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Deadly Women: Chyann Michelle Bratcher and her mother, Brenda Fine, got her brother, Thomas Fine Jr, to kill Chyann’s husband, Billy Bratcher for money


Billy Bratcher
Billy Bratcher

Mother-daughter murderers seek appeals attorneys for ’95 death plot
Federal judge denies Amarillo women’s request for attorneys
Judge orders murder defendants to pay victim’s family $50.4 million
U.S. v Bratcher 2002 (motion denied)

Snapped: Chyann Bratcher


Chyannn Bratcher

Register Number: 27051-077
Age: 42
Race: White
Sex: Female
Located at: Carswell FMC
Release Date: LIFE


Brenda Fine

Register Number: 27050-077
Age: 63
Race: White
Sex: Female
Located at: Carswell FMC
Release Date: LIFE


Register Number: 27024-077
Age: 45
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Fort Worth FCI
Release Date: 05/10/2021

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Boyfriends From Hell: Joshua Markus Beard charged with beating to death 19-month-old Tylea Moore, daughter of his girlfriend, Alexis Botello

Say NO to Child Abuse

Tylea Moore

Remembering Angel Tylea Moore
Arlington toddler beaten, stomped to death
Man Arrested for Beating Girlfriend’s Daughter to Death: Police
Man Accused Of Beating Toddler To Death, Then Burying Her
Evidentiary Search Warrant Affidavit
Texas mom charged with burying dead daughter under bridge
Mother of Toddler Beaten to Death Arrested: Police
Arlington mom charged in connection to daughter’s slaying
Father of slain Arlington toddler speaks out

Botello and Beard
Alexis Botello and Joshua Beard

U.S. Marshals’ Most Wanted: Kevin Patrick Stoeser

Kevin Patrick Stoeser
Kevin Patrick Stoeser

Sex offender escapes from local half-way house
Fugitive from Del Valle halfway house still not found
Escapee from Austin halfway house added to U.S. Marshals most wanted list+
Del Valle escapee added to most wanted list
U.S. Marshals Most Wanted: Kevin Patrick Stoeser
Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender Details: Kevin Patrick Stoeser
U.S. Marshals Service’s top 15 most wanted

News Archive: Stay Family Massacre


Stay Family
Stay Family

Breaking News: 6 people killed, including 4 children, in a domestic dispute in the Houston, TX area
Update: Stay Family Massacre *Ronald Lee Haskell charged for killing 6 people

Ronald Lee Haskell

Update: Stay Family Massacre *Ronald Lee Haskell charged for killing 6 members of the Stay Family*


Stay Family
Stay Family

Statement by the family:
“Stephen and Katie Stay and their beautiful children were an amazing and resilient family. They lived to help others, both at church and in their neighborhood. We love them beyond words.
Cassidy Stay, 15, who survived the attack, is expected to make a full recovery. We are grateful for this miracle. We are in awe of her bravery and courage in calling 911, an act that is likely to have saved all of our lives. She is our hero. More information will be forthcoming in the days ahead about her heroics, but right now we want to concentrate on getting her well.
We are also grateful for all who have reached out with their prayers, well-wishes and offers of help. We send our unending gratitude to law enforcement and first responders whose quick actions saved many lives.
We are shocked and devastated by this tragedy that has taken these precious souls away from us. At this time, we are not able to make any statements or grant any interviews as our grief is difficult to bear. Please respect our privacy and that of our family members as we continue to try to make sense of what’s happened.”

I want to repeat that Cassidy Stay is a hero. If not for her, it was very probable that her grandparents would have also been murdered. I admire her strength and bravery. I do hope she will be okay.

News Archive: Stay Family Massacre
Teen hailed as hero for saving grandparents from family massacre
How a 15-year-old stopped more killings in Texas
Texas Shooter Kicked in Door, Tied Up Kids, Executed Them
Utah man charged with capital murder in Spring killings
Prosecutors: Spring couple, 5 children shot execution style
Alleged Texas Shooter Ron Haskell Choked, Threatened Mom Week Ago
Ex-Utahn accused of killing 6 in Texas was ordered to stay away from ex-wife
Violent past of alleged mass shooting gunman Ronald Lee Haskell
Ex-Utahn is suspect in fatal Texas shooting
Grandparents speak out about horrific murders of son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren
Accused Spring gunman collapses during court appearance

Ronald Lee Haskell

Breaking News: 6 people killed, including 4 children, in a domestic dispute in the Houston, TX area


The alleged shooter has been identified as Ron Lee Haskell.

