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News Archive: DeCarol Deloney-Cain murder


Decarol Deloney-Cain2
Decarol Deloney-Cain

Decarol Deloney-Cain murder 7/03/2014 (approximately) Gary, IN *Daughter’s boyfriend, Damarius Rashard Wren charged with her murder*
Update: DeCarol Deloney-Cain murder *Daughter, Alyssa Barrett, is now also charged with her murder*

a href=”https://mylifeofcrime.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/wren-and-barrett.jpg”>Wren and Barrett

Damarius Rashard Wren
Alyssa Barrett (daughter)

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Update: DeCarol Deloney-Cain murder *Daughter, Alyssa Barrett, is now also charged with her murder*


Decarol Deloney-Cain2
Decarol Deloney-Cain

News Archive: DeCarol Deloney-Cain murder
Disturbing details in Crown Point murder
Daughter of dead flight attendant charged with murder
Daughter charged in Crown Point mom’s death
Alyssa Barrett, 17, charged in murder of her mother, flight attendant DeCarol Deloney-Cain
Prosecutors: Daughter murdered mother
Alyssa Barrett charged in mother’s murder

Wren and Barrett

Damarius Rashard Wren
Alyssa Barrett (daughter)

Franklin Feliz murder 5/16/2005 Soledad, CA *Cellmate, David Maurice Gomez, convicted of his murder; Sentencing will be 8/20/2014*

remembering the victims

Salinas Valley State Prison Correctional Officer attacked by an inmate
Inmate convicted of murder faces 3 life sentences
Salinas Valley State Prison inmate convicted of killing cellmate.
Long-running murder case ends in guilty verdict
David Maurice Gomez serving life in prison kills his prison cellmate, Franklin Feliz


DavidGomez prison mug

CDCR#: D97027
Age: 48
Admission Date: 09/26/1988
Current Location: Sacramento
100 Prison Road
Represa, CA 95671
(916) 985-8610

News Archive: Wanda Barton murder

Wanda Barton
Wanda Barton

Monsters Among Us: Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara, wanted for the rape and murder of Wanda Barton, is added to the FBI Ten Most Wanted List
Update: Wanda Barton murder *Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara turned himself in, returned to LA*

Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara
Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara

Update: Wanda Barton murder *Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara turned himself in, returned to LA*

Wanda Barton
Wanda Barton

News Archive: Wanda Barton murder
Return of FBI Top Ten Fugitive Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara
Suspect in murder of a Lake Charles woman captured
Man on FBI’s Most Wanted list captured in Mexico
One of FBI’s Most Wanted Captured, Taken Back to Lake Charles
Suspect in 2008 death, rape of Lake Charles woman in custody

Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara
Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara

Update: Maribel Ramos murder *Kwang Chol Joy convicted of her murder*

Maribel Ramos

Maribel Ramos murder 5/2/2013 Orange, CA *Roommate, Kwang Chol Joy, charged with her murder; He had recently been asked to move out*
Find Maribel Ramos
Trial Begins For Roommate Accused Of Murdering Army Vet
Prosecutors: New Evidence Against Suspect In Murder Of Roommate, An Iraq War Vet
Accused Killer Was in Love With Slain Roommate: Prosecutors
Missing CSUF student trial: Closing arguments begin
Jury Begins Deliberations In Case Of Man Accused Of Murdering Roommate
Roommate Found Guilty of 2nd-Degree Murder in Death of Maribel Ramos
Maribel Ramos murder trial: Roommate convicted of 2nd degree murder
OC Man Found Guilty Of Murdering His Roommate, An Iraq War Veteran

Kwang Chol Joy
Kwang Chol Joy

Deadly Women: Elaine Antoinette Parent *The Chameleon Killer*

Beverly McGowan
Beverly Ann McGowan

Slaying Leaves Investigators With Few Clues
Police air need for clues nearly a year after slaying
Florida woman wanted in murder case kills self
’90 Murder Trail Leads To Woman
Hunt for the Chameleon
Murder suspect ‘Chameleon’ a suicide victim
Wikipedia: Elaine Parent

America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back: Elaine Parent
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Beverly McGowan
Swamp Murders: The Chameleon Killer

Elaine Parent
Elaine Antoinette Parent

Monsters Among Us: Dante Taylor charged with the rape and murder of Sarah Goode

Sarah Goode
Sarah Goode

Police seek Medford, Long Island woman, 21, after car found
Body of missing mom found in Long Island: cops
Young mom’s remains found in Long Island woods
Missing mom Sarah Goode was murdered, sources say
Ex-Marine arrested in killing of woman who ‘spurned’ him
Man arrested in Florida for murder of Medford other Sarah Goode
Arrest made in murder of 21-year-old New York mother
Dante Taylor pleads not guilty to first-degree murder in Sarah Goode’s death
Neighbor: Alleged murderer of Sarah Goode was in and out of trouble

Dante Taylor
Dante Taylor

Boyfriends From Hell: Joshua Blow charged with the murder of Aiden Haskins, his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son

Say NO to Child Abuse

Aiden Haskins
Aiden Haskins

Aiden Micheal Haskins obituary
Police identify 2-year-old dead in Shelburne
Shelburne man charged with murdering toddler
Joshua Blow Charged in 2-Year-Old’s Death, Pleads Not Guilty
Man pleads not guilty in toddler’s death
Man pleads not guilty in 2-year-old boy’s death

Joshua Blow

Douglas Redd and Sharon Smith murders 1/14/1992 Channelview, TX *Harold Martin Laird convicted of Redd’s murder, sentenced to life in prison*

remembering the victims

Harold Martin Laird v State of Texas 1996 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Prison escape discovered at Stiles Unit
Killer’s escape leads to nationwide alert
Man in prison for Channelview deaths escapes
Killer who escaped from Texas prison is caught in Mississippi
Manhunt for escaped Texas killer ends in Mississippi
Looking for penpals (makes it appear he will parole in 2027, which is incorrect – that is just his initial parole hearing)

I (Almost) Got Away with It: Got to Be MacGuyver


HaroldLaird prison mug

SID Number: 05206224
TDCJ Number: 00659512
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1975-07-20
Current Facility: COFFIELD
Projected Release Date: NOT AVAILABLE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2027-01-18

Offense History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Sentence (YY-MM-DD)
1992-12-08 ESCAPE 1993-12-09 HARRIS 651401 8-00-00
1992-11-25 POSS DDLY WPN IN PENAL INSTIT 1993-12-09 HARRIS 650499 8-00-00
1992-01-14 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 1993-12-08 HARRIS 631943 9999-99-99
1998-01-02 ASSAULT PUBLIC SERVANT 2000-10-19 ANDERSON 24770 7-00-00
2001-09-12 ESCAPE 2004-05-05 JEFFERSON 87746 20-00-00
1997-07-03 DDLY WPN IN PENAL INSTI 1999-01-12 JONES 8048 20-00-00


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