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Haven Drugs Massacre 6/19/2011 Medford, NY *Robbery gone wrong, 4 people dead, David Laffer & wife, Melinda Brady, arrested and charged with the murders**

Raymond Ferguson, 45 [employee]
Jennifer Mejia, 17 [employee]
Bryon Sheffield, 71 [customer]
Jamie Taccetta, 33 [customer]

Manhunt for Killer in N.Y. Pharmacy Massacre
Police: Medford Pharmacy Gunman ‘Armed & Dangerous’; Hunt Continues
Grief and Vigilance After 4 Are Killed on Long Island
Suspect Arrested in New York Pharmacy Killings
Source: Man arrested in Medford slayings
Police: Killer of four at N.Y. pharmacy wanted painkillers
Charged wife: No murder plan in holdup

David Laffer             Melinda Brady

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Parents Gone Wild! Stephanie Greene took drugs while breastfeeding and killed her baby

Alexis Greene

This really disgusts me. This is a very selfish, narcissistic, piece of trash egg donor. She did not care or love her baby, Alexis, who only lived 6 short weeks. This beautiful child deserved much better than this. She deserved a real mother, one who would love her and raise her to be an adult. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I can only hope now that justice will prevail.

Drugs In Mom’s Breast Milk Blamed In Baby’s Death
Deputies: Drugs in breast milk killed child
Campobello mother charged in her child’s death
Deputies: Baby Died From Morphine In Breast Milk

Read more: http://www.wyff4.com/news/28349979/detail.html#ixzz1QVOMhsYl

Stephanie Irene Greene

Fugitive: James “Whitey” Bulger – CAPTURED after 16 years on the run

James “Whitey” Bulger                           Catherine Greig

Whitey Bulger arrested
“Whitey” Bulger arrest ends 16-year FBI manhunt
FBI Most Wanted poster: James “Whitey” Bulger
FBI Wanted poster: Catherine Greig
Manager unwittingly lured Whitey Bulger
‘America’s Most Wanted’ tipster said he saw Whitey Bulger playing chess in Santa Monica in 2008
Whitey Bulger’s alleged hit list
Feds, ‘Whitey’ spar over whether he has enough cash
Tim Rutten: Whitey Bulger and the lure of those on the lam
Fugitive Mob Boss James “Whitey” Bulger Lived Like a Beachside Retiree
Captured fugitive ‘Whitey’ Bulger appears before judges
Bulger denied bail in Boston
Bulger girlfriend Catherine Greig to seek release on bail

Update: Michelle Young murder *Jason Young murder trial: jury in deliberations*

Jason Young on the witness stand

Jason Young trial (several videos)
Prosecution rests in murder trial of Jason Young
Emails highlight problems in Young marriage
Mom’s testimony in murder trial brings smile to Jason Young
Jason Young in tears during murder trial testimony
Jason Young breaks down with mom on stand
Witness: Two people left Young home on day of slaying
Young trial loses juror
Jason Young testifies in own defense
Jason Young tells jury he didn’t kill his wife
Defense: Young could not have killed wife
Young denies killing wife; jury begins deliberations
Jury sends out questions at Young trial
Jury asks for another look at evidence in Young trial

Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony murder trial Day 26: How did Cindy Anthony search for chloroform on her home computer when she was at work?*

Today was an interesting day in court. There were more forensic experts called to dispute the State’s case. Then, Cindy Anthony was called back to the stand. And boy did she have something to say! She said that SHE was the one who did the Interet searches for chloroform and neck-breaking. Never mind she was at work when these were done. She said she did the searches for chloroform because the dog appeared sleepy. OK, please stop laughing! Really, 84 searches about chloroform because of the dog? No one could come up with a better story? And the neck-breaking searches were because a friend of hers got hurt in a car accident. It was obvious that she was trying to cover for Casey. I hope she knows what she is doing. And I hope she knows what perjury is and that there are consequences.

