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Serial KIller: *Butcher Baker* Robert Hansen killed at least 17 women, sentenced to years in prison; Died 8/21/2014

Robert Hansen victims

Known Victims
Lisa Futrell, 41
Malai Larsen, 28
Sue Luna, 23
Tami Pederson, 20
Angela Feddern, 24
DeLynn “Sugar” Frey
Paula Goulding
Andrea “Fish” Altiery
Sherry Morrow, 23
Eklutna Annie [true identity unknown]
Joanna Messina
Cecelia “Beth” Van Zanten, 17
Megan Emerick, 17
Mary Kathleen Thill, 23
Cindy Paulson [survived] (no picture)
Unknown Jane Doe (no picture)
Teresa Watson (no picture)
Roxanne Easland, 24 (no picture)

Alaska Man Admits Slaughtering 17 Women
Alaskan may have stalked victims like game animals
Alaskan confesses to 17 killings
Detailed murder record kept by Robert Hansen
Alaskan sentenced after confessing murders
Another Hansen victim found
crimelibrary: Hunting Humans
‘Butcher Baker’ Robert Hansen moved to Anchorage for medical treatment
Robert Hansen, Alaska Killer Who Hunted Victims, Dies at 75
Serial killer Hansen dies; ‘World is better without him,’ trooper says
Photos: Alaska serial killer Robert Hansen and his victims
Alaska “Butcher Baker” serial killer Robert Hansen dies at 75
Murderpedia: Robert Christian hansen
Criminal Minds Wiki: Robert Hansen
Wikipedia: Robert Hansen

Fair Game
Butcher, Baker: A True Account of a Serial Murder
Hunted on Ice: The Search for Alaskan Serial Killer Robert Hansen
Murder at 40 Below: True Crime Stories from Alaska

The Frozen Ground
The F.B.I. Files: Hunter’s Game
Alaska: Ice Cold Killers: Hunting Humans



Offender Name: ROBERT C HANSEN
Offender ID:12882
Date of Birth:02/15/1939
Age: 75
Race: White
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Date: 08/21/2014
Reason:Contact Facility

Scheduled Release Date: 08/21/2014

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Monsters Among Us: Arthur Hapgood charged with stabbing his 1-year-old niece, Zaniyah Calloway, to death

Say NO to Child Abuse

Zaniyah Calloway

Uncle high on ‘all’ drugs during 1-year-old niece’s murder
Man Took Drugs Before Fatally Slashing Infant, Police Say
Uncle Stabbed, Killed 1-Year-Old Niece: Police
Connecticut man charged with fatally stabbing 1-year-old niece
New Details In Deadly Stabbing Of Bristol Baby
Connecticut man charged in fatal stabbing of 1-year-old niece

Arthur Hapgood

Monsters Among Us: Eliezer Marquez Navedo abducted and killed Sara Kuszak, who was 5 months pregnant

Sara Kuszak
Sara Kuszak

Tourist Sara Kuszak Kidnapped, Throat Slashed
Tourist Killed in Puerto Rico: “I’m Going to Die”
Pregnant Savannah woman killed in Puerto Rico
Suspect pleads guilty to Savannah woman’s murder
Puerto Rico man pleads guilty in Georgia tourist killing
Puerto Rico man sentenced to 105 years for tourist murder
Savannah tourist killer gets 105 years
Puerto Rican Man Sentenced To 105 Years For Murder Of Savannah Woman
killer of pregnant tourist gets 105 years
Pregnant American Tourist Murdered in Puerto Rico

Murder Paradise: Clear Red Skies

Eliezer Marquez Navedo
Eliezer Marquez Navedo

Update: Emanuel Wesley Murray Jr. murder *Richard McTear convicted of his murder*

Say NO to Child Abuse

Emanuel Wesley Murray
Emanuel Wesley Murray

News Archive: Emanuel Wesley Murray Jr. murder
The Richard McTear murder trial
Baby found on I-275 suffered extreme trauma, medical examiner says
Prosecution rests in trial of man accused of throwing a baby onto I-275
Defense: No evidence McTear killed baby
Both sides in McTear case give closing arguments
McTear guilty of throwing baby to his death on I-275
McTear found guilty of first-degree murder
Fla. man guilty of throwing baby from car window
Richard McTear Jr. found guilty of first-degree murder

RichardMcTear jail mug
Richard McTear

Update: Wanda Barton murder *Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara turned himself in, returned to LA*

Wanda Barton
Wanda Barton

News Archive: Wanda Barton murder
Return of FBI Top Ten Fugitive Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara
Suspect in murder of a Lake Charles woman captured
Man on FBI’s Most Wanted list captured in Mexico
One of FBI’s Most Wanted Captured, Taken Back to Lake Charles
Suspect in 2008 death, rape of Lake Charles woman in custody

Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara
Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara

Monsters Among Us: Dante Taylor charged with the rape and murder of Sarah Goode

Sarah Goode
Sarah Goode

Police seek Medford, Long Island woman, 21, after car found
Body of missing mom found in Long Island: cops
Young mom’s remains found in Long Island woods
Missing mom Sarah Goode was murdered, sources say
Ex-Marine arrested in killing of woman who ‘spurned’ him
Man arrested in Florida for murder of Medford other Sarah Goode
Arrest made in murder of 21-year-old New York mother
Dante Taylor pleads not guilty to first-degree murder in Sarah Goode’s death
Neighbor: Alleged murderer of Sarah Goode was in and out of trouble

Dante Taylor
Dante Taylor

Update: Emanuel Murray Jr. murder *Trial begins for Richard McTear*

Say NO to Child Abuse

Emanuel Wesley Murray
Emanuel Wesley Murray

News Archive: Emanuel Wesley Murray Jr. murder
Jury selection begins in murder trial of accused baby killer Richard McTear
Jury selection begins for man accused of throwing baby
Second trial to begin for Richard McTear, accused of killing baby
McTear jury pool narrowed to 135 on first day of selection process
Half of jury pool knows of baby-throwing case

RichardMcTear jail mug
Richard McTear


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