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Psycho For Love: Jesus Rincon Murieta escaped from the Arizona State Hospital and is now charged with stabbing and beating his girlfriend, April Mott, to death

April Mott

This is very sad and could have been prevented. Jesus Rincon Murieta escaped from the Arizona State Hospital, but no one did anything about it. It makes no sense to me that if someone escapes from a facility that is supposed to be secure. There is a blog (link below, last 2) about the Arizona State Hospital and some of the many issues going on there, including not doing anything about a patient escape. A violent patient who murdered a lovely young woman, who did not deserve this.

Police ID woman stabbed, beaten to death in Phoenix
Phoenix man arrested in girlfriend’s violent death
Man confesses to stabbing and beating girlfriend to death
Records: Boyfriend says he beat, stabbed girlfriend in Phoenix apartment
Phoenix victim’s family questions why man was free
Murdered Woman’s Family Considers Possible Legal Action Against State
The Arizona State Hospital and Patient Abuse (a little way down – very good blog on this)
Lest We Forget: A summary of the pain and suffering caused by The Arizona State Hospital’s clinical and administrative ineptitude.

Jesus Rincon Murieta

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Guest Post: 6 Ideas to Reduce Crime in Your Community

6 Ideas to Reduce Crime in Your Community

The current economic situation has many individuals and communities struggling to make ends meet. Cities and towns are cutting back on law enforcement in order to balance their budgets, and some citizens are turning to criminal activity in desperate attempts to survive or lash out in frustration. Crime has increased in areas with high foreclosure rates and abandoned homes, and citizens need to increase efforts to protect themselves and their property. Consider these ideas to help reduce crime in your neighborhood:

1. Raise the Lights – Lights prevent criminals from sneaking around in the shadows. Those with motion sensors and timers help keep criminals guessing when residents may be away. You should also communicate with city leaders to make sure your community has enough lighting in public areas to reduce the likelihood of criminal activity.

2. Know Your Neighbors – The more you know people in your community, the more they will trust and look out for you. Criminals will find it more difficult to steal from or harm you because you are not a faceless person in the crowd.

3. Travel in Groups – You shouldn’t have to feel trapped to the point where you can’t go outside in the evening. If you need to make trips at night, coordinate plans with others so that you have at least one person with you at all times.

4. Increase Your Awareness – You should be vigilant when walking around your community to let criminals know you’re paying attention. Walk confidently, monitor your surroundings, and know where you’re going before you head out. Whenever possible, keep valuables in your front pockets and hold any bags in front of you so that they would be difficult to grab.

5. Check the Locks – The easiest way to prevent crime is to make sure your doors and windows are locked. Criminals often don’t have much time to act, so that obstacle could be all you need to avoid being a victim.

6. Volunteer in the Community – If your community is suffering through tough times, chances are some residents are drifting toward desperation. Make yourself aware of these people and try to organize services to help them. If your community is unable to offer services, try to work with friends and neighbors by volunteering when you can to keep residents from falling into criminal activity.

Criminals look for easy targets and quick getaways to avoid getting caught. When they have fewer opportunities to target you and your community, they will likely move on to other locations. Foster a community that knows and looks out for fellow citizens to help prevent criminal activity from taking root.

Author Bio

Heather Smith is an ex-nanny. Passionate about thought leadership and writing, Heather regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting blogs/websites. She also provides value to http://www.nanny.net/service by giving advice on site design as well as the features and functionality to provide more and more value to nannies and families across the U.S. and Canada. She can be available at H.smith7295 [at] gmail.com.

