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Cold Cases: Barbara Nantais and Claire Hough murders in Torrey Pines State Beach, CA

Barbara Nantais and Claire Hough\

James Alt (surivived)
Barbara Nantais [8/13/1978]
Claire Hough [8/1984]

Evidence Links Two Cold Case Murders At Torrey Pines
Detectives order new DNA tests in teen’s 1978 murder at Torrey Pines
North County Times: A deadly night that has lasted 33 years
SDPD Revisits Teenager’s Unsolved 1978 Murder
Police Reopen 35-Year-Old Cold Case Murder of Lakewood Teen

Dark Minds: Death on a Beach

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Monsters Among Us: Martin G. Guy killed 2 people, now has LWOP

Irene Kennedy with husband Tom
Irene Kennedy with her husband Tom

Christopher Payne, [9/20/1999] (no picture)
Irene Kennedy, 75 [12/1/1998]

Forensic expert outlines evidence in slaying of Foxboro woman
Man convicted in 1998 murder
Man convicted in park killing of elderly woman
Commonwealth vs Martin G. Guy 2004 [Christopher Payne murder] (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Commonwealth vs Martin G. Guy 2009 [Irene Kennedy murder] (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Walpole killer’s conviction upheld
Murder victim remembered
Plaintiff can sue in wrongful arrest
Last look into the past

On The Case With Paula Zahn: The Long Path to Justice


Offender Name: MARTIN G GUY
Offender ID:W69375
Date of Birth:
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:MCI Concord (Medium Security)

Update: Lila Warwick murder *Brok Junkermeier pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Lila Warwick

News Archive: Lila Warwick murder
Teen gets probation for his part in killing of Willmar grandmother
Prosecutor: Willmar Teen Choked, Stabbed Friend’s Grandmother Repeatedly
Prosecutor: Willmar teen strangled, stabbed friend’s grandma
Teen Describes Brutal Murder of Willmar Grandmother
Teen Changes Mind, Pleads Guilty in Slaying of Willmar Grandmother
A surprise guilty plea ends trial in killing of Willmar grandmother
Willmar, Minn.: Trial halted as 19-year-old admits murdering friend’s grandmother
Teen gets life without parole in Willmar murder
Willmar teen gets life for Warwick murder, says he’s found God in jail

Warwick defendants

Robert Inocencio Warwick – awaiting trial
Brok Junkermeier – pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP
Devon James Jenkins – pled guilty, sentenced to probation until he turns 21, community service

News Archive: Lila Warwick murder

Lila Warwick

Lila Warwick murder 7/29/2013 Willmar, MN *Three teens, including her grandson, charged with her robbery and murder*
Update: Lila Warwick murder *Brok Junkermeier pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Warwick defendants

Robert Inocencio Warwick – awaiting trial
Brok Junkermeier – pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP
Devon James Jenkins – pled guilty, sentenced to probation until he turns 21, community service

Murder In The Family: William Rouse killed his parents, Bruce and Darlene Rouse; Convicted after 15 years on the run, sentenced to 80 years in prison


Bruce and Darlene Rouse

1980 murder solved when son confesses
Son held in parents’ long-ago slayings
Son charged 15 years after parents deaths
Rouse Son’s Confession: `Everybody Knew’
Man confesses to killing parents 15 years ago
Rouse Admits Killing Parents On 1995 Videotape
Too Late To Try Rouse, Defense Says
Jurors To Hear Murder Confession
Prosecution Stacks Up Evidence In Rouse Trial
Rouse’s Defense Tries To Implicate His Brother
Judge Gives Rouse 80 Years, Wishes It Were More
Demolition in future of mansion with past
CrimeLibrary: The Shotgun Slaying of Bruce and Darlene Rouse

Blood Relatives: Murder Mansion



Offender Name: WILLIAM ROUSE
Offender ID:K50180
Date of Birth:09/26/1964
Age: 49
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Pontiac Correctional Center

Deadly Women: Ana Lilia Trujillo killed her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson with a stiletto heel after an argument


Alf Stefan Andersson
Alf Stefan Andersson

Alf Stefan Andersson obituary
Man stabbed to death with stiletto in Museum District highrise apartment
UH professor identified as victim of stiletto stabbing in Museum District
Accused stiletto heel killer’s request for lower bond denied
Woman accused of stabbing man 25 times with stiletto shoe
Stiletto Trial
Stiletto shoe attacker found guilty of murder
Jurors find woman guilty in stiletto-stabbing case
Stiletto killer convicted in slaying of boyfriend
Punishment phase in stiletto shoe stabbing case begins
Stiletto killing wasn’t murderer’s first violent act, witnesses testify

Ana Lilia Trujillo
Ana Lilia Trujillo

Murder In The Family: Brandon Dale Woodruff killed his parents, Dennis and Norma Woodruff; Sentenced to LWOP

dvawareness3From Brandon Dale Woodruff’s appeal: Charla Woodruff, Brandon’s sister, attempted to contact Dennis and Norma by telephone when she reached her college apartment at 11:00 p.m. on the night of the murders.3 Several other family members, including Brandon, attempted to contact Dennis and Norma. The following day, the police were requested to conduct a welfare check. Although no one responded to the police officers, the police did not force entry into the residence. At the request of Linda Matthews, Brandon’s aunt, Todd Williams forced entry into the residence and discovered the deceased.

