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Serial Killer: Randall Brent Woodfield *The I-5 Killer or The I-5 Bandit*

Woodfield victims
Julie Reitz, Doug Altic, and Darci Fix

Marsha Weatter, 19 [3/1980]
Kathy Allen, 18 [3/1980]
Cherie Ayers [10/9/1980]
Darci Fix [11/1980]
Doug Altic [11/1980]
Shari Hull [1/18/1981]
Beth Wilmot [1/14/1981] (survived)
Donna Eckard, 37 [2/3/1981
Janell Jarvis, 14 [2/3/1981]
Julie Reitz [2/15/1981]
Lisa Garcia [?] (survived)

‘I-5′ suspect faces charges of killing two
Interstate bandit identified in lineup
Bullets link Woodfield to crime
Woodfield tells court he did not kill Salem woman
‘I-5′ suspect convicted
Woodfield lawyer claims police brainwashed survivor of attack
The I-5 Killer
Serial killer Randy Woodfield’s legacy: pain, preening and pointlessness
Portland detectives definitively link I-5 killer Randy Woodfield to 5 more deaths
‘I-5 Killer’ connected to five more deaths
Child killer claims she’s planning to marry Interstate 5 Bandit
Murderpedia: Randall Brent Woodfield
Wikipedia: Randall Woodfield
Victims of Randall Woodfield
Two killers leave a trail of bodies along Interstate 5 in California in the 1980s
Woodfield, Randall Brent

The I-5 Killer
Trace Evidence: The Hunt for the I-5 Serial Killer

Hunt for the I-5 Killer
Motives & Murders: Highway to Hell


Randall Woodfield

Offender Name: Woodfield, Randall Brent
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Height: 6′ 01”
Weight: 170 lbs
DOB: 12/1950
Race: White Or European Origin
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Caseload: 00105
Phillippi, Lindy
Location: Oregon State Penitentiary
Status: Inmate
Institution Admission Date 09/24/1981
Earliest Release Date: Life

Docket Number County Crime Sentence Type Begin Date Termination Date
75030742/01 MULT ROBBERY II Inmate Sentence 06/10/1975 11/18/1983
125510/01 MARI MURDER Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 -
125511/01 MARI MURDER ATTEMPT Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 -
125512/01 MARI SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 -
125513/01 MARI SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 -
38434/01 BENT SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 12/17/1981 -
38491/01 BENT FIREARM – FELON POSSESS Inmate Sentence 12/17/1981 -
810541/01 LINN SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 07/22/1982 -
810541/03 LINN SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 07/22/1982 -

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Update: Catherine Janet Walsh murder *Gregory Scott Hopkins convicted, sentenced to 8-16 years in prison*


Catherine Janet Walsh

Boyfriends From Hell: Gregory Scott Hopkins, Bridgewater Councilman, charged with the 1979 strangulation murder of his girlfriend, Catherine Janet Walsh
Man Goes On Trial In Beaver Co. Cold Case
Ex-Pa. Councilman Denies Killing Woman In 1979
Jury Deliberations To Continue Friday In Beaver County Cold Case Trial
Former Councilman Found Guilty In Beaver Co. Cold Case Trial
Verdict ends 34-year odyssey for victim’s brother
Ex-councilman gets 8-16 years for 1979 Beaver Co. murder
Former Bridgewater councilman Hopkins sentenced in 1979 cold case
Former Beaver Co. Councilman Sentenced To 8-16 Years In Prison



Age: 68
Date of Birth: 03/10/1946
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Height: 5′ 05″
Current Location: PITTSBURGH
Permanent Location: PITTSBURGH
Committing County: BEAVER