Claudia Hidic murder 6/28/2012 Fort Worth, TX *Shot and killed during a robbery, Terrance Crumley and Curtis Fortenberry indicted on capital murder*

Claudia Hidic

Trinity High student found slain in back of Fort Worth residence
Police: Teen found dead had been robbing house
Teen who was found shot to death aided robbers, source says
Teen slain in Fort Worth robbery was caught in crossfire, documents say
Curtis Charles Fortenbery arrest warrant
Claudia Hidic Murder: Suspects charged in 17-year-old’s death say she hired them to commit robbery
2 Fort Worth men indicted in teen girl’s slaying in Tanglewood
Two Texas Men Indicted In Death Of Teenage Robbery Mastermind
2 indicted in killing during Fort Worth robbery

Curtis Fortenberry Terrance Crumley

Monsters Among Us: Charles Ray Vines

Juanita Wofford [1993] Fort Smith, AR
Ruth Henderson [1995] Crawford County, AR
at least 2 other rapes

Father’s Convictions Still Haunt Son
Transcript from Cold Case Files

The Perfect Suspect
Cold Case Files: The Monster


ADC Number: 120140
Name: Vines, Charles R
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: GREEN
Height: 71 inches
Weight: 270 lbs.
Birth Date: 06/03/1963
Initial Receipt Date: 03/28/2001
Current Facility: Maximum Security Unt
Facility Address: 2501 State Farm Rd. Tucker, AR 72168-8713 Map
Mailing Address: 2501 State Farm Rd. Tucker, AR 72168-8713
PE / TE Date*: Life WO

Scars, Marks, & Tattoos:


Current Prison Sentence History

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Sentence Length
Capital Murder 03/21/2001 CRAWFORD 2000-159 Life w/o
Capital Murder 03/21/2001 SEBASTIAN 2001-313 Life w/o
Rape 03/21/2001 CRAWFORD 2000-159 Life
Residential Burglary 03/21/2001 CRAWFORD 2000-159 240 mo.

Psycho For Love: Chef David Viens killed and cooked his wife, Dawn Viens, over 4 days

Dawn Viens

Dawn Viens, Calif. Woman Missing Nearly a Year; Case Given to Homicide Cops
Dawn Viens Update: Calif. man who survived leap from cliff to be held in wife’s killing
Dawn Viens, missing Calif. woman, may be buried under husband’s restaurant, sources say
Dawn Viens Update: Husband of missing woman admits killing her, say police
Chef says he ‘slowly cooked’ wife’s body in boiling water
Trial of chef who said he cooked wife’s body goes to jury
Chef Who Boiled Wife’s Corpse Found Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder
L.A. chef told police he slow-cooked his wife’s body for days
David Viens, LA chef, admits in recorded interview that he slow-cooked wife’s body for days
David Viens, LA chef accused of cooking his wife, won’t testify at his murder trial, attorney says
David Viens: Jury continues deliberations in Calif. chef’s murder trial
Chef David Viens convicted of killing, cooking wife
Chef found guilty of murder after confessing he boiled wife’s body

David Viens

Serial Killer: David Parker Ray *The Toy-Box Killer*

Cynthia Vigil Jaramillo (survived)
Angelica Montano (survived)
Kelly Garrett (survived)
Marie Parker
Billy Bowers
Tara Leigh Calico (suspected victim)
Jill Troia (suspected victim)

Woman was looking for cake mix
Jesse Ray came forward nearly 13 years ago with report on dad, FBI says
Hendy interview says Ray might have killed up to 14
Authorities dig for bodies
A Third Arrest in New Mexico In a Sex-Torture Investigation
New Mexico man must stand trial on kidnap, sexual torture charges
One of 3 women who accused David Parker Ray in sex-torture case dies
Judge sets trial date for David Parker Ray, daughter
Videotape shown in retrial for David Parker Ray
Ray gets 223-plus years for sex-torture
Trapped in Satan’s Toy Box Timeline
Warning: Graphic video of David Parker Ray torture trailer
Murderer paroled in sex torture case
New search for potential victims of David Parker Ray
Human bones found at Elephant Butte
FBI to search lake for murder victims
Tipster: Victims may be in concrete
Search for Ray victims yields glasses
Tips pouring in: David Parker Ray
Torture survivor speaks out
FBI Releases Images in David Parker Ray Case
FBI releases more photos in Ray case
David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer
David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer
Wikipedia: David Parker Ray

Cries in the Desert: The Shocking True Tale of a Sadistic Torturer
Consequences, the Criminal Case of David Parker Ray
Slow Death
Satan’s Den Exposed

