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Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley found guilty; sentenced to LWOP*

Shannon Crawley at her conviction & sentencing

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
Crawley guilty of murder in Smith case
Former Guilford County Dispatcher Found Guilty Of Murder
Jury finds Crawley guilty
Romantic rival convicted in NCCU student’s slaying

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Update: Denita Smith murder *Closing arguments being heard*

Shannon Crawley during court

As I have not been able to attend this trial (I am in another state!), I am curious about these tapes that were played. They sound fishy to me. Was it verified that it was really Jermeir on the tapes? I doubt it or it would have been mentioned. The voice was just a whisper. I bet his mother could tell if it was him or not. Were phone records verifed that the call was placed between their phones?

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
Closing Arguments Expected In N.C. Central Student Murder
Defense: No evidence links suspect to NCCU student’s death
Crawley testifies: ‘I didn’t’ kill her

Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley’s trial continues; Defense should begin today*

Shannon Crawley on the stand today

She is still blaming Jermeir Stroud, talking about him calling her constantly and chasing her in his car around Greensboro. I wonder if she has the phone records to back this up. In the news report, nothing was said to back that up.

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
Fiance suspected ex-girlfriend in NCCU student’s death
Jury watches Crawley interrogation video
Suspect in NCCU student’s death says she feared for her children
Accused disputes state witnesses in Denita Smith murder trial
Shannon Crawley testifies in her own defense

Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley’s trial has begun*

Denita Smith

Interestng – the defense is saying that the “real killer” is Denita’s fiance, Jermeir Jackson-Stroud and that he made Shannon go with him to Denita’s apartments. However, I don’t believe the security guard at Campus Crossing Apts. will support this. He stated it was Shannon that he saw leaving the apartments and was in her own vehicle by herself. She is trying to use the ploy about being used by a man and that she had no control over herself or the situation. But if I remember correctly, Jermeir’s alibi was solid, so I don’t think this will fly. And to those who cry about Jermeir cheating on Shannon and he must have done it, you may want to check things closer. Shannon’s relationship with Jermeir was before he and Denita were engaged.

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
Accused murderer told police she’d had abortion
Defense says officer is NCCU student’s killer
Suspect in NCCU student’s death blames fiance
Former 911 dispatcher on trial in rival’s death

Shannon Crawley going into court

News Archive: Denita Smith murder

Denita Smith

Denita Smith murder 1/4/2007 Durham, NC *Found shot to death outside her apartment*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley has been arrested for her murder*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Funeral held for Denita and Shannon Crawley went to court*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley accused of stalking Denita’s fiance*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley indicted for murder*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley gets bail set* *175,000*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley released on bail*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley’s trial has begun*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley’s trial continues; Defense should begin today*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Closing arguments being heard*
Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley found guilty; sentenced to LWOP


Offender Number: 0994267
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: FEMALE
Ethnic Group: AFRICAN
Age: 33
Current Location: NCCI WOMEN

Name(s) Of Record


Most Recent Incarceration Summary

Incarceration Status: ACTIVE
Total Incarceration Term: LIFE
Conviction Date: 02/22/2010
Projected Release Date: LIFE
Primary Crime Type: FELON
Special Characteristics: LIFE
Current Status: FELON
Admission Date: 02/22/2010
Admitting Location: NC CI WOMEN
Next Control Review: UNKNOWN
Custody Classification: MEDIUM
Next Custody Review: 09/01/2012
Number Of Infractions: 3
Last Infraction Date: 06/04/2011
Current Location: NCCI WOMEN
Previous Location: SOUTHERN CI
Last Movement Date: 07/21/2011

Escapes?: N
Offender Sentence History

Most Recent Period of Incarceration Record

Sentence Number: BB-001
Commitment Type: INMATE
Conviction Date: 02/22/2010
County Of Conviction: DURHAM
Service Status: ACTIVE
Sentence Begin Date: 02/22/2010
Sentence Status: ACTIVE
Actual Release Date:
Punishment Type: ACTIVE SS
Projected Release Date: LIFE
Sentence Type 2: LIFE SENTENCE
Minimum Term: Maximum Term: LIFE

Commitment: INITIAL
Docket#: 07040334
Offense Date: 01/04/2007
Sentencing Penalty Class Code: CLASS A

Shannon Crawley

Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley released on bail*

crawley_shannon200.jpgDenita Smith’s accused killer, Shannon Crawley was released early Friday morning (between 1:30am – 2am) on bail, $175.000. This does not seem right to me. She is charged with murder. She should not have been given bail. I am really curious to find out how and why this happened. I have always believed that murder was one of those offenses that could not have a bail. If anyone can explain it, please do! Maybe this will give her a chance to get her affairs in order before the trial, which is what I expect will happen since she bailed out. It would not be appropriate if she was going to plead guilty. However, I have not read if there has been a trial date set.