Serial Killer: William George Bonin *The Freeway Killer*

Bonin victims

David McVicker, 14 (survived) (no picture)
Thomas Glen Lundgren, 13 [5/28/1979]
Mark Shelton, 17 [8/4/1979] (no picture)
Marcus Grabs, 17 [8/5/1979]
Donald Ray Hyden, 15 [8/27/1979]
David Murillo, 17 [9/9/1979]
Robert Wirostek, 18 [9/17/1979] (no picture)
Unidentified young male, around 19 [11//29/1979] (no picture)
Frank Dennis Fox, 17 [11//30/1979] (no picture)
John Frederick Kilpatrick, 15 [12/10/1979] (no picture)
Michael Francis McDonald, 16 [1/1/1980] (no picture)
Charles Miranda, 15 [2/3/1980]
James Michael McCabe, 12 [2/3/1980]
Ronald Gatlin, 18 [3/14/1980]
Glenn Norman Barker, 14 [3/21/1980]
Russell Rugh, 15 [3/21/1980]
Harry Todd Turner, 15 [3/24/1980]
Steven Wood, 16 [4/10/1980]
Lawrence Eugene Sharp, 18 [4/10/1980]
Darin Kendrick, 19 [4/29/1980]
Sean King, 14 [5/19/1980] (no picture)
Steven Jay Wells, 18 [6/2/1980]
Harold T., 15 (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Thomas Glen Lundgren
Find-A-Grave: Donald Hyden, Jr.
‘Freeway Killer’ case shocks folks
Bonin on Death Row
Wilson Denies Bonin’s Plea to Halt Execution
Capital Punishment: William George Bonin
‘Freeway Killer’ Bonin Executed by Injection
William George Bonin #322
CrimeLibrary: The Freeway Killer
Murderpedia: William George Bonin
Wikipedia: William Bonin
A Look at William Bonin, the Infamous “Freeway Killer”
Clues From a Condemned Man’s Past
Sole Survivor Of Notorious ‘Freeway Killer’ Speaks Out
The Other Victims of William Bonin
Pugh Gets Six Years in Freeway Murders
Accomplices Got Life Terms; Parole Unlikely
Bonin Accomplice Wants Freedom or Death, Not the Truth
‘Freeway Killer’ accomplice withdraws parole bid
Aliso Viejo man worries about possible parole of ‘freeway killer’ accomplice

The Need to Kill: Inside the World of the Serial Killer
Doing time: Stories from the mind of a death row prisoner

Most Infamous: Murder & Co.
Freeway Killer

Bonin and Butts
William Bonin and Vernon Butts

William George Bonin – convicted, sentenced to death, executed 2/23/1996
Vernon Robert Butts – committed suicide in jail
Gregory Matthew Miley – convicted, sentenced to 25 years to life in prison (possible parole hearing this year)
William Ray Pugh – convicted of voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to 6 years in prison
James Michael Munro – convicted, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison (denied parole several times)


Gregory Matthew Miley

CDCR#: C42801
Age: 52
Admission Date: 02/16/1982
Current Location: Mule Creek
4001 Highway 104
Ione, CA 95640
(209) 274-4911


JamesMichaelMunro prison mug

CDCR#: C44535
Age: 52
Admission Date: 03/23/1992
Current Location: Mule Creek
4001 Highway 104
Ione, CA 95640
(209) 274-4911

Unsolved Serial Murders: Lewiston Civic Theater Murders aka Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer

Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer victims

Christina White, 12
Kristen David, 22
Former Air Force Cpl. Steven Pearsall, 35
Kristina Nelson, 21
Jacqueline Brandi Miller, 18

According to the Lewiston Police Department in the documentary, Confluence, the only suspect in these murders as been Lance Jeffrey Voss.

Murder Stories I Can Never Forget: Snake River Serial Killer Still at Large? (EXCELLENT article)
Charley Project: Christina Lee White
Charley Project: Steven R. Pearsall
NamUs: MP #2071 Steven Pearsall
ID – Steven R. Pearshall, 35, Lewiston, 14 Sept 1982
Northern Idaho authorities not ready to drop 1981 dismemberment case
Lewiston-Clarkston couple create documentary on late 70’s serial killer
‘Confluence:’ On the trail of a Northwest serial killer
Common Denominator
Murder victim’s family wants Civic Theatre floor examined
Facebook: Lewis-Clark Valley Serial Killer
Television show to revisit Lewiston Civic Theatre murders

Dark Minds: The Phantom of Civil Theater

Murder In The Family: Mark Yavorsky killed his mother, Mary Wathan, with an antique saber, found not guilty by reason of insanity


Mark Yavorsky was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the murder of his mother, Mary Wathan. He was committed to Patton State Hospital where he stayed for many years. He was then released to a group home in San Diego. Apparently he died in 2003.

