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Dunce’s Corner: Austin Jeffrey Farley charged with murder for driving with a blood-alcohol level 2 1/2 times the legal limit and crashed into another car, killing 14-year-old Ashton Sweet

See this sweet, 14-year-old girl? Her name is Ashton Sweet. This is the story of her death at the hand of a drunk driver. Austin Jeffrey Farley, who got in a car and drove his truck, which then crashed into a car carrying teenagers home from a party, killing one of the girls, Ashton Sweet. Farley’s blood-alcohol level was over 2 1/2 times the legal limit. And he has had numerous arrests, but yet, have never spent time in prison. Now, he is whining that people are calling him a monster and he says that he is not a monster. But, sorry to rain on your parade Austin Jeffrey Farley, but yes you ARE a monster. You got in that car and drove KNOWNG you were drunk and should not be driving. And the passenger in your car allowed you to drive drunk. That person (I think it is his girlfriend) should be prosecuted as well. If there is any justice in this world, you Austin Jeffrey Farley, will never be able to walk or drive the streets again.

DUI crash in Irvine leaves teen girl gravely injured
Irvine teen Ashton Sweet remains on life support following crash
Irvine teen hit by suspected drunk driver dies
Ashton Sweet, 14-year-old dead after alleged Irvine DUI crash, mourned at school
Irvine man accused of murder in crash that killed cheerleader
Man in deadly crash had 50 days in O.C. jail
Suspect in killing of Irvine cheerleader: ‘They’re making me out to be a monster and I’m not’
Memorial service announced for Ashton Sweet

Austin Jeffrey Farley

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Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony trial Day 10: Hair found in trunk of car may be Caylee’s*

Today was only a half day in court. It was spent with an FBI expert talking about the hair found in the trunk. She testified that it could have been Caylee’s, but there is no absolutes with hair. The one thing is that the hair did come from a decomposing body. Other testimony came from an assistant supervisor for the crime scene investigation unit discussing how samples were collected.

Day 10: Hair and air take center stage in Case Against Casey
Hair from car has decomposition like Caylee’s, FBI tech testifiesDay 10: Death Band, Air SamplesCasey Anthony Trial: Experts discuss collection analysis of samples from C

Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony trial Day 9: CSI talks about forensics in trunk of car & decomposition smell in car*

Today there was some more video for the jury to watch, and then a lot of technical testimony from crime scene investigators and logging in evidence. The jury also saw Casey on video proclaiming that she is the victim. Yeah, somehow I don’t think the jury will like that statement. More than one trial analyst has said that these recordings have basically doomed her. One of them also stated that her attorneys should have fought harder to keep the recordings out as being more prejudicial than probative. Personally, I believe that with so many also talking about the decomposition smell, there is no way a jury can ignore that evidence. The smell of human decomposition is unique and once you smell it, you never forget it. Even her parents smelled it. And it was not an animal carcass on the frame of your car, Casey. Give me a break!

Crime scene technicians testify in Casey Anthony trial
Day 9: Investigator Says Car Smelled Like Death
Casey Anthony trial: Attorneys question crime-scene technicians
Jury hears Casey: ‘I’m the victim’

Dunce’s Corner: John Bishop, driving drunk, drove 140mph through Parley’s Canyon, smashed into SVU, killed Jason Palmer

Jason Palmer

John Bishop has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Fatal accident closes I-80; deputies calling it a hit-and-run
Driver nabbed after deadly I-80 crash
Jason Leon Palmer obituary
Hit-and-run suspect could face automobile homicide charges
Hit-and-run suspect has history of DUI violations
Man pleads guilty to auto homicide in fatal 2009 DUI crash
Man celebrating birthday pleads guilty to killing friend in DUI crash
Man Sentenced To 25 Years in Prison for Fatal Utah DUI Crash

Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony trial Day 8: Recordings with detectives and jail visit played*

Is murdering your daughter funny? Apparently it is for Casey Anthony, who is shown laughing at the deense table, even after she has been called a ‘col-blooded, callous monster’. Not usually laughing material, but almost anything can happen in this case. Yuri Melich was back on the stand today, being questioned by both sides. Jose Baez really pushed him about not making her a suspect right away after hearing all of her lies. He kept asking why Casey was not then named as a suspect in Caylee’s murder. However, he seemed to have forgotten that at that point, they only believed it was a missing child case. It was the very beginning. However, I do believe that at that point they should have suspected that something was very wrong and that Casey was far more involved than she let on. Taped interviews of Casey with investigators were played and they did not do well for the defense. The tapes showed a calm, cool, and collected Casey, not a mother whose child was missing, maybe eve kidnapped. The investigators even confronted her with her lies, which she had to own up to, also. These tapes, in my opinion, were very damaging to the defense.

Casey Anthony Trial Update: Jury hears cops on tape telling murder suspect we know you’re lying
What’s so funny? Casey Anthony LAUGHS in court as she is branded a ‘cold-blooded, callous monster’
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Witness says he never introduced Anthony to babysitter
Casey in jail visit: ‘I’m protecting our family’
Anthony insisted nanny took girl, even after admitting lies
Casey Anthony: Her ‘unruffled’ demeanor stuns TV analysts
Listen to Casey Anthony’s Top Ten Lies

Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony trial Day 7: Brother, Lee, and best friend, Amy, testify as does Yuri Melich the lead investigator*

Today, Casey Anthony’s brother Lee Anthony testified. He even mentioned the bad odor coming from her car. He also testified about trying to get more information from Casey about Caylee and where she might be. Amy Huizenga, Casey’s former best friend, also testified. She talked about Casey’s frustrations with her parents, especially her mother, and how agitated she was with Cindy over not being able to always watch Caylee so she could go out with her friends. Imagine that! Having to deal with motherhood responsibilities rather than going out and partying with your friends. Also, Yuri Melich, the lead investigator on the case, testified about his initial interview with Casey.

Casey to police: Getting Caylee back is ‘the only thing that matters’
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Anthony said car stench was from dead animal, says best friend
Casey Anthony Trial: Lead investigator questioned by attorneys
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Anthony said she was investigating disappearance herself, say cops
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Brother Lee testifies sister’s car smelled “offensive”

Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony murder trial Day 6: Cindy Anthony continues emotional testimony, 911 call played*

Cindy Anthony was on the stand again today. And this was not the Cindy Anthony we were used to seeing. She was calm and collected. Her testimony was clear and emotional. She spoke of the lies that Casey told her. She gave memories of her granddaughter, which made her cry and was very heartbreaking to see. Imagine being question about your daughter and granddaughter while on the stand, with TV cameras everywhere and millions of people watching you as you have to pour out your memories of your dead granddaughter. I could not do it was well as Cindy Anthony has done it. And I never thought I would be supportive of her. She had to hear the 911 calls and relive all of the imaginary friends of Casey’s. I have to hand it to Casey, she has quite an imagination to be able to keep all of the lies straight. Each person she made up came with a very detailed profile!

Friend: Casey Anthony was ‘frustrated’ with mother
Cindy Anthony 911 calls played at Casey Anthony trial
Casey Anthony’s mom Cindy tears up while giving testimony at trial
Casey Anthony’s mother emotional during testimony
Mom’s riveting testimony tells of Casey’s lies, memories of grandchild
Casey Anthony: Emotional Cindy, stone-faced Casey, defense blunder?
Casey Anthony: How do you keep the imaginary people straight?
Casey Anthony: Cindy’s emotions draw heavy scrutiny

911 Calls:


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