenbaker

Find-A-Grave: Morris Ray Blankenbaker
Yakima coach shot
Joint trial upheld in Yakima slayings
Suspects to Share Trial
Pleasant enters innocent plea
2 charged in slayings set free
Pleasant trial opens
Former wife testifies
Brother Called Killer
Man convicted on two counts
Pleasant found guilty of murder
Washington v Pleasant 1978
New trial request denied
The Case Of The Agitated Athletes (by Ann Rule)
Pleasant Valley Chaos Theory
Hard Time and Hemlines
New book describes Yakima’s most notorious murder case
Yakima homicide to be topic of TV show

A Fever In The Heart

I’d Kill For You: Wrestling with the Devil

Gabby Moore
Glynn “Gabby” Moore

Robert Henry murder 9/11/1995 Tacoma, WA *Lawrence Shandola was convicted and sentenced to 31 1/2 years in prison*

Bob Henry
Bob Henry

HOMICIDE ON SEPTEMBER 11th. The Case of Robert Henry (EXCELLENT post with a lot of details)
Convicted killer suing murder victim’s family
Canadian killer in U.S. jail sues victim’s wife over transfer bid in alleged ploy to torment the grieving widow
Convicted Killer Sues Victim’s Family
Judge throws out convict’s lawsuit against widow

Motives & Murders: Cracking The Case: Bad Things Happen to Good People


Larry Shandola

DOC Number: 830295
Location: Stafford Creek Corrections Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520
(360) 537-1800

Psycho For Love: Martin David Pietz strangled his wife, Nicole Pietz, to death; Convicted of her murder, sentenced to 220 months (18+years) in prison


Nicole Pietz
Nicole Pietz

3 years later, woman’s murder still unsolved
Reward Increased In Lynnwood Woman’s Homicide
Washington Man Charged in Wife’s 2006 Disappearance and Murder
Murder trial begins for husband of Nicole Pietz
Murder trial testimony: Pietz cheated on, drugged wife
Relatives testify about ‘strange behavior’ in Pietz murder trial
Prosecutors say phone call clinched Pietz murder case
Jury begins deliberations in David Pietz murder trial
Jury: Lynnwood man guilty of killing wife, dumping her body
David Pietz found guilty of wife’s murder
Jury convicts husband in murder of Nicole Pietz
David Pietz Found Guilty of Strangling Wife
‘I was a pitbull’: Mom whose daughter was murdered and dumped naked in the woods by her husband describes 7-year campaign to hound him into confessing
“48 Hours”: After nearly 8 years, a mother finds justice for her murdered daughter
David Pietz sentenced to more than 18 years for murdering wife, Nicole
David Pietz sentenced to 18 years for wife’s murder

48 Hours: Relentless

David Pietz
Martin David Pietz


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