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Mary Lou Marx murder 5/25/2011 New Orleans, LA *Husband, David Hugh Marx, arrested*


Marx home
Marx home

Naval Officer Arrested in Wife’s Death in New Orleans
Husband arrested in connection with death of Algiers woman in her home
Navy chief petty officer arrested in wife’s stabbing death, possibly with pen, in La. home
Husband Charged In Deadly Stabbing
Navy CPO arrested in wife’s stabbing
Naval officer ‘stabbed wife to death with a PEN’

David Marx
David Hugh Marx

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Update: Caylee Anthony murder *Casey Anthony murder trial Day 5: Lies told to her mother about where she & Caylee were*

Today was a short day in court and much of the testimony was from an emotional Cindy Anthony, the defendant’s mother. She talked about the time period after Caylee went “missing” and all of the reasonsl Casey gave her for not letting her see her granddaughter, all of which were lies. Casey told her that Caylee was with the nanny Zanny, or that they were in Tampa, and then the nanny got in a bad car accident and Casey had to help her out and several other explanations. However, during all of this time, Casey was actually in Orlando, partying with her friends, shopping or going to nightclubs. Casey appeared to be angry with Cindy’s testimony, often times shaking her head. Also on the stand again today was Tony Lazarro, Casey’s boyfriend at the time, who talked about text messages between him and Casey after Caylee was finally reported “missing” and she called herself “the dumbest person and the worst mother

Casey Anthony texted then-boyfriend that she was ‘the worst person …’ in the world
Caylee’s grandmother describes weeks after girl’s disappearance
Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy Anthony describes attempts to locate Caylee
Casey Anthony: Does Cindy Anthony help or hurt State?
Casey Anthony Trial: Mother Gets Emotional During Testimony
Cindy Cries During Testimony On Caylee, Casey Angered

Shatavia “CeCe” Alford murder 10/15/2009 Essex Junction, VT *Her aunt, Latonia Congress, convicted; faces 20-years-to life in prison*

Shatavia “CeCe” Alford

16-Year-Old Girl Stabbed to Death; Her Aunt is Charged with Murder
Guardian Charged With Murder In Teen’s Death
Essex girl died from stab wound
Congress to face 1st-degree murder charges
Forensic testing requested in Congress murder trial
Congress to plead insanity in stabbing murder trial
Essex Junction murder case headed to trial
Jury seated in Latonia Congress murder trial
Congress murder trial enters second week
Woman accused of killing niece takes the stand
Jurors weigh fate of accused killer Latonia Congress
Congress convicted of murder
Congress Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder

Latonia Congress

Update: Caylee Anthony murder *Casey Anthony murder trial Day 4 – ‘car smelled of human decomposition’*

Today there was some emotional testimony from Lee Anthony’s fiancee, Mallory Parker, which actually made Casey appear a bit emotional. George Anthony was called to the stand again to testify about Casey’s car, and he had to admit that her car had the distinctive smell of human decomposition. It was obvious he did not really want to say it and that it really hurt him to say it. Jose Baez questioned him several times about the gas cans and also about the car, noting George did not call 911 after smelling the decomposition. Yes, George was a detective at one time, so he should have known better and called the police. However, I think that emotion took over for him, when he opened the trunk and neither his daughter nor granddaughter were in the trunk. I am just speculating, of course. Also, the manager of the towing company also testified that he smelled human decomposition in the car. There were a lot of sidebars today too. Seems to slow down the flow of testimony, but I guess those are needed .

Wrecker: Car Smell of Decompensation
Casey Anthony’s father says at trial that car smelled like corpse
Day 4: George Anthony questioned about smell in Casey’s car
Witnesses Testify Casey Anthony’s Car Reeked Of Decompensation
Casey Anthony: Did George Anthony help or hurt defense?
Tot Mom Judge Denies Defense’s Motion For Mistrial

Update: Caylee Anthony murder *Casey Anthony trial Day 3: Friends & Boyfriend said Casey was happy, no worries*

Most of today’s testimony came from Casey’s friends and ex-boyfriends, which showed that during the time that Caylee was theoretically “missing”, Casey acted normal, full of life, happy, not a care in the world. It appears that she rarely even mentioned Caylee, much less told them she was kidnapped or missing. She did not act like a mother’s whose child was missing. George Anthony was back on the stand also, being questioned about some gas cans, and he and Jose Baez basically went the rounds. Also, with the jury out of the court, Tony Lazzaro (Casey’s boyfriend when Caylee went “missing”) answered more questions, including the secret that Casey told him about her brother allegedly try to sexually assault her.

Casey Anthony murder trial: Tension mounts between George Anthony and Jose Baez
Boyfriend says Casey Anthony never told him of abuse
Casey Anthony trial: ‘Oh, my God; I’m such a good liar,’ Casey told witness
Ex-boyfriend says at trial that Casey Anthony was “normal” while Caylee was missing
Father quizzed about missing gas cans in Casey Anthony trial
George Anthony to Tot Mom Defense Atty: “You’re badgering me”
Tot Mom’s Ex-boyfriend Reveals “Secret”
Defense’s sex-abuse claims may force Casey Anthony to testify

Update: Caylee Anthony murder *Casey Anthony trial Day 2*

Casey’s friends, ex-roommates and ex-boyfriend did not even know that Caylee was missing. They all say she acted happy, no change in her behavior, she even partied it up, entered a “hard body” contest, and “having a grand old time”. She did not act like a mother who lost her child, whether missing or dead. When asked why she did not bring Caylee over anymore (to boyfriend’s apartment), Casey told them she was with the nanny. This does not speak well of the defendant. A neighbor also testified about loaning her a shovel on June 18, 2 days after Cyalee was last seen alive.

Casey Anthony’s Murder Trial Enters Second Day
Former boyfriend: Casey Anthony didn’t tell me Caylee was missing
Casey Anthony trial: Ex-boyfriend, friends, neighbor who loaned shovel testify
Casey Friends Say They Never Knew Caylee Was Missing
Casey Anthony’s Ex-Boyfriend Testifies
Casey Anthony Trial: Former Boyfriend Describes Casey Anthony Romance
Neighbor testifies about shovel loaned to Casey Anthony, on trial for daughter’s murder
Day 2 of trial, witness says Casey Anthony didn’t seem sad about Caylee

Update: Caylee Anthony murder *Casey Anthony’s trial begins*

During opening statements today, the defense in the Casey Anthony trial announced today that Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool. She was never missing or murdered. They point the finger at George Anthony saying he covered it all up, and also that he molested Casey starting at age 8, Will the jury buy this? It would be hard, especially with evidence the prosecution has: computer internet searches for chloroform and other substances done before Caylee theoretically drowned, the duct tape wrapped around her head with the heart sticker and witnesses who spent time with Casey during the time Caylee was “missing” who say they did not even know Casey’s 2 1/2 year old daughter was missing! This trial will be a long journey to what should be justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

Casey Anthony trial: A day of bombshells
Casey Murder Trial Brings Tears, Blame And Shame
Casey Anthony Trial: Defense Team Claims Caylee Anthony Drowned in Family Pool
Casey Anthony trial begins with defense shocker – Caylee’s death wasn’t homicide
George Anthony, Casey’s father, denies granddaughter Caylee drowned, denies molesting Casey


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