Casey Anthony trial: Cindy Anthony searched for chloroform, injuries on family computer
Casey Anthony’s Mother Testifies the Web Searches for ‘Chloroform’ Were Hers
Cindy Anthony testifies at murder trial
Day 26: Cindy Anthony says she searched for ‘chloroform,’ not Casey

Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony murder trial Day 25: Lack of evidence? and Casey’s parent no longer believe in her innocence*

Today was a half day of court as Judge Perry had an obligation to attend to. Maureen Bottrell, FBI examiner, testified about soil soil found on shoes collected from the Anthony residence. The soil did not match the soil from the area where Caylee’s remains were found. However, she admitted under cross-examination, that just because there was not a match did not mean that she wasn’t there. Madeline Montgomery then testified about the hair and toxicology. She said that the tests she ran did not show any trace of drugs. However, upon cross-examination, she admitted that hair is not the best source to get drug levels. Dr. Michael Sigman testified about air samples from the trunk. He said he could not say that there had been a body in the trunk. However, he admitted that he did his tests days after the lining was removed. Michael Rickenbach, FBI chemist, testified about tests he performed on items from the car and said he found no significant traces of chloroform. Karen Lowe, FBI forensic expert, testified about hair and duct tape.

It seems, however, the biggest news of the day came from CNN. George and Cindy Anthony’s lawyer, Mark Lippman, told CNN that the Anthony’s do not believe in Casey’s innocence. However, they do not want her to get the death penalty. This second part does not surprise me. as I believe most parents would not want to have their child sentenced to death. I guess I am not really surprised that her parents doubt her innocence, especially after listening to everything in court. But I am surprised that it was said publicly. But then again, it is the Anthony family, and nothing should surprise me anymore! I’m guessing that the photo above was taken after Casey found out about her parents opinion! This picture realy does disturb me too. Very creepy.

Day 25: Another short day as Casey Anthony’s defense brings in more experts
Casey Anthony trial: Defense points out what analysts didn’t find
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Short day set for trial Wednesday
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Witness testifies about Disney bag, Gatorade bottle near Caylee’s remains
Attorney: Casey Anthony’s family believes ‘she’s not innocent’

Update: Caylee Marie Anthony murder *Casey Anthony murder trial Day 24: Drama, drama, drama

Today was more testimony from forensic scientists, including a botanist. Jennifer Welch testified again, this time about the roots and plant life around where Caylee’s remains were found. Dr. Jane Bock testified about the leaves and plants that were around Caylee’s remains. She estimated that the remains had only been there for 2 weeks, but under questioning from the prosecution, she admitted that it could have been there much longer. She admitted that she had very limited experience with roots growing into bones. Next Dr. Richard Eikelenboom, a DNA expert from the Netherlands, testified about DNA and the duct tape. Detective Yuri Melich testified about the search of the Anthony’s home for chloroform, which was not found. Dr. Marcus Bain Wise was the last witness of the day and he testified about analyzing air samples. It appeared that all Jose Baez wanted to do is get him to admit that one of his colleague is not really a chemist (because his title does not state he is a chemist, even though he does the job of a chemist). Then he seemed to want to discredit his own witness by bringing up a project that has nothing to do with this case. But it was a good way to confuse the jury!  But maybe not the way he wanted.

Another story was developing outside of the courtroom as well. Krystal Holloway has claimed to have had an affair with George Anthony. When questioned by detectives she said that was not true. Suddenly, she has changed her story. What on earth could be the reason for this? I would not put it past the defense to have orchestrated this event. Drama drama drama!

Day 24: New defense expert talks DNA in Casey Anthony trial
Roots, Leaves and …Mistresses? Day 24 in the Casey Anthony Trial
Casey Anthony trial: Did woman whose child drowned in 2007 have ‘indirect’ contact with Casey?
Casey Anthony: Jose Baez lays an egg
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Jailmate April Whelan may testify in Anthony’s murder trial


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