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Hadiya Pendleton murder 1/29/2013 Chicago, IL *Michael Ward and Kenneth Williams charged with her murder*

Hadiya Pendleton
Hadiya Pendleton

Facebook: R.I.P Hadiya Pendleton
Teen who performed at Obama inaugural events shot dead in Chicago
Hadiya Pendleton Murder: Teen girl who performed at President Obama’s inauguration fatally shot at Chicago park, report says
Hadiya Pendleton: murdered honors student and symbol of Chicago violence
2 charged with murder in Hadiya Pendleton slaying
Pair Charged in Hadiya Pendleton Murder Case
2 Charged in Slaying of Chicago Honor Student
Suspects Held Without Bail in Hadiya Pendleton Murder
Men plead not guilty in Hadiya Pendleton murder
Prosecutors: Hadiya was shot because ‘she was just there’
One Year Later, Hadiya Pendleton’s Parents Reflect On Teen’s Death
Hadiya Pendleton’s Family Mourns Fallen ‘Angel’ One Year After Murder
Hadiya Pendleton’s Parents Launch Anti-Violence Group
Wikipedia: Death of Hadiya Pendleton

48 hours: The War in Chicago


KennethWilliams jail mug

Booking#: 2013-0212001
Date of Birth: 12/31/1992
Race: BK
Gender: M
Height: 601
Weight: 165
Booked Date: 02/12/2013
Bail Amount: *NO BOND*
Charges: 720 ILCS 5 9-1(a)(1) [735000]

Next Court Date: 07/22/2014
Court House Location: Criminal C
Criminal Courts Building, Room:702
2650 South California Avenue Room: 702
Chicago, IL 60608


MichaelWard jail mug

Booking#: 2013-0212002
Inmate Full Name: WARD, MICHAEL
Date of Birth: 08/09/1994
Race: BK
Gender: M
Height: 509
Weight: 150
Booked Date: 02/12/2013
Bail Amount: *NO BOND*
Charges: 720 ILCS 5 24-1.6(a)(1) [12474]

Next Court Date: 07/22/2014
Cour House Location: Criminal C
Criminal Courts Building, Room:702
2650 South California Avenue Room: 702
Chicago, IL 60608

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Jasmine Sade Curry murder 7/09/2014 Chicago, IL *Pregnant victim found shot to death in her vehicle*

Jasmine Curry
Jasmine Sade Curry

Pregnant Mother Of 5 Killed On Dan Ryan Expressway
Family: Jasmine Curry, pregnant mother of 5, fatally shot on Dan Ryan
Pregnant Mother of Five Killed in Shooting on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway
Pregnant Chicago mother of 5 killed in early morning freeway shooting
Woman shot dead on Dan Ryan, year after teen brother was killed
Dan Ryan victim mourned slain friend weeks earlier: ‘Put the guns down’

Monsters Among Us: Jerry Lee Fletcher

Gina Marie Justi
Gina Marie Justi

Gina Marie Justi, 14 [8/6/1971 FL]
Shirley McCune, 13 [4/19/1973 IL] (no picture)

Find-A-Grave: Gina Marie Justi
Find-A-Grave: Shirley McCune
‘She Didn’t Deserve To Die The Way She Did’
Forensic lab finds lead in 1971 murder case
People of the State of Illinois v Jerry Fletcher 1976
Jerry Lee Fletcher v Michael P. Lane, Warden 1978
40-year-old Florida cold case finds way to Peoria
The coldest case: 42 years later, man admits to murder in Pinellas
DNA clues helping to solve cold case in Palm Harbor
Exclusive: Family reflects after girl’s killer convicted 40 years later

Swamp Murders: Death in an Orange Grove



Offender ID: C10877
Date of Birth: 03/22/1942
Age: 72
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown

Custody Status: Out of Custody
Date: 05/19/2014

Parents Gone Wild! Maria Espinoza-Perez charged with beating her 3-year-old daughter, Ashley Mendoza, to death

Say NO to Child Abuse

Ashley Mendoza
Ashley Mendoza

Child, 3, Died From Child Abuse: Coroner
DCFS Investigating Mother In Death Of 3-Year-Old Girl
Ashley Mendoza, 3, died from child abuse at Dunning neighborhood home
Maria Espinoza-Perez charged in murder of daughter Ashley Mendoza, 3
‘Horrific allegations’: Mom accused of beating to death daughter, 3
Prosecutors: Maria Espinoza-Perez beat 3-year-old daughter Ashley Mendoza to death at Northwest Side home
Mother Charged In Death Of 3-Year-Old On NW Side
DCFS Investigating Mother of Ashley Mendoza, 3, Who Died From Abuse
Mom Charged in 3-Year-Old’s Death Held Without Bail


MariaEspinozaPerez jail mug

Booking#: 2014-0521158
Date of Birth: 06/11/1989
Race: RT
Gender: F
Height: 505
Weight: 198
Booked Date: 05/21/2014
Bail Amount: *NO BOND*
Charges: 720 ILCS 5 9-1(a)(1) [735000]
Sec. 9-1. First degree Murder – Death penalties – Exceptions – Separate Hearings – Proof – Findings – Appellate procedures – Reversals.
(a) A person who kills an individual without lawful justification commits first degree murder if, in performing the acts which cause the death:
(1) he either intends to kill or do great bodily harm

to that individual or another, or knows that such acts will cause death to that individual or another