4 children, 2 adults dead in Spring-area shooting
Six dead in shootinging North Harris County
Deputies: 6 killed, including 4 children, in domestic dispute in Spring area
4 children, 2 adults shot dead in Spring subdivision; SWAT standoff underway with shooter
Tense standoff underway following grisly scene in N. Harris CO.
Houston father allegedly kills 6, including 4 of his children, in suburb
Authorities: Man kills 4 children and 2 adults in Texas shooting
News Archive: Stay Family Massacre

700 block of Leaflet

Psycho For Love: Russell Neal, former member of Hi-Five, charged with murdering his wife, Catherine Martinez


Catherine Martinez
Catherine Martinez

Ex-member of R&B group Hi-Five arrested in death
Family of woman allegedly killed by R&B artist speaks out
Hi-Five singer Russell Neal charged with murder in wife’s death
Hi-Five singer tells police wife is dead, asks for attorney
Hi-Five singer Russell Neal charged with murder in wife’s death
’90s R&B star Russell Neal faces murder charges in wife’s death
Former R&B singer charged with murdering wife in Houston

Russell Neal
Russell Neal

Josael Guevara murder 9/23/2013 Sam Houston National Forest, TX *Three members of the MS-13 gang charged with his murder*

Josael Guevara
Josael Guevara

Mutilated teen dumped in Sam Houston National Forest
Man arrested, charged with murder in connection with Klein Forest student’s death
3rd Person Arrested in Walker County Murder
Investigators: Gang Retaliation behind gory murder of Klein Forest student
3 Men Charged in Walker County Gang-Related Murder
Gang bosses ordered teen’s slaying in Houston
Three indicted for machete murder
Two men charged with using bat, machete to kill teen in national forest (federal murder charge)
2 indicted in gory murder of Klein Forest student
Potential Federal Death Penalty for Cristian Zamora and Ricardo Campos-Lara in 2013 TX Slaying of Josael Guevara

Guevara suspects
Jose Leonel Bonilla-Romero
Cristian Alexander Zamora (federal murder charge)
Ricardo Leonel Campos-Lara (federal murder charge)

Murder-Suicide: Fahad Mughal shot and killed his brother & sister before killing himself

Rebecca Mughal

Faheem Mughal, 23 (no picture)
Rebecca Mughal, 15

Police: Mom finds bodies of 3 children inside Stafford home
3 siblings found dead in Stafford home
Shooter ID’d in triple killing in Stafford
3 siblings found dead in suburban Houston home
‘My baby is dead!’
Stafford police look for motive in siblings’ deaths
Siblings: Faheem Mughal, 23; Fahad Mughal, 18; And Rebecca Mughal Dead In Murder Suicide

Fahad Mughal
Fahad Mughal

Juan Manuel Ocanas Barrientos murder 1/11/2014 Brownsville, TX *Eight men charged with his murder, only 2, Victor Hugo Sefores and Felipe Alvaro Cabrera, are in custody*

Juan Manuel Ocañas Barrientos
Juan Manuel Ocanas Barrientos

Juan Manuel Ocanas Barrientos obituary
Man Shot To Death In Van
Brownsville Police Investigate Deadly Shooting
Brownsville Murder Suspect in Custody
Police arrest suspect in Southmost homicide
Safores Victor of Texas charged on multiple counts
Man pleads not guilty to murder
Man enters ‘not guilty’ plea in murder
Murder Suspect Caught Returning to US
Officials arrest murder suspect at bridge
Authorities say cartel killed the wrong man in Brownsville
Alleged Gulf Cartel leader linked to local slaying65

fugitive suspects
Fugitive Suspects

Victor Hugo Safpres
Felipe Alvaro Cabrera
Javier Garza Medrano (not in custody)
Edgar Javier Tafoya Robles (not in custody)
Diego Armando Segovia Rivera (not in custody)
Christian Omar Camero (not in custody)
Abraham Alegria Ruiz (not in custody)
Jose Luis Ibarra Morales (not in custody)

Felipe Alvaro Cabrera
Felipe Alvaro Cabrera


Victor Hugo Sefores

Booking Date: 01/25/2014
BN#: 201428260
SON#: 081062
Charges: MURDER 14-DCR-498-E


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