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
Crawley released from jail on bond
Murder Suspect Released on Bond

Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley gets bail set at $175,000*

Denita Smith

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
Bond Set For Woman Accused Of Killing N.C. Central Student From Charlotte
Bond set in NCCU student’s slaying
Bond Set for Suspect in NCCU Student’s Slaying

Shannon Crawley

Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley indicted for murder*

Denita Smith

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
911 operator indicted in murder
Grand Jury Indicts Former 911 Operator In NC Central Student’s Death
Grand Jury Indicts Suspect in N.C. Central Student’s Death

Shannon Crawley

Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley accused of stalking Denita’s fiance*

shannon-elizabeth-crawley.jpgRecently there have been comments left here that have been disturbing to me, but at the same time, I thought I should see what develops. Well, today news stories have come out that have confirmed what I believed all along since the news of the arrest of Shannon Crawley. Several people are accusing Denita Smith’s fiance, Jermeir Jackson-Stroud, of being involved, if not directly, then indirectly. However, indications tell me a different story.

The woman accused of killing Denita Smith was stalking Smith’s fiance, Jermeir Stroud, according to a statement included in a search warrant affidavit made public Tuesday

This tells me not only part of the motive, but also as to why Jermeir has not pubicly spoken about this.

According to warrants, the groundskeeper heard a shot at 8:18 a.m., and one minute later, saw a woman walking around the building in front of which Smith’s body was later discovered. The woman was driving a burgundy Ford Explorer with a gray stripe, according to warrants. The groundskeeper noticed the woman was crying, warrants said, and asked the woman if she was OK. The woman “just continued to cry,” the warrants said. The groundskeeper told police he asked the woman if she heard shots and she nodded, at which point he said he was going to call police. The woman then drove away, despite the groundskeeper’s request that she stay.Upon hearing the groundskeeper’s description of the woman and her vehicle, Jackson-Stroud told investigators he knew a woman who drove such a vehicle and that she had been ” ‘stalking’ him for a while” warrants said. He told investigators Crawley had seen Smith before and would know who she was.

If Jermeir Jackson-Stroud was involved, I doubt he would have said these things, as they would have linked him to the suspect and not in a favorable light. However, this stalking evidence does give another interesting look at the case. Since it had been previously reported that Jermeir had told Shannon that he was going to marry Denitad, it has become obvious that this upset her quite a bit. Jermeir and Denita became engaged in November, and it was then that he gave Shannon the news also So she had time to adjust to the situation, but it appears that this did not happen. I do not know when the “stalking” started, but I would be interested to hear that.

To those who keep saying that Shannon is a victim and that both Shannon and Denita are victims of Jermeir, I disagree with you. Even if Jermeir had been dating both, that does not mean anything really. It really does not mean that Shannon had any right or reason to kill Denita. NONE. Instead of blaming Jermeir, personal responsibility needs to be taken, by the murderer. Apparently Shannon had the sense to drive all the way from Greensboro to Durham and to bring a gun with her. To me, that is premeditation. Which also does mean, if I am not mistaken, that this could be a death penalty case.  Yes, she is young and has 2 children, but she should have put them first rather than trying to chase a man who was engaged to another. Especially since he told her he was marrying Denita. Many women have been dumped by a man for another woman. It is devastating. But it is NOT a reason to murder. Period.

I realize that Shannon has friends and family that love her and that is a wonderful thing. If someone I loved killed someone, I would also give love and support to that person, but that does not mean I would condone their actions. However, to continually want to blame someone else for her actions is not very responsible. Shannon is a grown woman and as such, needs to take responsibility for the life she took. Regardless of the reasons anyone and everyone wants to offer. Give Denita’s loved ones some peace and also some respect. They do not need to continually hear that it is not the murderer’s fault.

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
New Details Released In Charlotte Student’s Murder
Warrant: NCCU Slaying Suspect Was ‘Stalking’ Victim’s Fiancé
Victim’s fiance possibly stalked

Update: Denita Smith murder *Funeral held for Denita and Shannon Crawley went to court*

Denita Smith

Services Today for NCCU Grad Student
NCCU Student Laid to Rest in Charlotte
Dozens of friends attend Smith funeral
Suspect in NCCU Student’s Death in Court

Shannon Crawley


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