The crime scene indicated Dennis and Norma were killed without a significant struggle. They were sitting next to each other on their living room couch, covered in blood, and obviously dead. Dennis’ spit cup was still in his hand. Norma was found seated facing her husband, and the police theorized that Norma may have been attempting to duck behind her husband. The crime scene investigation did not reveal any signs of forced entry, any signs of a struggle, or any signs the house had been ransacked. Investigator Tommy Grandfield testified he did not believe the position of the bodies was suggestive that the victims had been taken by surprise. The wallets of Dennis and Norma were missing, but many valuables, including a handgun, a computer, jewelry, and appliances remained.

The police noted blood droplets in front of the couch and a trail of blood droplets leading from the couch toward the guest bathroom and bedroom. Neal Martin, a crime scene investigator with the nearby Smith County Sheriff’s Office, testified the blood droplets in front of the couch and the trail of blood droplets were the result of “`passive blood flow’ or simply free-falling blood.” There were hairs in the bathtub of the guest bathroom that were very dark with light roots.4 The scene also contained blood stains on mini-blinds behind the couch, which were most likely caused by a high-velocity impact, such as a gunshot wound. No shells were discovered at the scene, which suggested the murderer either used a revolver or had picked up the casings before he left. Due to the soot and stippling, Dr. Sheila Spotswood, the pathologist who performed Norma’s autopsy, testified the murderer discharged the firearm at less than twelve inches from Norma.

During the autopsy, large caliber bullets were removed from Norma’s neck and from Dennis’ cervical vertebrae. Norma died from five gunshot wounds5 and a four-inch-deep stab wound across her neck. Dennis died from a gunshot wound to the face and nine stab wounds to his face, neck, and chest.

Brandon had been attending Abilene Christian University and had kept a dagger in his dormitory room.6 When the room was searched after the murders, the police did not discover the dagger. Kathy Lach, Brandon’s aunt, discovered the dagger in the barn at Dennis and Norma’s residence in Heath, Texas,7 two and a half years after the murders. The dagger was approximately sixteen to eighteen inches long with a twelve-inch blade. Eric Gentry admitted he had previously told the Texas Rangers that the knife blade of Brandon’s dagger was only about six inches long, but testified he was absolutely certain the dagger introduced into evidence was Brandon’s. A spot of Dennis’ blood was discovered under a skull located on the guard of the knife.

Although the police searched the barn after the murders, they did not find the dagger. Approximately ten days after the murders, the police, with the consent of Charla, searched the Heath house. Grandfield testified that they “looked everywhere,” including underneath the house. Charla testified the barn at the Heath house contained items which were moved from a prior residence and never unpacked, as well as items that had piled up over the years. Investigator Joel Gibson conceded that the dagger could have been placed in the barn by someone other than Brandon. The barn was not locked until years after the murders. After the murders, but before the discovery of the dagger, the barn had been cleaned out and items from the Heath house were stored in it.

Woodruff trial underway in Hunt County
Attorney for Woodruff has already filed appeal, says prosecutors tried to use defendant’s orientation to prejudice jury
Autopsies questioned in murder trial of former ACU student
Woodruff trial testimony: ‘There was a lot of blood around the bodies’
Friends of man accused of killing parents in Hunt County testify he was late, jumpy that night
Woodruff found guilty of capital murder in parents’ deaths
Woodruff found guilty of capital murder in parents’ deaths
Woodruff found guilty of capital murder in parents’ deaths
Brandon Dale Woodruff v State of Texas 2010 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
DNA testing approved in murder case
More DNA tests sought in Woodruff murder case

Nightmare Next Door: Lone Star Mystery


Brandon Dale Woodruff

SID Number: 07606256
TDCJ Number: 01559439
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1986-09-06
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Current Facility: ALFRED HUGHES
Projected Release Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Parole Eligibility Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

Offense History
Offense Date: 2005-10-16
Sentence Date: 2009-03-20
County: HUNT
Case No.: 23319
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 5555-55-55

Psycho For Love: Robert Atlas charged with the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, Tracy Anderson


Tracy Anderson
Tracy Anderson

Bedford Woman Murdered, Police Concerned About Missing Roommate
Capital murder warrant issued for boyfriend of slain Bedford woman
Roommate Wanted For Bedford Woman’s Murder
Capital murder warrant issued for man who shared apartment with Bedford woman found stabbed to death
Texas man sought in pregnant girlfriend’s murder found in La.
Bedford Murder Suspect Caught In Louisiana
Texas murder suspect captured in Shreveport

Robert Atlas
Robert Atlas

Murder In The Family: Eldon Samuel III charged with killing his father, Eldon Samuel Jr. and his brother, Jonathan Samuel


1311 N. First Street
1311 N. First Street Coeur d’Alene, ID

Teen Used Handgun, Shotgun, Knife And Machete To Kill Family
Teen arrested for killing dad, brother
Cops: Idaho teen used machete, shotgun to kill dad, brother
Teen, 14, accused of murdering father, brother
Boy told police he killed his brother as he hid under a bed
14-year-old Idaho boy says he planned slayings for months
ID teen admits killing family with guns, machete

Eldon Samuel III

Update; Willow Long murder *Justin DeRyke pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Willow Long
Willow Long

Monsters Among Us: Justin DeRyke charged with the murder of his 7-year-old niece, Willow Long
DeRyke Pleads Guilty to Murder; Gets Natural Life in Prison
Justin DeRyke Pleads Guilty to Killing his Niece
Ill. man pleads guilty in stabbing death of niece, 7
Uncle pleads guilty to murder of Willow Long
Uncle pleads guilty in Willow Long murder case

Justin DeRyke
Justin DeRyke


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