Very Bad Men: The Toy Box Torturer
Wicked Attraction: Evil in the Desert
The Sex Chamber (you can watch it here)
Most Evil: Partners In Crime
House Of Horrors: Kidnapped: The Toy Box Killer

David Parker Ray          Glenda Jean “Jesse” Ray

David Parker Ray – pled guilty; sentenced to 225 years in prison; died of a heart attack in 2002
Cindy Hendy – pled guilty; sentenced to 36 years in prison
Glenda Jean “Jesse” Ray (daughter) – pled no contest; sentenced to2 1/2 years in prison, 5 years of probabtion
Dennis Yancy – pled guilty; sentenced to 20 years in prison, paroled once, then violated parole and has to finish his sentence


Last Name: HENDY
First Name: CYNTHIA
Middle Name: L
NMCD#: 51679
Offender#: 27252
Offender Status: INMATE
Facility/Region: NMWCF
Probation/Parole Officer:


Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 120
Eye Color: BLUE
Hair Color: BLOND
Education: 12
Date of Birth: 02/06/60
Birth State: WA

Current Offense(s)
CON KIDNAPPING (D-0721-CR99-022 )
KIDNAPPING (D-0721-CR99-022 )

Past Offense(s) Release Date
No Past Offense Info. Available


Last Name: YANCY
First Name: DENNIS
Middle Name: ROY
NMCD#: 52618
Offender#: 28209
Offender Status: INMATE
Facility/Region: NENMDF
Probation/Parole Officer:


Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 180
Eye Color: BLUE
Hair Color: BROWN
Complexion: OLIVE
Education: 12
Date of Birth: 06/04/71
Birth State: NM

Current Offense(s)
CON MURDER 1ST DEGREE (D-0725-CR-99-00040 )
MURDER 2ND DEGREE (D-0725-CR-99-00040 )
CON MURDER 1ST DEGREE (D-0721-CR-1999-00040)
MURDER 2ND DEGREE (D-0721-CR-1999-00040)

Very Bad Men on Investigation Discovery – September 27, 2012

20 x 30-min. True Crime Series for Investigation Discovery

Series Title: Very Bad Men

Air Date: Thursday, September 27

Time: 10:00 and 10:30pm

Channel: Investigation Discovery

Facebook: facebook.com/verybadmentv

Twitter: @VeryBadMen

Starting August 30th, the new spine-tingling true crime series Very Bad Men will air on Investigation Discovery every Thursday at 10pm. This fast-paced, stylish documentary series of 20 x 30 minute episodes unravels the mysteries behind truly horrific crimes and investigates the lives of people who are forever affected by a real-life villain.

Survivors of a crime testify to the devastating effects that one man had on their lives. Through interviews, stylized recreations, and archival sources, we meet the victims and those who have lost loved ones to murder. Their first-hand telling of stories launches a relentless investigation to find and convict the criminal. These murderers, rapists, and felons must be brought to justice.

questions of who committed the crime, how they did it, and why, drive the narrative. Detectives follow a trail of clues to find the identity of the perpetrator, often encountering seemingly impenetrable obstacles. Forensics, old-fashioned investigation and criminal errors combine to track down the criminal.

When the villain is revealed, the depth and extent of their crimes is shocking. These are some of the worst criminals on file and their capture and prosecution is often far from simple.

As each Very Bad Man is brought to account for his horrendous crimes, the victims go through a cathartic process in which their pain is – to some measure – released.

Tonight, there are 2 episodes on:

10pm – The Toy Box Torturer
Perpetrator: David Parker Ray

In 1999, women are disappearing from the streets of Albuquerque. When 21 year-old Cynthia Jaramillo escapes her captors and tells police her story, they realize this is work of a sadistic sexual torturer who has been preying on women for decades.

10:30pm – The Inhuman Trafficker
Perpetrator: Kil Soo Lee

A Vietnamese woman seeks a better life in America, but finds herself trapped in a cruel and abusive human trafficking system along the way.


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