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Parents Gone Wild! Gary Fellenbaum and Jillian Tait charged with killing Jillian’s son, 3-year-old Scott McMillan

Say NO to Child Abuse

Scotty McMillan
Scott McMillan

Light up the night for Scotty
15,000 Lit Candles to Honor Scotty McMillan
‘This is just evilness,’ DA says of Pa. boy’s horrible torture death at age 3
Two accused of torturing, killing 3-year-old in Chester County
Police: 3-year-old hung up by feet, beaten, killed in Pennsylvania
Boy, 3, dies after being beaten, ‘systematically tortured’ while hung from feet
Mom, Boyfriend Beat Boy, 3, to Death Inside Chester County Home: Prosecutors
Prosecutor: Couple went car shopping while tortured toddler lay dying
Two charged in Chesco killing of 3-year-old
Third person charged after 3-year-old was beaten to death because he ‘wouldn’t eat his breakfast’

Fellenbaum Tait and Fellenbaum

Gary Fellenbaum – charged with murder
Jillian Tait – charged with murder
Amber Fellenbaum – charged with child endangerment

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Ximena Meza murder 10/22/2014 Anaheim, CA *Ricardo Cruz and Alfredo Miguel Aquino were arrested for her murder*

Ximena Meza
Ximena Meza

Father: 9-Year-Old Daughter “Died in My Arms” After Shooting Outside Home
Young girl fatally shot on sidewalk in Anaheim
2 Arrested in Killing of 9-Year-Old Anaheim Girl Who Was Shot While Playing in Front Yard
2 Arrests Made In Anaheim Girl’s Shooting Death
2 arrests made in shooting death of 9-year-old Anaheim girl
Fatal Shooting of 9 Y.O. Ximena Meza in Anaheim Sparks Larger Community Concerns
Ximena Meza’s Alleged Killers on Probation at Time of 9-year-old’s Slaying: Police Chief
Coroner identifies girl, 9, shot to death outside Anaheim apartments

Aquino and Cruz
Alfredo Miguel Aquino and Ricardo Cruz

Parents Gone Wild! Kelsey Smith charged with the beating death of his stepdaughter, Jeida Torres, and the beating of her brother, Andrew Torres

DV 2014

Jeida Torres
Jeida Torres

Medical Examiner Rules Brooklyn Toddler’s Death A Homicide
Man Charged following Beating Death Of 3-Year-Old Jeida Torres In Brooklyn
Brooklyn girl, 3, beaten to death by mother’s 20-year-old boyfriend after going to bathroom in her pants: police
Stepfather charged in beating death of 3-year-old in Brooklyn apartment
Man Charged following Beating Death Of 3-Year-Old Jeida Torres In Brooklyn
Stepfather charged with second-degree murder in beating death 3-year-old girl
3-Year-Old Girl Beaten to Death by Her Stepdad, Police Say
Suspect in Brooklyn girl’s beating death had prior arrests
Suspect in girl’s beating death at Brooklyn homeless shelter had 15 prior arrests

Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith

Monsters Among Us: Richard Allen Davis kidnapped and killed 12-year-old Polly Klaas; He was sentenced to death

Polly Klaas
Polly Hannah Klaas

Polly’s Story
Polly Klaas Foundation
Crime Library
The Criminal Life of Richard Allen Davis
Polly Klaas
Guilty verdict in Klaas murder
Killer of Polly Klaas sentenced to death
Murderpedia:Richard Allen Davis
Wikipedia: Murder of Polly Klaas
Polly Hannah Klaas: Wikipedia
Wikipedia: Richard Allen Davis
Richard Allen Davis – San Quentin State Prison
crimelibrary: The Killing of Polly Klaas
Authorities revisit 1973 ‘suicide’

Marlene Voris
Marlene Voris

Polly Klaas: The Murder of America’s Child
Who Killed Polly?: The True Story Behind the Abduction and Murder of Polly Klaas (Who Killed Polly?)

Free to Kill: The Polly Klaas Murder
Motives and Murder: Who took Polly Klaas?

RichardAllenDavis prison mug
Richard Allen Davis

Ray Allen Etheridge murder 9/30/2014 Cherokee Park, KY *Joseph Cambron charged with the 12-year-old boy’s murder*

Ray Etheridge
Ray Allen Etheridge

Homicide detectives investigating after boy found in Cherokee Park
Arrest made in murder of 12-year-old boy in Cherokee Park
Family mourns 12-year-old as police make arrest in Cherokee Park slaying
Police arrest man for murder of 12-year-old found in Cherokee Park
Arrest made in murder of 12-year-old boy in Cherokee Park
Family of boy found dead in Cherokee Park speaks out
Family of murdered boy found at Cherokee Park searching for answers
Coroner releases ID of child who died after being found at Cherokee Park
Possible earlier connection between 12-year-old murder victim and suspect

Joseph Cambron
Joseph Cambron

Cold Case: Louis Mark Duran charged with the death of his roommate’s 15-month-old daughter, Vanessa Nieto

Say NO to Child Abuse

Utah Police Arrest Man After 25 Years
Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/05/utah-police-arrest-man-after-25-years/#s242zWBD7MjihajB.99

Arrest made in 1988 death of Utah infant
Man charged with toddler’s 1988 death
Man charged in 1988 death of baby appears in court
Utah mom testifies in hearing for man accused in toddler’s death
Case of baby girl’s death heard in court for first time since 1988


Louis Duran

Sex: M
Age: 54
Height: 505
Weight: 130
Eye Color: BROWN

Inmate Information
Booking #: 14029646
SO#: 96991
State ID: 166643
FBI: 549398 T3
COB: Utah

Incarceration Information
Current Location: MAIN
Current Housing Section: 05
Current Housing Block: A
Current Housing Cell: 21
Current Housing Bed: B
Booked Date: 06/03/2014

Bond Information
Case #: 141905978 Amount: $1,000,007.00 Status: Open Posted By: Post Date: 06/03/2014
Case #: 121800390 Amount: $2,000.00 Status: Open Posted By: Post Date: 06/03/2014
Case #: 141500738 Amount: $1,436.00 Status: Released on own Recognizance Posted By: Post Date: 07/17/2014

Charge Information
Case # Offense Date Code Description Grade Degree
141905978 06/03/2014 76.5.203 Homicide/Murder F 1
121800390 06/03/2014 76.6.412.1.C Theft M A
141500738 07/17/2014 58.37a.5.1 Drug paraphernalia MIS B personal use M B

Parents Gone Wild! Justin Ross Harris charged with leaving his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in his hot car all day, killing him in the process

Say NO to Child Abuse

Cooper Harris
Cooper Harris

Cooper Mills Harris obituary
Leaving child in hot car may not have been an accident
Georgia father sexted women while his son died in hot car
Source: Dad searched how long it takes animal to die in hot car before child left in hot car
Charges against Ross Harris paint conflicting scenarios
Grand Jury indicts Harris in hot car death
Grand Jury indicts Justin Ross Harris in death of son in hot car
Ross Harris indicted for murder in son’s hot car death
Georgia Dad Justin Harris Indicted on Murder Charges in Hot-Car Death
Justin Ross Harris charged with murder in son’s hot car death
Report: Mother of toddler in Cobb hot car death passes polygraph test
State won’t seek death penalty for Justin Ross Harris

Justin Harris
Justin Ross Harris


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