Next Court Date: 06/09/2014
Court House Location: Branch 66

Cold Case: Rene Valentine-Matos charged with the rape and murder of 12-year-old Jahmeshia Conner

Jahmeshia Conner
Jahmeshia Conner

Justice for Jahmeshia
Missing girl found dead in South Side alley
Missing Chicago girl was strangled
Family Of 12-Year-Old Victim Marks Grim Anniversary
Man Charged In 2009 Rape, Murder Of 12-Year-Old Girl
Victim’s Mother Reacts To Cold Case Murder Arrest
Man charged in 2009 murder of Jahmeshia Conner, 12, in Englewood
Jahmeshia Conner Murder Suspect Charged, Police Say
Man charged in 2009 rape, murder of 12-year-old girl
How cops broke 2009 case of 12-year-old girl’s slaying
Man Held Without Bond In Englewood Girl’s Rape, Murder


Rene Valentine-Matos

Booking #: 2014-0508171
Date of Birth: 05/10/1966
Race: LB
Gender: M
Height: 507
Weight: 170
Booked Date: 05/08/2014
Bail: No Bond

Please read my comment policy before commenting. If your comment is only about the suspect, it will not be approved, no matter the content. My blog focuses on the victims, not the defendants. Here, Jahmeshia Conner is the focus and the important one. Please remember her.

Missing: 12-year-old Ashley Walton from University Village, Chicago, IL

Ashley Walton
Ashley Walton

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call Area Central detectives at (312) 747-8380.

Girl, 12, Missing From University Village
Cops: Girl, 12, missing from West Side
Girl, 12, missing from University Village

Endia Martin murder 4/28/2014 Chicago, IL *Victim and another teenage girl were shot by a teenage girl from another school over something on Facebook*

Endia Martin
Endia Martin

2 Teen Girls Shot, One Fatally, In Back Of The Yards
Fatal teen shooting may have started with dispute on Facebook
Girl, 14, killed in South Side shooting, 2nd girl hurt
Teen Girl Shot, Killed on South Side
14-Year-Old Endia Martin Fatally Shot on Way Home from School in Chicago

900 block of West Garfield Boulevard
900 block of West Garfield Boulevard

Parents Gone Wild! Ana Rosa Mora charged will killing her newborn, placing the baby in a plastic bag and leaving the child in the cold

child abuse prevention

Ana Rosa Mora charged with murder after newborn found wrapped in bag in Northwest Side gangway
Mom charged with murder of newborn son left outside in plastic bag
Chicago woman, 18, charged with murder after dead newborn found
Mother charged in death of newborn found in plastic bag on NW Side
Woman, 18, Charged With Murder Following Discovery Of Dead Newborn
Teen Charged with Murdering Newborn After Body Found in Plastic Bag
Teen mother charged after baby found dead in Logan Square gangway
Teen Mom Charged with Death of Newborn Found in Logan Square Alley

Ana Rosa Mora
Ana Rosa Mora

Murder In The Family: William Rouse killed his parents, Bruce and Darlene Rouse; Convicted after 15 years on the run, sentenced to 80 years in prison


Bruce and Darlene Rouse

1980 murder solved when son confesses
Son held in parents’ long-ago slayings
Son charged 15 years after parents deaths
Rouse Son’s Confession: `Everybody Knew’
Man confesses to killing parents 15 years ago
Rouse Admits Killing Parents On 1995 Videotape
Too Late To Try Rouse, Defense Says
Jurors To Hear Murder Confession
Prosecution Stacks Up Evidence In Rouse Trial
Rouse’s Defense Tries To Implicate His Brother
Judge Gives Rouse 80 Years, Wishes It Were More
Demolition in future of mansion with past
CrimeLibrary: The Shotgun Slaying of Bruce and Darlene Rouse

Blood Relatives: Murder Mansion



Offender Name: WILLIAM ROUSE
Offender ID:K50180
Date of Birth:09/26/1964
Age: 49
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Pontiac Correctional Center

Michael Tingling murder 3/19/2014 Chicago, IL *Joseph Firek charged with killing Tingling, who was protecting his daughter from Firek*

Michael Tingling
Michael Tingling

Man dies after fight in Rogers Park
Dad dies while protecting teen daughter in Chicago
Joseph Firek charged with murder, hate crime in Michael Tingling killing
Father dies shielding daughter, 15: ‘I’m going to make him proud’
Police: Man Attacked, Killed in Hate Crime
Joseph Firek charged with murder, hate crime in Rogers Park assault
Retired Boxer Protecting his Daughter Dies After Rogers Park Fight


Joseph Firek

Booking#: 2014-0321305
Inmate Full Name: FIREK, JOSEPH
Date of Birth: 03/11/1955
Race: WH
Gender: M
Height: 511
Weight; 148
Booked Date: 03/21/2014
Bail Amount: 250,000
Charges: 720 ILCS 5 9-1(a)(1) [735000]

Next Court Date: 04/09/2014
Court House Location: Branch 66
Branch 66, Room:101
2650 South California Avenue Room: 101
Chicago, IL 60608


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