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Deadly Women: Marie “Mean Marie” Dean Arrington

remembering the victims

Lester Arrington, husband [1964] (received 20 years for manslaughter)
Vivian June Ritter [4/22/1968] (sentenced to death, overturned due to US Supreme Court decision on the death penalty)


Marie Dean Arrington died in prison  5/10/2014.  Thanks Anthony Rao for letting me know.

She’ll Kill Again, Say Cops Of Escaped Murderess
Marie Arrington Recaptured
Marie Dean Arrington Returns, Tight Security Maintained
Marie Arrington In Raiford Hospital
Marie Arrington: Religious, Unreformed Murderess
Marie Arrington Asks For Prison Transfer
Marie Arrington Trial Underway
Marie Arrington May Be Moved To Lake Butler
Murderpedia: Marie Dean Arrington
Wikipedia: Marie Dean Arrington


MarieArrington1 MarieArrington2

DC Number: 149933
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5’02”
Weight: 124 lbs.
Birth Date: 08/16/1933
Initial Receipt Date: 12/06/1968
Current Facility: LOWELL ANNEX
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE


Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date 07/04/1964
Sentence Date 05/22/1968
Case No. 0000008
Prison Sentence Length 20Y 0M 0D

Offense Date 04/22/1968
Sentence Date 12/06/1968
Case No. 0000662
Prison Sentence Length SENTENCED TO LIFE

Offense Date 03/01/1969
Offense ESCAPE
Sentence Date 03/14/1972
Case No. 0003852
Prison Sentence Length 10Y 0M 0D

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody 12/06/1968
Date Out-of-Custody 03/01/1969

Date In-Custody 04/24/1972
Date Out-of-Custody Currently Incarcerated

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Murder In The Family: Todd Nicholson murder 12/07/1964 Temple City, CA *Twin brother Timothy Nicholson convicted of his murder, sentenced to 1-10 years in prison*

Todd Nicholson

Twin Charged With Murder Of His Brother
Murder Charged In Twin’s Killing
Nicholson Charged in Brother’s Death; Freed on $27,000 Bail
Mother Airs Cruelty Of Slain Son
Jury Visits Death Scene
Conflict of Twin Brothers Laid Bare at Slaying Trial
Nicholson Trial May Go To The Jury Soon
Nicholson Twin Is Convicted
Wealthy Twin Facing Prison For Fatal Shooting of Brother
Prison Ahead for Surviving Twin Brother

Death of the Other Self
Evil Twins: Chilling True Stories of Twins, Killing and Insanity

Evil Twins: Trust Fund Terror

Timothy Nicholson

Pfc Dennis Coon murder 12/28/1964 Fort Eustis, VA *Pfc Joseph R. Hartley confesses*

Pfc. Dennis Coon

Utahn Slain: Suspect Surrenders

Famous Murders of the 20th Century: Jacques Mossler murder 6/30/64 Miami, FL

jacques-mossler.jpg candace-mossler.jpg melvin-powers.jpg
   Jacques Mossler           Candace Mossler        Melvin Powers

Mossler case was sensational story of murder, intrigue
Candace Mossier and Melvin Lane Powers Trial: 1966 – Sexual Perversions, Preparing An Alibi, More Unsolved Mysteries
Glamorous widow faces jury in a titillating trial (about 1/2 way down)
Wikipedia: Candy Mossler
Mesmerism in Miami
“There Is No Better Than Me”

Headline Justice: Inside the Courtroom — The Country’s Most Controversial Trials
Forever Texas: Texas, The Way Those Who Lived It Wrote It

Dominick Dunne: Power, Privilege and Justice: The Candy Scandal

Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee murder 5/2/1964 Meadville, MS *arrest and indictment FINALLY made*


I have to admit, I am very happy about this case. It was not one I had heard of previous to yesterday’s arrest, but I have read about others. I have always had an interest in the Chaney, Schwimmer, and Goodman case. I watched the movie Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan several years ago and did research on that case. I was thrilled to see Edgar Ray Killen FINALLY arrested and convicted for their deaths (mind you, he was convicted of manslaughter, not murder–it boggles the mind ). I am glad to see that other cases like that one are now being recognized and working towards justice. Some have been prosecuted (Medgar Evers is one such case). Now I hope other cases, such as this one and maybe, hopefully the Emmitt Till case one day. These boys did not deserve what happened to them. The young men were hitchhiking and apparently the James Searle gave them a ride, then kidnapped them and took them to the Homochitto Forest. There, he and some others held the young men down so that other members of the KKK could beat them (with switches and tree branches). They forced the young men to make untrue confessions. The beatings did not kill them however. They were taken to a farm in Franklin County, MS where they were duct-taped and then thrown into the Old Mississippi River, which is where they died. Their bodies were found two months later during the search for Chaney, Schwimmer, and Goodman (who were not found for a copule more months after that).

The indictment alleges Klansmen took Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee, both 19, to the Homochitto National Forest in southwest Mississippi and Seale held a sawed-off shotgun on the men while other Klan members beat them with switches and tree branches. The teenagers were still alive when they were weighted down and dumped into the Mississippi River, the indictment said.

James Ford Seale                 Charles Marcus Edwards

In November (1964), acting on information from a Klan insider, Mississippi state troopers arrested (James) Seale and (Charles) Edwards on murder charges.In an interview with FBI agents, Edwards admitted that he and Seale had kidnapped and beaten the two black men. But Edwards said they were alive when he left them.

The informant told agents that Seale was worried his fingerprints might still be on the sticky side of the tape he’d used to cover the men’s mouths and bind their wrists. The officers leaned heavily on the younger man.

“You didn’t even give them a decent burial,” agent Lenard Wolf told Seale. “We know you did it, you know you did it, the Lord above knows you did it.”

“Yes,” Seale replied, according to an FBI report, “but I’m not going to admit it. You are going to have to prove it.”

But the FBI had its hands full with what would come to be known as the “Mississippi Burning” case _ the murders of James Chaney, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, civil rights workers who were killed while working in Neshoba County to register black voters.

The Dee-Moore prosecution was turned over to local authorities, who quietly dropped it without even presenting it to a grand jury.

Obviously there was no justice then. No one did anything for those boys at that point. It took the work of the brother of Charles Eddie Moore, Thomas Moore, hard work, persistance and the love of his brother for over 40 years for justice to occur. Hopefully now, the friends and family of these young men can feel peace. And that may happen if justice DOES occur this time.

What happened to Henry H. Dee and Charlie Eddie Moore?
Brother Wins Arrest in ’64 Case
I Want Justice Too
Reopened Civil Rights-Era Cases
Long thought dead, suspect turns up alive
Ex-cop denies role in 1964 racial slayings
BREAKING: Feds Charge Roxie Klansman in Dee-Moore Murders
The Past Is Not Past
Klansman pleads innocent to federal charges
More work ahead in civil rights cases
Ex-Deputy Pleads Not Guilty In ’64 Slayings
Old murder solved, says brother
Family, community recall men, still grieve for them
Ex-Deputy Charged in ’64 Race Murders
Southern Man: Klan-Busting Journalist Jerry Mitchell
Ex-Deputy Pleads Not Guilty In ’64 Slayings
Searching for Justice
James Seale Pleads Not Guilty During Arraignment
Former Deputy Arrested in ’64 Killings of 2 Black Men
Moore Dee Memorial


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