Bizarre Murder Being Probed
John Wathan’s mother murdered
Cather’s kin murder suspect
Son booked in saber death
Picture it
A Murder That Mimicked Greek Tragedy
Inspired by tragedy

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

Serial Killer: Thor Nis Christiansen killed 4 women, with a 5th victim that survived

remembering the victims

Jacqueline Anne Rook, 21 [11/20/1976]
Mary Ann Sarris, 19 [12/6/1976]
Patricia Marie Laney, 21 [1/18/1977]
Laura Sue Benjamin, 22 [5/26/1979]
Lydia Preston, 24 [4/18/1979] survived

Thor Nis Christiansen was stabbed to death in prison in 1981.

Third Body Found In ‘Look Alike’ Murders
Coeds Discuss Attacks
Body Found
Killing, Assault Plea Changed
Hitchhiking Slaying Suspect Arrested: Man Linked to 3 Santa Barbara
Killings in ’76-77.

3 More Murders Admitted
Murderpedia: Thor Nis Christiansen
Wikipedia: Thor Nis Christiansen
CrimeLibrary: Thor Nis Christiansen

Twisted: The Hitch Hike Hunter

Serial Killers: Briley Brothers 1979 Rampage *11 dead during their killing spree*

remembering the victims

Orline Christian, 57 [1/28/1971 – Linwood Briley]
William Bucher [3/12/1979] survived
Virginia Bucher [3/12/1979] survived
Michael McDufie [3/21/1979]
Mary Gowen [4/9/1979]
Christopher Phillips, 17 [7/4/1979]
John Gallaher [7/9/1979]
Mary Wilfong, 62 [9/30/1979]
Blanche Page, 79 [10/5/1979]
Charles Garner, 59 [10/5/1979]
Harvey Wilkerson [10/19/1979]
Judy Diane Barton, 23 [10/19/1979]
Harvey Wayne Barton, 5 [10/19/1979]

Joint Police Effort Leads to 4 Slaying Arrests
Brothers, teen-ager face charges in 3 slayings
Briley brother found guilty, gets 5 life sentences in killings
Briley Brothers: Captured and condemned (video)
Town in fear of escaped killers
Only the Briley brothers remain at large
Briley brothers captured
Briley brothers tell nun they have children
Appeals, Prison Uprising Fail To Block Briley’s Execution
Second Briley brother executed
James Briley Executed In Virginia Electric Chair
Escape From Death Row: The Briley Brothers
Rampage: The Briley brothers terrorized Richmond area
Jailbreak: Briley brothers busted out of death row
Murderpedia: Linwood Earl Briley
Murderpedia: James Dyral Briley
Briley Brothers
I Survived An Encounter With The Briley Brothers
Officials seek release for Briley brothers accomplice
Duncan Meekins, Briley Brothers Gang Member, Denied Parole in Virginia
Former Talk Show Host Weds Killer : Bride Wore White, Groom Prison Blue
Wounds Deep 10 Years After Nation’s Largest Death Row Escape
Anthony Briley denied parole 12/13/2013
Briley gang member Duncan Meekins denied parole

Twisted: The Blood Brothers

Linwood and James Briley

Linwood Earl Briley – convicted, sentenced to death (executed 10/12/1984)
James Dyral Briley, Jr – convicted, sentenced to death (executed 4/18/1984)
Anthony Ray Briley – convicted, sentenced to life in prison plus 139 years(parole eligible)
Duncan Eric Meekins – pled guilty, sentenced to life plus 100 years (turned state’s evidence)


Offender ID Number: 1015001
Offender Name: Anthony Ray Briley
Gender: Male
Race: Black
VADOC Release Date: Single Life Sentence
Location: Powhatan Correctional Center
3600 Woods Way
State Farm, VA 23160
(804) 598-4251


Duncan Eric Meekins
Duncan Eric Meekins


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